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Reviewed: 11/01/99 | Updated: 07/05/02

James Bond goodness on the N64.

You would think that making a game where you play as James Bond, agent 007, would be a natural move. Yet not many people have tried, or made, a successful Bond game. Until now. Enter Rare and their video game adaption of one of the best Bond flicks: Goldeneye.

The story more or less follows the plot of the movie, taking a few liberties to make the game a little more exciting and to add a few more levels. If you haven't seen the movie, the plot revolves around the theft of a satellite that fire EM pulses. You, playing the role of the infamous British agent, have to stop the madman in control of the satellite from using it.

Graphically, Goldeneye is still one of the most impressive N64 games. Then again, this is Rare we're talking about. They seem to be able to make the N64 do things that only Nintendo themselves can do. The game animates very nicely, with little glitching. A very beautiful looking game by any standards. Oh yeah, this is the first game to use true letterbox ratio if you so select that option.

Remixed versions of familiar Bond music fills your ears on every level of Goldeneye. Some of the music sounds rockish, while other tracks sound techno. Not too bad. The sound effects of guns, doors, ect. are all here, but nothing you haven't really heard before. Did I mention this game supports Dolby Surround?

Talk about control. This game has it all. There are eight different controller set-ups, ranging from arcade action to defensive, and everything in between. Do you like to use two controls? Well you can on this game! Every mode offers superb control, so its a matter of finding your preference.

This is one of the most well designed game I have every played, especially for a FPS. The various mission objects really make the game exciting, as well as layout and variety of the levels. Truly one of the best video games of all time.

Bonuses? You want bonuses? You've got it! How about a new difficulty level where you adjust your enemies stats? How about almost twenty codes you unlock by meeting time requirements on various difficulty levels? How two new levels from James Bonds past? How about a slew of over 60 multi-player skins? Oh yeah, there's a lot to be found here.

This is a true video game classic that no one should be without. Don't hesitate, just buy it! And look out for the (sort of) sequel, Perfect Dark! Rare is on a roll.

Rating: 9

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