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Reviewed: 11/01/99 | Updated: 07/05/02

This game is made out of 24K solid gold!!

This game belongs in a jewerly shop next to a $300,000 diamond ring. If this game is placed next to anything below this value, such as Ferrari 550 or Jenny McCarthy poster, these items may appear like stuff that you find in a toilet.

But seriously, Goldeneye is heralded by millions as the game that revolutionized first-person shooting game in dramatic scale. Here's an analogy, Dragon Warrior is to Final Fantasy VII as Doom is to Goldeneye. It took nearly a decade to go from Dragon Warrior to FF7 as it only took 2 years from Doom to Goldeneye.

Unlike Doom, where you blast everything in sight even before your brain send a impulse to your trigger finger, you actually examine the enemie's actions and appearance before you overtake them. With the sniper zoomed in, you watch them swatting flys or checking there grounds as you carefully zero into thier forehead......WOW what an action!! for those you played this game, you KNOW what I'm talking about.

The presentation of this game is soooo fabulous!! Do to the difficulty of this game, it could of easily detracted players to just give up. Yet you can only advance through the game only if you beat the stage before. The learning/difficulty curve is nearly a straight line from level 1 to level 20. And no matter how discouraged you are from getting a can of wupass 50 times in a row in a single stage, you can only use the cheats in the stages that you already conquered. This may seem like a restriction, but trust me it gives you the ultimate satisfaction as you tackle the 00 agent stages one by one all with your brain and brawns:)

There are only three ways to spell party games. "P A R T Y G A M E" or "G O L D E N E Y E" and "M A R I O K A R T" English 101 will continue in my next review:) The possibility of fun in multiplayer mode is ENDLESS!!! From Sniping your friends in the butt to Proximity Madness Minefield, this game will make you smile, shed tears, and punch your friend in the arm in utter retaliation to having your butt kicked in the most awesome and competitive and fun game!!

It's extremely difficult for me to write a review for this game, because it feels like daunting task to describe the best game of the millenium. I'm not worthy, I'm not worthy!! Well here's my outtake for this review.

The points are from 1 worst to 10 best

Graphics: 11 : who needs the memory expansion pak? This game is better then hi-res, sharp, no fog, and absolutely beautiful.

Sound: 11 : Deep, Intense, Driving, Ear-Infitrating Sounds. GOOD JOB RARE!!

Control: 11 : A baby can learn to control bond before he can learn to crawl, very very smooooooth.

Goldeneye: 11 : Fun( by the way, these two words are synonyms so I just exchanged their spots.

Overall: Best Game EVER!!

Note: I normally do not write a review like a crazy 'lil kid, but I feel like one standing before the pedastal of Goldeneye.

Rating: 10

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