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Reviewed: 11/01/99 | Updated: 07/05/02

Best to buy as it takes a while, but you can also rent just for it's excellent Deathmatch mode.

In Goldeneye 007, you get to play James Bond, 007, the internationally reknown spy that works for MI6. With a well though out arsenal of weapons and gadgets, ranging from small pistols to rocket launchers, Bond is literally a one man army, and in 3d, as well. In Goldeneye 007 you get rescue hostages, catch illegal arms dealers in the act and cause huge explosive mayhem where ever you go and, for you macabre types, you get to run everybody over in your heavily armoured Soviet tank and shoot disobedient computer programmers in the groin. It's not all destruction and doom all the way though, there are many vital allies that you must protect in order to move on to the next stage, you must be handy with a camera and even defuse bombs.

While it's not perfect, it is definately the best 3D game to come out in a long time, some of the few imperfections that you can use to your advantage are things like enemies not figuring out that if you run behind a wall, they shouldn't throw grenades at that wall and have it bounce back to their feet, or that their not supposed to shoot their comrades in the back, or that it really is impossible to stick your arms through a closed door. But it's good points still out weight any unhappiness ie. the superb sound track, the accurately modeled 3D environment actually drafted from the real movie scripts and set photos, the realistic and believable weaponry that is detailed in the extreme, the clever cheat system that works on betting certain times, forcing you to set goals and therefore increasing replayabilty drastically, I have been playing the game contstantly since it came out, sure, I haven't completed it yet, but I'm getting there.

Finally, the game's greatest asset, it's Multiplayer Deathmatch mode: Up to four players can fight it out as any of the eight main characters from the game, and after completing the single player game, you get to pick from 37 total characters. You can use almost any gun from the main game and can set options like 'License to Kill' where every shot is fatal, 'The Man With The Golden Gun' where whoever has the Golden Gun, can kill with on bullet. You can change the health settings to make you as bulletproof as a tank, or as healthy as a rotten peice of cheese.

I would willingly pay more than twice the cuurent price for a game as good as this.

Rating: 10

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