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YOU Can Still Depend On One Man!

Rare at the time was thinking of a game that would really inspire people that they should create. One probably said "I know! Let's make a James Bond game: GoldenEye 007!" Another probably said "Yeah we could do that." When the game was made. They were thinking about releasing for the Super Nintendo but nah. Nintendo 64 was probably a better deal. Oh were they right! So, they released it to the public. Not only released, it was a HUGE hit! Golden Eye sold over 8 million copies! That means possibly everyone who lives in New York City could each own a copy of the game. What great success! Everyone at Rare must have felt great about having it released for the Nintendo 64. When people started playing this game, they couldn't stop and loved it so damn much. Here, I will explain in detail why this game is so good and probably the best game ever released in the history of video games.

Story/Plot: 8/10
After invading a chemical weapons facility along with 006, James Bond escapes in just in the nick of time. Nine years later, a new threat is onto Bond. The Golden Eye satellite. It is embraced with dangerous activity that will try to invade the stock market and steal all the banks savings, checking accounts, money, criminal records, etc. Who's that person behind it? Why, it's someone who knew him best. 006. Alec Trevalyan was one of James's good friends and a good combat buddy. He is now taking revenge on MI6 for what happened to his family during World War II. MI6 didn't do anything to help 006's parents as they survived Stalin's execution squads. He then works for MI6 "Whose betrayal caused the father to kill himself and his wife." He says to James after they meet in St Petersburg Statue Park. One of his henchman tranquilizes him and he walks up to him and says "For England James."

Game play:10/10

This is probably what made the game so great. Once you start a gameplay for the first time, you have a lot to learn about the tactics and strategies of the game. You can carry as many weapons as preferred, sprint is available, TONS of ammo throughout the game, You can even duel wield in this game! An example includes: An RCP-390 and a Grenade Launcher! Multiplayer is what makes it even better. You can do almost anything possible in a first person shooter. You can carry mines, grenades, grenade launchers, rockets, snipers, shotguns, and even lasers. But it has to be a certain weapon selection before the match starts. You can't have all of those weapons in a multiplayer game. You may think that "Well, that's what every shooter game has." Well you are wrong, not only you can carry a ton of weapons, shooting is great. There is an auto fire and auto sight; which makes it easy to aim, you can crouch, peek out in corners and shoot only exposing a part of your body, and every shot counts in this game. Meaning that whenever you point to the cross hair and shoot at the enemy everywhere, it will still count as hits. When you beat a certain level of the game and you unlock a cheat code for beating it so fast, it can be very rewarding and very fun. You can turn on cheats and they are not only cheats. These are cheats that modern games have today. For a Nintendo 64, you have to admit; that is pretty damn good and awesome!


Another reason why this game made it's top hit. The music is repetitive but it never gets old. There are so many music and sounds that are made for this game. They even included sounds in enemies like sneezing. The music for the level environment fits perfectly. Multiplayer plays a soundtrack at random and they are all good. When you playing the game, sometimes it just makes you want to hum it as you are going along. Great music by Rare.


Graphics were ridiculously good back then. As a matter of fact, they still are. Rare decided to put the movie's background into the game and it made it look so good and realistic. It is also very helpful. If you have seen the movie, you will recognize the scenes from the movie. It is the actual scenes and sets that the actors were on. You can explore it in first person! Just for yourself!


This game will make you want to play over and over for the next 2 years at least. At least 2 years of excellency!


This game is EXTREMELY hard. Especially surviving the missions and completing them. There are no health recover ups, just armor. Once you get shot, your health goes down and it usually STAYS like that. Every time Bond takes a hit, you are in jeopardy on surviving the missions and completing them. So be very careful once this happens.

Rent or Buy:

Well, what do you think? I would say rent. WRONG!!! BUY THE GAME! If you own an Nintendo 64 and you don't own this game, goodness gracious you missed a classic! So enjoy the fun while it lasts as Rare's game of Golden Eye is still played.

Rating: 10

Product Release: GoldenEye 007 (US, 08/25/97)

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