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Library Strategy Guide by wing2871x

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 01/25/04

Release Date: 1997
Version 1.0
Guide by "MMM"
Any Questions, Email me at Wing2871x@yahoo.com
Table of Contents
I. Version
II. Weapons Pick
   A. Stratigies for 2 Players
   B. Stratigies for 3 Players
   C. Stratigies for 4 Players
III. Basement Battles
IV. First Floor
V. Top Level
VI. Main Room Ground to Air
VII. Top Pink Catwalks
VIII. Passages
IX. Golden Gun Rush
X. Capture the Flag
XI. Credits
First, let me start by saying that of all the games for 007, of all the
multilpayer levels, this level is by far the best one. It takes a true amount
of skill to play in this level and hold your own, not to mention, since it was
from Goldeneye which was in my opinion the best game of all time, huge, with
may possibilites and passages to go through. You could hide in this game, team
up, plan, plant, and surprise. There are main battle rooms and rush battle
rooms. This level is the first where you could try and snipe people out, on a
small cliff in PassageWay UPR3 (See Section VIII). This FAQ was started
(12/30/02) very recently, through Goldeneye was released a while back, but
people still look at the FAQ's so I figured since I studied this level, I
should write a FAQ on it.
I. Version 0.1  All you see from here and before was written

   Version 0.5  Up to Basement Battles Written, Guide to be complete 12/31 or

   Version 1.0  Guide Complete

   Version 1.03 Samll Corrections Made, Reminders Posted
II. Weapons Pick

Anything but Rockets or Golden Guns or Timed Mines-
You will find the best guns in the basement of top floor.

   A. If you are playing two players with regular guns, you will want to take
into account the element of surprise. You want to sneak up on your enimies if
possible, which there are several ways to do. There are many places that look
the same in this level. If you can trick your opponent to think you are
somewhere else, you can sneak up on them. You will not need to take head shots
as a neccesity, but don't shoot the leg. RCP-90's are the weapon of choice if
you can. You also want to get up close and personal, because you don't spread
out completely with only two players.

   B. Three Players with guns. Start to keep you distance, and do not get in a
three way fight, unless of course you are playing 2 vs. 1. Surprise will not
work here. You want to get good aim and presice timing to get off shots slowly
so your opponent can't react. You also do not want to get in chases with only
two players. Stay in a general area and let people come to you. If they do not,
get your best gun out and bust up the worst player. Do not go into the basement
to do this is you can help it. If you are skilled you might make the move, but
I wouldn't reccommed it unless you can beat a person with a golden gun with
your fist, that is how skilled you will nedd to be.

   C. Four players, the most fun of any game. You have pistols. You want to get
close, far, bottom up, you just need to move quickly. Chase opponents worst
then you and make sure to get off any head shots that you can. You will want to
battle in the basement because there is the most cover. Drag your opponents
down there. 2 vs. 2- Stay grouped and only split if you are chasing. You might
have to attack on as a team if you want to claim a spot on the map as a base or
a place to gather weapons. You might also need a team attack if one opponent is
much better than either of you alone.

Rockets/Timed Mines-
They will be on the first floor, in center mainroom (See Mainroom ground to air

   A. You want to stay as far a way as possible while using rockets with two
players. Don't go in the basement if you can possibly help it, you want to stay
on the top two floors. If they do not have a rocket, you can get closer but not
too close so you do not hurt yourself. Plant Bombs while moving quickly if you
have them so you opponent might not notice, but keep a record of where you put

   B. Fire wherever you can when you see someone, and make sure you ammo is
stored. You want to try and get shots when your two opponents are firing at
eachother to kill or hurt them both. Go for the best player with a pistol and
not a rocket unless you have good aim. That player will be able to avoid the
rockets, because even I can do that, it is quite simple. Plant bombs wherever,
it really doesn't amtter here.

   C. All out war. YOU NEED TO MOVE. People will have rockets and guns, it will
be choas. You want to stay off the Main Room below catwalks (see that section)
to avoid getting blown up. If you can dodge rockets I would reccomend using a
pistol anyway, and stay underground or on the top floor. Move quickly and you
want to stay away from the entries to the main catwalk room (see section,
passageways) to avoid a K.O. to the head with a rocket.

Golden Gun-
Top floor, on Catwalk #3

   A. Two on two. If they get to the Golden Gun before you do, you will have to
sneak through, entrance through entrance, Getting shots off, which basically
makes you doomed. I say this because of the regenerating Body Armor in Passage
Way #1. Just go all out on the opposite catwalk and move so they can shoot you.
They come towards you, move the opposite way.

   B. Three People. If you are playing 2 vs. 1 and they have it, team up. You
have it, guard every corner and take the other player down, dooming him. I
have, however, beaten this, but it is difficult. Everyman for himself: You need
to get up there first and guard right where the Golden Gun is. You might need
to go when the other player is attacking the Golden Gun holder so they create a
distraction for you to shoot, and, if possible, grab the gun and scram.

   C. The best game of all time. You want an all out rush. Do what ever you
can. Don't guard the Golden Gun, hunt people down with it and keep your cool
the best you can. Go to the basement for a true challenge. You might want to
form alliences to take down the Holder of the Golden Gun.
III. Basement Battles

- You want to take as much cover as you can. Lurk in corners and wait for
people to pass. You want to go to dark places and stay as far away from the
exits as you can IF AND ONLY IF no one is upstairs. Do NOT do this if no one
has the Golden Gun, if you are playing with them.

- Alot of the battle takes place in what many people call "The Dungeon" because
it has a roof a holes above it. There is a hall in this room, (this is the room
where you get a Distulver in the middle and two carts of ammo) which is very
dark. You can hide here to sneak up on people.

- In the large rooms with all the support beams, Don't even bother to try and
take cover unless you are the only one down there. To be truthful, the best
players will hunt down in the basement. I would reccommend playing on the top
floor if you can, but you will have to move quickly.

- There are two exits from the basement[. One found by going in the large
support beam rooms and finding a passage that is on the right side when you
stare at it directly. The other is found by going through the maze like walls
of brownish/greenish colors.

- There is armor down here and there are decent guns, no matter what guns you
play with.
IV. First Floor

- There is alot of glass and ways to go. Do not go near the entrances to the
dungeons, because there are small rooms that hold the passages.

- Stay near the ramp up to the Pink Catwalks.

- Be Aware that if you are in the row of glass walls in which at one end there
is a right path and a left, someone may be sniping you from above.

- Do not try and hide here. Only stay still under few conditions, such as the
one below.

-There are a few grate in the floor where you can shoot down to the basement.
Trick your opponent by pretending you are waiting for them and if they are down
there, then look down and aim for head, and they will look around, wondering
who did it, unless they are very advanced and know the trick already.
V. Top Floor

- As I have said before, the most action will happen here, HOWEVER, you want to
stay still the most here if you are out on the catwalks.

- There are three passages people will enter the pink catwalks from, see that

- There is Armor is Passageway #1, see (Passages, VIII).

- Do not stand by any of the passages.

- In passageway #3, see that section, apon getting ready to turn left to enter
the catwalk top room, see that section (top pink catwalks), you can look over
and snipe people out, using the ametuer snipers the had in the game. Use a
Soviet or a regular Sniper.

- PassageWay #1 is a foot, just like a doorway without a door. If you need to
get in fast, this is the way.
VI. Main Room Ground to Air

- The "Main Room" Is the room where there is a four rows of pinkcatwalks
connected to look like a sqaure above you.

- If you fight down here, keep your distnce.

- Do not try to shoot a person on these Top Pink Catwalks if you are directly
under them.

- Keep in the halls but still enough in the main room to shoot from ground to
air to get people above you. If they are firing rockets, just move away, after
all, there are not guided rockets yet.

- Fire Rockets up alot and they will not be able to move as quickly because of
the much smaller area of space compared to the main room.

- If they have a Golden Gun, since it is up there anyway, keep moving and shoot
slowly, but do not let yourself get in a confined space.
VII. Top Pink Catwalks

- If you saw above, the pink catwalks are the connections of catwalks to make
one square one, and they are pink, with three ways to get in, and there is a
large room below. (You should know where this is by now, email me if you do

- Do not stand by the entrances.

- Make sure you look below you for shooters.

- Stay across the room and shoot ant your opponent, if you have a Golden Gun
use that, if you do not use a machine gun, Klobb is not reccomended.

- Only chase peole if they exit through PassageWay #1 (a.k.a. "UPR1")
VIII. Passages

This is where everything about the passages will begin to come into place.

----------------- 3  ------    This is a rough model, not to scale.
|  ____PCW_____________    |   PCW= Pink Catwalks
|  |                   |   |   *= Armor
|  |                   |   |
|  |  Main Ground Room |   |
|  |                   |   |
|  |                   |   |
2  |                   |   |
   |                   |   |
|  |___________________|   |
|                          |
----- 1* ------------------

- There are two ramps up to entrances to enter the Pink Catwalks (they form a

- One Ramp, when you go up, you will see only one passage. This will lead to
passage 3 (UPR3).

- The other ramps will have two passages. The one that you will come to first,
on your right, is passage one, with armor. People will see you right away here,
so be careful.

- The further entrance is #2.

- Now you know that if you see someone enter to come to the catwalks if you are
there, you know where they will come to stop them. I know for some people this
may have been a little confusing, but you should get it, email me if questions.
IX. Golden Gun Rush

- This is a game I made up for this a few years back and now I see many playing
it. It is similar to man with the Golden Gun, but Traitory is allowed as well
as alliences, but you are not on the same team.

- The Golden Gun is across from Passage Way 2. Rush to it with NO TEAMS. First
one there will have control. You might want to get someone to watch guard in
exchange for no getting killed, but don't let them have a Golden Gun; the power
of the gun could make anyone betray you. The object of this is to hold the
Golden Gun long as you can, but mostly getting the most kills. Can you leave
and with the trust of you allies have the gun guarded???????
X. Capture the Flag

- Capture the flag is not as popular to play in this level, and not as fun as
far as I am concerned. Here are some Tips:

- The flag will first be in the basement. It is in those greenish/brownish

- I would recommend making the better player NOT carry the flag but being the
protector because you can't shoot if you have the flag. Stay in dark places or
hidden places.
XI. Credits
This guide is Copyright © 2002 to Matthew McGowan. All credit goes to me for
writing the guide by myself. Thanks also to the publisher of this guide,
whoever it may be submitted to. This FAQ may not be reproduced or distributed
without my permission.

My email is Wing2871x@yahoo.com, and I check it daily.

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