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Reviewed: 03/08/10

*Insert cool Bond intro here*

Arguably the title that made First-Person Shooters so popular, Goldeneye most certainly delivers a plethora of fun stages and weapons. This game was certainly a tough act to follow and Rare produced an FPS with the exact same formula, because it worked so well. The game supports up to 4 players in multi-player and has a single-player and fun campaign based off of the events in the movie of the same title.

Story: 10/10: You are MI6 agent James Bond. The story begins a few years before the core amount of game-play in Soviet Russia. You and a fellow MI6 agent, Alec Trevlyan (another 00, 006), are on a mission to destroy a chemical weapons facility. While planting the bombs, Soviet forces enclose on James' and Alecs' position. Bond, as a result, sets the timers for the initial planned explosion. Alec is seemingly killed by the general, appearing to have been shot in the head. Bond makes a daring escape with a small plane and the weapons facility is destroyed. The game's narrative picks back up a few years later where James is on the trail of a known terrorist organization known as the Janus syndicate. No one has seen the leader's face, he's a ghost. As the game progresses you'll meet the mysterious leader of the Janus front and of course the obligatory Bond girl.

Game-play: 10/10: First and foremost, the game is a first person shooter. You'll have the option to hold the Z button to bring up cross hairs if you desire, but it's optional. The controls in the game are really simple to master, allowing anybody to just pick it up and play. You also get a melee attack, a karate chop that takes down most enemies in one hit. The game has a lot of weapons to pick up on your adventures and in multi-player. There are three kinds of mines you can pick up. Timed mines, proximity mines, and remote mines (my personal favorite of the three). Some weapons you can dual-wield as well. Such as James' signature Walther PPK, and the PP7, and most of the automatic weapons are dual-wield able. In multi-player you can even get the infamous Golden Gun from The Man With the Golden Gun.

The single-player game-play is excellent, it doesn't really hold your hand, and forces you to be stealthy in some missions. Also, each mission you play will let you choose your difficulty. The latter difficulties give you more objectives that must be completed before you can finish the level. You'll have to be careful going around corners or you could end up on candid camera and thus a barrage of enemies will flock to your position, endless in some cases. Not only are there the cameras to worry about but there are alarm panels as well. Don't let an enemy get near one of these or once again, enemies will flock to your position. And for beating all missions on the hardest mode, you'll be rewarded with two bonus missions.

The multi-player in this game is just as strong if not stronger than the single-player. Firstly they give you plenty of characters to choose from. Not only can you play as Bond, but you can choose from this game's Bond girl, Natalya, and several Bond villains from the films. The likes of which being Oddjob and Jaws. You can set a time or kill limit, or both. Up to four people can play at once in this mode, and all of the mission maps from the single player are available in the multi-player. There are quite a few, and most of them designed quite well.

In either mode, if you've unlocked cheats, you can apply them to work before starting a mission or multi-player session. Some of them are pretty humorous. DK mode is an obvious reference to Rare's popular franchise, Donkey Kong. This gives the players gigantic heads and hands. And then there's paintball mode which obviously makes you shoot paint balls. You can write your name on a wall in colors if you so desire.

Graphics: 7/10: The game takes a huge hit in this category. The textures are smooth, but too smooth. Mind you this is an early N64 game and I don't care about graphics much, but I'm letting you know for the sake of honesty. However, one nice detail is the facial expressions of enemies when you're up close to them, they did a nice touch there. But for the most part everything looks pretty polygonal, but you can tell they tried hard with the best they had at the time. There's no over-the-top cinematic, due to the game's graphical limitations. Every cut-scene looks the same as it does in-game.

Sound: 10/10: Excellent job here. Most if not all of the music are tunes used from the movie. Not only will you find the traditional Bond theme, but other themes from the movie as well. Including this industrial, metal against metal ambient song which I particularly like. And of course the guns sound like guns, the explosions sound like explosions. There is no voice acting, however. Which would've been pretty neat. Every spoken word is text-based, so get ready to do a tiny bit of reading, especially on the Train mission.

Overall: 9/10: I'd give this a 10/10 from personal opinion, but given how the scores average out, it doesn't get that as a final score. This game is extremely fun and doesn't disappoint. If you like first person shooters and have an N64 but don't have this game yet, go out and get it now! These days, used N64 games are pretty cheap. Go and grab yourself a copy. You won't be disappointed. To this day, I still love playing this game, and probably always will. Great game-play, good variety of weapons, and great character and map choices for the multi-player.

Rating: 9

Product Release: GoldenEye 007 (US, 08/25/97)

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