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Reviewed: 09/01/06

" The name is Bond, James Bond"

Welcome to my review for the game Golden eye for the Nintendo 64. This is a game about a gang of mobsters and their group name was Janus were trying to set fire to 2 rockets called the Golden eye which destroys electricity on the place it is firing on. You are the hero James Bond and you must kill your enemy named Alec Trevelyan who was your friend earlier on the game. There are many hard levels to pass and the missions are challenging so don't get too confident because there are some levels which can take beyond professional level at this game. You start off at the Archangelsk Russian Dam and finish on the Antenna Cradle in Cuba Havana. You journey in many places around the world which include St. Petersburg in Russia and Monte Carlo in France. There are many other places where you travel through in the game. You are aided by friends in this game which include Natalya Siminova and Jack Wade. The foes in this game are Alec Trevelyan, General Arkady Ourumov, Xenia Onatopp and Boris Grishenko. The guns feature PP7 Bonds favorite gun, KF7 Soviet, DD44, Golden Gun, RCP 90 and much more. Natalya is a worker on the guidance system and she was friends with Boris Grishenko who was a level 1 programmer at Severnaya before he betrayed Natalya leaving with Ourumov and Xenia to Cuba and he appears in the Control Centre and Natalya is left behind in the explosion but climbed the dish to survive. The names of the 2 rockets named ‘Golden eye’ are Petya and Misha. There are many hard levels you will encounter so play until you are a professional then attempt the hard levels.

The Graphics are magnificent because the characters look so realistic and the levels have the right backgrounds from the description. The characters like James Bond are perfect and it looks like Pierce Brosnan who played James Bond in the movie Golden eye. The graphics of Alec Trevelyan exactly match the one played in the movie and the black suit he wears on the last levels stand out because it was a good color to pick and Alec in the movie wore black but in the game the color is darker. Natalya was not that good because in the game it looks blurry and you can barely see her face. The gun graphics are very good and the best one was the KF7 because it looks like the one in the movie not exact but very close. The bad thing for the graphics is enemies look no where near the same as the movie and they look like ordinary people. The Hostages and enemy faces are bad because they have the same faces and if the hostages had the same close as the enemies that would have been very confusing and you would not know which one are which. So at the end the graphics are very good when it comes to main character faces but enemy and hostage faces are very confusing and hard to tell which one are which.

The Game play was the best part of the review because it was so fun and at least took all of your skills in this game to get past some 00 Agent levels. In some levels it requires just a bit of your skills and they are Easy but in most levels 00 Agent are hard and frustrating especially nearing the end of the game. Once you have past the 2nd row of levels the game will get harder and harder and once you are up to the Control Centre, you will have to be very quick in killing one enemy and turning on the other side and killing the other and prevent Natalya from dying. A reward you can earn after beating a level on a certain agent under a time you will unlock a cheat which makes the game more better but you cannot do the level you are up to on any agent say like I put on a cheat and I am up to Silo Agent, I cannot do Silo because then that will be obvious cheating and that will ruin the game if that was counted. 2 Player was one of the best parts of the games because the levels like Complex had many death traps and a little maze. The other levels are all fantastic and any other FPS games cannot beat Golden eye 2P. So at the end the Game play was one of the best parts of the game because it has endless fun and will keep you playing for over a week and has many features for you to unlock and they are the cheats
But Multi-player was good as well especially having duels with your friends or family.

The Audio in this game was good because it had a song that kept on going and the great tunes it had were clear and had a bit of action in them. One of the best songs were the ones in Bunker 1 and when you press an alarm or something in Bunker 2 the Bunker 1 song comes and it is very fast also it is very catchy and the same thing with Bunker 2 song in Bunker 1. Cradle had a good song as well especially when it came to the last fight with Trevelyan. It had a fast pace tune in it and that was another catchy song in the game. Some of the weak parts of the music were in levels such as Caverns because that had a boring tune and not much action in it. So at the end the audio was good in most parts of the game but in some parts it was a weak spot and in when you play Cradle or Bunker 2 make sure you have a listen to the songs because they are very catchy and it will stick in your head for at least a couple of days.

The Replay ability in this game is awesome because once you have clocked this game there is a high chance you will start a file right after or at least a day after or something. Seriously I have never seen any game of my life that has Replay ability like this game because the more times you play this game the higher chance you will get hooked onto it and you will stay on the game until you clock it or want to have a short break. So at the end for the Replay ability section of this review is that you will never get sick of this game as it has all the entertainment needed for a gamer.

The controls for this game are pretty annoying because when you want to reload without opening the door which has enemies in it, you will open the door unless you move a distance away from it and that gets annoying wasting your time of the fabulous game. The auto aim is fairly good but bad in some ways and that is when it auto aims at an enemy when you are trying to deal with a turret and it doesn’t aim at the turrets at all and that makes it harder trying to aim at it and if you keep missing then you will run out of bullets then you have to fetch some more but it will be hard. So at the end of the controls it is very disappointing because it can annoy you but in some ways it can be very useful and kill un expecting enemies who appear from the side while you are shooting the one In front of you it shoots both of them at once and sometimes you can get out without losing lives.

Rent or Buy:
I defiantly recommend you to buy this game and make sure you do not miss out on the great fun this game contains. It probably will not be selling in some stores but if you come across it then buy it because it is worth all of your money. The only thing you should make sure before you buy this game is it has only a bit of bad graphics but other than that this game should be obtained in anyway.

Overall Golden Eye for the Nintendo 64 is and should be the best game for the 64 according to me and it is way better than Mario 64 but it just beats Ocarina of Time. The story is pretty simple and it is very understandable and the levels when you play them are fun and should keep you challenged for at least 4 hours working on some levels. The audio is very good and has some catchy and action music which include the Bunker 2 when the computer is activated it has the Bunker 1 song but played fast and the song in Cradle when you are up to the showdown with Alec Trevelyan. So at the end Golden eye for the N64 is the best game and has a sequel to the movie which is just as same as this and this game must be obtained in anyway possible so thank you for reading my review.

Rating: 10

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