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Reviewed: 11/22/06

Nobody Does It Better!

Before Goldeneye came out, FPS games were pretty much on PC. The SNES FPS's didn't work, PC was the platform for the FPS. Goldeneye proved people wrong. Goldeneye was I believe the first console FPS to do well. 007 did that and made killing your friends mainstream. It is also my favorite game ever. And a classic for the N64 that is still played today. It is also very revolutionary. If you don't own Goldeneye 007, and you own an Nintendo 64, I have one question. What is wrong with you? Now, lets begin!

"Shocking. Positively shocking."
You feel like a spy as you sneak around the levels. Everything is spy like. How about starting a level by dropping through a vent into a bathroom stall. Slick. The controls work, I prefer the 1.2 Solitare control scheme. 1.2 Has you moving with the C buttons and aiming with the stick. I prefer it because it feels more natural to me, but it is very easy to customize the controls to your liking. The game is pretty hard on easy, just wait till you get to 00 Agent. Thats some pretty hard stuff. The story missions are very well crafted. There are a lot of different nooks and crannies and little secrets. The objectives are cool most of the time. At least every level doesn't consist of saving Natalya. The objectives stay very well to the movie. Every time you finish a level your mission gets broken into a bunch of different statistics. If you like looking at your performance then this is pretty cool. The multiplayer supports 4 players. And has around 4 modes. It has the classic Deathmatch in a 1-hit KO mode, named Licence To Kill. And a King Of The Hill like mode The Man With The Golden Gun. The Multiplayer mode is awesome. Me and my friends always pull out the N64 for this title. I think the multiplayer inspired the many FPS games of today. I doubt Halo would have such awesome online matches were it not for Goldeneye. Think about that.

"He Always Did Have An Inflated Opinion Of Himself"
It is pretty hard to rate the story since it is based on the movie. So I rated it on how well it followed the movie. It did very well. Pretty much every level was in the Game. They didn't stretch the story to much. In fact I think they added one extra mission that had nothing to do with the movie. So it followed the movie well. The fact that Goldeneye is my favorite 007 movie I was pleased how well it related to the movie. I got to relive the movie through the eyes of Bond. James Bond. There weren't many instances where the game strayed away from the story. The Silo level has absolutely nothing to do with Goldeneye. But that's about it. A couple levels were in the movie, but changed. Like Bond never spends more than a couple of seconds at the Depot. And Bond never went to the Bunker in the movie. But you will still be able to figure out how most stages connect to the movie.

"Mind if my friend sits this one out? She's just dead!"
I think the graphics could be better. I could be wrong though. I don't know alot about graphics but it seems like it could be better. They do have a lot of tiny little graphic details though. Such as the graffiti scattared around a level. Or the many Russian signs. The faces on characters are pictures pasted on to the face of a character model. I think most characters use the original actors face. I'm pretty sure Bond doesn't have Pierce Brosnan's face. And the guards use people who worked on the games faces. Also the death animations are animated well. There are a couple of different death animations. Each one different and detailed. If you shot a man in the "jewels" he will grab that area and fall on the ground. The explosions look a little weird. Don't ask me why. They just don't look well . . . normal. The guns, as far as I know look similar to their real life counterparts. There is a detail to the guns that I always find cool. When firing your KF7 Soviet, for example, you see bullets flying out of the gun. It looks rather cool if you ask me. Very realistic as well. There aren't really any "cutscenes". While playing, if an event happens text will appear on the screen like this Trevelyan: For England, James. Then another line Bond: For England, Alec. You can keep playing while this is happening. I know there could be actual cutscenes. And, cutscenes could be void of voices you know. They could have had cutscenes and use the text. They did that in Jet Force Gemini and it worked. Maybe cutscenes wouldn't be possible. But I think they would.

"She Always Enjoyed A Good Squeeze"
The James Bond Theme gets digitized! The music from the movie is in here, and sounds pretty good. The gunshots are perfect. It's easy to tell the difference between your KF7 Soviet and the Silenced Walther PP7. The guns sound like they would in real life and that helps. The explosions sound explosion like. And you gotta love the James Bond Theme. There is no voice acting. I'm not sure that N64 could handle it so early in it's life time. But I believe that Perfect Dark, Goldeneye's spiritual sequel, has voice acting. So Rare would eventually do it. The music is never totally annoying. In less you hate having songs stuck in your head you won't like the music. You could tell how the theme is digitized. It still sounds good. If you were wondering Tina Turner's song "Goldeneye" is not in the movie. That, is probably a good thing.

"I'm sorry, that last hand...nearly killed me."
Well the multiplayer is a lot of fun. Remember, Goldeneye made killing your friends mainstream. The missions are fun enough that I play them over and over. Seriously, this is the game to pull your N64 out of that box and hook it up to your TV. It's that good! You'll Be playing Goldeneye 10 years from now. Think about it, you've been playing for 10 years since it released! And if you are looking for a way to extend the game's life look at's Goldeneye section. Everything on that website you will want to look for. You will spend hours looking at all these unusual things. And with a Gameshark you open up even more possibilities! You will mess around with the game, find hidden items and just have even more fun! There are also alot of cheats to unlock. And wait till you see how the cheats work. You will be able to make the game better. And you will want to play all the levels again. I still play the Facility level with all these cheats turned on. And it leads to a heck of a time.

"I think he got the point"
Buy Or Rent?
Well nowadays you would have to buy. But if it was 1997, I would say this game is worth $70. And you may not have agreed with me. But if you bought it, you'll be playing it now. You may able to find it for very cheap. I got it for $8 and my local game store didn't have any. I think this game is very worth buying. It is worth buying an Nintendo 64 for. I mean, its the reason I bought one. And it was definitely worth it.

Rating: 10

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