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Weapons FAQ by Outkast

Version: 1.8 | Updated: 01/08/00

GoldenEye Weapons FAQ
Nintendo 64
Version 1.8

Written By:


1) Intro / Comments
2) Update History
3) Weapons List
4) Weapon Overview
5) Weapon Tricks
6) Credits
7) Legal Info

1) Intro / Comments

Welcome to this GoldenEye weapons FAQ. I know that this is
extremely late, but I've owned GoldenEye for over 20 months
now (roughly) and I noticed its my only N64 game I haven't
written a FAQ for. I didn't feel like making a big walkthrough,
so I came up with this Weapons Guide.

Now my comments on the game......

This game scores a 10/10 with ease. Not only is it a challenge
with three different difficulty levels, but it is great for
multiplayer action as well. The graphics and sound all went well,
and the storyline which is modified a few times from the movie is
still great.

2) Update History

Version 1.8
I received an extremely helpful e-mail from 'Liaw Family' and added it
to the weapons tricks section. It's juiced with weapon-related info along
with hints and tips.

Version 1.7
No actual update or changes to the FAQ... I just changed my alias and
e-mail address and replaced it everywhere in this FAQ. Please note that
cripplerx@hotmail.com is no longer my e-mail address!


P.S. - If you want the reason for the name change, mail me and let me know
and I'll tell you (this isn't the place to explain).


I've got a nice e-mail update:

I was browsing your faq and i found a few things you should add. Rocket
launchers and grenade launchers  are both found on the streets. Timed
mines are found in caverns. Prox. mines are found in depot. Automatic
shotguns are found at the very end of caverns. Grenades are found in every
level, if not, at least facility. Remote mines can be found in control. The
assualt rifle can also be found in caverns. ZMG's can be found in caverns.
D5K's can be found in Depot, control and frigate. Klobbs can be found on
both bunkers. DD44 can be found in dam and train. Quite a lot hey? You
can update if you want, i don't really care. But it will save you
getting other emails.

K Jobst

The info is appreciated, but like I've said, I only list a few levels
that each weapon is found in; not every single level.

Version 1.6
I added some more new tricks to the tricks section that were sent in
to me. Special thanks to geezer and Togepi for those.

Version 1.5
The weapons section has been updated with new guns that I didn't already
have; special thanks to these people for letting me know:

Weapons FAQ E-mails

Special thanks to these people for nicely telling me that I missed some
weapons in the Weapons FAQ (11/13/99):

Desman Bailey <vsago@ignmail.com>, CJN215@aol.com, Bond999007@aol.com.

There was also another person that mailed me criticizing me for not
adding these weapons.... And that person has never written a FAQ in his
entire life! I won't put his name or e-mail address, but isn't that

Version 1.4
Ok everyone, I hear your calls..... I've added the Phantom gun to the
weapons list/overview.

Great Weapon FAQ! One thing though. On Agent mode on the Frigate, you
start with an silenced D5K. You also forgot to add the Phantom in the
weapon list. It is also findable on the Frigate. ( Kill the guards to
get the un-silenced D5K and the Phantom. You will probably find two of
each weapon.)

Special thanks to Light Saber for this info.

Version 1.3
A nice person mailed me and informed me that I had forgotten to add the
hunting knives to the overview, so I have done so...... Please check
out the credits for my thank you's regarding that matter.

Version 1.2
Someone mailed me and notified me of extra places to find the RCP-90.
Please see the RCP-90 commentary as well as the credits for that. Also,
in the weapon tricks section, I added the loactions of the RCP-90's
in the game because all 3 of them are hidden or hard to get.

Version 1.1
Added section #5, the weapons tricks section.

Version 1.0
I have added everything...... You can find anything you want to
know on the weapons found in GoldenEye.

3) Weapons List

Throwing Knives
Hunting Knives
Silenced PP7
DD44 Dostovei
Cougar Magnum
Gold PP7
KF7 Soviet
DK5 Deutsche
Assault Rifle
Sniper Rifle
Automatic Shotgun
Timed Mines
Proximity Mines
Remote Mines
Rocket Launcher
Grenade Launcher
Silver PP7

4) Weapon Overview

Please Note: When I list where weapons are found, I only name a few places;
not every single level that it's in. I thought that everyone would be
able to understand that until I got an e-mail from someone telling me how
dumb I am for leaving out places....

Found: Anywhere
Slappers means punching. Basically all it is in Goldeneye is
karate chopping your opponent. It takes a long time and a
lot of hits, and I only recommend it if you have no ammo, no
weapon, or just feel like getting killed.

Throwing Knives
Found: Bunker (1)
To get this, after getting out of the cell in the beginning
and killing the guard, go to the left when facing Nataly (while
she is in the cell) and use the watch magnet attract. The
good things about these weapons are that they kill instantly
and after throwing them you can pick them up again. The bad
thing is that they're hard to be accurate and take a long time
to throw. They're fun to play with, but in the Bunker with all
of the guards, it's better to use a gun of some sort.

Hunting Knives
Found: Cheat (Jungle; Agent; 3:45)
These are pretty much the throwing knives on steroids....... If you want
to get a picture of them in your head, think: Would you try to kill a
deer with a butter knife or a big one? That big one that you chose is
what a hunting knive looks like.

Found: Statue, Archives, Cradle
In almost every level you start out with a PP7 although it
is usually silenced (see next weapon). It's a small gun that
allows 7 shots per round, and though it's not powerful and
only allows 7 shots/round, it's easy to be accurate with because
it makes a loud noise which in a way, helps your accuracy in
the game.

Silenced PP7
Found: Almost every level
You start out with this weapon in almost every level. It is
the same as a PP7 (see above) only it is longer because a
silencer is added to the end of it. The silencer allows it
to make less noise when shooting so guards don't hear it.
Other than the silencer, there is no difference between the
PP7 and the Silenced PP7.

DD44 Dostovei
Found: Silo, Frigate, Archives
This gun is sort of like the PP7, only it is silver, allows
8 shots per round, and makes a louder noise. It is as powerful
as the PP7 and holds a slight advantage over the PP7 because
it allows more shots and in some levels you can use two at a

Cougar Magnum
Found: All levels with cheat
In order to use this weapon in the game, you'll need to
access the cheat. It's very powerful, and is much like a
"Cowboy" gun. Two shots are usually enough to put a guard
out with this weapon.

Gold PP7
Found: All levels with cheat
You'll need to beat the Cradle in under 2:15 for this one.
It is the same as a PP7, only it is gold and kills everyone
in one shot..... Even Trevylan in the Cradle.

Moonraker Laser
Found: Multiplayer, Aztec Level
The lasers are just what you thought would be.... They're big
powerful silver guns that release green laser beams. They are
awesome because you don't need to reload them (obviously)
and they kill opponents quickly.

KF7 Soviet
Found: Dam, Facility, Runway, to name a few
To beat the game you'll have to be good with this weapon
because you pick it up in almost every level. It is a
long black maching gun that offers 30 shots a round, and
each time you hit the Z Button it automatically fires
off 3 shots. Many of the russian guards carry them.

Found: Surface, Archives
This is a weird looking gray machine gun that isn't all that
great..... Don't be surprised by its look. It allows 20 shots
per round and it takes a while to kill an opponent with. I
recommend only using it when you have to.

DK5 Deutsche
Found: Train, Facility
This is an awesome maching gun that you will get very
attached to. You can fire quite a bit with it, and unlike
the klobb it is very affective and kills extremely

Found: Train, Cradle
Like the DK5 Deutsche (see above) this is yet another
fun machine gun. It's pretty much the same thing as the
Deutsche only it looks different.

Assault Rifle
Found: Jungle, Cradle
In my opinion, this is the second best machine gun you will
find in the game (behind the RC-P90). When you fire it, you'll
see an asterik (*) shaped fire come out of the gun as it
allows 30 shots per round. It is very powerful and it comes
with a great scope which will be useful in the Jungle.

Sniper Rifle
Found: Dam, Surface
This is the most overrated gun you will find in the entire
game. The good thing about is that the scope is amazing on
it (views the farthest in the game), and you can use it as
a weapon if you run out of ammo (you can swing it at guards
and kill them in a few swings). However, it is incredibly
slow, isn't all that powerful, and only gives you 8 shots
per round.

Found: Train, Jungle (kill Xenia), Water Caverns (kill guard).
This is without a doubt the best machine gun in the entire
game. The only bad part is that it has no scope. However,
it is amazingly powerful, fast, and allows 80 shots per
round. When you get this, you can basically run around
holding down the Z Button and you'll be fine. Another disadvantage
is that it's hard to find; it's hidden in the train, you
have to kill Xenia for it, and you have to kill a guard for it.

Automatic Shotgun
Found: Statue
This is another great gun. The only bad thing is that you
only get it in one level, and it only allows 5 shots per
round. However, it shoots huge bullets and usually only
takes 1 shot to kill a guy (two if they're lucky).

Timed Mines
Found: Multiplayer
They are little bombs that you stick on a wall, or door, etc.,
and then get away from and watch them blow.

Proximity Mines
Found: Multiplayer
Same as times mines (see above) only they explode when someone
gets close to them after they are attached.

Remote Mines
Found: Facility, Multiplayer
Little bombs (like the other two makes of bombs) only you decide
when they go off. You throw them on something, then when you
want them to explode, you pull out your watch and hit the Z

Found: Control
You should, by now, know what a grenade is. It's the type
of explosive where you pull the pin, throw it, and watch it
blow. In Goldeneye, you just throw it and get away from it.
You don't have to pull a pin or anything for it to go off
(though many people find it necessary to with the Z Button).

Rocket Launcher
Found: Multiplayer
This is exactly what the name says it is... It fires
rockets. It is extremely powerful and explosive. After
shooting it, you should get away. You can usually take
out a multitude of guys with it.

Grenade Launcher
Found: Multiplayer
Instead of throwing grenades, this thing launches them for
you. It's the same thing as the rocket launcher (see above)
only it launches grenades and is less powerful.

Found: Frigate
A very powerful shotgun that can be found only in the Frigate
level. Some of the guards hold them; they hold 50 bullets per
round and can be held double when you pick up two.

Silver PP7
Found: Anywhere (With Cheat)
Almost the same thing as the gold PP7 only less powerful. A
shot in the head guarantees a kill with this gun.

Found: Runway, Streets
Allows you to hop into a tank and drive it and run people over,
also offers a grenade launcher to shoot with.

Found: Anywhere (With Cheat)
It's the final weapon on the all guns cheat and is like a shock

Shotgun (Not Automatic)
Found: Anywhere (With Cheat)
The same thing as the Automatic Shotgun, only it is not automatic

5) Weapon Tricks

Bonus Weapons:
Complete each of the following levels to obtain the corresponding

Weapon           Level
Magnum           Antenna Cradle, Janus Base
Laser            Aztec Complex (as 00 Agent)
Golden Gun       Egyptian Temple

Cougar Magnum gun:
Beat the game on the "Agent" difficulty setting.

Bonus Egyptian level:
Beat the game on the "00 Agent" difficulty level.

Bonus Aztec level:
Beat the Antenna Cradle level on the "00 Agent" difficulty setting.

Double mixed weapons
Obtain two sets of paired weapons that appear next to each other in
your weapon list and some ammunition for each gun. (For example, in
the Military Archives level, obtain two Dostoveis and two Klobbs).
Then, cycle through the weapons until two of the second set of weapons
are ready. Now, quickly press the following set of buttons: Hold A
button, then before the weapons cycle forward, press Z(2). Release A,
then press A once Press Z to fire two or three times while the weapons
are cycling. If done correctly, firing the weapon will lock one of the
weapons during the cycle, allowing a mixed set.

Paintbrush weapon
Begin a game in multi-player mode on a level that contains sniper rifles.
Then, collect a sniper rifle before getting any ammunition or touching
another character. Now press A(2) after getting the sniper rifle to use a

Floating weapons
Locate the control room in the Bunker 2 level with the big screen.
Place a remote mine on each of the eight televisions that are
attached to the ceiling and destroy them. Throw mines, grenades,
knives or fire the rocket launcher in the room and the weapons will
float. If this trick is done during a single player game, the enemies
will die with their weapons in their hands.

Invisible mines
Begin game play in multi-player mode. Place a mine on
ammunition, then take the ammunition. Although the mine will still
be at that location, it will not appear on your opponent's screen.

Falling mines
Complete all the objectives on the Runway level except "Escape in
plane". Place a few timed mines on your plane, then enter and take
off. You will see the mines fall out and explode when you are in
the air.

RCP-90 Locations

#1 Set the game to its easiest level and blow up the last box in the
first cart of the Train level. If you have it on the two harder
levels, it will be a DD4 Dostovei instead.

#2 Kill Xenia in the Jungle. She has a whole load of goodies,
including the powerful machine gun.

#3 Some of the guards carry them in the Water Caverns.

This next trick was sent in by Geezer:

You can pick up a pair of AR33's on the caverns level by shooting
the box near the window in the radio room, when you shoot it two
smaller boxes come out, shoot them and you get two diddy little
boxes, shoot them and you get two TV's, finally shoot these and
each contains an AR33. one for each hand.

This one came in from Togepi:

Hay, In case ya don' know, in multiplayer, if u have proximity mines, put
them on a vaulable item[Body Armor,US Assult Ru\ifle,etc.] Once they touch
it. *BOOM*
Put as many as possible. i put 50[no joke!] and other player, i just say i
will not attend u'r funeral. Just try this neaty tricky!

Here's a mail from 'Liaw Family,' very helpful and informative:

the details may be different, as I have the PAL version.

*    Klobb:    Also found in the second buncker, held by the chappy with
the flat cap who also has the security keycard. Found in pairs. Seems to
be VERY noisey.

* Moonraker Laser: Dunno about the green lasers; they're blue in the PAL

* KF7 : Shoots accurate single shots in zoom mode.

*DK5 Deutsche: Start off with a silenced one in the frigate mission, can
get an unsilenced version in the engine room (IIRC...)

*ZMG: Also found in the Egypt mission

* Assault rifle: Also found in the Moonraker mission.

* Timed mines also found in the pumping facility mission (after control
room mission)

*Grenades: found almost anywhere .  The secret is to shoot the grenade
throwing wankers just before they pull the pin, but are still holding it.
Can also get them off the scientists. Can also shoot grenades in the hands
of the energy to make them explode. Done this twice. Bloody difficult.
Oh yeah, can hold Z button to delay - has 5 or seven second delay - can't

* The plain vanilla shotgun has a longer reload time, and poorer grouping
(ie, larger pellet spread) than the auto-shotgun.

* Sniper rifle. 'Bout as powerful as the Soviet. Headshots only. 'Nuff said.

*Golden gun, found in Egypt mission sans cheat.

*Phantom, minor typo - it's a sub-machine gun, not a shotgun.

Other stuff

*There's another (easier) method to get mixed pairs. See GameFAQs.

*Kill Nattalia in Cutscenes!! In the cutscenes which shows Bond walking
through parts of the level you can access, use the all weapons  to place
proximity mines in your path.

Eg:In the second bunker. After securing the mission, throw mines onto the
helicopter landing pad fro minside the building. Watch cutscene and laugh
as you fail the mission in the dying seconds...

* Pointless challenges. In missile silo, place a remote mine on a plastique
explosive at your starting position. Go to end. Detonate and see how long
it takes for the explosion to reach you.

* Explosives have the ability to fry body armour in multiplayer.

*Cheesy multiplayer tactics. Play with unlimited ammo, lay about a dozen
remote mines. Explode them, then rapidly place and explode more mines. The
other players can't explode their's due to the N64 bogging down with your
constant stream of explosions!

*More cheesy multiplayer tactics: Use unlimited proximity mines. Hold down
Z button. Run like a madman. Don't loop back. Laugh.

* Also, the N64 doesn't keep the locations of all the mines forever. After
a while, some mines will dissapear. Dunno if there's a time limit, or a
maximum number of dropped mines on the map.  Two questions; what's Togepi
on, and [secondly], can I have some too? (Togepi is the chappy from your 

* Shoot mines to explode them.

* Use the sidestep feature in zoom mode to sidestep enermy rockets by the
proverbial gnat's whisker.

* Place proximaty mine under the bungy platform on the wall, and laugh as
James punges through a ball of fire.

* Use proximaty mines in the Park/Statue to kill 006 before he shows up and
considerable shorten the saga of Goldeneye.

* The shotguns and the magums push the enermies back a considerable
distance. Pointless but true.

* In the facility, after the alarm has been raisen, run back to the labs,
hide in the one on the left and close the door. Kill anyone inside and run
right up to the door to stop the enermy from opening it. Smash the glass and
start shooting the gits. Can also use karate chops, tape the Z key down and
leave for a hour. Return, photograph the screen and brag to your friends
about the number of kills you've got.

* More pointless things. See how many guys you can kill with one shot
(non-explosive) - use the magum, laser, RP90, or another weapon that can
go through people. My record was three.

6) Credits

Cheat Code Central
For some of the Weapon Tricks.

For some of the RCP-90 locations.

'Liaw Family'
For some very helpful info/hints/tips.

For a weapon trick that wasn't already listed.

Light Saber
For informing me I had forgotten to add the Phantom gun
to the list/overview.

Weapons FAQ E-mails

Special thanks to these people for nicely telling me that I missed some
weapons in the Weapons FAQ (11/13/99):

Desman Bailey <vsago@ignmail.com>, CJN215@aol.com, Bond999007@aol.com.

There was also another person that mailed me criticizing me for not
adding these weapons.... And that person has never written a FAQ in his
entire life! I won't put his name or e-mail address, but isn't that

For informing me that I had forgot to add the hunting knives
in the weapons list and overview.

The rest of this weapons guide was compiled by myself.

7) Legal Info

This FAQ was written for private use only, and may not
be sold or used in anyway to make a profit. It may not
be placed on any websites without my written permission.
The latest version of this FAQ can always be found at:


This FAQ is copyright © 1999-2000 by Outkast and Goldeneye is
copyright © 1997 by Rare and Nintendo.

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