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Reviewed: 05/27/01 | Updated: 08/04/01

One of the best game ever created. A pure 100% MUST HAVE game.

Goldeneye 007

Goldeneye 007, let me say, right off the bat, is one of THE GREATEST games, ever created.
It was an extremely revolutionary title that changed the entire first person shooter genre.
Way back when, I can remember playing Wolfeinstien 3D, my first FPS, I loved it, the idea was kill everything in your path, and get to the end of the level, and activate the end of level switch. Then along came DOOM, a brilliant game, that had the best graphics anyone had ever seen, the idea of the game was, kill everything in your path, pick up colour coded keys(red, blue and yellow) then match the key to the a door, to enter the next area of the level, and eventually make your way to the end of the level, and activate the end of level switch to move on the next level.
Then, along came Quake, also a great game, and as far as I know, it was the first FPS to use fully 3d, polyagonal characters(and levels) instead of sprites. Quake was the same style of game as Doom, blast your way through the level, find keys, open doors and get to the end of the level to progress.
After many delays, in 1997 goldeneye came out and amazed gamers around the world. It was made by Rareware, (the same team behind many brilliant games, including Donkey Kong Country 1,2 and 3 on the Super NES) who had purchased the bond licence to make a game based on the movie Goldeneye 007, this alone had many people anticipating the game with great expectation(what could be better than being bond, in a game developed by one of the greatest game development houses ever, Rareware?), the answer to this is not much at all.

Goldeneye 007 is a superb game, and really makes you feel like you are James Bond. Stealth is a huge part of Goldeneye, you can’t just run into a room firing at everything in sight, you have to pick people off in small numbers and go as undetected as possible(shoot people from behind, use silenced weapons etc). Goldeneye has a huge variety of single player missions, from a train level, to a runway, the facility(as seen in the movie), a military bunker, the dam, outdoor snow levels and plenty more.

There are 3 difficulty settings in Goldeneye, Agent, Secrect Agent, and 00 Agent.
The first 2 difficulty settings are really only warm ups, as the full mission objectives are found in 00 Agent. The Agent missions are all a breeze with weak stupid enemies, plenty of ammo and weapons and very few objectives to complete. Secret Agent is very similar, with slightly less ammo and weapons, tougher more accurate enemies and an extra objective or two.
00 Agent is where it’s at, with heaps of mission objectives to complete(from finding a video tape, destroying security cameras, neutralising alarms, copying a CD, destroying gas tanks and many, many more), the enemies are very hard in 00 Agent, you have to conserve your ammo well, and use stealth as best you can as your enemies work together, and are deadly accurate, you really don’t want to have to deal with more than 3 enemies at once, as you are almost sure to take damage.

Each level, as well as having to be completed on all 3 difficulties, has a cheat that can be earned. All that is required is that the level be done on a certain difficulty, in a specified time but the is no easy task, especially on some levels. The cheats are all really cool some of them include; slow animation, paintball mode, DK mode, all weapons, unlimited ammo, invincibility, turbo mode and invisibility.

Goldeneye is a treat to play, the missions are varied, in both location and objectives and are all very fun, there are plenty of unique weapons throughout the game which are really cool to play around with from pistols, automatics, explosives etc. There are also 2 very fun bonus levels included in the game, the special effects are great, the sound and music really pulls you into the game as well. It is really fun earning the cheats too.


For it’s time Goldeneye had absolutely mind blowing graphics. Huge levels, great textures, amazing special effects, and an amazing amount of enemies able to be on screen at once (though the frame rate did suffer, especially with 20+ enemies at once). Overall goldeneye is still today, in 2001 a great game too look at, though it has certainly been improved upon graphically, it still certainly doesn’t make you look at it and say “AUGH!, that’s totally shocking!” a great example of how goldeneye would look today is Perfect Dark, which was also made by the same development house.


The music in Goldeneye is totally amazing, the music is very varied and suits each level very, very well. It helps set the mood as well, the beat speeds up when the action tenses up etc.
The sound effects are also very good and varied, all the weapons have a unique sound, and there are well over 30 of them, if you asked me to shut my eyes, and tell you what weapon you fired I could tell you what it was every single time. A silenced PP7 sounds a lot different to a standard PP7, throwing a mine sounds a lot different to a grenade, the Shotgun is unmistakable, and the RCP-90(the fastest firing gun) is hard to miss.


Goldeneye’s multiplayer is just too good for me to be able to express in writing. Up to 4 people can compete, with a variety of modes like one hit kills, capture the flag, and deathmatch. I have played Goldeneye for over 10 hours straight at parties with my friends, and never been bored. There are heaps of levels to play in, tonnes of weapon pre sets including pistols, power weapons, automatics, lasers and remote mines. In my opinion goldeneye has one of the best multiplayer modes, of ANY game ever created, and IMO, is even more fun than Perfect Dark’s multiplayer.
I still play multiplayer Goldeneye all the time, I am still not sick of it.
It is the multiplayer that will assure goldeneye will not be collecting much dust, for years to come.


Years after Goldeneye first came out, I still play the single player missions over for fun, quite a lot because they are just so damn enjoyable.
But the multiplayer mode is really where Goldeneye shines. Every gaming party I go to Goldeneye is always invited, and played, a lot. It is just so, so fun and addictive. I just can’t seem to get enough of it.


Goldeneye, once you’ve gotten used to it isn’t too terribly hard to complete on Agent mode (The easiet of the three difficulties). Move up to Secret Agent and you’ll find a decent challenge, with additional objectives to complete on levels, less ammo and smarter enemies. Once you’ve completed Agent and Secret Agent you’ve got the ultimate challenge, the difficulty level that the game was based around, 00 Agent. There are even more objectives on each level, much harder, faster, more accurate and more deadly enemies and even less ammo for you to collect. Completing Goldeney on 00 Agent mode will take even the best of gamers months and months to do. If you do ever manage to complete the entire game on 00 Agent mode, there is a nifty little surprise in store for you as well..

Buy. Come on, you must know how awesome this game is by now…. It’s just too good.

Overall Goldeneye is an essential purchase for anyone, PERIOD! If you have an N64 you must own this game, if you don’t have an N64 go buy one so that you can play this almighty game.
Goldeneye is so fun, it will keep you hooked for at least 6 months, and then you will regularly be playing it with a few friends, whenever they are over.

Overall 9.7/10
(Rounded to 10/10 for GameFAQs)

Rating: 10

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