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Reviewed: 08/08/13

Goldeneye: The Licenced Game that is a true WINNER

Goldeneye... Many people's childhood, playing this game on weekends with friends, back in the simpler times... Does it deserve all the praise it get? It does, for it's very good in all aspects, especially during when most licenced games from movies sucked!

Let's start out with what makes a game a game.
Gameplay: 7/10
This game is fun, from the Dam to the Cradle, the two secret levels withheld. The premise is the same: You're James Bond, completing missions for the MI6. For what it's worth, the game follows quite closely to the movie, slightly deviating from the source, but keeping the gameplay original and fun. The AI, however, is very much just aim in a straight line, ignoring dying comrades, rockets, near-Headshots, and shoot, with an occasional "evasive" maneuver. In my opinion, the Gameplay can get old slowly, but it's very much an enjoyable ride.

Graphics: 9/10
All the characters are quite blocky, the faces can get somewhat goofy, and hands are always in a fist. However, the uniforms is nicely designed, all the guns have nice textures, and the scenery, even the giant tree sprites from the Surface, Bunker, and Jungle levels all are fantastic in design. The classical Gunbarrel scene is also awesome in the intro, especially what I thought to be the best part...

Music: 10/10
I swear on all things holy, the music is among THE best on that day and age, and it still holds up to this day! All the music can easily define the atmosphere of the levels, all have a subtle Bond theme mixed in, and is very much original. I enjoy chasing Alec on Cradle, destroying Xenia with her theme blazing on Jungle, trying to snipe in Surface 1, and the cream of the crop, infiltrating the Dam in the beginning. The music used in Multiplayer is also memorable.

Sound: 8/10
Now, don't get me wrong, the sound effects are great, especially the guns firing and the ambience from Surface 2, but after a while, many of the sounds are overused. Among the most annoying, in my opinion, is the female scream and the stock "ZAP" from the Moonrakers. Again, don't get the wrong idea, Rareware did do their best to get appropriate sound effects and I do like it, but I find a few sound bytes to be annoying.

Multiplayer: 9/10
I'll be honest, I never really went as deep into the Multiplayer as I did in the Single Player, but you will NOT be at loss in this mode. You can set specific weapons on play, have nothing but your pimp hand out, handicap yourself to die at a glancing Klobb shot, or just go in and blow each other apart. It's just that fun.

Extra Goodies: 10/10
Another very awesome thing, is that there are grand amounts of Cheats, unlockable Multiplayer characters, unlockable challenge levels based on nostalgic films, and 007 Mode. Everything can mix and match perfectly. Hate those guards on 00 Agent Aztec? Invincibility Mode, All Guns, and Infinite Ammo and make them suffer the Klobb. Wanna be wacky? DK Mode, Fast Motion, Tiny Bond, and Paintball Mode: you "kill" DKs and they fly to the ground faster than the Sound Barrier. Wanna make the game REALLY hard? Slow Mode, Fast Motion, Rockets, and 007 LTK mode: try to survive fast men with Rockets.

Buy, Rent, or Don't Bother?
In all caps: BUY THIS GAME.

And that's my Judgement

Rating: 9

Product Release: GoldenEye 007 (US, 08/25/97)

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