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Reviewed: 10/28/10

Not so fun in alone, but it's by far one of the best when you have three friends to play with!!

Ask anyone who had a Nintendo 64 to name a couple of the best games on the system and you will hear GoldenEye 007. The game is by far the most praised multiplayer game on the system and is considered by pretty much everyone to be the best game based on a movie. I never had a N64 (which may explain the "low" score I give this game) but many of my friends borrowed the system from other friends and then we spent a lot of time with this game. It was almost like Doom, except it was a lot easier to just in plug in another controller to play against each other than connecting two computers (and almost no parent would allow us to bring their computer to a friend) so it's not strange that this game became a big hit.

The plot is if I've understood it correct loosely based on the movie. In order to make the game more fun to play and have more stages, the plot has been altered a bit giving James Bond (the only playable character in single player mode) a bigger role in some places where he barely did anything in the movie, but I haven't seen the movie so I could be wrong here. To be honest I thought it was a bit difficult to follow the story in this game, but most of it makes sense. Then again is the plot really important in these kind of games?

In each stage you get a couple of tasks that you have to do in order to beat the stage, remember James Bond is an agent and not a serial killer. Most of the time it's an object that you have to destroy on the stage and pick up an item, or that you partner has to survive during the mission. If you reach the stage goal before you have finished each task, you have to play though the whole stage again. But if you failed one mission objective, you can still try to complete the others just so you know what to do the next time.

When each stage begins, you only got a regular handgun and a special equipment for that mission if you need one. Since it's a pretty useless weapon, it best to pick up a weapon that a dead enemy dropped when you killed him, you also pick up ammo the same way. Sometimes an enemy also drops a key, which usually is another important item during the stage. Except from weapons, you will also play with other cool Bond gadgets like a clock that is the trigger to the time bombs.

It's really important that you search for body armor when you have lost a lot of health. The Body armor works as an extra health bar, which will come in handy since there is no way to regain lost health in this game. To not lose to much health you have to try to find as much cover as possible, because I know that you don't want to die. If you want to act like Rambo, then this isn't the game for you.

There are 3 different difficulties: Agent, Super Agent and 00 Agent. You choose the difficulty before you begin each stage, but if you haven't finished the previous stage on a harder difficulty than Agents than you won't be able to select the more difficult ones on the stage. Not only do the enemies take more damage on the more difficulties but sometimes the game also gives you more mission objectives on the tougher difficulties, which will make you explore the stage even more. Each stage also got a target time, if you can beat, if can beat that time then you will unlock a new cheat.

But enough talking about the single player mode and lets focus on where the game really shines, the multiplayer mode. First of all it's really simple to understand why GoldenEye became such a big hit when it first was released. PC had a couple of really popular FPS, but most of us kids back in the day didn't know how LAN worked so it was great that all you needed in GoldenEye to play with you friends was just another controller, but this game allows you to play up to four players in the game.

You can customize the game in pretty much the way you want it. If you are more than 2 players then you can either play in 2 teams or in a free for all. You can either set a time limit in the match, select how many kills the winner has to get or just make the match go on until you all decide that you don't want to play anymore. There are many different weapons you can choose from, but real men choose to only fight with their fists.

In a battle between friends, each player starts at a spawn point and needs to search for a weapon since you start unarmed. When a player dies he spawns to another place and is once again unarmed. This means that a player can be unlucky and spawn at the same place where they just died and all he can do is to run away from the opponent since he's the only one who got a weapon. Maybe this isn't fair, but it's a bit of the games charm and since it's your friends you are playing with I'm sure you can all agree to not shoot against unarmed players if you want to play fair.

The VS stages are all pretty different which one of the game's best points. Granted a player who knows where the strongest weapons and the body armor are will have a huge advantage, but in many stages it's possible to surprise the opponent by either hiding somewhere or going up or down between the floors.

The main reason why this game doesn't get a higher score than an eight (I have to explain this because when I'm writing this the Gamefaqs reviewers have only given this game either a 9 or a 10) is because the control in this game. It's not bad because it only takes about 2 minutes to get used to, but people who are used to play other FPS games will find many of it's flaws. The biggest disappointment is that you have to stand still if you want to be more careful in your aim and don't trust the auto aim in this game. It wouldn't be to hard to use either the D-Pad och the C buttons to move the weapon, but Rare didn't realize this. To be able to aim is one of the most important things in these kind of games.

I got some other small flaws to complain about the control. I miss for example that you can't jump in this game, but I guess that's not that important. What I however find annoying is that you can only change your weapon one way. Lets say you carry 4 weapons and the pistol is your first weapon, but you want to change to the Sniper Rifle which is your 4th weapon. Then you first have to change to your 2nd weapon, then the third and finally after that you can change to your Sniper Rifle. I've died sometimes just because it took Bond to long to draw the right weapon.

GoldenEye 007 is still a classic game that is a must for anyone who owns a Nintendo 64, but as time have passed by there are many FPSs that I can say that I enjoy more, both on PC and on console. But it's still an easy game to pick up and play, and I know that if you can find three others to play with then you guys will still have a great time with this game. It also offers some fun when you play alone, but this is a game that was meant to play with friends.

Rating: 8

Product Release: GoldenEye 007 (EU, 08/25/97)

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