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Reviewed: 07/29/00 | Updated: 07/29/00

Why couldn't Playstation's 007 look this good?

Hidy-ho, fellow Faqers. Sorry i've been missing in action lately. But i've been at a summer job and it kept me away from the computer. But now i finally have some time to write a review. And I like to pick up where I left off with my review of Goldeneye, a killer first-person shooter every 64 owner should have in there collection. By now everyone proably does. But to those who don't, here some reasons you should stop lolly-gagging around and go buy it.

Graphics/9: Very impressive, the graphics are very clear and life-like and look like it came straight from the movie. I gave it a point down, though, cause they get kind of gritty at times.

Music&Sound/10: Very nice music indeed. From the James Bond theme song to the death tone. Music copies the movie spot on. Sound is even better with gunshots, alarms, etc.. You got to hear it to belive it.

Story/8: I haven't really seen Goldeneye yet. But I know it has somehting to do with a madman trying to take over the world with a nucler weapon and everyone's favorite secret agent has been asiggned to take him out. 007 really in need of a plot change.

Gameplay/9: Here where the game really shines. You play as James Bond as seen through his eyes and are sent on different missions ranging from sabatoge to steatlh as you try to stop this madman and his evil plans. The Al in this game is unbeliveable. They duck, provide cover fire for one another, even follow you to different room. You'll need some fast fingers and a lot of brain power if you want beat the hundred of missions throughout the game. But where the fun really lies is the multiplayer modes where you and three friends can blast the snot out of each other in deathmatch, teams, flag, and more.

ALL IN ALL: Goldeneye is proably the only game that carries the sprit of the movie and make it even better. So if your a 64 owner and haven't seen or heard about this game. Well, now you do. So stop making excuses and get this game. Until my next review, see ya!!!

Rating: 9

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