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Reviewed: 11/01/99 | Updated: 07/05/02

A great reason to own a N64, from one-player to multi-player, it pleases.

Setting - The game is based upon the movie of the same name. It takes place in Russia during the cold war. All in all it is a great story line and the setting is excellent.

Gameplay - Many first person shooters these days really don't focuse much on gameplay and try to become the best looking. Goldeneye has success in both areas. First of all the one-player levels are truly revolutionary. You can't just jump into a room full of bad guys and expect to survive. In most cases if you try that tactic you will die. Instead of the usual find the key to open the door tasks, Goldeneye has set objectives which change depending upon the difficulty setting. In some cases you have to recover evidence, in others you must destroy evedince or take a picture of a certain object. Most of these objectives aren't a piece of cake either. In fact many of the objectives are harder than you may beleive. All in all the gameplay of Goldeneye is very exceptional and the game plays very well.

Graphics - Here is another area where the game shines. Everything in the game has a very realistic look, right down to the explosions (which are fantastic) to the looks on the guards faces. Each level has a different look and you will never get sick of the game's textures. Instead of the muddy brown look that most games of this genre have, Goldeneye pleases the eye with every object in the game. Everything looks so realistic it is sometimes hard to tell the difference between the game and real life. There isn't a fog problem at all in the game, which troubles other games of this genre. I have three words on this matter - the graphics please.

Sound - The music in the game is very bond-like and you will notice some familiar bond themes in the game. You will never find the music distracts from the gameplay, in fact, the music adds to the overall experience. The sound effects are equally cool. You'll here the reloading of rifles, shells hitting the ground, bodys hitting the ground, doors opening, and most importantly things exploding. The sound in the game does not dissapoint.

Replay - The replay in this game is trully where the game shines. First of all the multiplayer game is the coolest I have ever seen in ANY game! There is a lot of different variations than just straight deathmatch, and each one is cool in its own way. This is the game for multiplayer on any system. There are so many options to choose from and I guarantee that each match you play will be different from the next. As far as the one-player mode goes, that has plenty of replay also. With three different difficulty settings, and codes that must be earned through defeating the level in a set time limit, I guarantee you will be going back for more.

Overall - The game is great period. If you have a 64 get this game it is great. If you don't have a 64 this is a pottential reason to buy the system. The game pleases in every aspect, from multiplayer, to single player the game in and of itslef is a real treat. Snatch it up while you can.

Rating: 10

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