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Reviewed: 03/13/01 | Updated: 03/13/01

Great! Not much of an intro, is it?

Graphics - 9
The graphics are truly above and beyond. Deserving of a 10 if there was no problem with enemies' arms having a habit of coming through some closed doors. This is overlooked though as you play on considering the graphics engine is so detailed that enemies fall depending on where you shoot them and what you shoot them with. Also, bullet holes in the walls even let off a small spark when they hit.

Sound - 9.5
One of the best parts of the game is certainly the sound effects and the music. I could listen to the James Bond theme song a thousand times and never grow tired of it. The sound effects are hardly ever off: every bullet is heard. It could have used some voices, but that is barely noticeable.

Gameplay - 9.5
The game handles very well considering the complexity of some of the tasks required to complete a level at a particular difficulty setting. The only problem I have is the slow process of pausing the game and the slow scrolling of the weapons. When you hit ''start'' to pause the game, Bond's watch comes up as your pause menu. The slowness of it though gives enemies a chance to shoot you while you're trying to pause. Besides those two complaints, the controls handle very well. Strafing is a must in a game of this type and it is easy to do. Goldeneye even offers a way to play the single player game with two control pads.

Replay Value - 10
You will find it hard to put this game down. The built-in cheat codes in the single player game creates an objective for the player. Unless you use push-button cheats or use a Gameshark, the player has to play a mission over and over again until they are good enough to complete it in the given time. Speaking of Gamesharks, the cheats in Goldeneye can be unlocked with it, but you have to unlock at least one cheat code the normal way. By this, I mean you must complete one of the missions fast enough to unlock a code before the Gameshark can unlock the rest of them. The easiest way to do this is to finish the ''Runway'' mission in the 5 minutes allotted on Agent mode. The multiplayer mode is well-done giving the player many forms of play with up to 4 way combat.

Overall - 10
It should REALLY be 9.5, but Gamefaqs won't allow fractions. Anyway... Easily one of the best games for the N64. With rumble pack capability, a vast arsenal of weapons, many mission objectives, and intense non-stop action this game will go down in history as one of the few N64 games to set the standard for any first-person shooter on any platform. You might be thinking, ''Now that's a bold statement''. Well, you are right, but this game deserves it.

Rating: 10

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