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Enemy Rockets Cheat Walkthrough by ESalter

Version: 2.4 | Updated: 09/11/01

GoldenEye:  Enemy Rockets Cheat Walkthrough

Written by Eric Salter
AOL IM name: MewsicLovr
     You can use this to talk to me if you want, either about the game, 
this FAQ, or life in general.  =)

Version 2.4
Last Edited: 9/11/2001

Let me know if you have questions, or helpful tips, or anything that 
might make this FAQ better, or to give me your opinion of the 
walkthroughs.  Really!  I would like to make a FAQ section too, so send 
in those questions!

Table of Contents

I. Revisions history
II. Introduction
III. The Walkthroughs
     1. Dam
     2. Facility
     3. Runway
     4. Surface 1
     5. Bunker 1
     6. Silo
     7. Frigate
     8. Surface 2
     9. Bunker 2
     10. Statue
     11. Archives
     12. Streets
     13. Depot
     14. Train
     15. Jungle
     16. Control
     17. Water Caverns
     18. Cradle
     19. Aztec
     20. Egyptian
IV. Level Difficulty
V. Enemy Rockets Hall of Fame
VI. Acknowledgments
VII. Legal Hoo-Ha

I.	Revisions history

9/11/2001: I finally got off my lazy butt and updated what a couple 
people sent in.  Yet another Xenia tip by Elias Kopsiaftis, and updated 
Hall of Fame.  I'm finally back at college, high internet speeds, aww 
yeah.  Like anyone cares.  Good to be back.

5/9/2001: Just updated the Hall of Fame section.  =)  Remember to let 
me know if you beat the game on enemy rockets!  I will immortalize you 
in my FAQ.

4/26/2001: Added some general enemy rockets tips from MiBAgent, 

10/6/2000: Added some more miscellaneous tips from Andrew Maynes, 

9/26/2000: Added an alternate method for the Archives, sent in by "The 
Bearman Boxer", jharris@soncom.com.  Also added my AOL screenname.

9/4/2000: Pretty much the only thing I changed here was my email 
address.  It is now Eric.Salter@trinity.edu

4/13/2000: Long time since last update!  Just wanting to put the 
finishing touches on this walkthrough...added another section, and 
fixed yet some more errors (although they are finally dwindling!).  
Probably won't see too many more updates after this.  Have fun!

3/1/2000: Ah yes, the thrill of beating the entire game on Enemy 
Rockets!  Added lots of tips for various levels (different methods, 
tips, etc.) courtesy of Jason Hoerner, and added an Enemy Rockets Hall 
of Fame for those of you who have the honor of beating the game on 
Enemy Rockets (any difficulty, but specify please).

2/28/2000: OK, so I lied.  I got another tip for beating Water Caverns 
on 00 Agent, so I updated that.  Also, I am constantly finding 
errors...as you may have noticed by now...but anyway.  Walkthroughs are 
all done, but if anyone has any better ideas or tips for beating a 
level, or a particular point in a level, send them in and I will be 
glad to include them.

2/26/2000: Included a walkthrough for Jungle (woo-hoo!).  Now, there 
are walkthroughs for every level!  Also added a few doo-dads here and 
there.  Actually, I haven't been able to devote as much time as I would 
like to GoldenEye right now, so it may be a while until the next 
2/21/2000: This was a bigger update than usual!  Added a walkthrough 
for the Water Caverns, but only on Secret Agent, as I haven't figured 
out a foolproof way to beat it on 00 Agent.  Went through and actually 
spell checked the document and fixed some grammatical stuff that came 
up.  Also added a note that these walkthroughs are all for 00 Agent, 
except of course the Water Caverns.  Also added a little to the 
Acknowledgments and Legal Stuff sections.  And of course, errors, 
errors, errors...

2/19/2000: Added a walkthrough for the Control Center, and added some 
more to the intro.  Fixed a few errors that I found.

2/12/2000: Added walkthrough for Frigate and some tips for Jungle...and 
added a little more stuff here and there, mostly ornamental.

2/7/2000: Fixed some errors and cleaned up the format of the file a 
bit.  Added table of contents.  Four walkthroughs still need to be 

2/6/2000: First created.  Incomplete, but mostly finished.  Hope to 
have the rest done soon.  Several walkthroughs still need to be 
written, and a table of contents needs to be created.  

II.	Introduction

This FAQ was written for all those out there who were wondering what 
the point of the Enemy Rockets cheat is.  After all, everyone has a 
rocket!  How much fun is that???

Well, I am here to tell you all that the Enemy Rockets cheat is just 
another CHALLENGE!!  That's our key word!  For those of you out there 
who have beaten the game 10 times over and are totally bored with the 
game (how dare you???) and are looking for something new, look no 
further.  The Enemy Rockets cheat will test your true GoldenEye skills 
to the max.  It is the very pinnacle of 
our GoldenEye quest!


So are you ready for the challenge??  I, Eric Salter, have put together 
this FAQ to help you along your (mostly) lonely quest.  Below are 
walkthroughs for ALL of the levels, ALL of them on Enemy Rockets, ALL 
written for 00 Agent.  Some are very easy.  Some are hard.  And some 
are damn near impossible.  Fun.

The walkthroughs may sound simple, but I can tell you right now that it 
will take LOTS, and I really mean lots, of practice.  There are some 
qualities in rockets that make life easier (i.e., you can dodge them if 
given enough space), but mostly they are a royal pain in the ass.  You 
will lose count of the number of times you die in the course of trying 
to beat a level.  The explanations below have been put together after 
MANY hours of trial-and-error playing.  This is not to discourage you; 
it is simply to let you know that this is not an easy task.

In the walkthroughs, I will always assume that you have a reasonable 
knowledge of the level and it's objectives.  I will not be telling you 
word for word exactly HOW to accomplish them, because I will assume you 
know what they are and how to do them.  If you don't, then you should 
not be reading this FAQ.  Go finish the game, and then come back.  Only 
true GoldenEye masters could ever accomplish this feat.  This is not a 
walkthrough for the game itself.  Also, these walkthroughs all assume 
you are on 00 Agent difficulty.  I find that starting on Agent rather 
than 00 Agent makes the level seem easier than it really is (of course, 
some levels, like Train and Silo, are still hard!), and so when you 
switch to the harder difficulties, you're overwhelmed by how hard it 

BTW, I'm not responsible for people spontaneously spazzing out or 
something because they read "go " one too many times.  In walkthroughs, 
there's not much else to say.

General Rocket Tips

This information is from pimpinguy64@yahoo.com (MiBAgent)

My tips are not 100% foolproof but they help a hell of a lot more than 
nothing and they do help.

1. Duck when you need to because in levels like train you dodge some 
rockets if you duck right after someone fires a rocket it won't hit you 
most likely.  If you practice a lot in open areas you can get used to
smaller areas.

2. Learn how to lean.  If your at a corner lean.  If you see a rocket 
coming at you then you can run back.  It helps if you do this a lot.  
You will use this probably the most and without it you will be nowhere.

3. Be silent.  When your going in crowded areas this is crucial if you 
have a silenced weapon.

4. Be loud.  Okay you're probably thinking MiBagent is an idiot.  But 
it works.  If you have a bunch of people crowded together sometimes one 
person shoots the guy in front of them and they kill themselves.  Also 
you can set up an ambush run behind a corner wait for them to come then 
kill them. 

5. Go as slow as possible!  In most missions, except for timed missions 
where you have to do the opposite, you don't have a limit.  Use this to 
your advantage.  Be patient and you'll make it through.

6. Use rifles with zoom capabilities.  If you got 'em use them.  Pick 
off the guys.

7. Use machine capable rifles.  Blow away boxes in some levels for 
soviets and others.  Rapid fire will help.

8. Use the rockets.  When ever there is a group use rocket launchers.  
You pretty much have unlimited ammo when you use this.

9. Use head shots.  Self explanatory.

And without further ado, the walkthroughs!!

III.	The Walkthroughs

1. Dam

OK, this is one of the hardest levels to write a walkthrough for, 
mainly because the guys in the sewer are so unpredictable!  I've only 
beaten it once!  All I can give you are some tips:

* Save your PP7 ammo.  Use it only for destroying the alarms, or wait 
to destroy them after defeating everyone in the level.  Try to get as 
many headshots as possible.  The first guy in the level can be defeated 
with the slapper.  Blow up the boxes in the main area before the two 
security doors to get sniper rifle ammo (you'll need it!) and a KF7.

* When you are still in the tunnel, at the beginning, take aim with the 
rocket launcher at the bunker at the faaaaar end of the area to take 
out the two guys in the bunker.  Sidestep any rockets that come flying 
back to greet you.  Sometimes, they will accidentally kill themselves.  
This will save all sorts of problems.

* Use your rocket wherever possible before the sewer, but use it 
sparingly in the sewer.

* I find it easiest to enter the sewers via the 2nd tower, that way, 
when you get to the sewer, there is a guy to your immediate left that 
you can snipe with your PP7 or slapper easily.  Continue to your left 
to stay on track.  Watch out for the guys behind the boxes, they are 
kind of hard to kill.

* In the sewer, DO NOT RUSH THROUGH THIS PART!!!  You are not under a 
time constraint so be patient.  Inch forward until you can barely see a 
person, then blast him with the sniper rifle.  If he fires, more than 
likely it will kill you because you have nowhere to run.  If guys come 
running, get them in your sights and blast the hell out of them, don't 
worry about headshots, you don't have time for them.

* Retreat if things look bad, like, if 3 or 4 guys are all lining up to 
shoot you.  Sometimes they will run after you, sometimes not.  Wait a 
while and blast any that come, then inch forward again.

* The last room is pretty easy, just fire a rocket at the end of the 
wall, and when they come to investigate, some will get killed.  Shut 
the door immediately, and wait until they come to open it, then blast 
the door to kill some more.  If they don't come, then duck down, open 
the door, and blast the ankles of the guys with the soviet.  There is 
usually one last guy who won't come until you enter the room; he is 
behind the computer you take the data from.  He isn't a problem as long 
as you are aware of him.

* In this level, patience is a virtue!

2. Facility

This is another tricky level, but as long as you just take on one or 
two guys at a time, it isn't that hard.  The beginning is tough.

Kill the guard in the first stall before you drop down from the vent.  
Take out a mine, and detonate it on the other side of the room to kill 
the rest of the guys.  (You can kill them with your PP7, but it's just 
easier this way).  Take all their guns, then get out and follow the top 
walkway to the double doors.  Wait for the guard to come through, then 
blast him.  Go through the doors, and look down above the railing, and 
there will be a guard in the corner.  Take him out.  Go down the stairs 
and through the double doors next to the now-deceased guard.  Wait for 
another guy to come from the left, and take him out.  Then take out the 
guard with the security card who has his back to you.  Take the back 
way down the hall to the lab.  Open the door to the lab (you know it 
when you see it, there's test tubes and such like in there), and open 
the door on your left, and kill the two guys there--quickly.

Now comes the crucial part.  You are looking down the hall from the 
lab, towards the bathrooms.  Take out your launcher, walk forward, and 
open the first door on your left.  This is another lab with two guys in 
it.  Fire ONE rocket at the guy at the far end of the room, and then 
RUN back to the recess on your right (relative to your position coming 
back from that room you fired the rocket in).  Once there, wait a few 
seconds, then fire at the pillar in the middle of the room opposite 
you.  Everyone else should die.  Don't wait too long, or else the guys 
will come and fire at you and you won't have time to react, and you 
have nowhere to run.

What you just did was kill the three guys who are guarding the computer 
that activates the door, in the minimum amount of fuss.  Now, blow up 
all the boxes you can find to get the ammo, activate the computer, and 
head off into the next room.

Kill the two guys to your left with the PP7, then get out your 
launcher.  Open the next door (remember, it opens quickly) and fire 
only one rocket straight down the middle of the hall.  Try to aim at 
the point between the three guys!  Sometimes, all of them will be 
killed, sometimes not, but in any case, don't wait around to see what 
happens.  Duck back into the room and kill any that come with your 
Soviet.  That includes the three or four guys who magically appear at 
the noise.  Once everyone is dead, check the two rooms for Dr. Doak 
(it's just easier to do this while you're here).

Here's the next tricky part.  Open the two doors, and wait with baited 
breath (and your PP7) for the wandering guard to appear.  Kill him.  
Then, take a RIGHT and kill the guard waiting around the corner.  Now, 
for some reason, two or three guys should home in on you, but they are 
easily disposed of with the Soviet or PP7.  Don't worry about noise.  
Check the middle room for guys, and then activate the door leading to 
the lab area.  Kill any guys you see on your way.  Also, a guard almost 
always comes up behind you in this part and tries to kill you.  I don't 
know where he comes from, but be ready for him.  Kill the two guys 
behind the stack of boxes (Use your PP7, the last thing you need is a 
swarm of guys).  Go up the stairs and kill the guard standing there, 
and the guard standing around the next corner.  Peek around the corner 
down the hall to the labs, and you should see a guard or two wandering 
around.  Blast them with your Soviet.  Try to grab the attention of the 
two guys in the dark corner at the end of the hall.  Kill them.  Look 
around for Dr. Doak again.  If he isn't here, he is in the room where 
you have to activate the security door on the right.  Go all the way 
back there and talk to him.  You don't need to kill any of the guys in 
here unless they happen to see you.  Now, go toward the bottling room.  
Kill the two guys with their backs to you, then use the decoder.  Talk 
to Trevelyan, plant your mines, detonate, and leave.  Done.  Remember 
that you only have four mines, so be sure that at least one blows up 
four tanks.

3. Runway

The runway has a lot of luck involved.  The problem isn't getting 
killed, it's the fact that so many times the airplane gets blown up!  
Try to accomplish everything as quickly as possible, and don't go for 
the tank.  Instead, use the rockets that you pick up from the guy near 
your start point, the two guys guarding the airplane key, and the 
wandering guard.  Once you get the rockets, run along the left side of 
the runway and plant a timed mine on the first gun on your left.  Then, 
take out your rockets and as quickly as you can, fire one rocket at 
each of the remaining two gun emplacements (they're kinda far away, but 
if you're reasonably accurate the explosion will take them out), and 
one at the heavy-duty gun whatchamacallit.  Now run for the airplane, 
and try not to get between a guy and the airplane, because the guy will 
invariably miss you and hit the plane.  Good luck!

Jason Hoerner (Jason.Hoerner@3do.com) also provided these tips for the 

There is a trick on the Runway to eliminate the risk of the plane 
getting blown up.  If you run forward and activate all the enemies with 
rocket launchers and then run back and hide around the corner, you can 
fairly easily kill them all if you are a good shot.  Then you can 
finish the level normally.

4. Surface 1

This is an easy level.  Just run/strafe a lot, and don't waste time 
killing guards.  Accomplish your objectives quickly and get out.

5. Bunker 1

This is a mini stealth-mission.  Use your PP7 unless told otherwise.  
Ammo is not a problem, so don't worry about how many headshots you're 

Open the door, and kill the two guards with as many bullets as it 
takes.  Focus on the guard in front of you first, then take out the 
other one before he trips the alarm (if that happens, restart).  Take 
the rockets.  Go back through the airshaft, and take out the security 
camera by that big blue thing (what is that, anyway?).  Open the 
sliding doors, look to your right, and take out the guard standing 
there with a single shot.  Another guard will come running, take him 
out too.  Wait a while and another wandering guard will show up, say 

Now, step out into the hall and look right.  There is a guard just 
standing there at the far end of the hall, at the bottom of the steps.  
He will see you and start to fire.  Back away!  Wait for him to come 
running, then let him have it.  Head to your left, look around the 
corner, and take out the security camera.  Then run into the corridor 
and you will see a guard.  His shot is easily sidestepped, or you can 
preempt his attack altogether with a couple well-placed shots.  One or 
both of his buddies will come running; take them out as well.  Now, go 
back down the hall to the stairs; instead of going down them, take a 
right.  There is a guard at the end of the hall here, kill him quickly, 
then take out the security camera.  Follow the corridor around the bend 
and down the stairs to find another guard.  You know what to do.

Go to the room with the computer you need to download the data from.  
Open the first set of doors but not the second.  Look through the glass 
and pick any guy, then kill him with one shot to the head through the 
glass.  Step out into the corridor and shut the door.  Guys will come 
running, kill them quickly.  They should only come one or two at a 
time.  Just sidestep a lot and fire rapidly and they should get 
disposed of.  Check the room to make sure no guys are left, then take 
out your launcher and go towards the main room.

At the bottom of the steps, look to your left.  There will be a guard 
with double launchers in the corner closest to you.  Kill him quickly 
with the rocket!  If you have time, also fire a rocket at the glass 
doors at the opposite end of the room, this should take out both guys 
over there, but don't do this if a million rockets suddenly start 
flying towards you.  Get back up the stairs and keep aim at the 
entryway to the room.  As soon as a guy shows up, blow him into the 
great big penthouse in the sky.  Do this for a while until the place is 

One or two guys don't get involved in this carnage.  One is in the 
opposite room with the last security camera.  Take him and the security 
camera with the PP7.  Find and kill any remaining guards as well.  Now, 
to save problems later, go towards the long flight of stairs you would 
go to exit the level.  As soon as you hear a rocket fire, back away!  
Sometimes, the blast will kill both the guys up there.  If not,  wait a 
few seconds with your launcher, then blast a rocket as far up the 
stairs as you can aim without hitting the ceiling.  This will surely 
take them out.  Now, go back and get the key, take your picture, yadda 
yadda yadda, and get Boris to activate the computer.  Use the 
datathief, and run like hell to the exit.  Have your launcher out.  As 
soon as you burst into the main room, hopefully the black guys should 
still be in the hall, just about to open the glass doors.  Fire a 
couple rockets at the door, and stand off to the side, a little ways 
away.  Most of them should die, but some may survive.  Sidestep any 
rockets fired.  Fire one more rocket at their feet, and run through 
when it's safe.  Exit level.  Done.

Tip sent by Andrew Maynes:
Once you've killed the two guys in the room ahead and checked for 
guards, go out into the hall, KNEEL, and look down the hall towards the 
control room.  Stay where you are, or at least stay well back of the 
stairs.  The guard down the stairs will eventually see you and shoot.  
Unfortunately for him, his rockets don't travel through the floor to 
hit you like his bullets can, and the rocket will blow up on the 
stairs.  Even without kneeling he'll hit the stairs most of the time, 
and eventually get too close and blow himself up.  The fun thing is 
sometimes a comrade will come running and blow himself up too.

6. Silo

This is another extremely tricky level because of the cramped 
corridors, and the scientists always seem to get killed!

Start off by killing the first guy with a PP7 shot to the head.  The 
other guy on the top of the stairs usually kills himself by hitting the 
top of the stairs with a rocket and then running into it, but even if 
he does miss it, it is easily sidestepped.  Now armed with a rocket 
launcher, creep around the corner until you can barely see the guy on 
the other side of the hall. Fire once at the wall OPPOSITE the wall 
that borders the fuel room, otherwise, a scientist is in extreme risk 
of getting killed.  This should kill both guys in the hall, and 
depending on how fast you were, it might kill a third, too.  If not, 
another guy will come out the door.  Kill him with your slapper or PP7.

Enter the fuel room and kill the only guard in there with your slapper.  
Pick up the keycard, control circuitry, and plant a plastique, then get 
out your rockets again.  *Note*: make sure the scientists have left 
before you open the door to the next part of the Silo!  When you open 
the door, a guard will be either moving toward or away from you, and 
there will be another guard at the end of the hall.  Fire a rocket at 
the wall at the end of the hall, this will surely kill one guard, and 
hopefully both of them, but do not wait around to see what happened.  
Retreat back into the fuel room and wait with your PP7 for him to come 
running.  Sometimes, a stray rocket blast from them will enter the fuel 
room; this is why to make sure that the scientists have left, otherwise 
they could be killed.

Another way of getting rid of the guys beyond the fuel room here was 
sent in by Jason Hoerner.  What you want to do is to fire a rocket up 
near the ceiling a little bit to the right of the door (from the bottom 
of the stairs).  If you aim too far left, you will kill the scientist 
that had the keycard (oh well, he had no business being there!) and if 
you aim too far right, you can accidentally blow up the Plastique you 
placed on the fuel tank (instant death!).  With practice you will know 
the correct spot to aim at.  Often the rocket will kill both enemies, 
but if it doesn't, I just fire another rocket at the same spot. That 
way you do not need to wait for the scientists to leave.

That done, it is now safe to enter the hall.  Take a right and cut down 
the guard beyond the next door with your slapper (This is the room with 
the shuttle).  Then, take aim at the door leading to the next hall and 
fire a rocket at it.  When the blast clears and you hear the door begin 
to open, fire another one.  When that clears, it should now be 
reasonably safe to enter.  There will be a couple guys at the top of 
the stairs, with lots of flammable barrels next to them!  Fire a rocket 
at them and kick back and watch the fireworks!  Wait a while until the 
dust clears, then use the same tactic you used in the beginning; fire a 
rocket at the opposite wall of the hall to kill most if not all of the 
guys.  Beware, there is a third guy farther back that usually survives 
this blast.  Just be aware of him, and he won't pose a threat.

The next room is tricky.  Have your PP7 out.  Open the door, and 
quickly shoot the guard you can see in the head.  Then, his buddy will 
come running from the right.  Cut him down.  Sometimes, there will be 
an extra wandering guard in here as well; shoot him as well.  Again, 
get the keycard, circuitry, and plant your plastique, and scare the 
scientists into running.

Keep out your PP7.  Open the door, and stand a little off to the right 
of the door.  Inch around until you can see a guy, then kill him.  
There is another guy at the end of the hall who will not run towards 
you.  Make a mad dash towards him, strafing to avoid rockets, and blast 
away with your PP7.  Now, there is a guard off to your right that you 
can easily kill without even seeing him with a rocket blast to the 
wall.  To your left is another guy.  Use the same tactic.  Take a LEFT, 
and open the door to where you can see the shuttle; there is a guard 
here who may cause you trouble if you don't kill him.  He has his back 
to you, so use your slapper.  Turn around, and head to the other end of 
the hall.  Get your launcher out.  As soon as you open the door, back 
away and fire a rocket.  Usually, both guys will be killed in this 
room, but not without them firing a rocket at you.  Retreat down the 
hall back towards the fuel room to avoid getting hit.  When everything 
settles down, go back.  Open the second door, and again back away 
immediately while firing.  Many guys are in this room, but most will be 
killed by your initial blast and them running into their own shots.  
Make use of the doors; open and shut them as necessary to set traps for 
guards.  When it is clear, it is now safe to go again.

Head up the stairs, and peek around the corner.  If you made a big 
enough ruckus, there will be no one here, but otherwise there will be 
about three guys.  Again, fire at the opposite wall and they should 
die.  Get out your PP7, and open the door to the third fuel room.  
There is a wandering guard in here; kill him quickly.  Grab the DAT, 
circuitry, keycard, and plant your plastique.  Get rid of the 

Use the same tactics again for the next hall.  Once everyone is gone, 
take a left to get the body armor in the shuttle area.  Then, head down 
the hall and open the door.  Quickly fire a rocket at the single guard 
at the end of the walkway, and then open the next door and back away, 
firing another rocket quickly.  Many of the guys are now hiding behind 
boxes in this room, so it's doubly tough, but most of the time if you 
retreat and shut the door they will end up killing themselves.  If not, 
get your PP7 out and run/strafe between the boxes, shooting madly 
(WARNING: this won't work if there's more than about two guards, too 
much firepower).  Everyone in this hall should now be dead.  Open the 
door to the satellite room, and kill the one or two guards in there.  
Shoo away the scientists, take your picture of the satellite, and 
plant your last plastique.

Now, take a deep breath, we're gonna take on Ouromov!  Stand far to the 
right of the door and open it.  Inch around and fire away at the first 
guard with the PP7. Now, get back and wait for the 2-3 guards to come.  
You know what to do.  Now, run into the room and run towards Ouromov.  
He will fire one rocket directly at you.  Sidestep it, and as soon as 
you get close enough (about 3/4 of the way down the hall) he will run 
away.  Ignore him.  Fire a rocket at the end of the hall and all the 
guys who are flanking the corridor should be killed.  Just to be sure, 
peek around both sides before proceeding.  Head to your left (where 
Ouromov ran) and open the door to the shuttle room.  Kill anyone you 
see with your PP7, but if there are too many retreat quickly and fire 
off a rocket at the wall next to the door.  Now, take out your 
launcher, open the next door, and fire off one shot as quick as you can 
at the floor between the two guys, then retreat.  If anyone follows, 
use your PP7.  Now, the level is reasonably clear.  Run a mad dash 
toward the elevator.  If you run fast enough, there are enough twists 
and corners to where guys will not be able to hit you.  
Congratulations, you've just beaten the Silo!

Tip sent by Andrew Maynes:
In Silo, when you're on the catwalk right before the room with the 
crates along the hall (which is right before the Goldeneye satellite 
room) if you look up and behind you above the door you just came 
through you'll see another catwalk and, through the door, a guard.  
Obviously, because of the limitations of the game any guards not in 
your direct line of sight cannot fire, allowing you to blast away with 
impunity (I love that word, impunity).  Not only will you dispatch that 
poor slob but others near him will feel nice and toasty as well.  The 
best part is that any stragglers who missed the blast are quite 
vulnerable as they run along the catwalk.  Be careful when they reach 
the other room (Ourumov's) because if you blow away anyone in there 
others will come after you.  Look for other guards on other catwalks 
earlier on in the level (the missile launch rooms) who can also succumb 
to a helpless fiery death.

7. Frigate

The thing that makes the Frigate so friggin' hard is that you only 
start out with 20 bullets.  Count 'em.  The other thing is you have to 
rescue hostages, and you obviously can't use your launcher.  So you 
have to be a very good shot, or you aren't going to have enough bullets 
to make it to the end.  The only thing good about the hostage bit is 
you don't have to shoot to kill; instead, you can simply just shoot the 
guy once, anywhere, and he will come after you.  Of course, it's easier 
to use a headshot; then he's just out of the picture.

One other thing: unless it's said otherwise, use your slapper!  You 
have next to zero bullets to spare, and using rockets will get you 
killed in a hurry when the guys home in on you.  So just get in their 
face and slap away!

Start off by heading up the ramp and taking a right.  Go up the stairs 
and through the door at the top.  There will be a guy at the far end of 
this hall, and he may or may not shoot at you...if he does, then just 
sidestep it and slap him.  At the end of this hall, there is a door to 
your right.  Get out your silenced Deutche, and open the door.  Quickly 
aim at the guy's head and shoot, then drop back, switching back your 
slapper.  Kill his buddy when he comes running.  Now, turn sideways so 
your left side is facing the door and you are looking down the hall 
that you just came from.  Get out your Deutche again.  Sidestep into 
the room and take aim at the guy in the next room who's holding the guy 
hostage.  This is tricky because he's standing almost right behind him.  
Just shoot a few times in his general direction, but if you're good, it 
is possible to nail him with a headshot.  Another guy will come running 
from that room, take him out with the slapper again.

Go into that room and take a left.  There is an open doorway directly 
in front of you.  Go through it, then get back quickly.  Two guys will 
fire; one will miss the doorway entirely, and the other will hit it, 
killing one when they come running.  Finish off the remaining guy when 
he comes.

Head into the hallway again and go right.  Run down the stairs and kill 
the guard down there as best you can.  Go around the corner and fire a 
rocket at the wall next to the guy standing there, then get back up the 
stairs.  Aim at the bottom and kill anyone who comes running (avoid 
rockets as necessary).  When things quiet down, go down again, and then 
go right and straight.  Fire a rocket at the bottom of the stairs in 
front of you and at the guy at the top of the walkway.  This should 
bring more guys from downstairs, finish them off.  Go into the room 
with all the boxes (backtrack a little).  If there is still a guard 
there, kill him with your slapper, and then blow up all the boxes with 
your rockets to get lots of ammo!  All right!  From now on, as long as 
you don't waste it, ammo shouldn't be a huge deal.

Go all the way back up the stairs and take a right through the door to 
get outside.  Go up the stairs to the door of the bridge room.  Get out 
your Deutche.  Open the door and kill the guard with the hostage, then 
get back.  The guards here have an odd way of getting to you...they go 
all the way around the frigate and sneak up behind you.  Knowing that, 
go in and take the first door on your right.  Kill the guard who has 
his back to you (with your slapper, of course), then keep going and 
kill the next guard (all right, double rockets!).  Go back into the 
bridge and wait for the two or three guys to show up, and kill them.  
Defuse bomb.  Now, go back again through the door to where the guy with 
the double rockets was.  Go through the door in front of him and take a 
left.  Kill the guard there, then turn around and head to the other end 
of the hall.  Go through the door and take a right when you can.  Go to 
the end of the hall and open the door.  Plant the bug on the 'copter.  
Open the garage door (I guess that's what it is) and open the door in 
there to see three guys with their backs to you.  Kill them one by one 
with your slapper.

It's pretty easy from here.  From now on, use your Deutche.  Make your 
way to the engine room, and make sure you save the two hostages on the 
way.  Once in the engine room, disable all the stationary guards in 
here with headshots from the upper walkway.  This includes the guy 
holding the hostage.  Defuse the bomb.  Leave.

Tip sent by Andrew Maynes:
Go up to the main deck from the boat and go to the stairs on the far 
side.  Stand at the bottom of the stairs that lead to the stern and 
face the door.  A guard you can't even see will fire a rocket and kill 
the guy behind the door, and another guy that comes running.  And if 
he's really stupid he'll kill himself.  More twisted goodness.

8. Surface 2

Yet another easy level.  Use the same tactics as the first surface.  
This is even easier, because almost no one has a rocket.

9. Bunker 2

In this walkthrough, I will expect you to be proficient at the use of 
throwing knives.  If you are not, go check out Ian Rogers' walkthrough 
in GameFAQ's, under the section "How to use a Throwing Knife", and 
learn how.  You will need it.

Get out of your cell and kill the guard, then use your watch magnet 
over the sewer drain thing and get the throwing knives.  Get them out 
and exit the cell area, then head to your left.  *Note: Remember to 
always have your throwing knives cocked and ready to throw, otherwise a 
guard may fire before you can throw them!*  Wait for a guard to come, 
then kill him.  Now, run up the stairs and take a right.  If there 
happen to be any guards here, kill them as fast as you can and shut the 
door.  Have your knives ready, and look through the glass.  About 6 or 
7 guards will eventually wander through this door, usually one at a 
time.  Just as they are about to open the door, open it for them and 
kill them with one or two knife throws, then pick up your knives and 
get back, shutting the door behind you.  Repeat this for a while until 
no more guys come.  This takes some practice.

Now, open the door and step in full view of the hall, looking right as 
you do so.  There will be a guard standing by the camera at the far 
end.  When he sees you, drop back and wait.  Kill him when he comes 
running.  Now, turn around and fire a rocket at the door with the two 
guys in the room (make sure you're far away).  Both will be killed.  
Enter and pick up the staff list.

Now, head back into the hall and fire a rocket at the security camera 
at the far end.  Another guy will come running; drop back and kill him 
with the knives when he foolishly shows himself.  Now, open the door to 
the room with the big blue thing (whatever it is) and fire a rocket at 
the wall underneath the camera, it should be destroyed.  An alternative 
method of doing this is to fire at the wall from the outside, its blast 
radius should be sufficient to take out the camera (you will hear a 
slightly louder explosion if it does).

Head into the room with the computers (where the mainframe was in the 
1st Bunker).  Look into the room, and before you open the door, take 
aim at the computer next to the guy standing on the other side of the 
room with your rocket.  Open the door, fire quickly, and then drop 
back.  If it kills him (and 95% of the time it will), great.  Go in, 
use a rocket to blast the camera, and pick up the key.  If not, well, 
you need to work on your aim.  Wait until he comes running, then use 
your knives.

Now, head all the way back to where the room with the safe is (by the 
cells).  Get your knives ready, take aim at the guy in the middle of 
the room, open the door, fire quickly, then drop back around the corner 
and kill the guys that come.  (There are two, assuming you managed to 
kill the guard when you opened the door).  Find and pick up the safe 
key, then go in and get your double silenced PP7's (yay!!), with very 
little ammo (doh!!), and the Dossier.

Head to the room with the CCTV tape (take the long way, the way that 
you've already cleared out.)  Kill the only guard in there with the 
knives (or PP7's, if that is your preference, but make it a headshot), 
and pick up the tape.  Now, get out your launcher, open the door to the 
vent shaft, and fire a rocket quickly in the general direction of the 
camera in there (it will be a little ways above your head, on the 
opposite side, coming from the room with the CCTV tape).  It will be 
destroyed.  Head out the way you came and take a right.

Things get scary now.  Fire a rocket at the bottom of the stairs.  Both 
guards flanking the stairway will be killed.  It will also call the 
attention of a few guards.  Wait at the top of the stairs until they 
come, then fire another rocket at the base of the stairs and 
immediately drop back.  If any more guards come, fire a rocket at the 
end of the hall and sidestep any rockets.  Repeat as necessary.  This 
should dispatch all of the problem guards.  Head down the stairs, and 
before you ever see the camera to your left (or more appropriately, 
before it ever sees you), fire a rocket at the wall just next to it and 
it will be history.  CHECK FOR GUARDS!!  Several times at this point a 
guard snuck up behind me and blew me away.  He usually came from the 
stairs that you just came down from.  I have no idea where he comes 
from before that, but make sure to check behind you at this point.  If 
you see him, blast him with the rocket.

Facing away from the stairs, take a right and head to the end of the 
hall, then take a left.  Open the first set of doors, and peek through 
the glass of the second set and take aim at the first guard you can see 
on your right with the PP7's.  He has the casualty list.  Shoot once 
through the glass, at his head, and get back!!  Get your launcher.  As 
soon as the door opens, fire!  Now, shut the first set of doors, and 
wait for more guys to come.  Don't wait for them to open the door, but 
when you see them head through the first door, fire and they will be 
killed.  Get out your PP7's now.  Make sure no one else is coming, and 
enter the room.  Look left, and strafe to your right.  This room has 
four recesses (I think, I'm writing this from memory) on the left side; 
what you are doing now is flushing out all the guards in them.  There 
will usually be one guard in the second recess, two in the third, and 
only one in the last one.  Just rapidly fire your guns at them and they 
won't have time to react (plus, no one will hear, so they will wait for 
you!!).  Once everyone's dead, find the casualty list and head towards 
the main room.  Don't fret, we're almost done, and we're past the hard 

Go down the stairs and peek around the corner into the main room.  
Shoot at any guards at the far end of the room, and this should call 
the attention of some guards.  Fall back to the top of the stairs, and 
aim at the entryway.  Blast away when you see them come running.  
Repeat a few times until no one else comes.  Now, fire a rocket at the 
guard at the far end of the room, in the little recess with the last 
security camera.  He will die.  Blast the camera from this distance as 
well.  Get your PP7's out (it's safer), run into the room, and take aim 
through the railing at the guys standing in the room at the top of the 
stairs.  Try to kill both of them, but one is all right.  Wait for him 
to come running and kill him.

Everyone in the level that poses a threat is now dead.  (There are two 
guards in the back alleys where the three drone guns are, but there is 
no reason for you to go back there, and the guards will never hear 
anything that goes on in the main part of the level.  Go there only if 
you are a hotshot who absolutely needs to kill everyone in the level.)

Go get Natalya and exit.

10. Statue

Very easy.  Don't worry about the guards running around.  Just run to 
Valentin, then run to the Statue (don't forget the armor), and the rest 
of the level has normal guys.  They shouldn't be a problem, anyway.

11. Archives

Again, very tricky because of cramped conditions, and because there are 
a lot of wandering guards.

This method utilizes a very strict time schedule.  This is to catch 
wandering guards when they are facing away from you or to surprise them 
when they open doors.  Another thing, always use your slapper until 
told otherwise!  If you don't, everyone will zero in on you and you 
will have no hope of surviving.

You start off in the interrogation room.  Quickly kill both guards, 
then pick up the gun and ammo, but do NOT use it!  Exit the room and 
take a right.  Kill the guard before he can get a shot off.  Run up the 
stairs and take a left.  If you did it right, you should now be walking 
right behind a guard toting double rocket launchers.  As soon as he 
reaches the intersection and starts to turn, slap him ONCE in the 
intersection and get back.  Guys flanking this intersection will fire, 
killing all three of them.  Go forward to the door directly in front of 
you.  Another wandering guard will open it, so kill him. Now, retreat 
back the way you came and take a left.  In the last room on your right, 
there is another guard; kill him.  Now, again backtrack and go down the 
hall to the other end where there is a door.  Behind this door are 
three guys who may cause trouble later.  Open the door, wait until the 
guard immediately in front of you aims, and then shut the door and 
retreat.  Everyone will die.  Enter and pick up all the guns.

Head downstairs like you were going back to the interrogation room.  At 
the end of the hall, go through the right door and surprise the guy 
behind the boxes to your immediate right.  Then head back the way you 

Head back (again!) towards the main part of the archives where you 
killed the lone guard in the last room in that hallway.  Wait a few 
seconds, then open the door, and immediately kill the guard on your 
left before he can react.  Now, somewhere in here there is a wandering 
guard.  If you did all of the above as fast as possible, and then 
waited a little bit before opening the door, he will have his back to 
you and will be walking away, towards the double doors to your left.  
This takes precise timing, but you'll get used to it.  Kill him.  Now, 
run down to the lower level and kill the guy wandering around down 
there when his back is to you.  Finally, there is a guard behind the 
bookcases back on the first level, straight ahead from when you first 
entered this room.  Now, take out your rocket launchers and make sure 
you have the max quota loaded.  Open the first double doors on your 
left; the ones you would go through if you were trying to get the cheat 
for this level.  Take aim at the far end of the wall, there is a guy 
stationed there, but you can't see him right now.  Fire, then 
immediately retreat back to where you killed the final guy behind the 
bookcases.  Fire a rocket at the double doors on the extreme right side 
of the room, and fire another rocket at the double doors on the left 
(these should be open because you opened them).  Now, when you hear 
another door opening, aim down below and fire at the table as soon as 
the guard there gets close.  Both guards down there should be killed, 
if not, use another rocket.

This kills almost everyone in that room that will cause you grief.

Now, go to the door that leads to Natalya.  Don't open it, but go to 
the next set of double doors (if you're facing the single door, the 
ones I'm talking about are on your right).  There is a wandering guard 
in here along with a stationary guard.  Kill both.  Be wary now, 
sometimes there is a guard clad in black clothes that is running 
around.  He is easily killed, but don't let him catch you off guard.  
Now, go to the single door again (the one that leads to Natalya).  Get 
out your PP7.  This is purely precautionary.  Hopefully, you will not 
use it, but if things go extremely sour then all I can say is, I hope 
you are a damn fine marksman.  Stand to the right of the door and open 
it.  Inch around EXTREMELY slowly until you can barely see Natalya, 
then go even more slowly.  As soon as she cries "James!" then it's safe 
to leave.  Oddly enough, the guards will allow her to follow you and 
they never even saw you.  This is good.  Go talk to Mishkin, get the 
recorder, and leave via the windows.  Done.

Here is an alternate method sent by The Bearman Boxer 

Slap both guys in the interrogation room, then run out and slap the guy 
in the hallway.  Now look up and wait for the guy to walk by, then run 
up and through the door.  Run for Natalya, but slap the guy behind the 
door at the end of the catwalk; he might blow up Natalya.  Go get her 
and run down the steps and go into Mishkin's room.  Go around the boxes 
then come back, this makes him walk out the door so shut it and talk to 
him.  Once you get the key, run out the door, blow up the window and 

12. Streets

The Streets are pretty easy, but you have to keep moving!  Again, ammo 
shortage isn't an issue, so be liberal with your bullets.

Peek around the first corner and kill the first guard as best you can 
with a headshot.  His buddy will come running; kill him, and then kill 
the last guard that comes.  Now, run out and defeat the two or three 
guards out in this open area, use whatever strategy works.  Use rockets 
if you're desperate.

Hop in the tank and go to the alley where Valentin is.  Kill the first 
guard you see out in the open, then run to the first window on your 
right.  Inside is a guard and the body armor.  Just get in the guy's 
face and keep shooting, then get the armor.  Now head out, to where 
Valentin is, talk to him, then turn around and guard the doorway.  If 
you see anyone, shoot them.  When Valentin finishes, go and just run 
through the entire rest of the level.  Don't worry about the tank, it's 
too hard to maneuver quickly to dodge rockets.  It takes a little 
longer, but you're not under a time constraint so it doesn't matter.  
Keep your PP7 out and disable anyone who tries to take a potshot at 
you, but as long as you keep weaving around the guys won't get a lock 
on you.  Just don't run into any explosions, and you'll make it.

13. Depot

The Depot is not very hard once you know what to do.  Ammo isn't too 
big of a problem, so don't worry about it.

Start off by nailing the first guy with a headshot.  Now, turn around 
and head towards all the large crates.  Along the wall is a guy.  If 
you can, get him with a headshot.  On the other side of this crate is 
another guy.  If you go to where his buddy was, and take a left, you'll 
be right behind him.  Kill him.

Now armed with some rockets, head towards the computer room.  Fire one 
rocket on each side of the doorway, and both guys flanking the door 
will be killed, along with the other guys who come running.  If you 
missed one, he will open the door, and you know what to do.  Go in, and 
go to the right.  Fire a rocket at the first computer you see (don't go 
too far to the right, because the drone gun will see you, and that 
would be bad).  The guy there will be killed.  Now, go to the other 
side, and aim upwards, but don't look around the corner yet.  Sidestep 
and quickly fire at the drone gun, then get back.  It should now be 
safe if your aim was reasonably good.  Go in and get the key, and don't 
forget to blow up the screen too.

Now, the cool thing is, all the guys who are now waiting outside for 
you are all normal guys (if you call guards toting double Deutches 
normal).  That is to say, they don't have rocket launchers.  Cool!  So 
head on out and fire a rocket at the first guy you see, then pick up 
his gun and use it.  When you see a guy with two Deutches (awesome!), 
make sure to kill him if its not too much trouble.  Otherwise, leave 
everyone else alone and just shoot at anyone who gets in your way.  
Make your way to the weapons cache.  In here, shoot madly at the first 
guard you see, run up the ramp, kill the guard up there, and snipe at 
the final guy from the ramp.  Even if they do have time to react, their 
shots will be way off.  Get the proximity mines, and plant one on the 
door to deter those who try to get in.  Destroy the cache.  By now, the 
mine should have gone off.  Plant another mine on the door, and shoot 
it with your Deutche.  More guys should get killed.

Easy sailing from here on out.  Just keep running.  Get out your 
Deutche(s), and run/strafe through the mass of guys out there.  Don't 
aim to kill, just shoot anyone in your way.  Also, when you get to the 
warehouse with the blueprints, plant a mine on the top of the stairs 
before you go to the blueprints.  This is just to make sure that no one 
follows you.  Finish the level.

14. Train

The Train is even worse than the Archives because there is NO room to 
sidestep a rocket!  The only time this tactic works is in the first and 
second cars.

The beginning is extremely tricky and relies on luck.  Duck down and 
get out your watch laser.  Face the front of the car.  Now, strafe to 
the right carefully until there is a gap between the two sets of boxes, 
then strafe back and forth.   This should get the attention of the guy 
in the far end of the car, but since you are ducking, the two closer 
ones won't see you.  He will fire, and about 4 times out of 5 he will 
hit the guys instead.  Sometimes after this is a brief firefight, but 
just stay back and let the carnage unfold.  When things settle down, 
run/strafe down the car, weaving back and forth all the time so the 
guy(s) can't lock on you.  If you're extremely lucky, there won't be 
anyone there at all.  But usually there is a guy or two, so take him or 
them out with your watch laser.

Get your launcher.  Set yourself up by the door so that you are facing 
a little to the right.  Quickly open the two doors, and fire off a 
rocket at the wall next to the four guys on the right side of the car, 
then quickly drop back.  They will all die, and a stray rocket from 
them will take out the guy on your left.  If needs be, take out the 
brake unit now.  Proceed toward the middle of the car and peek around 
the boxes that should still be standing.  A guy will see you and fire, 
but his first shot is never accurate and will hit the boxes in front of 
you.  A few guys will die.  Fire a few rockets towards the back of the 
car; aim for the ceiling and the walls.  When it gets quiet, it should 
be safe, but use the weaving technique to get to the front of the car, 
just in case.  Find and pick up the two D5K Deutches in this room as 

Now, wait by the door for the guy to come open it, and fire a rocket at 
his feet.  On my game, the guys will somehow "see" you through the wall 
and try to fire from all the way down the corridor, but of course hit 
the wall.  If they do this on your game too, great, just let them do 
that and eventually they will kill themselves.  Also, the brake unit 
will be destroyed, and the guy in the first bathroom will be killed.

There will be a lot of smoke and it will take a while to clear.  When 
it does, fire a rocket at the floor in front of the third room down.  
There are a couple of guys in here that sometimes don't die, and it 
will be very bad if they come out and surprise you from behind.  Keep 
going down the hall.

This next car is what I call the death car.  After you've played it, 
you'll see why.  Open the door, looking a little to your left.  Quickly 
fire a rocket on the wall of the car, next to the guy you can barely 
see, and get back and shut the door.  Get out your Deutche.  When guys 
come and open the door, let 'em have it!  When they're all dead, take 
aim at the floor in front of the second room down and fire (some guys 
will be killed).  Now, run towards the end of the car, firing a couple 
of rockets as you go.  At least one will explode, killing the two or 
three guards down there.  Remember to go back and destroy the unit if 
it isn't already.

For some odd reason, the next few military cars all contain normal guys 
without rocket launchers.  This is a great chance to get twin ZMG's!!  
For the beginning, have your launcher out.  Open the door.  If there is 
a guard there, let him have it and back away.  When the smoke clears, 
open the next door and immediately fire and shut the door.  Many guys 
should die, including at least one that hides in the bathroom.  If any 
survive, kill them when they open the door with the Deutche or the ZMG 
if you have it.  Pick up all the stray guns (now you WILL have two 
ZMG's).  Open the door; kill any guys you see with the ZMG's, but don't 
waste too much ammo, you need it.  When you get to the end of the car, 
remember to double back and kill the guard that sneaks up behind you.  
Sometimes, however, he will be killed in an explosion.

Burst into the final car and kill the last guard with a short burst 
with your ZMG.  Now, turn around and take out the last unit, then duck 
into that small alcove right next to it.  As soon as the two guards 
come running, fire away.  Don't let them fire, because you won't 
survive!  Pick up the key, but don't worry about their rockets, you 
won't need rockets anymore.

Make sure you have DOUBLE ZMG's out.  Open the door to where Trevelyan 
is.  When he says come in, do so, but DON'T FIRE YET.  Quickly walk to 
your right, to the corner of the car, and turn to face him.  You should 
now be able to see Trevelyan, Ouromov, and Xenia.  Ouromov will be in 
the middle, Trevelyan on the left, behind Ouromov, and Xenia will be 
almost completely behind Ouromov but a little to the right.  By now, 
Alec should be saying "Two targets, time for one shot...".  This is 
inaccurate.  You have THREE targets:  you MUST shoot ALL of them, 
except Natalya, very quickly, in this order: Ouromov, Trevelyan, Xenia.  
If you do not shoot Ouromov first, he will kill Natalya as soon as you 
fire.  Trevelyan is next, because if you don't shoot him, he will fire 
at you with his rocket.  You will most likely survive, but Natalya will 
not.  Finally, hit Xenia.  You MUST hit Xenia to gain the extra time, 
otherwise you will not be able to beat it.  All this must be done as 
quickly as possible, and without hitting Natalya.

Good luck.  You can practice this part by using the Invincibility and 
Infinite Ammo cheats to rush by the beginning and focus on the ending, 
but make sure you set it back when you go for actually beating it for 

So now you've shot them all, and Natalya is working on the computer.  
Use your watch laser to cut through the hinges and wait by the hole 
with your twin ZMG's.  As soon as she finishes cracking the password, 
drop down through the hole but DO NOT go far.  Look to your left and 
inch forward until you can see a guy.  Shoot him quick.  Inch farther 
and you will see another guy running toward you.  Kill him.  Finally, 
inch even further and there will be another guy farther back.  Kill him 
quickly.  Now it is safe to run out.  If you did all that reasonably 
fast, you should have enough time just to run toward the front of the 
train like normal, but if you have very little time left go run and 
stand in the corner between the boxes and the opposite wall.  Natalya 
will follow, protecting her from the explosion.  Wait until all three 
rounds of explosives have fired, then finish the level.

This one is VERY hard.  Good luck!

Tip sent by Andrew Maynes:
For the third car, that "car of hell", what I do is I equip the 
launcher and fire at the guard just after I open the second door, then 
run backwards FAST and close the door.  Your rocket kills him and one 
or two others, while he may not even get a shot off.  And if he does, 
well, that's why you closed the door.  Stay there and wait for guys 
coming through.  You know what to do from there.  As for rescuing 
Natalya: in the last room go forward, hugging the right wall, and once 
you have Ourumov and Xenia lined up, blast away with ZMG.  Since Alec 
can't see you behind the counter, he MOST LIKELY won't shoot, making 
things much easier.
(Eric's comment: I never had much luck with the above strategy, but if 
it works for some of you great!)

15. Jungle

Since I am lazy, I will keep Jason Hoerner's walkthrough listed here as 
the main walkthrough, but I will include an alternate method for 
beating Xenia.

Basic Jungle principles:

* Hang out at the edges of the jungle instead of in the middle.  
Rockets that are fired off the edge of the jungle will disappear and 
not explode so you are less likely to take damage (you still need to 
dodge the rockets!).  Also, Natalya will be safer because it is less 
likely for her to be hit by a stray rocket because she stays in the 
middle.  You also don't need to worry about her shooting you in the 
back with the rocket launcher (it happens!).

* Let Natalya kill enemies.  She is an awesome shot and can see through 
smoke and fog!  Surprisingly, as long as you follow principle #1, 
Natalya will almost never get killed (until you get to Xenia) since the 
enemies prefer to target you.  In rare cases, enemies will target 
Natalya after she has fired at them and missed, so be careful!  If an 
enemy hones in on Natalya, you will need to rescue her by killing the 
guy with your PP7.

* Be careful not to get too close to enemies.  Remember that Natalya 
could shoot at them at any time and take you out as well.

* Activate enemies from beyond visual range.  In the areas around the 
drone guns, there are large groups of enemies.  Advancing forward until 
they can see you is dangerous because they could fire a rocket before 
you can even see them!  A way around this problem is to "see" the 
enemies with auto-aim before they see you.  The way to do this is to 
aim slightly up with your PP7 and strafe or turn slowly from side to 
side.  When your gun is pointing at an enemy (even beyond your sight 
distance) it will angle downward to point at the target.  Then, take a 
shot at the enemy and he will turn on.  All his friends will be 
activated at the same time since they saw him get damaged.  Then you 
can quickly move to the side of the jungle and wait to fire a rocket 
where the group of enemies will come around the corner!

* Use trees as cover.  When you are fighting stray guys in open areas 
try to put a tree between you and the enemy so he will not fire.  He 
will advance to get a line on you and will be easy to kill.

* Kill the drone guns in the jungle area with your PP7.  It is very 
difficult to accurately hit them with rockets.  The drone gun past 
Xenia and the rest are easy to kill with rockets though since there are 
walls near them.

* Learn where the enemies are!  A single mistake can be fatal on 00 

* Conserve your rockets.  You will need them for the battle with Xenia.  
Pick up any rockets you left earlier in the level before moving on 
(rockets leftover on the ground later in the level will be useful for 
the battle with Xenia).

How to kill Xenia:

IMPORTANT:  Before approaching the bridge, lure Natalya back to the 
very start of the level (run back to the plane)!  Otherwise she will 
foolishly engage Xenia herself and will often be killed.  It takes 
about 30 seconds of waiting for her to catch up.  Then, run forward to 
the bridge as fast as you can (strafe-running).  Go to the entrance of 
the bridge and plant 4-6 remote mines spaced out a little bit on the 
ground (just aim straight down)-Xenia will be approaching at this 
point.  Switch to your rocket launcher and move to the side of the 
bridge.  When Xenia is 1/3 across the bridge fire a rocket at the 
middle of the bridge to do some damage.  Then start retreating as fast 
as you can!  In the meantime, switch to your remote mine detonator and 
blow them up to do some more damage.

Xenia will still be alive.  The idea at this point is simple: retreat, 
hide behind trees, and ambush!  Run a ways, get a tree between you and 
Xenia and fire at the ground as Xenia comes around the tree.  Then RUN 
and find another tree.  Be sure to keep moving until you've reached a 
spot that is far enough away that Xenia doesn't catch you in the area 
effect of a shot (it's better to run too far than not far enough).  The 
large open area by the second drone gun is a good area to fight in, but 
any relatively open area with trees is good.  I have run out of rocket 
ammo before so be prepared to pick some more up.

I can kill Xenia more than 50% of the time with my method.

<Eric's Method>

Place all your mines at the beginning of the bridge.  Make sure you 
have the maximum number of rockets possible, then lure Natalya all the 
way back to the plane as in Jason's method.  Then run back, and get out 
your rockets.  Run across the bridge until the music begins to play.  
Run back to the beginning of the bridge and fire a rocket at the other 
side just before Xenia starts to cross.  Fire another one just in front 
of it, on the bridge, and another one at about the middle part of the 
bridge.  If you do it right, the rocket blasts will be spaced out in 
such a way that she will run into them at the full force of the 
explosions.  Now, wait for her to get to the end of the bridge and fire 
your last rocket at the mines in the front of the bridge.  There will 
be a huge explosion and the animation will slow down quite a bit.  
Also, Xenia will fire at you, so keep moving.  Now, usually, the force 
of your explosion causes her shots to explode in midair, doing enough 
damage to her so that she is killed.  Cool!  If not, she is severely 
weakened, so just get in her face and fire away with the PP7.  A few 
shots should be all she can take.

Another tip for Xenia, by Andrew Maynes:
My suggestion for Xenia (if she makes it past the booby traps) is to 
position yourself so that once she clears the bridge and gets the first 
shot off position yourself so that her shots go past you down into the 
ravine.  Flash leaning (hold R, tap C-left or C-right) works well here 
to avoid shots, as for most other rockets you come up against in the 

Elias Kopsiaftis's method:
First of all, lure Natalya back to the plane. put mines spaced out at 
regular intervals along the bridge. now the AI cannot hit you if a rail 
is in the way, so slightly stand to the left or right of the bridge, 
take out your rocket launcher, and keep shooting her. the explosion 
from the rocket should detonate the mines causing more damage. after he 
gets across and is out of mines, run acroos the bridge, kill the drone 
gun, and stay slightly to the left or right of the brisge and keep 
hitting her in the face with the pp7. keep repeating this until she 

--> Walkthrough for rest of the level:

Kill the drone gun on the other side of the bridge with a rocket (fire 
at the tree to make sure you don't miss).

Advance to the near side of the mouth of the cave, but do NOT go in.  
There is an enemy on the far wall of the cave.  You can use the "beyond 
visual range" trick to line up on him.  Don't actually fire with the 
PP7 though; just fire one rocket and retreat behind a tree near the 
mouth of the cave.  Two more guys will be activated which can be killed 
with a single rocket.  Inch forward in the cave until you see the drone 
gun and fire a rocket at the wall behind it.  There are two guys on the 
path leading up inside the cave.  Activate them and then retreat around 
the corner and fire rockets at the wall to kill them.

On the path leading up, if you go slowly, you will be able to kill the 
enemy on the left side of the ladder room without him seeing you.  This 
will activate another enemy, so retreat back down the path and ambush 
him.  Now the ladder room is safe.  Ease around the corner where the 
guys-behind-boxes are and kill the first guy you see with a rocket (he 
will normally try to pull out a grenade).  Then, immediately DUCK and 
move back out into the middle of the ladder room.  Ducking will cause 
the guys-behind-boxes to fire downward and blow themselves up (most of 
them will fire even though they can't see you)!  Sometimes one of the 
enemies will survive, so be careful.  There is also an additional guy 
higher up on the path that will come out.

Once you've cleared the box room, go up the ladder and kill the drone 
gun with your PP7.  Then advance forward and fire a rocket near the 
base of the last drone gun (it should kill the enemy standing nearby as 
well).  Another enemy will be activated at this point.  I recommend 
jumping back off the ladder and ambushing him once he makes his way 
down to the ladder room.  Go back up the ladder once he is dead and 
destroy the ammo dump with either a single rocket or a remote mine.

You are now at the very hardest part of the level, the mad dash to the 
elevator.  Do NOT try to just run for it!  There are 5 enemies poised 
with rocket launchers at the end of the level.  There is also a sixth 
enemy with a rocket launcher behind a box in the hall directly in front 
of the elevator.  You will need to kill the first five enemies before 
you advance (they will be replaced by enemies with AR33's).  I don't 
have a consistent way to beat this part since there is no good way to 
know that you have killed all 5 and they will fire at you beyond visual 
range once they are activated.

My suggestion is to aim a rocket at the back left corner of the room.  
I recommend going to this room with invisibility/invincibility on so 
you can see where guys are located and learn where to fire.  This 
rocket will take out 2 guys including the most dangerous enemy that is 
not standing behind a box.  Then move into hiding and DUCK.  This will 
often cause several of the enemies to kill themselves by firing 
downward, but sometimes one or two will survive.  It's pretty much 
luck.  If any survive, your best bet is to hope Natalya kills them 
since they do not fire back at her.  Or you can take long shots from 
the area at the top of the ladder and hope you hit the right guy. 
Occasionally, an enemy with an AR33 will come around the corner and you 
can steal his weapon and use the zoom to see the enemies.

If all went well (no more enemies are firing rockets), you can now make 
a dash for it.  If you do not have full armor and around half health at 
this point you will probably not make it.  Dash forward and fire a 
couple rockets at the various enemies.  Then quickly switch to the PP7 
or AR33 and run around the corner and kill the last guy holding a 
rocket launcher.  He is on the right side of the hallway behind a box 
(be prepared to dodge a rocket). If all goes well, everyone will now be 
dead!  Then you can casually hop in the elevator.  Piece o' cake.

Tip sent by Andrew Maynes:
At the very end, there is the pillar (rock column, whatever) right 
before the guards positioned behind crates.  If you situate yourself 
very carefully there is a small spot directly behind the pillar where 
the guards cannot see you.  If you wait there Natalya will eventually 
start shooting at the guards, who won't fire because they can't see 
YOU.  Be careful she doesn't blow herself up, and that you dispatch any 
guards that may come running.

16. Control

Start by opening the door and edging around until you can barely see 
the drone gun.  Plug 5 bullets into it to destroy it (wait between each 
shot so the recoil doesn't spoil your aim).  Then strafe out and kill 
the guard in the corner, preferably with a headshot, but whatever gets 
the job done.  Kill the next guards that come running with headshots.  
Run and pick up the closest rocket (the drone gun at the far end of the 
room will fire at you), then run back so you don't get hit.  Aim 
upwards at the general height of the gun, then strafe out behind the 
wall and fire, then get back.  A big explosion will tell you that you 
destroyed it.  Go around and pick up the other two rockets.  Look up, 
and peek around the corner until you can see the third gun.  Aim 
slightly to the left of it, and fire a rocket.  Strafe out to your left 
in view of one of the guards, and fire your last rocket at the wall 
just to the right of him.  It will kill both of them.  The last guard 
may or may not come running.  Kill him with your slapper.

Get Natalya.  When the door opens, aim and fire a rocket at the end of 
the hall to kill the two guards in the room down there.  You may have 
to dodge a rocket coming back at you.  Now strafe/run down the hall, 
ignoring any shots fired by the guys in the next room.  Mostly likely, 
they will end up killing themselves.  Pick up the mines and rockets 
here, then peek around the corner.  Most if not all the guys here 
should be dead, but sometimes one or two survive.  If you see any, use 
a mine on them by chucking it over to them and detonating it by pushing 
A and B.  Once this area is clear, throw another mine in the small 
passageway where the next guard is and detonate it.  Quickly get out 
your rockets, wait a few seconds, and fire at the passage.  You should 
hear three death noises.  If not, more guys are coming, so fire another 

Now, aim at the door on the upper walkway and fire a rocket.  Both guys 
flanking the door will be killed.  Wait a few seconds then fire another 
one.  The other two guys who came running will be killed, even though 
you never saw them (just trust me!).  Refill your rocket supply, and go 
to where Boris is.

Talk to Boris as you plant mines on the two mainframes next to him.  
When he runs away, follow him up the stairs to the second level.  Here, 
run out in view of the guards up here, then run back.  Use a rocket 
when they come running.  Now, use a rocket on each of the mainframes on 
this level (be careful not to break the glass!).  There are two of 
them, remember.  Go and get the body armor.

Head down to the first level again and open the door to the room with 
the second-to-last mainframe.  Don't let it open all the way.  As soon 
as it gets about a quarter of the way open, shut it again.  It will 
continue to open for a second, then begin to close.  In this time, the 
guards in here will see you and fire, so get back.  They should hit the 
closed door and one of them might die.  Aim at the door and fire when 
it begins to open.  All the rest of them should be killed.  Now, stand 
far enough back so the drone gun on the left can't see you.  Aim a 
little above it with the rocket and fire.  It should be a direct hit.  
Do the same with the other gun (stand farther back from this one 
because it's located closer).  Once they are destroyed, run in as fast 
as you can, and you will avoid the fire of the guns flanking the door.  
There is one other guard in here (usually); he is on your right, just 
before the mainframe.  Kill him with your slapper, and plant a mine on 
the mainframe.

 (courtesy of Jason Hoerner)

In the room with the second-to-last mainframe, you can kill all the 
enemies in that room with a single rocket!  The key is to stay a little 
bit to the left of the door and back up until you can see the closest 
drone gun (beyond its firing range of course).  None of the enemies 
will see you.  Then just fire a rocket at the drone gun (aim a little 
high so you hit the wall above it).  Everybody dies.

One last thing.  You know that door that leads to the last mainframe, 
but you can't open it until Natalya is through with the satellite?  
Well, with a rocket, you can kill both guards in there, right now, so 
you don't have to worry about them later!  Just fire a rocket on the 
left side of that door.  The guard standing next to it will be killed, 
and the other guy will come running.  You can tell, because sometimes 
you can see his hand jutting through the door due to a bug (one of 
many, but the game is so cool that it can get away with it).  He will 
never open the door (darn!), so kill him with another rocket.

Beware, if you leave at this point to pick up more rockets, before 
killing the second guy in that room, he will somehow "materialize" 
through the door without opening it, and will be waiting for you when 
you get back.  He has killed me several times this way because I wasn't 
prepared for him.

Using rockets, blow up the three desks behind where Natalya will stand 
when she does her thing with the satellite so that you can move around 
without obstructions.  Now, go get Natalya.  Kill the first guard that 
comes with your PP7, then quickly pick up his Deutche and use that for 
the rest of this part.  You all know how this part goes.  Make sure 
that you protect Natalya when she leaves, too.  I don't know how many 
times I reached this part, destroyed the satellite, and then failed the 
mission cuz Natalya got nailed at the top of the stairs.

When that's all done, run to the last mainframe.  Use a mine on it and 
blow it up immediately (all the rest of them will be blown up too, so 
watch your back).  Get out your Deutche again, and shut the door behind 
you.  Open the next door and kill the guard standing there.  Now, lots 
of running.  Go right out the door, around the pile of boxes, and to 
your left.  There will be a guard in front of you, so kill him.  
Quickly get out a rocket, then run diagonally across the room.  About a 
zillion rockets will suddenly fire.  Fire once at the elevator you need 
to exit out of, then switch back to your Deutche.  Do not stop running 
while doing this.  Kill the guard in the corner when you reach the far 
wall.  Turn left, run out from behind the boxes, open the elevator, and 
jump in before any rockets hit you (you can hear them coming, 
too...aiiieeeee!!).  Mission accomplished.

The ending is hilarious: most of the time a rocket will explode in the 
elevator, but you have already completed the level so it doesn't hurt 
you.  So there are all these explosions around you in the ending cinema 
as you calmly close the door and leave the level.  Or maybe I just 
think everything's funny.  That happens at 3 in the morning with lots 
of caffeine.

17. Water Caverns

Start by getting out your PP7 and standing to the right of the door.  
Open it, and inch around until you can barely see the guard to the 
left.  Shoot him in the head.  Get back, and wait for the other two 
guards to come running.  Kill them with headshots at your leisure, as 
they will never fire at you in such close proximity (cool!).  Go out, 
and inch around the corner until you can see the guard with the blue 
hat.  Shoot him three times in the head (yes, he really is that 
strong!).  Open the two doors and stand a little to the left, then do 
the same with the next guard (so far, you've fired nine times, and have 
gotten nine headshots!  Looks cool on the stat report).  Get out your 
launcher, and go down the stairs until you can see the guard there.  
Kill him with a rocket blast.  One of the guys who come running will 
also be killed.  Kill the other guard that comes with another rocket.

Follow the walkway until you can see the two guards flanking the door.  
They won't see you until you are in their line of fire (thank Rare for 
that glitch!) so fire a couple rockets in their direction.  One will 
die, and the other may or may not be killed because he is damn strong.  
Kill him with another rocket when he comes running.  Open the next set 
of doors, and quickly fire a rocket at the end of the walkway.  The 
guard down there should be killed.  Quickly get back and get out your 
PP7.  Kill the guard(s) that come with headshots (take your time, they 
won't fire when they are that close).  Now go in and go about halfway 
down the stairs to your left.  Look down and there should be a guard 
there.  Kill him.  Now, go back up and follow the walkway until you can 
see the guard standing by the door.  Kill him with a headshot from a 
safe distance.  Now, stand at the point on the walkway that is about 
half the distance between the two doors.  Look down, and you should see 
a guard with a blue hat.  This is the guard that stands between the two 
areas with the control consoles.  Kill him from above with three shots 
to the head (headshot count: 15).  

Get in the face of the scientists and keep following them until they 
put their hands up.  One of them always does it right away, and the 
others usually take a little more persuading.  If nothing is working, 
fire a few shots over there and they should get the picture.  Use this 
as a last resort, however.  We want to conserve as much ammo as 
possible.  Make sure they are gone, because killing scientists is bad 
(and this walkthrough WILL kill at least one scientist as it is).  Once 
they are gone, use mines to destroy the consoles, and use a rocket or 
two to blow up the boxes to get a little extra ammo and an AR-33.

Open one of the doors that leads to the spiral room and then fire a 
rocket at the next door.  The guy will be killed.  Enter, and walk up 
the stairs, killing the two wandering guards with your slapper.  From a 
fair distance away, also fire a rocket at the door at the top of this 
room.  The guy next to it will be killed, as will a couple others, and 
will call the attention of a few more.  Kill them with rockets as they 
come through.  Grab the double rockets and get them out.  Go into the 
room, and turn left until you can see the first guard.  Fire two 
rockets at his feet and run back.  All three of the guards here should 
be killed.  Use a couple mines and some rockets to blow up the boxes in 
this room and collect the ammo (make sure you have at least one mine 

Get out your AR-33.  Open the next set of doors and kill the guard in 
the middle of the hall with a single headshot (this is sort of hard to 
do).  Get out the launcher again, and fire at the end of the walkway 
next to the guard you can see.  He will be killed and it will also 
alert a few more guards.  Kill them as they come.  Go down the hall and 
look right.  A guard with a blue hat may or may not be there on the 
upper walkway.  If he is, use the AR-33 to take him out.  Also go down 
and take out the first guard you can see on the lower walkway, if he 
hasn't already come up the stairs (if you can't see any guards from the 
bottom of the stairs, you've already killed him, so don't worry about 
it).  Now go to the room with all the boxes.  Plant a mine on top of 
the middle box and it should destroy all the other boxes.  Pick up all 
ammo (yippee!).  Now, fire a rocket at the cabinets in this room to 
access the secret passageway.  Go through the passageway and fire 
another rocket at the end to destroy those cabinets as well.  Quickly 
get back and wait for the smoke to clear, and get out your ZMG.  While 
still in the passageway, strafe into view of the room and fire madly.  
Try to shoot anything that's moving, but don't stay too long.  Get back 
as soon as you hear a rocket fire.  If you made a big enough fuss, they 
should all come running so kill them in the passage.  There are a total 
of three of them, one of them being a guard with body armor.  If they 
don't, keep strafing out and firing short bursts.  Once they are all 
dead, do NOT enter the room but head back to the room where all the 
boxes were.  Go back up the stairs and continue along the upper 
walkway.  Kill the guards up here with your ZMG (you have lots of ammo 
now, so don't worry about headshots).  When you reach the doors on your 
right, open the first one and fire a rocket at the second.  A guard 
will be killed, and it should alert one more.  Kill him with the ZMG as 
soon as he opens the door.  Now, sneak around until you can see the 
drone gun, and destroy it.  If the other guard from behind the gun does 
not come running, strafe out until you can see him, then kill him.  
Now, quickly run around the cabinets behind you with you ZMG blazing, 
and take out the two guards standing there.  Now find the code card (it 
was on one of the three guards you killed in the lower portion in this 
room).  Don't forget to destroy the computers too.

Go back out to the walkway and follow it until you can barely see a 
guard.  Use an AR-33 to the head, and the guard behind him should also 
die too!  Dang, that gun is strong!  They have to be lined up, but it's 
worth it!  Kill the other guard that comes.

Continue along, and kill the guard with his back to you with a ZMG shot 
to the head.  Kill the next guard further along this same stretch the 
same way.  Now, go down until you can see the two guards flanking the 
door.  One has the code card.  Stay behind the railing so they can't 
see you, and kill both of them with lots of ZMG bullets, the more the 
merrier!  This should grab the attention of one of the guards inside 
the next room.  Kill him when he comes running.  Now run out, grab the 
code card, shut the first door, and run back.  While you do so, try to 
get the attention of the two guards on the lower walkway.  Go back down 
the walkway a bit and wait for them to run up the stairs.  Blow them 
away when they do.  Now, aim at the second pane of glass to the left of 
the door.  Fire, and you may or may not kill one of the guards standing 
there, but at least it will get his attention.  Kill him when he 
runs out the door.

This next part is, in my opinion, probably the hardest part of this 
level.  Jason Hoerner sent a method of getting through the radio room 
successfully on 00 Agent:

            @                  RADIO ROOM
                   @               -----    -----
                                     glass panes
     Farthest window --> @@   
                           @@*****  <--Door to radio room
                             |   |
                             | c |
                             | a |
   3 Lights                  | t |
       -->  %     %     %    | w | 
                             | a |
  |--------------------------| l |
  |#                           k |
  | Stand here                   |
  |    ----------------------|   |
                Stairs going |___|
                  down -->   |___|

First, fire a rocket anywhere to break the windows.  Then, what you 
want to do is stand at the very corner of the catwalk as marked above 
and aim directly at the leftmost of three hanging lights (there are 
chains dangling from the ceiling).  You will also want to aim 
*slightly* upward.  At that point you should start reciting various 
lines from Star Wars such as "Use the force", "Trust your feelings", or 
"You're all clear, kid!"  Then fire your rocket launcher.  If you do it 
correctly the rocket will sail through the farthest window and impact 
on the ceiling near the far glass pane of the radio room.  This will 
kill the two rightmost enemies (along with one hapless scientist), but 
will leave the radio undamaged.  The leftmost enemy will still be 
alive, but he will not fire in response.  The shot is fairly difficult 
(because the gap is very narrow and your weapon naturally wanders a 
little bit).  However, there should be several extra rockets lying 
around if you miss.  It normally takes me 3 or 4 tries before I get one 
through the gap.  If you aim too low, you will destroy the radio.  If 
you aim too high, you will hit the ceiling and fail to kill the 

Back to me again...how he ever figured that out I'll never know...

Once you've done that, run in and kill the guard on your extreme right.  
Now, inch around until you can barely see the guard on the left side of 
the radio area, and take him out.  Shoo away the remaining scientist 
and do your thing with the radio and control console.  Now, blow up the 
box on the extreme right of this room (by the second-to-the-last guard 
you killed) to get double AR-33's.  That's confusing to describe, but 
you should already know that trick by now so it doesn't matter.  Open 
the door and kill the two guards quickly, and do the same with the next 
set of guards.  Before opening the next set of doors leading to 
Trevelyan, close the door behind you.  Open the two doors, get back, 
fire a few shots in his general direction, then quickly go back and 
close the door, which is now beginning to open again. Do the next part 
as quickly as possible.  Aim and shoot two rockets at the other end of 
the hall, then get out your double AR-33's again.  Shoot the two drone 
guns from a safe distance.  Aim at the door at the far end and kill 
anyone left (although no one should be there by now).  Go in the hall, 
and shut the door behind you.  Run up to the next set of doors.  Open 
the first one, go in, and shut it behind you.  Then open the second 
door, go in, and kill anyone left with your assault rifles, as fast as 
possible (there are usually two, both are on your left when you walk 
in).  Exit level.

 (courtesy of Jason Hoerner)

If you open the second door (to the hallway with the drone guns) and 
immediately back up, duck (and stay down), and move to the right, you 
can kill both drone guns before Trevelyan sees you.  Then, what I do is 
stand up, let Trevelyan see me and hide again.  Then I back up and make 
sure the door behind me stays closed, waiting for the door at the end 
of the hall to close.  Once the door closes, you can charge down the 
hall and fire your AR33 (or a rocket) through the door, killing all the 
guys behind the door without them firing back.

18. Cradle

Beat this one just like in the regular game.  It's even easier because 
the only one with a rocket launcher in the entire level is Trevelyan!  
And it's a lot easier to sidestep a rocket than it is to dodge the 
bullets of an AR-33!  Go for 00 Agent for this one.

19. Aztec

Creep forward, looking to your left, until you can see the first guy.  
He will see you and usually will go to get a grenade.  Shoot him ONCE, 
as quick as you can, in the head.  If, instead of going for a grenade, 
he aims at you, RUN, and hope you live!  Anyway, if you kill him, his 
buddy next to him will come running.  When he gets into view, kill him 
fast.  Then turn around and blast the third guy.  If you're still alive 
at this point, make sure you have taken all the guns and (hopefully!) 
the grenade, take a deep breath, and open up the door to the next room.  
Blast the guy standing in the hall with, preferably, a single bullet.  
The next little bit is a little random and will require patience.  The 
guy at the far end of the room is your main target.  Take out your 
rocket launcher and aim for the pillar next to him.  Usually, he will 
not give you enough time to aim before he fires at you.  His first shot 
will usually go right down the middle, and if you sidestep it, it will 
miss you.  His consecutive shots, however, will all be aimed directly 
at you (so you can't just make a break for it and run down the hall, 
you will invariably be killed).  So when he lets off with his firing 
for a bit, aim at that pillar, fire, and listen closely.  If he makes a 
death sound, then that's good.  If not, try again.  Usually, in this 
time, his shots will kill the two guys flanking the hall, so they're 
nothing to worry about.  If they do survive, take them out with a 
single rocket blast when they come toward you.

That done, RUN down the hall as fast as you can.  The two guys left 
will start firing madly, but if you run fast enough they should miss 
you, or you should only take minimal damage.  Have your rocket launcher 
out.  Cross the bridge, and run up the steps, turning around as you go.  
Aim quickly at one of the guards (I usually go for the guy on the 
right-hand side of the room), fire, and then run away, getting out your 
PP7.  The trick is to always keep moving so they can't get a lock on 
you, and make sure you don't run into any explosions.  These guys have 
body armor, so they are kind of tough.  Usually, the remaining guy 
tries or succeeds in throwing a grenade, but it is easily avoided.  
Kill him.  Congratulations, you've just completed arguably the hardest 
part of the level!

Open the next door, and take aim with the rocket launcher at the space 
at the far end of the room between where the two guys sit in the far 
recesses of the room.  Fire once and get away.  The two guys flanking 
the door will run.  Aim at the doorway and they will be killed.  Get 
out your PP7 or your slapper (yes, your slapper), and wait for the 
remaining guy to come running.  Gun him down.  Now, everyone should be 
dead, but sometimes someone survives your initial blast, so proceed 
carefully down the room until you are sure everyone is gone.  Restock 
your rocket supply, and then open the door to the hallway before the 
exhaust bay.  Kill the first three guards you see with your slapper (it 
isn't hard, just surprise them), then take out your launcher and fire a 
single rocket at the far end of the room.  The guy you can see will be 
killed, along with the two others in the exhaust bay who come to 
investigate.  Do not enter the exhaust bay, but fire a rocket at one of 
the panels exiting the bay (I usually take the right one).  Then go 
back and refill your rocket supply.  This is extremely important, 
because once you go into the bay you cannot go back, and you need all 
the rockets you can get.  Do not pick up the rockets that are now 
resting inside the bay.

Go through the bay to the space BETWEEN the two drone guns.  Stand far 
enough away, and fire a rocket at that space.  Both drone guns will be 
destroyed, and it will call the attention of a couple of rocket-toting 
guys.  Kill them with your PP7.  Once both of them are dead, it goes 
without saying that you should now go for the body armor (duh).

Go to the main room.  Destroy the gun at the other side of the room 
with your PP7, and then fire a rocket into the room across the main 
room to kill a guy there (he won't see you unless you make a BIG 
ruckus).  Creep around until you can see the gun to your immediate 
right, and blast it with your PP7.  DO NOT fire at the drone guns way 
up towards the ceiling.  You will see why in a minute.  Run out, and 
all the guys at the end of the room will start firing their rockets at 
you.  This is a little touch-and go.  As quick as you can, aim at the 
walls just behind the two center guys with the rocket launcher and fire 
a single rocket for each guy.  Now, the two remaining guys shouldn't be 
able to see you, but you might still hear rockets firing, and not 
exploding.  This is fine.  During this time, a guy usually comes 
running to see what all the fuss is, make sure you are ready for him or 
he WILL surprise you and kill you.  Wait until the smoke clears, the 
kill the remaining two guys.  You don't even have to show yourself, 
just fire at the wall next to them and it will kill them.  If, during 
this time, you ever run out of rockets, go back to the bay area and 
pick up the rockets you (hopefully) left there.  Now, stand far away 
and fire a rocket at the glass shielding the drone guns.  Make sure 
you're far enough away so they can't see you.  Then destroy both of 
them with your PP7 (this takes good aim and a good TV, if you don't 
have either, use your rocket launcher, but the PP7 is preferred.)

Restock your rocket supply, and DON'T forget to close the exhaust bay!

Go to where Jaws is.  Normally, one guy will be on the stairs going 
down, but he has his back you and you can easily take him down with 
your slapper.  Peek around the corner and a guy will see you.  Usually 
he will pull out a grenade.  Let him throw it at you, then run!  It 
will bounce off the wall and go towards Jaws.  If he doesn't pull out a 
grenade, then run like hell!  Kill him when he follows you.  Then, step 
in full view behind Jaws, and immediately run back!  This is to get the 
attention of the other guard at the other end of the room.  It is best 
if he does not fire, so leave quickly, and kill him when he follows 

Take out whatever grenades you have, and throw them all at the feet of 
Jaws who will remain oblivious to your presence.  Wait for the smoke to 
clear a bit, then fire one rocket at his feet, and RUN up the stairs to 
the circle of stairs.  Wait a while, then go back down.  If you are 
lucky, he will have stopped somewhere on the first set of stairs, and 
now, if you are some ways back in the circle room, you can fire all the 
rockets you want at him and he won't move a muscle!  When you run out, 
go back and get some more.  When you have fired about 5 rockets at him, 
get closer and fire one more.  He will hear you now and come running, 
but he is extremely weak and about one or two rockets are about all he 
can take.  As soon as he goes down (more often than not it is because 
he ran into his own explosions) run and get the security smart card.  
Don't worry about picking up his rockets, you will not use them.  RUN 
LIKE HELL back to the room where you get the guidance data and all 
that.  Kill any guys you happen to see with your PP7.  As soon as you 
manage to get a laser, get that out and use it.  When coming back from 
loading the guidance data, invariably there are about 3 guys running 
from the exhaust bay.  Fire a rocket into their midst and run through 
as soon as it is safe, killing anyone left with the PP7.  By now you 
should surely have a laser.  Use it.  Run as fast as you can, shooting 
all the time, until you get where you load the DAT.  Load it, then kill 
everyone that has entered the room as fast as you can.  Run up the 
stairs, open the bay, then turn around and keep your finger glued to 
the trigger until you have beaten the stage.

The trick is to conserve as much ammo as you can because you will need 
it for the main shuttle room and for Jaws.  Your PP7 ammo is essential 
for the final confrontation with the infinite laser-toting guards, and 
as a backup weapon if you happen to run out of rockets with Jaws (which 
hardly ever happens).  If it does, stand a little ways away from him, 
so you have time to sidestep his rockets, and pick away at him with 
head or body shots.  Oh yeah, and if things look bad, run!  Hopefully 
it won't come down to that, though.

20.  Egyptian

Isn't it great how the game ends with an easy level?  Another easy 
level on Enemy Rockets, just beat it normally, but accomplish your 
objectives quickly.  Hanging around will only get you killed when the 
guys swarm in on you.  Baron Samedi has his normal guns, so that's 
always good too.

IV. Level Difficulty

I threw this section in just for fun.  This ranks the levels from 
easiest to hardest, in my opinion.  If you're having problems, or are 
new to the Enemy Rockets challenge, you should try some of the easier 
ones to warm up on.

20. Surface 2
19. Surface 1
18. Statue
17. Cradle (the only level where the Enemy Rockets cheat makes it 
16. Streets
15. Egyptian
14. Runway
13. Depot
12. Bunker 1
11. Control
10. Frigate
9. Facility
8. Dam
7. Water Caverns
6. Jungle
5. Bunker 2
4. Archives
3. Aztec
2. Silo
1. Train

V. Enemy Rockets Hall of Fame

This space is reserved for those who have beaten the entire game on 
Enemy Rockets.  Any difficulty is acceptable, but only if you've beaten 
the WHOLE game on that difficulty.  This list will be updated as people 
send in their accomplishments.

 *****00 Agent*****
     Jason Hoerner
     Eric Salter

 ***Secret Agent**
	MiB Agent

     Ian Rogers
     Jeremy Howard

VI. Acknowledgments

*Thanks to Rare for making a kick-ass game!!

*I'd also like to thank Ian Rogers for giving me the inspiration to 
write this FAQ, and encouraging me along the way.

*Thanks to GameFAQs, for the obvious reason of allowing me to post this 
on their site.

*Thanks to my dad, who bought the game (all right!!).

*Thanks to the rest of my family, who has put up with my GoldenEye 
obsession.  I keep telling them, GoldenEye will never cease to be an 
awesome game.

*Thanks to those who have contributed to this site:
     -Jason Hoerner (Jason.Hoerner@3do.com), for all his help and tips 
for the levels.
     -The Bearman boxer (jharris@soncom.com)
     -Andrew Maynes (awmaynes@hotmail.com)

*And thanks to me for actually writing this.

VII. Legal Hoo-ha

This FAQ is copyright 2000 by Eric Salter.  All rights reserved.

You can distribute this FAQ as you like, as long as it remains in this 
original form, and as long as you contact me and get permission first.  
If you don't, I tend to get pissed off and cranky, because I don't see 
anything wrong with asking permission.  If I do give you permission, my 
main concern is that you keep it updated.  I don't need a bunch of 
emails telling me to get walkthroughs written when they already have 
been written in a later update, or to fix a bunch of errors I've 
already taken care of.  Just extend that small courtesy to me, and I 
probably won't have a problem with it.

Above all, I hope this helps people.  Let me know if it has helped you, 
or given you a good start on beating the game on Enemy Rockets, or if 
you have a new and interesting way of beating a level.  My email is:


Or, if for some really odd reason you can't get through to me there, 
try my hotmail address at


But I almost never check that, so don't send any mail there unless you 
have to.

        ---Eric Salter

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