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Multiplayer Strategy Guide by DForsyth

Updated: 05/16/98

Date: Sat, 16 May 1998 21:59:14 -0400 
From: dan forsyth <dan_forsyth@usa.net> 

       Goldeneye Multiplayer Strategies

Basic Strategies

1. Learn how to duck and use it when in a fight, it almost always 
screws up the person trying to kill you along with making you harder 
to hit.

2. Learn how to lean,  (Hold R and hit C-left or C-Right, under default 
controls). If a person is aiming at you from a doorway, behind a 
pillar etc. and you also have the aided benefit of a door way or 
pillar then don't strafe or simply walk out, which makes you very 
vulnerable, lean out very quickly and shoot, its very hard to hit 
you.  Adjust your aim if you miss the first time.  An example of a 
good place to lean, in Complex in the yellow lighted ramp with the 
body armor, if someone is at the bottom aiming up at you at the top 
then hide behind the wall, lean out and shoot him, rather then 
strafing or walking.

3. Know your levels, know where the closest weapon is and where the 
closest body armor is.  If you know where these things are then you 
know where you have to go when you start and when you die.  You also 
know where you opponent will be going because s/he has the same 
needs that you do.  Know where good places to hide and where good 
places to ambush are. Example, jumping out at person that is just 
coming off stairs is good because their aim will be off.

4. Know when to run for it but also know when to stay and fight.  
Sometimes when you don't have a gun and are running it can be to 
your advantage because people will always underestimate you.  This 
really only works on -10 health or License to Kill mode but if 
someone is chasing you when you are unarmed and there is a few 
corners to run around so you don't get shot then go around a corner 
then suddenly double back and slap the person chasing you.  I do 
this a lot and if you do it right then the person chasing is caught 
completely by surprise, if the first slap doesn't kill then duck and 
slap again, they usually don't expect the duck. 

5. Always have patience, running into something blindly usually ends up 
with you dead.  Force your opponent to come to you so you have the 

6. Contradictory to number 5, surprise can often cause you opponent to 
make an error allowing you to kill them.  Example, if a person is 
situated on top of a ramp and are waiting for you to come, then 
pretend to play it cautiuos then suddenly charge. Although usually 
the better idea is to lean.

7. Hog the body armor, you live longer and you get an award for it, Ac-
10 award for those of you who were wondering what that meant.  
Hogging the body armor gives you a distinct advantage especcially in 
the higher health modes.

8. Aim with the C-buttons, aiming with the air takes to much time and 
you can't do it while running, aiming with the C-buttons improves 
your good play a lot.

9. Don't Camp! Nobody likes a camper, camping takes no skill and a good 
player will easily kill a camper.

10.Reload often.  Never get caught with only a few bullets.

Level Strategies

Temple: Use the Russian Commandant, he blends in well.  Shoot through 
the hole in floor but don't camp there.  Remember where to body armor 
is and remember to get it.  Leaning should be used a lot in this level, 
depending on the way your opponent plays.  In the big room shoot even 
if you don't see you opponent, trust the radar and hope for a lucky 

Complex: Use the Siberian Special Forces, he blends in well.  Lean a 
lot, usually against a person trapped up in the room with 3 windows and 
the only exit being the ramp.  Know where all the vents are, (One at 
the end of ledge above the body armor, one in the square room that has 
doorways leading all over the level, one under the ramp beside the 
ventalation shaft that you crawl through, one in the room with a lot of 
pillars).  They make good places to hide and to pop out from, although 
you have to make sure that you can shoot out of it, not all of them 
can. Know the secret passages, the one across from the ventalation 
shaft, the one across from the dual windows, and the one across from 
that leading to the red lit room and body armor.  

Caves: Be someone dark like Trevalyn.  Try to know the level, it gives 
you a large advantage because it's a very hard level to learn.  Hide in 
the shadows if you know someone's near but don't just sit there the 
whole games.

Library: Know where the exit and entrance points to the different 
levels are. When being chased it is good to go downstairs because it's 
more closed in and easy to escape. Other points are in their own 
heading, stack and basement.

Basement: Be someone dark, like the Janus Special Forces. Hide behind 
pillars when in a shoot out.  There is only one body armor so hog it.  
Never get caught in a dead end and know where dark passages are that 
you can duck into when your being chased.

Stack:  Try to stay on the bottom more then the top because in a fight 
between a person on top and a person on the bottom it is easier to hit 
a person on the top.  Know where all the passages lead and know how to 
get to the closest body armor quickly.  

Facility: My favorite level.  Be someone gray like the Janus Marine or 
Siberian Special Forces. In the beginning if you get the first kill you 
can make it so it's near impossible for you to lose, at least when 
using power weapons, here's how.  After the first kill stay in the 
middle at the end of the stairs that lead to the bathroom.  Anywhere he 
start's is easily accesible from here. If he start's in the room with 
only one door then quickly charge him and kill him before he can pick 
up a gun and load it.  If he starts on the balcony above you behind the 
closed doors then aim up there, if he goes for the gun then shoot him 
it's easy. If he doesn't go for the gun then stay where you are, he can 
go get body armor, don't open the door and chase him because he can get 
away and get a gun, if you stay where you are then he can go all the 
around and still have to run out in the open to get the bad gun near 
the door leading to the other half of the level.  If you miss him and 
he does get that gun, oh well you should be able to take him out with 
only that, just make sure he doesn't get the RC-P90 up on the balcony.  
If he starts in the vent then go up there quickly before he can get the 
shotgun.  If he won't come out of the vent the use the trick to go up 
after him (hold r, C-left and control stick left, you will spin in a 
circle then jump up into the vent). If he starts in the other half of 
the level then go into the little room across from the stairs.  Get the 
cougar magnum and wait there, when he comes into view through the glass 
then shoot him, he won't have a gun that can go through the glass. If 
he refuses to come then sit there, your winning any ways. Know the 
starting points to, you get to know them after a while any ways.  Just 
remember that if you kill him with the cougar through the glass then 
stay there, he'll start where he died with all his guns.

Bunker:  Be the Janus Marine or the Siberian Special Forces.  Standing 
in a doorway and shooting through the window gives you a huge advantage 
and if someone is doing this to you then lean out from the wall and 
shoot through the window, don't charge them.  If you start at the end 
of the long hall near the outside and don't have a chance of making 
inside to get a gun then do this.  Go outside and a little to the right 
but close to the door so he can't immediately shoot you.  When he comes 
up the steps and is on the last landing near the door the charge 
through the door and slap at him, he won't be expecting it.  If the 
first slap doesn't kill him then do it again, if you run for it he will 
catch up and kill you.

Archives: Remember that on the top level to the side of locked doors is 
a secret hallway containing the best gun of the level.  There is one 
body armor on each floor, try to hog it.  When shooting from cubicle to 
another in a fight, duck when you have to reload so you aren't much of 
a target, although your head is still visible.  

Caverns: Be someone dark like Trevalyn.  Trust the radar and shoot even 
if you don't see the person.  When being chased try to go to the secret 
passage that is very dark and leads to the room with the circular ramp 
and the room with the hill you can go up.  When being chased, go 
through that and when you come out just stand a little to the right of 
the entrance, when your opponent comes out then quickly go back into 
the passage and back the way you came.  It usually takes opponents a 
few seconds to relize what you've done and without radar you can 
sometimes fool them completely.  When on the top catwalk ambush someone 
that's one the bottom, it usually works good.

Egypt: Be the Russian Commandant or Russian Soldier.  Hide behind 
pillars when fighting.  Hog the body armor.  Know about the secret 
passage in the far left corner of the big room.  Hiding, ducking, and 
leaning should all combine to give you an edge in this level if you use 
them right.  

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