Review by DMattsen

Reviewed: 11/01/99 | Updated: 07/05/02

Great game, especially for parties!

I'm sure everybody has heard of this game at some time. Probably because it is the best game released for the N64! The 1 player mode sets you up attempting to solve mission objectives like meeting with a covert operative, destroying security equipment, and hijacking a tank. Sure the 1 player mode is fun and captivating, especially to try and get the special codes by beating levels in certain time limits. However, the strong point in this game is, of course, multiplayer! You and 3 friends can go head to head in many different arenas. You can choose from almost every character in the movie, and many others. You can choose your weapons from handguns, knives, rocket launchers, and a multitude of other weapons. You'll notice that some friends are like Rambo, shooting wildly, while others are like Bambi, running from anybody with a weapon. My friends and I have spent many a night playing Goldeneye and I believe it was worth it.

Now for the technical stuff. They did a great job at Rare on making the characters fall to the ground if they get shot in the leg, or grab their throats when they get shot there, instead of some games where you shoot them in the head and they grab their leg in pain. The graphics can be choppy and sometimes you can see peoples heads through doors. There are a few glitches, mainly because teh same button to reload also opens doors. If there are 20 guys in the next room and you have an empty weapon and you open the door...well, you get the picture. The sound, however is great. I never got sick of the music, and the other sounds, such as when a character gets burnt, can be pretty funny.

All in all, this is a great game to play by yourself, but its always fun to invite your friends over to have your own tournaments. I give this game a solid 9.

Rating: 9

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