Review by Rushfan93

Reviewed: 10/08/07

Wow....what an awesome game.

Well let me see.....after all of the N64 shooter games I have played, this game takes the shiny trophy for the Best N64 Shooter (in my book anyway). Perfect Dark was up there but Goldeneye is better.

You play as 007, James Bond, an agent that works for MI6 who's mission is to find a terrorist named Janus.

This game has 20 amazing levels that allow you access to over 20 different weapons (some more useful and better than others, mind you).

The A-I in this game is OKAY but it could have been better. (yes I kept in mind about what the most they could do in those days, but still). If you stood by a fence in front of a guard, chances are they wouldn't be able to see you. Its still a fun game, but I wish the A-I was a little better.

The Gameplay is amazing. The smoothness of this game on a very old console is awesome. The aiming-system isn't bad either, except when you aim, you cannot move around with is the only bad thing.

The graphics are awesome for an N64 game. The levels are very well laid out and they did a great job with the textures. Even though the faces on the guards are the same (there are bout 5-7 of them), its still an awesome game.

Multiplayer is great too, with the ability to customize what weapons you can get in a match to make it fair/interesting. Even though you only have a selection of about 8 multiplayer levels, they aren't levels you can go to in the multiplayer game (obviously) only the Archives and the Bunker are the ones I remember.

Now the only think I wish they added into the game, was the ability to switch between First person and Third person modes. Even though it would have made the game a little easier, I still would have thought it would have been great to play with.

There also isn't any voice acting in this game like there is in Perfect Dark, but there is Dialogue at the top of the screen. I didn't really mind it being like that, but I wish they could have put in some Voice Acting.

Anyway, to wrap it up, I thought this game was the bomb and anyone who is a collector or anyone who wants a good time with a shooter, this is the game for you.


Rating: 9

Product Release: GoldenEye 007 (US, 08/25/97)

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