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Glitch FAQ by CSchultze

Version: 1.1 | Updated: 12/14/00

Goldeneye 007 Glitches FAQ
Chris Schultze

--Table Of Contents--
1) Freezing Glitches (12)
2) Weapon/Item/Ammo Screw-Ups (49)
3) Floating Weapons/Ammo (8)
4) Cut-Scene Glitches (30)
5) Sound Glitches (10)
6) Misc. Glitches (120)
7) Thanks

The are currently 229 glitches in this FAQ!!

**Latest Update:12-14-00**
12-14-00(Version 1.1)
-Today I added 29 glitches to this FAQ. I added numbers to each individual glitch, to make it
more organized. I added glitches to Weapon/Item/Ammo Screw-Ups, Cut-Scene Glitches, and LOTS
of Misc. Glitches. I may have a couple more glitches to add, but I need people to send more 
in. Thanks!

12-12-00(Version 1.0)
-The first release of the FAQ. Please send all glitches NOT already on this page to 
nimrod4431@aol.com. If the FAQ gets accepted I will update the next day with more Glitches 
people sent in on the message board.

1)Freezing Glitches (Glitches That Freeze The Game, Or Get People Stuck)

1.) Crash The Game In The Archives

In Archives on multiplayer play with remote mines. Fire a remote mine at the glass. Go to the 
other side of the glass, and fire a mine on the back of that mine. Shoot out the glass and the 
mines will float. If you fire a mine at the floating mines the game will freeze. 

2.) Freeze The Game At Aztec

On the Aztec level with all mines, go through the level like normal. After uploading the 
launch codes and waiting for the timer, fire timed mines at the ship. After the time runs out, 
the game freezes at a blank screen.

3.) Freeze The Game With A Safe

In any level with a safe and all weapons and infinite ammo on, throw a mine at the object in 
the safe. Get that object. Fire a mine back into the safe where the object was. The game will 

4.) Glitch That Gets You Stuck In Cradle

Turn on Tiny Bond and go to the part where you "finish the job". Slowly kneel and walk off. The 
game thinks you fell off so you can't move or see your ammo, so your stuck. The only way to get 
out of level is to reset or let guards kill you.

5.) Multiplayer Freezing Glitch

Go to any level on multiplayer with license to kill on. Then have two people facing each other 
and one person go to the menu and go to pause but don't press start. At the exact same time, 
fire on the controller that isn't on pause screen, and have the other person press start to 
pause. The game will freeze in that position but you can press start and exit through menu. 
Also, if the person presses start a second too early, the player who fired can press the fire 
button to see the gun go through the firing motion but no bullets come out.

6.) Toxic Barrels Glitch

In the Dam toss a remote mine on every toxic barrel, then three grenades, then fire one rocket 
at them.

7.) Orumov's Case Glitch

In Silo toss mine on Orumov's case. Then pick it up, and  fire grenade launcher.	

8.) The Frozen Aztec Trick

This trick needs invincibility. Simply reach the glass room following the other path (fall into 
the pit and battle Jaws First) Now open up the glass wall using the security card and kill 
off any guard who does not have dual lasers (there should end up being three guards with dual 
lasers, no more.) Now simply stand in the glass room and wait. All three guards will eventually 
freeze. Try to keep them close to the room with their laser fire hitting the back wall. This 
works for Baron Samedi in Egyptian too.

9.) Get Stuck In Drone Gun

This trick is for egyptian with turbo mode and invincibility. Enter the Golden Gun room, and 
walk right to the exit, let the drone guns activate and fire at you. Now open both exit doors, 
but don't jump out. Step out quickly then back up, this makes the door behind you close and the 
drone gun boxes close. To get trapped in a drone box, back up very quickly and strafe to the 
right or left. If you are quick you can get trapped. 

10.) Freeze Oumrov

Set the enemy health to 1000%, use all guns cheat. When Ourumov comes down the stairs to kill 
Trevelyan, Bombard Ourumov with grenade launchers, usually 6 will do it. You'll notice the 
screen turning slow and soon you'll see Ourumov frozen with his gun pointing to the staircase. 
You can fire 20 rockets and he'll never die, untill you pull out your golden gun and shoot him 
3 times.

11.) Bond Freeze

Turn on Tiny Bond and go to the platform where you fight Trevelyan at the end. Now duck and go 
off the platform. You'll now be frozen. You cannot move, but you can fire your weapon. The 
Janus troops can move and kill you but you can't. 

12.) Semi-Frozen Multiplayer

In multi, LTK, have one person get a gun and aim at another player at point blank range. have 
the player who is to be shot press start, and hit right once, so he can pause the game by 
pressing A. Then get both controllers, and fire the first player's gun and pause the game at 
exactly the same time as you hit A on the second controller. The game will be paused, and the 
player who paused the game now is dead, so there is no way to unpause the game. This does not 
actually freeze the game, as any other player can then exit the multiplayer match.

2)Weapon/Item/Ammo Screw-Ups (Glitches That Screw Up The Weapons/Items/Ammo)

1.) Archives Rocket Launcher Glitch

Go to the archives with enemy rockets on and invisibility off. Wait until the guards comes in 
the room with orders to kill Bond and then watch them aim at you and try to fire! No rockets 
come out! This also happens with the captors in frigate and in statue.

2.) Blank Weapon

Go to the Bunker (either) and do the floating item trick (fire mines at a group of cameras and 
set them off). Now fire two mines which float. Go to your watch and go all the way to the 
bottom to the blank space. Select it. You can't fire the weapon but the ammo is 0 of 3 and 
looks like rocket ammo.

3.) Destroy Flag In Flag Tag

Play with timed mines and flag tag. Pick up the flag and get killed near a crate by an 
opponent. Grab mines, fire one at the crate, pick up the flag and quickly run onto the crate. 
You will suicide and the flag will disappear and you win for longest flag holding.

Or: Play with proximity mines and find but do not take the flag. Fire a proximity mine 
somewhere, get the flag, and then run into the proximity mine effectively killing yourself and 
destroying the flag. This is a little easier than my way. 

4.) Duck With Sniper Rifle

Go to the sniper rifle and switch to the next weapon. Kneel, then while kneeling switch back to 
sniper rifle (hold a and press z twice). You can now only duck and move at normal speed 
(I think). The only way to stop ducking is to switch weapons.

5.) Exploding Bond

Turn on invincibility and set off a plastique in the Silo or let the one minute timer run out 
in the Bunker. Explosions follow you around wherever you go and you can kill enemies like that.

6.) Throwing Knives Water Trick

Get the throwing knives cheat mode and activate it. Go to the first level (The Dam). Go down to 
the docks at the end of the level and take out the throwing knives. Throw one into the water. 
It will land in the water but still be visible. Take out a gun (the Sniper rifle works best) 
and shoot at it. After a hit it will appear at the edge of the dock or wherever you threw them 
from! It even works on top of the guard towers or any place where you can reach the water with 
the knives and shoot them. 

7.) Paintbrush (Bond's Arm)

   To get the paintbrush in single player:
   1. Go to Dam and kill the guys in the beginning, but don't get their guns.
   2. Switch to unarmed
   3. Get the Sniper Rifle
   4. Press A 3 times quickly

To get the paintbrush in multiplayer:
   1. Start a game with sniper rifles.
   2. Get the sniper rifle
   3. Press A twice quickly

8.) Shoot Tank Shells without being on the tank

On the Runway or Streets, go in the tank and switch to the weapon right before the tank cannon. 
Quickly, press B and A so you exit the tank and if you did it right you should also have tank 
shells as your weapon.

9.) Surface 2 explode mine

On Surface 2, throw the mine on the helicopter, switch to mine in watch, and press A B to 
explode the mine. Then, the helicopter will still explode after a timer runs out!

10.) Swirling Smoke

In Depot, go to the ammo depot and go on top of the stairs. Destroy the table with the rocket 
launcher ammo and watch as swirling smoke goes up.

11.) Three Handed Bond:

Put on the all weapons cheat on any level and switch to the double moonrakers. Press A, then Z 
and A, release them, and hold Z. If you do it correctly Bond should have a moonraker and a 
watch laser combined (3 hands - two to hold watch laser). Also, hit start to go to your watch. 
Bond puts the two weapons away, then switches to the watch. When you go back to the game the 
hand goes away and is replaced by the three handed weapons. 

12.) Tracker Bug Color Glitch

In the frigate with infinite ammo on, go to the part where the locked door is (that leads to 
the balcony).Blow up all the computers with a gun until there is only the residual black 
things. Fire a tracker bug at where the computer was. It sticks to the place where the computer 
was and not the wall. It also turns black. Also, if you fire a tracker bug into the water it 
doesn't give you the "Careful where you fire those bugs, James" message and the objective isn't 
failed. This also works with the covert modem on the satellite in Dam (after destroying), and 
the plane in Surface 2 after shooting out the black leftover pieces of the plane.

13.) Enemies Don't Drop Weapons

Turn on All Guns and go to any Bunker and do the floating remote mines glitch and shoot the 
enemies. They wont drop their guns!

14.) No Throw Glitch

This trick is for any level, you need infinite ammo and all guns, invincibility helps. Select 
remote mines, now find a flat wall and stand a fair distance away, now toss a stack of 21 mines 
against the wall, when you finish- strafe to your left and toss one mineagainst the wall. Now 
strafe left again and do the same thing (toss 21, strafe left and toss one.) When you are 
finished you should have four stacks of mines (21-1-21-1) One stack may dissapear in the 
process, this is ok. Now walk a fair distance away from the stacks, facing a wall where you 
will not see the explosion. Here is the fast part: toss a remote mine and detonate it before 
it hits the wall, you should see no explosion but feel and hear it, toss two more quickly and 
detonate them in the same manner... none should show an explosion. After the third mine is 
tossed and detonated... press A 7 or 8 times quickly. If you did everything right, you should 
see only one throwing knife, in your left hand, and nothing in your right! 

15.) Psycho Smoke Glitch

This trick is only for Aztec, you need Infinite Ammo, All Guns, Invincibility and Enemy 
Rockets. Deverything as quickly as possible, killing everyone is not important, since you are 
invincible. What you must do: Switch to dual RC-P90's while moving forward, Kill any guard that 
gets in your way. Jump into the pit. GO to Jaws and kill him, as well as all guards in his 
room. Pick Up His Smart Card and Rocket Launcher. Go back to where you jumped in, and wait for 
a moonraker dude to arrive behind you. He will be firing a moonraker laser at you, i always 
wait for all three of them to arrive, but you basically just have to kill the moonraker guard 
and pick up his laser. Then climb back out of the pit using the R, left C, Up trick. Now simply
follow the normal game path (through the mainframe wall and vents) all the way to the main 
room (where the shuttle is) You are almost done now, as you exit the vents, pass the crates 
and turn right - run towards the glass area where guys behind boxes with rocket launchers. You 
should now see the graphic glitches. It's pretty awesome, the dual RC-P90's you are carrying 
become glitchy all over the screen and all smoke and explosions are messed up. Sometimes the 
glitch only partly occurs, other times it gets REAL cool, with multicolored explosions and 
completely wierd smoke!

16.) Climbing Rockets

To get this code to work you must have the "all weapons" cheat on and maybe invincible, depends 
on how good you are, go to the end of the level where you shoot travelon off the cradle, except 
this time don’t shoot him off, pull out your rocket launchers and face the ladder and shoot, 
now very quickly look up and the explosion from the rockets will at the top of the ladder.

17.) Mines Through The Roof

Note: It is best to use remote or proximity mines with this trick. 

1. Go to Multiplayer.
2. Change weapon to remote or proximity mines.
3. Change level to the library.

Now go into the basement. If you search the basement enough, you will find a metal gate looking 
thing on the roof. Throw your mine through at metal gate. Your mine will go through the metal 
gate. No one will notice it. If any body goes under the metal gate... BOOM! They will be 
dead before they even notice what hit them. 

18.) Frigate Glitch

Go to frigate with all weapons on. Go to the front of the boat and fire a bunch of grenades. 
Eventualy there will be an earthquake. If you keep firing a wierd puff of smoke rises!

19.) Wierd Dam Glitch

Go to the dam with all weapons and tiny bond on. Go to the last guard teller and kill the guard 
go next to the guard tower to the ladder that goes to the docks. Go to the edge and fire a 
rocket. Half of the black spot that the rocket makes will be in mid air!! Now try to use the 
floating bond trick on that ladder. When you do a bunch of black spots will apear!

20.) Bombs Don't Explode on Silo Missle

Go to the Silo and have all weapons on. Go to the rocket and throw a mine on it and detonate 
it. It will make the explosion sound but there will be no fire and only pieces of wall come 

21.) The Everlasting Smoke 

Stand close to the edge (of the cradle platform) and fire grenades down--they will explode 
leaving a puff of black smoke behind that will never go away. 

22.) Strange Textures

First have the all weapons cheat on. Go to Bunker #1 and do the remote mines trick on the TV 
screens in the main control room. Next select the rocket launcher and shoot a rocket so it is 
hanging in mid-air. Then back up. Look at the the back of the rocket you shot, as you move 
around different textures should appear on it such as hands, bricks, or sometimes a picture of 
Bond holding up his PP7

23.) Strange Glitch

Make sure you have beaten the game on 00 Agent and have the all guns code and 007 mode(Infinite 
ammo helps too). Play the first surface level and play the level like normal, completing all 
the objectives. Once you have all but the last objective done (the one where you enter the 
ventilation tower) go to the helicopter landing pad. Go to the door and atempt to open it, the 
alarm will go off. Now switch to any of the explosive weapons and the icons for the ammo will 
be totally messed up, and somtimes the rocket on the rocket luancher is green!

24.) Juggling Knives

Go to an open stage in goldeneye with throwing knives code on. Press down C and hold until you 
are looking straight up. Then tap top c twice so you will be lined up correctly and will
throw the knives and they will land on you and you'll catch them. Then, arm the knives and 
start pressing fire over and over again, and you'll catch and throw knives forever.

25.) Screwed Up Icons

Go to the frigate put on either all weapons cheat or double throwing knives cheat and throw a 
few knives out to sea then shoot a gun and the ammo icon will be screwed up.

26.) Stick Grenades On wall

Put on all weapons, Go to the Train, and get to one of the Cars with the Metal windows. now 
there are wood pieces separating the windows, take out your grenades, throw a Grenade NEAR 
the Wood piece (not on it) If it bounces towards the Wood piece most times it will bounce away. 
But if you bounce it off the metal window right, it will stick in the wood piece.  

27.) Can't Throw 

Using the unlimited ammo cheat and the all weapons cheat, go to a level with placeable 
machinery. (the dam, the frigate, or the silo) Start to throw all of the special item that you 
can. After throwing many of these items you won't be able to throw them anymore. Now when you 
switch to rocket launchers, you won't be able to shoot any rockets. Sometimes it will mess
up your grenade launchers too. You can also just sit there and stack the gadgets too, creating 
towers and outcroppings in the level. The covert modems and trackers can even be shot off of 
each other. 

28.) Three Handed Bond 

Turn on the All Guns Cheat. When you start a level, go straight to the grenade launcher. Press 
A+Z twice (not too fast and not too slow). Imediately press the trigger and you should notice 
that Bond is holding up the watch laser with two hands, on the right of the screen and a laser 
on the left. This weapon kills even Jaws in just a few seconds. 

29.) Where's the Explosions? 

1) Turn on All Weapons, Infinite Ammo, Incibibility (Optional). 
2) Go to any level. 
3) Go to your throwing knives. 
4) Start throwing them everywhere. 
5) When you can't throw any more switch to Gernade Launchers. 
6) Fire. 
7) You should see the firing of a gernade but nothing comes out. 

30.) Holographic Trees In The Surface Level 

Get the grenade launcher from the room with the large key in it and the two guards. Then, go 
out to the trees and fire the grenade launcher into the trees from any distance. The grenades 
go right through the trees! 

31.) Make Mines Disappear 

There are numerous places in the one player mode of Goldeneye where you can make the remote 
mines you have laid disapear once activated. An example of this is in the Dam. Start the level 
with the All Guns and Infinite Ammo, along with any other cheats you wish on, activated. As 
soon as you begin walk forward a few paces and turn to your right. From there place 7 remote 
mines, fairly close to each other, on the wall. Once done with that turn around and place 6 
mines on the opposite wall (close to the corner). When ready detinate the mines, and the mines 
that you laid on your right side should simply disapear rather than explode. 

32.) Throw Mines Through Almost Everything Solid 

Begin a one player game at the Dam with All Guns on (and any other cheat wanted). From where 
you start turn the corner and walk to the huge fault in the ground. Walk halfway across the 
closest metal walkway, turn toward the inside, face down and select remote mines and throw 
about two down on the thin black strip across the very bottom. Blow them up. If nothing 
happens when you try, then lay the mines again. Once you have detinated them, walk the rest of 
the way across the metal strip and throw a few mines across to the other side to make sure it 
worked. You should be able to throw mines through walls, the ground, and many other materials. 
In the event that you lose this capability, simply repeat the trick. 

33.) Rocket Launcher with any gun

This trick enables you to have the Rocket Launcher in your left hand and any other gun or mine 
you wish to have in the other hand. To do this first you need to have Invincible, All Guns, 
and Infinite Ammo on. First step is two take both Rocket Launchers out. Fire the left one (The 
guns alternate firing) and when the left gun goes down to reload, press "A" to switch weapons 
then quickly hold down the fire button and dont release it. If you did it right, you should 
have a Rocket Launcher in your left hand, and the next gun or mine in the order of the weapons 
in the right hand. If you repeat these steps again and again, each time you'll have the Rocket 
Launcher in the left hand, and a new weapon in your right hand.
34.) White Laser and Messed-Up Bullet Holes 

Go to surface 1 and put on all guns,invisable,infinite ammo,enemy rockets.Put on any machine 
gun but don't fire.Go to the bunker door and set the alarm off, kill all of the gaurds and 
shoot the door, and your bullet holes will look weird,then switch to lasers and fire they will 
be white.

35.) Fire Single Shot with Automatic Gun 

Normally, automatic guns fire in bursts, and the only way to fire a single is to: hold R, then 
hold Z and hold A. Next, quickly release and hold A, and the gun will fire one shot without 
having to hold R or aim.

36.) Helicopter Explosion Glitch
Go into Surface 2 and plant the mine on the helicopter.  Then before time runs out, 
manually detonate the mine by pressing A+B.  The mine will explode.  Then when time runs out 
another explosion will take place making it seem like there were two mines. 

37.) Gun Glitch

Start a Multi-Player game with weapons set at anything that will include the AR33 Assault 
Rifle. Now go find a AR33 Assault Rifle . Don't pick it up yet. Just look down at it. It's a 
KF7 Soviet! Now when you pick it up, it says you got an AR33 Assault Rifle! But when some one 
kills you, the gun you drop looks like the AR33! 

38.) Flying Key

In bunker 2, turn on the 2X Rocket launcher and shoot the little key holder (kill the guard 
too while you're at it). When the smoke clears, look at the key. It will be flying in midair!

39.) Bond Has Many Hands Glitch

When you see a character in multiplayer hold a KF7 or other rifle, you'll notice that they'll 
need two hands to hold it. Now, turn All Weapons on and go to any level. Get out two rifles. 
How would Bond carry those two heavy rifles if he needs two hands to hold each one? 

40.) Wierd Explosion

On Runway have all guns and some cheats whatever else you want on. Run backwards and start 
throwing mines, after you run a long ways the explosion will be at the beginning. It may not 
work at first but it works.

41.) Surface 2 Remote Mine

If you put on All guns and Infinite Ammo your Remote Mines act like the 10-second Timed Mines 
your given for the mission!

42.) Throw Mines Through The Wall

In Facility, after the locker room, there are rooms on either side of the hall. Each one has a 
door. Press right up against the wall, to the right of the door, and angle yourself up a bit 
with top C. It's possible to throw mines through the wall, and into both of the rooms.

43.) Clearance Card Mix-up

In Facility, ollect both of the level's security cards, usually you collect card "A" last. 
Select the last card you have from the inventory, unpause, then pause again. You'll have 
switched to the other card, usually card "B" instead.

44.) Disappearing Grenades

Go to the Runway stage, have either All Guns or Grenade Launchers. On both sides of the runway, 
there are huge round gas tanks, two on each side. Stand close, and not right up against one. 
Aim your grenade launcher near the bottom of the visible part tank and fire. If you do it 
right, the grenades will bounce and vanish without exploding. 

45.) Bullet Holes

In Surface 1, if you take your gun and shoot the snow, you will make a bullet hole. But if you 
go to the fenced in area and shoot a bullet through the fence into the snow, nothing happens. 
But you can make marks on the cabins though. 

46.) Teleporting Explosives

In Surface 1, go to the ventilation tower, but shoot off the locks and don't go in. Shoot 
mines or grenades down the hole. They will hit the bottom but explode on top.

47.) Disable Projectiles

On Frigate, put on Infinite Ammo and All Guns; plant tracker bugs ON the ship, until the game 
won't let you plant anymore. After this, your Throwing Knifes, Mines, Rockets, and Grenades 
don't work.

48.) Magic Launchers

In Cradle, bring a rocket or Grenade Launcher (or use All Guns), turn around, and fire at the 
tower that you started in front of. The grenades and rockets will pass right through it, as if 
it isn't even there. 

49.) Ghost Rockets

While on the "shed" level of the Cradle, aim down to the level below. Any rockets you shoot 
down there will go through the walkway, and even through guards without exploding.

3)Floating Weapons/Ammo (Glitches That Make Weapons/Ammo Float)

1.) Floating Ammo

In either Bunker level, place mines on all the TVs and detonate. Anything you fire now (mines 
mostly) float in the air. 

2.) Mines In Empty Glass:

Throw a mine at any glass that can be broken. Shoot the glass off with any gun and the mine 
floats in the air. 

3.) Runway Glitch

Go to the Runway with the all weapons cheat. If you go to an end of the Runway and zoom in the 
scene is rendered weird as guards walk on air above, crates are floating. Shoot him in the head 
and it looks really funny when he dies! 

4.) Cradle Long Ramp Glitch

On Cradle with all weapons on, go to the Sniper Rifle and zoom the farthest possible from the 
start position up the ramp. The ramp and borders should disappear and the enemies will walk on 

5.) Floating Lock Trick
To do this glitch you must first put the Enemy Rockets Cheat on then go to the Arkangelesk Dam 
(Level 1) kill some enemies and grab their rockets, then head for the gate with a lock on it 
towards the end of the level get your rockets out and shoot one at the gate's lock and when the 
smoke clears there will be a broken lock floating in mid-air! 

6.) Black Mines

Go to facility with all guns and infinite ammo. (Make sure that you of course have some 
mines)then pass the first remote controlled door and to your left it will be 2 guards and some 
lockers. Blow up the lockers until all of them are black and dosen`t work to blow up anymore. 
Switch to your mines and stand in the middle of the black leftovers and throw the mine, now it 
will be black and floating.

7.) Floating Archives:
In the Archives, turn on any cheats, although Invincibility is strongly suggested.  Go to 
the upstairs [not the downstairs] windows and shoot open the window on the far right. Slowly 
go forward by barely tapping your analog stick.  You should be floating in mid-air. Then you 
should be able to reach a point where you are surrounded by black sky.  Slowly turn around and 
the entire Archives will be floating, including boxes, soldiers, and whatnot. 

8.) Floating Cell Key 

First turn on All Guns or any kind of gun Cheat that you have and go to Bunker 2. When you are 
in the Jail Cell, take out a gun. Then destroy the little box that's on the wall which is 
holding the Cell Key. The Cell Key should be floating in thin air! 

4)Cut-Scene Glitches (Glitches That Occur In The Cut-Scenes)

1.) Aztec Stairway Glitch

In Aztec, lose most of your health. Now, climb the ladder in the place with the drone guns and 
die while on it (gettin shot down). The death cut-scene will show Bond at the bottom of the 
ladder falling forward and not his fall!

2.) Kill Baron Samedi

Get to the part where Baron Samedi has the moonrakers and switch the control setting to 2-3 
Domino. Kill Samedi and when he is laughing press trigger on the second controller. You'll 
shoot Baron Samedi in the head and he'll die. No new cut scene though......you can fire in 
other cut scenes too with the Domino controls. It's also more realistic to fire with the 2nd 
controller and move and aim with first controller.

3.) Cradle Ending Glitches

Turn on DK Mode, or Fast Animation, or Slow Animation and the ending looks weird...He could 
miss the helicopter by being too fast, or too slow.

4.) Runway cut-scene glitch

Go to Runway with invincibility , invisibility, all weapons, and infinite ammo 
on agent. Go to the part where the plane (after getting the key) is but don't let it be 
destroyed. Fire a proximity mine or two onto the plane and press B to get on it. The plane will 
take off on the wrong side of the Runway and the mines will explode in mid-air off the plane. 
You can tell it takes off on the wrong part of the Runway by where the mines explode. You can 
also try exploding a remote mine then quickly hitting B to go to the cut-scene. The place takes 
off on the wrong side.

5.) Train in Depot Ending Glitches

Turn on varius options and the ending looks weird...Bond will hold his arm, and do weird stuff 
with turbo, slow animation, and fast animation.

6.) Death scenes

Okay, First thing you must do is go to Facility and enter the 007 edit mode. Put enemy damage 
and accuracy to the max. Start and go and use the silenced pp7 on the guy in the next stall. 
Then slowly move forward until you are just sitting on the edge of the vent so you can see on 
over the door in the stall you are above. Take out any load weapon and just shoot, shoot, 
shoot. Some guards should come to get you, If you do it right they should kill you. Then during 
the death scene you might see something comical. Once Bond jumped into the the vent and fell 
out! Sometimes you will find somthing weird, funny or sometimes stupid! Try It! 

7.) Mine Explosion On Plane On Runway 

If you put a timed mine on the plane before you get in it, there will be an explosion behind 
it in the ending sequence. 

8.) Natalya Dies In Bunker 2

Turn on All guns and go to Bunker 2. Get Natalya and switch to Proximity mines, complete the 
objectives, but when you are about to go out, throw a mine out onto the runway. When the ending 
sequence goes on, the mine will explode and kill Natalya. 

9.) Bond Walks Through Fire 

In frigate level, with infinite ammo on, stand on the ramp to the speed boat and throw a 
couple of prox mines in the speedboat.  Then get into the boat to end the level.  Bond stands 
there among a ball of fire, calmly tucking in his sleeves. 

10.) Big Heart In Runaway

In one of the many opening screens for the runaway level you have the view which seems like you 
are looking from the building you begin in, on the left is the small building where you pick up 
your key and on the left is where the tank is, on the ground there are 4 small blue flowerpots 
and 2 big grey ones,the big grey one on the right is shaped like a heart. This cannot be seen 
during a mission ONLY during one of the level beginning screens.

11.) See The Bottom Of The Dam

This requires two controllers, and works in variation with other levels. To do it, go to the 
dam on agent mode and reach the platform that you jump from. Now, select your Sniper Rifle and 
aim straight down on the highest zoom setting, set yourself up so that you are in front of the 
jump opening. Now go to your controller menu and select controller setting to Plenty. Do this 
fast: with the first controller move yourself off the platform so that you are falling, and 
with your second controller press A four times (3 if you don't have the Kf7 Soviet.) The sniper 
rifle should appear in your hand. Now press the trigger on the second controller and you should 
be able to zoom in on the bottom of the dam! Use the joystick to control zoom, check out the 
following cinematic, Bond has sniper rifle in hand and you can still zoom! You can use this 
trick in any level.

12.) Ladder In Facility

Go to the Dam with the sniper rifle then run over to where you bungee jump off, go over just a 
little and zoom down all the way, you will see a small opening, that's were you enter the vent 
in the facility! Now jumpdown still zooming, you should see a ladder on the side. 

13.) Mad Janus

Go to the cradle with no codes on. Get to the point where you must knock Janus off the edge.
But before you go down let his gards hurt you so you only have about 1 or 1/2 a bar of life 
left. Now jump down. Move close to the edge. When Janus aims at you (shouldn't take long) 
Jump off the edge.He will still shoot at you and sometimes hit you. If he hits you and you die
you will see bond die while floating in the air. 

14.) Die with Honor

Turn on all guns, infinite ammo, and invincebility helps a lot. Destroy the control panel and 
then chase Janus. Once he says finish the job James follow him to the bottom platform. Once 
down there get close to the edge. Look straight down and then lay a timed mine right below you 
and immediately jump off the edge. Then watch the 2 of you die in the loosing cinema. 

15.) Mysterious Spots On The Wall

For this glitch you will need paintball mode. On the first level (Dam), go through the level 
killing everyone. When you're near the dam, go down to the docks. Go to the end of the
docks then turn around, start shooting all over at the watchtower. Now go back up to the dam 
and go over to thepart where you would normally jump off. Look down at the side of the dam and 
you will see paintball marks all over the wall.

16.) All Dead But You

This tricks only works if you have the all weapons code along with infinite ammo code on. Also, 
this trick only works in the level, Statue. Do as you normally do in the stage and finish all 
the objectives. Once you reach the point where you are threatened to cross the gate, take out 
timed mines. Once you do, open the gate but do not cross. Now, throw 2 mines on the floor of 
where you stand near the gate. Immediatly, run across the gate. The short animation at the
end will show James Bond and the others cross the gate, but just is they leave.....BOOM 
they're all dead except for you who just seems to continue walking without knowing anything is 
happening. Plus, you still complete the mission without failure.

17.) Guard Glitch

In the second Surface level, level 8, right before you go into the bunker at the end, open the 
door to the bunker, but don't go in. Cycle through your weapons until you get to the grenade 
you probably picked up in the level. Throw the grenade down the stairs of the bunker right in 
front of you then run in. You'll be surrounded by the guys and they say "welcome to Servenya
commrade!" Then the grenade goes off and kills all three of them, but bond still stands there 
and thinks he is captured.

18.) Ghost

First go to the Dam and jump of the dam looking left and you should see something that looks 
like a transparent horse!

19.) Jump With A Gun

Pick, the Controller setting where there are two controllers.Now go to the Bungee jumping 
place, and when you jump the gun goes away, the player who has the Gun controlling, press A, 
and it'll take a gun out. and when it does the ciniema, it'll show bond holding a Gun.

20.) Ammoless Shooting In Cutscene

In Depot, When you are in the weapon cache, you can pick up soviets with no ammo.  Do so and 
complete all mission objectives, and go to Trevelyan's train.  Before you open the door, switch 
to the soviet with no ammo.  Open the door and hop in. Bond will shoot the 2 guards with the 
ammo less soviet in the cutscene. 

21.) Different Dam Ending

On the Dam go to the end and get to the end with on hit left. Then climb the spot where you 
jump. Line yourself up with the gap where you walk to jump. Have all guns on. Shoot a grenade 
and if done right it will blow you odd the side of the cliff and he will fool the game and 
they will think he finished it, but he won't jump he'll be dead.  

22.) James Bond Dies

Go depot get on the train but let them hit you first. When you got 1 hit left go in there so 
that by the time you get in the train your dead!!!!!! It will show a seen of Bond laying down 
dead, and the guards shooting at him and you will go to the next mission dead!

23.) Death Without a Cause

Put fast animation on and go to the Depot.  Invisibility helps.  Get to the train and enter.  
Bond will shoot up the first guy.  Then the second guy will run to where the first guy died.  
Bond will shoot where the second guy started and the second guy will fall over.

24.) Disco Stud Glitch

Turn on slow animation and beat the depot level (any difficulty). Don’t shoot the guards when 
you get on the train. Very slowly (of course), Bond will shoot the first guard, but he wont 
turn around to shoot the other guard. His arm will immediately point up into the air and he 
will look up then the doors will shut.

25.) Bond Can Jump, Or Can He

Set the "Fast Animation" cheat on, and go to Mission Mode. Choose the Dam level. Beat the 
stage, then jump off the ledge. At the ending cinema, Bond will bungee jump off the ledge very 
fast! Here's another thing: If you set the "Slow Animation" cheat on and beat the Dam, Bond 
will not jump, and he'll act like he doesn't want to jump! 

26.) Fail On Aztec

In Aztec grab the dat but don't upload the data use the dat and at the end it will play the 
cinema even though you failed the mission.

27.) Surface 1 Watertower

This glitch involves using the ''No Endings'' code in levels. If you jump off the ledge of the 
Watertower thing in Surface 1, and look up, the screen gets all orange, as the game was never 
programmed to have you go and look up in there. 

28.) Dam Grate

Using the ''No Endings'' code you can jump down the Dam and see the grate you're supposed to go 

29.) Statue No Ending Code

You can go through the gate in Statue and you can see the helicopter and the black (Orange) 
box and Natalia in the beginning.

30.) Death Animation

If you kill yourself when you jump off the the bunjee point in Agent when you have low health 
you'll do the death animation thing in mid-air! Can be done in Cradle and Surface 1 

5)Sound Glitches (Sound Glitches That Occur In The Game)

1.) Splish Splash

You can hear the sounds of water when you shoot into toilets. You can also, however, hear the 
same at the complex: Go to the walkways and fire down into he black center. You'll hear 
splashing like when you shot in the toilets. It's easier to hear if you use a silent pp7. 

2.) Train Sound Glitches

On the Train level at the end the you can shoot through the window. You can also do this in the 
trainwhere there are the diffent colored(blue) doors just keep on throwing the knives until 
there is no sound.

3.) Surface Sound Glitches

Just throw the knifes into the trees.

4.) Depot Sound Glitches

At the start of level throw the knives over the door with the star on it.

5.) Archives Sound Glitches

Archives the room where natalaya is in there is a fan that leads out to the sky at a tilt (so 
the knives go out but don't come back) start throwing them.

6.) Cradle Sound Glitches

Just throw knives anywhere they won't land.

7.) Complex Sound Glitches

At the start of the level where the sky is throw knives so they clear the building.

8.) Drop Weapon Sound

Turn on the enemy rockets cheat or all weapons and go to the dam. If you put enemy rockets, 
play the game as usual and collect rockets from enemies. Do the same if you have all weapons. 
When you reach the Dam, go to the dock and pull out a rocket launcher. If you look closely, 
you can see a deserted island on the other side of the lake. Aim the rocket launcher at the 
white block thing and fire it. When the rocket reaches the island, you will see fire and hear 
a sound like that of an enemy dropping his weapon. 

9.) Dam Sound Glitch

Get a silenced gun and go to the part where there are 3 watch-towers.Go to the second one and 
shoot the window.Look through where the window was and shoot the floor.You should here a sound 
like the sound when you shoot water!

10.) Sound Glitches

All you have to do is turn on the All Guns cheat or the throwing knives cheat (Invisibility 
might be helpful too) and enter the Frigate level.  Stand on the top balcony outside and look 
down into the water.  Next, you get out your throwing knives and throw them into the water one 
after another very quickly.  The knives will go through the water as if there wasn't anything 
there.  After a few seconds of doing this the sound of guns [firing] and switching weapons is 
very muffled.  The same thing happens when you throw knives in the pit in the beginning of the 

6)Misc. (Misc. Glitches That Don't Have Their Own Section)

1.) Get Back Into Vent On Facility

On top of the toilet under the hole, hold the the R button and right C, then using the control 
stick hold left. You should pop up into the vent and hold back to get back into it.

2.) Get Ceiling to Open in Silo

Go to the silo with the Gold PP7 and after the second fuel room, go left instead of the usual 
right. There should be one guy after the door. Kill him and switch to the Gold PP7. Hit A to 
put the gun away and look up. The ceiling opens until you use the gold pp7 again

Or: Another way to do this is to go normally into the game (no cheats) and switch from the PP7 
to unarmed. The ceiling will open in that room as well. 

3.) Get Into Last Room In Train Easily

In the train with Invinvibility, Invisibility, Fast Animation, Turbo mode, and all-weapons 
(Fast animation,all-weapons, and turbo mode most important!), go to the last car with Ouromov 
and plant a timed mine right next to Ouromov and Natalya. Right as the mine is exploding, run 
straight ahead past the explosion (should propell you I think) and into the room. The wall goes 
down behind you so you get stuck with Xenia and Trevelyn, who disappear right as you get in and 
Natalya dies (talk about fast getaway). There is a door you can go through and then you get 
to a locked door......If only you could get past!! Also, another weird thing is the windows 
(look like wall windows) before the door leading to the locked door. You can fire rockets, tank 
weapons, mines right through it! It's as if it was a window open but looks like a wall!

4.) Get Stuck In The Last Room Of The Train

In train with invisibility, invincibility, and all-weapons and infinite ammo, go to the part 
right before where Ouromov is. Open the locked door (with which you got the key from the 
armored guard) and throw a timed mine where Natalya and Ouromov are from a small distance. 
Ouromov won't fire! Now, quickly run backwards and beyond the part where the wall goes down. 
You get stuck in the beginning of the train!

5.) Get Stuck In Trevelyn's Elevator In Control And Kill Trevelyn

Go to Control with the golden gun, invincibility, and turbo mode on.
Now, walk slowly to the area where Trevelyn's elevator is. There is a pentagon shaped line 
beyond Trevelyn's door. DO NOT GO PAST IT YET!!As you are on the edge of the line, run full 
speed towards the elevator. If you did it right, you should get stuck in the door or inside the 
elevator with Trevelyn. If you get stuck in the door hold up on the control pad and you will 
get in.Fire at Trevelyn with explosives, normal guns, and you can't kill him right?? WRONG!! 
Fire the golden gun at him and he dies in the elevator. You also are stuck in the elevator 
unless a guard opens it for you to kill you!

6.) Get Under the Truck in Dam

In the Dam with tiny bond on, kneel in front of the moving truck and let it drive over you (it 
should stop when you are in front of the wheel. You can move under the truck and to get out 
just duck again. For kicks shoot the tires with an automatic weapons and then watch the truck 

7.) Guard's Heads as Dots

Go to cradle with fast animation, invincibility, and enemy rockets on. Now, go to the part 
where you finish off Trevelyn but do not fall off! The guards should blow themselves up and 
fly over. But now look down when they are fully at the bottom. You can see large black dots 
where the guards fell. Maybe their hats?

8.) Person Above You In Silo

In the beginning of the Silo if you look up you can see a round staircase similar to the one 
you are standing on. You can also see these in many of the rooms. But after the first room that 
you plant the explosives, go up the stairs, turn right, open the door into the hallway, and 
look up! There is a guy up there!! You can see him and mostly his feet! You can also kill him. 

9.) Bloody The Body

After a person dies in multiplayer and before they press start shoot his or her body. Once the 
body disappears shoot where the body was. It will still make the sound of shooting a dead body 
and the person will get extremely bloody. So if an opponent has to go to the bathroom or wants 
to get a snack, bloody the body.

10.) Control Typing glitch

Go to control on agent and kill all the guys then destroy the computer screen and keyboard 
Natalya would type into. Now get Natalya. You will hear typing sounds and then Natalya will say 
to quit clowning around and go back into the elevator. If the keyboard was destroyed, no typing 
sound should have been made.

11.) Cradle Objective Glitch

Activate Low Enemy health (around 40) for 007 mode. Follow Trevelyn around until he completes 
first "lap". After he completes his first lap (he won't activate computer until after first 
"lap"), as soon as he goes past the control panel room, he will say "Finish the job, James!!" 
without you having to shoot him or anything!"

12.) Crazy Ouromov

Go to facility with fast animation, turbo mode, invincibility, and 007 mode (important!!) on 
1000X enemy health. Besides the fact that it is hilarious to watch the scene with Trevelyn 
dropping his gun, there actually is a glitch in here!!When Ouromov is counting down, shoot 
Ouromov in the head. He will not die and will shoot Trevelyn once in head. Trevelyn will bounce 
back up like he is invincible but then keels over. Here's the main glitch part: When Ouromov 
tries to run away he keeps running in circles under the stairs and can't make it up! He just 
keeps spinning in circles!! Also, it looks like guards are flying down when they go down the 
stairs in fast animation.

13.) Facility Magic Lights

Go to facility with any or no cheats on. In the part where you have the two computer access 
terminals and would usually go on the left path to complete one objective, go the other way 
(the one to the right of that computer terminal room). The doors before that room have a light 
above them that turn green when they open, and red when they are closing or locked. Shoot out 
one of the lights and it turns black like it has been shot. Now, press against the door (B) to 
try to open it. The door light will turn back red!!(It will also turn green when you can go 
through the door). And you can't shoot this one out! 
Floating Bond:

Turn on tiny bond and go to the top of the stairs in any level. Kneel and slowly walk forward. 
You will float!

14.) Frigate Boat Glitch

Go to the frigate with tiny bond on. Kneel on the boat, turn around, and slowly aim up at the 
water. The aiming icon and the water should appear to vibrate as if you were going through a 
wall with a "no-clipping" code.

15.) Get Stuck In A Guard

Turn on tiny bond and invisibility on a level with a lot of doors. Kneel near one and shoot at 
a few guards so they run at you. While you're kneeling one will go above you and you can't move 
or stand up. You have to aim and kill the guard.

16.) Kill Ouromov In Facility

It can be done! Get 2X rocket launchers and shoot at where Ouromov comes out of. Ouromov will 
die and his guards will take their places without Ouromov and trevelyn in the right spot. You 
can also kill Ouromov in the Silo for a . and a briefcase (they don't do anything).

17.) Kill Trevelyn And He Still Speaks

I just discovered this one. Go to train with all weapons and invisibility (0% of everything in 
007 mode could help). Go to the part where you see Ouromov pointing a gun but don't do 
anything. Switch to the sniper rifle, zoom in on Trevelyn (back left) and kill him. Then shoot 
Ouromov. When you go in, the doors should close and the voice captions that Trevelyn says still 

18.) The Frozen Mishkin Trick

Ever get mad at Mishkin on Statue? Ever want to teach him a lesson? Now you can. It is very 
simple: When he is pointing the gun at you, aim down the barrel of his gun and fire one shot 
from the PP7. He will hold the gun at his side and stand motionless. It goes well with the 
following trick.

19.) Mishkin's Traitors

Complete Statue park normally until you get to the part where Natalya is held hostage. Now 
shoot Natalya and kill her (it's impossible to not have her die and kill both guards). The 
guards that were holding her hostage will aim their weapons on Mishkin (traitors?). if you 
fire while Mishkin is "being held hostage" the guards will fire at where Natalya was and shoot 
the gate and then aim for you and not Mishkin.

20.) Natalya Typing without "Typing"

To get her to type without typing, go to Control and watch as she starts typing with the gun. 
Shoot her leg and she moves back a little, then starts typing on air. The door will still open!

21.) Popping Up Natalya

In Statue Park, go to where Natalya is lying on the ground and shoot her leg. She will pop up, 
hold her leg in pain, and fall back down.

22.) Statue Objective Glitch

Go to Statue with 007 mode on and enemy health up to 1000. In Statue, do everything normally 
until you get up to the part where Natalya has two guys pointing guns at her. Shoot at one of 
the guys and the other will fire at Natalya not killing her (she also has 1000 health). That is 
not what glitch I am talking about though). Now walk through the gate with Natalya alive. 
You'll still fail the objective about rescuing Natalya!

23.) Teleporting Natalya

Complete Statue Park as usual until you rescue Natalya from the helicopter. Turn around and as 
soon as the flight recorder flies out, grab it and run back towards Natalya. She starts running 
and then teleports to being held hostage.

24.) Trap a Person in the Facility Bathroom

Want to really frustrate an opponent in the facility? When anyone goes to get golden gun ammo 
or anything in the stalls, let them walk in to the stall and close the door. Get in front of 
the door quickly and just push against it. The person in the stall can't get out!

25.) Weird Siberian Guard Texture Change

On Surface 2, go to the part with the helicopter and using the mine blow the helicopter up. 
Then destroy the remains of the helicopter with a gun. Lure a guard to run over the H on the 
ground and the guard's texture will be brown.

26.) Stabbed Through The Back

In the frigate with enemy rockets and invisibility on, go to the part where there is a hostage 
and the locked door with the balcony. You should see the hostage with a long butt of a rocket 
launcher right through their body and sticking out. Also, if you get the guard to turn the 
rocket launcher flies out of the body.

27.) Tracker Bug Objective Glitch

In frigate fire a mine at the water. Besides the fact that it is a really long way down, the 
game doesn't say that the tracker bug was misplaced and fail the objective

28.) Guards Kill Gaurds

Turn on Invincible and what ever other cheats you want and go to the Control room. Do 
everything as always and get to where Natalya is hacking the computers. Let a guard kill her 
and that guard will be able to kill other guards, along with every other guard that is 
programmed to kill Natalya (the ones without hats).

29.) Guards Kill Guards/Civilians

Turn on Invincible and go to the streets. Go to the part of the level where you are around 
the corner past that orange car near the beginning, and wait. After a while gaurds and 
civilians will come to you. Stand behind a civilian when a gaurd shoots at you and the bullets 
will kill the civilian, or other guards. Not useful at all but pretty fun, considering no other 
guards can kill each other. 

30.) No Shooting

Select the aztec level.  Go through the first room and on to the bridge (helps with 
invincibility), and stay there - the 2 guys, on either side of you, behind the steel boxes 
won't shoot you. Everyone else will though. 

31.) Aligned Bond

To get bond to walk forward on his own, spin on his own, or do other moving stuff on his 
own, just hold the direction in which you would like bond to move or spin, and while holding 
that direction, hold L and R, then while holding all that, press start, and bond goes crazy, 
not really usefull except for getting an enourmous kill count 

32.) Stuck In Exhaust Room

Go to aztec with turbo mode and tiny bond helps, so does invincibility. run through the 
level, but don't go down into the pit, keep going, past the shuttle room, make sure the table 
goes down, go up and then close it, and hurry back and stand on top of the area where the table 
should be, the table will come up around you, now squat down and you will be stuck. moonraker 
elites will crowd around the table, but they won't shoot     

33.) Laser Through Level

Go to the facility in multi with a laser, goto the bathroom and stand in front of the door 
and get back and start shooting ( don't stop) then have the other player goto the place with 
the tanks, the room with the stairs and wait. The laser will blast through all of those walls 
and you can see the laser.  

34.) Window Shadow In Archives 

If you shoot out a window near Mishkin, the the light coming through will still make the 
shadow of a window. 

35.) Guards shoot at nothing in Frigate 

In Frigate, turn on invisibility and any other cheats, then go to where there is a hostage. 
Shoot the hostage in the head and wait, after a while, the guard should shoot at 
nothing. The best is in the bridge; the guard will point out the window and shoot. 

36.) Natalya's Silent Death
Turn on Invincibility or Invisible Bond and Enemy Rockets. Now get to the last room in the 
train where Ourumov, Alec, and Xenia are.  Then let Ourumov kill Natalya.  Ourumov does not 
even use his rocket launcher! Natalya just falls down! 

37.) Hostage's Silent Death

If you are in the Frigate levels, the hostages are executed the same way when using the 
enemy rockets cheat.  The guards never shoot rockets at the hostages, the hostages simply drop 

38.) Stuck In A Door 

Turn on Tiny Bond cheat and select Facility. Find a brown door, crouch and close the door on 
yourself facing the edge of the door. If you were in the right spot then you will be stuck 
there and the door has turned green! Also if you turn on Paintball Mode and shoot the green 
part, the door fills up with a wierd color graphic. 

39.) Invisible Floor On Cradle 

To do this trick, turn on all weapons and invincibility. Do whatever you want with 
trevelyan, but don't complete all of the objectives. (Don't shut down the console) Go down to 
the last platform, and equip your sniper rifle. Having your back to the edge, look all the way 
at the floor with C UP. If you slowly back up, you can be at least a few feet off of the edge, 
but this isn't the weird part. Staying on that edge, guards will either fall off, or fall off 
when you shoot them. When you zoom in under the platform, you can see bodies, live soldiers, or 
guns down there! 

40.) See The Soldiers Being Formed

Switch on "all guns", "infinite ammo" and "invincibilty". "invisibility" helps. Now go to 
Runway. Blow up everything untill you can tell that the never-ending stream of Russian infantry 
is coming. Go to the building where the Ignition key is kept. walk out the door and press 
< C untill you hit the wall. Now walk straight for about 10 seconds until you walk over the 
right side of a large black spot. When you are in the middle of the spot, press < C again until 
you hit the flat side of a wall. now pull out your sniper Rifle and zoom all the way in. look 
just to the left of the tank. If you did this right, you should see Infantry Men coming out of 
nowhere. You can even kill them before they're fully born! 

41.) Camera Glitch

This Glitch can be found playing either Surface or Surface2. I would also recomend you use 
the all weapons cheat but its not required. On either of the Surface levels go to the Two 
cabins that are past the satelite and past the fenced cabins with the boxes and barrels. As 
you are entering the area with the two cabins, go toward the one on the right which has the 
bookshelves and two desks (one with a model car). On the outside of this cabin there is a 
security camera relatively close to the ground. If you go toward it you realize you are able to
pass through it and look actually inside the camera at the screws and screen!! Go behind the 
camera and slowly walk forward. When you reach the inside of the camera, you are able to look 
through it as though you are a security guard. Now you can wait for enemies to come and you 
and kill them with throwing knives. If you use a gun, the camera will blow up on your head. 

42.) The Golden Guard

This trick is for Surface2, invincibility helps. Simply plant the remote mine on the 
Helicopter, let it blow up. Now shoot the remains of the helicopter so there is almost nothing 
left. And lure some guards onto the big "H" on the ground, they will go from grey to a golden 

43.) The Dumb Bond Trick

This trick is for Depot with all guns. Simply switch to a combination of Watch laser and 
Military laser (three hands) and step inside the train with all objectives complete. Bond will 
just stand there.

44.) Funky Bond

Step into the train on Depot with slow animation and just step inside wit a D5K, bond will do 
some pretty funky stuff.

45.) The Stop The Fall 

This Trick needs invisibility on the dam. All you have to do is lure a guard off the platform 
at the end. He will fall and then float above the dam bottom. You can actually land on him. 
And you will not fall any further.

46.) The Sub-Bond Trick

This trick is for Archives, no cheats needed. Invincibility gives you some breathing space. Go 
up to the upstairs exit windows and shoot out the closest one to the door. Now stand with your 
back facing the window and back out very slowly, you will reach a slight incline, then find 
yourself facing a black textured wall. If you move back a little further you will drop down 
below floor level and have a clear view of the entire room in front of you from below, you can 
see the underside of the guards and the bookcases, and they can't see you. 

47.) Taser Glitch

This trick is for Surface1 with All Guns and Infinite ammo. Reach the satellite coms room, 
switch to Taser and shut down the computer. Now blow it up with the Taser. 

48.) Four Faced Gaurds 

Simply follow the above walkthrough, then go to the Bunker and try to open the door. The guards 
who respond should have four faces. 

49.) Aztec Glitch

This trick is for Aztec. It is very easy, line yourself up in the pit below the bridge (but not 
under the bridge) with your left side against the wall, facing the dark area. Now look directly 
up, press and hold the aim button and then press and hold the strafe button, you should push 
against the wall now. Let go of the aim for a second, then press it again. You should shoot up 
to the floor above you. If it doesn't work, adjust your position and try again. 

50.) Head Injuries Glitch

You need infinite ammo ( dk mode and slow animation would help) in the water caverns go to the 
left side of the elevator and open it kill the first to guys ( DONT STEP OUT OF THE ELEVATOR) 
now you will see Trevlan standing the and take out your ZMG-90 and shot him in the head as 
many times you want then pause it and quit the game and you should have a lot of head shots.

51.) Fun in the Caverns 

This glitch does this effect...
1. Shoot the living daylights out of Janus...and it does not even phase him.
2. Watch Mr. Janus disappear right before you very eyes, is it magic? No, just another 
programming glitch.
3. Blow yourself up in the end of the level and still stay standing
1. As soon as you open the elevator doors in the beginning of the level you see Janus running 
for his life. Hmmm, why not chase him? It helps to have some cheats (Gold PP7, Turbo Mode, 
ect.). Keep on his tail until you get to the "spiral stair-case". Get right behind Janus and 
start firing everything you've got! (Turbo Mode helps alot!) The funny thing is....he doesn't 
even shed a tear. He has a shotgun in his hand, but fails to use it...just a little joke.
2. Follow Janus to the end of the level where he is supposed to get on the elevator...run 
right by the automatic machine gun hanging from the ceiling and go into the last room. Shoot at 
Janus if you like, but look closly...he suddenly just disappears.
3. In oder for this one to work you must "minimize scientist casualties." Anyway, kill all of 
the soldiers in the last room. Open the elevator door...BUT DON'T GO INSIDE YET. Press start 
and pull out your timed mines. Throw one just as you enter the elevator. The little movie will 
come up (if you minimized scientist casualties). You have to do the trick to find out what 

52.) No Gas Tanks In Facility

In Facility, with invincibility on... when your at the gas tanks where Alec is, destroy them. 
Then go back to the other gas tank room and destroy all the tanks in that room. Go back into 
the first gas tank room and the tanks won't be there! All you can see are the shadows!

53.) Headless player

Go to the complex level in multi player. Then go to one of the secret doors. Have another 
playerlook at you then you look up then go forward slowly. To the other player, your head will 
appear missing!

54.) Kill Natalya

Go to the Archives. When you shoot the glass (all guns would help)toss a grenade. It wont go 
out but it will still reach.Like I was saying toss a grenade,quickly run out. They will run and 
stop. The exsplosion will come out the side of the building.Natalya will die but James wont. 

55.) Throw Mines Through Walls

The first thing you need to do is select multiplayer, remote or proximity mines, and the 
facility level. Go to the long corridor area (the one with a red door at either end). In the 
corridor, look at the walls and you should see some yellow signs. Walk up to one of the signs 
so you are standing up against it and tilt yourself slightly upward using the 'bottom c' 
button. Now throw a mine. It should have gone through the wall and in to the opposite room. If 
the mine doesn't go through, tilt yourself again but this time at a different angle. This is 
handy when there is someone in the room that refuses to come out. 

56.) Get a Guard up in the Vents In Facility

There are two ways to do this trick, but they both begin the same way. Start in the Facility 
with all guns, infinite ammo, and invisibility on and have the difficulty on 007 with health 
anywhere from 200% or up. If you set the health up a lot higher you can have a fun time 
shooting the guard and running around in the vents with him. This trick can also work on 00 
Agent setting or 007 with a smaller health percent but usually if you hit a guard where you 
will he will die. Note that the spot that you shoot the guard from is important because when 
you are invisible, the spot you shoot from is the spot a guard runs to and stands at. 

The First (and Harder) Way: Go to part where you normally drop down from the vents and into the 
stall. Stay all the way to the right side and pull out a sniper rifle. Now inch up to the edge 
just so when you zoom in you can see the red stripe on his shoulder. You want to see as small a 
fraction of that stripe as you can. Shoot him once in the shoulder (or head) and wait there a 
second. When you see him leave then turn around and go to the other end of the vents with the 
grate in front of you. You have to wait here until he jumps up because you can't wait in front 
of the hole or he won't come up. Usually running back and forth near the grate helps. Now go 
back and if he isn't stuck in the doors of the stalls he should be standing up there. If not, 
go back to the grate again and wait for a few more seconds and try again. Sometimes the guard 
is standing at the direct edge of the hole and when you hit him he will fall down and then jump 
back up right in front of your eyes. It's cool. 

The Second (and Easier) Way: Start the same as the first, but go to where you can see just the 
tip of the guard's hat and fire once to knock the hat off and again to hit his head. Now 
quickly jump down and open the door. Go out and the guard should be running around down there. 
You have to get him unstuck because he always tries to run through the doors. Close the door 
to the stall you drop down in and when he stands in front of it quickly close the one to the 
right of it so he doesn't go in it again. You want a clear path for him to the stall you come 
down in. He might run around a second or two again but then he should jump up into the vents. 
Go to the far right corner of the stall and hold the top R button, C-Left, Left on the stick, 
and Z and after a spin or two you should jump back into the vents. You have to shoot him as 
far back as possible from the hole or he'll be blocking your way up to the vents again. Once 
you get up there you can hit him and run around with him up there all you want. 

57.) Moving Paint

Have invisible infinite ammo and paintball mode on. Go to facility and walk out of the mens 
room. Go get the key to open the remote doors. Go to the door, but instead of opening it spray 
it with bullets until it's completelypainted. Open the door and the paint will go to the wall.

58.) Watch Natalia Dance

Go to the archives and go to the room where natalia is. when she runs away follow her to where 
she goes. After she stopps fire a bullet near her foot. She will say that she is scared. Walk 
up next to her and she will start dancing. 

59.) Talk To Valentine Through Wall

In the streets go to the building where Valentin is but insteadof going in the room with him, 
go into the room behind him and stand near the wall. He will start to talk. 

60.) Stuck Janus

Destroy the control panel and then make janus say finish the job james. Now you must beat him 
to the bottom platform. Once down there stand right at the base of the ladderand janus will 
fall on you and get stuck in you. He also becomes invincible. 

61.) The Guard Glitch 

On Bunker 2, put on any cheats that involve weapons ofsome sort. At the begging, use your watch 
attract to get the cell key. After you have gotten it, change to any gun you have and get close 
to the bars. When the guard comes, shoot him and then quickly get out of the prison. Although 
the guard is dead, he will still say "stop or I will shoot!"

62.) See Through Glitch

this is on the first surface level.Go to the fenced in area and follow the road to the other 
two buildings.Go to the left building and look back and you can see a mound on your left go to 
the mound and get close to the wooded boundry.You should be able to see threw the wall and you 
can see purple guy coming from a distance, and you can shoot through it to.

63.) Weird Stuck-in-the-Wall Glitch

I came across this little glitch on accident. Once you get the Cougar Magnum code, use it to 
play the first level, the Dam. When you get to the two guards inside a barrier shooting at
you through a small hole, sneak up around them and shoot the one on the left with the Magnum. 
The guard will fall backwards and then jump right up the wall and slip throughthe hole they 
were shooting you through! When I did it, I didn't get a fatal hit the first time, so he got 
up and came backdown through the hole again. I shot him and he got stuck again but this time 
he stayed there!

64.) Waxed Battle Floors

Start a battle mode(any type). Just simply have one person kneel and go in front of another
person. The kneeling person will be sliding on their foot and knee. 

65.) Ghost Guards

go to the Surface 1 and go to the Radar tower and throw a grenade up tothe doors while your out 
side and if the computer explodes the Guards will apear right in front of your eyes!

66.) Coughing Guards

If you go to the Facility with Invincibility on and go to the Tank room and wait for 30 minutes 
the Guards will finally start coughing! Some die and some leave.

67.) 20,000 Leauges Under The Cement

if you go to the Dam and go to the Communications sattelite thing lookon the floor and there 
will be a vent every once and a while the guard walksunder the grate but when you shoot a loud 
gun sometimes if he's closeenough, he will be allerted and run up through the grate! 

68.) Bond With No Arms

For this trick you need to goto Silo and have on Double Grenade Launchers. This is simple, at 
the begining area where the Rocket is, look up at the side of the rocket and plant a plastique. 
Then shoot it witha grenade and pause, if you are able to fully pause then unpause and pause 
again. You should die whilepausing and your arm will come in the middle of the screen not 
attached to your body. You may have to tryit many times to work right. This trick works 
anywhere in the level, just make sure you don't die immedeatly. There may also be a clicking 
noise too. 

69.) Look Under Bond's Boat

Select the "Tiny Bond" cheat and go to the Frigate. Any difficulty level will do. Now start the 
level. As soon as you start, duck down and look underBond's seats of his little boat. You 
should see an empty blue area, and if you moveyour gun over the area, it "sticks" to this 
strange texture. You can also look and the underside of the boat and the ocean.Its like having 
a glass bottom boat! (Just don't go forward, or you'll warp on top of the seats.)

70.) Rocket Launcher on Frigate

Start the level on Secret or 00 agent. (00 works best) Free at least 3 hostages. Run to the 
front of the ship. Wait for a hostage to come by, the shoot the flag on the bow of the ship. If 
done right, the hostage will pull out a rocket launcher and start shooting.If you are not good 
at dodging shots, have the Invincible cheat on.

711.) Open Silo Roof

Go to Silo and turn on the Gold PP7 Cheat. Then after thesecond fuel room, there's a hallway 
that leads to twodifferent ways. Go to the left(the way you wouldn't usually go). Open the door 
there. There should be a railing withan enemy with his back facing you. Kill him. There 
should be a rocket in front of you. Get out your GoldPP7 and press A. Look up. The roof just 
above the rocket should open! You should be able to see blue sky. 

72.) Birds Eye View 

Put on tiny bond and incincible. You enter the bunker (1) and go trough it to the end, let 
cameras see you as they may. when u get to the end shoot one of the guards and let the other 
hit the alarm. Kneel as tiny bond so u are extra small and walk slowly straight off the steps, 
you end up in some blue heaven where everything around u is blue and if u look down, remember 
not to aim or u will fall, u can see guards running around from a birds eye veiw and can pick 
guards off at your leisure. 

73.) Natayla In Pain? 

Go to the statue level and find Natalya lying on the ground. Shoot her in the leg or in the 
arm. She will stand up, grasping her wound, then she'll lie back down and wait for you to come 
get her.

74.) Cradle Level Glitch 

First, go to the cradle level. Climb onto the ladder leading down to the small platform where 
you settle your score with 006. Get anywhere on the ladder and wait for some guards to come. 
Allow these guards to "climb" (they actually fall) down to the bottom. Now, just when they 
reach the bottom, shoot'em in the head and watch as thier dead body floats up the ladder into 
that little building. 

75.) Kill Boris without Natalya Knowing 

Many people have killed Boris in Control and couldn't beat the level because Natalya said it 
wasn't nice. Well, I know how to beat the level and kill Boris. Go into Cointrol Level. You 
don't need any cheats to do this. Go into the room before the one Boris is in(The room with 
the 4 guards and a stair). open the door. Don't even look a Boris. Just run into the room he 
is in and take a right all the way to the last sheet of bullet proof glass. Place a Remote 
Mine on the glass, back off and set it off. Then go and get Natalya. As soon as she says:"I'm 
coming James!" run back into the room with Boris. You can kill him there and go back and 
protect Natalya without her knowing! 

76.) Egyptian Temple Glitch

Play Egyptian Temple on multiplayer mode with two players and any weapons and any time limit. 
There is no need for specific characters. Now when you start out go to the room where the 
Golden Gun should be in one player mode and go through the double doors on the right side of 
the room. After you open the second door and you are about to fall down don't fall. Walk slowly 
twoards the edge until it looks like you are floating in thin air. Now when a player comes 
through the double doors you can shoot them, but for some reason they can't shoot you. Figures 
on the account that your invisible. There is one set back to this trick and that is even though 
you are seemingly still in the narrow passageway where the double doors are if the other player 
goes down below that and looks on the wall under the drop you will be there, visible, and able 
to be shot. 

77.) Train Wall Glitch
On the Train, turn on All Guns and Infinite Ammo and in the last room, go to the floor panel 
you have to shoot but don't shoot it. In the corner there, throw Remote Mines. It will go 
through the wall, and it works on any part of the corner, up and down.

78.) Weird Train Door
In the train level, go to the second bathroom door, get the guard to open it, and shoot at 
it.  Surprisingly, the bullets go through the door.  You can even use the weaker weapons, and 
it will still shoot right through. 

79.) Egyptian Glitch
In the Egyptian Temple, turn on invisibility, invincibility, infinite ammo, and all guns.  
Alert the attention of as many guards as you can, or just around five or six.  Then, go to the 
starting point where the big pool is and look up.  You should see blue sky. Now, throw remote 
mines up there. You should hear the sound of the mines being thrown but not be able to see 
them. Now, don't move and let the guards swarm around you.  In a few seconds, you should be 
stuck in one of the guards and unable to move, unless you kill him with an explosive weapon. 

80.) Egyptian Pool

If you shoot the reflection of the pillars or walls in the pool, the reflection appears to 
be getting hit with your gun, but the actual pillars stay intact!

81.) Dam Glitch
Go to the dam, slowmotion and turbo are required and any other cheat if u want (preferably 
all guns, invincibility, and inf. ammo) Anyway, go through very quickly and kill every guard up 
to the gate with the lock on it (before u go on top of the dam w/ the watch towers)..and before 
you go any further, make sure those double doors w/the switches are closed, or at least the 
first one, aka, security gate A, then run to the first watchout tower on the actual dam and 
trigger the alarm so it goes off...then run back to security gate A and open it, and the big 
green truck that goes through the level should have stopped there and not moved even though 
securtiy gate A is opened.  Go to the back of the truck, duck, and look under the truck, 2 
pairs of men's legs should be just standing there in the middle of the truck! shoot their legs 
and they will try to run after you but will be glued to the truck. 

82.) Suicide Bond
Go to the Depot with All Guns, Slow Animation, and Tiny Bond.  When you find the train, 
switch to any automatic weapon, open the door, but look down as far as you can and get in 
(without killing any guards inside).  Instead of firing at the ceiling he will (what looks like) 
shoot his foot!

83.) Illusion tank

Take the tank on the third level (the runway). Drive it next to the delivery entrance (In front
of the door furthest away from the bunker and closest to the tank's original spot.) and make 
sure the barrel is pointing inwards. Then press 'B' and run forward. Open the gate and go 
forward again into the place where a guy patrols. Turn inside this 'room' and walk back out 
the way you came. When you step onto the tank it should dissapear...not the tracks, only the 
main body. There's no point to this bug, enemies can't see you but you can't shoot them unless 
you have the cougar magnum. NOTE! Enemies on a platform, ie. where you came from, can see you 
and they can shoot you!!! 

84.) Illusion tank 2

Take the tank and some grenades. Press 'B' on the tank so you use it. Then press 'B' again. 
Aim down int the tank, shoot and run! It does not destroy the tank but it's close enough. Tip: 
try lobbing a grenade in then moving the tank. The grenade falls straight through! 

85.) Stony Man 

In the Janus Control Center, go about your business as normal, until Natalya opens the first 
door. Run straight down the corrador, to the lower room. Now kill the two men down there. Pick 
up the remote mines, and throw a few on the opening of the door you passed. Blow them up, then 
run inside. Only kill the people that shoot at you. Most of the time there will be one enemy 
just staring at you. He aims his weapon at you, but doesn't fire. You can unarm yourself and 
hit him with your hand, but then he'll drop his weapon, throw a grenade killing himself. It 
doesn't kill you.

86.) Perfect Bulletmark Grids

Play in the runway on any agent have on as many cheats as you wish, All except paintball mode. 
start the level, turn right 90 degrees and run to the end of the room. Aim at the wall or the 
floor and shoot. The bullet marks will be in a perfect grid no matter where you shoot on the 
wall or the floor. 

87.) Holes in the Sky

If you go to the cradle with double rocket launchers and you go to the lower platform and 
shoot downward, you will make holes in the sky.

88.) Get Into a Dam Bunker

In dam, kill all of the guards up to the area with the security doors where you let the truck 
through.  Now go to the outside front of the little bunker where there are 2 guards who snipe 
you.  Stand at the very left hand side of the slit in the wall, and walk into it.  You should 
step up and stand on the ledge.  Now play with the controls a bit (ducking, strafing, & aiming 
all at once, etc.) and you should go through the crack into the little bunker.

89.) Flaming Bond 2

Just like the first flaming bond you need to have the invincibility cheat.Go to the Bunker 2 
and get Natalya out of her cell and go to the large room and wait for Natalya to go to the 
computer.When she leaves stay in the building and when the timer runs out Boom! Just like the 
other Flaming Bond every where you go the explosion follows you. 

90.) Dead Man Packin

Go to the Dam and set all the 007 settings to the max, when the level starts step out in front 
of the guy to the left and press start, before the watch menu comes up you will be killed and 
you will hear a gun reloading until you hit the ground!

91.) New Texture James

If you fire a rocket into the train on the Depot just as you step in you will only see you 
outline through the fire. 

92.) Leaping Ladders

In the Aztec level go to the ladder that leads up to the console that opens and closes the 
exhaust bay doors, well to get up there really quick get back in the back left corner of the 
little nook near the ladder is and aim for the middle of the ladder run straight for it and 
once you are going up it press the left C button, if you did it right you should be at the top 
almost instantly!

93.) Head Shots Don't Work

Put on DK mode and go into multiplayer.  Try to shoot your opponent in the hand, the bullets 
should go right through. 

94.) Fail And Complete An Objective

First get infinite Ammo through gameshark or cheat options. Go to the Frigate level and put 
the tracker bug on the helicopter and shoot it off. The game will say you failed that 
objective. Throw another bug on, then the game will say you completed it!

95.) Natalya Stands While Dead

Go to Train level with All Guns and any other cheat (Infinite Ammo helps) and set enemy health 
to 1000, destroy all brakes and go to the room where Ourumov is pointing a gun to Natalya. 
Enter the room holding a gold PP7 and, AFTER he shoots Natalya, kill him. You’ll see the 
message "Natalya has been killed" but she won’t fall, instead she will just stand still, she 
won’t hack the computer or run away after you. 

96.) Spinning Guards

While playing (any cheats are ok) go up to a/some guard(s). Go to your cartridge and start 
lifting the left side really slow. The guards then start spinning out of control. If you don't 
put the cartridge back down soon after a second the game will freeze.

97.) Arm Through The Body Glitch

Start multi-player with atleast 3 players. Someone get any gun, and stand facing another 
person, right in front of them. Then, have another player come look at the 2. The person's 
hand and gun will be sticking out on the other side of the body!

98.) Stupid Guards Trick

Turn on all guns, infinite ammo and any other codes. Go to Bunker2, then make alot of noise 
with your guns. (Kill Natalya for the heck of it) When the guards come in, they open the cell 
door and say, "Stop or I'll shoot," while they are shooting you. 

990.) See The Sky In Temple

In the Temple on multiplayer, play Sniper Rifles. Go to the body armor, turn around so you are 
not facing the wall. Go forward untill you get to the right turn, then turn there. Go a little 
and turn around, then aim up at the ledge that was above you. Use the sniper rifle and zoom in 
all the way, and you will see the sky, like it is on the Train level. If you have paintball 
mode on, and you shoot at the sky in the temple, it will leave no mark. If someone is standing 
on the ledge, you will see them floating on the sky. 

10.) Hold A Door Up With Your Gun

Go to temple in multiplayer. Get out a gun, any gun. Open up one of the large doors that go up. 
Stand under the large door, and press the B button to close it. While the door is closing, 
point your gun up, then have another player come to look at you. It will look like you are 
holding up the door with your gun! 

101.) Materializing Guards

Go to Control and turn on any Cheats you want except for Invisibility. When you're at the part 
where you have to protect Natalya go to the top floor. Watch one of the columns that are there 
and guards will materielize from there!

102.) No Headed Guards

Use slow animation, so dead guys fall slowly. When one is still mostly upright, walk into the 
same space as him. You'll be in his head, and he'll look like he is just a hat and then 
shoulders, but no head.

103.) Mega Slow-Down

Go to facility and have All Guns, 2x Rockets (invincibility makes it last longer) and blow up 
the tank and when the room is flooded by enemies start firing madly when the smoke clears it 
will be Slo-Mo  

104.) Cradle Guards

Go to Cradle with Invisibilty and All Guns on. Shoot Trevelyan till he goes to the very bottom 
of the cradle, and stand right at the edge of the platform. Wait for a while, and guards will 
start jumping off! Zoom in with the sniper rifle, and you can see them running around on an 
invisible platform!  

105.) Light Blue Void

Turn on Tiny Bond(and any other cheats you like on), now go to the Frigate stage, when you get 
in front of a set of stairs, crouch, now move slowly foward, you will start to move in light 
blue void! This also works in the Facility and the Bunkers 1 and 2. 

106.) Fall Into A Guard

If you do the flying into void glitch above, press L or R again to fall back down, if you have 
good enough timing and luck, you can fall inside a guard! The only way out is to kill him. 

107.) No Wall In Archives

Turn on any other cheat you'd like for this one, go to the Archives, and shoot one of the 
second-story windows that you can walk out of, now carefully maneuver youself, so that you're 
JUST about to fall out, now face the side of the wall, sidestep, while having the crosshair on
(hold L or R while holding right C), now while have the sidestep/crosshair on look at the 
archive building, there's no wall! 

108.) Rolling Guards

You can shoot a guard a whole bunch of times with a Gold PP7 and he will die only after he's 
done with his roll. 

109.) Invincible Trevelyan

If you destroy the Antenna Console in Cradle before Trevelan operates it, then Trevelen will be
invincible during the entire level!

110.) Wierd Scientists

Go in a room with about four scientists when your Invisible and try to make one throw a grenade
at you. Then quickly run out of the room and it appears that they all died but when you go 
back in they are all just standing there and not moving a muscle, not even when you shoot 
them. The weird thing is you can hear them scream when you shoot them as if they were dying 
but they just kept standing still! 

111.) Run Through A Wall

On Dam, put on Turbo Mode, and go to where two guys are hiding behind a stone wall with the 
hole to shoot from. Get lots of speed and you can pass through it. You might have to keep 
pushing against it once you hit it.

112.) Unarmed Guard

On Dam, turn on Infinite Ammo. Install the Convert Modem, but keep planting more and more 
Modems, until you can't plant any more. Then, shoot the lock off the fence, and head back to 
the guardhouse and hit the alarm. Take off, running down the Dam, and stop at the first tower. 
Wait a bit after the alarm stops, and then return to the guardhouse. There will be two extra 
guards there, one is unarmed, with no weapon.

113.) Crazy Ourumov

In Facility, after you talk to Trevelyan, Ourumov holds him at gunpoint. Wait for him to start 
the countdown, then shoot Trevelyan. When his countdown ends, he'll point down, and turn and 
shoot the wall.

114.) Save Trevelyan?

Go to Facility, you need the Gold PP7(or All guns) Invincibility and Slow Animation helps too. 
After you meet Trevelyan, Ourumov will hold him at gunpoint. If you shoot Ourumov before he 
kills Trevelyan, Trevelyan will be frozen on his knees, you can kill him and still pass the 

115.) Ourumov Doesn't Show

In the Facility, you can actually make it so Ourumov doesn't come when the alarm is sounded. 
After you've begun speaking with Alec, head to the bottling room door, and move to it's right, 
where the glass is. Use a KF7 to zoom in through the glass, angled looking at the hallway 
before the bottling room door. Guards will appear, but no Ourumov.

116.) Beat Level, Kill Trevelyan, no alarm

In Facility, meet with Trevelyan, then race back to the bottling room door. After OBJECTIVE C: 
COMPLETED, leave the bottling room, and Trevelyan will inform you there's a job to be done. 
Return, and shoot Trevelyan before he sees you. He'll die, but you've already completed the 
objective with him. Detonate the tanks, Alec won't get in the way, and the alarm won't go off.

117.) Kill Trevelyan! Complete Objective!

Go to the Statue level, put on Slow Animation, All Guns, Infinite Ammo; When you show up for 
your meeting with Janus, have your weapon be Proximity Mines. When Janus instructs you to put 
away your weapon, toss a mine at him, then pause, and select unarmed. Alec will die, but he'll 
still talk. Stand still until it says "OBJECTIVE B: COMPLETE", because even though Alec is 
dead, he'll know if you tried to leave before the objective was complete. 

118.) Magical Enemies

After Natalya starts working in the main control room, ignore her pleas for cover and go to 
the top floor. Near both empty rooms, guards will start falling from nowhere when the alarm 
goes off.

119.) Shoot From The Lift

In Caverns, you can pick off one of the guards while you're still inside the elevator! On the 
right side of the door, there is a tiny sliver where you can see through, if you line it up 
right, you'll see a guards head. Line him up for a couple of headshots. After you get him, 
another guard will come into the lift to get you, you can kill him while he's opening the door.

120.) Destroy Drone Guns in Scaramanga's Shrine

With the All Guns, Rockets or Grenade Launchers cheat, you can destroy the drone guns in the 
Golden Gun room, which can't be destroyed with bullets. Exit, and go back in. All of the guns 
are working again.

7) Thanks

Thanks to the following people who submited glitches:
General Eric(ericburkemper@hotmail.com)-4 glitches
ManinBlack-4 glitches
Cactuar-3 glitches
Shin Devil Sephiroth-1 glitch
Perfectagent007- 1 glitch
SenkushA-1 glitch
BiZzArR0-1 glitch
Chococid-1 glitch
joschmo-1 glitch

This document Copyright 2000 Chris Schultze
E-mail me at nimrod4431@aol.com

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