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Reviewed: 06/24/00 | Updated: 07/16/01

The name is Bond... James Bond!


The first person shooter has never been one of the better genres in my opinion, so after playing Doom I was more than
skeptical of playing Goldeneye, which looked like just another boring third person shooter. After all, most movie games stink, so why should this game be any different, right? That's until I actually played it. Talk about great surprise, not only is Goldeneye 007 the best movie game ever, it is also one of the, if not the best, Nintendo 64 games out there (yes, even better than Mario, Zelda, and Banjo) This would definitely be on my list of top 5 Nintendo 64 games of all time.

This game is truly the epitome of first person shooters, even with the recent release of its sequel, Perfect Dark. I never really was a big fan of the first person shooters to begin with, but when a good one does come around I gotta give it props. I did it with Perfect Dark, now I have to do it with Goldeneye. It really is a fun game that changed the way I looked at first person shooters forever. And hell, I still prefer this to Perfect Dark.

Graphics (8.4/10)

The graphics are very realistic and lifelike, and it feels that you are actually part of the James Bond action. However, there is some breakup, especially when there is a lot of action on screen at the same time. The enemies are designed very well, but sometimes look grainy, especially when viewed up close. These are some of the best graphics I have seen in an early generation Nintendo 64 game.

Character and enemy designs in the game are pretty good. I like how there is a variety of enemies and characters in the game, and how they all look a little different. Most of the enemies in the game are your basic soldiers, complete with the basic soldiers outfits. However, later on in the game, there are suddendly new enemies and characters. So the variety is definitely there, and the enemies and characters look great as is. What more could you ask for?

Overall, the graphics in Goldeneye are pretty good. I like the backgrounds in the game, and the character and enemy designs are great. There are little noticeable problems with the graphics in the game, as I saw few instances of any graphical tears, breakup, etc. Good job.

Music/Sound (8.6/10)

The music and sound effects in Goldeneye are some of the best I have ever heard in a Nintendo 64 game. As I have said before, the Nintendo 64 has never really been known for its great audio effects, so when a truly good sounding Nintendo 64 game comes along I gotta give it its props. And Goldeneye 007 has great music and sound effects!

Music in the game is top notch. I especially enjoy the music in the opening stage, as it is classic James Bond music all the way. If you remember the classic James Bond music (from the opening screens of some of the movies) then you know the music in the first stage. I just plain old love it. The music in the other parts of the game is fantastic as well. I especially like the music in some of the later stages, as it really has that feeling to it. I like how the music in the stages fits the feeling of the stages. It is really well done. Overall, the music in the game is fantastic.

Sound effect wise, the sound effects in the game are pretty good, as well. I like how the enemies sound when they die. They make this groaning sound that sounds outstanding (yes I know I am a sick kid who likes to see the enemies die. Oh well.) There are also lots of other sounds, like various beepings (when you get a signal from your watch) and more. One thing that the game is missing is voice acting. I think it would have been so cool had there been voice acting been featured in the game. Overall, the sound effects in the game are pretty good.

Overall, the music and sound effects in the game are pretty good. It is not often that a truly great sounding Nintendo 64 game comes along, so I like to make a game seem really cool when one does come along. And Goldeneye is a great sounding Nintendo 64 game.

Control (9.4/10)

Using the analog stick takes a while to get used to, but overall the control is a lot better than the control in Zelda or Mario. I like the fact that it is easy and comfortable to switch between weapons by simply pushing the Z trigger. Great overall control in a superb game.

Gameplay (9.2/10)

Single Player Mode: The single player mode is fun, and is a lot more fun than most of the first perso shooters out there. There are a lot of objectives to complete, including finding keys and launching rockets. The stages are varied, so there are diffrerent things to do in each stage. You won't be bored by just mowing down enemies like you probably usually are in most games like this.

Multiplayer Mode: Despite the GREAT single player mode, the best part of Goldeneye is multiuplayer mode. Yep, you and up to three friends can blow the brains out of each other in multiplayer mode, and you can play several different modes within multiplayer mode which is really cool. The multiplayer mode is definietly one of the more fun modes I have ever played, and is definitely one of the best multiplayer modes ever featured in a video game.

Overall, Goldeneye is an outstanding and very fun game. The game features very fun single player and multiplayer modes, and both are outstanding. The vareity of weapons, etc. also add depth to the gameplay.

Other Important Scores

Replay Value: High

Goldeneye is a very fun game to play, and definitely has great replay value, whether you are playing the single player mode or the multiplayer mode. The single player mode features a lot of secrets, and the multiplayer mode is just plain old fun to play. You will definitely want to play through the game a lot. Overall, the replay value in the game is fantastic.

Challenge: Medium

Goldeneye has a decent challenge to it when it comes to actually going through the game normally. But once you go for the various cheats in the game, the challenge level increases. Especially when you try to get that invincibilty cheat, it is almost impossible to get! Overall, the challenge in the game is decent.


-The various amounts of secrets add to the already great replay of the game.
-Music and sound effects are some of the best I have heard in a Nintendo 64 game.
-The graphics are outstanding.


-Some of the cheats are very challenging to earn.
-Some graphical problems present in multiplayer mode.
-It's still a first person shooter.

Overall (9.2/10)
Still skeptical about Goldeneye 007 being ''same old, same old?'' Trust me, this game is far different, and fa better than most first person shooters. Throw your copys of Doom and Wolfenstien away (or at least into the closet!!)

Rating: 9

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