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Reviewed: 04/22/08

The Golden Game

Introduction -

Goldeneye 007 is the game. It is the defining game of the first person shooter gaming style and it is the golden precedent for all first person shooters. Not only is Goldeneye 007 the number one best first person shooter of all time, it is also probably the only game to be a successful hit for videogame spinoff of a major motion picture. There have been plenty of subsequent attempts to re-ignite the Goldeneye glory by putting the Goldeneye name on other James Bond games which have been to no avail. Even Rare's second project into the first person shooter in Perfect Dark, while a terrific game in all aspects, just does not seem to capture the magic of Goldeneye 007.

Gameplay 10

Until Goldeneye 007 came along first person shooters were dominated by the light guns of the arcade and mundane graphics and controls of the PC. Then came a first person shooter in which the controls were not only easy to use, but the game introduced targeting with crosshairs and a variety of gameplay. Of course in actuality all you really are in this game is a floating hand with a gun. However this does not at all affect how fun this game really is. Goldeneye features variety after variety in the single player missions. Whether you are shooting Russians on a dam or shooting Russians in an abandoned park there is no end to the fun of shooting Russians. The maps are very intricately similar to the locations in the movie and great work was put into keeping the game similar to the movie with a lot of added benefit. You get to drive a tank in two levels as well as experience an unlimited gun rack of weapons and gadgets to carry and use. The difficulty of this game is very challenging and includes more objectives when you choose to play on the more harder difficulty settings. Multiplayer set the precedent for many games to come. Multiplayer features a variety of characters to unlock and choose from with some competitive and balanced maps to play on. Goldeneye is a game that you can still get friends together with and enjoy. There are also cheats and extras to unlock that depend on how fast and on what difficulty you complete a mission.

Story 10

Being a game based on a movie the story stays with the movie but gets more in depth by featuring missions that go back before the movie but are situated in the same locations. Also you have more enemies and obstacles to get past than what Bond does in the movie. The levels are very much in depth and while there really is no plot if you don’t read the dossiers there are still cutscenes that introduce and end each mission you play. The story eventually stays true to the movie as well as add in two extra missions that you can unlock and enjoy from the old Bond series that feature Jaws and Baron Samedi. The missions make the game last for a quite a while to get through depending on the difficulty you select.

Graphics/Sound 10

Goldeneye 007 compares to no other game of its time in what it accomplished with its graphics and sound. The graphics are excellent and uses all of the capacity of the N64 to give you the best experience in gaming. Faces are detailed and while you may see a clone of the same guy you killed a few seconds ago you have to give credit to this game for trying when next generation consoles are still copying what Goldeneye set in facial detail. Each map you play on is uniquely different and fun to go back and explore. You will play in a variety of different maps from cold snowy Russia to a dense jungle in Cuba. The graphics are still impressive today. The music and sound are excellent. The soundtrack to this game is golden in itself. It stays true to the James Bond themes and keeps the pace of the mission going. The sounds are very good. Each weapon has a distinct sound to it and despite the lack of voice dialogue your enemies will be sure to let you know when you’ve shot them.

Time/Replayability 10

Goldeneye 007 can be played and replayed and never lose its appeal even a decade since it was released. The single player missions can last up to a few hours to a few days or weeks depending on the difficulty and if you attempt to unlock everything Goldeneye offers. The multiplayer experience features some excellent four-way splitscreen fun and only later was replaced by Perfect Dark’s simulation factor where you could play by yourself against a variety of different sims in multiplayer. Goldeneye is fun to go back and fire up the N64 for and like a classic Goldeneye it just never gets old.

Final Recommendation 10/10

Step One: Resolve to buy.
Step Two: Click on retail website, type in Goldeneye 007 in search bar
Step Three: Click “Add to Cart”, then “Proceed to Checkout”
Step Four: Enjoy a piece of videogaming history!

This is what a perfect 10/10 game is. Goldeneye 007 is a First Person Shooter classic that set the precedent for games in this genre to come and being a classic game this is a must buy. You can still find copies of Goldeneye floating around merchandising websites (eBay, Amazon, etc) or go to your nearest pawn shop. Goldeneye 007 is a classic game and belongs in every N64 owner’s collection. If you are considering purchasing Goldeneye 007, I suggest looking for a game that is with the original box with instructions and is not the game of the year edition.

Rating: 10

Product Release: GoldenEye 007 (US, 08/25/97)

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