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Reviewed: 02/15/07 | Updated: 02/22/07

A Movie-Based game that is actually outstanding.

In the year 1995, the 17th installment of the James Bond franchise was released: Goldeneye. The movie featured Pierce Brosnan's first time playing James Bond, but sold only on a average scale. In the year 1997, the game of the movie was released. The game was not expected to do well, since games that are based off of movies usually do not do well, but the game exploded. The game was fast to sell up there with games like "Super Mario 64" and "The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time". It continued to sell all the way into 2002, and reached the rank of the 3rd best selling game on the N64.

Story: 7/10

If you've seen the Goldeneye movie, you'll know how this one plays out. Basically, a Russian General, Arkady Ourumov, has stolen the Goldeneye, a satellite capable of immense destruction. Bond is assigned to the mission, and has to prove that Ourumov is the one that actually stole the Goldeneye. The movie has a great story, but the game just doesn't do a good job of playing it out. There are a few important plot points that the game has left out. There are also some levels that have their own place in the storyline that weren't there in the movie. Overall, if you care about the story, watch the movie.

Graphics: 8/10

These graphics are ok. They aren't as good as games like Banjo Kazooie's or Ocarina of Time's, but they are acceptable. The textures and effects are all detailed like they should be, so they're fine. These graphics certainly aren't anything bad, but they're not outstanding, either.

Music: 10/10

One of the best parts of the game. Out of all the games I have played, this game has the most memorable music. The music fits the level very well, too. In a level called "Control", there are computers and and mainframes everywhere, combined with the fact that there is a mass amount of guards. The music brings this out in a sort of fast-paced techno theme. There is also a level that takes place in a Jungle with low visibility, so the music in this is mostly quiet and helps you to feel scared when someone suddenly starts shooting.

Sound: 8/10

The sound in this game is good, but doesn't stand out all that much. Each gun (well, almost, some guns have the same sounds as others) has their own sound that fits the gun. Guards also make noises of agony when hit. Unlike this game's successor, Perfect Dark, it does not feature voice acting. Instead, the text is displayed at the top of the screen. But did you really expect a game this old to have voice acting anyway? To make things short, it has everything you would expect, but nothing all that special.

Gameplay: 10/10

This game is more than just the average FPS. It just has a certain feel to it. It isn't really anything you can explain unless you play it for yourself. It's just something that games like Halo don't have that makes this game so great. Otherwise, you should know how it plays if you've played any other FPS, which I would assume you have since in this time and age they are highly popular plus the fact that you're now looking for a FPS for your precious N64. Anyway, In this game, guards actually flinch when shot, unlike games now days where guards don't seem to feel shots at all. You would think this might make the game somewhat easier, but it doesn't. Usually there's more than one guard anyway. This effect really adds to the overall feel of the game. The guards are very well positioned to make it fun and add to the whole stealthy spy role. This game is also the first FPS to feature Dual Wielding Weapons. You can dual wield any weapon in the game, including the Rocket Launcher, which is another plus that makes it more than the ordinary FPS. You don't just have to just walk around in this game. Using a combination of the Strafe buttons (Which are the C-Buttons in default) and looking around you can make yourself go a lot faster which makes the game a lot funner. For more information on how to do this read the FAQs. There isn't much else to say about the game play other than it's really fun. You just have to play for yourself to really get the Holy-like feel of this awesome game.

Multi Player: 10/10

The Multi Player in this game is quite fun. Although there are no AI Bots, it makes up for it in the big arenas, cool weapons, and huge selection of characters. You can have up to 64 Characters to choose from, although most come from a code. For most games, Characters don't matter that much, but in this game, they sort of do. For instance, characters like 'Oddjob' are much shorter than normal characters, making him a harder target to hit. Certain characters also blend in with certain arenas, making it harder for your opponent to see you, so choose wisely. There are also quite a few arenas that are big with lots of places to hide. One of them even has secret doors that you can only see by looking very closely that lead to places you can't normally go or fast escapes to other rooms. There are also play modes like the classic "Capture The Flag" and one-hit-kills. This game's Multi Player may sound average, but in reality, it stands out a lot. You just have to play it for yourself.

Controls: 10/10

(All Button descriptions are for the Default Controller setting) The controls are great and fit the N64 Controller very well. As you would probably expect, the Z-Button is the button you use to Shoot/Slap with. The A-Button cycles through your weapons and is the button you use to choose things with in the menus. The B-Button is for Reloading and opening doors. The C-Buttons Strafe you left and right and make you look up and down. R and L are for Manual aiming and the start Button is for Pausing. If you don't like them, you can of course change them. I personally use controller setting 1.2 which makes C-Up and C-Down walk you forward and back instead of the Joystick; up and down on the joystick are what C-Up and C-Down did on 1.1. 1.2 is more close to modern say FPS's and which is what I recommend using. For some reason, when walking in 1.2 you're actually faster than walking in 1.1, so there's another plus.

Replay Value: 10/10

This game has a ton of replay value. After you have mastered all the levels, you can beat levels within certain time limits to earn special cheats like Invincible, Invisibility etc. This becomes a real challenge and makes the cheats funner to use since you know you earned them and weren't naughty because all you did was press some button code for them. There are also 4 difficulty levels. 00 Agent being the hardest and will keep you busy for a good long while. You also unlock 2 bonus levels for beating the game, one for beating it on Secret Agent and one for 00 Agent. The 4th difficulty level really isn't a actual measurement of difficulty, but it's called 007 Mode and allows you to set Enemy Health, Enemy Accuracy, Enemy Damage (being how much enemy gun fire damages you), and Enemy Reaction Speed (how fast they react to you being there). Overall, the Replay Value is amazing and will literally keep you playing for years to come.

Buy or Rent?

Buy it. You will love this game. I don't think there are many places that allow you to rent N64 games anyway in this time. Most stores that sell used N64 games should have this. But they'll probably be a bit pricey at $20 - $40. But it's worth every penny. You can get a good deal on EBay with it Factory Sealed for as low as One Cent to $10. But seriously, the price isn't what should dictate you getting this game or not. I would pay up to $2000 for this game if I had to.

Overall: 10/10

Overall, this game is one of best games ever made and should be in any Video Game Collection. You will love this game and you will probably play it for years.

Rating: 10

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