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Reviewed: 09/12/01 | Updated: 09/12/01

One of the best N64 shooters to date!

a new era of James Bond produced the movie, Goldeneye, with Pierce Brosnan as James Bond. A game was made out of this movie. Generally games based on movies might not go down well in some cases, but this made the 1998 Game of the Year as well as still being immensely popular today, even with the release of IMO, it's better sequel, and one of the top 2 best games of all time, Perfect Dark. The multiplayer in Goldeneye, although doesn't have an AI to battle you, still rocks as it is still one of the ultimate party games. this game is worth every penny, and will keep you coming back for more.

Highly addictive game play with many different guns and treachery at every turn. You must use strategy, skill, and with to outsmart the enemies. Granted they are stupid really, their COM skills give them good accuracy, as well as sheer number. This also gave way to more innovative games following the release of this game, where it isn't just a plain shoot 'em up, but shooting the wrong computer or person can blow the mission. Hardest challenge??? Aztec? Silo? No, it is putting down the controller....

The music gives a perfect atmosphere (Archives is the best example, as you stealthily sneak through the level) and the guns sound pretty realistic (Silenced PP7 for one) A multitude of sounds make this game as realistic as it gets.

No custom controls, but you can change it to 4 different settings for one player, or challenge yourself and have 2 players assigned different controls (one's Z button aims, the other's shoots for one) And you can change the looking controls (Top C and Bottom C for up and down, or Top and Bottom C for Down and Up, like an airplane) to suit your needs. I had to change the controls to reverse because I got so used to Perfect Dark controls! That option is a lifesaver.

Rendered graphics done perfectly in rendered levels (I saw there are rendered from real locations!!!) make this game visually awesome, as well as making the game all the more realistic. Great job by Nintendo and Rare

Free of fatal glitches and control is easy. The game is easy to learn, yet hard to master. And 3 difficulty levels per stage shows what your true skill is. Checkmarked after completion (Cheating disables that) to show what you have and have not cleared on what difficulty levels.

Replay Value-10
If you get tired of single player, cheat and play it for fun, or get a group of friends and PARTY in multiplayer!!!

Buy? Rent? Borrow? Burn?

The Game Pak saves up to 4 files for 4 different people, or you can have more than one, or store copies. Saved are accessed stages, completion checkmarks, and best times, and cheat menu for unlocked cheats.

Rumble Pak Compatible

Player Info
1-4 player simultaneous, 3 difficulty levels for stages in single player, multiplayer pre set weapons, 4 different game modes, 2 different team colors, and team options to set any teams you want. Comes with random level selector, several preset levels, some unlockable levels (complete solo) and if you complete the game, LOTS of characters.

Game Info
First Person Shooter based on a movie. It is solid gold.

Company Info
Nintendo and Rare, and special thanks for the company that gave them the rights to make this sweet game!

Easy to Hard

Rating: 10

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