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Reviewed: 11/01/99 | Updated: 07/05/02

STILL the best shooter for the N64!

I don't know what to think. Is Goldeneye too good to be topped, or are companies just not competent enough to produce a better game? Yes, the situation is dark; Perfect Dark (mwahahaha, I had to throw that line in there!) Anyway, with Perfect Dark being delayed (DIE, RARE, DIE!!!!), I found myself playing a lot more Goldeneye. To put it simple - Goldeneye rocks. Forget those people who complain about the very minor graphic glitches, this game outdoes all others to date.

Graphics: 10

Well done. The graphics are just about perfect for the game. The only problem is that "gun sticking through the door" glitch that everyone hates. But it's ludicrous to even think about that getting in the way of enjoying the game. Overall the graphics are still very good.

Music/Sound Effects: 9

Try playing Bunker 2 with the sound off (no cheats allowed), and on 00 Agent; I dare ya! My point is, the sound effects are crucial to Goldeneye. The music was good, I wasn't ever really disappointed and you've gotta love that cheesy elevator music! Although at some points I felt it was lacking for some odd reason?

Gameplay: 11

This is where Goldeneye really shines. Three difficulties, twenty-three cheats (some of which are near impossible to get), and one sweet multiplayer - can life get any better? Honestly, this game took up almost my whole summer and I'm still not tired of it. All I'm wondering is how Perfect Dark is going to exceed Goldeneye's standard. But there's no doubt in my mind that Rare can do it.

Replay Value: 10

Multiplayer - need I say more? If you've got friends, then this game will hardly ever get old. If you don't, I pity you... One player also rocks, probably because of all the combinations of cheats you can use! It's a blast!

Bottom Line: If you don't have it, get out from under your rock and get it. Seriously, Rare does not disappoint (except for when they delay games...) Or you could just wait for Perfect Dark...nah, get Goldeneye, now!

Rating: 10

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