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Secret Agent Walkthrough by TripleJump

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 04/15/08

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Secret Agent Mode Guide
Author: TripleJump
Created: September 11th, 2006
Last Updated: September March 20th, 2007
Version: 1.0

|                                Introduction                                 |

Hello, this is yet another FAQ on a rather old game I recently aquired. Yes.
I know it is the 21st century. But I was feeling particularily nostalgic
about all the wonderful games available in the past. The Nintendo 64, also,
in my opinion, the best system ever, was purchased on eBay. Along with
several other games I might write for. I want to relive the past. Yay for 

I noticed that this game had an Agent Mode, and a 00 Agent Mode FAQ, but no
Secret Agent mode FAQ. So I decided I would beat the person that pointed this
out to it (evilly, I might add) and post mine first. I'm sorry to the person,
but life is cruel..

The plot of the game is simple. Bond is on a mission some nine years ago
where he must infiltrate a Russian Chemical Warfare facility. He meets up
with Agent 006, Alec Trevelyan. While Alec covers James as he plants some
C4 (Well, mines in the game), he is captured and shot. James narrowly
makes it out when he commandeers a plane and escapes.

Years later, he gets word of more Russian military activity, and goes to
Severnaya to learn more about the military satellite Goldeneye. He gets
caught up in it's stealing by the Janus Syndicate, and must learn who Janus
is. He finds himself in a position where he must defeat an old friend. While
making another "friend", Natalya Simonova. A.K.A.: The Bond Girl.

He must defeat Janus and recover the Goldeneye Satellite, before the group
of terrorists make a whole lotta molla!

|                                  Walkthrough                                |

This may be a walkthrough, but by all means: feel free to deviate from the
directions. Shooters are free-play games. So you can play YOUR game how YOU
want. My walkthrough merely shows you an effective way to complete the game in
a shorter amount of time than learning by yourself. Bear this in mind, and read

|                                Byelomorye Dam                               |

This mission is more like a training mission. It is easy to do, and teaches
you the basics of stealth and doing tough objectives.

Start by strafeing around the corner and shooting the guard quickly. Several to
the chest is a safe bet, but a head shot is always a good thing. You can tell
if your enemy is dead because he will drop his weapon. If he merely stumbles
and holds his weapon, he is not dead. Pick up the Enemy's KF7 Soviet. Do not
use it. Rule number one of stealth is that you use silenced weapons. This
includes the D5K Deutsche (silenced), Silenced PP7 and the Sniper Rifle.

Aim up at the tower you see ahead of you with R and pick off the enemy you see
pacing the tower. He is sometimes located at the foot of the tower steps. Try
to make this one a head shot so he doesn't fire at you. After he is downed,
move forward. Careful, over the barrier is another enemy. Try to kill him
before he sees you. Now climb the tower. At the top is a Sniper Rifle laying
there. Pick it up and use it. Aim down into the tunnel and kill the two guards.
Be wary, after the first one is hit/down, the other runs in your direction. To
simplify things, head shot the first guy, then hit the other as he runs. Try
not to let either of the enemies shoot.

Go through the tunnel and stay on the right side of the wall. As you round the
bend, pull out the Sniper Rifle and use the C-Up button to zoom in. There is a
guard behind a box you can clearly see. Kill him to start this off. Kill the
guard pacing the bottom of the tower. Go up to the top of the tower and aim at
the bunker you see. Fire bullets through the small opening at the enemies you
can see with the sniper Rifle. When they have been downed, move out of your

Head over to the next area by going up to the button and using the Action
button to hit it (B). The first gate opens. Head inside, hit the other button
and quickly strafe to the left, so that you are on the left of the truck. As
the gate opens, pull out the PP7 and dash for the enemy in green to the left
that runs towards the alarm. Simply deliver a shot to anywhere on him for him
to stop moving and shoot you. Kill him.

There is another enemy hanging out around the tower. Deliver the killing blow
to him. Go over to the alarm (red thing) that the guard before was running to.
Aim at it, and deliver several shots to it to explode it. This is one of our
objectives; neutralize all alarms.

Go to the Garage like door to the right of the alarm. Stick to the right side
of it, then open it. Inside is a guard, quickly kill him with the PP7. Then get
his ammo, and go into the door in front of you. Quickly take out this enemy. He
holds a powerful, and loud DD44 Dostovei. Pick it up and exit through the door.

Go right. Aim at the lock with R and put a two shots into the lock with R
(using PP7). Now move along the way, then when you are about a 5-10 second walk
from the first tower, pull out the Sniper Rifle and zoom in on the enemy pacing
the top. Try to hit his head, so he doesn't run towards you. After he is dead,
collect his ammo and open the door at the base of the tower.

Inside, aim your gun at the Alarm you can see either on the right or the left.
I can't remember which side for which tower. After the Alarm is disabled, go
back out on the dam. Then continue down the road. Aim up at the Second Tower
and kill the guard pacing that tower. Get his ammunition and enter the base of
the tower again. Disable this alarm with a couple shots and get back on the
dam. Continue to the third tower.

Repeat what you have done at the last two towers. I am confident that this
alarm is on the opposite side of the last two. After the alarm here is down, go
back to the second tower. There is a small raised area inbetween the first and
second tower. It is closer to the first. Up the steps and Move through the gap
in the railing to bungee jump from the platform and end your mission.

|                           Arkangelsk Facility                               |

This is another level where you will be wanting to use the PP7, as you do not
want to attract more enemies than there already are. Also note that this is
a strategy not good for speed.

You begin in a ventillation shaft. Head forward and go left. Continue forward
and as you approach the hole you drop out of, aim down with R at the enemy's
head that you can so clearly see. Release a bullet into his head. If it merely
takes his hat off, hit him again.

Drop down out of the vent and open the bathroom stall door in front of you. Go
to the left and kill the enemy at the urinal. Open the second and third door to
the right on the side you are facing and kill the enemy in each. Collect the
ammunition and go back to the other enemy you picked off from the vent. Get his
ammo too. There was another enemy in the bathroom, but I cannot remember what
stall he was in.

Open the two doors leading out, and stand in the doorway of the second, use it
as cover until you take out the guard pacing below. It may take a little for
him to appear. But put a few into him. Then go down the stairs and go back up.
Head to the right of the door you were just at. There should be an enemy near
here. Kill him.

Go back out to the main bathroom doors and go down the stairs. There is an
enemy or two down the hall. Kill them, and head to the right. Opening the
double doors. Now continue along this path. At the end is an enemy to the right
with his back to you. Place a shot in the head and gather the ammo and the
keycard this enemy was holding. Go back out into the hallway and open the
sliding brown door near the bathroom stairs.

There are three enemies in here. Don't use the Soviet, not only because of the
lack of stealth, but because of the fact that you will end up blowing the
computer console. After the enemies are downed, hit the switch on the console
and run down the hallway. Turn right, get the body armor and enter the door.
Then run through the open second one. Turn left and kill the two enemies that
are in the locker area.

Enter the room ahead of you through the opposite door from the one you came in.
Quickly dispatch the three advancing enemies, if too much gunfire is heard,
another couple Russian Soldiers may come up to your rear. Anyway, take the
first door you see on either the left or right. In the room, go over to the
scientists and point the gun at them.

If they all put up their hands, they aren't who you are looking for. You are
looking for a bearded scientist, who is really an MI6 double agent. Check both
rooms for him. If he isn't there, do not worry. This is natural. If he is, he
will provide you with the Door Decoder.

Head outside and look for an enemy behind you, just in case. Now go out the
door you did not come in. Open the second door and immediately kill the enemy
pacing left and right. Then enter the main room in the center and wipe out the
three men. Then press the console on the right and exit. Be warned that this
part will almost always attract attention when enemies are dead.

Run around and kill the guard just around the corner to the right, waiting to
flank you. Enter the open door and hit the other door.

This room might hold Dr. Doak. Check the scientists. Hope he is there, either
way, go back to the main room with the two consoles. Hit the one on the left
this time and go out through that way. There is a guard flanking you on the
left side this time. Kill him and enter the door.

There are several enemies at the foot of the stairs. One is right out in the
open to the right. The other two are hiding behind the crates (I wonder what
they are doing together back there..). Anyway, go up the stairs and around the
corner. Suprise! Defeat the enemy and turn the corner again. Kill the enemy

You should be in a room with many glass windowed rooms. Kill the enemy hiding
in the shadow of the walkaround pillar. Then check all three rooms for Doak.
The giant one is the one he usually is in. Get the decoder anyway. Now go to
the left (from the entrance to the area) and shoot the two enemies with their
back turned. Open the door with the decoder. Use it on the door, then open it
to do that.

Inside, go down the stairs. DO NOT shoot the guy in black. He is your ally, 006
Alec Trevelyan. Get out your remote mines and place them on the bottle tanks in
a staggered style:

XOXOXO O= Bottle
OXOXOX X= Rigged Bottle

Now run over to the door you see. The conveyor belt works also. Do not open the
door or exit through the conveyor belt. This will lure 006 to you. Once it says
"Objective Completed" for Rendezvous with 006, detonate the bombs (assuming 006
is somewhere near you, away from explosions. Wait for it to give you the
message "Objective complete". Then you should be good to leave out the door or
on the conveyor belt. If the bottles aren't destroyed, shoot the remaining ones
with the KF7 Soviet.

|                            Arkangelsk Runway                                |

006 was killed in the last clash of enemies. Too bad. Start by picking up the
box of grenades nearby. Head to the right and shoot the enemy here. Pick up the
box of timed mines. Go out the garage-like doors and shoot the enemy on the
left. Go towards the house he was near on the left and open the door.

Inside, do not completely turn the second corner. Instead, pull out your
grenades and bank one of the wall in front of you by throwing it on an angle
as you step away from the corner. This blows the two enemies up, thus allowing
you to move in and get the plane ignition key from the rubble. Go outside.

Cross over to the opposite side of the level (just head in a straight line) to
find your ride. A tank. Hop in the top and drive down the runway. On the way to
the plane, there is a square box with a missle sitting on top of it. Aim at it
with the Tank's weapon (switch to it) and fire. If you have poor accuracy, feel
free to use a timed mine to destroy this.

Try to spend as little time next to the plane in the next part as you can. The
longer you stay there, the more gun fire will miss you and hit your plane.
Potentially blowing it up.

You will see a plane up ahead. Drive to the left of it, so you don't run it
over, then quickly get out and press B to enter the plane and complete the

|                            Severnaya Surface 1                              |

You are in a snowy level. Firing a loud weapon will definately attract some
attention to yourself. Luckily, you are equipped with a Sniper Rifle as well as
a Silenced PP7. So you can fire from afar at enemies and take them out with
one shot to the head. There will most likely be several enemies tailing you or
shooting at you in several areas. Stay alert, and remember that at a distance,
the enemies have terrible aim.

Start by following the path forward. Pull out the unarmed, which is the butt of
the sniper rifle. Sneak up on the enemy that is pacing away from you and smack
him good. This is the ultimate stealth, and is harder to miss. There is a hill
to the right, with a hut. Back away from the hill to the high ground and fire
on the barrels with the Sniper Rifle to kill the two guards.

Enter the house they were guarding. Pick up the grenade rounds in the green
ammo cases. Climb up behind the house you are in, and then look to the closest
house. Go up the house, then stand on the hill behind it. There should be a
guard pacing a little ways away. Take him out, the move to the lone house that
is a small distance away from you. Enter that house with the PP7 at the ready.

Shoot the enemy in the uniform, then quickly take out the other special forces
member. Get the Hut Key and the ammunitions they drop. There is a grenade
launcher laying on the crate. There is some extra ammo for it. I don't
reccomend using it, as it attracts attention.

Run back from house to house to the hut with the barrels and the two guys that
used to be outside it. Go to the hut opposite of it and open the door. The safe
key is on the table in this room.

Exit the hut and follow the main path down the road defeating enemies that have
the misfortune to come across you. As soon as you see a giant satellite
building, leave the path and head towards it.

Enter the double doors to the right of the building. Go up the stairs and to
the door at the end. Inside is a computer console. DO NOT DESTROY IT. Press B
by the console to power down the communications dish. Do not destroy it now
either. Exit the area.

Go out to the back path (head left) and follow it until you see a fenced area.
There are two huts here. Take the first one (on the left at the fence entrance)
and enter. This hut has the safe. Open it up and seize the building plans.

Go back out and follow the path back to the satellite bunker.  Take the other
path to the right and head left off the path after you travel it for 10-15
seconds. There should be a circular establishment with a ladder. Climb this and
start shooting the four locks holding the grate up.

This part will sometimes have enemies approach and climb up. So if you have
very little health, stay on the side away from the area you came from, so you
can see enemies approach. Ambush them as the climb the ladder. After the locks
have been destroyed, jump down through the hole to enter the Bunker.

|                             Severnaya Bunker 1                              |

This is yet ANOTHER covert mission. Although at one point you won't have to be.
Start by opening the door infront of you and quickly killing the enemies before
they manage to set the alarm near the door off.

This strategy doesn't involve a speed technique. Turn around and face where you
came from. Wait until a guard opens the door and shoot him. Then go to the
double doors by the alarm, but do not open it. Aim out the window and wait for
a pacing guard. Kill him with a head shot. The other guard should run over to
the door. Kill him now and go outside. Pick up the keycard he drops.

There is a camera to the right, aim at it with the PP7 and fire several bullets
into it. This disables it. From the door into this hall, go left, and kill the
guard here. Go down the stairs, and head left. Turn left again. Blow up the
camera here and kill the enemy. Go back and open the door to your right. Kill
the camera here so you can go forward. Go outside and down the stiars.

First objective here is to kill the enemy units that are on the floor. Then
head up the steps to the right and finish the PP7 uniformed guard and his
company. Then go back down the stairs. Take out the camera in your inventory
and snap a shot of the gigantic screen. Go to the other side of the room (with
the stairs) and kill the enemies. There is also the last camera here. Take it

Go over to the table with Boris nearby (he is the dorky tech geek). Pick up the
Goldeneye Key off the table and pull out the key analyzer to copy it, then use
the Goldeneye Key again to throw it away. 

Go to the sliding glass door and up the stairs. Two guards in green are here.
Kill them, then go out the sliding door to exit the level.

|                             Kirghizstan Silo                                |

The Missle Silo is not in any means a covert mission, however, you will come
across enemies in smaller amounts, making it easier to advance. Look around
your start area and remember this: the area's like the one you are in now are
called "bridges" in this FAQ.

Start off by entering the door. There are some enemies here. Shoot them, and
advance up the stairs, shooting the enemies. Go left and into the door at the
end. You are in a fuel room. Kill the enemy inside here.

Get the two Circuit boards off the table. Then point the gun at the scientists,
one will drop the Keycard as you point it.

Climb the steps and open the door. Kill the two enemies here and take a right.
Open the door and find yourself in a bridge area. Kill the one enemy here and
go in the next room. Kill the three enemies at the bottom, then climb upstairs
and kill the two here. Stay clear of the barrels during the exchange of fire.

Open the door to be in another one of the Rooms with the fuel tanks. Kill the
two enemies in this room, then point the gun at the scientist to get his

Pick up the Circuit Board that is on the computer console top.

Head upstairs and out the keycard door. There are four enemies here. One is to
the left, the rest are right or straight ahead of you. Take a right as usual
and go over the bridge. Kill the enemies on it. Enter the next room.

This is another fuel room. Kill the enemies (not sure if there are any in this
room, though) and get the Keycard from the scientists.

There is also something more important here. There is a scientist to the right
of the door you came in. Hold him at gunpoint to get a DAT, you now have the
telemetric data. Get the Circuit Board off the metal crate.

Go up the stairs and out the keypad door. Kill the three guards and go right.
Cross the bridge here. There are some enemies on it. Kill NINE enemies here
(use the Soviet, it will simplify things. Then enter the room at the top.

Last fuel tank room. Quickly take out the two enemies here before they blow up
the satellite as they miss you. Take out the camera and snap a shot of the
satellite. Hold the scientist at gunpoint, then get the Keycard.

You are finished in the fuel rooms. Go upstairs and out the door. Shoot the
enemies here, Ourumov is also present. You can sometimes shoot him and cause
him to drop his briefcase, giving you a useless item. Anyway, follow him left.
Turn right at the next point and exit out the elevator.

|                             Monte Carlo Frigate                             |

The Frigate level is a tough one to navigate, except to those who have already
navigated it. My directions that I took in my notes for this game are already
somewhat hazy to myself, so if you see any problems, email me and I will go
back to the drawing board and rewrite this section.

One of the objectives in this mission is to save the hostages. The hostages are
in green and have their hands up. There is a hostage-carrier that holds the
hostage hostage. You do not need to kill all the enemies. Just the one holding
the hostage. Actually, you don't even need to kill him. You just need to shoot
him to have him release the hostage and concentrate on you.

Start off by getting out of your boat and climb up onto the big ship. Turn left
and climb up the ladder you first path, get ready as you open the door to the
ship. Run inside and go against the computers and shoot a bullet at the guy
holding the hostage. He drops him. Back away from the computers quickly, so it
doesn't blow the hostage up. Shoot all of the three enemies in the room and
turn left at the door, which should open with an enemy. Kill him.

Go into your inventory and get the bomb defuser. See the Plastique on the
computer panel in the hostage room? Use the defuser on it to disarm one of two

Enter the door that the guard came from, there is an idiot with his back to you
next to the radios. Kill him (did I have to tell you?). Open the other door and
kill the enemy here. Take the left door and turn left and shoot the enemy
behind the door. Turn around and open the door on the other end of the hallway.
Go right and open the door.

You are in a computer room. Shoot the hostage carrier and then turn right.
Another hostage is held in the door on the other side. Hit that carrier and
finish all the enemies off. One of the enemies holds a grenade, which can
equal death to the enemies, hostages and yourself.

Go out the door that the second hostage was near. One enemy is on the left and
the other is on the right. Take the right side. Go down the stairs and take out
the 5 or so enemies down here. Some are in the middle area. Anyway, go down the
stairs again. Kill the three enemies.

Go around the corner by the engine room and open the door. Free the hostage.
Go into the engine room. It is the humming room. There is an enemy directly to
the right. Kill him. Then pick off the enemy below you to the right, and the
one on the other side.

Go down the staircase and shoot the guy holding the hostage. Turn right and
shoot the enemy here. Go right up the stairs and turn around. There is another
bomb in this room. This time it is on the computer console. Disarm it.

Turn around and walk out the door, then open the next one. Save the hostage
here. The objective is complete. Climb up to the top of the stairs.

There are some reinforcements. Kill them, then go out the door. Kill the three
enemies here and go out the door. You are in a garage. Go outside and use the
tracker bug and throw it on the helicopter.

Leave the area through one of the side doors, not the garage. Climb out, open
the door and follow the door to the other side, and go down the stairs here.
We are back where we started. Now go back down to the boat you started on and

|                             Severnaya Surface 2                             |

Stealth is the most important part of the level. Attracting attention will
cause enemies to approach at 5-6 at a time. Too much to handle.

Start the level by moving forward along the path and killing the enemies that
will approach. Go over to the house that held the barrels on the first Surface
mission. Get up on the hill behind the house and move to the next one over.
Go to the next house over and enter.

Kill the enemy inside and gather his Comms Room Key. Run towards the satellite
bunker. Open the door and climb the stairs. Open the door at the back. This
time, you do want to shoot the console. Take out the radios as well. Otherwise
the objective will not be completed. Exit the Satellite bunker.

Go down the path that leads to the vent system. Instead, do not stray off the
path. You will end up on a landing platform with a chopper. Use your special
mine that Q Branch gave you. Throw it onto the chopper and defend yourself with
any weapon until it blows. Go into the sliding door to enter the bunker.

|                             Severnaya Bunker 2                              |

This is a definate RUN! sort of level. Shoot and run. You have a hard time
remaining stealthy. But we will try to avoid attracting too much attention at
the start.

You start off in prison, since you were caught last time. No weapons, ammo or
anything. Except for, that is, your watch. Which doubles as an attracting
magnet. Go up to the door of the prison and use the magnet attract and aim at
the key hanging on the wall. You get it. Sometimes, you can get the throwing
knives from the first attract also. We will get them anyway. Pull out your
unarmed fists of fury.

Wait until the guard is near, then open the door, run out, crouch and smack
him silly. Ouch. Get the Cell Key from his body as well as his gun. Go over to
the drain behind you and use the Watch Magnet Attract to get the throwing
knives in it.

Open Natalya's Door and run outside, throw knives at the guard in front of you
and head up the hallway. Go past the first door, and turn left into the next
area. Kill the enemies here with a weapon of choice. Go left up the stairs and
into the first door on your left.

Inside, shoot the guard and get the CCTV tape off of the desk. Go in the door
that you didn't come in. As soon as you open it, aim up and shoot the camera
out of the air. Open the next door, enter the room and turn right. Shoot the
camera out here. Then go out the door to the right. 

Enter the computer room (across the hall, same as last time) and shoot the
enemy inside to get a safe key. A camera is also on the left of the room. Take
it out. Exit the room and go right, this next part requires keycards, which
hopefully you have. They are obtained by killing the enemies in your way.

Run down the hall to the double doors that is in the hall to the right of the
other camera room. Enter them and go in the first door to the left. Shoot the
enemy and get the Documents off of the table. Exit and go left, down the stairs
you see before you. Go left at the end of the hall, then out the end through
the windowless door,

Go through the other door straight ahead. Go in the other door and kill the
enemy on the right by the crates to get the clipboard. Exit out the other two

Shoot the camera outside and go upstairs. At the end of the hall is another
camera. Smash it with your gun and turn right. Run straight ahead to the other
side with the stairs and shoot the camera that is behind the glass sheets, then
run out the sliding door and up and out of the area.

|                           St. Petersburg Statue                             |

This level contains spoilers!

Finally! A no-stealth level. Mainly because nothing here is stealthy to use but
unarmed. But that won't work well for you. Start by running down over the hill
and to the anchor statue, where 2-4 enemies will be. Ignore them and keep
strafe-running past them. This is the best technique, outrunning the enemies.

Go to the right of the giant block next to the anchor and continue. Go up over
the mini hill and under the giant CCCP letters. Stay to the left side of this
next area and go under the thinner letter blocks. See that big crate like thing
that is grey? This is our landmark. Run past it and go through the little space
between the broken pillars and the landmark. You cut a corner of the area and
see another crate. This one is red.

Enter the backside of the crate to see Valentin! Walk up to him to talk. Here
is a tip: If you strafe left and right in front of him, he will follow you
backwards. So lure him outside and as far up the hill to the left as you can.
After it says "Objective Complete", immediately run up the hill.

Head on the right side of the broken tank. Run up past the glowing statue. Go
right and in the next area. Here, go inbetween the pillar and the block that is
laying horizontal across two other ones. Run forward and turn right, going up
the hill to the giant statue with the guy raising his hand. Shoot the statue
several times.

Turn around. Sometimes the normal greenish enemies come. Shoot them, but in the
shadows of the block gaps, a bunch of men in black emerge. Put your gun away
now, and do not shoot. Do not take the gun out either.

The leader (Janus) will talk to you about how MI6 is cutting their budget. Bond
then realizes that Janus is 006, Alec Trevelyan! As soon as the objective is
complete, run towards him, gun raised. Then ignore him and the guards and run
back to the beginning.

Directions to the beginning are as follows:

Run to the right of the block that Alec was standing near. Run inbetween the
blocks in front of you, then go left and then another right. You should see the
narrow opening to this area here. Go through it. Head past the glowing statue
and up the hill behind the tank. We see Valentine's crate.

Go past this and up the hill through the small gap we went through before. Past
the grey crate now. Follow the brown path left and back up the giant hill.
Stay close to the fence after the second words statue.

Run over to the Helicopter and a proximity fuse triggers. Run away from the
chopper and Natalya will get up and follow. Stand near the edge of the slope
(at the top) and wait for it to blow. Bond then says he must find the Black Box
for the copter.

Go down the slope and search the rubble here for an orange box. It may take a
little while, or it might be easy. But it is always around the first little bit
of the level. Since it is orange, it is easy to see. (I thought a BLACK box
would be BLACK!)

Go up the hill after you have it and past the wreckage. Oh no! Russian Soldiers
here! Ignore them and go out the gate ahead of you to end the mission.

|                           St. Petersburg Archives                           |

The good news is that the level shouldn't take you long. The bad news is, you
have to RUN for it. If you don't straferun, you die. That simple.

Start off by going around the desk to the guard on the right and smacking him.
Pick up his Dostovei and Door Key. Open the door, ignoring the other guard and
go outside. Run past the guard here and go upstairs. Ignore the Klobb Guard
here and go out the door at the end of the left hallway. Go left and into the
double doors. Run to the right, then open the single door inbetween the double
doors. Natalya is in here. Ignore her after she has seen you.

Turn around and go out the door you came in. Go left immediately and down the
stairs. Be sure to be unarmed for the next part. Go in the door to the right.
Go left and enter the single door that is not at the end of the hallway. Then
go left into the room immediately.

Mishkin is here. Wait for him to talk for a little while about the Janus
incident. If there is a Soviet Guard in here, use your Unarmed to kill him.
Mishkin will shoot you if you shoot at anything. Even if you miss. After you
talk to him, open the safe and get the Blackbox. Pull out a weapon and go
out the door you did not enter in. The one that the safe door is facing. Go
left and open the door here. Inside, start shooting at the window and blow it
out. Jump out the window to finish the level.

|                             St. Petersburg Streets                          |

We must catch up to Natalya and Ouromov, who magically seem to end up together,
and also magically aren't in the level. This level is an easy level. Begin by
going forward and left around the corner.

See this big tank right here? Ignore it for now. Turn right, then go left
around the corner. Follow this back alley until you find a door that is open.
Go inside this room and go in the small door to the left. Hey look! It's
Valentine! Hi Valentine. Listen to him about his plan to call them and delay
them. You might want to defend the door while he talks. Anyway, so he will give
you a few extra minutes, it will take about 5-8 seconds before it shows up
though. Thanks big guy!

Leave and head back through the alley to the giant tank we saw earlier. That's
right, you get to drive this bad boy through St. Petersburg.

Get aboard the tank and drive it out the way we came. Switch to the tank's
missile weapon and go down the street, not the alley. Try to avoid using the
missle, as it can damage the civilians. Which you don't want to kill. Too many
civilian deaths is a factor that will make you fail.

Head right at the first fork and go under the bridge. Turn left twice, avoiding
civilians. Three cars are here. If you use the missles on them, they blow up
and you drive over them with no lag. If you just drive over them, they blow up
and you slow down.

Anyway, go right after the cars and head straight, ignoring the turn. See that
roadblock? We are going to break through it. Watch out, some enemies hold
Rocket Launchers. Continue on and go right, then through the next road block.
Turn left and blow the cars in the middle of the road. Go past it and left.
Oh no! A roadblock with mines! Try to use missles on it, but even so, do not
hesistate to go right over it.

Now go left, right (avoiding the rockets) and left again. Go over the roadblock
and right twice, then go left once to see the end. Drive down the road to
finish the mission.

|                              St. Petersburg Depot                           |

This is a "hit and run" level. Plenty of ammunition, as there are infinite
guards. A small weapon selection to begin with, but you pick up a bunch of
different kinds. It doesn't really mention it, as guard appearance is random,
but there will be a ton of them in the alleyways.

Start off by going forwards and around the corner. Head left and to the gate.
Head forward and go left. Head straight, you will come across a lone garage.
Enter it. Things are about to get hot, so hope you picked up some Dual D5Ks,
you may need it.

Start with the Machine guns, there are two auto turrets here. Shoot them down
first, then the guards. Move in after they are dead and destroy what is left of
them. Guards, computers, the giant screen, you name it. This completes another
objective, but remember to pick up the safe key. It's on the remains of the far
left table from the entrance.

Go back outside and go left. Head over to the weapons cache (other side) and
turn so your back is to the garage door that opens to the cache. Go forward and
to the left of the boarded up house. Enter the second house by the normal door,
not the garage door. Climb the stairs inside.

Head left and open the safe door. Get the plans inside and go out the door
upstairs. Head down and out the garage door and open the train door outside to
finish the level.

|                           St. Petersburg Train                              |

The Fabled train level, it's very fabled! And crowded. If you don't understand
the concept of cover, you will have problems in this level. Simple as that.

Start by moving out around the corner to the left. Hide behind the crates (not
directly behind, so that you draw fire to them, but behind them so you don't
get them shot. Take several peeks around them and shoot the enemies one by one.
Don't worry about ammunition.

After the enemies in the first area are downed, get the guns and switch to the
D5K. Destroy the grey box with the colored pipes. Open the two doors and
advance to the next cart.

There are two Black suited Janus operatives in this next area. Watch out for
them. One of two may be at your door. The black ones actually move. Kill the
enemies in the first area and go around the corner to the next group. Kill them
like last time (bursts are better than single shot accuracy). Get the ammo and
shoot the box at the end of this compartment.

Open the doors to the next area. Shoot the enemies ahead of you. Wow. A long
hallway. Follow it, shooting ahead of you at the enemies that are sure to be
at the other end. After you pass a compartment, it opens and enemies spill out.
There are only two enemies and one compartment opens, but be sure to double
back, firing when you see the shots coming at you, missing and hitting the wall

Destroy the box at the end of the compartment and head into the next area.
Destroy the box that is to your left and right below you at the start of this
compartment. Head to the end, killing the enemies in the way. As last time,
one compartment has two enemies and will open eventually. So double back for
them. Open the two doors at the end, then traverse the short hall. Open the
one door here.

Two men in black. Shoot them to death and pick up the ZMGs. Switch to the dual
ZMG uzi weapons, then open the door. There are enemies in the bathrooms on the
left and right. Get them, then open the other door and kill the enemies in the
room there. Usually two of them reside in this table room. Open the door and
shoot the brake box ahead of you. Open the doors.

Kill the man in grey here. Turn left and blow the final brake box, then turn to
face where the grey guy was. Two black enemies run out, kill them both. One has
a door key. Pick it up, then head to where they came from and turn right. The
door may still be open, or it might be closed. Open if it is closed and HOLD

It's a gathering of the important people of the game. Ourumov, Trevelyan, Xenia
and of course, Natalya are all standing here.

Head forward only to the end of the table to your right. Head over to it and
take your D5K back out.  Shoot Ourumov's head, make sure he is down, but don't
move or hit Natalya. So you should take your time aiming at his head.

Some gates come down, sealing you from Alec. Natalya will go to the computer
and begin hacking it. Turn your attention to the panel to the bottom left of
the room (from the door).

Pull out the Watch Laser and aim at the floor panel. Use it, taking out the
little clips around the panel. If you run out of Laser, I am positive you can
use a gun. Not 100% sure, but it should work. It isn't reccomended in the sense
that enemies will show up 80% of the time if you shoot. Just guard the door and
wait for Natalya to speak.

First she says "Boris is still backing up his files, I can find out where they
are going!" Wait, and she should say "He's in Cuba!" Now quickly drop through
the opened floorboard and ignore the enemy gunfire to the left. Straferun to
the right and don't stop until the cutscene ensues, signifying that you beat
the level.

|                               Cuban Jungle                                  |

The guards can sometimes be hard to see in this foggy jungle. There are several
drone guns positioned to support the gunman. Fortunately, you have plenty of
cover in the trees. It will take several shots to take out the drone, and the
drone takes a second or two to actually hit you. So hit and run. Natayla also
comes along. She should be fine except for a couple danger zones. Which I will
show you later. She carries a Cougar Magnum, so she is protected.

Start off by running forwards. An enemy will be heading towards you. Shoot him
with the PP7 and pick up his M16. (It's really called the AR33). Shoot at the
enemies as you advance forwards, using the scope for some nice snipes and
picking up as much ammo as you can. It will begin to get scarce later on in the

A little further down (about 3-4 enemies) is a drone gun. You will know it is a
drone gun because of the VERY rapid fire, and the double sparks that appear next
to each other. At the rubble, more enemies approach from the right. Kill them,
then take the time to head left into the trees and pick up the body armor hiding
behind the bush. Head down where the other guys came from.

About 5 or 7 more enemies are here. Kill them. Look! Another drone gun at
12 o'clock! (That means directly ahead of you). Head forwards to the rubble
after it is destroyed and take the opportunity to refil on ammo. In the trees is
yet another body armor. Head forward and kill the couple of enemies here.

There is a treehouse and a drone gun. Dispatch of everything quickly and restock
your ammo. It is important to have at least 2 clips here. Continue on and you
see a bridge. Go over it and you hear Xenia talk to you, as well as changing
music. There is a big tree. Sidestep to the right of it and whip out the scope.

Xenia should appear. Aim at the head and immediately plug as many bullets into
the head as you should. Note that this is a danger zone and Natalya can get
killed by Xenia's grenades easily. Though she may shoot Xenia as well. After
Xenia is dead, get her weapons and look left. Just after the bridge is a drone
gun waiting to ambush you if you proceed. Take it out and then move on.

Save Xenia's grenade launcher for later. It will be handy. But continue forward
until a cave on the right appears. Enter it and shoot the guards and the drone
gun here. It's foggy, but you can just make out the first guard on the right.
After they are dead, go up the path at the back.

At the top is a ladder and two guards. Kill the two guards and ignore the ladder
for now. Head right.

This is a danger zone, this narrow passageway. As is the next room. The enemies
hold grenades and will throw them. Be sure to back off as you fire a grenade
or two of your own in to damage them. Then come in and gun the rest down.
Backing off saves you the damage and makes sure Natalya doesn't walk into them.

Head up the back area to the top. Turn left (at the VERY top and kill the drone
gun you can see here. Continue down to some boxes, then turn left. This is the
last drone gun, and it was waiting to ambush you if you went up the ladder. Kill
it, then use a mine to blow the crates up. This completes the weapons cache
objective. Make sure they are ALL gone before turning around. If an enemy came
over to you, kill him.

Now head back and left into the huge room. This is where you should fire off all
your remaining mines and your grenades. As the enemies perish, move in and shoot
them all. The room will receive unlimited more guys forever, so pressing forward
is important. Some enemies here have grenades, so it isn't the safest for your
girlfriend, Natayla.

As you round the corner to the right, a crate is here. Usually an enemy is
camping out behind it. Kill him. Head to the end of the hallway now and enter
the elevator to finish the mission.

|                                Cuban Control                                |

This level has one big hard part, protecting Natayla. The second hardest thing
is staying alive. You have to trust in yourself and be good with a gun. Ammo is
important for the Natalya protection time.

At the start, Natalya wants to wait in the elevator while you dispatch the
enemy in the lobby. Go outside and strafe to the wall. There is an enemy. Shoot
him. Another will come. Shoot him too.

This part is what separates this difficulty from the others. There are three
strategically placed drone guns, ready to rip you apart like the soldiers on
D-Day. Take them out one by one, keeping cover.

Collect the D5K's. Then turn the corner and kill the enemies. Finally, go the
end and turn left. Kill the guard by the computer. Now head back to the elevator
and Natalya comes with you. Go over to the computer console. Don't blow it up.
She will start hacking. If you head out and back to her, I find it goes quicker.
Then go to the open door.

Shoot the enemy at the end of the hallway and run STRAIGHT ahead. Ignore the
thing to the right. There are many enemies with SEVERAL grenades. A major danger
zone. At the end is another enemy and a big stash of mines. Perfect for you.
Make sure to get them or lose the map. If you hear any tinkles of something
hitting the floor, back away. It will blow up. Mainly killing the enemies, but
it can hurt you thruogh the walls.

Go back to the area laden with enemies and grenades and finish whoever is left.
Get the ammunition and head around the corner. There are four enemies in this
reactor room. Kill them and head up the stairs on the right side of the room.

Open the door at the top and shoot the four enemies inside. One on each side of
the door and two at the bottom. After they are dead, collect the ammunitions.
Open the door and head onwards. Hey look! It's Boris. Ignore him. He just pulls
out a PP7 and drops it. Go up the stairs to the right. Stop at the first level,
don't continue up. Kill the soldiers to the right and left of you and choose a
side. Go that way to the very end until you see a giant modem similar to the one
below. Pull the mines out and toss one on it. Don't detonate.

Go to the other side of the floor and do the same. Now descend the stairs back
to where Boris was and rig the two modems there. Head into the center with the
computers and detonate all the bombs. BLAM! Some glass is smashed and a lot of
data is lost for the enemies. Be sure not to kill any small computers in the

Go up the stairs to the right and open the elevator door. Then go to the next
one. Natalya opens the door and comes out. Follow her back down. You have to
place yourself strategically now. I'll describe it and draw a picture. You have
to go back behind her so that your back is against the center part of the glass.

  C    C    C

  C    N    C

  C    C    C

SSSS         SSSS

G is glass, S is stairs, C are computers and N is Natalya on the computer. By
sitting here, you can get enemies sneaking below, enemies coming down the steps
and pretty much any other situation. Ammo is of top priority here, reload
WHENEVER you get the chance.

An alarm will go off. Enemies will begin to come, around 95% come down the
stairs. Shoot them when they COME. Not when they are COMING. Maybe at the steps
at most. Always look left and right in rythmn as fast as you can. Never leaving
the spot. The enemy appearance rate is random. Sometimes I get only 3 enemies,
sometimes I get tens of neverending enemies, even afterwards, usually they stop
but sometimes they wont. Keep firing.

Once or twice, an enemy will appear below, shooting the glass out to get a
tactical position on Natalya. If you hear the glass, immediately find him and
shoot him. No matter what. Kill the other enemies after. But be sure to kill
them as much as possible. The only time you leave the spot is to refill your
D5K Deutsche ammo. After Natalya is done, follow her back up until she goes
back to where she came from.

Head back down the stairs and to the opposite end. There is an elevator door
here. Open it and IMMEDIATELY find cover to the left or right. There will be a
magical THREE drone guns and THREE infantry enemies. Kill them on strafing runs
and get inside. There is a single mainframe in the area, blow it up and leave.
Head straight to the right and open the blast door.

There is an enemy ahead of you and one to the left. As well as a big glass box.
Use a mine and blow the box and the mainframe behind it. This completes the
objective. We are ready to find Alec now. Head forward and out the door.

Make your way to the big area by the boxes. If you want, you can see Trevelyan
by heading to the right side of the area and looking at his elevator. If not,
then simply turn to the left and go to the closed one on the other side. Exit
through the elevator. This last big area is the biggest struggle for your life
so far.

|                                 Cuban Caverns                               |

This level is somewhat dark and depending on what TV you are using, it may come
out poor quality and hard to see where the enemies are. Start by exiting out
the door and shooting the guards. Trevelyan is also there, but he just shoots
and runs away, never to be seen again. After you kill the two, a couple more
guards come around the corner. Kill them and gather the ammunition. You should
get an AR33 and some more ZMG. Use the ZMG until you run out of ammo (fighting,
not shooting at a wall to purposely use it up) and then switch to AR33, where
you should have more ammo from collecting. Repeat this process to conserve your
ammo. Round the next corner.

An enemy should have opened the doors and he is advancing on you. Kill him and
go through the door. Three more enemies are inside. Kill them and head down the
stairs. Killing them makes another two come. Kill them and go down. You are now
on a narrow walkway. Continue around the corner and kill the two guards by the
door. Then move over and open the doors. A guard is on the immediate left.

Head down the stairs and scare the scientist by pointing the weapon at them.
Head to the left of him and down the back way on the bottom to come across an
enemy, kill him and scare the scientists here. Head back to the other scientist
location and blow up the computers there. Then head back to the one with two
scientists (who are gone) and blow up their computers to complete the objective.
Note that guards may come down the steps when you do this, so look out. Head up
the stairs and into the door on the left, an enemy may come out first though.

Head right and go up the giant sloping hill. I'd look to the left so you can
see the approaching enemy. At the top is a door with some guards. Kill them and
go in thte door. Kill the several enemies in this room and gather as much ammo
as you can. Gathering ammo in this room is important, as it will take many
bullets to kill everyone here. After you have them all, exit the room out the
other door.

Kill the enemy you see here, then get the one at the end. It starts with two,
but three more will run towards you when they hear the shots, so look out. Go
down the stairs and kill the enemy here. Take the path to the other side, shoot
the enemies along the way. There are two enemies on top at the other side. One
has a code card. Pick it up and turn around, take the top path and head back
where you came from, defeating enemies along the way to get ammo. Kill the
enemies by the door halfway from the first door and the one that you ignored.

Continue the way you are going to the stairs and turn around and head back (top
level) and open the first door you came across. Inside is a load of enemies and
a drone gun. Kill them and head down the stairs in this room to find some more
enemies and computers. Kill the enemies, one has a Code Card. Then blow the
Computer Consoles up. There are four of them, completing Objective B. Now head
up the stairs and out the door we entered the room in. Head back to the last

Open it up and head inside. Kill ALL the enemies NOT in the glass enclosed area
as FAST as possible. Some have RCP-90's and one has a Code Card. There are
enemies on the left and right. To kill the enemies in the glass, take out the
AR-33 and pick them off with head shots, not rapid fire. Then go inside and
scare the scientists. MAKE SURE they leave. Exit and blow the place after the
scientists are gone by hitting the barrels. This destroys the master console.
If not, blow them yourself.

Enter the giant door that we now can open because we have all 3 code cards.
Kill the enemy and turn left into the next room. Kill the two enemies by
crouching as the door opens. This makes them not able to see you. Now open
the next set of doors and find some cover. Trevelyan will taunt you and run,
but there are TWO drone guns firing at you. So dispatch them and move on. Kill
the enemies in the last room and enter the elevator to finish the level. Phew.

|                                  Cuban Cradle                               |

Start by running around the back of the place you are in, you need the Body
Armor behind it. Then run down the bridge, aiming up and ahead, start firing a
clip or two of PP7 and kill the guard ahead before you can see him. Get his
weapons and pull out a ZMG. ONLY ONE. Shoot the guards that come and collect
weapons and ammo. Head left and take a right down the main slope to the middle.
Shoot the enemy below then head left and go down the stairs. Stay to the right
and away from the building on the left, then aim in the left building door.
Shoot the drone gun on the roof. Then enter and shoot a couple at Trevelyan. He
runs away. Shoot the other drone gun, then head left and blow up the computer
console to complete the first objective. Now exit out the door.

The last objective is to kill Trevelyan, he has a ton of health, an AR33 and
plenty of grenades. Do not go straight to the ramp, but aim over the railing at
his head and shoot. He doesn't see you if you are hidden. Fire at his head
until he runs. Make sure he didn't leave a grenade before he ran. Enemies will
also pile up behind you, so either run or kill them. Follow Trevelyan.

Trevelyan says many strange things. Such as "From the Cradle to the Grave- Your
grave, James." This means you have about 1/6 of his health gone. Trevelyan will
run from the bottom, to the other side and up the ramp. Follow him and shoot
him when he stops up in the second building. He runs outside and up the stairs.
Follow him up, killing enemies in the way. Then when he stops on one of the
ramps, run up another one nearby. (Don't bother shooting at him while he runs,
by the way. It's a waste of ammo.

His next saying is "You could have joined me, James, but you had to side with
the pen pushers. 1/5 of the health is gone around here. Anyway, back to the
other thing, you now flank him by coming around the side. Stay by the railing
and shoot his head like last time, he won't return fire, and instead run away
from you, around to a new spot on top. Shoot him again, then follow him down
back into the first building. He just loops over and over again.

Continue following him. He will say more things. "Always loyal to the mission,
never to your friends." Which means he is 1/4 gone. "James Bond. Her majesty's
Loyal terrier - you sicken me." This means he is around 1/3 finished. Next is
"What's the matter James? No glib remark? No pithy comeback?" This is 1/2
health for him. Then there is "What's the matter? Is that the best you can do?"
for around 1/3 health REMAINING. Then lastly is "Finish the Job James, if you
can!" This one is the key. He only has less than a quarter REMAINING.

He now runs directly down to the bottom and to the center of the thing with the
hut below. Enter after him, he drops to the bottom and says "I was always
better!" Follow him down the ladder. You only have about a second before he
opens fire. So get a fix on his spot and rip bullets into him. When he is dead,
just wait as you say a cool comment. Then he falls of the edge and you escape
on a chopper Natalya hijacked for you. Hooray!

|                             Teotihuaca'n Aztec                              |

The Aztec is unlocked by beating every level in the game (besides Temple) on
the Secret Agent mode.

Start by heading out into the room and shooting the guards on the left, and one
on the right. Collect the AR33's and open the door. The door is imbedded in the
wall, it's discolored and on the opposite side of the start. As soon as it
opens, shoot at the guard at the other end of the hall, he won't see you until
the slow door reaches the top.

Move forwards, there are five enemies in this room. Two to the left and right
on your side of the room, two on the sides of the next part, and one in the
middle. These enemies are Grenade happy, so keep moving. Kill them all and get
weapons and ammo. Move out into the next room out the door.

This next room is the "Space Room". It has a shiny floor, and it just looks
like it has something to do with space. Several enemies are hidden in the small
cubicles on the sides, kill them. Beware: the glass can be shot through at the
end and blow up important equipment, there is also a computer out of the glass
and is needed to complete the level.

Go up to the computer on the left and examine it, this opens the secret door
that looks like a computer mainframe one cubicle ahead. Turn left and shoot up
all the enemies you can see in this first section with the Scope. Move to the
end and turn right. Pull up the scope and pick off the enemies here, then go
to the end and turn right again.

We are in the Exhaust port room, as you enter, it closes and seals the exit, so
you no longer have access to the space room. Don't worry, just blow up the
computer console on the right and head in the vent behind it. Move forward and
turn left as soon as you can.

Head up to the long hall, there are two drone guns that can't face you, so kill
them both and go left. Enemies should be at the end of the hall. Shoot them and
head that way to the end. There is an exit vent. Go out it.

IMMEDIATELY run for you life and find some defilade (cover). You should have
picked up a laser from one of the guys inside the vent, so pull it out and pick
off the Drone Guns to stop them from firing. Take out the infantry and head
down into the vents on the other side. 

Head left and go down the stairs. Follow this path until you get to a very
narrow area. This is the hard part, lean out and shoot to the left at the enemy
that is there, then turn around. Surprise! It's Jaws! Shoot the guard next to
him and then run towards Jaws, firing with the laser. Get as close as you can
to him and start shooting. His arms are to long to reach you, and you are
ripping him apart with the laser, when he starts to stumble, you can back away
and just keep hitting him until he dies. Get his smart card and Dual AR33's.

Head back out the way you came and up the stairs. Back out of the vent, head
right of the vents heading to the Exhaust Room. Ascend the ladder and use the
computer on the other end to open the Exhaust Bay. Head back down and in the
vent to the exhaust room. Go back, then head all the way back to the "space
room". Open it by using the computer on your side of the door.

Head right and open the glass with the smart card. Collect the Launch Procedure
DAT from the table, then go into your inventory and take out the Guidance Data.
Use it by the disk drive and it gets uploaded. Head back down to the big room
(through the exhaust bay) and climb the ladder. Open the exhaust bay with the
computer and head down.

Go to the part with the giant glass and two drone guns from before. Turn right
and use the DAT by the mainframe. This will start the launch protocol, then
begin to launch the shuttle. After it reaches 0, you win!

|                            el-Saghira Egyptian Temple                       |

The Egyptian Temple is unlocked by beating every level in the game on Double O
Agent Mode.

From the start, move forwards and kill the two enemies in front of you. Pick up
their Dual ZMG's. I'd reccomend using one. Turn around and head into the door
on the right (left from the start). There are about 4 enemies in this room.
Several more will come. Kill them and continue down until you come to a part
with Diverging roads.

Head right, then go straight to the back. An open door is here, head in it and
go up the stairs. Open the door and you are in a room with boxes, and the
Golden gun. To do this next part, you have to listen to my directions carefully
or you will take a TON of damage.

Start by stepping out one forward from the doorway. You should be directly
adjacent to the door. Go all the way left to the wall. Now move up TWO. These
instructions don't include the one you are standing on. Head THREE to the
right. You won't be next to the wall. Head up two more and go 1 left, go up
once, then left. You will now be able to go forwards to the glass.

If you mess up during this, you probably won't live, but leave by the secret
door on the left of the glass if you do. Then redo this.

To open the glass, head in a complete circle of the square (makes little sense)
and it will fall down. Collect the Gun and the ammo, then go out the secret
door to the left of the gun location. Open it to get Body Armor, then open the
next one to jump to the bottom floor again. Head forward and you will spot the
Baron himself. He has dual Dostovei weapons. Kill him with one shot with the
Golden Gun.

Now go left (from the gun room exit) and take a right to the start part (with
the blue floor) to see him AGAIN!? WHAT? Shoot him up with the Golden Gun. This
time, it takes TWO hits to kill him. If this was 007 Mode, he must have 20000%
health to survive that! This time he has Dual ZMG's that he fires from his
Dostovei weapons (?). After he is dead, the rooms will start getting dark.

Head back to the giant room we first saw him (backwards, left). There is a part
of the wall that is darkened, it is easy to see because it looks nothing like
the wall (it's near a corner). Open it up and enter. Follow the path all the
way to the end, there is an enemy there. Ignore the guns on the right, they
will have no chance to hit you. After you are at the end, ignore the stairs on
the right and head left downstairs.

Down here is the Baron, shoot him three times now with the Golden Gun. Beware
his dual Moonrakers, which he fires from the Dostovei Pistols again. After he
takes the third bullet, he goes down and is dead. The level now ends. As you
walk out, he appears, laughing. He isn't really dead. Oh well, you still won!

|                                  Closing                                    |

Well, what an Interesting FAQ to write! I hope you enjoy it, and have fun in
the greatest shooter of all time. If you have a question, comment, or anything
to ask me, don't hesitate to send me an email at:

This FAQ is incomplete at the moment of typing, I hope to complete it soon.
Send me some feedback on it. What do you want to see? What do I need to improve
to make it better? Does the weapons section (which is incomplete right now)
suck? Tell me all. I'm interested in seeing your view as the reader. This will
be one of my twentie something files. So I'm fairly experienced. However, that
doesn't mean I can't make a mistake. So tell me all.

This is not my last file. Email me for information on my FAQ plans for the
future, and see if you want to get involved. Who knows? You might catch the
FAQing fever! Until next time, my loyal fans!

(PS, the ~ isn't there because it's in my name. It's there because it looks
cool and it has a way with the ladies! Which a FAQ writing geek really needs).

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