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Reviewed: 07/24/00 | Updated: 07/24/00

Pointless shoot-em-up? Yeah right! Best N64 game ever? Could be...

Goldeneye, the game based on the James Bond movie, is extremely fun! You are Bond, of course, and you must get through the game, mission by mission. his game is no walk in the park though. It takes skill, not just random shooting like in the game Doom. Now, onto the scores...

Gameplay- Wow. Just wow. I have played many great games, but this is one of the best! Some levels may seem quite easy, but as you progress into them, you might fall for a trap or two. Here is a hint, enemies can be anywhere, so don't just barge in. It is very fun though, because you need skill! Even if you do get bored (is that possible) of the 1-player mode, the 2-4 player mode is great! 10/10

Challenge- This game is very challenging. Even some of the later levels on Agent Mode (easy) are hard! But just wait untill you try 00 Agent! (hard). You sta a good chance of getting killed on the second level. 10/10!

Story- It's Bond. All 007 movies (and games) have great storylines. 10/10

Audio- Another wow. The sound of the gun is just plain awesome! Hearing the opponents shooting at you can quite easily give you an adrenaline rush! The opponents yells when getting hurt may seem a relief at times, but moe enemies usually come. The sound is one of the best qualities of the game! Hands down: 10/10.

Visual- Can we say, awesome? I have seen hardly any Playstaion games outdo these graphics. Sure, the blood isn't much, but that is a good quality. The people in this game are very realistic looking, and move quite realistically. Though, at times, the background is kind of lacking quality. 9.5/10.

Replayability- I haven't seen a game with more! Sure, Perfect Dark has some nice replayability, but you can never get bored of Goldeneye! NEVER! 10/10

Buy or Rent?- Seriously, what do you think. Buy it now. It may be older, but that eans the price is less. I would highly suggest AGAINST renting it, because the game is very long, and you die often.

Over all- 10 out of 10

Ending Remarks- If you are in for hours of gaming, this is for you! If you are a James Bond fan, it's even better! But trust me, Bond fan or not, you'll love it. Remember, happy hunting! ^_^

Rating: 10

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