Review by Andy M.

Reviewed: 11/01/99 | Updated: 07/05/02

A great game that i never get tired of playing!!!

This game is based on the movie which is also called Goldeneye. I enjoyed the game as much as the movie. This game is action-packed and some realistic details. For example, if you play 00Agent mode you die if you get shot like three times. In a game like Doom, you might be able to take 20 shots and still not die.

There is great a story to this game. James Bond and Natalya Simonova team up to stop Goldeneye, which is a satellite that will destroy places. James Bond And Alec Trevelyan were once partners. When they were completing a mission, Trevelyan was killed (or thought to be) and Bond survived. Bond meets Natalya, who is a computer programmer, and they try to stop Janus. Janus is reallyAlec Trevelyan, who used to be Bond’s best friend. Natalya and Bond stop the satellite for awhile, but then another computer programmer, Boris, tried to redirect the satellite. Bond jammed the satellite and this time Trevelyan was killed for sure and Bond survived. That is basically what happened in the movie. Some of the gadgets that were in the movie are also in the game.

You can choose from three different difficulties. Agent being the easiest, Secret Agent being medium, and 00Agent being the hardest. After you have beaten all the levels in 00agent mode, there is another mode called 007 mode. You can set the enemy’s accuracy, the enemy’s health, the enemy’s damage done on you, and the enemy’s reaction speed. Most of the levels are challenging, with certain objectives that have to be completed.. There are no bosses that must be defeated to beat a level. There are many guns. I would list them, but it would take awhile. A fun thing you can do is run people over with a tank. There are two levels with a tank. There is also a multiplayer mode, or deathmatch. You can play on teams or every man for themselves. There is also a capture the flag mode. Whoever has the flag the longest wins. You can choose which weapons you want to use. You can even just use your bare hands! There are many different characters to pick from. A memory card is not needed to save your game. There are four different files to save your games. There are codes for this game, but they aren’t your regular codes. You don’t press buttons to enter them. You have to beat a level in a certain time at a certain difficulty.

The graphics on this game are great. The details on the guns are great. The sound is also great. If I hear a gun, I can always tell which gun it is because each gun has it’s own sound. This game is rumble pack compatible. It shakes every time you get shot or get hurt from an explosion.

I would recommend this game because it is very fun and I have never gotten tired of it. I would buy this game and not rent it because it is fun to play over and over again. You can still have fun if you rent it though. This is one of the best games I have ever played. That is exactly why this game is a million seller.

Rating: 10

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