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00 Agent Guide by marshmallow

Version: 3.0 | Updated: 05/16/2000

* -------------------------------------------------------------------- *
      _____     __   __         ____           ___  ___  __________
     / ___/__  / /__/ /__ ___  / __/_ _____   / _ \/ _ \/_  /_____/
    / (_ / _ \/ / _  / -_) _ \/ _// // / -_) / // / // / / /___/ 
    \___/\___/_/\_,_/\__/_//_/___/\_, /\__/  \___/\___/ /_/  

      E X T E N S I V E   0 0   A G E N T   W A L K T H R O U G H  

           Author: marshmallow <marshmallow@planetn2000.com>
                         Version 3.0 

* -------------------------------------------------------------------- *

Come one, come all, to the most detailed and concise FAQ for one of the 
greatest games of all time, GoldenEye 007. Well, I would like to think 
it is one of the most detailed! ;) In the top ten, at the very least. 
Getting to the point, this game came out in August of 1997, yet I am 
still playing it, in the year 2000. No, not just the multiplayer (though 
that certainly helps, being the best party game ever)...the one-player 
game is that good! I've re-structured this walkthrough to reflect on the 
more sound strategies I have discovered throughout my long playing time. 

Also, if you want information on getting the specific level cheats, see 
my GoldenEye 007 Codes FAQ, which is a separate document. It's stored at 
www.gamefaqs.com, just like all of my other FAQs.


  0.   T A B L E   O F   C O N T E N T S


0.   Table of Contents
1.   Revision History / Updates
2.   Important Legal Information
3.   Introduction

4.   MISSION I: ARKANGELSK             
      -  Dam                            
      -  Facility                        
      -  Runway                           
5.   MISSION II: SEVERNAYA                 
      -  Surface                            
      -  Bunker
      -  Silo
      -  Frigate
      - Surface (2)
      - Bunker (2)
      -  Statue Park
      -  Military Archives 
      -  Streets
      -  Depot
      -  Train
      -  Cuban Jungle
      -  Control Center
      -  Water Caverns
      -  Cradle
      -  Aztec Complex
12.   Mission IX: EL-SAGHIRA (BONUS)
      -  Egyptian Temple

13.   Frequently Asked Questions
14.   Weapons / Gadgets
      -  Semi-automatic
      -  Automatic
      -  BOOM! Baby
      -  Miscellaneous
      -  Gadgets
15.   Characters
16.   Credits Section
17.   Contact Information


  1.   R E V I S I O N   H I S T O R Y   /   U P D A T E S


Note: New update information will appear near the top, pushing older 
      updates towards the bottom.

Tuesday, May 16th, 2000 (Version 3.0)

Wow! This has to be one of my longest running FAQs, as the first update 
was all the way back in the summer of 1998! That's pretty amazing!

Regardless, I came back and pretty much changed the _ENTIRE_ walkthrough 
and its layout. This is a test layout for Perfect Dark, and I want to 
see how it works out (just don't tell anyone I told ya this, eh?). This 
explains the huge increase in versions (version 2.3, to version 3.0 = 
big update). EVERYTHING has been re-written. Go enjoy this practically 
brand new FAQ!

Monday, August 23rd, 1999 (Version 2.3)

In the Cradle stage, I included another paragraph that should be of more 
use to you. 

Sunday, June 20th, 1999 (Version 2.2)

I've added a few sections here, re-did a few, etc. Just check below. 
This will probably be the very last update to his FAQ...

Friday, April 2nd, 1999 (Version 2.1)

I added a new strategy of my own for Jaws in the Aztec Level. If you've 
having trouble beating him because you lose so much energy and the other 
tricks don't work, try this one out! It's unique to this FAQ, I haven't 
seen it any where else. I also added the location of some Body Armor in 
the Cradle (Which should help you immensely).   

Monday, March 29th, 1999 (Version 2.0)

Well, I spellchecked the entire thing with my new Spellchecker. New 
things? Changed font. Anything else? No :)

Sunday, December 13th , 1998 (Version 1.5)

Fixed some typos
Added the Egyptian Level 

On another note, I finally opened up Egyptian mode! I laughed, I cried, 
I ran around the room in disbelief, but I did it. I also got all of the 
cheats, feeling as if I could do anything. 007 mode is sooo cool, here 
are few neat things to do:
Set enemy health to 1000, guards can take like 10 shots in the head from 
the Cougar Magnum! Check out Baron and Jaws, they can take a clip from 
each gun (not counting the Golden Gun) before falling! Amazing.

Set enemy accuracy to 0% and guards can't even hit you if they get right 
up in your face!

There are loads of other stuff to do too, like setting enemy damage to 
0%, when you get hit the meter shows and get knocked back, but you'll 
never die no matter how many shots you take. Or try setting enemy 
accuracy to 100%...let's just say this, if they shoot and their bullets 
won't be abstracted, they WILL hit you, no matter what. 

Wednesday, August 5th, 1998 (Version 1.0)

First release, so everything is obviously new!


  2.   I M P O R T A N T   L E G A L   I N F O R M A T I O N


This FAQ can only appear on the following sites:

- GameFAQs <www.gamefaqs.com>
- Cheat Code Central <www.cheatcc.com>
- GameSages <www.gamesages.com>

Why? Because those are the only three sites that can keep my FAQs 
updated. GameFAQs gets away with murder, though, on account of the fact 
I send my FAQs there myself. Gamesages is GameFAQs sister site, so they 
share information. Cheat Code Central is great, because they always seem 
to have the most updated version without me having to tell them. Great 
job, guys and gals. 

I just hate it when people have outdated versions of my FAQs, because I 
get loads (e.g. 100+) of e-mails telling me to "update my FAQ" even 
though it IS updated, or they ask a question that has been answered in 
the new versions, or make additions that are already there, etc., etc. 
I've had problems with this with other FAQs, and I'm taking steps (e.g. 
this note) to put an end to it! 

Here are a few "do's" and "don'ts". Webmasters! Take note...

Webmasters! Do NOT:

Post this FAQ on your site directly. The only sites that this rule DOES 
NOT apply to are GameFAQs, GameSages, and Cheat Code Central, as shown 

Webmasters! Please DO:

If you are a webmaster of a site that wants to post this FAQ, what do 
you do? As you read above, you can not post it directly. Instead, link 
to the page at www.gamefaqs.com that lists all the FAQs for this game. 
Why GameFAQs? Because I said so. To clear up some confusion, you can not 
link to the URL if it ends in ".txt" or ".doc", you just can't use that. 
If it ends in anything else, such as the page where it lists all the 
FAQs for a game, you can link to THAT, but not to the actual FAQ. I'm 
only repeating myself, but I had to because some people have to be told 
something twice. If you have any questions on linking, notify me. To 
answer the most common question I'll get, you can not link to any 
GameFAQs URL that ends in ".txt" or ".doc" because it's in GameFAQs' 
legal section. So there. 

This FAQ cannot be used in magazines, guides, books, etc. or in any 
other form of printed or electronic media involved in a commercial 
business, in part or in whole, in any way, shape, or form, PERIOD. It 
may not be given away freely, as a "bonus" or "prize", or given away 
with the game itself, etc. This FAQ cannot be used for either profitable 
or promotional purposes, regardless of the situation. Breaking any of 
these rules is in direction violation of U.S. law. 

Any characters, names, places, or miscellaneous objects are copyright 
their respective companies. I am in no way affiliated with Nintendo, 
Rareware, nor any companies that were/are involved with this game.

This document is © 1998 - 2000 marshmallow
All rights reserved


  3.   I N T R O D U C T I O N


This section will overview some basic things about GoldenEye.

            A N Y W H E R E   B U T   T H E   F A C E

GoldenEye has a body-hit detecting system, where if you shoot someone in 
the leg they will take a small amount of damage, but a shot to the head 
almost gurantees a kill! However, if you want to stall someone instead 
of actually killing them, shoot them in the foot, the knee, or the hand, 
because they will hold it for several seconds and will not do anything.

             G U A R D S   A R E   L I S T E N I N G

Yeah, it's true. Guards can hear all the noise you make, unless you 
don't make any noise at all...in which case they couldn't hear you, 
because there's nothing to hear! Wow, it shows how easy it is to make 
something so simple complicated!

If you use a KF7 Soviet (a loud gun) then all the guards will come 
rushing to see what's the matter, but if you use a silenced weapon 
(usually the PP7) then no one will hear you. So always remember this.

          G I V I N G   Y O U   T H E   U P P E R   H A N D

There seem to be a few bugs in GoldenEye that really cripple the AI, use 
these bugs to your advantage!

Line of sight: 

If any guards are behind something they can't shoot you! Example: If 
there is a small wall between you and a guard and you walk right up to 
them they won't do anything! They'll just stand there like some scary 
statue, unless you get their attention somehow (i.e. Shooting them or 
near them). In which case they can't shoot you, they will have to go 
around the thing to get to you. This is a great way to take them 
out...the only exception to this rule seems to be if they are behind a 

This also applies to guardrails, low walls, and automatic guns (the 
turrets found in Bunker 2, Jungle, Control, etc.) can not shoot at you 
if you are a certain distance away.

He should be praying!:

Most guards seem to kneel before shooting you and this can take a few 
seconds. If you stay in one spot and wait for them to kneel, then while 
they're doing that you go around them they will shoot where you USED to 
be! Then they'll stand up, face you, kneel, and do it again! When 
they're busy doing this, shoot them in the head.

Too close for comfort:

Getting right against someone will make them harmless, because they 
won't be able to shoot you! Of course, they could always move away from 
you, but you should be able to take them out before they have anytime to 

                     A U T O M A T I C S   1 0 1 

Aren't fully automatic weapons awesome? They're big, loud, powerful, but 
unfortunately they eat away at your ammunition like a bastard. If 
there's one single thing you know about automatics, it should be this: 
Do not use full auto when going head on head with a single enemy unless 
they are extremely powerful (e.g. Caverns) or you have tons of ammo. Use 
full auto when going against groups of guys. A good example of this is 
in the Jungle and Aztec, where you have an awesome gun in the AR33 
Assault Rifle, but ammunition is limited. By using one or two shots for 
a single kill -- instead of say, 10 -- you will conserve ammunition very 

The second thing you should know, is that when the gun kicks into fully 
automatic fire, its accuracy is going to drop like a used body bag the 
farther away your target is. So, if you are trying to pick off guys (in 
let's say, Control) you should only peck at the trigger, allowing only 
one or two shots to go off. Surprisingly, this can be more powerful than 
just shooting off 10 shots in a few seconds. This especially becomes 
evident when you are sniping Drone Guns later in the Control stage...

Of course, the kickback of a gun can also be to your advantage. If 
there's three guys in front of you, spraying bullets everywhere can only 
HELP you.

                   0 0   A G E N T   N O T E S

Here is a list of things that make 00 Agent mode a lot harder than the 
other two settings (Agent / Secret Agent):

1. The guards take tons more damage, one time I shot a guy in the head 
   with a DD44 and he lived! This usually occurs with men in body armor.

2. The AI has been improved upon, kinda. They will fire quicker, roll a 
   lot more, and they seem to "hear" better.

3. When you pick up a gun you only get 10 rounds.

4. Body armor is practically non-existent.

5. There are loads of objectives to do.

6. You can't take more than a few shots without being killed (8 KF7
   Soviet shots, about five AR33 rounds)

7. The enemy can aim a whole lot better.

8. Explosions (from crates, grenades, chairs...) will kill you almost
   instantly unless you can get away from them pretty quickly.

9. Security Cameras will spot you faster (Example: In Agent you have to
   stand in front of a camera for about 10 seconds before the alarm 
   sounds, in 00 Agent it's more like 3 seconds).


  4.   M I S S I O N   I :   A R K A N G E L S K


Yes, as the title of this entire document suggests, the walkthroughs 
were *specifically* made towards the 00 Agent difficulty setting. 
Granted, they will work on the lower difficulties, but you'll end up 
doing a lot more mission objectives than you should have to. 

As for the walkthroughs themselves, I thought these were the best 
strategies for people who might have problems with that level. It 
definitely won't be time efficient (see my other FAQ for that), and it 
might not be the fanciest, but it is generally the safest. But the 
beautiful thing about each level is that there are usually many, many 
different ways to do it (I could probably write five different 
walkthroughs for one of the two Bunker levels), so if you prefer to do 
something different than what I say, and it works, then go ahead and do 

                     S T A G E   1 :   D A M

Mission Objectives:
A.  Neutralize All Alarms
B.  Install Covert Modem
C.  Intercept Data Backup
D.  Bungee Jump from Platform

Available Weapons / Gadgets:
PP7 (Silenced)
KF7 Soviet
Sniper Rifle
DD44 Dostovei
Hand Grenade
Covert Modem

Walkthrough (00 Agent):

You mysteriously start out in a huge place that seems like it was carved 
out of a mountain. Carefully edge up against the corner, and make your 
first headshot of the game, watching his disturbingly realistic death 
animation, then go collect the KF7 Soviet (but don't use it). Look 
across the chasm, and if someone is walking there, shoot them. If you 
miss and they come running, simply wait for them, and then get up close 
to kill them. After this, run across the bridge and go to the LEFT side 
of the guard tower (if you go the other way, the soldiers in the tunnel 
will see you). Here, snipe the guard near the wall, and then ascend the 
stairs to find a glass "box" surrounding a weapon of some sort. Shoot it 
out, step up, and -- oh yeah -- get the sniper rifle!

Now, edge up against the railing facing the tunnel, whip our your sniper 
rifle, and use its incredible scope to pick off one of the guards in the 
tunnel. Once you do this, his buddy will start running towards you. 
Thankfully, you can easily pick him off as well. Now go to ground level 
and collect any and all ammunition you see. Run into the tunnel, 
equipping your KF7 Soviet as you go, and leap into the next, huge area. 
Strafe left and right to avoid getting shot, and go to the guard tower. 
Run up the stairs (note: there will be a soldier around here, so be 
careful) and get to the top. Quickly face the ground and kill anyone you 
see running towards you (usually only one person, sometimes two). From 
your vantage point no one can shoot you, so relax. Take out your sniper 
rifle and peg the two people in the concrete bunker (also known as a 
pillbox). There's also a nutcase off by the wooden crates. After you've 
cleared this area out, go and collect the ammunition, and go up to where 
the green military truck is waiting. Activate the red, glowing switch 
and the mechanized door will swing open. Go inside, following the truck. 
Now hit the second switch to open the second door, and another large 
area awaits us.

This place is rather deserted, but a soldier in green is running in the 
distance towards an alarm box! If he activates it, many nasty guys will 
come, so be sure to shoot him (quietly) before he can do so. There's 
also another man rummaging around the guard tower. Now, go up to the 
sliding door (nice shadow effects from the pillars!) and open it, taking 
the guard there completely by surprise. Strafe into the next room and 
massacre the general there...hey, what's that shiny thing he had? Why, 
it's a DD44! This should come in handy later...

Open the mechanical door, and then destroy the alarm box (this is part 
of your mission objectives). Before going to the locked gate that leads 
to the dam, go to your right, behind the stacks of crates, and you'll 
find a computer monitor. Take our your "covert modem" and toss it on 
there (objective b: completed). Now blow the lock off the gate with a 
single round, and onto the dam we go!

This is really rather simple. Just take out your sniper rifle and kill 
all three guards on all three guard towers, without them knowing 
anything beforehand. Then go into each tower and destroy the alarm box 
there (objective a: completed). Then descend into the final, third 
tower, into the murky sewers below. Throw open the gate and the first 
challenging part of your game awaits! Here, there are roughly 20 
soldiers altogether, most around corners, who will attempt to absolutely 
maul you. You will need a combination of sniping skill, strafing skill, 
and even a bit of luck to make it past them all. Just remember to look 
behind you in each new room, because there will invariably be a soldier 
there, waiting to ambush you. 

What were all of these guys guarding? Well, the main computer systems 
apparently, though there's still about six (!) guards still concentrated 
in this single room. If you get through them, nothing can stop you from 
completing the stage. I usually like to don my DD44 and go hide behind 
the glass and take them all out manually (i.e. R-targeting). Ahhh, 
shattering glass. Gotta love it. Once you've "cleaned house", so to 
speak, go up to the large armored mainframes and activate them. A 
countdown will begin -- when it hits "0", you're done (objective c: 

Now, free of any pressure, simply run back to the surface of the dam and 
throw yourself off the cliff-face into the dark abyss below (objective 
d: complete). Curiously, Bond doesn't have any bungee equipment, but he 
still lives for the next mission. I blame it on lazy graphic artists! :p

        S T A G E   2 :   C H E M I C A L   F A C I L I T Y

Mission Objectives:
A.  Gain Entry to Laboratory Area
B.  Contact Double Agent
C.  Rendezvous with 006
D.  Destroy All Tanks in Bottling Room
E.  Minimize Scientist Casualties

Available Weapons / Gadgets:
PP7 (Silenced)
KF7 Soviet
DK5 Deutsche
DD44 Dostovei
Hand Grenade
Remote Mine
Keycard A
Keycard B
Door Decoder

Walkthrough (00 Agent):

Ah, a long covert mission filled with lots of guards and a bit of 
sniping. All of this makes Facility one of the best levels in the game 

You start off in a ventilation shaft, so go forward and turn left. Inch 
forward and you will find yourself above a restroom -- and below is the 
backside of a guard! Carefully point your aiming reticle over his head 
and *fwip* down he goes, the only sound being the thud of his body 
hitting the tiled floor. Fall into the stall. Carefully move forward, 
and you will find a large tile obstruction in front of you. Suddenly 
strafe around and peg the soldier near the sinks between the eyes. As he 
goes down, collect his Soviet (but DEFINITELY don't use it). In front of 
you is a row of stall doors -- two of them contain guards. Disturbingly 
enough, they are standing up, with their pants on! It makes you wonder 
what they're waiting for...ahem, regardless, you should take them out 
before exiting the bathroom.

As you appear in the first major area of the Facility, move to your left 
onto the balcony. Open the double doors, and look over the railing, down 
the stairs. There should be two soldiers: one standing in a corner, the 
other going up the stairs. When he reaches the top, kill him with a 
single shot. Curiously, the man at the bottom does not even move at this 
sight. So bend down, still behind the railing, and peg him in the head, 
and he will slowly slump to the ground. Now, quickly do a 180 degree 
turn and return to the balcony, and look down over the railing. A 
soldier will be making his rounds. Get ready...when he is right in front 
of the mechanized door (the locked one), shoot him. If you timed it so 
he was in front of the door, the guard down the hall (that you can't 
see) will not have heard his partner die because he was behind some 
boxes. If you messed up, he will invariably come, but you can make short 
work of him. Now go back to the double doors on the balcony, bolt down 
the stairs, and open the second set of double doors...aha! A man with 
his back to you! Take your sweet time, and lay a single piece of lead in 
his skull. As he slumps over, be sure to grab his "Clearance B Keycard." 
We'll need this soon.

Go through the next set of double doors, and run down the long tiled 
hallway. Open the double doors on the left-hand side wall, strafe out, 
and the soldier near the boxes should have his back to you if you've 
timed everything right. If not, no biggie, just shoot him in the chest 
to stall him before killing him. Now look down the hall, and the last 
major threat should be casually walking away. Aim at his neck, and it's 
all over for him. Run there, and hey, we've made a complete circle! Now 
open the gray door, and shoot the guard behind the box (hopefully in one 
shot). Right on cue, another soldier in a blind corner will come. 
Thankfully, he's so close he won't be able to shoot you. End his life 

Now, open the previously locked metallic door, and there are three 
soldiers huddled inside. Experienced players will be able to end all 
three of their lives with a burst of only three PP7 rounds. Novices, 
however, may take out the automatic rifle that is the KF7 and mow them 
down if they wish, since no one will be able to hear it. Go up to the 
computer console, activate it, and you'll notice through the window that 
a door is opening! Go over there, and you'll be in a locker room. Mow 
down the two soldiers here with your Soviet, then return to the first 
area to find a group of guards that have magically appeared out of thin 
air. Sometimes there's only three, and sometimes four -- no more, no 
less. You can either wait in the locker room and easily pick them off, 
or hunt them down one by one in the first area. As always, the choice is 

After that fiasco, open the door in the locker room and quickly strafe 
left/right as three armed guards will immediately begin firing. Wait for 
them to come, and shoot them before they even have a chance. They're 
tough in groups, but when it comes time for one on one...you'll always 
win. Now, switch back to your silenced PP7 if you haven't, and open the 
two doors on either side of the hall. One leads to a room with multi-
colored tanks, the other to a room filled with computer equipment. 
Either MAY have Doctor Doak, the double agent you must contact. If you 
see him, walk up and begin the conversation, and you'll complete a 
mission (objective b: complete). If not, don't worry, he'll appear 

Now, open the two mechanized doors and wait in a corner. When one of the 
two soldiers strolls by, peg them in the head and watch them keel over. 
The other should come running -- de-ja vu anyone? Run up to the second 
mechanized door and open it up, waiting on the right side, shooting the 
guard there in the face. Three others will come running to see what's 
going on -- again, one on one, there's no contest. Go inside and you 
will see two computer consoles: the one on the left opens the door on 
the left, and the one on the right opens the one on the right. Simple, 
yes? If you've already contacted Dr. Doak, you can totally ignore the 
right passage. If not, however, go in there to find a huge gas storage 
area. (NOTE: By now, a scientist will come running down the left 
hallway. If you take him hostage, he will drop a "Clearance A Keycard", 
enabling you to open doors that would usually require a console. Not 
required, but a cool bonus! Interestingly enough, if you miss him, he'll 
go hide in the bathroom at the start of the level, cowering in one of 
the stalls...odd.) 

There are five guards to be found on high platforms, but they can't see 
you. Dr. Doak will either be on one of the platforms, or on ground 
level. If he's not here, then I'd leave -- unless you're the type of guy 
who needs to kill everyone in a level before leaving, in which case you 
can snipe everyone using the scope on your KF7 Soviet (just make sure to 
only fire ONE round at a time, otherwise guards will begin to flood the 
area). Once you're done here, open the door on the left side of the 
previous hallway and go in. 

Surprise the soldier against the wall, and shoot him. Two more 
misanthropes are waiting behind a group of crates, doing their own 
perverted things. Be sure to take care of them. If you've made mostly 
headshots, you should have between 20 and 30 rounds left in your PP7. Go 
up the stairs, taking care of whomever you see (NOTE: This is the 
perfect place to toss any hand grenades you may have found, taking up to 
four people with a single explosion), and bada-bing, bada-boom, we've 
entered the lab area (objective a: complete)! Full of glass and dozens 
of scientists, it's quite a pleasure to the eye. Two soldiers are 
lurking in the shadows of a pillar, so quietly take them out. If you 
haven't found Dr. Doak yet, he WILL be here, either next to the pillar 
or in one of the many labs (objective b: complete). Sneak down the last 
corridor, and you will find two soldiers with their backs to you. Heh, 
this is kind of funny, because you can watch them do all sorts of weird 
things (scratch their balls, swat at flies...). When you feel like 
moving on, shoot one in the head, then sweep your targeting reticle to 
the second and if you're fast enough you should be able to blast the 
second one away before he has time to even begin moving. 

Walk up to the mechanical door, and -- hey, it's locked! Well, no 
problem, just whip Dr. Doak's "door decoder" and stand in wonder and 
amazement as the door slides open. Oooh, fancy sound effects. Before you 
stands a gigantic chamber filled with bottles, and a lone black figure 
below carrying a DK5 -- aha, of course, it's Alec Trevelyan, code name 
006. Walk up to him to begin the conversation, then move to the bottles 
and plant all five mines on them as so.

Bottles (bird's eye view) before mine placement:

0 0 0 0
0 0 0 0 

Bottle's AFTER mine placement (M = bottle with mine on it):

M M M M      ...or...   M 0 M 0 M    ...or... 0 M 0 M 0
0 0 0 0                 0 M 0 M 0             M 0 M 0 M

If you want, there are two more rooms you can enter to kill four more 
guards. It is far from being necessary, but I do it just to "fully" 
complete the level, ya know? By the time this is all said and done, Alec 
will stop his speech and an alarm will begin to sound (objective c: 
complete). You can either set off all the mines and watch Alec get 
totally bathed in flames, or wait and watch him get shot by general 
Ourumov. It's just not his day, is it? Either way, be sure to set them 
off (objective d: complete), and then exit the stage through the double 
doors or the conveyor belt before you're mowed down. As long as you 
didn't kill more than three scientists -- and boy, is it tempting -- you 
will complete the stage (objective e: complete). 

                 S T A G E   3 :   R U N W A Y

Mission Objectives:
A.  Find Plane Ignition Key
B.  Destroy Heavy Gun Emplacements
C.  Destroy Missile Battery
D.  Escape in Plane

Available Weapons / Gadgets:
PP7 (Silenced)
KF7 Soviet
Hand Grenade
Remote Mine
Klobb (2x)
Ignition Key

Walkthrough (00 Agent):

Even on 00 Agent, this is widely considered the easiest stage in the 
game, and I would have to agree. The hand grenades can be found in the 
green boxes, and if for some reason you want the timed mines, there is a 
small alcove behind your starting position with a soldier and a brown 
box which contains them. You don't need either explosive, but the 
grenades come in handy.

To start out, go left and slide down the snow-chute, turn right and 
blast the guard across the horizon, and make your way into the small 
office building. Hurl a grenade so it bounces off the filing cabinet and 
lands at the feet of two soldiers, blowing them away. Head through the 
smoke, collect their KF7 Soviets, and acquire the "Ignition Key" off the 
splintered table (objective a: complete). Now run back outside and keep 
running straight ahead from the door, round the corner and...oh...this 
is too good to be true: A TANK! Hop in and press the action button to
take control, and go immediately to its huge missile launcher. Now, not 
only will you sustain less damage than normal, but you can run over 
people and hear their guts being squished against the pavement! Too 

Go onto the runway (now an infinite amount of guards will begin to pour 
into the level). Go to the first gun emplacement (a.k.a. "that big-ass 
machine gun") and blow it up using a missile. There are two more down 
the runway, they are easy targets (objective b: complete). Next to the 
airplane, which is your only escape, is a large concrete tower, at the 
top of which is a missile battery -- just blow it up with your tank 
(objective c: complete). Now hop out, go up to the plane, and press the 
action button to exit the level (objective d: complete).


  5.   M I S S I O N   I I :   S E V E R Y N A Y A


Yes, as the title of this entire document suggests, the walkthroughs 
were *specifically* made towards the 00 Agent difficulty setting. 
Granted, they will work on the lower difficulties, but you'll end up 
doing a lot more mission objectives than you should have to. 

As for the walkthroughs themselves, I thought these were the best 
strategies for people who might have problems with that level. It 
definitely won't be time efficient (see my other FAQ for that), and it 
might not be the fanciest, but it is generally the safest. But the 
beautiful thing about each level is that there are usually many, many 
different ways to do it (I could probably write five different 
walkthroughs for one of the two Bunker levels), so if you prefer to do 
something different than what I say, and it works, then go ahead and do 

               S T A G E   4 :   S U R F A C E   ( 1 ) 

Mission Objectives:
A.  Power Down Communications Dish
B.  Obtain Safe Key
C.  Steal Building Plans
D.  Enter Base Via Ventilation Tower

Available Weapons / Gadgets:
PP7 (Silenced)
Sniper Rifle
KF7 Soviet
Hand Grenade
Klobb (2x)
Grenade Launcher
Hut Door Key
Safe Key
Bunker Plans

Walkthrough (00 Agent):

Ah, a fresh, wide open snow level...you just have to love it! With its 
tranquil music and unique weapons, this is one of my favorites.

Alright, immediately switch to your sniper rifle (this is the last stage 
you'll be able to use it without earning any cheats -- too bad) and move 
forward. You will eventually reach a large snow drift with a metal 
platform. Climb up the ladder, and use its incredible scope to see far 
into the distance. One guard will be walking along a path, you can only 
see his upper body...time is so when you pull the trigger, his head will 
walk right into the bullet! Now move your sights to the cabin, which has 
several large canisters of gasoline. By puncturing these with bullets, 
they will erupt in a column of fire, blowing away anything within its 
radius -- which, of course, includes the two guards near it. Speaking of 
the guards, don't you just love their looks? It reminds me of the storm 
troopers of STAR WARS fame.

If you haven't noticed yet, there are huge paths carved out of the snow, 
so I would suggest following them so you don't get lost. Keep going 
forward until you see the spectacular satellite dish (it looks so 
real...) and then turn right and go down the slushy path. Snipe anybody 
you see. Now go to the cabin, equip your KF7 Soviet, and look into the 
window, you should see a guard's head. Open with automatic fire, and 
then turn your attention to the door as a general armed with twin klobbs 
will burst out to see what's going on. Mow him down, and you will see an 
obscenely large key fall from his body, so go collect it to acquire the 
"Hut Door Key." Head inside the cabin and kill anyone else, and then 
grab the grenade launcher (oh baby) and a box of ammunition. Now do a 
180 and start heading back to the start of the level, where the two 
cabins were. One was locked, so go inside and collect the "Safe Key" off 
the table (objective b: complete). The cabin opposite it, the one with 
the gasoline barrel, has more grenade launcher ammunition -- I highly 
recommend it.

By now you should have noticed than an infinite amount of men armed with 
sniper rifles have began to stream into the level. If a group of them 
gets in your path, a single grenade will quickly take care of them! Now, 
start running towards the satellite dish again but instead turn left, 
going into its huge shadow, and you'll find a chain-link fence area 
filled with gasoline barrels and two cabins. The one nearest the 
entrance contains the safe -- open it up and retrieve the "Building 
Plans" (objective c: complete).

Now, if you want some fun, you can create some gigantic explosions by 
sending a single grenade round into each of the clusters of gasoline 
barrels. Not only does this create quite a show, but it blows away 
anyone who is foolish enough to wander into here! Also, if you want to 
do some exploring, continue down the path and you'll find two cabins. 
One has a security camera on it (better destroy it!), the other has an 
alarm box. The one with the alarm box contains two large, metal objects 
which are highly explodable. The one with the camera has a model of a 
motorcycle on a table...if you shoot it, it will rip loose a HUGE 
explosion. Strange...of other note, there's another box of grenade 
launcher ammunition next to the table waiting for pick-up.

Start running back to the satellite dish, taking anyone out who gets in 
your way, and open the double doors at the bottom. Go up the metal 
stairs until you reach the end, and open the green door (not the one 
that leads outside onto another metal staircase). There you see a 
computer console -- go up to it and hit the action button to shut the 
power to the satellite dish to OFF (objective a: complete). Now quickly 
exit the dish and head straight from the exit, keeping along the "wall" 
of trees to the left. Eventually you'll find a medium-sized, cylindrical 
building. This is your exit! Unfortunately, it is locked down with many 
bolts. Stand on the nearby snow-drift and send a volley of grenade 
rounds up there, and that should quickly blow them all off. Climb the 
ladder and drop down (objective d: complete)!

                S T A G E   5 :   B U N K E R   ( 1 ) 

Mission Objectives:
A.  Disrupt All Surveillance Equipment
B.  Copy GoldenEye Key and Leave Original
C.  Get Personnel to Activate Computer
D.  Download Data from Computer
E.  Photograph Main Video Screen

Available Weapons / Gadgets:
PP7 (Silenced)
KF7 Soviet
Klobb (2x)
PP7 (Standard Issue)
DD44 Dostovei (2x)
Hand Grenade
Key Analyzer
Security Keycard
Computer Room Keycard

Walkthrough (00 Agent):

This is an extremely stealthy and covert operation...although, you'll 
kill less than 30 people, you should attempt to attract as little 
attention as possible, and take people on one on one. There are scores 
of different strategies to beat the level, but I believe this is the 

From your starting position, turn around, open the door, and shoot the 
security camera in the lens. If you shoot it anywhere else, it can take 
three to five shots to destroy it...but a single round to the lens is an 
instant kill. If a camera spots you, an alarm will sound, and three 
enemies armed with loads of body armor will flood the level forever: One 
has double klobbs, one has twin DD44's, the other has a KF7 Soviet. If 
an alarm sounds, it would probably be a good idea to quit the level 
unless you want to test your endurance and skill.

Go below where the camera once was and peer out the window. Wait 
patiently...within a few moments, an enemy soldier will casually walk 
by. Shoot him in the head and he'll keel over, and the guard right next 
to him will open the door in alarm -- now kill him as well. Briefly step 
into the hall and you will receive the "Computer Room Keycard," now 
quickly step back into the safety of the room. Do a 180, go to the 
starting position in the vents, and open the door in front of you. The 
man on the left, with his back to you, won't see you even when the guy 
facing you open fires, so concentrate on the man facing you. By the time 
he's dead, the guy with his back to you will begin to run to the alarm 
box! Quickly peg him in the back so he doesn't sound an alarm.

Now leer out the window in the door and another soldier will be making 
his rounds; shoot him the head like you did his partner, and another 
guard standing adjacent the door will run in: *blam* *blam*, he's dead. 
Shoot the camera on the wall and collect the "Security Keycard." Go to 
your right, down the stairs, and kill the soldier standing next to the 

Now, go down the long hallway and zip in full view of the green soldier 
down the staircase that leads to the main screen room. Shoot him the 
chest multiple times...sometimes, albeit rarely, two more soldiers will 
run in, one wielding double klobbs -- if this happens, take them down as 
well. If this doesn't happen, then you'll need to take care of them 
later. But for now, go down the hall that leads to the staircase, and 
you'll find some double-doors, forming an "airlock" of sorts to the 
entrance of the mainframe room. Look through the class and aim at the 
man in the far corner...make sure your reticle is on his face, and pull 
the trigger. Quickly swivel your view and peg the two men who attempt to 
run at you...they can't shoot through the glass like you can, so it's 
your advantage. Even if one opens the door, you can kill them because 
they'll be so close. Make sure the mainframe room is clear and head back 
into the hall.

Near here is another corner, around which is a security camera. After 
destroying it, you'll notice the hall goes even farther back, into an 
area that is still being dug out of the cold Siberian ground. If you 
were lucky enough to steal a hand grenade from one of the soldiers, toss 
it down there and laugh as three men meet their doom. If not, go down 
and take care of them manually.

Now, all but one area is clear, and that is the main screen room, which 
sports a huge video screen full of maps and strange pictures, not to 
mention around nine armed guards. The first two, one armed with twin 
klobbs, can be attracted out simply by stepping into the room, then 
stepping back out. The third is across the chamber, hiding behind a 
crate which is behind a wall of glass: take aim with the KF7's scope, 
and use a single round to peg him in the head, and then destroy the 
final security camera (objective a: complete). The fourth guard is near 
a desk with a computer, just fill his head with PP7 shots. Numbers five, 
six, and seven are on a higher platform...one is a general armed with a 
PP7 (standard issue). If you so desire, you may now use any fully 
automatic weapons (e.g. the KF7 Soviet) because no one will come 
running. The final two soldiers of the stage are located near the exit, 
through the glass doors. A hand grenade comes in handy here...

Now, down to your mission objectives! Take out your miniature camera and 
snap a few pictures of the giant video screen (objective e: complete). 
Go up to the desk with the computer, pick up the "GoldenEye Firing Key", 
take out the "Key Analyzer", tap Z, and then tap Z again when it is done 
(objective b: complete) to toss the GoldenEye Key to the floor.

Now, around here is Boris, a computer programmer dressed in an orange 
Hawaiian shirt...yeah, kind of hard to miss against the white walls! Get 
in front of him to take him hostage, and he'll begin the slow journey 
back towards the mainframe room (note: if you lose Boris, make sure he 
is not around the exit, because if he goes outside, you'll never be able 
to get him back and you fail the mission). When he finally gets there, 
you automatically get a mission completed (objective c: complete) as he 
hacks into the computer mainframes. Wait a few seconds...now take out 
the Datathief, and wait next to the computers. 

Oh crap! The alarm has sounded! Boris sure is a sly one...quickly use 
the Datathief to download the information (objective d: complete), arm 
your Soviet rifle, and bolt for the exit. By the time you get to the 
glass doors, the three men in black will be about ready to open it. 
Quickly fill them with lead, hiding behind corners when you can, and 
when they are all down, run up the stairs, open the door, and run 



  6.   M I S S I O N   I I I :   K I R G H I Z S T A N


Yes, as the title of this entire document suggests, the walkthroughs 
were *specifically* made towards the 00 Agent difficulty setting. 
Granted, they will work on the lower difficulties, but you'll end up 
doing a lot more mission objectives than you should have to. 

As for the walkthroughs themselves, I thought these were the best 
strategies for people who might have problems with that level. It 
definitely won't be time efficient (see my other FAQ for that), and it 
might not be the fanciest, but it is generally the safest. But the 
beautiful thing about each level is that there are usually many, many 
different ways to do it (I could probably write five different 
walkthroughs for one of the two Bunker levels), so if you prefer to do 
something different than what I say, and it works, then go ahead and do 

             S T A G E   6 :   M I S S I L E   S I L O

Mission Objectives:
A.  Plant Bombs in Fuel Rooms
B.  Photograph Satellite
C.  Obtain Telemetric Data
D.  Retrieve Satellite Circuitry
E.  Minimize Scientist Casualties

Available Weapons / Gadgets:
PP7 (Silenced)
KF7 Soviet
CPU Circuit Board
I/0 Circuit Board
Keycard 4-H4
RSP Circuit Board
Keycard 4-C3
Telemetry Data DAT
ROP Circuit Board
Keycard 4-K2
Ourmov's Briefcase

Walkthrough (00 Agent):

You only have 8:30 to complete this level, so do everything fairly 
quickly. Start off by opening the door and shooting the nearest guard 
with your PP7, then the other guard if you can. Get their KF7 Soviets, 
but don't use them. Strafe the corner until all the soldiers behind the 
crates are dead, it shouldn't take long. 

In the first room kill the guard behind the pillar. Go up to the 
scientist who is at a table, get up to him and he will drop a "Keycard 
4-H4." Get the two green cards on the table, "CPU Circuit Board" and 
"1/0 Circuit Board." See those two large tanks? Either throw a Plastique 
on both of them or throw one in between them. Go up the stairs, using 
the keycard to open the door. 

Open the door and kill the guard walking away from you. Run down the 
hall, turn right, and shoot the man next to the door, then open the door 
and go inside. Follow the railing and shoot the guard by the door, 
another should come running. Go up the stairs and fire a few rounds of 
the KF7 Soviet to attract some guards, but quickly switch back to the 
PP7. Shoot the barrels and they will explode, killing about three 
soldiers. When the smoke clears lean and shoot until everyone's gone, be 
careful though, some may lob hand grenades. Go through the door and 
shoot the computer, it'll blow up killing a scientists or two plus all 
the soldiers! Get the "Keycard 4-C3" so you can exit. Then grab the 
green card lying on the computer, the "RSP Circuit Board." Don't forget 
to plant the plastique! 

Go up the stairs and lean around the corner, shoot the man behind the 
crate. By now your PP7 should be out of ammo (unless you've made 
precision head shots), so use your KF7 Soviet. Attract the guards and 
just hope for the best. Run to the left and duck, killing the guy. When 
the door opens kill that guard and duck in the room, then strafe and 
kill the guys who were shooting at you before. Then go through the door 
at the end of the hall, taking out the soldiers. This next part can be 
tricky, because of the quantity of guards! Just run back and shoot them 
all, run back, shoot, repeat until they're all gone. When you're done go 
into the next room. Kill any guards, get the green card, "RDP Circuit 
Board" (objective: complete). Then plant the plastique. Also, there is a 
scientist by the tanks, get his attention and you will get a "Telemetry 
Data DAT" (objective c: complete). Don't forget the "Keycard 4-K2," so 
you can exit the room. 

Go through the door and be prepared for the toughest hallway yet! Shoot 
everyone you can, then turn the corner and kill the leftovers. Go to the 
door on the left side for some...BODY ARMOR! Whoohoo! 

Open the door on the right side this time and kill anyone you see, 
here's the tricky part: everyone in the next room is behind a metal 
crate, have impeccable aim, and throw grenades well. I just shoot from a 
distance using the scope on my Soviet, because if you duck and get close 
they will kill you with hand grenades. 

In the final scientists room just plant the plastique, (objective a: 
complete) here's a way to make the explosion sequence better: Around 
this room put some more of those plastique, in the ending when the room 
explodes it will be much more violent. Try putting one in the upper 
right hand corner, this is where the camera will be so it'll be great! 
Ahem, anyways, take out the camera and take a picture of the GoldenEye 
Satellite (objective b: complete).

Now go up the stairs and kill everyone you can, attracting more guards. 
If you're decent you have about three or four minutes left. This can get 
a bit touchy, you can either charge Ouruomv or shoot him until he runs 
away. The latter is good because you don't get hit as much, but it takes 
time. Once I lost track of time and nearly died (I finished the level 
with 2.3 seconds remaining). Just get past him and into the elevator in 
the final room (objective e: complete), playing around with any hand 
grenades you found. The remaining guards (about six or seven) are easily 
taken care of with automatic fire.


  7.   M I S S I O N   I V :   M O N T E   C A R L O


Yes, as the title of this entire document suggests, the walkthroughs 
were *specifically* made towards the 00 Agent difficulty setting. 
Granted, they will work on the lower difficulties, but you'll end up 
doing a lot more mission objectives than you should have to. 

As for the walkthroughs themselves, I thought these were the best 
strategies for people who might have problems with that level. It 
definitely won't be time efficient (see my other FAQ for that), and it 
might not be the fanciest, but it is generally the safest. But the 
beautiful thing about each level is that there are usually many, many 
different ways to do it (I could probably write five different 
walkthroughs for one of the two Bunker levels), so if you prefer to do 
something different than what I say, and it works, then go ahead and do 

                S T A G E   7 :   F R I G A T E

Mission Objectives:
A.  Rescue Hostages
B.  Disarm Bridge Bomb
C.  Disarm Engine Room Bomb
D.  Plant Tracking Bug on Helicopter

Available Weapons / Gadgets:
PP7 (Standard Issue)
D5K Deutsche (Silenced)
D5K Deutsche (2x)
Phantom (2x)
Bomb Defuser
Tracker Bug

Walkthrough (00 Agent):

A silenced automatic weapon? How sweet is *that*? You'll probably want 
to use this the entire time...

Run up the metallic ramp, which is conveniently placed right by the 
water's edge, so any spies can quickly come aboard. Smart move, 
Janus...Anyway, turn left and follow the guardrail, ignoring the first 
metal staircase, and go up the farthest one. Open the door and a Janus 
marine, whom you'll become great friends with by the end of this stage, 
will be standing at the end of a long hallway. You only have 20 rounds, 
so try to go for the chest shot. Now turn right, through the door, and 
you'll find another marine facing you, so shoot him in the face. Open 
the door on the left-hand side and a soldier with twin Phantoms (!) will 
open fire, which I guess  his way of saying "hi." Quickly dodge left or 
right, and when he stops, come back into view and plaster him. Open the 
door at the end of the hall, and two guards stand there. Spray them with 
automatic fire, collect the desperately-needed ammunition, and go 
through the door that was behind Mr. Double Phantoms. A radio room...and 
an operator: shoot him. Open the door behind him and you'll find your 
first hostage taker! Don't dick around with head shots, just spray his 
body with automatic fire. You have to realize, the only person who can 
kill a hostage is the hostage-taker, and once you shoot him, NO ONE can 
kill the green guy except you, even if you shoot the hostage taker some 
place silly like the foot. 

Now, upon seeing their boss keel over, two more men will quickly come to 
investigate...make short work of them. Go up to the computer that has a 
plastique attached to it, take out the "Bomb Defuser", and, er, defuse 
the bomb (objective b: complete). Does it get much more simpler than 
that? Now, return to where you saw the first enemy of the stage...and 
open the door on the right-hand side of the wall: ba-boom, a hostage-
taker! Spray him with lead, and his friend will come to see what the 
heck is going on...so easy. Enter the room, turn quickly turn to your 
immediate right and kill the third hostage-taker. This one is slightly 
more difficult because he can see you, and the hostage partially blocks 
your view...again, one of his friends will come to see what all the 
ruckus is about, so lay him dead. 

Enter the room and you'll notice only one exit...run out, bolt to your 
left and strafe against the right-hand side wall while simultaneously 
spraying the man there with automatic fire. By strafing against the 
wall, the outline of the door serves as a shield, blocking any bullets 
from the people behind you. Now turn around (BE CAREFUL...if the hall is 
filled with hostages attempting to escape, back off until they get out 
of there). Kill anyone you see, and head down the stairs. This will 
attract a lot of attention as guards will begin to flow from every 
doorway...there is a second-set of stairs that goes even further down, 
but be sure to clear all the rooms (note: a hand grenade, if you're 
lucky enough to find one, can kill five to six people here!).

What's that awful, grating noise? A buzz-saw? A blender? The Backstreet 
Boys newest album? Close, but no cigar...apparently it's the engine 
room, housing the engine that runs the entire ship. You come to an 
intersection after the stairs: left for more hostages, right to the 
engine room. Go left, and you'll find two rooms, back to back, holding 
one hostage each. *zip zip zip zip zip* Silenced automatic fire...so 

After the two hostage rooms, you'll have completed a half circle, 
appearing on the other side of the engine room. Shoot the guy in the 
back of the head and head to the metallic catwalks that litter the 
engine storage room. Go to the computer that has a plastique strapped to 
its monitor, and use the "Bomb Defuser" to cut the correct wire 
(objective c: complete). It is rather tempting to just shoot the 
plastique...I mean, it ends that INFERNAL noise and kills about five 
guards to boot...unfortunately, you would fail the mission. Oh well...

Go to the ground level of the engine room and take care of any threats, 
including the last hostage and the man with double D5K's. Backtrack to 
the catwalk that has the computer console, go through the door, up the 
stairs and arm your twin Phantoms...hmmm, yeah, I'd pretty much say this 
makes you unstoppable. Sub-machine gun anyone? Mow down everyone in your 
path, and the roar of the engine room will slowly be overtaken by that 
of a helicopter. Open the large garage door, go to your inventory, take 
out the "Tracker Bug" and toss it onto the grounded chopper (objective 
d: complete). By now, all the hostages should've escaped, unless you 
allowed two to be killed, in which case you failed...but anyways -- 
(objective a: complete) you may now go to the small motorboat you 
started the level in, crawl back inside, and exit this ever-so fun 


  8.   M I S S I O N   V :   S E V E R N A Y A   ( 2 )


Yes, as the title of this entire document suggests, the walkthroughs 
were *specifically* made towards the 00 Agent difficulty setting. 
Granted, they will work on the lower difficulties, but you'll end up 
doing a lot more mission objectives than you should have to. 

As for the walkthroughs themselves, I thought these were the best 
strategies for people who might have problems with that level. It 
definitely won't be time efficient (see my other FAQ for that), and it 
might not be the fanciest, but it is generally the safest. But the 
beautiful thing about each level is that there are usually many, many 
different ways to do it (I could probably write five different 
walkthroughs for one of the two Bunker levels), so if you prefer to do 
something different than what I say, and it works, then go ahead and do 

              S T A G E  8 :   S U R F A C E   ( 2 ) 

Mission Objectives:
A.  Disrupt All Surveillance Equipment
B.  Break Communications Link to Bunker
C.  Disable Spetznaz Support Aircraft
D.  Gain Entry to Bunker

Available Weapons / Gadgets:
PP7 (Silenced)
Klobb (2x)
KF7 Soviet
Hand Grenade
Special Mine
Comms Room Key

Walkthrough (00 Agent):

This level mirrors the first Surface, except now its dark as pitch and 
there are far more guards running around. Still, this level is 
so...easy. It makes me wonder if it was just thrown in at the last 
minute because they had some extra space. It's so easy I won't even make 
a walkthrough for it...well, sort of. 

First, you have to destroy all the cameras. Here are their positions:

1.  On the shed that holds the guy with the "Comms Room Key."
2.  On the shed that had the safe in Surface 1 -- inside the chainlink 
    fence area.
3.  On the shed in the area behind the chainlink fence section.
4.  Inside the satellite dish -- look up on the wall while going up the 

(objective a: complete)

Then you have to get the "Comms Key." Go to the cabin where you received 
the grenade launcher the last time you were here, and you'll find a 
guard dressed in blue wielding double klobbs...shoot him down and the 
key will spill to the floor. Collect it, then go to the satellite dish, 
and up the stairs. Open the locked doors, take out your twin klobbs, and 
annihilate the desk of computers (objective b complete).

From the entrance to the satellite dish, go straight ahead and you'll 
find a grounded helicopter. Throw the mine on it (objective c: 
complete), then go to the nearby pillbox, open the door, and descend 
into the next level (objective d: complete).

Piece of cake!

               S T A G E   9 :   B U N K E R   ( 2 ) 

Mission Objectives:
A.  Compare Staff / Casuality Lists
B.  Recover CCTV Tape
C.  Disable All Security Cameras
D.  Recover GoldenEye Ops Manual
E.  Escape with Natalya

Available Weapons / Gadgets:
Throwing Knife
PP7 (Silenced, 2x)
KF7 Soviet
Klobb (2x)
DD44 Dostovei (2x)
Hand Grenade
Watch Magnet Attract
Cell Key 1
Cell Key 2
Severnaya Staff List
Casuality List
CCTV Video Tape
GoldenEye Operations Manual
Keycard A
Keycard B
Safe Key 1
Safe Key 2

Walkthrough (00 Agent):

Of all the stealth missions in the game, this one seems to give players 
the most trouble. Likewise, this is probably the best level of its type 
in the game, because you have to be pretty covert, unless you want a 
group of ten guards following you. 

To escape the cell, go to your watch inventory, pull out the "Watch 
Magnet Attract," and use it to pull the "Cell Key 1" from the nearby 
wall. Watch the guard, pacing back and forth...when he is closest to the 
door, open it and rush him, karate chopping him to death. Now you 
receive the "Cell Key 2," which allows you to open Natalya's cell, and a 
KF7 Soviet...great, stuck in the middle of an enemy infested 
installation with one of the loudest weapons in the game. Ugh...

In all actuality, this forces you to become MORE covert than if you were 
to use a silenced weapon. If you go into manual targeting mode (pressing 
"R" to bring the crosshair up) then you can shoot one round at a time, 
and as long as you do this in controlled bursts, no one will be able to 
hear you. You pretty much HAVE to make head shots, otherwise you'll be 
badly damaged by the survivors.

Now, _IGNORE_ Natalya's cell and go to the sliding doors, and look 
through the windows. If a guard passes by, shoot them, then rush out and 
collect the desperately needed ammunition. Go to the far door...it's 
locked. Peer into the room nearby, it has three men. Shoot one in the 
head with one lead piece, then go back to the entrance to the prison, 
shut the door, and look out the window. The surviving two guards are now 
running towards your position...two rounds, two death animations. By the 
by, one should have dropped a rather large key, the "Safe Key 1," and 
you'll need to collect it.

Now go down the long hallway, ending at a short staircase. This is where 
people screw themselves...I could go into a couple of paragraphs, 
delving into why people do different things and why they backfire, but 
I'm going to save yourself some time and just tell you what to do: look 
up the stairs with your scope, and you'll see a man walking away, with 
his back to you. Shoot him the back of the skull and RUN down the long 
hallway (not the one with the locked door). At the first corner with a 
light-source, look to the ceiling and you'll meet your first drone gun, 
which basically consists of a chaingun mounted on the ceiling, and when 
it sees you, it will say "hello" by spraying you with machine gun fire. 
Not only are they deadly accurate, but one hit can take off three health 
bars!! So quickly shoot it using a controlled bursts, and continue down 
the dark corridor. 

If you see someone running towards you, use "R" to target their face, 
bust a cap, and continue. You'll find a corner bathed in red 
light...shoot the drone gun. Turn the corner ever so slightly, leer into 
the alcove, and shoot the third -- and thankfully, last -- drone gun of 
the stage. There's a second alcove as well...ignore anything I said in 
the past and fill these two soldiers with automatic fire, making quite a 
bit of noise (just enough to kill both, don't go overboard here). Now 
wait here...a small stream of soldiers (about five or six I estimate) 
will come, one at a time. Simply stay in manual targeting, and when one 
shows itself, pop it in the head and wait for the next. When the flow 
stops, peer around the corner to make sure the coast is clear. Now, you 
should have collected a "Keycard A" from a man with twin klobbs...if 
not, explore until you do.

Now continue along the unexplored path, until you reach the other side 
of the previously locked door, finding a very long hallway. At the very 
end is another of those darned blue soldiers...if you have trouble 
shooting him from such a distance, just wait patiently for him to come 
to you. Now go down to where he was, and shoot the security camera on 
the wall. Hmmm, look familiar? This is part of the first Bunker 
level...it has been expanded quite a bit. 

Go to the mainframe room (the place you took Boris in the other Bunker), 
and shoot the guard in the head through the glass. Shoot the camera on 
the wall, and then pick up the large key that the man dropped, the "Safe 
Key 2." Now, backtrack all the way back to the prison room, and along 
the way go into the dead-end room and shoot the two guards inside, then 
collect the tan envelope on the desk, the "Severnaya Staff List" as the 
game calls it. Go to the prison cells and rescue Natalya (objective e: 
complete). Go to the safe room (where you lured soldiers out of near the 
start of the level) and open the safe using both keys. Aha! All that 
work was worth it! Your prize consists of twin PP7's (silenced) and the 
"GoldenEye Operations Manual" (objective d: complete). 

Since you have the "Keycard A" you can open the door next to the safe 
room. Using your twin, silenced PP7's, go to the intersection for a 
brief instant, then hide behind a corner. Wait for a moment...now two to 
three guards will come, so take care of them. Be sure to collect the 
"Keycard B" that the soldier with twin klobbs will drop! Quickly go to 
the doors at the end of the hall, being sure not to alert the camera's 
attention. Open both doors, and shoot one of the people in the next 
room, then back up, shut the first door, and use the door as a moving 
shield, shutting it when the guard's are about to fire, and opening it 
when they stop, then plaster them all. One of them should have dropped a 
rather obscenely large, red clipboard...be sure to pick it up. If you've 
also gotten the tan envelope, it will lead to this: (objective a: 
complete). The various alcoves in this room also hold more soldiers, but 
they are easy pickings.

Move to the doors that you DIDN'T enter through, and you'll be able to 
snipe another security camera from your position. Open the doors, go up 
the stairs, and we're back in familiar territory. Open the nearby double 
doors, shoot the guard, and acquire the CCTV tape lying on the table 
(objective b: complete). Open the door to enter the vents, shoot the 
camera on the adjacent wall, then open the second door, and peg ANOTHER 
camera right in the lens.

Now all that remains is the big screen room...it contains seven guards, 
all easy pickings. The final security camera is also located here, 
behind the wall of glass (objective c: complete). After all of this, 
exit through the glass doors...


  9.   M I S S I O N   V I :   S A I N T   P E T E R S B U R G


Yes, as the title of this entire document suggests, the walkthroughs 
were *specifically* made towards the 00 Agent difficulty setting. 
Granted, they will work on the lower difficulties, but you'll end up 
doing a lot more mission objectives than you should have to. 

As for the walkthroughs themselves, I thought these were the best 
strategies for people who might have problems with that level. It 
definitely won't be time efficient (see my other FAQ for that), and it 
might not be the fanciest, but it is generally the safest. But the 
beautiful thing about each level is that there are usually many, many 
different ways to do it (I could probably write five different 
walkthroughs for one of the two Bunker levels), so if you prefer to do 
something different than what I say, and it works, then go ahead and do 

             S T A G E   1 0 :   S T A T U E   P A R K

Mission Objectives:
A.  Contact Valentin
B.  Confront and Unmask Janus
C.  Locate Helicopter
D.  Rescue Natalya
E.  Find Flight Recorder

Available Weapons / Gadgets:
PP7 (Standard Issue)
KF7 Soviet
Hand Grenade
Automatic Shotgun
DD44 (if you want to fail the mission)
Flight Recorder

Walkthrough (00 Agent):

This entire stage is littered with old, creaking statues made from long 
times past...creating a virtual maze. Thankfully, it's not too 
frustrating. As you start the level with your PP7 in hand, shoot around 
three or so guards, so you get a full clip for your KF7 Soviet, but save 
this for later. Now, start running along the LEFT HAND SIDE of the 
level, and you'll be unable to get lost, believe me. Soon, you'll 
discover a large, red box...go inside to meet Valentin, who quickly 
finishes his McDonalds before talking to you. The fat bastard...no 
wonder he walks with a limp in the movie. After the short, almost non-
existent conversation, head out (objective a: complete). But wait...you 
can pay back Valentin for that disgusting encounter. As he walks into 
the distance, shoot him in the back repeatedly and watch him slowly 
slump over. Heheh...

Keep going...past the shack of useless items, in the final area, you can 
find a body armor if you explore through all the old junk. It's pretty 
nondescript, I can't give you an exact location...

The meeting place for Janus is by the large statue in the middle of no 
where. Go there, unarm yourself, and...Alec Trevelyan (006) will come 
onto the scene, with five or so bodyguards dressed in black, carrying 
automatic shotguns. Not good...after another conversation (objective b: 
complete) you'll need to RUN back to the beginning of the stage while 
simultaneously dodging shotgun pellets. It's not so hard, really...and 
the body-armor makes it twice as easy. Once you get to the start, you 
find Natalya next to the Pirate helicopter, which is about to explode 
(objective c: complete). Lure Natalya back into the level until time 
runs out and the chopper erupts into a ball of flames. So much for 
recovering the pirate...(objective d: complete). Run back into the level 
with your KF7 Soviet equipped, and search for the "Flight Recorder," 
which is a large, orange box. Its location is totally random...sometimes 
it's right near the start, other times it's quite far away. You need the 
KF7 Soviet because if you linger around here too long, Alec's men will 
catch up, and their shotguns can do some HEAVY damage. 

Once you find the recorder (objective e: complete), return to the 
entrance to find Natalya being held at gunpoint, and a bearded man named 
Mishkin will start to lecture you on how it's naughty to shoot men in 
the face or groin, and all of that gibberish. *Sigh* What's with all of 
these conversations all the sudden? I mean, I know shooting men in the 
ass just to watch them scream in pain is bad, but sheesh, it's 
entertainment! Regardless, you exit the level in their custody...

      S T A G E   1 1 :   M I L I T A R Y   A R C H I V E S

Mission Objectives:
A.  Escape from Interrogation Room
B.  Find Natalya
C.  Recover Helicopter Black Box
D.  Escape with Natalya

Available Weapons / Gadgets:
PP7 (Standard Issue)
KF7 Soviet
Klobb (2x)
DD44 Dostovei (2x)
Hand Grenade
Watch Magnet Attract
Flight Recorder

Walkthrough (00 Agent):

There are two ways to do this level...the fun way, and the not-so fun 
way. The fun-way consists of running around the stage John Woo-style, 
blasting everything that moves while wielding twin DD44's...the not-so 
fun way involves running around and slapping people. You see, the fun-
way is slightly more difficult because when you make a lot of noise, any 
enemy that you can not see will send out "clones" of himself, which will 
effectively double the amount of guards you have to fight. If you don't 
believe me, try standing outside the room with the three men dressed in 
black and making some noise...many of them will start to come out, and 
it will keep going no matter how many times you kill them. But when you 
enter the room and kill the three originals, the clones will stop! So 
going around and slapping people is much easier...

To escape the interrogation room, slap both men, grab their guns and the 
ammunition clip laying on the table, and simply exit out the doorway 
(objective a: complete). Turn to your right, hide behind the boxes, and 
then rush towards the man standing there, slapping him silly. Look up 
the stairs, and wait for the man with double klobbs to pass by, then 
speed up there and kill him using your fists. Go down the long hall 
opposite the room with the three men in black, kill the guy in the small 
office, then open the door to a much darker area. Ignore any guards here 
and run along the very long path with a guardrail, then go down the 
stairs that double-back. Go across the room, passing two tables, and 
open the door there. Go to the door on your left, then the door on the 
right, to arrive at Mishkin's domain, a small room filled with explosive 
boxes...after the short conversation, feel free to shoot him the head 
for taking so long. "Even trusted friends are capable of betrayal." 
Hahaha, you sure are right Mishky ol'e boy! 

When he gives you the "Safe Key," you can then open the safe and collect 
the "Flight Recorder" (objective c: complete).

Return to the stairs that go up to the long catwalk. Open the double 
doors, and slap any people who see you. Go to the metal door that is in-
between two double doors (Confused? Don't be). Inside, Natalya is being 
held hostage by more men in black. This part could be devilishly hard, 
requiring you to shoot the man in the head who is behind Natalya...but 
you don't. Just let Natalya see you, and she'll escape (objective b: 
complete). You may kill the two (sometimes three) men if you want. Now 
go to the windows near the catwalks/library, shoot them out, and fall 
onto the streets below.

We actually skipped quite a lot of guards (like 20), but I thought this 
walkthrough would be beyond monotonous if I actually gave you the 
location of every single one of them, ya know?

                 S T A G E   1 2 :   S T R E E T S

Mission Objectives:
A.  Contact Valentin
B.  Pursue Ourumov and Natalya
C.  Minimize Civilian Casualties

Available Weapons / Gadgets:
PP7 (Standard Issue)
KF7 Soviet
Grenade Launcher
Hand Grenade
Rocket Launcher

Walkthrough (00 Agent):

Let's see, as we exit the Archives, Natalya is right by our side. In the 
next stage, she has been mysteriously kidnapped by Alec and is being 
taken away. Erm, am I the only one seeing some continuity issues here? 

As you start the level, peer around the corner and take care of both 
soldiers with your PP7, then switch to the Soviet. Use its scope to pick 
off the man in the distance, by the tank, and use the fence to hide 
yourself from enemy fire. When all the opposition has been taken care 
of, head onto the black streets, and then duck into the small side 
alley. Run through, mowing down anyone who gets in your way, and enter 
the small door in the side of a building. Duck inside another small 
room, and you'll see the obese Valentin, scarfing down a bag of Krispy 
Kreams™ like a mad-man. After he and the conversation are done 
(objective a: complete) he'll head off to contact his friends. While you 
were talking to him, a few guards would have come in to investigate, so 
be sure to keep an eye on the entranceway.

Now, in the small alleyway where you fought a few people, there are a 
few broken windows with people shooting at you from within. Go inside, 
mow them down, and grab the grenade launcher and its ammunition, plus 
some BODY ARMOR! Oh yeah...

Now go back to where the military tank is located, hop inside, and 
proceed to run over anything or anyone foolish enough to stand in your 
way. There's only one way you can die now, and that's if someone with a 
rocket launcher blows you away. Fortunately, there's an easy way to tell 
if they're around. If you turn a corner and you hear rocket launchers 
going off, go the OTHER direction. If you turn the corner and hear 
regular Soviet fire, then follow that path.  

When you reach the end of the level, it leads to this -- (objective b 
and c: complete).

         S T A G E   1 3 :   M I L I T A R Y   D E P O T

Mission Objectives:
A.  Destroy Illegal Arms Cache
B.  Destroy Computer Network
C.  Obtain Safe Key
D.  Recover Helicopter Blueprints
E.  Locate Trevelyan's Train

Available Weapons / Gadgets:
PP7 (Standard Issue)
D5K Deutsche (2x)
Rocket Launcher
Proximity Mines
Hand Grenade
KF7 Soviet (no ammunition?)
Helicopter Blueprints
Safe Key

Walkthrough (00 Agent):

Turquoise sky...cool music...automatic weapons...I'm there!

Run forward, through the dark air, and meet your first adversary by an 
orange metallic box. Grab his D5K, do a 180, and blast the two soldiers 
in the group of boxes so they won't follow you later. Now head in the 
opposite direction, and open the fenced gateway. Keep going forward...I 
know we're passing some areas you'd just love to explore, but we have to 
ignore those for now. Turn right at the intersection, and open up the 
second sliding door on the right hand side, then shut the door as you go 
past it (infinite enemies will now start to pour into the level). Three 
soldiers await you in this small warehouse...after the small shootout, 
grab the rocket launcher and three rockets, the D5K's, and the proximity 
mines laying on the table. You may also pick up the KF7's if you wish, 
but there's no ammunition for them! How strange...

Lay two proximity mines in the large group of brown boxes, and then get 
on the metal scaffolding. Shoot the mines and BOOM! in a huge ball of 
fire and smoke the enemy's weapon stash is destroyed (objective a: 
complete). Exit through the sliding doors and shoot anyone you 
see...then quickly move to the left and shoot the large group of guards 
there using a single rocket. Through the smoke, be sure to collect the 
DOUBLE D5K's...very nice...Continue to where the previous intersection 
was, and when I told you to go right, this time go left, and open the 
only sliding door there, and shoot the two men on either side of the 
gate. Hop into the warehouse, shut the door, and ready your twin 

Uh-oh, drone gun. Not good. Use the giant stack of crates near the 
entrance for cover, and just take care of the soldiers that run up to 
greet your arrival. When you're done, whip out your rocket launcher. 
Now...what you need to do is get into the open, get your aiming 
crosshair on the drone gun, and fire in less than second. This seems to 
be most easily done by jumping to the LEFT of the large stack of crates, 
because the drone gun seems to take awhile to turn in that direction. 
When it's kaput, run farther into the chamber and collect the "Safe Key" 
laying on the table (objective c: complete). Now use any remaining 
proximity mines to destroy the two mainframes and the screen, or if you 
wish you may just use regular, old fashioned bullets (objective b: 

Now, swallow your fears and open the sliding door. If there is anyone 
there, quickly mow them down! Now...RUN! Run to the metallic box for 
cover as a group of five to six men will be shooting rounds at you from 
every direction. Wait for it to stop...now strafe out in full view, pop 
off the last rocket into the center of the group, then immediately find 
cover again. You should hear the sound of people dying, and the <clank> 
of their weapons hitting the ground. Now charge the cloud of smoke, 
firing your weapons, to take out any survivors. Follow the grayish path, 
ignoring any turns, and you'll reach a white building...open the metal 
door (similar to the ones found in the Archives level), run up the 
stairs, go to the safe, open it, and grab the helicopter blueprints 
inside (objective d: complete). Open the nearby door, run down the 
stairs, open the sliding warehouse doors, and jump into the train 
(objective e: complete). You may kill the two men inside if you wish, 
but it is not necessary.

                    S T A G E   1 4 :   T R A I N

Mission Objectives:
A.  Destroy Brake Units
B.  Rescue Natalya
C.  Locate Janus Secret Base
D.  Crack Boris' Password
E.  Escape to Safety

Available Weapons / Gadgets:
PP7 (Standard Issue)
Hand Grenade
D5K Deutsche
ZMG (9mm) (2x)
RC-P90 ("Agent" difficulty only)
DD44 Dostovei
Watch Laser
Train Door Key

Walkthrough (00 Agent):

This level is rather linear and non-descript, so I decided to divide the 
walkthroughs up to describe the specific cars...I'll even thrown in some 
rubbish ASCII maps to show you exactly where to stand, and WHEN to 

Train Car 1: 

("bird's eye" view ASCII map)

|                      |              LEGEND:
|                      |              P1 = Stand here first   
|                 start|              P2 = Stand here second
|             ___  ___ |              P3 = Stand here third
|            |   ||   ||              G# = Guard, the # is its kill 
|            |___||___||                   number (e.g. kill G1 
|            |   |     |                   first, G2 second, etc...)
|            |___|     |               * = Line of fire from your PP7
| P1 ___P2          P3 |             000 = Braking Unit (destroy)
| * |   |**         *  |
| * |___|*  *       *  |
| *      *    *___ _*__|    The first is brown and full of guards, and 
| *      *    | * ||*  |    it seems that standing in specific areas 
| *      *    |___*|*__|    will you give you quite the upper hand 
|_*_     *         G2  |    in the shootout. Stand in P1 and shoot the
| * |    * ____     *  |    gray guy through the crack between the wall
|_*_|    *|    |    *  |    and the crate. Now move to the corner of the
| G1     *|____|   _*__|    crate to P2, and slowly slide to your left
|        G3       | *  |    in order to spot a guard diagonally across,
|                 |_*__|    next to a wall. Shoot him a couple times in
|                   G4 |    the head, then take care of guard # 3 (G3)
|                      |    by leaning out even further. The last one,
|                      |    G4, can be easily spotted by jumping out 
|                      |    into the open and firing upon him 
|000_____EXIT__________|    immediately (G4). Destroy the brake units as

Train Car 2:

Don't worry, I won't torture you with another half assed map 
again...I'll just torture you with a half-assed walkthrough! Ho ho!

While standing in car number one, go to the RIGHT of the doorway to 
number two. Open both double doors, back up, and shoot the man on the 
left, behind the box. Wait for the shooting to stop, then slowly start 
moving to your left as to expose one more guard: rat-tap-tap, down he 
goes. Keep moving left and shooting until all the guards there are down. 
Be sure to collect the ammunition...

Now, in the second part, two men dressed in black (which means a lot of 
body armor) will begin to sneak up on you. They are somewhat random in 
their movements, so watch out! Here you'll find two metal crates stacked 
on top of each other, meaning they can not be destroyed and they will be 
offering you some great cover. Stand here, move to the right a bit, and 
mow down the people behind the wall of crates. Your best bet is to wait 
behind your proverbial metal shield until they stop firing, then pop out 
and shoot them all down. Quickly move to the front of the car and take 
out the final two guys, if you didn't peg them from afar. Now shoot the 
second brake unit...

Train Cars 3 and 4:

These claustrophobic corridors are much different from the first two 
cars, being lined in blue carpeting and doors that lead to bathrooms and 
smaller compartments (which only hold bad guys), and of course there's 
really no room at all to dodge gunfire. This turns out to actually work 
to your advantage...just pop out and spray automatic gunfire down the 
halls and watch as soldier after soldier hits the ground in a loud 
*thud*. This is very remedial and I'm afraid I can't really offer any 
real strategies. Just watch out in the third car where a man will come 
out of a locked door as you pass it, and in the fourth car TWO guys will 
come out of a locked door shortly after passing it. Stay alert, and be 
sure to blow up both braking units.

Train Car 5:

Car number five is the most complex of any of the cars, and has green 
walls and yellow sofas, along with brown tables in the middle of each 

This is where things get tricky, as the placement of the guards are 
TOTALLY RANDOM except for two people in bathrooms, and let's not forget 
that a majority of them wield twin ZMG's, which is basically the 
GoldenEye equivalent to the Uzi. This is also the first time you'll 
shake hands with the men in hats and black, full-body armor (unless you 
count the Statue Park). When a guy has a blue or purple hat on, DO NOT 
UNDER-ESTIMATE THEM! This guy can take ZMG shots to the face and live to 
tell about it, so don't screw around with these guys. Kill them with 
full automatic power, go over the limit, just pump them full of lead 
before they can react. When you get to the braking unit, destroy it, 
then turn around and blast the guy who is following you (he came from a 
locked door). Be sure to equip the double ZMG's if you have not already.

Train Car 6:

Steel-gray/blue, Car six is your final destination. Destroy the final 
braking unit (objective a: complete) and the train will screech to a 
dead stop. Quickly find cover as two men with hats and double ZMG's will 
attempt to mow you down...after the small shoot-out, collect the "Train 
Door Key" and open the door at the end of the hallway.

Uh-oh...it looks like there was a party and you WEREN'T invited (for 

("bird's eye" view ASCII map)

|__|      TD|           LEGEND:
|P          |        P = Your position   
| *         |       TD = Trap Door
|  *        |        * = The path of your ZMG bullets
|_  *      C|        C = Computer
| |  O -> N |        O = Ouromuv
|_|   *     |        N = Natalya
|      X  A |       -> = This signifies that Natalya is about to be shot
|           |        X = Xenia
|___________|        A = Alec

Natalya is being held at gunpoint by general Ouromov, and Alec and his 
mistress Xenia are waiting behind. The first person you shoot HAS to be 
Ouromov, or else Natalya gets a round in the back of her head (Heh, this 
wouldn't be so bad, if you didn't fail the mission). So move to the 
right so you can line up both Xenia and Ouromov in your shot (location 
"P" on the map above). Now start with fully automatic fire for roughly 
three or four seconds and you'll mow down both the general and Xenia...

What was the purpose of taking down Xenia? Well, if you do this, the 
level is MUCH, MUUUUCH easier. If you don't, it becomes very 
frustrating. If you don't shoot her, you get four seconds to escape the 
train. If you do, you get 20. Definitely shoot Xenia...although you may 
want to only use a single ZMG instead of both, because you may risk 
nicking Natalya with two.

After this, Natalya will begin to work on the computer. What you have to 
work on is melting the bolts off the steel trap door that's in the 
floor...you can use bullets if you wish, but the fastest way is to use 
your Watch Laser, just like in the movie. After this, a one minute timer 
will begin...Natalya has 60 seconds to complete two objectives. At 
around 50 seconds she'll find where the base is (objective c: complete), 
and at 20 seconds she'll crack the password (objective d: complete), 
which leaves you 20 seconds to exit the train and run to the exit 
(objectives b and e: complete). This is if you shoot Xenia...if not, 
you'll have four seconds to escape. In that situation, you'll have to go 
to where the four guys are and allow Natalya to follow you there. It'll 
be a very tense situation, but it is possible to rescue her. Just be 
sure to take care of the gray guys, lest you be mowed down by automatic 
ZMG fire...


  10.   M I S S I O N   V I I :   C U B A


Yes, as the title of this entire document suggests, the walkthroughs 
were *specifically* made towards the 00 Agent difficulty setting. 
Granted, they will work on the lower difficulties, but you'll end up 
doing a lot more mission objectives than you should have to. 

As for the walkthroughs themselves, I thought these were the best 
strategies for people who might have problems with that level. It 
definitely won't be time efficient (see my other FAQ for that), and it 
might not be the fanciest, but it is generally the safest. But the 
beautiful thing about each level is that there are usually many, many 
different ways to do it (I could probably write five different 
walkthroughs for one of the two Bunker levels), so if you prefer to do 
something different than what I say, and it works, then go ahead and do 

            S T A G E   1 5 :   C U B A N   J U N G L E

Mission Objectives:
A.  Destroy Drone Guns
B.  Eliminate Xenia
C.  Destroy Ammunition Dump
D.  Escort Natalya to Janus Secret Base

Available Weapons / Gadgets:
PP7 (Standard Issue)
Remote Mine
U.S. AR33 Assault Rifle
Grenade Launcher
Hand Grenade

Walkthrough (00 Agent):

In all the other missions in the game, Natalya served no function other 
than to annoy and frustrate you, causing the game to become that much 
more difficult...here...it's all different. This time around, she is 
equipped with a Cougar Magnum, and she will use it whenever soldiers 
start running around! She follows you wherever you go, though she is 
slightly slower. So a good strategy is to run into an area, wait for her 
to catch up, then ambush the enemy while she expertly takes down anyone 
about to shoot you. Hell, in some situations she might actually rack up 
more kills than you!

As you start the stage, go to your left and pick the man in the distance 
off using your PP7. Use the huge trees as shields, and wait for the 
other two jungle commandos to run up to you. When they are taken care of 
(one usually by Natalya), grab all three Assault Rifles (but do not 
equip them yet). Now, you should spot a very odd looking plant growing 
in the middle of the path...it looks almost like a giant pineapple! Go 
past this, and you'll spot a large clearing ahead. Use your PP7 and 
shoot madly into the next area...you might even kill someone. When you 
start to hear AR33 fire, quickly go back to the pineapple-like plant and 
hide behind it. By the time they hone in on your position, Natalya will 
be there, and take them all down. Of course, if you see one, you better 
take care of them, because a single AR33 round can take off one and 1/2 
of your health! Ouch!

Now equip your U.S. AR33 Assault Rifle (long name, that) and use its 
incredible scope to pick off the first mechanized drone gun in the 
distance. If you get too close, it'll burst out in a long stream of 
machine gun fire, and if this happens, TAKE COVER IMMEDIATELY, because 
one single hit will take off three health bars! Double ouch! After it's 
taken care of, go to its left, search around the small grove of bushes, 
and collect the ever so rare body armor...oh yeah! Now turn to the drone 
gun's right and use the Assault Rifle's scope to pick off men. You'll 
want to use controlled, single round bursts, as this will greatly 
conserve ammunition. When you get to the next clearing, head to the 
extreme left, against the jungle "wall." Peer into the steamy green 
distance by using the scope, and shoot someone, then spray anyone else 
you see. Now make a quick retreat behind some trees along the left side 
of the jungle, and wait for a huge mass of soldiers to start crowding in 
between a tree and the wall. Since the AR33 can shoot through men and 
trees, you'll save on the bullets here. Now maneuver yourself so you can 
see the drone gun, and shoot it. 

Now, while you go into the clearing, you should find another body armor 
in clear sight (two body armors on 00 Agent! How peculiar!). You 
probably shouldn't need it, so you should only come back and use it 
later if the situation arises. If you do need it though, feel free to 
take it.

Now you'll go down a path, shoot a few guys here and there, until 
reaching a third camp-site, only this time with a wooden tower. Hmmm, 
wouldn't it be cool if there was someone up there with a sniper rifle or 
a missile launcher? Oh well...take care of everyone (warning: a guy will 
sneak up on you from the right, so pay attention). Destroy the drone 
gun, follow the lush trail, and you'll find an old wooden bridge. Cross 
it, and at the very end, plant two remote mines on the bridge. Uh-
oh...the music has started, and here comes Xenia! Quickly run back 
across the bridge, back to its starting point. When you see her, 
detonate the miens and a huge fireball will engulf her body...then she 
comes out alive! Use your AR33 and shoot her as she crosses (note: she 
can not shoot back due to an AI glitch, at least if she can't see you). 
By the time she meets you, she should be dead. If not, run circles 
around her so her deadly weapons don't hit you...Natalya should also be 
of some help here. When she finally falls to the jungle floor (objective 
b: complete), be sure to collect her RC-P90 and grenade launcher.

Now go across the bridge, and be sure to take out the drone gun on the 
mound to the left (you should be able to see it before it can see you). 
You'll soon come to the mouth of a very extensive cave system...

("bird's eye" view ASCII map)

       to next area                   LEGEND:
         | G4  |                     G = guard
    ____/      |___                ~~~ = drone gun 
   / ~~~           \                 P = situate yourself here
  /                 \_______         * = path of your first shots
 /                          |        . = path of your second shots
|  G3             G1    G2  |        T = a really huge tree
|  .            *          /
|  .          *           / 
|  .        *             |      What you need to do is circle around 
|  .      *               |   so you are positioned on the left-hand
|  .    *                 |   side of the cave's mouth, in between the
 \ .  *                  /    wall of the cave and a tree. Use the AR33
  \.*    mouth of cave _/     and its scope to peer diagonally across 
 T P   T           T          the dark cave, and hit guard # 1. G2 will
immediately begin to run towards your position, an easy kill. G3 and G4 
will also make their presence known about now, but they are easy 
pickings. Now strafe inside the cave a bit, and use the scope to pick 
off the drone gun, which is secured in its own little corner. I made the
map to the left because this cave is very dark, and the soldiers are 
camouflaged very well due to their uniforms. With this strategy, you 
shouldn't even get hit once!

Collect all the ammunition, and move deeper into the cave system. You'll 
enter a brand new room, with a commando to the left, and a commando to 
the right, both whom should be taken care of immediately. You have two 
choices: a ladder, or a small corridor to the right...take the corridor. 
As you move through, several soldiers will pop into sight and begin to 
pull out hand grenades; take them out upon sight! You'll then enter a 
small chamber with several metal crates, and a large concentration of 
soldiers. What you need to do is slowly inch up against the right wall 
of the corridor so you can only see one guard at once, enabling you to 
take no damage at all. When the entire place is cleared out, collect the 
gobs of AR33 ammunition, plus a hand grenade or two. Go back to the room 
with the ladder, and begin the short climb.

At the peak, you'll face the horrifying sight of the twin barrels of a 
drone gun...fortunately, if you stay on the ladder, it won't shoot. So 
blow it up, go to the next corner, and destroy the final drone gun of 
the stage (objective a: complete). Hmmm, what are all of those brown 
boxes? Turns out it's their ammunition storage dump...plant your final 
two or three remote mines here, detonate, and watch the enemy's arsenal 
go up in a ball of flames and smoke (objective c: complete).

Now all you have to do is make it to the elevator shaft that leads to 
the hidden complex below, but that's easier said than done. What lies 
ahead are six metallic boxes, positioned in a half-circle that covers 
the entire back of the chamber, and behind them are six commandos, fully 
armed, all looking straight at you, with no cover whatsoever. The 
solution? Get by the corner near the remnants of the last drone gun, 
equip the grenade launcher, and shoot all three rounds at key parts of 
the half-circle. If you have good aim, all six of them should die, but 
if not don't worry. Now whip out your RC-P90 and charge into the room, 
through the smoke, killing EVERYONE (note: this will be slightly easier 
because they will be surprised by all the explosions), then go into the 
corridor that leads to the elevator shaft and kill the last guy of the 
entire level. Talk about adrenaline pumping action...

Now just open the doors and exit the level with Natalya in tow 
(objective d: complete).

Of other note, if you go away and come back, all seven men will return 
via magical powers! You can keep killing them again and again, causing 
your body count to skyrocket to ridiculous heights (102 
kills...riiiight). You just have to love this stage...

        S T A G E   1 6 :   C O N T R O L   C E N T E R

Mission Objectives:
A.  Protect Natalya
B.  Disable GoldenEye Satellite
C.  Destroy Armored Mainframes

Available Weapons / Gadgets:
PP7 (Standard Issue)
D5K Deutsche
Remote Mine
Hand Grenade

Walkthrough (00 Agent):

You are Bond -- James Bond even -- inside of an elevator, an enclosed 
space mind you, with a woman who is barely dressed. Which of the 
following occurs?

A) Make out scene
B) Time for some sweet lovin', old fashioned style
C) Nothing

If you picked C, you are correct! Well, not really. Instead you get to 
open the elevator door and watch as buckets of machine gun fire rain in. 
Hmmm, that isn't good, is it?

What you need to do is crouch, and slide to the right so you can just 
catch the black camera lens of the drone gun in your targeting 
crosshair. When you shoot, wait for the recoil to subside, and shoot 
again. Five shots, it blows. Reload, and step out into the opening, 
savoring the catchy techo music that is Control. Hmmm, three soldiers 
are waiting for something. I'm sure they'll be terribly disappointed 
when you bust a cap in their collective foreheads.

Now, listen up! To take down the second drone gun, you have to position 
yourself so you can see it, and it can see you, but it won't hit you. 
This can be achieved by going against the wall that is to the immediate 
LEFT of the elevator (when you come out of it). You really can't see the 
gun, so aim for the muzzle flash. When that's done, collect the three 
MP5's...er...D5K's lying on the ground, and equip it. The final drone 
gun is around another corner, near the ceiling, and it is a very simple 
matter to take it down. I bet even you won't have any trouble! Then 
there are three more guys to take down...easy pickings. Go back and pick 
up Natalya, and she'll do her little bit of computer cracking to open a 
locked door for you. 

This next part is a mite complicated, but it comes with practice. Run 
down the hallway with your automatic weapon firing, since there is 
absolutely no cover to seek. You will pass a huge chamber with five guys 
all looking at you from behind metallic boxes, so quickly dive into the 
smaller room below, pick up the ammo from the two guys you felled, grab 
the "remote mines", and listen. If you hear several grenades going off, 
coupled with the sounds of several men dying, congratulations! The 
idiots in the adjacent chamber have just killed themselves with their 
own hand grenades. Talk about under-achievers...if, on the other hand, 
you weren't so lucky, then don't worry! Just get out your remote mines, 
and jump out in the open just long enough to throw the mine, then hide 
behind the corner while simultaneously guessing the position of the mine 
in the air. When you know it is about in the middle, set it off (A + B) 
and listen as all five men hit the floor. Ah, sweet, sweet action. All 
of the above should have only taken about 20 seconds!

NOTE: Be sure to only use one remote mine. You'll need the others to 
      complete the mission.

The next seven guards are so pathetically easy...I honestly don't think 
they've had their morning coffee yet, because they are very sluggish in 
their reaction time, and I can just get out in the open and mow them all 
down without much resistance. But hey, I'm not complaining! :p Let's 
skip ahead to where we meet Boris.

Boris, whom we met in Bunker 1, pulls that innocent programmer routine, 
but then whips out a pistol! Thankfully, he's a bit of a klutz and drops 
it (extra ammunition!) and runs off, spouting his famous line ("I am 
invincible!"). Now, turn your attention to the two mainframes here (big 
metallic boxes). What you need to do is throw one remote mine in front 
of each, so that when you detonate them they won't destroy the black 
glass (two-three feet away is good enough). Not only will this destroy 
them, but it will kill two guys upstairs!

Now, go to the blue, mechanical door and open it. Four soldiers will 
immediately begin to fire...if you picked up a hand grenade, this is the 
place to use it! If not, just shut the door and wait for them to come to 
you. When they're taken care of, destroy the two Drone Guns hanging on 
the ceiling. All you have to do is position yourself so they don't shoot 
at you...you can save ammunition if you only shoot one round at a time, 
instead of going full auto. Once that's taken care of, DON'T run right 
into the room...there are two more machine guns positioned on either 
side of the entranceway, which means the second you get out in the open 
you are going to be absolutely mowed down! What I do is duck down and 
carefully strafe into the room. It seems that the one on the right will 
see you first, and then the left sees you after destroying the 
first...weird. Now all you have to do is go collect the ammunition 
laying on the floor and destroy the third mainframe (in one of the 

Head upstairs via the metal staircase, turn around, and make your way to 
the corners of the room, where a mainframe is hidden in each. Plant your 
mines, and destroy both in two explosions. Now head into the attic, take 
the left path, and go into the vents to collect a VERY useful *BODY 
ARMOR* (of other note, this is the same place Boris runs to escape).

Now go open the final brown door on the right hand side of the section, 
and Natalya will come running out ("I'm coming James!" = priceless). 
She'll position herself in the center desk, so what you need to do is to 
destroy the other five or so desks so they won't impede your progress. 
Now an alarm goes off and soldiers will begin to pour into the 
area...many people think this is the hardest part of the game, but 
honestly, they make it WAY more difficult than it should be. All you 
have to do is stand behind Natalya, with your back touching the black 
glass, and swing your view to the left and right every few seconds, 
looking at the spiraling staircases and the area above. If you see a 
soldier coming, you shoot him. How simple is that? They shouldn't even 
be able to make it to the ground level...Of course, there's the occasion 
where the glass on either side of the stage will shatter, and someone 
will begin to snipe Natalya. When you hear that, drop everything you're 
doing and take them down! Now when you swivel your view to the 
left/right, you'll also need to check that hole in the glass to make 
sure no one else comes in. There's also something interesting you can 
learn here: the men with black hats are slightly stronger than the 
average guard, and will always shoot you. The men WITHOUT hats are weak, 
and will always go for Natalya. Even if you shoot them, they'll 
completely ignore you! These guys usually position themselves near the 
large video screen and snipe Miss. S from there...so be sure to keep an 
eye around Nat's desk as well. Those are the guys that usually cause you 
to fail the mission. 

When she FINALLY gets done (objective b: complete), all the soldiers 
will begin to target you, so quickly run through one of the holes in the 
glass and step into the room where you first met Boris...there are two 
doors, both used to be locked, but can be opened now. One has two 
soldiers and a mainframe surrounded by glass, the other has four 
soldiers, some lockers, and (can you believe it?) ANOTHER body armor! 
What I like to do is to open the door to the room with the body armor, 
kill the guy near the entrance, then run back to the room with the 
mainframe, throw my mine in there and detonate it (this kills the two 
guys inside) (objective c: complete). Now I wait here, then run out when 
the door opens and kill the three guys that are running from the body 
armor room. Now go collect the armor, open the door there, and run into
the storage room. This huge room has stacks and stacks of metallic 
crates, reaching even to the ceiling! Run to the elevator doors, taking 
out the two guys guarding it, and hide behind the crates for cover and 
wait for the firing to stop. Now open the doors and run inside! 

NOTE: Be sure to check that objective a, protecting Natalya, is complete 
      before exiting. Sometimes, for some unknown reason, you'll have to 
      wait a few extra minutes for it to be done.

            S T A G E   1 7 :   W A T E R   C A V E R N S

Mission Objectives:
A.  Destroy Inlet Pump Controls
B.  Destroy Outlet Pump Controls 
C.  Destroy Master Control Console
D.  Use Radio to Contact Jack Wade
E.  Minimize Scientist Casualties

Available Weapons / Gadgets:
PP7 (Standard Issue)
DD44 Dostovei
ZMG (9mm) (2x)
U.S. AR33 Assault Rifle (2x)
RC-P90 (2x)
Automatic Shotgun 
Timed Mine
Hand Grenade
Code Card A
Code Card B
Code Card C

Walkthrough (00 Agent):

I'm telling you, if you enjoy automatic weapons, THIS is the level for 
you! Just look at that list of weapons! Wowza!

You start out in an elevator, with that snappy jazz music playing, 
equipped with a ZMG. Hmmmm, another continuity issue...I wonder where 
those timed mines came from as well? Oh well, I'm not complaining! :p 
Open the elevator doors and mow down the two guards there...now wait, 
and two more will come. Uh-oh! You'll find that the men with blue / 
purple hats will be the thorn in your side the entire level, as they can 
take several shots to the face and still live! So your best bet is to 
just keep pumping round after round into their chest -- 10 shots will 

There's two ways to get past the first section: (1) Waiting in the 
elevator, and when someone comes, mow them down. After a few minutes, 
almost the entire first region will be clear of guards, and you'll get 
loads of ammunition when you step out of the elevator. If too many 
guards come, shut the doors and lean against a wall. (2) Just run 
through the section and shoot people. I prefer this because it's faster, 
and more efficient, but the first method has its perks because you get 
to listen to the exquisite elevator tunes! ;)

Now, when you get to the cavern with the scientists, make sure you clear 
the area, including the guard near the entrance to the lake. Position a 
timed mine in the large group of crates, and when it explodes, collect 
the tons of ammunition that fly out. Now go to the nearby computers, and 
stand behind the scientist's back so he runs away. Now destroy both 
computers. Go to the next section, and there are two scientists! One 
will run away, the other is a bit more stern and will stand his ground. 
To make him run away, shoot near his foot and he will put his hands up; 
now shoot near his head and he'll run off. Quickly destroy both 
computers and the screen (objective a: complete). Hooray! 

Actually, if you want, you can shoot the stubborn scientist in the head. 
You can kill two scientists and still complete the mission, and there's 
one more "stubborn" guy left in the stage...you make the call!

Now open the nifty mechanical doors that lead to the underground lake, 
and wow, just wow...the entire path spirals hundreds of feet into the 
air like a stack of huge donuts! Along the long jounrey to the peak, you 
should find a few guys toting AR33's. Be sure to take them out from 
afar! When you reach the top, you find yourself in a nasty situation. 
The next chamber has about six-seven guys in it, two of them having 
hats, one of them wielding double ZMG's! I think the strategy that 
involves the least pain is as thus: open the first mechanial door. Now 
equip your ZMG and start shooting to make lots of noise. Now close the 
first door as the second door opens, and lay a timed mine on the front 
of the first door. Move away, and when it blows, everyone in the door 
will be blown away! Then the guy with double ZMG's is gonna come through 
the cloud of smoke, so blow him away and get both of the deadly 
automatics out immediately, then collect the ammunition and mow down 
anyone else left in the circular room.

Open the door, and behold the catalks! Really, this next part is easy, 
just keep mowing down anyone that shows their face (including the guy in 
the blue hat). Then move down the stairs to the lower level, do a 180 at 
the bottom of the stairs, and go into the small antechamber that has 
several groups of boxes. Put two remote mines in the group, and when 
they go off, you will hear the sounds of several guns hitting the floor. 
Wade through the heavy smoke and you will pick up a RIDICULOUS amount of 
ammunition (considering it's a 00 Agent level). You should have at least 
100 rounds of AR33 ammo, and about 250 rounds for your ZMG's. That's 
more than enough to last the rest of the level.

NOTE: There is a secret passage behind the lockers that leads to another
      room. Some people like to use it, but it requires a bit of skill
      to pull it off correctly, and since this walkthrough is for people
      who just want to beat the level in the easiest way, I won't cover

Now you're going to have to clear out the entire lower half of the 
catwalks. Remember that if there is a railing between you and the enemy, 
they can't see you! This means you can just zoom onto their head using 
the AR33 and waste only a single round on them. When you make it to the 
staircase that goes up, quickly run up it and maul the two guys up 
there. Be sure to also collect the "Code Card C" that the man with the 
hat drops.

Aim at the huge array of black windows and open fire! This will attract 
three men from the radio room. When you hear the doors opening, shoot 
through the first door using your AR33. Since its bullets can pierce 
through metal, the guards will die without you even seeing them! When 
all is silent, open the door and collect the guns (Along with an RC-P90 
and a "Code Card B"...whoohoo!). Quickly move into the huge cavern and 
stop next to the large alcove that looks almost like a stage, and use 
the scope on the Assault Rifle to pick off the annoyance across the room 
(sometimes the only thing you can see from him is the muzzle fire of his 

Now, without fail, a man from the platform will come into view and pull 
out a grenade. Before he pulls the pin, shoot him until he hits the 
floor. Now equip both of your ZMG's, duck down, and slide onto the 
platform. There are three men, several gasoline barrels, scientists, a 
computer, and a radio. The reason you shouldn't use the AR33 or the RC-
P90 to kill the group of guards is because they'll go right through the 
guy's bodies, and everything will go up in flames! After everyone is 
caput, collect the ammunition and press the action button when standing 
in front of the radio systems (objecitve d: complete). Then chase both 
scientists away and shoot the gasoline barrels, causing the entire 
platform to be engulfed in fire and smoke (objective c: complete). 

NOTE: If you only killed one scientist, feel free to shoot the stubborn
      scientist here to save time. Just be sure to not kill anymore or 
      you fail the last objective and thus the entire mission!

In the far corner of the room, there is a large crate against the glass. 
Shoot it a few times and smaller crates will fall out! Set your last 
mines on it, back up, and wade into the smoke to pick up DOUBLE AR33's! 
Oh baby, how sweet is that? You'll want to save them for later...so take 
out your RC-P90, which will pretty much be able to take down everything 
in your path without fail! The great thing about this gun is the fact it 
has little to no recoil, which means your aim will hardly be affected at 

Open the same doors you used to enter this room, and you'll find 
yourself back on the upper area of the catwalks. Clear out the entire 
region (which will prove quite easy, since five people have their backs 
to you) until you reach a door at about the mid-way point. Open it up 
and make some noise, then stand back and wait for the people to come to 
you (if you have any hand grenades from the radio room, this is the time 
to use them). Patience is the key here...when the flow of people stops, 
rush in and destroy the drone gun hanging on the ceiling to the left, 
then position yourself on the corner overlooking the stairway and take 
out the lockers across the room. This will kill two people. Still using 
the RC-P90, kill the two people downstairs (though the one with the blue 
hat and the "Key Code A" might come up to greet you). Destroy the three 
comouters down there to complete another mission (objective b: 

Now open the large, brown door that is behind the smoldering remains of 
the drone gun. Mow down both men there, then open the door in the middle 
of the hallway (the other goes to the radio room) and shoot those two as 
well. Go in, open the first door, then shut the big door behind you, 
then open the second door and briskly go backwards, duck, and use the 
side of the door as a "wall" so the two drone guns hanging on the 
ceiling can't see you. Take out your twin AR33 Assault Rifles and use 
their scopes to pick off both. Now get up and RUN down the hallway, 
mowing down an enormous group of guards at the end with ease. Sure, the 
RC-P90 is an awesome gun, but IMO two Assault Rifles at once is just 
better than a single RC-P90. However, if you wait long enough, infinite 
streams of men will come from behind, some armed with twin RC-P90's! The 
rest carry ZMG's or Automatic Shotguns. Running around the level with 
them chasing you, seeing how long you can last, is actually rather 

To end the level, simply enter the elevator at the end of the long tube.

          S T A G E   1 8 :   A N T E N N A   C R A D L E

Mission Objectives:
A.  Destroy Control Console
B.  Settle the Score with Trevelyan

Available Weapons / Gadgets:
PP7 (Standard Issue)
ZMG (9mm) (2x)
U.S. AR33 Assault Rifle
Hand Grenade

Walkthrough (00 Agent):

The first thing you're going to want to do, without fail, is to go 
behind your starting position and pick up the body armor. Now you have 
to then go straight up the path firing your PP7 to kill a soldier, he 
has double ZMGs. Immediately switch to them. Kill anyone who gets in 
your way. Go to the central platform and go down the stairs, and into 
the shed. Blow up the two drone guns, plus the control console behind 
the mechanical thing (objective a: completed). Chase down Alec and shoot 
him where he stops, he will say something. There is also a Body Armor in 
the other shed area, it's very well hidden behind the machinery. Just 
follow him until he goes to the last place, drop down and unleash all of 
your ZMG bullets into him. Grab his Assault Rifle and shoot straight up 
into the shed above, ya never know - one time a guard up there shot me 
off (objective b: completed). 

I checked my walkthrough a few days ago, and I forgot to mention the 
number one rule to taking him down: DO NOT GO DOWN IN THE AREA BETWEEN 
THE TWO SHEDS! Just don't do it. You will die -- the guards can shoot 
you no matter how far away you are. Just go to where Alec is, shoot him, 
then go to the other shed and wait for him to come, shoot him again, 
etc. You do know what area I'm talking about, right? The place where 
Alec runs to after you shoot him (usually). So there. Be happy.


  11.   M I S S I O N   V I I I :   T E O T I H U A C A ' N 


Yes, as the title of this entire document suggests, the walkthroughs 
were *specifically* made towards the 00 Agent difficulty setting. 
Granted, they will work on the lower difficulties, but you'll end up 
doing a lot more mission objectives than you should have to. 

As for the walkthroughs themselves, I thought these were the best 
strategies for people who might have problems with that level. It 
definitely won't be time efficient (see my other FAQ for that), and it 
might not be the fanciest, but it is generally the safest. But the 
beautiful thing about each level is that there are usually many, many 
different ways to do it (I could probably write five different 
walkthroughs for one of the two Bunker levels), so if you prefer to do 
something different than what I say, and it works, then go ahead and do 

    S T A G E   1 9 :   A Z T E C   C O M P L E X   ( B O N U S )

Mission Objectives:
A.  Reprogram Shuttle Guidance
B.  Launch Shuttle

Available Weapons / Gadgets:
PP7 (Standard Issue)
U.S. AR33 Assault Rifle (2x)
Moonraker Laser (2x)
Hand Grenade
Guidance Data
Security Smart Card
Launch Protocol Data DAT

Walkthrough (00 Agent):

Duck down and slide to the right, you will see a guard. He'll pull a 
grenade, shoot him in the head before he pulls the pin. Wait for the 
others to come and nail them (quick reflexes required). Get their 
Assault Rifles and the grenade that one guy dropped. Still use the PP7 
though. Open the secret door and strafe left or right, when the shooting 
stops strafe in and shoot off a few rounds to kill him. Hide and 
hopefully those idiots are coming your way, kill them with the Assault 
Rifle. Peer around the corner and kill the guy at the far end of the 

Get all the ammo and peek around the corner to kill the two other 
guards. You've probably collected another grenade or two, save them for 
later. Collect the ammo, and go into the next secret room. Step in and 
step back, when they come out kill them. Go into the room and hide 
behind the steel wall to the right, kill the guy at the far end. The 
others will come running, kill them when they get to you. Collect the 
ammo and switch to your PP7, go up to the computer console and hit it. A 
mainframe will drop down revealing a secret tunnel. Kill the guy with 
one shot to the head, close the door. In the next area are three guards 
in little cubby holes, take them out with one bullet to the head. 

Get the ammo and switch to your rifle, look into the next room. Destroy 
the computer console on the right, and hide near the door. Kill the two 
guys who come running. Run into the room and the door behind you will 
close in and lock. The shuttle is going to fire it's engines while 
you're under them! Just go through the secret tunnel behind the 
destroyed console. When the smoke clears enter the other console, kill 
any guards you see. You will collect the Moonraker laser, it's a nifty 
little toy but I never really use it. 

To the left and right are drone guns, thank God they're facing away from 
you! Kill them and go back and collect the body armor, you'll really 
need this. Peek out and kill any Moonraker elites you see. Go to the 
very end and look through the grating, you can destroy three drone guns 
from here. And also the soldier in the next grating area. When you're 
done run to the left and use this little wall for cover. Peek out and 
kill all these solders, plus the hard to spot drone gun. When this room 
is cleared go up the ladder and use the console, it will shut the 
exhaust doors so you can get back there later. Go through the next 
grating area, use your laser here. When you finally get to Jaws throw 
your grenades, one by one, at him. he won't even notice that explosions 
are taking down his lifebar. The guy at the end of the hall might also 
throw grenades but he misses you and hits Jaws instead! 

When you're ready shoot him in the head with as many bullets of the 
Rifle as you can, he'll turn around and fire at you. Very bad. Instead 
of returning fire backtrack and wait for that other guard to come, kill 
him for more ammo. Wait in the area with stairs that form a rectangle 
(it's right after the area with the shuttle). When he starts running at 
you, slowly circle around the area. This is exploiting an AI glitch...he 
can't shoot across! When he stops to rest, shoot him. Eventually, you'll 
be able to kill him. Your rewards are twin Assault Rifles and a "Smart 
Card." Backtrack to the smacy fancy computer room and open the glass 
doors, grab the "Launch Protocol DAT" on the table. Slide the "Guidance 
Data" into the disk drive and you're all set (objective a: completed). 
Go to the shuttle room, killing the regenerating guards. Some have twin 
lasers, you can use these if you want but I prefer the twin rifles. 

When you get to the shuttle room use the "Launch Protocol DAT" on the 
mainframe in the corner and a countdown will start, climb the ladder and 
hit the console to open the exhaust bay doors. Wait until times runs out 
and the shuttle will launch (objective b: complete). Beware of stray 
soldiers though, there's plenty of 'em. 


  12.   M I S S I O N   I X :   E L - S A G H I R A


   S T A G E   2 0 :   E G Y P T I A N   T E M P L E   ( B O N U S )

Mission Objectives:
A.  Recover the Golden Gun
B.  Defeat Baron Samedi?

Available Weapons / Gadgets:
PP7 (Standard Issue) 
ZMG (9mm) (2x)
Hand Grenade
Golden Gun

Walkthrough (00 Agent):

Unlike most stages, and unexpected for the last level in the game, this 
level is strangely easy. Here it goes: Go right amongst the pillars, 
shoot the guard in the head and the other will come running, take him 
out. Grab their ZMGs, you'll need them later (kinda). Go into the next 
room behind the guards, on the right wall is a passageway. Go up the 
stairs to find a dead end with a gray picture on it, press 'B' to open 
it up. Go inside, here are the directions to make it to the Golden Gun:

Go all the way left.
Up two squares
Right until there is one square between you and the wall
Forward two squares, it has the corner of the Turret block on it
Left one square, you're facing the Golden Gun case
Up one square
Left, you're up against another Gun block
Two squares up, the Golden Gun case is right there
Go right and you'll be standing directly in front of it.

The case will lower and you can now collect the Golden Gun and the 
ammunition, you only get about 50 bullets though, so don't waste them 
unless absolutely necessary (mission a: completed). On the left wall is 
another gray door, you'll find some armor and another gray door, open 
it. You're now looking upon a very large room, hold right and you can 
just see a guard, take out your ZMGs and shoot his head, the guards 
below will look up and shoot so quickly drop down and shoot them all, 
there's another in the corner. Hide behind the pillars and advance into 
the room, Baron is at the end, he has double DD44s, just take him out 
with the Golden Gun. 

Go left to find a hallway with little acloves, if you're good enough and 
want to clear out some guards then use the Golden Gun and kill everyone 
here, you'll also get some more Armor, but it's easy to get hit. If not, 
go back to the beginning, Baron will be waiting with double ZMGs, shoot 
him with the Golden Gun. Now it will grow real dark and you can't see 
very good, but guards can see you perfectly!

There are two ways to get to the last Baron, I take this because it's 
more direct: Head back to where you collected the Golden Gun, before the 
stairs is a hall, follow it all the way to the end and you'll see the 
Baron along with some Armor, be careful, he has double Lasers and he's 
not afraid to use them. If you want to hide, get behind the glass 
thingie in the middle. It will take two to three shots from the Golden 
Gun to kill him, and you better hurry because guards will soon flood the 
room and they'll all be shooting at *you*!


  13.   F R E Q U E N T L Y   A S K E D   Q U E S T I O N S


Question: In the walkthrough, how come you put "(mission x: completed)"
          when "(objective x: accomplished)" takes up more room and 
          looks cooler? 
  Answer: Because in the game, when you complete it, it says "mission x:
          completed." Why should I stray from that? 

Question: In the Silo, if you kill Ouromov, he drops a suitcase and a 
          key. What are these for? 
  Answer: It was originally intended to be for something, but they 
          didn't have enough time to take it out or put anything to it.
          Therefore, it does NOTHING AT ALL. This information can be
          found in the GoldenEye 007 Rumor Mill at Rareware...

          Actually, that's half-right. If you get the suitcase/key, and
          backtrack to the rocket area where there was a guard standing
          alone, facing away, select the key, and use it as a "weapon"
          (e.g. pressing the action button) then the giant launch doors
          will open, allowing you to see the dark sky. Cool...


Question: In the Train, it's possible to get where Alec and Trev are.
          The point of this is...? 
  Answer: The designers never really thought you would be able to get
          back there, so it's just nothing. This is also found at the
          Rumor Mill...


Question: In the Dam, there is a structure out in the water. 
          Explanation, please? 
  Answer: Once again, it was originally a mission to go over there in a
          boat and destroy some boxes of ammunition, but they didn't 
          have time to flesh it out, and the graphics are the only thing
          that is left. There is also a Gameshark code to get over
          there, but since there are hundreds of Gameshark code sites, 
          you should be able to get over there. This, also, is found at


Question: In the Facility, I found some glass on the ceiling that I can 

  Answer: That was just there for you to discover.


Question: In the Facility, in the shaft you're in at the beginning, it 
          looks there's another way to go, but it's blocked off.

  Answer: It's just there to look good, for crying out loud. Though 
          honestly, that would've made some SWEET multiplayer matches if
          there was a maze of vents up there. Oh well.


Question: What's this Rareware place you keep talking about? 
  Answer: www.rareware.com. It is the official company page. Besides 
          being drop-down hilarious, it offers a huge amount of 


Question: How do I get <enter level cheat> for <enter level name>? 
  Answer: I have a separate FAQ that has been available for quite some 
          time that offers a lot of tips and strategies for the specific
          level codes.  


Question: What about glitches and cool things like that? 
  Answer: Hell, you want glitches? Go to www.n64cc.com immediately then.
          Their GoldenEye 007 codes section is at least 3/4 glitches and
          strange things such as that. VERY interesting stuff.


  14.   W E A P O N S   /   G A D G E T S


The set-up for each weapon goes as so:

(#) Name of Weapon

Real life counterpart: Most of the weapons are real life guns, but due
                       to legal reasons they had to change their name 
Found in: List of stages the weapon is found in...
Different versions: No explanation necessary

<Stuff about weapon goes here>

                 S E M I   A U T O M A T I C S   

(1) PP7

Real life counterpart: Walther PPK 
Found in: All 20 stages
Different versions: Silenced

On every single stage in the game you start out with the PP7; the first 
10 or so it is silenced, then it is not. Sometimes you may start off 
with a different gun (e.g. ZMG in Caverns, D5K in Frigate) but if you 
scroll backwards through your inventory you'll find it. 

The PP7 is the fastest firing non-automatic in the game, which is 
perhaps why it is Bond's weapon of choice. Add in a silencer and not a 
single guard should be able to hear you; perfect for those covert 
operations. You absolutely must go for the head shot when using this, as 
a guard can shrug these things off like paintballs!

(2) DD44 Dostovei

Real life counterpart: TT33
Found in: Dam, Facility, both Bunkers, Silo, Archives, Caverns, & Train

Similar to the PP7, only much more powerful, much louder, and it has a 
nice shine to it. Most of the stages it can be found in you either have 
to shoot a scientist (Facility, Silo, Caverns) or go out of your way to 
find it (Dam, Train; setting off the alarms in the Bunkers and taking 
one or two from the secret agents that flood the level).

If there's one level where you must use it, however, it is Archives. In 
here you can double it, allowing you to have twin DD44's! Sweetness. Go 
blow up the level John Woo style!  

(3) Klobb

Real life counterpart: Skorpion
Found in: Runway, Surface, both Bunkers, Surface, & Archives

Let's face it, the Klobb absolutely sucks. It has a slow firing rate 
even though it is a "machine pistol", it has downright awful recoil (try 
shooting at a wall, the shots will be like three feet apart, and it gets 
even worse as you back up from your target). Even though it uses the 
same ammo as the PP7, it is actually weaker! Figure that one out for 

Still, however, killing someone in multiplayer with this is just too 
funny. "Haha, I killed you with the WORST gun in the game! Suck on 

(4) Cougar Magnum

Real life counterpart: Blackhawk Magnum
Found in: Only with cheats

Supposedly the most powerful revolver in the world, the Cougar Magnum 
let's you become an old western cowboy and have great shoot-outs with 
people. "Dance little doggie, dance!" Unfortunately, its firing rate is 
the slowest of all the semi-automatics (and hence the game), plus it has 
a pathetic six rounds per clip. On the plus side, a single shot to the 
chest will send your average guard flying back three feet (it's funny, 
in all actuality) and can shoot through doors, bullet-proof glass, and 
thin walls. 

(5) Sniper Rifle

Real life counterpart: Sniper Rifle (unknown name)
Found in: Dam & Surface 1 

With its ultra sniper scope, this spectacular weapon will allow you to 
zoom in from roughly 100 yards away and snipe people who have no idea 
what's going on. Talk about being covert! Unfortunately, it has a firing 
rate akin to that of the PP7, and when somebody misses their shot they 
just start tapping the button and kill the guy anyways. How cheap is 
that? Ever heard of "One shot, one kill"? It sure makes the game more 
fun if you wait and line up for the perfect head shot. It takes skill 
because Bond's breathing actually affects the targeting crosshair! Oh 

Just be sure not to bring this baby indoors; it's awful with close 

(6) Golden Gun

Real life counterpart: N / A
Found in: Egypt

With a dismal one round per clip, the Golden Gun forces you to become 
deadly accurate when firing, because if you miss you automatically go 
into the reloading animation. However, this is negated by the fact it 
can kill in one shot! The only exception is if you hit someone in their 
gun, or if they have absolutely insane amounts of health (e.g. Baron in 

A deathmatching favorite!

(7) Silver PP7

Real life counterpart: N / A
Found in: Only with cheats

Basically a very, very shiny PP7. It usually kills in one shot, but it's 
not guaranteed on stages like Caverns, with the guys with purple hats 
and such. On the plus side, it can shoot through objects in a similar 
fashion to the Cougar Magnum!

(8) Golden PP7

Real life counterpart: N / A
Found in: Only with cheats

Sheesh, Rare sure likes those PP7's! It is basically the ultimate gun, 
as it has seven rounds per clip and kills in a single shot. Anything in 
front of this is going to go down very, very quickly. Better than the 
Golden Gun in every aspect, though it takes away the fun due to its ease 
of use. It is second only to the RC-P90.

(9) Shotgun:

Real life counterpart: Shotgun
Found in: With cheats only

It looks cool, it sounds cool, and you can blow people five feet away. 
But you can only get it with cheats, so what's the point? I mean, 
there's no real strategy involved, and there's nothing more to say. Just 
realize that the shots from it go out in a spread-out fashion, meaning 
the closer you are to your target, the more damage it will sustain. 
Potentially the loudest gun in the entire game!

                        A U T O M A T I C S

(10) KF7 Soviet

Real life counterpart: AK47 Assault Rifle
Found in: Every level, except Frigate, Train, Jungle, Control, Caverns, 
          Cradle, Aztec, & Egypt

This blazing automatic rifle is found in nearly every stage, as it is 
carried by just about everyone. It has a scope, though it is a far cry 
from the Sniper Rifle. However, this scope is actually very useful as it 
can peg far-away opponents, or assure the headshot when close up. Of 
other note, this will be the first thing in the game that will say to 
people, "Hey! You need to be covert!" 'cos if you fire this baby in a 
level like Facility or Bunker 2, people are absolutely going to flood 
into your location and you won't have a chance in Hell of winning unless 
you are either extremely good or you've cleared out most of the stage.

However, if you go into R-targeting, you can fire one shot at a time if 
you so please, which can make it much quieter. It has very good recoil; 
distance fighting is decent with this weapon.

(11) D5K Deutsche

Real life counterpart: MP5
Found in: Facility, Frigate, Depot, Train, & Control
Other versions: Silenced

The bridge from semi-automatics to the "machine gun" type weapons, the 
D5K fires very quickly and has very nice recoil. The only negative 
however is that it seems to take a split second or so to start on "full 
speed", and in a game like this a split second is an eternity. Luckily, 
pairing this up (e.g. twin D5K's) is relatively easy, and on Frigate you 
get a silenced version. 

(12) Phantom

Real life counterpart: Spectre
Found in: Frigate only

The Phantom is just too cool for its own good, which is probably why it 
only appears in a single level in the entire game (it's no where to be 
found in the multiplayer area). It's large and threatening, spits out 
tons of bullets at eye-melting speeds, and will attract guards like 
moths to a lightbulb. If you have the chance to use twin Phantoms, 
absolutely nothing is going to stand in your way short of a bomb.

(13) ZMG (9mm)

Real life counterpart: Micro Uzi
Found in: Train, Caverns, Cradle, & Egypt

What's the point of adding the "(9mm)" at the end? There's no other type 
in the game, so I don't understand why "ZMG" alone wouldn't suffice. 
Regardless, the ZMG is the first "machine gun"-type weapon you'll find, 
and it's absolutely fantastic. It's VERY powerful, sending people 
rolling backwards, and has muzzle-flash to die for. It eats ammunition 
quickly though, so watch it. 

Not recommended for distance fighting.

(14) U.S. AR33 Assault Rifle

Real life counterpart: M-16
Found in: Jungle, Caverns, & Aztec

Sweet molasses! This is a candidate for best gun in the game! If you 
were to ignore the Sniper Rifle, it has the best scope in the game, it 
is ridiculously powerful, its muzzle flash puts the fear of God into 
anyone who sees it, and it just looks awesome (to, er, coin a phrase). 
It is also perfect for both close-up fights and long distance shoot outs 
alike, meaning it is very versatile. If it has any cons, it is the fact 
it eats away at your ammunition bag like a bastard. Conserve, conserve, 
as they say. 

It can also shoot through walls, doors, and the like as an added bonus.

(15) RC-P90

Real life counterpart: FN-P90 SMG (Sub-Machine-Gun)
Found in: Train (agent only), Jungle, & Caverns

RC-P90 vs. U.S. AR33 Assault Rifle. Which is better? It all comes down 
to personal opinion, but it can't be ignored that the RC-P90 has a 
DOWNRIGHT RIDICULOUS amount of ammunition per clip (80 rounds; highest 
in the game), it spits out lead like a bastard, it has no recoil to 
speak of, and three shots will put a soldier to their grave. Even more, 
because it can shoot through walls, doors, and the like. The only thing 
they didn't throw in is a scope and the kitchen sink.

If there's one negative fact about the RC-P90, it's that it is very hard 
to find. In Train, it is only in agent mode. In Jungle, you have to kill 
Xenia, and in Caverns you have to wrestle it out of the hands of some 
super-powerful guards (and they know how to use their treasure!). 

(16) Automatic Shotgun

Real life counterpart: Automatic shotgun (unknown name)
Found in: Statue & Caverns 

Very rare, only being found in the statue by killing Alec's body guards, 
or in the Caverns by waiting for the secret agents to flood the level. 
It is more precise than the regular shotgun, and shoots slightly faster. 
That's pretty much it, really.

                        B O O M ! !  B A B Y

(17) Hand Grenade

Real life counterpart: Hand Grenade
Found in: All 20 stages potentially

Yes, this can be THEORETICALLY found in every stage if you're (un)lucky 
enough for one of the guards to pull out one, or by badgering a few 
scientists. Just shoot them before they pull the pin and it won't go 
off, allowing you to take it. Of course, guards are so inept with this 
weapon it boggles my mind...they throw it, it ricochets off a wall, 
bounces across the flood, lands at their feet, and blows them away! LOL! 
It can also be amusing if you can shoot the grenade while they still 
have it in hand.

As for when you obtain it, the hand grenade takes much skill to use 
properly. It can bounce off any surface area you throw it at, including 
corners. If you hold Z you will pull the pin, but still hold it. This 
way, if the target is too fast you can throw the grenade so it explodes 
in mid-air. 

In multiplayer, some people have been known to pull the pin, hold the 
grenade, and rush into a group of people and kill everyone including 
themselves. Cheap, but it works! 

(18) Proximity Mine

Real life counterpart: N / A
Found in: Depot

Lay this down, and anything that goes by it -- be it a person, bullet, 
or rocket -- will set it off, causing a fiery explosion. A multiplayer 

(19) Remote Mine

Real life counterpart: N / A
Found in: Facility, Jungle, & Control

Set it on a surface and then detonate it by pressing A + B (at the same 
time). They're supposed to help you with your mission objectives, but 
you always seem to have a few left over to "play" with, if you get my 

(20) Timed Mine

Real life counterpart: N / A
Found in: Runway

Not very good at all, in my opinion. It's basically being able to stick 
a hand grenade on any surface you please. 

(21) Tank

Real life counterpart: Tank (unknown name)
Found in: Runway & Streets

The Tank allows you to roll over anything in your path (gotta love that 
squishing sound), and its huge cannon is slow, but very powerful. 

(22) Grenade Launcher

Real life counterpart: MP30 Military Grenade Launcher
Found in: Surface 1 & Streets

The fastest way to cause the game's frame-rates to come to a halt, the 
grenade launcher not only looks very awesome, but it is very useful as 
well. It shoots a grenade in an arc-like fashion, and the projectile can 
bounce off of ceilings and walls with ease. However, as soon as it hits 
the floor, it explodes. A suicide tool in the hands of a novice, a 
deadly weapon in the hands of an expert. 

(23) Rocket Launcher

Real life counterpart: Military Rocket Launcher
Found in: Streets & Depot

The most devastating explosive device in the game, it takes up roughly 
25% of the screen and causes an explosion larger than any other 
explosive (e.g. watch yourself). The rocket goes in a straight line 
followed by a massive smoke trail, unaffected by gravity, and the only 
thing that can stop it is a solid surface, a bullet, or another 
explosion. Play very carefully with this toy!
                   M I S C E L L A N E O U S

(24) Unarmed

Real life counterpart: Fist
Found in: All 20 stages

The only times you'll really need this is in Bunker 2 and Archives, 
otherwise this is pretty useless. Definitely not recommended.

(25) Hunting Knives

Real life counterpart: N / A
Found in: Cheats only

A very nice replacement for the fist, allows you to slice through 
people's flesh with ease. You have to feel giddy with that "squish" 
sound it makes!

(26) Throwing Knives

Real life counterpart: N / A
Found in: Bunker 2 only

Sure, you can practice with this a lot and claim it's a great weapon, 
but what's the point if it appears in only one level? Besides, a single 
shot to the head with he KF7 Soviet is easier to pull off anyways, and 
much less dangerous to boot. I do not recommend using this weapon. 

(27) Taser

Real life counterpart: Stunner
Found in: Cheats only

Well, sure, it looks nice, but it is very weak and nigh-impossible to 
aim. I deem this even worse than the Klobb!

(28) Moonraker Laser

Real life counterpart: N / A
Found in: Aztec only

Very nice indeed! A metallic weapon that shoots beams of hot, blue 
energy, the Moonraker Laser can fry anyone within seconds. It never runs 
out of ammunition, and you'll never have to reload. Its power is very 
similar to that of the Silver PP7 (e.g. very high). It has no kickback 
to speak of, which is quite admirable, and it can shoot through people, 
doors, thin walls, etc. Use this to conserve your AR33 ammo (I am of 
course speaking of the Aztec level)! 

                           G A D G E T S

Covert Modem:

It will connect to the enemy's phonelines so you can download their 
cargo information. Unfortunately, you'll need to activate their 
mainframe manually, which means a trip past quite a lot of armed 

                             *   *   *

Door DeCoder:

Handed to Dr. Doak by his superiors, it grants access to the highly 
restricted bottling room in the Chemical Facility, where the nerve gas 
is located. Dr. Doak is a double agent who works for M16, so if you can 
find him he'll be glad to hand it over.

                             *   *   *

Miniature Camera:

This will allow you to photograph top secret objects at will. It also 
comes with a limited zoom function.

                             *   *   *

Key Analyzer:

Disguised as a suitcase, this object was designed to copy the GoldenEye 
Firing Key.

                             *   *   *

Data Thief:

Once attached to a computer, it will immediately start sending its 
entire contents to a remote location in an M16 hideout not far away. 
When it is finished, the victim's hard-drive is immediately formatted. 

                             *   *   *


These small explosives can cling to anything, but cause massive damage. 
A favorite of terrorists everywhere. 

                             *   *   *

Bomb Defuser:

Cuts the correct wire for you and allows you to be the hero of the day.

                             *   *   *

Tracking Bug:

Designed to cling to vehicles and relay the location to M16 

                             *   *   *

Watch Magnet Attract:

Inside your watch is a small, very powerful magnet. It has a limited 
energy cell though, so try to be accurate. 
                             *   *   *

Watch Laser:

This high intensity laser sits right in your watch, it can burn right 
through metal, albeit slowly. If needed, it can burn through flesh as 


  15.   C H A R A C T E R S


James Bond (007):
This is you, a highly trained M16 operative. You can have hot steamy sex 
whenever you want, on demand, by simply saying, "My name is Bond...James 

                             *   *   *

Alec Trevelyan (006):

James' closest friend, he is really the leader of the Janus agency and 
faked his own death at the Facility with the help of General Ourumov. 

                             *   *   *

A highly skilled Russian programmer, she deals with the GoldenEye 
satellite, she was betrayed and wants to help James get back at them. 
Her computer abilities should come in handy... 

                             *   *   *


This is the main programmer behind the GoldenEye operations, he knows 
everything there is to know about it. Check out his hip duds! In the 
middle of Siberia, he looks ready for Hawaii.

                             *   *   *

General Ourumov:

Once a Russian hero, he has betrayed his country and his is helping fund 
the GoldenEye project and is close with Janus.

                             *   *   *


A member of the Polito, Mishkin believes what he hears and is fooled 
very easily. For example, he thinks James is his friend, but after he 
hands over the Safe Key...*BOOM!* A DD44 round in his head. 

                             *   *   *

Xenia Onnatop:

She used to be a skilled pilot in her day, now she is an efficient 
killing machine. She is an important member of Janus, and reportedly 
likes wrapping her thighs around a man's groinal area. *Ahem* How did 
this get rated only a 13+ again? :p Hey, look at her last name again. 
Onnatop. "On top." Oh, the hysteria shall never end...

                             *   *   *


This arms dealer is bent on correcting everything that's wrong. Too bad 
he weighs 300 pounds...Hey! Maybe we can help by stealing his McDonalds 
and watching his pathetic attempt to get it back!

                             *   *   *


This seven foot monster has a short temper, his favorite weapons are 
double U.S. AR33 Assault Rifles. He spends all his waking hours in the 
middle of a deserted Aztec ruin, waiting for...something...apparently. 
Wouldn't want to disappoint the lad, now would we? 

                             *   *   *

Dr. Doak:

Hey, I don't think this guy really is a doctor! Regardless, you'll need 
to find him in the Facility, because he has a door decoder, which will 
allow you to enter the highly restricted bottling room (of which Alex 
has somehow gotten into already without contacting him). Something tells 
me I'm not the only one who likes to shoot the good doctor in the back 
as he makes his leave...hehe.


  16.   C R E D I T S   S E C T I O N



  17.   C O N T A C T   I N F O R M A T I O N


Feel free to contact the insane author of this FAQ, marshmallow, with 
any e-mail, corrections, adorations, admonitions, praise, damnation, 
condemnation, or death threats at: marshmallow@planetn2000.com

Basically, there are five different types of e-mail I will receive on a 
daily basis. 

I will answer questions to the best of my ability, but not necessarily 
immediately. Who knows...you may get an answer hours after sending it, 
or maybe even weeks. Do not e-mail me telling me to "answer your 
questions", unless you like to be ignored. Also, please realize that I 
<prepare for a shocker> do have a real life outside the Internet. 
School, friends, what have you. Hey, sometimes I might not even get on 
the Internet for a few days if I pick up a hot new game that I enjoy.  

If you ask a question that has been answered in the FAQ, I will most 
definitely ignore it. If your question is poorly written (e.g. "Hez waz 
up, dawg? Got mez uh q!") I will delete it.  Etc., etc...


Hey, you mean people actually receive help from me and like to praise my 
work? Believe me, though I may not reply to it, I do appreciate your 
comments. Though, most people, if they praise me, do it along with a 
question, in which I might reply something like, "Yeah, thanks for the 
support. As for your problem..." 

I've received very few of these, but it's happened. Chances are high 
that I may not reply, but if you present a valid criticism, I may 
acknowledge your critique. As for those less intellectual letters, heh, 
they're always good for laughs.


Though I can assure you I will be flattered, I will *not* work for your 
site exclusively (or even as a third party). I don't care how much 
money, women, or drugs you offer me, either. No means no, okay?


No, I don't care about what kind of whore house your uncle runs. No, I 
don't know who Louie is and why he has a fetish for panties. No, I don't 
think a piano is going to mysteriously appear out of thin air and fall 
on me if I don't send a piece of sh!t letter to other people. No, I 
won't send you cash for a "dying" (yeah, right) kid who is infected with 
brain cancer, though sometimes I wonder if YOU'RE the one with brain 
cancer. No, I don't care about this new, amazing revelation about weight 
loss (my muscle to fat ratio is quite normal, thank you very much). And, 
finally, I will *not* make out with you!  

I apologize for the aforementioned subjects, because they had some 
questionable material. However, considering this is a FAQ for a T rated 
game with copious amounts of blood, harbingers of death / destruction, 
AND a lot of sexy Russian soldiers (not really), I assume you will not 
be offended by a little sexual innuendo. 

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 

                           ~ End of Document ~

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