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FAQ/Walkthrough by QXZ

Version: 0.5.1 | Updated: 04/18/02

The name's Isles... John Isles, iv <qxz@as.net>, and I present, AiTWEA*...
 ___   ___       ____  _____        _____       _____       ___   ___  _____
/   \ /   \ |    |   \ |     |\   | |     \   / |          /  /\ /  /\ |   /
| ___ |   | |    |   | |___  | \  | |___   \ /  |___       | / | | / |    /
|   | |   | |    |   | |     |  \ | |       |   |          |/  | |/  |   /
\___/ \___/ |___ |___/ |____ |   \| |____   |   |____      \___/ \___/  /

A GoldenEye 007 FAQ/strategy guide "For Your Eyes Only".

*As if There Weren't Enough Already.

This FAQ should only be available at GameFAQs <http://www.gamefaqs.com/>.

If found at any other sites please notify me, as these are unauthorized copies.

NOTE TO CJayC:  There is a test area on the bottom.  This is intended to be used 
in further documents so I will be able to get non-English characters too look 
 /1.  CONTENTS\_______________________________________________________________
 0.  TITLE
 1.  CONTENTS (You're reading them, stupid!)
     A.  Single-controller
     B.  Double-controller
     C.  Controller functions
     D.  007's techniques
 9.  Q WATCH v2.01 BETA
     A.  Mission status
     B.  Items & weapons
     C.  Control set-up
     D.  Audio/video
     E.  Mission info
     A.  The weapons
     B.  Ammo distribution, single player
     C.  Ammo distribution, multiplayer
     D.  Q Branch
     A.  Mission 1.1:  Byelomorye Dam, 1986
     B.  Mission 1.2:  Chemical weapons facility, 1986
     C.  Mission 1.3:  Runway, 1986
     D.  Mission 2.1:  Severnaya surface, 1991
     E.  Mission 2.2:  Severnaya communications bunker, 1991
     F.  Mission   3:  Kirghizstan missile silo, 1993
     G.  Mission   4:  La Fayette
     H.  Mission 5.1:  Severnaya surface 2
     I.  Mission 5.2:  Severnaya communications bunker 2
     J.  Mission 6.1:  Statue Park, St. Petersburg
     K.  Mission 6.2:  Glavnoye Razvedyvatelnoye Upravlenie (GRU)
                       Military Archives, St. Petersburg
     L.  Mission 6.3:  Streets of St. Petersburg
     M.  Mission 6.4:  Disused military depot
     N.  Mission 6.5:  Eastbound missile train
     O.  Mission 7.1:  Cuban jungle
     P.  Mission 7.2:  Janus control center
     Q.  Mission 7.3:  Subterranean water caverns
     R.  Mission 7.4:  GoldenEye antenna cradle
     S.  Mission   8:  Aztec complex, Teotihuac·n, Mexico
     T.  Mission   9:  Scaramanga's shrine, Egypt
13.  007 MODE
     A.  Multiplayer options
     B.  Multiplayer pause menu
     C.  Multiplayer strategies
     A.  Earning the Cheats
     B.  Push-button Cheats
     A.  General Questions
     B.  Game Questions
     C.  Multiplayer Questions
 /2.  COPYRIGHT INFORMATION\___________________________________________________
AHEM:  I have used the official Nintendo strategy guide as a source of the 
copyright information, so credit is due to Nintendo of America's publishing 

GoldenEye, James Bond, and all characters are registered trademarks of United 
Artists and Danjaq, LLC, copyright ©1962, 1988, 1995-7.  The movie GoldenEye is a 
copyright of United Artists ©1995.  Copyright ©1997 Eon Productions & Mac B, Inc.  
Game copyright Nintendo/Rare, ©1997.

This FAQ/SG is neither authorized nor sponsored by Nintendo nor Rare.

This FAQ/SG's content is property of John Isles, iv.  Some portions of this 
FAQ/SG are not of my creation, but credit will be given to those whom it is due 
(copied material will be listed as a resource at the end of this document).

This FAQ/SG is copyright © 1999-2002 John Isles, iv.  You may alter it 
(spell/grammar check, make it look all nice and neat, etc.) for personal use 
only, but you may *NEVER*-- I repeat:  *NEVER*-- put your name in my place.  
Also, you are never allowed to remove this disclaimer at all.  If you would like 
to post my FAQ/SG on your site, you *MUST* ask my permission (by E-mail; address 
changes will be posted in future versions), but you may neither sell nor trade it 
for money, goods, etc., nor can you post a pirated version *NOT* edited by 

 /3.  DOCUMENT HISTORY\________________________________________________________
Current version statistics:
Key strokes:      221,073
Words & numbers:   33,873
80-char. lines:     3,803

0.5.1:  Completed on 2002.4.18.  Converted everything to what I want them to look 
like-- curly quotes and all.  At the request of CJayC, all curly quotes have been 
0.5:  Completed 2002.1.1.  *HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!*  A handful of changes:

     1.  Added GRU info, the Russian department of military intelligence, which 
stands for "Glavnoye Razvedyvatelnoye Upravlenie"-- in English, "Chief 
Intelligence Directorate of the General Staff".  More info can be discovered at 
     2.  Some loose ends got tied up.
     3.  Additions and corrections have been added to the document.
     4.  Changed all things that originally said "NOTE:" to "AHEM:".  That way, 
it seemed (to me, at least) to be a bit less serious.  Besides, I just want to be 
different-- like Dodge and Apple Computer.
     5.  Reformatted <How to read this FAQ/Strategy Guide> {1}.
     6.  I have added contribution information stating that all submitted info 
will be listed at the bottom.
     7.  Got rid of all the "-___"'s and replaced them with "x.  ___".  It just 
looks cleaner and more readable.  And I can get to type numbers, too.
     8.  Added the chit-chat between Bond and Janus within the statue park.
     9.  Added info on the Lienz Cossacks.
     10.  Changed descriptions for the multiplayer arena.
     11.  Got rid of the "Overall..." under the <Cheats> area; Made some extra 
comments on the cheats.
     12.  Converted chapter headers into what resembles folder that are found in 
a filing cabinet.
     13.  Taken a much-needed breather after the updates listed thus far.
     14.  Had to reformat and transform certain characters to how they are 
supposed to look.
     15.  Added information on Teotihuacán and Quetzalcoatl.
     16.  Added Cowardly award to Vs. classifications.
     17.  Dropped the "curly quotes" idea, as I do not have the proper character 
0.4:  Completed 2001.2.19.  It went through spell checking and I decided to 
remove some wrapping (the FTP utility I'm using is capable of wrapping the text 
uploaded to GameFAQs), as far as GameWinners is concerned, I'm making up a 
back-up copy hard-wrapped to 80 characters per line.
     I also rearranged the history section.
0.3:  Completed 2001.2.7.  After 2 1/2yrs. plus months of writing, editing, and 
proofreading, this is available to the public for the first time, although I've 
still got work to do.  Hope you like it, even though I still have to dot each T 
and cross each I.
0.2:  Completed 2000.9.15.  Added extra objective information.  This version was 
not released.
0.1:  Started on 1998.8.19; Finished 2000.5.14.  This version was not released.
 /4.  HOW TO READ THIS FAQ/STRATEGY GUIDE\_____________________________________
This strategy guide is best read with a fixed-width font, like Andale Mono, which 
is a free download available from Microsoft.  You will be able to tell if the 
font you're using is fixed-width if the next two lines are lined up perfectly.

.,;:'".,;:'".,;:'".,;:'".,;:'".,;:'" {3}

Of course, since the game is based (loosely) on the film, all information 
pertains to the game, NOT the film, although you will find some movie dialogue 
written in the document for flavor.  And, yes, I'm adding the cast members of the 
 /5.  BACKGROUND\______________________________________________________________
Well, this is an approximate story that does relate to the times that the game 
(and movie, along with the actors' and actresses' name) take place in.  Thus, we 
begin in 1986.

1986, when I was only 7 years old:  During the height of the Cold War between the 
Western world and the Soviets, MI6 agents 007-- James Bond (Pierce Brosnan)-- and 
006-- Alec Trevelyan (Sean Bean)-- were sent off to destroy a chemical weapons 
plant in Arkangelsk, Russia.  While Bond managed to escape, Trevelyan was not as 
fortunate, and James Bond lost one of the few people he had trusted his life to.
     1995, nine years later, and I turned 16:  Times have changed:  The Cold War 
ha long been over; The USSR has split up into many different commonwealths.  MI6 
has gotten a new leader:  A woman who-- oddly enough her name's M, like previous 
heads of MI6-- believes Bond is an obsolete agent who is obsessed only with hot 
cars, fast women, and dry martinis... or is that fast cars, hot women, and dry 
martinis?  I can never tell.
     A syndicate known as Janus (pronounced "yawn-us" in Russian and in the 
movie, too bad I couldn't type a backwards R)-- named for the two-faced Roman god 
of who-knows-what-- has started launching satellites into space and has stolen a 
high-tech helicopter-- one which is capable of surviving a nuclear 
electromagnetic pulse with no interference and is capable of resisting radio 
jamming.  Reconnaissance has discovered two Russian accomplices of Janus:  Xenia 
Onatopp (Famke Janssen), a former Russian fighter pilot who Janus hired to handle 
the flight of the helicopter; And General Arkady Grigorovich Ourumov (Gottfried 
John), a member of the Russian Department of Defense.  They, along with Janus, 
plan to completely throw the world's monetary exchange off-balance.
     With the free world in serious jeopardy (No, this isn't time to play that 
show's theme song), Bond must find out who and what is causing this crisis.  He's 
carrying the fate of the free world in his hands, and, most importantly, his 
trademark license to kill.
     BY THE WAY... Janus is the Roman god of sunrise and sunset, who has two 
faces facing in opposite directions.  I got this from a dictionary by Random 
House, so I won't say this came from the top of my head.
     More information on the film is available at 
 /6.  OPTIONS\_________________________________________________________________
I would list what options are available, but I'm going to describe what's 
available later on in this document.  They will be listed in chapters 7, 8, 12, 
and 13.
 /7.  CONTROLS\_____{4}________________________________________________________
With this game, there are eight ways you can utilize your controller to help 007 
defeat the mysterious Janus Syndicate (and whatever other evil comes his way).  
This is utilized by the pause menu (described later).
 _____/A.  SINGLE CONTROLLER\__________________________________________________
You are able to use the comfortable GoldenEye controls, or use the cumbersome 
Turok controls for single-controller play (either will become mandatory for 3- 
and 4-player games)...
                   |Control |C btns*2|L and R |        |        |        |
                   |Stick*  |Arrow pd|buttons |Z button|A button|B button|
|1.1 HONEY RYDER   |  Move  |  Look  |        |        |        |        |
+------------------+--------+--------+  Aim   |  Fire  | Weapon |        |
|1.2 SOLITAIRE     |  Look  |  Move  |        |        |        |        |
+------------------+--------+--------+--------+--------+--------+ Action |
|1.3 KISSY SUZUKI  |  Move  |  Look  |        |        |        |        |   
+------------------+--------+--------+ Weapon |  Aim   |  Fire  |        |
|1.4 MARY GOODNIGHT|  Look  |  Move  |        |        |        |        |
And, no-- I hated the original Turok's control scheme when I first played it.  I 
still do.
 _____/B.  DOUBLE CONTROLLER\__________________________________________________
...Or you can use two controllers for double-fisted action (unavailable in 
4-player games).
                      |Cntrl *1|Cntrl *2|Z button|Z button|Either A|Either B|
                      |Stick #1|Stick #2|      #1|      #2|button  |button  |
|2.1 PLENTY O'TOOLE   |  Move  |  Look  |        |        |        |        |
+---------------------+--------+--------+  Fire  |  Aim   |        |        |
|2.2 PUSSY GALORE     |  Look  |  Move  |        |        |        |        |
+---------------------+--------+--------+--------+--------+ Weapon | Action |
|2.3 DOMINIQUE DERVAL |  Move  |  Look  |        |        |        |        |
+---------------------+--------+--------+  Aim   |  Fire  |        |        |
|2.4 HOLLY GOODHEAD   |  Look  |  Move  |        |        |        |        |

Interesting thing, though:  All controller set-ups are named after Bond girls.  
And they all have some sort of sexual innuendo.... (wink, wink, nudge, nudge)  
Heh... go figure.  (Source:  Internet Movie Database, <http://www.imdb.com/>)  
Besides, I always wanted to see if I could get away with writing PUSSY.
 _____/C.  CONTROLLER FUNCTIONS\_______________________________________________
This is a list of several techniques that will need to be mastered in order to 
MOVE & LOOK:  *DUUUUUUUUUUHHHHH!!!*  You should have known this by now, dummy!  
Only thing to point out is that using C</C> [Control Stick #2] will always 
sidestep and the Control Stick [#1] will always turn you around.
FIRE:  Once again, *DUUUUUUUUUUHHHHH!!!*  If unarmed or out of ammo, you'll flail 
a karate chop.  If you have a sniper rifle, Bond will use its butt (for all you 
sickos out there, I'm referring to its handle) to attack instead of his 
right-hand wrist.  The fire button will also throw knives, grenades, and mines.  
It will also use one of Q's gadgets, such as a bomb defuser, covert modems, and 
tracking bugs.  You should know this.
AIM:  This will bring up the aiming function; A set of crosshairs will appear if 
the `SIGHT ON-SCREEN` option is `ON`.  A note for those who are using throwing 
weapons &/or grenade launchers:  You must judge the trajectory of the weapon, or 
else, you may overshoot your target, or worse-- find yourself on the receiving 
end of your own explosion.
WEAPON:  Changes weapon.  To scroll backwards, hold A and press Z once for each 
weapon.  You will not be able to select items from your inventory with the A 
button-- that's what the pause menu is for-- but you will be able to return to 
the weapon you most recently used after a pause menu item.
ACTION:  Just your normal spy stuff:  Opening doors; Activating computers; 
Opening doors; Reloading your gun; Opening doors; Typing in codes; Opening doors; 
Blah, blah, blah; Opening doors; Yadda, yadda, yadda; Opening doors.  Be aware 
that Bond will automatically reload if he runs out of bullets, but reload 
whenever you can outside the heat of battle.  Did I forget to mention that you 
can open doors?

*1:  Regardless of setting, the Control Stick is always used to aim.  
Double-controller set-ups always use Control Stick #1 to aim.
*2:  Regardless of setting, the C buttons/arrow pad are used to peek.  
Double-controller set-ups always use Control Stick #2 to peek; However, only 
double-controller players are capable of fully sidestepping with Control Stick
*3:  In order for agents using double-fisted action to peek and retreat, they 
must quickly move Control Stick #2 left/right and move it back right/left.
 _____/D.  OTHER TECHNIQUES\___________________________________________________
Some extra techniques that need to be utilized in order to succeed.

RUNNING AND SIDESTEPPING:  This requires the use of both the control stick and 
the C buttons.  Sidestepping while you run not only covers more area than just 
walking, it also gives you a small (but noticeable) boost of speed.  Fire while 
doing a running strafe for an injection of extra power.
DUCKING FOR COVER:  To duck, press Cv while aiming.  Release Cv to pop back up.  
Although you can stay in a crouch and still move, just like real life, your 
walking speed will go down like Bond's martinis.
PEEKING:  Bond can sneak around corners by using R and the C</> buttons.  
Single-controller only.  This causes Bond, while aiming, to just peek around a 
corner to fire, or move enough to take cover.  It won't work very well against 
explosives, so you had better move you ass away from them.
STRAFE AND AIM:  By using the aim and sidestep (control stick look + Z used for 
aim) functions, you can move while aiming.  Double-controller only, I'm afraid.
 /8.  SCREEN LAYOUT\___________________________________________________________
For those who are relatively new to this game of espionage, here is what the 
screen will look like, and an explanation of them.
 _____/A.  MENUS\______________________________________________________________
You use the control stick to move the crosshairs.  Move around the screen, and 
what gets highlighted with a gray box is currently the option that's available.  
You can move the cursor onto the `START`, `NEXT`, or `PREVIOUS` tabs on the 
menus, or you can use A for `NEXT`, B for `PREVIOUS`, and the start button for 
`START`.  On the mission select screen, the selected mission (more become 
available as you progress) with become brighter... or you can wuss out and enter 
the stage codes listed MUCH later in this document.
 _____/B.  IN-GAME SCREEN, MAIN GAME\__________________________________________
Here's what the screen looks like for those in the heat of battle.

|Trevelyan:  From the cradle to the grave (A) |
|     - your grave, James.    <------------+  |
|                                             |
|                                             |
|Picked up some ammo. <--(B)                  |
|                                             |
|+--(C)(E)--+        (F)-----+    +--(D)(C)--+|   
|+->374^29<-+      01:59:45<-+    +->32^374<-+|

A:  SCRIPT:  This is basically what the characters' "speech" is.  The game has no 
vocal samples (you don't hear anyone speak), thus, this is what you have to pay 
attention to in order to have the story move along.
B:  INFO:  Will tell you if you pick up a gun, some ammo, or other weapon.  Will 
also tell you if a door is locked, if you picked up an item (key cards, etc...), 
or if something was activated.  Often times, you may see something of this in the 
script area (A).  Most importantly, however, this will tell you if you completed 
a mission objective or have blown it all to Hell.
     In Multiplayer, it also shows your kills and, if playing with anything 
explosive (crates, cans of toxic waste), suicides.
C:  RESERVE AMMO:  Shows how many bullets of the current weapon you have.  Rifle 
and ceramic bullets are interchangeable with other weapons (see <Weapons>), while 
some guns-- take for instance the Golden Gun-- can only use specific bullets for 
that weapon.  The two lasers-- Moonraker and watch-- the watch magnet, and the 
elusive taser (only available if the All Weapons cheat is earned and on) use no 
ammo icons (Watch items have a limited usage for each).  Mines and grenades have 
the appropriate symbol for themselves, as do grenade and rocket launchers.
D:  MAIN GUN MAGAZINE:  Shows how many rounds are left in the current gun.  Watch 
laser/magnet, grenades, and mines have no use for this, but are shown in the 
Reserve Ammo portion of the screen.  Weird thing:  ALL characters are 
right-handed, even though you can see some of the "cast of characters" after the 
ending holding a gun in their left hands.
E:  SECONDARY GUN MAGAZINE:  Works just as D does, but this shows what's left in 
your left-hand gun.  Watch items, grenades, and mines CANNOT be handled with the 
left hand, so you will never see a grenade/mine symbol on the lower left of the 
screen.  Never seen in Multiplayer games.
F:  COUNTDOWN:  Shows time limits for clearing a stage/objective, or shows how 
much longer until an objective is completed.  Not seen in Multiplayer games.
RADAR (not shown):  Only in Multiplayer.  Shows opponents in relation to your 
screen.  It's located in the upper-right corner of each player's portion of the 
 _____/C.  MISSION RESULTS\____________________________________________________
Here's what happens after the missions are over, win or lose.

|00 Agent:  James Bond                        |
|Mission:  Arkangelsk                         |
|Part i:  Facility                            |
|                                             |
|REPORT:                                      |
|                                             |
|Mission status:  Completed <--(A)            |
|(B)-----v                                    |
|a.  Gain entry to laboratory area   Completed|
|b.  Contact double agent            Completed|
|c.  Rendezvous with 006             Completed|
|d.  Destroy tanks in bottling room  Completed|
|e.  Minimize scientist casualties   Completed|
+---------------------------------------------+  Press A, Z, or START...

|00 Agent:  James Bond                        |
|Mission:  Arkangelsk                         |
|Part i:  Facility                            |
|                                             |
|STATISTICS:                                  |
|                                             |
|Time:  01:57  [New Cheat Available] <--(C/D) |
|Target:  02:05  (Best time:  01:57) <--(E/F) |
|                                             |
|Accuracy:  50.0%                             |
|Weapon of choice:  KF7 Soviet                |
|                                             |
|Total hits:  50        Head hits:  5 (10%)   |
|Kill total:  15        Body hits:  43 (86%)  |
|                       Limb hits:  2 (4%)    |
|                          Others:  0 (0%)    |

A:  MISSION STATUS:  One of four possibilities:

1.  Completed:  All objectives have been successfully accomplished.

2.  FAILED (in red):  At least one objective was either forgotten, or if you had 
an itchy trigger finger (killing Natalya or too many innocents).

3.  ABORTED (in red):  This is a voluntary action.  Either you decided you just 
couldn't complete it, either you let too many innocents or Natalya die, you 
misfired and blew up something you shouldn't've, you just ran too low on life to 
complete the level and chickened out, or you just couldn't handle the heat.  No 
big deal; You can always try again.  You don't ALWAYS live twice (you can use 
twenty lives for all I know).

4.  KILLED IN ACTION (in red):  You got mortally injured in the line of duty.  
Or, in simpler terms, *DEAD.  D-E-D-- DEAD.*
B:  OBJECTIVE STATUS:  Shows what has been accomplished, as well as what has been 
C/D:  TIME USED/BEST TIME:  DUUUUUUUUUUHHHHH!!!  Be aware that you are given a 
best time for each difficulty level (One for each Agent, Secret Agent, and 00 
Agent).  The best time per game is stored to the cartridge.
E:  TARGET TIME:  On certain levels and difficulty ratings, you are given a 
target time.  Complete all objectives under the target time, and you will see...
F:  NEW CHEAT AVAILABLE:  You have beaten the target time for the level.
     AHEM:  If, on the facility (simulated screen shown above), you were to 
complete the level in 2:05 OR LESS (meaning no more than 2:05.xx), you get the 
cheat for that level.  The example shows my best time for the facility level.
 _____/D.  MENU SCROLL\________________________________________________________
Here is how I will describe how options can be scrolled.

<Item A><Item B><Item C>
     Involves wrap-around.  The Watch menu is a good example:  You can press left 
on the leftmost page and move to the rightmost, and vice-versa.
...Item A>Item B>Item C>...
     Same as above, but involves pressing either A or Z to switch.  Example from 

Players:  ...2 > 3 > 4 >...
     Pressing A/Z on this option will switch from two players, to three players, 
to four players, and back over to two players, and loops the switching.
 Item A><Item B><Item C><Item D
     Works like the first, but there is no wrap-around.  In other words:  You 
cannot press LEFT on the leftmost and zoom over to the rightmost page (Example:  
The player select in Multiplayer mode).
C buttons:  I will use the following code for the C buttons:
C< = C-left; C> = C-right; C^ (caret [shift-6]) = C-up; Cv (letter v) = C-down.
 /9.  Q WATCH v2.01 BETA\______________________________________________________
I decided to put this here instead of in the mission strategy area of this 
document, since this should be the first thing you need to know.  While using Q's 
well-equipped watch, you will be able to see how much life and armor Bond has 
left, as well as choosing between several options.  Just be sure to have enough 
clearance from enemies when you check it, or you might end up seeing that 
trademark(ed) flow of red.

One thing that I should tell you:  All portions of the controller can be used.  
The C buttons and the arrow pad work as if they were one in the same.  You can 
use the C buttons, the arrow pad, the Control Stick, or the L/R buttons to scroll 
through the menus and options.  Z and A select the current option.  B does 
nothing, except checking its input.

<Mission status><Items & weapons><Control set-up >< Audio/video ><Information>
 Abort mission    UP & DOWN to    -Control scheme  Music volume   Objectives
 Current weapon   scroll though    4 1-controller   SFX volume    Background
      or item       this menu      4 2-controller  Look up/down   M Briefing
                                    Rotate ctrl.     Auto-aim      Q Branch
                                                    Aim control   Moneypenny
                                                   Sight on-scrn
                                                    Look ahead
                                                   Ammo on-scrn
                                                    Screen size
       __________________                          Screen ratio
 _____/A.  MISSION STATUS\_____________________________________________________
Only thing this does is serve as a status screen, showing the mission status 
(INCOMPLETE or COMPLETE), and to abort the mission.
 __________/a. Abort mission\__________________________________________________
If you feel you cannot complete your mission-- either you have failed an 
objective, can't complete one, can't handle the pressure, or are almost dead-- 
press A.  This should be used as a no-way-out alternative.
 _____/B.  ITEMS & WEAPONS\____________________________________________________
Scroll through this menu by using `UP` or `DOWN` with either the arrow pad, the 
thumb stick, or the C^/Cv buttons.  Press A/Z to select and get ammo info for it, 
or press `START` to go back to the game with the selected item/weapon.  Read the 
next chapter for weapon info.
 _____/C.  CONTROL SET-UP\_____________________________________________________
I set this up above for a reason, so you won't have to figure out what did what.  
After you have chosen what set-up you want, highlight `CONTROLLER`, and you'll be 
able to see if the on-screen mock-up controller responds.
 _____/D.  AUDIOVISUAL\________________________________________________________
One thing about these options:  These are the only options which are used in both 
Single-player and Multiplayer modes.
 __________/a.  Music/SFX volume\______________________________________________
Select by pressing A/Z, and increase or decrease with either the arrow pad, thumb 
stick, or the C</C> buttons.  The default for both settings is maximum volume.     
 __________/b.  Aim function\__________________________________________________
Select `REVERSE` or `UPRIGHT`.  `REVERSE` aim operates like a plane would (Down 
aims upward and vice versa), and `UPRIGHT` is normal direction (Up is up).  
Default is `REVERSE`.  I suggest leaving it at `REVERSE`.  Besides, it would be 
silly to mess this one up.
 __________/c.  Aim control\___________________________________________________
Set this to `HOLD`, as long as you depress the `AIM` button (R), you are in 
control of the crosshairs with the Control Stick.  Set to `TOGGLE`, then pressing 
R will turn the crosshairs on; A second press of R turns you into walking mode.  
Default is `HOLD`, which can get painful after a while.
 __________/d.  Auto-aim\______________________________________________________
Aims automatically at the enemies, and can be useful for rookies while playing 
under the Agent-level missions.  Weakens on Secret Agent; Nearly useless on 00 
Agent.  Default is `ON`.  Ditch it on higher difficulties, as you should be 
efficient in aiming free of the computer's grasping your hand.
 __________/e.  Sight on-screen\_______________________________________________
Determines of you want crosshairs when you aim.  If `OFF`, your eye and a pixel 
or two are the only things that determine a hit from a miss.  Default is `ON`.  
Don't turn this off unless you're very, very cocky... and are a crack shot.
 __________/f.  Look ahead\____________________________________________________
Adjusts view toward any inclines.  Turning this off will allow you to adjust your 
view with the `LOOK` buttons.  With it on, the computer will easily fumble your 
line of sight when you come to any awkward angles.  By default, this option is 
set to ON.

WITH LOOK AHEAD:   Sight/  /Incline
                       /  /
                      /  /
                 -----  /
                 Sight /

Be aware that if you have the Look Ahead option turned on, you may wind up 
looking in a different direction than you want, overlooking any possible enemies.  
Nix it, "cause all it does is screw up your line of sight.
 __________/g.  Ammo on-screen\________________________________________________
Shows ammo in lower-right (and lower-left if holding two weapons) of the screen.  
If off, you'll have to keep track of fired shots.  In Multiplayer, the ammo is 
always in the lower-right of each player's portion of the screen.  Default is ON.         
 __________/h.  Screen size\___________________________________________________
`NORMAL` is full-screen, `WIDE` has black fields on the top and bottom of the 
screen, and `CINEMA` leaves the most black area on the top and bottom.  Default 
is `NORMAL`.  I'm not making any suggestions here.
 __________/i.  Screen ratio\__________________________________________________
`NORMAL` is standard setting; 16:9 squeezes 16 horizontal pixels into every 9 
horizontal pixels.  16:9 is better for stages which require a wider view (like 
protecting Natalya in the control center); The targets will be a bit thinner and 
harder to hit, though.  Default is `NORMAL`.  Again, make your own decision.
 _____/E.  MISSION INFO\_______________________________________________________
Shows what lead up to this level.  You can also check up on what you skipped 
reading if you had decided to skip all the info before you even read what went 
on.         ______________
 __________/a.  Objectives\____________________________________________________
Tells you what you have to do and if you have successfully completed them or not.  
If an objective has yet to be done, then INCOMPLETE will flash.  If completed, 
then the word COMPLETE will hold in a bright green.  If you blew an objective, 
then the word FAILED will stay a dark green.
 __________/b.  Background\____________________________________________________
Shows what the circumstances and events that lead up this stage are.
 __________/c.  M briefing\____________________________________________________
What Miss M has to say about what's happened.  She's VERY critical about 007's 
work, and will get upset (more accurately, pissed) if you don't uphold the honor 
of MI6.
 __________/d.  Q Branch\______________________________________________________
Q's wit and wisdom, as well as info on his gadgets, will be supplied to you on 
your mission.  Just be sure that you return your equipment in pristine order, 
007, or Mr. Llewelyn will be disappointed.
 __________/e.  Moneypenny\____________________________________________________
What Bond's "love" has to say about what's happened and what will happen, 
including warm wishes, as well as a bit of sexual innuendo.  (Hint:  Water 
caverns.  I'm not going to spoil it for you.)  :)  ;)  :)
 _____/F.  MY SETTINGS\________________________________________________________
Here are my favorite settings, and reasons why I choose them.

CONTROL:          1.1-HONEY  (Comfortable and functional)
AIM FUNCTION:     REVERSE  (Accustomed to it)
AIM CONTROL:      TOGGLE  (Comfortable, since only one finger gets used)
AUTO AIM:         OFF  (Don't really need it anymore)
SIGHT ON-SCREEN:  ON  (Not very confident without it)
LOOK AHEAD:       OFF  (Doesn't make any unnecessary angle changes)
AMMO ON-SCREEN:   ON  (I wanna know when I have to reload)
 /10.  WEAPONS & AMMO\{1}______________________________________________________
No first-person shooter can be without weapons, and GoldenEye won't disappoint.  
Honestly, I think 007's weapons, which are based on realistic guns and such, are 
much more interesting than Turok's or Duke Nukem's.
 _____/A.  WEAPONS\____________________________________________________________
AHEM:  Ceramic bullets are interchangeable among the weapons in category <a>; 
Rifle bullets are interchangeable in weapons under <b>.
 __________/a.  Ceramic bullet weapons\________________________________________
PP7 (Walther PPK 7.65mm):  The quickest of the handguns, as well as its low 
recoil effect, it's no wonder why this is James Bond's gun of choice.  It also 
comes in silver and golden varieties, but you have to earn them.  [Magazine:  
Seven bullets]

DD44 DOSTOVEI (TT33 _insert_name_here_):  More powerful than the PP7; Likewise, 
it's also louder, but it sounds oh-so sweet.  [Magazine:  Eight bullets]

KLOBB/SPYDER (Skorpion Machine Pistol):  One gun that, unless you're unarmed, is 
only worth picking up for the bullets.  Not very loud, but will still attract 
attention.  Worse yet, this guns has *TERRIBLE* recoil (it can hit somewhere well 
outside your crosshairs), and, compared to all other guns, is the weakest in the 
entire game.
     Skip this one unless it's the only one you have, as it's only really worth 
the pick-up if you are low on this specific type of bullet.  Why not call it a 
Krapp?  [Magazine:  From twenty to forty bullets you can spare for a different 

D5K DEUTSCHE (Heckler & Koch MP5-K):  According to Nintendo's guide, "of all 
automatic guns, the gun's the stealthiest".  Adding a silencer will also give the 
benefit of minimizing the audio output to a minimal level.  Low recoil.  
[Magazine:  Thirty bullets]

PHANTOM (Spectre):  Only available on the Frigate-- unless you have the All 
Weapons cheat-- this gun is loud, but it also has very low recoil.  It can be 
doubled.  [Magazine:  Fifty bullets]

9mm ZMG (Ingram M11):  Low recoil gun that is fast and furious.  Good for taking 
care of groups.  I honestly believe that this gun has the fastest firing rate of 
them all.  It also becomes quite readily available from dropped guards late in 
the game  [Magazine:  32 fast-mutha bullets]

RC-P90 (5x7mm P90):  This gun's recoil is minimal, and has speed written all over 
it.  This mutha f___a's got power coming out its ass!  Use it to ventilate more 
than one person at a time, but it can also hit someone who's hiding behind two 
doors.  It's firing rate is second-fastest only to the ZMG, though.  [Magazine:  
Eighty bullets that can waste your ammo to nothing in a few seconds]
 __________/b.  Rifle bullet weapons\__________________________________________
KF7 SOVIET (Kalsihnikov AK47):  The first zoom gun you'll encounter in the game, 
and the bullets these take should be plentiful.  It has marginal recoil, but 
nothing too serious.  It also has a certain habit to misfire-- rather, you hear 
the gun fire four times, but only three bullets get fired.  [Magazine:  Thirty 
bullets; Moderate firing rate]

SNIPER RIFLE:  Quiet.  Very quiet.  The only way someone can pick up on you is if 
they see a comrade fall or if they see a stray bullet zoom by them.  This gun has 
the absolute BEST zoom feature in the game.  It's also perfect for looking into 
the distance.  Better yet, no recoil.  Of course, killing an enemy with this gun 
at 100yds. is a sweet sensation.  Clearing out guards around your intended post 
is a good idea, since patrolling guards will catch you and take you down if they 
get the chance.
     As cool as it is to pluck a guard at long distances, there IS a catch:  You 
can't crouch while aiming.  Remedied easily by switching to another weapon and 
crouching then.  Beneficial to duck, since, when going for long-range kills, you 
don't get that wobble effect from holding it up while standing.  [Magazine:  
Eight slow, but effective bullets if aimed well]

US AR33 (Colt M16):  Better zooming than the KF7, it's also a bit louder.  Like 
the powerful RC-P90, it is able to ventilate two targets per shot, making it good 
for clearing a few targets at a time.  [Magazine:  Thirty multi-penetrating 
bullets]    _________________________________
 __________/c.  Throwing weapons & explosives\_________________________________
MINES:  Three types:
     1.  Remote mines (red)
     2.  Timed mines (yellow)
     3.  Proximity mines (green)

REMOTE MINES:  Can be activated at anytime, anywhere with the detonator Q put in 
your watch, or, if you're in a rush, press A + B.  Just make sure you're far 
enough away from the blast.  Otherwise... well... you know the story.

TIMED MINES:  Have a short fuse.  After throwing, it's about five seconds 
until... BOOM!!!  Don't throw one in a narrow passageway unless you know you have 
an escape route.

PROXIMITY MINES:  Motion-sensing mines.  Remember where you put them:  They're as 
blind as bats and can't tell you from a fly.  They will also explode if another 
weapon with enough substance is sensed.
     Be aware that you can hold no more than 11 of each mine-- 33 total-- at a 
time.  You can pick up more once you've thrown them, though.
GRENADES:  Possibly the best-known explosive ever, IMO, this one's also the most 
frequently used by the guards.  You can play with them in one of five ways:

1.  Get rid of the guards that hold one, hoping that they haven't activated them.  
If safe, pick 'em up!  Turn the explosion into an unwelcome surprise for the 

2.  Play defensively:  Try to get a guard to throw a grenade from a distance or 
hit a wall.  If you're lucky, this should get rid of some of the neighboring 
guards, along with the sap who initially threw the thing.

3.  The crap shot of hitting the grenade while in the enemy's hand, but odds of 
hitting the grenade (while in-hand) are just as favorable as a standard, two-die 
crap shot.

4.  Should you be near an open door, and the grenadier is on the other side, 
simply close the door.  Provided that the guard doesn't open the door and come 
after you, he'll just throw the explosive, have it ricochet off the door, and be 
on the receiving end of a big KABOOM!  It won't do you any good if you're in a 
spot that's a little TOO close to the resulting fire.

5.  Like the clichÈ says, "if all else fails", *RUN LIKE HELL!*  There is nothing 
worse than going through about 90% of a level, playing perfect defense, when, 
suddenly, a guard throws a grenade at you.  It goes off, catching you in the 
center of the blast radius, and killing you immediately.  All that hard work has 
been all for naught.  (And the pain of knowing it first-hand, and immediately 
wanting to yell, "AWW, SH__!")

     You can hold no more than a baker's dozen (thirteen) of these at a time, 
but, as with mines, you can pick more up after you throw one.  For added surprise 
value, hold them before throwing them for a sudden ambush (just throw them before 
they transform your head into a puddle of blood and gelatinous chunks of brain).
THROWING KNIVES:  Silent, but have limited range.  Good for quiet kills.  You can 
hold no more than a dozen of these (left- and right-handed), but they can be 
retrieved after throwing them, whether they hit anyone or not.  You just have to 
look for them.
 __________/d.  Specific ammunition & cheat-only guns\_________________________
TANK:  Obviously, if you find a tank, you'll discover that it will end up being 
loaded with some missiles (thirty of them).  You should spare the missiles for 
encounters with heavy artillery (although they can be used however you see fit), 
you can use the tank to run over whatever or whoever stands in your way (and 
makes a nice, squishy "CRUNCH!"  *YUMMY!*).  If you earn the All Weapons and 
Unlimited Ammo cheats, you won't even NEED a tank to fire the missiles, although 
you WILL need the vehicle to hear that glorious "CRUNCH!" of human bones getting 
mangled up beneath the treads.  [Magazine:  A single missile; Very slow reload]
(AUTOMATIC) SHOTGUN:  These guns are loud and obnoxious... to the recipient, 
anyway.  You can hold five cartridges, each one holding five charges, and 100 
cartridges total.  This can really juice up your marksmanship score (Believe me:  
When used, your shot efficiency can go up to 500%.  No typo-- *FIVE HUNDRED 
     Also, the regular shotgun's firing is much less accurate than its automatic 
counterpart, as the shells dispel in a wider area.  I should also mention that 
the regular shotgun is only available through the All Weapons cheat.  Either way, 
though, it can cause some MAJOR damage... especially up-close.  [Magazine:  A 
quintet of five-discharge rounds]
COUGAR MAGNUM:  The classic six-shooter.  A powerful weapon, but sluggish when it 
comes to firing rate.  This powerful baby can penetrate an enemy or two, but 
don't use it in heavily-crowded areas, unless you can hit two guards in the head 
on one shot.  One blow to the head from this gun kills an enemy with normal 
health on impact.  [Magazine:  Six slow, but strong bullets]
SILVER PP7:  Works just as well as the standard PP7, it's penetration power is 
equal to the Cougar Magnum, but this gun can be fired as fast as the PP7.  Not as 
strong as the Golden variety, though.  [See above for magazine]
GOLDEN PP7:  It's golden, it's Bond's weapon of choice, it's powerful, it's 
dangerous to its victims, and it's damned expensive to buy.  It's not the REAL 
Golden Gun, but is almost as powerful-- depending on where you hit.  [PP7 
magazine, once more]
GRENADE LAUNCHER:  You can pick this item up-- sometimes empty-- but you can 
usually find some grenade rounds close by.  Judge the trajectory, as well as the 
surroundings; Your aim determines whether you fire a good shot, or a grenade that 
ricochets and sends you to a fiery grave.  [Magazine:  Six grenade rounds; You 
can hold up to 24 total with doubled launchers]
ROCKET LAUNCHER:  The good news:  You don't have to worry about ricochet.  The 
bad news:  These babies explode on impact!  Make sure that when you fire a 
rocket, unlike the grenade launcher, you don't accidentally clip a wall close by, 
or YOU'LL be the one going up in flames!  [Magazine:  A single rocket.  You can 
hold no more than five, total, when doubled]
MOONRAKER (MILITARY) LASER:  Unless you earn the [double] Laser or All Weapons 
cheat, this is only available in Mexico.  This weapon offers unlimited charges, 
which makes this weapon VERY cheap (requiring zero energy).  Well... I don't 
think ALL the weapons in this game are all that great, although the energy 
concentrated in each shot can penetrate thin doors.
WATCH LASER:  This handy, little doodad Q has equipped Bond with will come in 
handily when he has to escape from Trevelyan's locomotive.  Otherwise, it can be 
used for blowing locks off, killing guards, etc.  The watch laser comes with 300 
charges (train only) if you don't have the Unlimited Ammo cheat on
.  If you have 
the All Weapon and Unlimited Ammo cheats on, you can use it anywhere.  One more 
thing:  It's only useful at close range-- where Bond wants a fine woman to be, no 

AHEM:  Its maximum carriage is a thou'.  Unfortunately, there are no watch laser 
recharges to be found anywhere.
GOLDEN GUN:  Although this weapon's only available in Egypt until you beat it on 
00 Agent, it should be considered the Godly Gun, since one of its bullets will 
kill whoever gets hit with a sole bullet (yes, it can even kill a player who is 
wearing full armor at full life at +10 health).  You can use it anywhere, though, 
if you get either the Golden Gun or the All Weapons cheat.  [Magazine is just a 
single bullet, but does that really matter?  This gun could even penetrate 
diamond!  Well, I don't really know about that...]
TASER:  This weapon is strong, but is only available with the All Weapon cheat 
on.  You can fire only one shock every time you pull the trigger, but can be used 
infinitely.  BZZZZZT!
 __________/e.  If all else fails...\__________________________________________
There is, obviously, one choice left:  Just fight bare-handed.
 __________/f.  List order\____________________________________________________
This is how the weapons are listed (starting from top) in the pause menu.

Unarmed                 Sniper rifle
Hunting knife           Cougar Magnum
Throwing knife          Golden Gun
PP7 Special Issue       Silver PP7
Silenced PP7            Golden PP7
DD44 Dostovei           Military laser
Klobb                   Watch laser
KF7 Soviet              Grenade launcher
ZMG 9mm                 Rocket launcher
D5K Deutsche            Hand grenade
Silenced D5K Deutsche   Timed mine
Phantom                 Proximity mine
US AR33 Assault Rifle   Remote mine
RC-P90                  Remote mine detonator
Shotgun                 Taser
Automatic Shotgun       Tank missiles
 _____/B.  AMMO DISTRIBUTION, SINGLE PLAYER\___________________________________
This is simply a table showing how much ammo you get for picking guns up.

|               |Max.*1|      |Secret|00    |
|WEAPONS/BULLETS|Amount|Agent |Agent |Agent |
|CERAMIC BULLETS|      |      |      |      |
|(PP7s, Klobb,  |      |      |      |      |
|D5K, RC-P90,   |  800 |      |      |      |
|DD44, ZMG,     |      |      |      |      |
|Phantom)       |      |  20  |  15  |  10  |
+---------------+------+      |      |      |
|RIFLE BULLETS  |      |      |      |      |
|(KF7, sniper   |  400 |      |      |      |
|rifle, AR33)   |      |      |      |      |
|THROWING KNIVES|  11  |   1  |   1  |   1  |*2
|GRENADES       |  13  |  10  |   7  |   5  |*3
|GREN. LAUNCHER |  12  | 0+12 |  0+9 |  0+6 |
|    After Xenia|      |    6 |    4 |    3 |
|(AUTO) SHOTGUN |  100 |  10  |   7  |   5  |
|COUGAR MAGNUM  |  200 |Pick-up not advised |*4
|ROCKET LAUNCHER|   3  |   1  |   1  |   1  |*5
|GOLDEN GUN     |  100 | 0+100| 0+75 | 0+50 |
*1.  Max amount in addition your current gun's magazine.  So, a maxed-out RC-P90
     will send your reserve ammo for the PP7 to 873... making for 124 full
     reloads and five left over.
*2.  You may pick up individual knives.
*3.  Guards will throw grenades, so pay attention.  Grenades might be live.
*4.  This is Natalya's gun when equipped.  Picking it up is not advised, as she
     will be dead by the time you pick it up.
*5.  Picking up a rocket launcher on the streets of St. Petersburg will have one
     rocket loaded.  However, the one in the military depot will be empty.
 _____/C.  AMMO DISTRIBUTION, MULTIPLAYER\_____________________________________
This is a simple chart of how the ammunition is distributed in the multiplayer 
game.  For info on how much ammo you can carry for each set of weapons, see the 
above chart.
|Weapon/bullet type         |Weapon|Boxes |
|THROWING KNIVES            |   1  |  10  |
|SHOTGUN CARTRIDGES         |   5  |  30  |
|LASERS                     |  Infinite   |
|MINES & GRENADES           |   1  |  10  |
|GRENADE LAUNCHER + ROUNDS  |   3  |   6  |
|ROCKET LAUNCHER + ROCKETS  |   1  |   3  |
|GOLDEN GUN                 |   3  |  10  |
*High-magazine guns will, obviously, accompany the higher-quantity boxes.
 _____/D.  Q BRANCH\___________________________________________________________
"Now, see here, 007:  MI6's Q Branch has much higher technological standards than 
the United States and Japan combined."  Well... I doubt that this is true, but 
Q's gadgets have always been what makes the James Bond movies so damn 
interesting.  Without 'em, James Bond wouldn't be anywhere near as fun!

For those that HAVE seen the movie, you may be disappointed by what Q Branch has 
to offer in the game.  No leg casts that fire rockets; No phone booths with air 
bags that even Superman couldn't escape; No 4-second grenades disguised as pens; 
And, worst of all, *NO CARS!*

But Q does have this one request with what he gives you:  "Do please try and 
return this equipment in pristine order."  {Bond grabs something} "Don't touch 

"...That's my lunch."  (What?  No chips?)
BOMB DEFUSER:  Q Branch has taken the liberty to create a device that will disarm 
any bombs as necessary.  Only available on the La Fayette.  And, for goodness' 
sake, do use it properly.  Don't try deactivating the bomb with your hands.
CAMERA:  You should have learned how to work one of these while you were in 
kindergarten class, if not preschool.  As if you DIDN'T know, cameras are used to 
take pictures.  Utilizing its built-in zoom feature is a breeze:  Just use R to 
bring up the crosshairs, and C^ and Cv to zoom-- just like the death-at-a- 
distance favorite sniper rifle!  Equipped in the first bunker stage and the 
Kirghizstan silo.
COVERT MODEM:  What Q equips you with when you approach the Byelomorye Dam in 
Russia.  Use it on a monitor near the actual dam.  You miss, you'll be shouting, 
DATATHIEF:  Circuit board that will copy downloadable data in Severnaya.  After 
using it, make sure you have a way to escape.  Oddly enough, this looks like all 
those key cards you find throughout the game.
GUIDANCE DATA:  A 3.5" (or, for those who prefer metric, 8.89cm) floppy disk that 
Q has equipped Bond with for the mission in Mexico.  All the guidance data that 
is required to bring the rocket Drax Corp. is using back to NASA.  If the Drax 
Corp. had been using a Macintosh, his computer wouldn't be so easily hacked!  AND 
it would have been Y2K-compliant!  (even though it's a pretty obsolete 
reference.)  ;)
KEY ANALYZER:  Disguised as a briefcase, it's programmed to copy information from 
the GoldenEye key in Severnaya.
PLASTIQUE:  Plastic explosives.  I don't suggest actually making them (And, if 
you DO, you MUST waive any lawsuits against me.  I hold absolutely NO 
responsibility for your actions), but Q has given Bond eight for use in the 
Kirghizstan missile silo.
TRACKER BUG:  Hmm... is it just me, or does this thing look very similar to the 
covert modem?  Anyway, this device is used to disrupt the firing commands of the 
Pirate helicopter on the La Fayette.
WATCH LASER:  See above in <WEAPONS>. 
WATCH MAGNET ATTRACT:  Doesn't this just sound like one of those attacks you'd 
find on Sailor Moon or other animÈ-style programs?  Think about it:  "Watch 
Magnet... ATTRACT!"  Basically, a magnetic device equipped on Bond's watch used 
to pick up keys and weapons.  Only equipped in the second bunker stage and in the 
military archives.
 /11.  BEFORE WE BEGIN...\_____________________________________________________
Just before you break in you break in your new/rental/sold-at-a-lower-price- 
copy-because-it-was-a-previously-played copy of GoldenEye, here are a few tips to 
get you started:

1.  Practice aiming on the run:  There will be many a time when 007 won't have 
the time to use the crosshairs to aim.  In other words, you'll have to use the 
look function (C buttons) in certain situations to hit your target... Otherwise, 
Bond-- or more accurately, you-- will pay dearly for it.

2.  Run in circles:  To make the opposition get dizzy, hold sidestep and turn in 
the opposite direction.  In other words:  Sidestep right, turn left; Sidestep 
left, turn right.  This helps when in the line of heavy fire, because it's been 
proven many times that a moving target is harder to hit than a stationary target.  
Just make sure your shots hit.

3.  Extreme zoom:  The sniper rifle has the best zooming ability in the game.  To 
zoom in/out even further, hold R and press C^/Cv.  This, unfortunately, works 
only with the sniper rifle.

4.  Protection from enemies:  Knowing where to stand to attack is crucial, but 
knowing defensive maneuvers is even more mandatory.  Here are some very secure 
places to hide:
    4a.  In alcoves & closed rooms:  The enemy won't fire unless he opens the 
door first.  This will give you plenty of time to act.  When they open the door, 
let 'em have it with everything you've got!
    4b.  Over railings:  The enemy won't fire unless he has a clear shot of you.  
If there's a railing between you and him, he won't fire-- or if they do fire, you 
will not get hit-- but YOU can fire at THEM, and they will usually get hit.
    4c.  Get up-close.  Guards will usually miss you entirely if you're standing 
in their faces.  Grenades, on the other hand, will likely bounce off your 
forehead at an odd angle.  Then, RUN!

5.  Keep moving:  Standing in one place always makes you a sitting duck.  
Whenever you can, avoid narrow passageways.  Mobility is crucial in later 
levels-- ESPECIALLY on the 00 Agent difficulty, since each sentry's firing arc is 

6.  Aim for the head:  Shots to the head are the deadliest, with torso (chest) 
shots dealing a little less damage; Arm/leg/hand/foot shots do little damage, but 
you get to see some nice animations (Try shooting them in the butt or even in the 
family jewels for the best animations).

7.  Know when the enemy's down:  You can always tell you've fired a fatal shot 
when an enemy drops their weapon(s).  This applies to BOTH Mission AND 
Multiplayer modes-- the latter mode shows another player's weapon cache pop out 
with more than one weapon.

8.  Get your priorities straight:  A good way to practice for more difficult 
missions is to practice them on the Agent difficulty level.  Also, I have 
included a list of objectives in what I think is the best order to do them.  And, 
most importantly...

9.  Watch the actual movie(s):  This will give you a better background of the 
game, as well as the bonus levels that can be earned.
 /12.  MISSION STRATEGIES\_____________________________________________________
AHEM:  All button commands are in conjunction with the default control setting:  
1.1-HONEY.  Please adjust the controller's buttons to your desired set-up.

Each mission objective will have one of the following items, and their meanings 
follow (these strategies cover all three difficulty levels, so pay attention):

(All agents):          All agents are required to do this.
(Secret & 00 agents):  Secret and 00 Agents must fulfill this duty, but regular
                       Agents can move onto the next objective.
(00 agents only):      Only 00 Agents need to do this to fill their quota.

During play, you might notice that, whenever you get injured or enter the pause 
menu, you'll see what looks like two meters.  On the left, in red, is your life 
bar; You want to keep this as full as you can as long as you can, because you 
can't pick up any form of health recovery items-- it's all about defensive 
espionage.  On your right, en bleu, is how much body armor you have left.  
Although it helps to keep your armor in top shape, it won't make you invincible, 
but it will help you through those tough assignments.  Unfortunately, you can't 
carry intact armor to the next mission, nor can you carry over weapons.
     Just one more thing before going on:  For all strategies, I am not using a 
Game Shark.  I got as far as I did without one, and don't plan on using one for a 
while, if ever.
     And, if you MUST know, I did use Nintendo's own guide for locations for all 
armor locations.  Heck, I'm not gonna wander around aimlessly looking for defense 
and die in the process when someone has already done the work for me.
 _____/A.  MISSION 1.1:  BYELOMORYE DAM;\______________________________________
/=====\_____ARKANGELSK, USSR; 1986______/======================================\
The start of this game, as well as the movie.  Your main job here is to make your 
way to make it through to make a bungee jump, which will lead you to the chemical 
weapons plant.
Starting items:
1.  Silenced PP7 with 100 rounds
2.  Covert modem x 1
FIRST THINGS FIRST:  For those playing as Secret and 00 Agents, there is a sniper 
rifle in the first watch tower from Start.  Pick it up before doing too much 
else.  Although it probably won't hurt for Agents, either.
BODY ARMOR:  There is full body armor in the second watch tower you come across, 
but only for a regular Agent.  There's some light armor in the furthest watch 
tower on the dam for Secret Agents, as well as their rookie counterparts.  00 
Agents will have to go unprotected, though.
When you start the game, there will be a guard immediately to your left.  Peek 
around the corner, and pick him off with your PP7, take down the second with 
either the PP7 or your newly-acquired KF7.  Go up the first watch tower, and pick 
up the sniper rifle.  Using the sniper rifle, snipe the next three guards from 
the same watch tower, being sure to pick the ammo they drop.
     When you get past the tunnel, pick off the next set of guards, who, if Lady 
Luck is on your side, will already be firing at you.  Use the sniper rifle to 
take as many down as you can.  After getting past those guards, walk up to the 
security gate.  Almost immediately before the gate, there will be a slew of 
crates that have some ammo inside.  Destroy them and pick up what you can, which 
should be plenty for the rest of the mission-- even for 00 agents.
     Back to the security gates.  If the truck is there, you'll have to wait 
until it gets past each gate in order to open the next; If not, then go right 
ahead.  After the second gate, take care of the guard to the left first, since he 
poses a threat of signaling other guards of your presence.  If playing on Agent, 
skip to D, but pick that guard off regardless; The number of guards that will 
give chase is minimal, but unnecessary.
 __________/a.  Neutralize all alarms\_____(Secret & 00 agents)_________________

There are four alarms which you'll need to destroy:
     The first alarm is being guarded by a trooper, as mentioned above.  Pick him 
off and destroy the alarm before the opening the next two gates.  The rest are in 
the watch towers:  Open each of the doors and shoot each alarm (they're on the 
wall to where the door is-- door on right, alarm on right) five times.  If you're 
a 00 Agent, follow the next two objectives.  Secret Agents can just skip to <D> 
after taking care of the alarms.
 __________/b.  Install covert modem\_____(00 agents only)______________________

After you have taken care of the first alarm, open the first meshwork gate and 
walk behind the crates; You shall see a monitor.  Go to the pause menu, select 
`COVERT MODEM`, and throw the modem onto the monitor.  You only get one shot at 
it (even WITH the Infinite Ammo cheat), so aim well.  Best thing to do:  Walk up 
to  the monitor to where it takes up the whole screen.  After you're done there, 
move onto the next objective.
     Just be careful where you put it, 'cause if you miss, the only information 
it'll receive is the wall's molecules' vibrations (a soothing sound, mind you).
     After you install the modem, you'll have to go into one of the watch towers 
in order to take care of the next objective.  Hopefully, you have equipped 
yourself with the sniper rifle mentioned above, which, if utilized, take care of 
the guards from a distance.  Or you can draw them out with loud gunfire and pick 
them off one at time.
 __________/c.  Intercept backup data\_____(00 agents only)____________________
You'll have to go down below for this (the towers have stairwells that will lead 
you below).  Kill all guards, then make your way to the computer room (Key:  Red 
light, door with arrow pointing upward).  Open the door and neutralize the few 
remaining guards.  Walk toward the computer mainframe and press B; Just walk 
away, and, 10 seconds later, the job'll be done.  Return to the surface and then 
complete the final objective...
 __________/d.  Bungee jump off platform\_____(All agents)_____________________
Follow the natural progression of the stage until you see some watch towers.  On 
the opposite side of the second, there's a staircase; Climb it.  Secret Agents 
will have to eliminate the alarms before proceeding with the bungee jump; If a 00 
Agent, after downloading the information intercepted by the covert modem in the 
terminal down below, you'll have to move back to the surface through tower #3 
(you should see the number 3 on the wall, the mark of the appropriate tower).  
Easy as pie.  Don't worry about dying when you fall, since Bond will do make his 
way, safely, to the factory.
 __________/e.  Cheat information:\_____(Secret agent, 2:40)___________________
/==========\____Paintball Mode____/============================================\
Except for the guard past the second security gate, don't bother killing any 
guards.  Success allows you to look at all the ga-roo-vee colors, bay-bee!

MISSION ACCOMPLISHED:  Bond takes the bungee jump.
 _____/B.  MISSION 1.2:  CHEMICAL FACTORY #2;\_________________________________
/=====\________ARKANGELSK, USSR; 1986________/=================================\
After successfully getting past the guards on the dam, Bond bungee jumps down to 
a chemical weapon facility.  There, he must meet up with fellow operative Alec 
Trevelyan, and blow the place sky-high. 
Starting items:
1.  Silenced PP7 with 100 rounds
2.  Remote mine x 5
BODY ARMOR:  There's light body armor outside the lavat'ry for Secret and regular 
Agents.  There will be full armor for Agents later on, past the locker room; It's 
in the first door you see surrounded by white tile.  Again, 00 Agents are 
From the start of the level-- which is a ventilation shaft (right on!)-- take the 
first left and when you reach the open shaft, pop the guard you see in the head.  
Drop, open the stall's door, kill the guards (if you wish), exit the bathroom, 
and take care of the approaching guards.  After getting a key card from one of 
them (from the bathroom, go downstairs, hang a sharp left, and kill the guard), 
there is a steel door which is in front of the stairwell to the restroom which 
will have a computer terminal that will open a door ahead.  Try to get to the 
automatic door ahead, or you can wait for a scientist to appear in one of the 
restroom stalls-- he'll drop a key card that will allow you to open the doors 
which would normally require opening a security console.
     Oh... as with the dam, ammo can be found in crates you can destroy.
 __________/a.  Gain entry to laboratory area\_____(All agents)________________
To get there, you go down the first hallway, turn left, and open the door.  Pass 
through the next [four] doors and take the route to the left.  This is quite 
simple. You'll have to activate the security door, or have security clearance key 
card A, to enter.
 __________/b.  Contact double agent\_____(Secret and 00 agents)_______________
In order to access the bottling room on the two higher difficulty levels, you'll 
need to contact Dr. Doak (those playing as an Agent need not disturb him, unless 
you want some experience)-- whose face looks like that of actor Tim Curry with a 
goatee.  He'll give you the decoder.  There are seven possible places where he 
can be contacted:

     1.  As the route above, but after the third door, he'll be in the room on 
the right of the hallway.
     2.  In the room on the opposite side of that same hallway.
     3.  When you pass the fifth door from the route mentioned in A, hang a right 
and he'll be on one of the four platforms.
     4.  After entering the laboratory area, climbing the stairs, and following 
the path, in the far right corner of the room, surrounded by two sentries.
     5.  In the room on the right.
     6.  In the first room on the left.
     7.  In the second room on the left.

To use the decoder, select it from the pause menu and press Z.

Trevelyan:  "Half of everything is luck."
Bond:       "And the other half...?"
Trevelyan:  "Fate."
 __________/c.  Rondezvous with 006\_____(All agents)__________________________
He's in the bottling room.  Completed when Bond says, "For England, Alec."  Just 
make sure Alec stays out of the blast, or, like Alec, this mission will be blown 
to Hell.

 Trevelyan:  "Closing time, James.  last call."
 Bond:       "Buy me a pint."
(Me:         "None for me, thanks.  I'm driving.")
 __________/d.  Destroy tanks in bottling room\_____(All agents)_______________
See diagram.  This is what the mines you received from Q are for.  If you should 
run out of mines, you can shoot the tanks until they look burnt.  They don't take 
much firepower to destroy-- just be quick about it, or Bond will choke on the 
fumes.  (The gas will not affect armor, it physically affects the body.  James 
wasn't equipped with a gas mask!)

/\  /\  /\  /\  /\     /\
\/o \/o \/o \/o \/o    \/ = Tank
/\  /\  /\  /\  /\      o = Mine
\/  \/  \/  \/  \/
 __________/e.  Minimize scientist casualties\_____(All agents)________________
Don't let any more than two scientists die.  Besides, scientists are technically 
Russian agents, and have been ordered to fire if they feel threatened.  They all 
pack DD44's, and will fire at will.  They are also assigned to carry grenades and 
will use them at their own peril.  {7}
 __________/f.  Cheat information:\_____(00 agent, 2:05)_______________________
Oh, God.  This one can be-- scratch that-- IS a nightmare.  I can GUARANTEE that 
you're not going to able to get this one on the first try.  00 Agents who are 
lucky enough to finish successfully within 125 seconds.  Here's what you have to 
do, besides pray:
     From Start, take the immediate left, fall into the stall, open the door, go 
left, exit the restroom, and walk downstairs.  Throw a remote mine on one of the 
boxes on the right-hand side of the security door in front of the stairs (make 
sure it's on a box, or you'll blow this cheat), make a U-turn to the left, kill 
the guard behind that door, grab the key card, and return.  Open the door where 
you see smoke and activate the computer.  From there, go left and ahead, turn 
left when you see a group of boxes, and open the security door.  The door you 
used the computer to open should still be open.
     Go through, and take out the two guards near the lockers QUICKLY.  Pass 
through the next door; You should see a trio of guards.  Fire at them just enough 
to wound them, and advance.  Pass the next two doors and go left.  You will be 
the target of many guards right about now, so advance quickly.  A guard should 
open the door ahead.  Go in.
     Objective A:  Complete.  Go upstairs and fire at what guards you need to in 
order to pass.  Here's the tricky part-- Dr. Doak MUST be up here in any location 
(if he isn't you'll have to start over).  IF you meet him up here, when the 
captions start ("Time to leave, Dr. Doak."), run like Hell!  Make sure he's safe 
enough so that you can acquire the door decoder.  Then, walk down the next 
hallway, making sure you hit every time you fire.  IF you have at least half your 
life left, consider yourself lucky.  When you reach the door that needs the 
decoder, throw a mine from where you came from and blow it up.  Some of the 
guards will go up in smoke from the blast.  Now, go to the pause menu, select 
DOOR DECODER from the item list, and press Z; You'll be allowed access to the 
bottling room.
     When you enter the bottling area, have Trevelyan run to you.  Before 
destroying the tanks, make sure Alec's far enough away so that he'll be safe from 
the explosions.  Throw a mine into the center of the first two sets of tanks, 
another mine into the set two sets of tanks, and your final mine to blow up the 
final two tanks.  When that's done, just leave.
     Don't be surprised if you finish with a time of 2:06 or higher-- it can take 
hours-- my brother took about four hours straight, I took about three man hours, 
taking breaks every 20 minutes or so (I came close once, but Alec [that bastard] 
got in the explosion).  Just keep practicing.
PRIORITY:  E, A, C, D.  B is left out since you won't always be able to reach Dr. 
Doak before you reach the lab area.

MISSION ACCOMPLISHED:  Bond poses for the camera.
 _____/C.  MISSION 1.3:  RUNWAY; ARKANGELSK, USSR; 1986\_______________________
This level is fairly short, and it has THE easiest cheat to acquire in the entire 
game.  In short:  The escape runway from the chemical plant.
Starting items:
1.  Silenced PP7 with 100 rounds
BODY ARMOR:  Survival is based on speed.  No armor (hot dogs) here... not like 
you'll NEED it.
Not much to explain in this level.  It's even pretty easy on the 00 Agent 
difficulty level.
 __________/a.  Find plane ignition key\_____(All agents)______________________
When you exit from the building you started in, enter the building on the left.  
When you see a filing cabinet, throw a grenade to the right to kill the two 
guards quickly.  The key will survive the blast and drop to the floor, so grab 
it.  Or you can go kamikaze and run to the key, forgo the guards, and run back 
     Just make sure you DO NOT FORGET THE KEY!  If you forget to pick up the key, 
realizing this on your way to the plane, you'll probably die trying to get the 
key and back to the plane again.
 __________/b.  Destroy heavy gun emplacements\_____(00 agents only)___________
Before you go for the drone guns, go back to the building and walk past it.  If 
you looked around hard enough, you'll find a tank.  This will probably be your 
best bet to destroy the turrets.  There's one turret on the left side at the end 
of the wall, and two more turrets will be found on the far end of the runway.  Be 
quick about it, or they'll stop you dead in your tracks-- and I DO mean dead.
 __________/c.  Destroy missile battery\_____(Secret & 00 agents)______________
Use a tank missile to get rid of this item, located before the plane on the 
right-hand side.  Just aim and shoot, and the battery will be demolished.
 __________/d.  Escape in plane\_____(All agents)______________________________
Made it to the plane WITH the key?  Simply walk up to the plane and press B.
     Made it to the plane WITHOUT the key?  START PRAYING, AND START PRAYING 
HARD!       ______________________
 __________/e.  Cheat information:\_____(Agent, 5:00)__________________________
/==========\___Donkey Kong Mode___/============================================\
Just grab the key and fly off.  Quick and easy, huh?
     And who sez that the easy cheats are the sucky ones?  This one's actually 
fun to play with.  Agents have five minutes to complete this one for the Donkey 
Kong cheat (and huge heads!), but who needs five minutes?  It took me longer to 
write this paragraph than the 34 seconds it took for me to complete the level-- 
rather, that's my best time for the level.

PRIORITY:  A, C, B, D.  Take care of the missile battery before taking out the
heavy guns.

MISSION ACCOMPLISHED:  Bond escapes in the plane.
 _____/D.  MISSION 2.1:  SURFACE;\_____________________________________________
/=====\__SEVERNAYA, USSR; 1991___/=============================================\
MI6 satellites have picked up an abnormal amount of activity coming from a old 
communications bunker, which is centered in Severnaya, Russia.  This influx 
includes equipment and skilled personnel.  Bond investigates.
Starting items:
1.  Silenced PP7 with 100 rounds
2.  Sniper rifle with 50 rounds
BODY ARMOR:  There isn't any.
This level will appear again later in the game with the exact same layout.  Study 
the geography of this level well to take a skilled advantage in the next 
Severnaya missions.

The only thing you should to is try to keep as inconspicuous as you can.  There 
is really no other explanation necessary.
     Although, I should point out that there will be enemy snipers about the 
area.  You can make aware their presence from the shots they fire.  Even more 
aware if their bullets actually make impact on your person.
 __________/a.  Power down communications dish\_____(All agents)_______________
Secret and 00 agents should complete B first.
     You'll have to get into the satellite building to do this.  Open the doors, 
climb upstairs, and follow its path; The door ahead of you will have the 
computer.  To power it down, go up to it and press B, but do NOT destroy it.  If 
you unwittingly do, an alarm will sound, your mission will be a bust, and you'll 
be hunted down from here to infinity (and beyond!).
 __________/b.  Obtain safe key\_____(Secret & 00 agents)______________________
From the start of the level, move right and stay right.  Keep walking on the snow 
until you come across a sniper watch tower and a hut close together.  With the 
sniper rifle-- which is already equipped with you when you start-- kill the 
guard, who'll be wearing an icky, olive-colored suit (I'm not gay, mind you), 
stand in front of the door; A bundled-up sentry will come attack you, so just 
pick him off before he gets a shot in.  Enter the building and grab the key the 
first sentry had dropped.
     Go back towards Start, but not all the way.  When you see two huts which 
face each other (remember them?), go in the hut that is facing you.  (The other 
will have tanks of flammable liquid in them.  Don't go in that one, unless you 
want extra grenade rounds.)  After entering the hut, pick up the key that is 
lying on the table.  Now, is it just me, but what kind of IDIOT would keep 
something so important just lying there, ready to be stolen by whoever shows up?
     (Why couldn't whoever who had responsibility over the key kept in his 
pocket?)    ________________________
 __________/c.  Steal building plans\_____(Secret & 00 agents)_________________
"It's not called `stealing`.  I prefer calling it `acquiring through one's own 
power without immediate access`."
      After shutting down the satellite dish, leave the building, and take a HARD 
left.  Follow the path until you see two huts within a gated area.  Enter the 
opening in the gate and enter the building on the left.  The safe is in the far 
right corner of this building.
     (When you remember that the key has been left on the guy's desk, you say to 
yourself, "Well, he should've seen it coming".) 
 __________/d.  Enter base via ventilation tower\_____(All agents)_____________
The end of this level.  You can do this quickly with a well-aimed grenade 
[round], or you can destroy the locks by gunfire.  After all four locks are 
destroyed, the shaft will open (right on!), and the blockade will drop; Climb 
onto the tower if you haven't already, and jump in as quickly as possible.  
You're still going to be chased if you dilly-dally, but you can opt for standing 
there, perched, and use the belligerent guards for target practice.
 __________/e.  Cheat information:\_____(Secret agent, 3:30)__________________
/==========\_2x Grenade Launchers_/============================================\
As stated in Objective B, from Start, go right and stay right-- you'll move 
noticeably faster than you would on the walkways; There will be a hut with a 
sniper tower across from it.  Kill the guard(s) within, pick up the key, grab the 
grenade launcher and rounds, go forward to the hut (across the one with the 
barrels with flammable liquid) grab the key inside.  Walk to the left of the 
satellite building to the gated area enter the building on the left, open the 
safe, and grab the blueprints.  Leave and get into the satellite building, and 
turn the computer off.  Come out the way you came in and, once outside, walk 
forward and to the left until you see the ventilation tower.
     You remember the grenade launcher?  You'll have to use it in order to blow 
the locks off quickly.  Just aim up a bit, and, with luck, you'll take care of 
all four locks without needing to go up on the tower and fire from there.  Just 
climb the tower and fall in.  You should now be done.

MISSION ACCOMPLISHED:  Bond jumps in the ventilation shaft (ya' damn right!).
      /E.  MISSION 2.2:  SEVERNAYA COMMUNICATIONS BUNKER;\____________________
/=====\_____________SEVERNAYA, RUSSIA; 1991______________/====================\
Bond, now within the confines of the communications bunker, is ordered to 
investigate what has been going on.
Starting items:
1.  Silenced PP7 with 100 rounds
2.  GoldenEye key analyzer
3.  Camera
4.  Datathief computer card
BODY ARMOR:  Both Agents and Secret Agents will find light body armor in a 
hallway past camera #3.  Only Agents will be able to find full armor the main 
control room; If you just entered, it's in the room on the right... protected by 
guards.  Again, 00 Agents have no protection to find.
Go the door that's in front of you, but be sure that you take care of the guard 
on the left first, since he poses a bigger threat by activating a nearby alarm; 
The right-hand guard should be disposed of second.  Just for the Hell of it, just 
destroy the computer system in the room.
 __________/a.  Disrupt all surveillance\_____(Secret & 00 agents)_____________
You have to take care of four cameras.  Their locations:

     1.  From Start, the set of double doors on the left.  The camera will be 
outside that room, so be sure to destroy it by firing through the window.
     2.  The room behind Start.  Be outside of that room, and fire through the 
window.  Duck and scoot back for the best view of the camera.
     3.  From the previous camera, move forward, but stay in a crouch.  If you 
place yourself correctly, this one won't see you.
     4.  Finally the main control room.  This one is in a corner opposite the way 
you came in.  As long as you aren't anywhere close-by, you'll be fine.
 __________/b.  Copy GoldenEye key, leave original\_____(All agents)___________
Into the BIG room, where much of the activity is sparse.  Pick up the GoldenEye 
key at the table where Boris (Alan Cumming, who is wearing a tacky Hawaiian 
shirt) is standing.  After picking it up, so to the pause menu and select `KEY 
ANALYZER`.  Press Z twice:  Once to analyze the key; Again to throw it.
 __________/c.  Get personnel to activate computer\_____(00 agents only)_______
You should take care of this and the next one last, getting rid of every guard, 
camera, and alarm you can.  You'll need to pick up a key card to open the door to 
get the data.  When you see Boris, move up to him and follow him, being sure he 
doesn't get hurt.  Don't give him TOO much space, or he'll run away and possibly 
 __________/d.  Download data from computer\_____(00 agents only)______________
After getting Boris into the computer room, he'll enter his password-- for those 
who haven't seen the movie, it's `KNOCKERS` ("They're right in front of you and 
can open very large doors".  It sounds sexual at first, it isn't once you think 
about it long enough); While he's downloading the data, go to the pause menu and 
select `DATATHIEF`.  Resume play.  When you hear an alarm go off, press Z 
immediately, and get yo' ass outta there!
 __________/e.  Photograph main video screen\_____(All agents)_________________
From where you copied the GoldenEye key, face the big video monitor, go to the 
pause menu, and select CAMERA; Press Z to click.  Be sure to get the whole thing 
in.  Well... just the screen that has a map of the world on it.  [Austin Powers 
voice] Smile, baby!  Show me love!  Oh, behave.
 __________/f.  Cheat information:\_____(00 agent, 4:30)_______________________
/==========\_2x Rocket Launchers__/============================================\
Just follow my priority list.  Don't take too long with the cameras, though.
PRIORITY:  A, B/E, C, D.  You can choose to take care of the monitor or the 
GoldenEye key in either order.

MISSION ACCOMPLISHED:  Bond runs out of the bunker.  Just for fun, hit the alarm 
before leaving.
/=====\________KIRGHIZSTAN, RUSSIA; 1993_______/===============================\
Though there wasn't anything to do with a silo in the movie, this level was added 
just for the Hell of it (Diet Coke!).  This level is nothing more than a bunch of 
corridors.  The key to exiting this level is to keep going to the RIGHT-- when 
you have to choose left or right, go right the first four times, then left the 
Starting items:
1.  Silenced PP7 with 100 rounds
2.  Plastique x 8
3.  Camera
FIRST THINGS FIRST:  Agents have no time constraints-- provided you don't use a 
plastique (6 minutes will be the limit-- PLENTY of time); Secret & 00 Agents do, 
however:  Secret Agents have 7:30 to complete their mission, whereas 00's have a 
painstaking 8:30.  Believe me on this:  The first time that I had finished this 
level on 00 Agent, I had only about half a second to spare before critical mass.  
For a few, precious, extra seconds (around five), just skip the opening cinemas.
BODY ARMOR:  Agent-level players will find full body armor in the second square 
room, and find light armor in a tower past the third room, to the left, as well 
in the last room.  Secret Agents will only find the last two pieces, and 00 
Agents will finally be able to find some armor!  It's only the second of the 
three pieces listed, though.
There is also little here to say.  When the times come up that you have to choose 
between left and right, you'll want to go to the right the first four times, 
going left on only the fifth.  That is all.
 __________/a.  Plant bombs in fuel rooms\_____(00 Agents only)________________
You are given eight plastiques (plastic explosives).  In each room, there is one 
wall that has a skull symbol on it; Place ONE on each (you only need four of them 
in total).  Don't forget, or you'll lose precious time by having to walk back and 
place one on whatever you have missed.  Even missing one can be fatal.
 __________/b.  Photograph satellite\_____(All agents)_________________________
Follow the same example as you did for the video monitor in the previous stage.  
I recommend that you select the CAMERA before entering the FOURTH room, since 
this will give you a bit of extra time.  As long as the whole satellite's in-- 
regardless if clicking from the side, in front, or behind-- it's an acceptable 
photo.  Oh, groovy, baby!  Get your mojo working.
 __________/c.  Obtain telemetric data\_____(Secret & 00 agents)_______________
The scientist in the immediate right corner in the third room holds a DAT (short 
for Digital Audio Tape).  Just walk up to him, and pick up what he drops.  So 
simple, a baby could do it.
 __________/d.  Retrieve satellite circuitry\_____(Secret & 00 agents)_________
There are four circuit boards in the silo:

     1 & 2.  First two are in the first room in the far left corner.
     3.  Third is on a computer just to the right of the big computer.
     4.  Final circuit board is on another small computer on the left of the 

Don't let any of them fall to the ground, "cause we all should know what happens 
to expensive technological advancement happen when they fall... they become 
expensive pieces of trash.
 __________/e.  Minimize scientist casualties\_____(All agents)________________
Don't let any more than two scientists die.  Again, scientists have been issued 
DD44's, and will fire at will.  They are also assigned to carry grenades and will 
use them at their own peril.  {7}
 __________/f.  Cheat information:\_____(Agent, 3:00)__________________________
/==========\______Turbo Mode______/============================================\
Just jam through.  The key cards are located at these locations:

     H4:  Scientist operation a portable computer.
     C3:  The only scientist in this room.
     K2:  A scientist on the other side of the computers on the left from the 
door you entered.
     Agents have to finish within three minutes.
PRIORITY:  E, A/C/D, B.  A, C, and D have equal priority.

MISSION ACCOMPLISHED:  Elevator closes, Bond puts his gun away.
     IF ON 00 AGENT (or you plant the plastiques on Agent or Secret Agent):  The 
plastiques create a MASSIVE explosion.
 _____/G.  MISSION 4:  FRIGATE "MONTE CARLO";\_________________________________
/=====\__________MEDITERRANEAN SEA___________/=================================\
Well, a hostage situation has taken precedent over the demonstration of the 
Pirate ("Tiger" in the movie) helicopter, which is able to withstand 
electromagnetic pulses.
Starting items:
1.  PP7
2.  Silenced D5K Deutsche
     (20 rounds for both of the above)
3.  Reusable bomb defuser
4.  Tracker bug x 1
FIRST THINGS FIRST:  The gunmen who have the hostages at gunpoint will react to 
who gets hit first.  If the gunmen are hit first, they'll forgo the hostages, and 
go after you.  However, you'll have to be quick, cause they'll pull the trigger 
after only about five or ten seconds.
BODY ARMOR:  This is light armor described below.  There is full armor around the 
area where the hostages 5 & 6 in a room with crates (Agents only).
This frigate is a maze.  I'm not going to be much of a help by telling you 
anything up here.
 __________/a.  Rescue hostages\_____(All agents)______________________________
To complete this objective you have to save TWO hostages as an Agent, THREE as a 
Secret Agent, and FIVE as a 00 Agent.  If you have practiced well enough earlier 
(as either an Agent or Secret Agent), you shouldn't have many problems here.  
Locations (in priority for the rookie agents):

1.  In the bridge room.  Aim carefully, or a bomb will explode; Or if the guard 
doesn't kill him, the blast will.  Before going for the next objective, you'll 
should pick up some body armor (1st door on the right, only up to the Secret 
Agent difficulty; 00 Agents are on their own... again!).

2.  Take the farthest door on the right-- or forward if you got the body armor, 
go past the next doors; Kill the guard ahead.  He'll be in a room on the 
right-hand side.  Shoot him from the door way.  Be sure you don't enter that 
room, or you'll have to kiss the next hostage good-bye...

3.  In the room immediately to the right.  Just kill the guard, and nombre trois 
is free.

4.  Proceed to the helicopter; Place the tracking bug on it.  Open the garage 
door (well, that's what it looks like!); Open the door on the left (the only one 
in that room) and enter; Kill the guards ahead (closest ones first, since they 
can see you're there if you shoot a guy in front).  Advance toward the railing on 
the left, turn around, look downstairs while atop the stairwell, and attract the 
attention of some of the guards below.  When that's done, go straight forward.  
Now, go downstairs, open the door ahead, take care of the guards and the bomb 
(see C) first.  Go downstairs from there, while still in the engine room, and 
advance far enough until you can just see another hostage held at gunpoint.  
Obviously, aim for the gunman.  This hostage will now be free.  Kill the guard to 
the immediate right and advance.

5.  Go upstairs from there, kill what guards come, and walk up to a door.  Open 
it and aim for the guard on the right.  This will grab both guards' attention.  
Kill them, and hostage number 5 is free.

6.  Exit that room through the vacant door frame and advance until you see yet 
another guard, this time, his back will be toward you.  He'll be on the right, so 
kill him quickly.

If you have studied the hostages' locations thoroughly, you can save them in any 
order you choose.
     Oh, I forgot to mention this earlier, but the hostages will only evacuate 
themselves when their gunners are toast.  So, if you see a hostage that isn't 
moving toward the exit, even though the coast is as clear as a bell, their gunman 
is still on the loose.
     Hopefully, after you've rescued the hostages, you'll have already completed 
these objectives:
 __________/b.  Disarm bridge bomb\_____(Secret & 00 agents)___________________
From Start, go up the ramp, turn right and go forward, turn left, and climb up 
the first set of stairs (left side if looking between them, the one going in the 
direction you came from).  Save the hostage in here first.  After he's released, 
use the method above.  I recommend disarming this one first, since a hostage is 
being held, and the fact that it's closer to the start of the level.
 __________/c.  Disarm engine room bomb\_____(Secret & 00 agents)______________
Of the two bombs, this is the easier of the two to disarm, since there's no one 
being held at gunpoint.  Go to the pause menu, select BOMB DEFUSER again, walk up 
to the bomb, and press Z.
 __________/d.  Plant tracking bug on helicopter\_____(All agents)_____________
Locate the Helicopter.  Go to the pause menu and select TRACKER BUG; Throw it on 
the helicopter.  Now, should you miss the "copter (and it's a fairly big target), 
you are legally blind.

After all is said and done, return to the boat.  
 __________/e.  Cheat information:\_____(Secret agent, 4:30)___________________
/==========\___No Radar [Multi]___/============================================\
This one's actually pretty easy to execute.  Just take care of the two bombs and 
rescue three of the hostages.  Be aware that some hostages may wind up running in 
circles and it may take longer to accomplish objective A, so wait until you see 
"Objective A:  Complete", then return to your boat.  You have 270 seconds, and 
your reward is the No Radar in Multiplayer cheat.
PRIORITY:  A, B, D/C.  Curiously, you can disarm both bombs, then blow them up, 
and won't fail the mission.  ???

MISSION ACCOMPLISHED:  In the boat, Bond adjusts his sleeves and tie.  He has to 
look all spiffy so he can impress the ladies with his suave good looks and smooth 
 _____/H.  MISSION 5.1:  SURFACE;\_____________________________________________
/=====\_SEVERNAYA, RUSSIA; 1995__/=============================================\
Same layout as the previous Surface stage, but security has been tightened 
considerably, and it's now set at night.
Starting items:
1.  Silenced PP7 with 100 rounds
BODY ARMOR:  Zero.  Zip.  Zilch.  Nada.  Non.  Nyet.
As with the previous surface stage, go to the right, and stay to the right.  Your 
previous experience should help you get through this level with little trouble.    
 __________/a.  Disrupt all surveillance equipment\_____(00 agents only)_______
There are four cameras that you'll have to destroy.  Two of them are listed under 
objective B, and thus, will not be described here.

     AHEM:  All cameras are set up at fixed angles.
     1.  In the gated area.  Stand behind the camera (don't enter the gated area; 
It's the first outdoor wall you see) and fire.
     2.  When you reach the far end of the level, there are two buildings 
parallel to each other.  Stay on the snowy area on the right and sneak behind the 
building on the right (which will soon be on your left if you followed closely) 
and take the camera out from behind.
 __________/b.  Break communications link to bunker\_____(All agents)__________
You have to find the communications room key to do this, but the man who's 
guarding it in a building; Worse yet, it's covered by surveillance.  To enter 
safely, sneak up behind the camera-- it's fixed in the direction it's facing, so 
getting past this one should be a snap.
     After getting the key (signified by a beep), enter the satellite building.  
The walkway is guarded by-- you guessed it-- another camera.  To take care of 
this one, duck and move as far left as you can go and aim up... or you can just 
go up the first staircase and fire into the lens (be careful not to go too far 
and risk being spotted).  After destroying the camera, walk up the stairway and 
enter the door ahead.  Just fire away at the equipment.  Though, if you have a 
grenade, it'll work splendidly.  When you see a message confirming the 
communications link has been destroyed, exit the same way you entered.
     When you leave the tower, stay on the paved road, and take this path:  
Right, left when you reach the T intersection, and go straight.
 __________/c.  Disable Spetznaz support\_____(Secret & 00 agents)_____________
Remember the timed mine Q gave you?  This is what you need it for.  Throw it on 
he helicopter and, to save time, enter the bunker.  Even though you may not hear 
the explosion, the objective will be completed.
     Make sure that you use the mine for the helicopter and ONLY the helicopter.  
If you use it elsewhere, the mine will disable itself, and you'll botch the 
mission.  (Though it won't matter if you use the mine for the computer as an 
Agent-level operative.  You can just shoot it and it'll blow.)
 __________/d.  Gain entry to bunker\_____(All agents)_________________________
When you hear the helicopter (and destroyed it if need be), just walk up to the 
bunker's door and open it.  You CAN throw the mine onto the helicopter and enter 
the bunker immediately.  Although you might not see "Objective D:  Completed" 
on-screen, the objective will be completed regardless.
 __________/e.  Cheat information:\_____(00 agent, 4:30)_______________________
/==========\______Tiny Bond_______/============================================\
If you studied this level earlier, you should have this cheat before too long.  
Just get rid of the cameras quickly and go take care of what else needs doing.  
00 Agents who can beat 4 1/2 minutes get the Tiny Bond cheat, but it isn't all 
that great.  Considering the intro cinemas, you get to fire from "down there".

MISSION ACCOMPLISHED:  Bond will be captured by guards in the bunker.  Don't 
worry:  This is supposed to happen.
 _____/I.  MISSION 5.2:  SEVERNAYA COMMUNICATIONS BUNKER;\_____________________ 
/=====\_____________SEVERNAYA, RUSSIA; 1995______________/=====================\
When Bond first visited the Severnaya communications bunker, there was 
construction work.  The construction is now complete, only to discover that a 
prison has been built (apparently, someone had been ventilated {wink, wink}, and 
now is an all-you-can-eat buffet for worms).  Now, Bond must free a woman he 
meets in the prison-- Natalya Fyodorovna Simonova (Isabella Scorupco)-- and 
himself before GoldenEye fires on them.
Starting items:
1.  Watch magnet with five charges.
FIRST THINGS FIRST:  You have to escape the cell in which you are locked up in.  
But what can you do?  Well... you can have a healthy, wholesome discussion with 
Natalya, and you can even say, "The name's Bond....  James Bond".  I like saying 
it as Sean Connery-- "The name'sh Bondt....  Jamesh Bondt."
     Putting that aside, you're in a pickle.  Thankfully, Q has given Bond's 
watch a magnet.  Use it by selecting {in animé style} "WATCH... MAGNET... 
ATTRACT!"* from the pause menu and pressing Z; You can now free yourself... just 
watch out for the guard.  When you leave the cell, pull a Tanya Harding on him 
(in other words, whack him in the knee).  By the way, after getting rid of this 
guard, Agents can skip to B. 

*Sorry.  No matter how I slice it, whenever an attack/item uses a noun and a verb 
in its name, I always can link it to watching animé.
BODY ARMOR:  Both Secret and regular Agents will be able to find light protection 
in the room where there are a ton of crates.  Only Agents can find full armor by 
two guards who have cover from a drone gun.  00 Agents are, once again, screwed, 
and will have to rely on skill... again.
Again, your previous experience with the Severnaya bunker will help immensely.
 __________/a.  Compare staff/casualty lists\_____(Secret & 00 agents)_________
One of the rooms en route to the main room has two guards in it-- one is behind a 
table.  Kill the guards, and pick up the tablet.
     Next, make your way back to the outside of the room with the safe, and go 
past the next two sets of double doors (you'll need a key card to do this, so 
just lure guards out).  After that, kill one of the guards in that big room at 
the end.  After killing enough of the guards, one of them will have dropped the 
casualty list.  You need both in order to complete the objective.
 __________/b.  Recover CCTV tape\_____(All agents)____________________________
Remember where you started the first time you were here (four years ago)?  Well, 
It's in the room in front of that, in terms of relative direction, on a table.
     By the way, CCTV stands for "Closed-Circuit Television".
 __________/c.  Disable all security cameras\_____(Secret & 00 agents)_________
Here is the best order to taking  of them:

     1.  At the end of the hallway where the next two rooms are located.
     2.  In the room where the guard holding safe key #2 stays.
     3.  In the same room behind where you started the first bunker stage.
     4.  In the room where you started the first bunker stage.  You'll have to 
duck before entering so that the camera won't see you as easily.  It's best that 
you go in from the previous room.
     5.  There's a door (past the room with the safe) with a hall on the left.  
It's best to take the indirect route by going into that big room full of guards 
and ventilate everyone in there.  Pop this camera behind the safety of the double 
     6.  Where Natalya activates the computer terminal.  It's in the opposite 
corner.     _______________________________________
 __________/d.  Recover GoldenEye operations manual\_____(00 agents only)______
There are two keys you need to get:  One in the room with the safe; The other key 
is being held by a guard in one of the other rooms.  From the first key:  Exit 
and turn right.  Afterward, take the first right you see, go upstairs, and take 
the first right.  Advance until you see double doors on the right (better take 
care of an objective while we're here); Open them, kill the guards, and grab the 
document on the table.  After grabbing that document, leave that room and take 
the double doors to the right.  Next, after yet another right, there will be a 
set of double doors on the left.  Enter, and kill the guy inside to reveal the 
other key.  Return to the safe, and this objective is done.
 __________/e.  Escape with Natalya\_____(All agents)__________________________
Go back to where you were locked up.  You should have the key which will open up 
Natalya's cell.  If you're going for the cheat, read below.  Regardless of 
difficulty, you should know the way to the main control room.  When you have 
freed Natalya, she'll follow you.  When she reaches the main control room, she'll 
automatically check the computer.  After the computer's activated, you'll have 
one minute to get out of there.  This escape should be easily accomplished if 
you've cleared out every guard in the area.
 __________/f.  Cheat information:\_____(Agent, 1:30)__________________________
/==========\__2x Throwing Knives__/============================================\
This one's not really tough, but don't be surprised if you happen to be a couple 
seconds too slow.
     When you start this level, pause the game and select (here we go again!) 
"WATCH... MAGNET... ATTRACT!" from your item list.  Use it, slap the guard in the 
knee, and pick up his key.  Open the cell Natalya's locked up in (the programmers 
thought of everything-- she even asks if you've been in Severnaya before).  Now, 
the route:
      Go through the door, turn left, and follow through until you see yellow and 
black stripes.  Take the first right.  It's very likely that you'll be chased, so 
it's likely that the doors ahead will be open.  Pass through, and take a right.  
Go past the sets of double doors, take a big risk by walking in front of the 
camera, and go right.  Advance to the double doors on the right; Pick up the 
video tape in front of you, and leave that room; Go left.  Walk up to the camera 
again, and-- this is getting redundant-- go right (again!).  Then, Natalya will 
take care of the computer, and wait until the music changes.  Leave the building, 
since Natalya will follow you.  If you do all this in 90 seconds or less, you 
have the puny 2x Throwing Knives cheat.  This is one to complete for pride and 
little more.

MISSION ACCOMPLISHED:  Bond will either wait for Natalya to escape if he exits 
first.  Or, if you prefer to be the gentleman that James Bond is, let Natalya 
escape first, and have her wait for you.  Hey-- James Bond IS a ladies' man.
 _____/J.  MISSION 6.1:  STATUE PARK; ST. PETERSBURG\__________________________
The mysterious leader of the Janus syndicate has agreed to meet you here, through 
the contact of Valentin Dmitirovich Zukovski (Robbie Coltrane).  Your job:  Find 
out who it is, and why he did what he did.
Starting items:
1.  PP7 with 100 rounds
BODY ARMOR:  There is a lone piece of full armor which anyone can put on (00 
Agents, REJOICE!  Your time's finally come).  It's located about 4/5 of the way 
to the statue of Lenin (and Starr, and McCartney, and Harrison.  Oops!  Wrong 
Lennon.) located near a broken-down hand.
I would guide you through this level, but I am just as confused as you are.  Good 
luck.  ____________________
 __________/a.  Contact Valentin\_____(All agents)_____________________________
Zukovski will be waiting for you in a dark orange trailer about midway through 
the course.  Speak with him; You may leave when you see that this has been 
completed.  ___________________________
 __________/b.  Confront & unmask Janus\_____(All agents)______________________
Janus will rear his ugly head when you reach the statue of Stalin.  We soon learn 
that Janus is a figure from James'-- and MI6's-- past:  It's Trevelyan, "the MI6 
"Hero" back from the dead".  And, on 2001.4.28, I have included the banter 
between James and the mysterious Janus-- taken right from the movie, of course.

Janus:      "Hello, James."
{The mystery is almost over...}
Bond:       "Alec?"
Trevelyan:  "Back from the dead.  No longer just an anonymous stat on the
            memorial wall at MI6.  What's the matter James?  No glib remark?  No
            pithy comeback?"
Bond:       "Why?"
Trevelyan:  "Hilarious question.  Particularly from you.  Would you ever ask
            why?  Why we talk to all those dictators and undermine all those
            regimes, only to come home; `Well done, good job, but, sorry, old
            boy; Everything you risked life and limb for has changed.`"
Bond:       "It was the job we were chose for."
Trevelyan:  "Of course, you'd say that.  James Bond-- Her Majesty's loyal
            terrier, defender of the so-called faith.  Oh, please, James, put
            [the gun] away.  It's insulting to think I haven't anticipated your
            every move."
Bond:       "Yes.  I trusted you, Alec."
Trevelyan:  [scoffs] "Trust.  What a quaint idea."
Bond:       "How did the MI6 screening miss that your parents were Lienz
Trevelyan:  "Once again, your faith is misplaced:  They knew.  We're both
            orphans, James.  But where your parents had the luxury of dying in a
            climbing accident, mine survived the British betrayal and Stalin's
            execution squads.  No.  My father couldn't let himself or my mother
            live with the shame of it.  MI6 thought I was too young to remember. 

            And, in one of life's little ironies, the son went to work for the
            government whose betrayal caused the father to kill himself and his
Bond:       "Hence, Janus-- the two-faced Roman god of light."
Trevelyan:  "It wasn't God who gave me this face; It was you, setting the timers
            for three minutes instead of six."
Bond:       "Am I supposed to feel sorry for you?"
Trevelyan:  "No.  You're supposed to die for me.  By the way, I did think about
            asking you to join my little scheme, but, somehow, I knew 007's
            loyalty was always to the mission, never to his friends.  Closing
            time, James; Last call."

Hey, Alec!  I'll take a pint!
 __________/c.  Locate Pirate helicopter\_____(All agents)_____________________
Go back to Start.  When you hear the helicopter, you've found it.
 __________/d.  Rescue Natalya\_____(All agents)_______________________________
When you see the helicopter, Natalya will be lying on the ground.  That's the 
good news; The bad news:  If you don't wake her up AND get her away from the 
helicopter within fifteen seconds, she's toast (just run toward the ruins).  
Also, even after you save her from the inferno, she can still die:  Firing at 
Mishkin's guards is a costly, and fatal, mistake.
 __________/e.  Find flight recorder\_____(All agents)_________________________
After the helicopter's been destroyed, the flight recorder-- which will be yellow 
in color-- will fly from the blast.  Finding this will require a bit of searching 
(and luck if you want the cheat).  After picking it up, just walk through the 
 __________/f.  Cheat information:\_____(Secret agent, 3:15)___________________
/==========\____Fast Animation____/============================================\
This one's tricky.  The key here is to reach Zukovski, Lenin's statue (when you 
see "Objective B:  Complete", RUN!), and back to Start (in that order) with as 
little obstruction as possible.
     Then, after the helicopter explodes, you'll have to find the recorder.  Your 
best bet is to stand in front of the first set of ruins, since the recorder's 
most likely to appear close-by-- odds of being close are about 4 of 7, or 57%.  
Pick it up and advance toward the gate, just open it, and walk through; You can't 
afford to talk to Mishkin.  If you did this in 3:15 as a Secret Agent, you'll get 
the fun Fast Animation cheat, and you'll be glad you finally did it.
PRIORITY:  Only one way to do this, and it's in alphabetical order.

MISSION ACCOMPLISHED:  Bond will be escorted out of the park at gunpoint, with 
Mishkin following him.
/=====\__________MILITARY ARCHIVES; ST. PETERSBURG___________/=================\
{added in version 0.5} The GRU is the Russian equivalent of the CIA or MI6.  GRU 
stands for Glavnoye Razvedyvatelnoye Upravlenie [panting], or, for the 
English-speaking community, the translation is "Chief Intelligence Directorate of 
the General Staff".
Bond and Natalya have been taken into the custody of the GRU Military Archives.  
The only way the Russian government will believe Bond's testimony that Janus is 
behind the helicopter theft is to speak with Defense Minister Mishkin (Tchéky 
Karyo).  But being under immediate interrogation, these guys are prepared to 
shoot you if you don't comply.  So much for the "lost art of interrogation".
Starting items:
1.  Watch magnet with five charges
BODY ARMOR:  Agents and Secret Agents will be able to find light armor in the 
room across from where they started.  Agents, though, can find full armor around 
in one area of the library area.  Yet again, 00 Agents have to go through this 
level unprotected.
 __________/a.  Escape from interrogation room\_____(All agents)_______________
Looky, looky, looky... we can complete this objective first, since, well, it's 
the ONLY objective you can complete... for now.
     Decisions, decisions, decisions...
     There are a few ways to take care of the guards:  Picking up your gun would 
seem the most obvious, but an even better way is to slap the guards to death (?).  
Easy as pie (Apple?  Pudding?  Cheesecake?).
     Then, once you get out of the interrogation room, go to the right and go 
upstairs.  Turn to the left when you reach the top, kill what guards you can (and 
be quick about it). and go into the door.  When in the library, go toward the set 
of double doors you see on the upper floor.  Natalya will be in the room with the 
single door.
 __________/b.  Find Natalya\_____(All agents)_________________________________
You can usually find Natalya in one of the smaller rooms in the later part of 
this level.  If you're good enough, she should be able to escape her captors 
without going into hiding.  And, if you're even better, the guards won't even go 
after you.
     If you're careless, though, she'll run away, and you'll have to look for her 
(she can be found in the attic).
     Next, you'll have to go downstairs, but it's only mandatory if you're a 
Secret or 00 Agent.
 __________/c.  Recover helicopter flight\_____(Secret & 00 agents)____________
You'll have to talk to Mishkin to get this, which can be Hell if you don't take 
care of any nearby guards.  After talking to him, he'll give you a key which will 
open the safe in a corner of the room.
 __________/d.  Escape with Natalya\_____(All agents)__________________________
There are a total of six windows which are big enough that you and Natalya can 
jump out of-- three on the main floor, three on the 2nd floor.  Four shots will 
open a window for you to escape-- seven if you're using the Klobb [shuddering].  
But all you should have to worry about when escaping is that Natalya hasn't 
gotten scared and run off someplace.  If she has, you'll have to find her again, 
but, if she hasn't, all you need to do is jump out of a window.
 __________/e.  Cheat information:\_____(00 agent, 1:20)_______________________
This one is tough, but nowhere NEAR the nightmarish difficulty of the Invincible 
(Facility) cheat.  Here's a quick plan:
     When you're being interrogated, advance and slap the guard on the right to 
death.  Be sure that you kill him with your first blow.  Now, grab the key he 
drops, open the door, and advance to the right.  From here on in, avoid what 
confrontations you can.  Climb the stairs and advance to the left.  Go forward, 
open the door ahead, turn left, and open the first door you see.  Run to the 
right and open the only single door you see.  Natalya will be inside.
     When you see Natalya, leave immediately!  Go through the set of double doors 
just 180 degrees from the room she was in; Go downstairs.  Turn around, run 
towards the single door on the left; Open it, and open the door immediately to 
the left (both doors open toward you); Open the door immediately to the right, 
walk through the room until you see a door on the right and open it.  YOU MUST 
HOPE that there isn't a guard near Mishkin, being that if you fire in his 
direction, he won't bother helping you.  In fact, he'll think you're trying to 
kill him, and he'll try to put you out of commission!  If there aren't any guards 
around Mishkin, advance toward him and talk to him.  Hear him out, while next to 
the safe.  When you hear a beep, open the safe immediately and grab the flight 
recorder.  Head out the door you entered and the door past that.  Shoot the 
nearest window enough that it will shatter, and simply walk out.  Complete it in 
80 seconds on 00 Agent, and you get the neat, but fairly useless, Invisibility 
 _____/L.  MISSION 6.3:  STREETS OF ST. PETERSBURG\____________________________
Wouldn't you know it?  Natalya's in trouble, once again.  Captured by Ourumov in 
the archives (although she escapes in the game), Bond now has to rescue her 
during a wild street chase.  Although you never see Ourumov's car, you have a 
time limit in order to get to the end of this level:  Five minutes for Agents, 
three for Secret and 00 Agents.
Starting items:
PP7 with 100 rounds
BODY ARMOR:  There are two pieces of full armor, which all operatives (00 Agents 
can rejoice for now) can pick up.  The first in a run-down building close to 
where you meet Zukovski; The second close to the end of the level.

I'm not going to guide you through this level, but advice will be pointed out to 
you under objective B.
 __________/a.  Contact Valentin\_____(Secret & 00 agents)_____________________
When you reach and get into the tank (if you desire), go left after the first 
wall.  Zukovski will be in one of the buildings.  Although Agents don't need his 
assistance, Secret & 00 Agents do.  This will delay Ourumov by giving you some 
extra time by extending your time limit to six minutes.
 __________/b.  Pursue Ourumov & Natalya\_____(All agents)_____________________
Just use the tank to make it through the streets.  Just be sure to contact 
Zukovski before pursuing them if you need to.  The key to surviving this level, 
however, is to avoid taking the roads where the guards have rocket launchers.  
Rockets can cause a fatal burn to 00 Agents, so take the safer roads with the 
KF7s (and grenade launchers, which only explode on the ground and are generally 
less of a threat).  I'm not going to guide you through the streets; You're on 
your own here, pal.
     Also, you need to keep on the lookout for land mines.  When walking, you're 
safe... unless a guard decides to chuck a grenade at you.
     When going by tank, they land mines will explode when run over.  But that's 
what you have the missiles for-- getting rid of what obstacles get in your way.  
Use the missiles to clear out obtrusive cars and to clear out the mines.  
Missiles won't clear out all the mines in one blow, but it's better to know your 
safe than go kamikaze over it.
     (Thanks to {7} for reminding me about this.  I had forgotten to put this 
information in the recent versions.)
 __________/c.  Minimize civilian casualties\_____(All agents)_________________
Allow no more than nine citizens to die.  This is actually a piece of cake, but, 
if you REALLY hate everyone, feel like killing something, and feel REALLY 
sadistic, you will receive a warning after the seventh bystander is done in.
 __________/d.  Cheat information:\_____(Agent, 1:45)__________________________
/==========\____Enemy Rockets_____/============================================\
In order to get the cheat for this level, Agents must finish before the clock 
falls below 3:20.00, so DON'T meet with Zukovski.  Do this, and you're given 
Enemy Rockets... a "cheat"?  Methinks not.  But you CAN have a bit of fun with 
it... since the guard can, and probably will, kill themselves in their own fire.  
And grab Hannibal Lecter, too-- I'm pretty sure he'd jump at the chance to join 
*THIS* BBQ feast.

MISSION ACCOMPLISHED:  Bond will walk in the camera's general direction.  For 
some strange reason, there is always an explosion that occurs in the background.
 _____/M.  MISSION 6.4:  DISUSED MILITARY DEPOT;\______________________________
/=====\_____________ST. PETERSBURG______________/==============================\
Well, it looks like Natalya wound up still in Ourumov's clutches, but at least 
Bond knows where they're going.

Starting items:
1.  PP7 with 100 rounds

BODY ARMOR:  According to Nintendo's strategy guide, Agent and Secret Agent-level 
operatives have a good number of pieces to pick up.  Only Agents will be able to 
find full armor, but Secret Agents will be able to pick up a number of pieces of 
light armor.  I've already used up enough of as it is.  Don't even ask me to list 
them.  You might actually be better off not picking any up.  Should you try to 
pick up any more than one piece, expect yourself to be under a lot of enemy fire.

From Start, walk the course until you see a gate on the left-hand side.  All 
objectives will be directed to this point.
 __________/a.  Destroy illegal arms cache\_____(00 agents only)_______________
Agents can skip to <E>, but Secret Agents have to stop by <B>.
     When you pass the gate, take the path to the right.  When you reach the 
second shack on the right, open the door, and take out what guards there are.  
BEFORE you destroy the cache (which is in the brown boxes), pick up the box of 
proximity mines, as well as the rocket launcher with its accompanying rockets.  
Then, use one of the explosive weapons to clear out the cache.  When all dark 
boxes have been destroyed (or burned beyond recognition), the objective will be 
complete.  Just be sure to take care of the guards outside, first.
 __________/b.  Destroy computer network\_____(Secret & 00 agents)_____________
Back to the gate; this time, go left.  If you just completed the previous 
objective, exit the shed, and turn left.  Walk to the furthest shack there is.
     You will now be greeted by two guards.  Kill them, and more will come out.  
After killing what guards you can, you're now faced with a bigger problem:  A 
drone gun (bum-bum-BUM!).  The most direct way to take care of this is to stay in 
the corner, in the gun's sight.  You will possible take damage, but you should 
take care of the gun in a few short seconds.
     When you destroy the gun, blow up the two computer mainframes by all those 
crates and the monitor to complete this objective.
 __________/c.  Obtain safe key\_____(Secret & 00 agents)______________________
After taking care of the drone gun, the key will be located on a table near the 
big screen with a map of the world on it.  Just pick it up, you moron.
 __________/d.  Recover helicopter blueprints\_____(Secret & 00 agents)________
Back to the gate, go to the right.  Or if you left from objectives B and C, exit 
that building and go to the left.  Walk on, and, when you see a road on your 
left, take it, and make your way to the last building on the right.  Enter 
through the second door (the garage door is locked).  Make your way up the set of 
stairs, and turn left when you get off.  Walk toward the safe, and open it.  Grab 
the blueprints, and open the door you see.   Then, all you have to do is...
 __________/e.  Locate Trevelyan's train\_____(All agents)_____________________
Open either of the garage doors, and open the doors to the train (marked by 
black/yellow tape).  Enter.
 __________/f.  Cheat information:\_____(Secret agent, 1:30)___________________
/==========\____Slow Animation____/============================================\
This one isn't terribly hard, but the only major obstacle for this one is the 
drone gun protecting the key to the safe, as well as the computer network.  
Secret Agents who can accomplish their tasks in under 90 seconds get the fun Slow 
Animation cheat.  Preparree tttooo ssslllleeeeeeeepppp... Zzzzz... {head drops on 
PRIORITY:  Alphabetical order again.

MISSION ACCOMPLISHED:  Bond adjusts his tie and cuffs.  He'll also kill the 
guards inside if you haven't done that already.  And, for an added dose of fun, 
turn the Fast Animation cheat on.
 _____/N.  MISSION 6.5:  CONVERTED MISSILE TRAIN,\_____________________________
/=====\_____HEADING EAST FROM ST. PETERSBURG_____/=============================\
Well, Natalya's being held at gunpoint at the end of this train.  Again, Bond 
must come to her rescue.
Starting items:
1.  PP7 with 100 rounds
2.  Watch laser with 300 charges
A straightforward level-- IT'S A TRAIN, DAMN IT!  And, just out of curiosity, 
BODY ARMOR:  There isn't another piece of armor until the next stage.  Meaning 00 
Agents can take no more than seven hits and live to tell about the ordeal.
Although you'll eventually make your way to the brake panels, the first two cars 
will be loaded with guards and crates.  Find a good, safe area to take them out, 
and you should be able to escape these cars unscathed.  As an added bonus to your 
exploits, you'll find the elusive RC-P90 as an Agent, or a DD44 as a Secret Agent 
in one of the boxes at the end of the first car.  The next two cars are 
compartment cars, and guards will pour out to hunt you down.  Just find another 
safe area and take them out.
    Car five is where things will start getting hectic.  There is a gauntlet 
where two guards get come off the can, so fire when they get off.  Before you 
leave that fifth car, another guard will come from behind, so be prepped for it.  
Car six has only three guards, and you should take care of them quickly and 
easily.  Then, all you have to do now is rescue Natalya... A...G...A...I...N...
 __________/a.  Destroy brake units\_____(All agents)__________________________
There are six you have to destroy:  The brake units in the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 5th 
cars are all facing you at the opposite side from where you came in; The 4th and 
6th will be at the end which you entered.
     I say this as a precaution:  After each of the first four cars, there will 
usually be a number of guards that come after you-- either they come through the 
doors, or they wait for you to make your entrance.  Always proceed with caution.
 __________/b.  Rescue Natalya\_____(All agents)_______________________________
This isn't too hard-- just be sure your trigger finger isn't itchy or you're not 
walking aimlessly.  Ourumov will fire at the first shot he hears.  He will also 
fire on Natalya if you get too close to scaredy-cat Alec.
     As far as this objective goes, be prepared and switch to your ZMGs, since 
their speed is only rivalled by the RC-P90.  Second, move forward and to the 
right, stopping when "That's close enough!".  Make sure you are standing where 
Ourumov is standing immediately in front of Xenia.
     With ZMGs in tow, this is the proper time to strike, as Ourumov will go down 
if hit.  Chances are more likely that Xenia will be nailed after you take down 
the good general.  Hitting Xenia AFTER Ourumov is good as Alec will need to 
backtrack in order to pick up his wounded femme fatale.  You hit Xenia first, 
your mission will be a disaster of Chernobyl proportions.
 __________/c.  Locate Janus' secret base\_____(Secret & 00 agents)____________
If you have saved Natalya, she will tell you where Janus-- and her comrade 
Boris-- is located by spiking his network.  After Secret Agents find out where 
Alec and Xenia are headed, you'll have 25+ seconds to escape.

Natalya:  "You sit on it, but can't take it with you."
{After Natalya enters words like "arse", "butt", "tush", etc., Bond replies}
Bond:     "Chair."

{Proof Boris' KNOCKERS password WASN'T a euphemism-- hey, when he said, "They're 
right in front of you and can open very large doors", he meant it "They're right 
in front of you and can open very large doors'!} 
 __________/d.  Crack Boris' password\_____(00 agents only)____________________
A critical juncture for 00 Agents, hitting Xenia will determine whether you 
survive or not.  If you hit Xenia, the countdown will be at about eighteen 
seconds; If not, you'll have only less than five.  In all honesty, I have never 
let tried to complete the level without hitting Xenia.
 __________/e.  Escape to safety\_____(All agents)_____________________________
If you melt/destroy the buckles holding the floorboard (?) together, jump out.  
If you have plenty of time left (>20 seconds), exit to the right.
     Be aware that Q equipped your watch laser specifically for the panel.  
Should you run out of charges, all is not lost.  You can fire any gun you have at 
it, but there cuts will not be clean at all, due to the bullet holes.  An odd bit 
of trivia:  The train stops at the very same spot every time you leave... no 
matter how long it takes you to get through the level.  Question is:  Why?
 __________/f.  Cheat information:\_____(00 agent, 5:30)_______________________
/==========\______Silver PP7______/============================================\
You'll have to rush through this level in 5:30 on 00 Agent.  this means that you 
have to blaze through each of the first five cars in no more than forty seconds, 
     About midway through, there will be a guard with twin ZMGs, which will be 
crucial if you want to take care of Ourumov AND Xenia.  If you can hit Xenia 
AFTER Ourumov, you'll be given precious extra time-- about thirteen seconds-- to 
escape.  You better have at least two boxes of life left when you bail, cause the 
chance of escaping without the guards hitting you are rare.
     If you complete this rather difficult task, you'll be awarded the Silver PP7 
cheat, which acts like a Cougar Magnum.
PRIORITY:  Alphabetical order.

MISSION ACCOMPLISHED:  You'll see Bond & Natalya running from the blast.
 _____/O.  MISSION 7.1:  CUBAN JUNGLE\_____(CUBAN jungle?)_____________________
After Natalya has discovered that Janus' HQ is located in the depths of Cuba, we 
find Bond and Natalya crash landing in a remote jungle.  Well, the next four 
levels should actually take place in Puerto Rico, since the movie was taped 
there.  If'n you've seen the movie's credits, you'll know what I'm talking about.

Starting items:
1.  PP7 with 100 rounds
FIRST THINGS FIRST:  Natalya has been equipped with a Cougar Magnum, courtesy of 
Jack Wade of the CIA (the Central Idiot Association for those who, like myself, 
despise political correctness).  Since ammo will be sparse here, it wouldn't be a 
bad idea to let her take care of the sentries.  All you should concentrate on are 
the drone guns, the ammo cache, and-- most important of all-- Xenia, Warrior 
Princess.  Whoops... wrong show.
BODY ARMOR:  00 Agents will be thanking the Lord Almighty (or, at the very least, 
the programmers) that there are three pieces of armor-- two full and one light.  
Regular and Secret Agents, though, won't be able to pick up extra pieces, since 
all three pieces (and nothing more) are available on all difficulty levels.
This level starts out just straightaways.  After you meet [and hopefully defeat] 
Xenia, there is a winding path.  The immense fog will greatly F-up your vision, 
so use an AR33 when you have it.  Even without ammo, the AR33's zoom will be 
helpful, since you can scope out what lies ahead.
 __________/a.  Destroy drone guns\_____(All agents)___________________________
Before going on, there is something about these drone guns you should know:  
Unlike all of the other drone guns you have/will encounter(ed), these ones will 
only fire in front of them.
     There are a total of seven guns you must destroy.  Their locations:

     1 through 3.  The first three are located at the end of the three 
     4.  The fourth is located just after the bridge on the left-hand side.  You 
should take care of this with no problem, since it's pointed the opposite way you 
came from.
     5.  The fifth comes before the caves.  The fog will clear up around this 
     6 & 7.  The sixth & seventh are inside the cave itself.  The first one-- and 
the way you SHOULD go-- is up the ladder.  If you have a grenade or two to spare, 
chuck one up there; Hopefully, you aimed well enough high enough to take care of 
the drone gun.  If your aim was even better, you should have gotten the arms 
cache... or at least a good piece of it (This will be characterized by a loud 
explosion) as well.

     After taking care of the first of these two threats, the second, which will 
be pointed in a different direction, will be as easy as pie.  Mmm... Pie.  Just 
aim at it and fire.
 __________/b.  Eliminate Xenia\_____(All agents)______________________________
When you get to the bridge, Xenia will greet you, "The pleasure will be all 
mine".  To get rid of her quickly, stand to one side of the bridge and use your 
AR33; If your aim's good enough, Xenia will be dead (and vanishing in front of 
your eyes) before she will have a chance to attack.  Make every shot count, since 
ammo is rarer here than in any other level.
     Another way to dispose of her is to rig the bridge with a remote mine or 
two.  Time your mines' explosions well, and the ambush will work like a charm.  
She'll walk into it without even know what the Hell-- and I DO mean Hell-- 
     If both of these fail, retreat.  Go behind a tree and, with a little luck, 
Xenia may end up committing suicide.  Or you can risk Natalya's safety and have 
her kill Xenia for you-- heck, she's gotten you THIS far in the level.

Bond:  {after Xenia dies  in the movie} "She always did enjoy a good squeeze."
(Of what?  The trigger?  Oh....  I know....)
 __________/c.  Destroy illegal arms cache\_____(Secret & 00 agents)___________
An explosive will take care of this one.  Just be sure Natalya's out of the way, 
first.  Oh... see objective A for more info.
 __________/d.  Escort Natalya to Janus base\_____(All agents)_________________
Just run like Hell after destroying the arms cache.  If you don't run like the 
wind, this will be a nightmarishly difficult task.
 __________/e.  Cheat information:\_____(Agent, 3:45)__________________________
/==========\__2x Hunting Knives___/============================================\
This one's hard, but not worth any of the trouble.  IF you're desperate to get 
this cheat, just want to jam through, but... why?  Agents who clear this level in 
3:45 will survive, but also be cursed with the worst cheat in the game:  Double 
Hunting Knives.  Why have up-close weapons when the bad guys have guns?  
Fortunately, you don't have to turn it on.  Besides, you can get the All Weapons 
cheat, which will be described later on in this document.

MISSION ACCOMPLISHED:  Bond and Natalya will get in the elevator; The elevator's 
doors will close, with Bond and Natalya firing their guns.
 _____/P.  MISSION 7.2:  JANUS CONTROL CENTER; CUBA\___________________________
Well, if you though Natalya always got in trouble before, that was nothing 
compared with the Hell that the two of you are about to go through.  This time, 
you have to protect her from Trevelyan's minions while she corrects the 
GoldenEye's trajectory.
Starting items:
1.  PP7 with 100 rounds
FIRST THINGS FIRST:  Agents can ignore this.  When you leave the elevator, there 
will be a trio of drone guns waiting for you (I can't really draw it out for you, 
you'll have to improvise):
     1.  When you exit the elevator, there's one on the far left.
     2.  After that, turning right.  You should be far enough so it won't hurt 
you when it sees you.
     3.  After that one, one nearby on the right.
     Sneak up close enough so that you'll be able to see the turret, but not the 
camera.  After five well-placed shots, each one will explode.
BODY ARMOR:  There are two pieces of full armor that all operatives can pick up.  
They're described below.  00 Agents will be happy, too.
     And now, the mission.  As you leave the elevator, take care of what guards 
come out-- six in all.  Secure the area-- drone guns if need be-- and Natalya 
will help you proceed.  When she says, "Got one open!  Head to the control room, 
James.  I'll do what I can from here," fire through the blast boor and kill, or 
at least injure, the two guards that emerge.  After killing them, proceed down 
the hall.
     When the hallway forks, you can either kill what guards you can, or-- 
safer-- make your stay to the left and hope that one guard clears out some of the 
others with a grenade.  After they go bye-bye, make your way to the next room and 
clear those guards.  Climb the stairs, open the door, and-- you guessed it-- kill 
more guards.  Open the door to the left and enter.
     When you see Boris, just ignore him-- although you can stand near him and 
pick up the gun he drops for more ammo-- and go about your business.  Follow 
Boris to find some body armor.  Don't kill Boris-- Natalya, who'll see the 
incident on surveillance, will not forgive
 you, since she and Grishenko were good 
friends.  (The movie explains it.)  Nor will she complete the task of altering 
the GoldenEye's trajectory.  Jump to objective C.
     A bit of warning, though:  When you enter the room with the drone guns, take 
care of the first two you see; Then-- Agents can skip this-- enter the room 
SLOWLY-- there will be a drone gun on each side; Take care of the one on the 
right first, then sneak upon the one on the left (to where you see the camera).  
Make sure you get rid of these, or else, taking a hit is guaranteed.
     After you got the first five mainframes destroyed, go upstairs-- or follow 
Boris, although he'd rather be left alone to celebrate his "invincibility"-- to 
the top floor, and pick up the body armor behind the vent.  Boris then 
disappears-- mysterious, ain't it?  Go back down to the second floor and open the 
blast door on the left.  Natalya will follow you down.  Now, we come to our first 
 __________/a.  Protect Natalya\_____(All agents)______________________________
Look under <b.  Disable GoldenEye satellite>.
 __________/b.  Disable GoldenEye satellite\_____(All agents)__________________
Quick trip, wasn't it?
     Now comes the tricky part.  Like several other parts of the game, the key to 
finishing what follows is keeping mobile.  You can stand in one place on Agent 
and have you and Natalya take little damage, as suggested by several others, but 
Secret and 00 Agents will be sitting ducks with little chance for survival.  I 
actually found myself failing to protect Natalya while staying stationary.  That 
said, in order to save Natalya on the harder difficulties, BEAT FEET!
     Anyway, when the time comes that Natalya is able to enter the room you 
cleared out for her to reprogram the GoldenEye's course, you'll have to stay on 
guard.  Most of the troops will come from the stairwells, but the ones that come 
from the windows on the opposite sides of the room will pose a bigger threat.  
You'll have to take out EVERY sentry that enters, regardless if they're gunning 
for you OR for Natalya.  If Natalya dies, you blow the mission; If Bond dies, you 
blow the mission; If Trevelyan dies, there would be no point in continuing this 
game, now, do we?
     Should you manage to save Natalya for about two minutes-- the length of time 
required to reposition the satellite-- she'll be fine by herself (you can cover 
her until she leaves, though), and you can finish your mission.
     After that's done, jump to the last of the listed mainframes below.
 __________/c.  Destroy armored mainframe\_____(All agents)____________________
In order to do this, you MUST have explosives available.  There are six you need 
to destroy, four being on the main floor:

     1.  Two are close together where you'll see Boris (main floor).
     2 & 3.  Behind a blue door, there is one being guarded by a group of 
sentries and two drone guns-- four if on Secret or 00 Agent on the sides of the 
door (which can be destroyed from the doorway).  It's on the far corridor on the 
right, just before the stairs (main floor).
     4 & 5.  Two on opposite sides of the second floor.
     6.  One behind a blast door-- just before you got to the blue door on the 
main floor-- which is concealed by glass.

If you're low on life, pick up the body armor from the first room on the left.  
Go to the other door (near the drone gun room), take care of the final mainframe, 
go back to the previous room, open the door ahead, run forward, and enter the 
elevator on the left.
 __________/d.  Cheat information:\_____(Secret agent, 10:00)__________________
/==========\____Infinite Ammo_____/============================================\
Secret Agents who can manage to save Natalya, AND reposition the satellite, AND 
destroy the mainframes, AND manage to survive, AND finish in ten minutes will be 
given the handy Unlimited Ammo cheat... but it probably won't be even slightly 
easy.  You'll have to JAM!
PRIORITY:  First five mainframes listed, A, B, and then, the final mainframe.

MISSION ACCOMPLISHED:  You hear some smooth elevator muzak as the elevator doors 
 _____/Q.  MISSION 7.3:  JANUS HQ WATER CAVERNS; CUBA\_________________________
Well, Natalya is finally safe (thank God), so now, Bond takes to the underground 
caverns which hide Janus' satellite control equipment.
Starting items:
1.  PP7 with 100 rounds
FIRST THINGS FIRST:  Ammo conservation in important, especially as a 00 Agent 
(although even with a few off-center shots, you can still have enough ammo).  
Make every shot count, and you may have enough to see you through this level 
until you come up to some crates.  Let's face it:  No one wants to fight 
bare-handed again' gun-toting guards, right?
BODY ARMOR:  Secret agents will find light armor in the room with the radio.  
Agents can find that, too, as well as some full armor near the first set of 
computers.  00 Agents, after two straight stages of armor (a record so far), are 
defenseless, and must rely on skill to stay alive.
You start in an elevator.  After you open the door, sentries will be coming after 
you.  You can opt for leaving the sanctity of the elevator, but wouldn't you 
rather kill guards while listening to relaxing elevator music than the music that 
plays while in the caverns?  Nope.  Ain't nothin' better that hearing gun shots 
fired in sync to organ music.
     Back to the point, kill the guards you come across or lure them to the 
lift-- remember:  Jazz music and blood splatter are the closest of friends.  
Continue through the level, killing all enemies in the way.  Agents will be able 
to skip immediately to E.  After you proceed through the next two sets of double 
doors, you'll reach your first objective:
 __________/a.  Destroy inlet pump controls\_____(Secret & 00 agents)__________
The inlet pump consoles allow Trevelyan to flood his satellite with water, 
concealing it in the lake it inhabits.
     Go down after you reach the second staircase  Take care of the guard at the 
door and the one below.  Clear out the two scientists-- or have them run a good 
enough distance from the consoles-- and destroy them.  Then, go to the passageway 
on the right side of this chamber.  There will be another scientist, two more 
consoles, and five ammo crates.  Again, get the scientist out of the way, and 
destroy the consoles.
     AHEM:  There are only two more scientists after you're done here.  If none 
of these scientists were killed, you can just forgo the safety of the other two.
     Now that you're done here, go upstairs, advance to the next set of double 
doors, and make your way past the spiraling walkway.  There'll be three guards 
total, so use your AR33 (if you HAVE one), and kill them from long-distance, or 
get close enough to use your PP7.
     Make your way to the next room, fire off your ZMG to attract some attention, 
and throw a timed mine on the outer door.  It shouldn't be too long before some 
of the guards that come go up in smoke.  Clear that room, pick up the ammo 
(destroy more crates for more ammo), and move through the next set of double 
doors.  Take care of what guards come. Go downstairs, make a U-turn left, enter 
the room, and throw a timed mine.  This should destroy all the crates in there, 
which will give you a crap-load of ammo.  That reminds me:  We come up to another 
 __________/b.  Destroy outlet pump controls\____(Secret & 00 agents)__________
The outlet pump controls enable Trevelyan to drain the water from the satellite 
dish, enabling him to send signals on where to fire the GoldenEye.
     You can either do this from upstairs or from the ammo cache I just talked 
     If you want to be brave and decide to dispose of the pumps from where we 
left, blow open the lockers (use a gun and save the mines for later), walk 
through the passageway, and blow open the next set of lockers.  Make sure you 
blow them up well enough to see out of.
     The first console is ahead.  Guards will come after you, so make a retreat 
back to the tunnel-- you should use your AR33 from this point because of its 
zoom.  Kill whoever comes by (hopefully everyone), and proceed.  The next console 
will be immediately left of the tunnel; The last console will be past the actual 
pump.  Climb the stairs, but not too far, or the drone gun's gonna fire; Destroy 
it from the stairs.
     If safety is you main concern, go back upstairs.  Kill what guards are in 
your way, and advance to the set of double doors.  Open them up; You'll be able 
to see on of the consoles; Destroy it, and have some guards rush out.  Kill them 
while they open the door.  There'll be more guards waiting for you:  One 
immediately to the left; One in an alcove to the left; Two in the locker area on 
the right.  Naturally, take them out as they come.  After that's done and over 
with, walk up to where you see a drone gun on the left; Destroy it.  Now go 
forward and kill whatever guards remain (if there are any), and destroy the next 
two consoles.
     More long, winding passages will have to be run through in order to get the 
next objectives complete.
 __________/c.  Destroy master control console\_____(Secret & 00 agents)_______
After you've taken care of the outlet pump controls, exit the room and go to the 
right.  Kill whatever guards are on duty, and walk up to the doors across from a 
stairwell.  Open them and lure the guards out.  You'd better use your AR33's 
zooming feature to take out the guards that are patrolling the computer.  Just 
don't let your aim go wild, otherwise you might take out the scientists that are 
using it, and, worse yet, the stray gunfire might destroy what you need to use 
for the next objective (00 Agents only)...
 __________/d.  Use radio to contact Jack Wade\_____(00 agents only)___________
From the film, when the two first meet:
Jack:  "Jack Wade, CIA."
Bond:  "James Bond, stiff-ass Brit."

This one is tricky.  First, as mentioned above, you have to clear out whatever 
sentries are in the room by luring out whoever you can out.  Now comes the hard 
part:  Taking out the guards around there without damaging the radio.  You're 
gonna need nerves of steel in order to keep the radio intact.  If you succeed in 
killing two of the guards (the third being on the side of the computer), take 
care of the third guard with a shot from your ZMG or PP7.
     When that area is cleared, walk in, go to the radio, and press B.  You'll 
hear the standard tuning sounds, and be informed that CIA agent Jack Wade will be 
calling in his forces.  I like what it says:  "Got your bearings, Jimbo!  Me and 
my troops are on our way!"
     You can rely on luck, Jimbo, but it's not very likely that you'll succeed.  
You CAN blow the console first.  If you do, you'd better pray that the radio 
doesn't get damaged.  Otherwise, Wade may be listening to, mmm... er... you ever 
leave a phone off the hook for too long?  Yeah-- THAT sound....
 __________/e.  Minimize scientist casualties\_____(All agents)________________
Let no more than two scientists die.  This one is tricky, since some scientists 
won't cooperate with you.  In order to clear them out, you have to make sure they 
"reach for the sky".
       Just remember, scientists will fire at you if their lives are in danger.

After destroying the final console and contacting Jack Wade, you'll need at least 
two of the three code cards.  When you open the door on the side, there will be 
two more guards.  Past the next set of double doors, there will be two drone guns 
protecting Trevelyan (only one on Agent, though).  Before proceeding, go back and 
place a mine on the blast door for good measure (this will prevent unwanted 
guards from crashing in on your progress).  Take care of the drone guns, whip out 
your RC-P, and blast the final sentries until you reach and enter the elevator.
 __________/e.  Cheat information:\_____(00 agent, 9:30)_______________________
/==========\______2x RC-P90_______/============================================\
Just like most of the others, jam through.  Memorizing this level will help 
DRASTICALLY.  00 Agents who can finish in less than 570 seconds will be awarded 
with a cheat for twin RC-P90's.

MISSION ACCOMPLISHED:  Bond will put his gun away, and the elevator will close.  
You will also hear the jazzy organ music.
 _____/R.  MISSION 7.4:  GOLDENEYE ANTENNA CRADLE; CUBA\_______________________
Trevelyan is set to fire on London if he gets GoldenEye to align right over 
London.  This is his final chance to screw up the world's monetary system.
Starting items:
1.  PP7 with 100 rounds
FIRST THINGS FIRST:  I'm suggesting that you use your PP7 as much as possible-- 
ESPECIALLY in Secret and 00 Agent modes; Ammo will be sparse, and a ZMG will 
waste you away to nothing.  Pick up as much ammo as you can after eliminating the 
guards, and wait until there's about ninety seconds left.  You should have plenty 
of ammo.  Even so, make as many shots as you can count, since the guards are 
heavily armored.
     Also, watch for grenades.  Get caught in any one blast, and MI6's back 
account will be closed, but permanently.
BODY ARMOR:  When you start this level, sidestep left and pull back on the 
Control Stick to pick up a piece of full body armor.  There are two more similar 
pieces of body armor on similar ends of the triangular cradle-- just be sure that 
you remember which ones you've already gotten, and that Trevelyan's sentries will 
go after you if you do.  Also, there's another piece in the shed across from the 
one the console's located.  Another thing:  The armor is always available to 
operatives of all ranks-- 00 Agents included.
Make your way to the center of the cradle, and follow the objectives below.
     You're going to be alone for this one.  For starters, you should pick up 
that piece of body armor that's right behind you.  Even after picking up the 
armor, it might be a waste on Secret and 00 Agent if you don't aim correctly and 
kill the approaching guard.  Even if you do skip the cinema, there's no way you 
can beat Alec to the computer terminal that will guide the satellite over Cuba.  
But when Alec activates it, you'll be told you have only three minutes to take 
care of it.  Thus, our first objective...
 __________/a.  Destroy control console\_____(All agents)______________________
Top priority, other than ammo.  When you reach the platform where three ramps 
meet, take the stairs that go down, and hang a left.  The computer that's 
controlling the antenna will be guarded with two drone guns, but only the first 
one will pose a threat... provided that no sentries are hot on your trail.  Take 
care of the other gun so nobody will force you into its sight.  Now, it's time to 
dispose of Trevelyan.  If you fail, Trevelyan will have well over one hundred 
beeeelion dollarss (more Austin Powers for you).  He'll dominate every monetary 
unit in the world-- dollar, yen, pound, shekel, drachma, franc, rupee, Deutsche 
mark, dinar, peseta, ruble, etc...
 __________/b.  Settle the score with Trevelyan\_____(All agents)______________
This can be torture.  There are three ways to get rid of Alec:

     1.  You can go after Trevelyan outright with guns a-blazin' and go on a 
kamikaze mission.
     2.  You can go after Trevelyan, but indirectly-- attacking him at an angle.  
A safer way to dispatch Alec, but time consuming.
     3.  Or you can pray to God and hope to get lucky.  Should Alec get caught in 
an explosion, he'll die instantly, and all you'll have to worry about is the 
console AND escaping.

If you decide to use the first or second methods, there will be seven places 
Trevelyan will be when you go after him:

1.  In the shed that has the console.  Just make sure that you destroy the drone 
guns before you take him out.
2.  In the opposite shed.
3 & 4.  At any of the ramps (past the shed) that lead to the tail of the cradle.  
Take him out at an angle.
5 through 7.  On the upper part where you started.
If he's at the end of the cradle that's immediately in front of the staircase 
that leds to the console, once again, you'll have to take him out at an angle.  
Of course, during your travails, Trevelyan will quip the following, in order:

1.  From the cradle to the grave-- your grave, James.
2.  You could have joined me, James, but you had to side with the pen pushers.
3.  Always loyal to the mission-- never to your friends.
4.  James Bond.  Her Majesty's loyal terrier-- you sicken me.
5.  What's the matter, James?  No glib remark?  No pithy comeback?
6.  Come on!  Is that the best you can do?
7.  You never give up, do you?  Pathetic, really.
8.  you'll never win, James.
After punishing him enough, he'll either challenge you to "Finish the job, 
James-- if you can"-- where you'll have to meet him at the tail of the cradle.  
Of course, if he survives and you follow him to the final destination, you had 
better get the first shot(s) off.  Otherwise, it is possible that Alec wins, Bond 
loses, as do the other 5,999,999,999 (one short of six billion) people on Earth.
     There is one other thing that is worth mention:  If you manage to give him 
enough punishment, when you shoot him while he's at either perch on the second- 
lowest area, he will probably drop dead.  Good thing-- especially since that 
confrontation on the bottom will never come into play, except for Bond's eventual 
     I did discover one "bug", if ya will:  After getting rid of Trevelyan and 
the console, you can still fall off, but you'll given credit for completing the 
mission.  Why Rare didn't opt to say "killed in action" is a mystery, but the 
fact you'll be given credit DOES make sense.  You DID dispose of Trevelyan, after 
all, and I guess that's all that really matters, now.  Doesn't it?
     But after you beat him, a helicopter will lead Bond to safety, and, of 
course, he gets the girl.  You should have already known this by now.  What else 
would you expect in the ending of a Bond movie?  Lots of mass killings and 
blowing stuff up for the guys, and just this one scene of romance for the girls.  
One-sided, ain't it?  But then, what girl WOULDN'T accept a date with James Bond?

Trevelyan:  "For England, James?"
Bond:       "No....  For me."
 __________/e.  Cheat information:\_____(Agent, 2:15)__________________________
/==========\Cougar Magnum/Gold PP7/============================================\
Speed kills.  Agents have 2:15 in order to stop the satellite and take care of 
Trevelyan.  Beating this level on Agent, regardless of time, awards the Cougar 
Magnum cheat.
PRIORITY:  A (of course), B.

MISSION ACCOMPLISHED:  A helicopter will come, and Bond will grab onto it.  Just 
for fun, get the Slow Animation cheat and kill Trevelyan; The helicopter will 
leave without you; With the Fast Animation cheat, Bond will just fly of the 
helicopter as if he were on a trapeze-- VERY funny!  Oddly enough, this cinema 
will happen even if you failed to eliminated the control console.

And, like in the movie, Bond gets the girl....  And, as Wade said, "Maybe [those] 
two will want to continue debriefing... at Guantanamo [Bay]."
 _____/S.  MISSION 8:  AZTEC COMPLEX;\_________________________________________
/=====\_____TEOTIHUAC¡N, MEXICO______/=========================================\
AHEM:  In order to access this mission, you must complete all eighteen levels on 
the Secret Agent difficulty level.  And the spell-check I used spelled it 
TEOTIHUAC¡N¡N-- one ÁN too many.

The Drax Corporation has been conducting space shuttle experiments that haven't 
been authorized, and NASA is upset.  Bond is sent to investigate.
Starting items:
1.  PP7 with 100 rounds
2.  3.5" floppy disk with guidance data
BODY ARMOR:  All agents-- even 00 Agents-- can pick up the sole piece of full 
armor.  It's located in the vents past the exhaust bay, patrolled by a drone gun.

This mission is considered to be the most difficult of all (according to 
Nintendo's guide), but if you take your time and practice this level a bit, this 
can be a piece of cake.  This stage has an infinite number of Moonraker Elites 
(troops) and a giant thug named Jaws (from "The Spy Who Loved Me" and 
"Moonraker", played by Richard Kiel, who was recently in the Adam Sandler film 
"Happy Gilmore"), making this a tough level indeed.  Luck will play a major role 
in this level, ESPECIALLY after uploading Q's guidance data.
     To start, take care of the first three guards-- get rid of the one on the 
right first-- in the chamber where you start.  Even on the Agent level, don't be 
surprised to find yourself with half you life gone.  After taking care of this 
trio of misery, open the stone door (in front of start, which will be lighter in 
     Now, you have to take care of the first guard you see.  Slowly peek out to 
the right, taking care of the first guard you see.  After that one's gone, two 
more guards will arrive from the opposite side of the hall.  When dead, you can 
pick up the extra ammo-- maybe even a grenade if you're lucky enough.
     After those cronies are dead, retreat back to the entrance where you opened 
the stone door (which is why you need to pick up whatever AR33's you can [zooming 
feature]):  There's a guard hiding behind steel crates in the distance (the AR33 
can penetrate through the crates and hit him, so you don't NEED to aim for his 
head).  There are another two guards hiding behind more crates; Make sure that 
you slink slowly on the left-hand side of this, just far enough that you can just 
the elbow of that guard;  Kill or injure him, and quickly move up the small 
staircase and onto the platform on the right side of the room.  If you reach the 
stairs, neither of these two guards should fire, so you can just dispose of them.

     And it gets easier from here... I promise!
     Now, pick up the ammo-- and inactive grenades if they had dropped any-- and 
move forward.  Just be sure you don't drop down, or you'll kiss the Double Laser 
cheat good-bye (for the time being-- you can always try again).  In the next 
room, there will be four or five sentries.  Draw them out and kill them.  After 
all are gone, advance to the third cove on the left and activate the computer.  
Now, enter the hallway.
     Kill all guards in the hallway.  When you reach the end of the second set of 
guards, there will be two more in the room that follows; If you have a grenade, 
throw it, otherwise you'll have to lure them to their doom.  Next, blow up the 
COMPUTER ON THE LEFT, and there is a very good reason for this:  If you go 
straight and not take an alternate path, you'll be safe from the drone guns.  
But, once you enter that room with that "table and chair" set, the exhaust bay 
will open for a test firing, so GET YO' ASS OUTTA THERE IMMEDIATELY!  Again, take 
the left vent, go straight, and destroy the surrounding drone guns.  If there are 
any guards around, kill 'em.  Follow the hall as far to the right as you can and 
pick up the body armor.  Now, proceed to the next room.
     Before entering, you need to take care of three of the four drone guns in 
the launch bay.  Enter the room and run forward and to the left; You can take 
care of the four sentries and the remaining drone gun.  Be aware that more 
sentries will appear from the vent opposite where you entered.  Once all those 
guards have been clear, you should make your way up the ladder you see in the 
room:  It will lead you to a computer terminal.  Considering you followed my 
instructions, you should just walk up to it and press B.
     That done, drop back to the main floor and enter the vent on the left.  Go 
downstairs, and get Jaws' attention.  Which brings us to our first objective...
 __________/a.  Reprogram shuttle guidance\_____(All agents)___________________
After meeting Jaws, attract his attention, and dispose of him.  The best way to 
do this is run around and get to the point where Jaws is standing his guard.  
Kill Jaws-- Agents can take care of him with a single 30-bullet AR33 magazine and 
even a sole grenade, if available to the player-- retreat to the same room (just 
be sure that you have closed the exhaust bay door-- a ladder in the launch bay 
will lead you to it) and open the mainframe (a control module will be on the side 
of the alley).
     When you reach the computer room, open the glass.  Go to the pause menu and 
select `GUIDANCE DATA` (a 3.5" floppy disk).  Go up to the disk drive and press 
Z.  Q's guidance data will be uploaded, and NASA will be glad.  Oh, on the table 
next to it, pick up the DAT.
 __________/b.  Launch shuttle\_____(All agents)_______________________________
You know the DAT I told you about?  You'll need it to launch the shuttle.
     BUT...  You will be faced with several guards coming from whatever routes 
are needed to reach you.  Whip out that laser of yours and fire away.  Open the 
terminal that will lead you straight to the launch bay, making sure that you 
close the door behind you-- you certainly don't want to have unwanted company, do 
     Just retrace your steps to the launch bay (via the exhaust bay).  When you 
reach the other end, go to the right and walk up to the computer mainframe.  Go 
to the pause menu and select `LAUNCH PROTOCOL DATA`; Press-- you guessed it-- Z.  
Move from the computer and up the ladder you used to close the exhaust bay and-- 
provided it's still closed, since you can do this first-- open the exhaust bay.  
The countdown will hold at T-10 seconds until the exhaust bay is completely open.

     If the computer mainframe that led you to the launch bay throughout the 
exhaust bay is destroyed, from the room where you uploaded Q's data, go to the 
room ahead.  Fall down and make your way to the launch bay.  Kill whoever you 
need, and enter the launch room.  Just take care of the launch as described 
above.      _____________________
 __________/c.  Cheat information:\_____(Secret agent, 9:00)___________________
/==========\_(2x) Moonraker Laser_/============================================\
This is harder, since you have to move quicker in order to get it.  But, even if 
you don't beat the nine-minute deadline, beating this level on Secret Agent 
awards you the Moonraker Laser cheat.
PRIORITY:  A, B.  Just make sure you go through the exhaust bay.  It'll make your 
job much easier.

MISSION ACCOMPLISHED:  The shuttle will launch.
 _____/T.  MISSION 9:  SCARAMANGA'S SHRINE;\___________________________________
/=====\_________EL-SAGHIRA, EGYPT__________/===================================\
AHEM:  In order to access this mission, you must beat all nineteen levels, 
including the Aztec level, on the 00 Agent difficulty level.

I can't think of any real background for this one.  My apologies.
Starting items:
1.  PP7 with 100 rounds
BODY ARMOR:  Two pieces of full armor, available to all ranks-- even 00 Agents.  
They are found in the exit from the Golden Gun room, and where you'll meet Baron 
Samedi for the third (and final) time.  A new record for 00 Agent-level body 
armor... THREE STAGES!
 __________/a.  Recover the Golden Gun\_____(All agents)_______________________
From the start, kill the first two guards, and move to the next room.  Run into 
the hall on the right, and move to an isolated room on the left.  Get far enough 
into the room, and follow this path:

|DG|  |  |  |  |  |DG|  |  |  |  |  |
|  |  |  |  |  |  |  |10| 9| 8|  |  |
|  |  |  |GG|16|  |12|11|  | 7|  | 1|<Entrance
|  |  |  |  |15|14|13|  |  | 6|  | 2|
+--+--+--+--+--+--+--+--+--+--+--+--+  DG:  Drone guns.  Will only appear if
|DG|  |  |  |  |  |DG|  |  | 5| 4| 3|  you or a guard step on the wrong tile.
+--+--+--+--+--+--+--+--+--+--+--+--+  GG:  Golden Gun
         ^Exit (with armor for everyone-- even 00 Agents!  HAPPINESS!)

In order to complete this objective, you must pick up the Golden Gun AND the 
Golden Bullets.  You should also pick up the body armor that lies in the exit 
from this room.
     Be aware that if you or an unwary guard step on a wrong tile, make your way 
to the exit on the left of the room.  If you're quick enough, you'll be able to 
escape with little, if any, damage from the drone guns.
 __________/b.  Defeat Baron Samedi?\_____(All agents)_________________________
Question mark?  Hmm...
     Baron Samedi will meet you outside the room you (hopefully) had gotten the 
Golden Gun.  It will take a while to beat him if you don't have it, so the Golden 
Gun should be your first priority.
     If you DO have the Golden Gun, you can do Samedi in with three shots.  His 
first location will be in the room immediately outside the Golden Gun room (as 
mentioned above). After that, he will be in the room where you started.  After 
that, go the same way you went for the Golden Gun, but this time, don't enter the 
room; Go through the dark passage on the right.  Walk through the watery 
basement, continue until you see a mirror-like obelisk (column), and finish 
Samedi off.  If you're low on either body armor or life, you should pick up the 
body armor in the immediate left corner of this room.
 __________/c.  Cheat information:\_____(00 agent, 6:00)_______________________
/==========\All Weapons/Golden Gun/============================================\
Just speed through.  Although it sounds tough, it's actually quite easy.  00 
Agents have to beat this in six minutes to get the All Weapon cheat.  Even if 
you're too slow-- shame on you!-- you'll still get the Golden Gun cheat.  This 
can be beaten in about 150 seconds.
MISSION ACCOMPLISHED:  Bond will walk down a hallway.  Baron Samedi will just 
follow him and laugh.  Long cinema... and boring.  This always happens, even if 
you beat this level on 00 Agent.  No special bonus, no altered ending, nothin'!
 /13.  007 MODE\_______________________________________________________________
To earn this feature, you must beat ALL levels-- Aztec & Egypt included-- on 00 
Agent.  Only the crème de la crème will receive this fun little utility.  Not 
even 007 can get this wrong, as our humble Q would say.
     Contrary to what you might have heard this isn't a level editor (meaning 
that you can't change a level's layout).  It's more of a level settings editor.  
Here are the options you can change:

ENEMY HEALTH:          0%<------------------------->1,000%
     Sets the lifespan of all other characters than yourself.  Default is 100%.
ENEMY DAMAGE:          0%<------------------------->1,000%
     Sets how much damage the enemies' firepower deals.  Grenades and other 
explosives deal the same damage as they normally would and are not affected, as 
are drone guns.  Default is 100%
ENEMY ACCURACY:        0%<------------------------->100%
     Sets how accurate enemy soldiers are.  Please be aware that this applies 
ONLY to soldiers, troops, etc.  Drone guns are not affected by this, and have 
normal accuracy.  Default is 10%.
     (By the way, this only refers to their accuracy when attacking James.  They 
will be as accurate as normal when attacking others.  So, no, you cannot set the 
accuracy to zero and have them miss any hostages [or Natalya at the Janus base]-- 
they're all toast regardless.)
ENEMY REACTION SPEED:  0%<------------------------->100%
     Sets how fast the enemies react to your presence, your shots, and the hits 
they take.  Default is 0%.
 /14.  MULTIPLAYER\____________________________________________________________
Even hardened spies like James Bond have to take a break from killing lots of 
guards and protecting the world from a never-ending threat of some diabolical 
scheme.  Just grab a friend/relative, or two, or three, and have lots of fun 
killing each other.  "tis bloody, good fun, i'tis!
 _____/A.  MAIN OPTIONS\_______________________________________________________
What you can tinker with when you decide to play a death match.  Defaults are 
marked with an asterisk with no number attached (*).
 __________/a.  Players\_______________________________________________________
Scroll:  ... 2 > 3 > 4 >...  (Default depends on number of controllers currently
plugged in your N64.)
     The number of players participating.  You cannot have computerized players.
 __________/b.  Scenarios\_____________________________________________________
Now, that you've decided who's playing, you have to decide how to play.

1.  NORMAL*:  Just your regular battle.  Highest number of points (kills minus 
suicides) wins.  That's all there is to it.

2.  YOU ONLY LIVE TWICE:  Self-explanatory.  Last player standing wins.  (Can't 
alter game length.)

3.  THE LIVING DAYLIGHTS:  An interesting way to play.  There is a flag within 
the selected arena.  Whoever holds it for the longer than the others wins, making 
ties almost impossible.  Number of kills scored is not a factor.  A couple more 
things:  The person holding the flag is a sitting duck:  They can't pick up or 
use weapons, nor can they pick up any extra body armor; And the player with the 
flag is a blue blip on the radar.  (Game length can only be five, ten, or twenty 
minutes, or unlimited.)

4.  THE MAN WITH THE GOLDEN GUN:  There is one Golden Gun in the arena, and only 
ONE player can have it at any given time.  If you have it, you will not only have 
a truly powerful gun, and can pick up other guns, but you can't pick up any body 
armor.  This is a VERY fair penalty.  The player with the Golden Gun will appear 
as a blue blip on the radar.  (Can't alter weapons.)

5.  LICENSE TO KILL:  My personal favorite way to play.  Every hit, even if it's 
from someone's bare hands, is a kill.  Even if you're wearing body armor, if you 
get hit, YOU'RE DEAD!  (Oh, you're also dead if you feel any of the heat from an 
explosion.  Yet, you can't die from inhaling smoke residue from an explosion.  

6.  3 vs. 1/2 vs. 2/2 vs. 1:  Team mode.  2 vs. 1 is only available on 3-player; 
2 vs. 2 & 3 vs. 1 are available on 4-player.  This game splits the player into 
two teams:  Red & Blue.  In X vs. 1, the solo player is always the Blue Team 
("blue player" would be much more accurate).  This also poses some interesting 
play:  In X vs. 1, Blue is against a group, but (s)he has a distinct advantage:  
That player has three targets going after him, and each KILL scores (he only has 
to kill ONE to score; Killing the other members results in members equaling 
points-- killing all three members scores three points).  Another thing:  Killing 
a teammate counts as a suicide.  Only problem I have with the team games is that 
there's no "2 vs. 1 vs. 1" option.
 __________/c.  Levels\________________________________________________________
Screen:     RANDOM  ><  TEMPLE  >< COMPLEX  ><  CAVES   >
         <  BUNKER  >< ARCHIVES >< CAVERNS  ><  EGYPT

Now, you'll have to decide where to play.  Arenas 1 through 6 are free, while 
arenas 7 come 11 have to be earned.

1.  TEMPLE:  A good choice for anyone.  Its many wide-open chambers makes for 
good shoot-out conditions when full of gunners.  Only problem is that you can't 
crush your opponents under those giant pillars.

2.  COMPLEX:  This level is as it's name implies-- complex in design.  The 
arena's many steel floor paths make good perches for those keeping a low profile; 
Its got a couple of nice hidey holes for ambushing those who least expect it; And 
its many narrow paths make for good explosion targets.

3.  CAVES:  This arena is dark and confusing.  Even brightly-colored people like 
Boris are hard to see in these dank caverns.  Best suited for experts, or those 
who are grown-up enough not to be afraid of the dark.

4.  LIBRARY (STACKS & BASEMENT):  Three arenas in one!  The library contains both 
the stacks and the basement.  See below for details.

5.  STACKS:  Another arena that has plentiful wide-open areas.  There are some 
hidden doors and narrow passageways that lead to potential ambush spots for all.  
No explosives are safe, and all paths can be carefully scrutinized from above.  
My brother has aged the Hell out of this arena, so I don't like it much at all.

6.  BASEMENT:  Like the caves, but less likely to get lost.  Suits pairs well, as 
it can become total chaos with any more than two.

7.  FACILITY:  This is one of the smallest arenas, which make it perfect for 2P 
matches; It's also good, albeit confining for foursomes.  And, because of its 
many walls and rooms, this one makes perfect play for explosives freaks... 
perhaps TOO perfect, as they can keep one play at bay for the whole round.  This 
is, unfortunately, the only earned level that four can play in.

8.  BUNKER (accessed from Bunker 2):  Another one you can get lost in, this is 
one of the biggest arenas.  Best for ménages · trois, as it keeps everything 

9.  ARCHIVES:  Another 2P-friendly arena, this could be considered an offspring 
of the Facility.  All crates in this arena are explosive, as anything strong 
enough to destroy one can score some quick damage (and even quicker kills if 
playing "License to Kill"); Crates resurrect when blown up.  This one has about 
as many rooms as the Facility, but almost all of them are open.  No 4P matches, 
unfortunately, but 3P matches are fine.

10.  CAVERNS:  Best suited for trios.  There are a few rooms here that can be 
navigated through.  But those who cower in certain areas are doomed to die as 
they might find themselves with no way of escape.  Pyromaniacal players will 
definitely like this as well.  Again, thanks to those bastards at Rare, no 4P 
matches can be done here.

11.  EGYPT:  2P matches only, unfortunately.  Worse yet, this level is too damn 
big for only two players.  Of all things, you'd expect the last to be the best, 
but it turns out to be the worst.  Isn't it ironic?
     This arena, alone, may have covered the programmers at Rare to have egg on 
their faces.  So, to clean up, they need to be "egg-wiped".  (Thank you, Red 
Skelton!)   ____________________
 __________/d.  Character select\______________________________________________
Who do you want to play as?  Note that some of the names have been condensed to 
make their names fit, and also make this list more consistent.

    Bond*1P    ><  Natalya*2P  >< Trevelyan*3P ><   Xenia*4P   ><    Ourumov   >
<    Boris     ><   Valentin   ><   Mishkin    ><   May Day    ><     Jaws     >
<    Oddjob    >< Baron Samedi >< Rus. Soldier >< Rus.Infantry >< M. Scientist >
< F. Scientist ><Rus.Commandant>< Janus Marine ><Naval Officer >< Heli. Pilot  >
<S.Peters.Guard><   Civilian   ><   Civilian   ><   Civilian   ><   Civilian   >
<Siberian Guard><Arct. Commando><Siberian Guard><Siberian Sp.F.><Jungle Commndo>
< Janus Sp.Fcs ><M. Mnrkr Elite><F. Mnrkr Elite
 __________/e.  Game length\___________________________________________________
5 minutes*; 10 minutes; 20 minutes:
     The game lasts that long.  Playing "License to Kill" with a time limit of 20 
minutes can result in some very high-scoring matches.  As mentioned earlier, if 
playing "Living Daylights", you can't set the game's length to "first to X 

First to 5 points; First to 10 points; First to 20 points:
     Simply, the player with the deadliest aim will, no doubt, emerge as the 
victor.  If playing a game with teams, the first team or player to reach this 
plateau by killing the opposing players enough will take the W.

     No time or score limit.  You can set your own rules this way.  Or you can 
waste your time and play with a dummy opponent and see how high that kill tally 
will go...  ___________
 __________/f.  Weapons\_______________________________________________________
What do you want to use against your opponents?

Slappers only!:    Just your bare hands-- a sissy slap fight.
Pistols*1:         Silenced PP7, DD44, Magnum.
Throwing knives:   Throwing knives only... unless you ENJOY being unarmed.
Automatics:        Silenced PP7, DD44, Klobb, D5K.*3
Power weapons:     DD44, RC-P90, automatic shotgun, Magnum.*4
Sniper rifles:     DD44, Klobb, sniper rifles, Magnum.*4
Grenades:          DD44, Klobb, KF7, grenades.*4
Remote mines:      PP7, ZMG, AR33, remote mines.*3
Grenade launcher:  DD44, Klobb, KF7, grenade launcher.*4
Timed mines:       PP7, ZMG, AR33, timed mines.*3
Proximity mines:   PP7, ZMG, AR33, proximity mines.*3
Rockets*2:         DD44, Klobb, KF7, rockets.*3
Lasers:            DD44, Klobb, KF7, laser.*4
Golden Gun:        Silenced PP7, DD44, Klobb, KF7, Golden Gun.*4

*1:  Default for "License to Kill" and "The Living Daylights".
*2:  Default for Normal... on my copy, at least.
*3:  No PP7's available in the basement arena.
*4:  No DD44's available in the basement arena.
 __________/g.  Health\________________________________________________________
Here, you can choose how strong or how weak that your characters are.  I don't 
suggest playing with everyone at anything higher than +2 health, unless you want 
to play for hours at a time without a kill.  (And, yes, I have had that happen a 
couple of times.)

 -10>|<-4><-3><-2><-1>| <±0>*|<+1><+2><+3><+4>|<+10

Obviously, if you choose to play with -10 health, you MUST have a serious death 
wish.  Even with body armor on, if you take a single hit to the head-- even if 
it's from that puny Klobb-- off to the morgue with ye!

But let's see how these handicaps measure up...

Hdcp  Damage/Life
-10   1,000%/10%
-4      292%/34%
-3      222%/45%
-2      167%/60%
-1      133%/75%
±0      100%/100%
+10      10%/1,000%
 __________/h.  Control\_______________________________________________________
You get to set up the controller the way you want to.  The double-controller 
set-ups are available in 2-player matches only.

  1.1-Honey* ><1.2-Solitaire>< 1.3-Kissy  ><1.4-Goodnight>
< 2.1-Plenty >< 2.2-Galore  >< 2.3-Domino ><2.4-Goodhead
 __________/i.  Aiming\________________________________________________________
Allows you to choose from four settings.  Having auto-aim on should only be used
for less experienced players, while having neither auto aim nor the crosshairs
on is experts-only.

Scroll:  (Auto-Aim/Sight)  ...On/On*> On/Off> Off/On> Off/Off>...
     Unfortunately, the way your aim control is set up in the main game can't be 
changed from player to player.  All who play MUST agree on whether they want to 
toggle their crosshairs (R to aim; R again to move) or hold (when R is pressed, 
the crosshairs are on).
 _____/B.  MULTIPLAYER PAUSE MENU\_____________________________________________
Brief description of the menu you'll see when you press start.

    LOSSES   ><   KILLS    ><  SCORES*   ><   PAUSE    ><    EXIT
  Shows who     Shows who    Total points   Press A to    Quit game.
 has killed      you have       by all      pause game     Asks for
 you.  Counts  killed with     players.                  confirmation
   suicides      a number    (Kills minus
   as well*     of scores     suicides)

*You will see a number in red showing suicides, as well as times killed by a 
teammate.  Yes, getting killed by friendly fire counts as a suicide.  And, of 
course, your score gets chopped down by one per suicide.
 /C.  MULTIPLAYER STRATEGIES\__________________________________________________
Please be aware that for the free levels, I can't really draw the maps out for 
you (not even in ASCII).  However, I WILL point out some strategies.

1.  STUDY THE LEVELS:  Just grab another controller and play against a dummy 
player (in other words, leave the second controller alone).  This way, when 
playing against experts, you'll know where they'll pop up.

2.  PLAY DEFENSIVELY:  There are two ways to put up some brilliant defense:
     2a.  If someone's going after you, make a run for some body armor.  This 
way, you'll have extra protection from whoever's going after you.  You'll just 
have to make sure that you don't die before you reach it.
     2b.  Don't be afraid to shoot the body armor.  Shooting the armor will cause 
it to weaken and, thus, whoever grabs it won't be heavily protected.  Hopefully, 
YOU won't the one to pick it up.

3.  DON'T FORGET TO RELOAD:  This is another crucial element in the game.  Should 
you forget, you'll be at a disadvantage.
 /15. CHEAT OPTIONS\___________________________________________________________
As mentioned in the <MISSION STRATEGIES> chapter above, completing some of the 
missions will give you cheats, provided you finish them meeting certain 
conditions.  The earned cheats are listed below in order of how they show up on 
the cheat menu.
 _____/A.  EARNING THE CHEATS\_________________________________________________
Invincible (Facility, 00 Agent, 2:05, all modes)
     The hardest cheat in the game offers a good insight of what would happen if 
you could survive, but it's not all that great.  It can be used in Multiplayer 
games, but only to see how bloodied up you can get your opponents.  Overall:  OK.

ALL GUNS (Egypt, 00 Agent, 6:00, 1P only)
     You can now use all weapons, including some you can't normally use.  Sadly, 
you can't use this cheat in Multiplayer.  Overall:  Good.
INVISIBLE (Archives, 00 Agent, 1:20, 1P only)
     Allow you to use the stealthiest maneuvers available-- being totally 
invisible.  Although the
 guards can't see you, you can still be picked up by 
cameras and drone guns-- infrared technology exists, you know.
INFINITE AMMO (Control center, Secret Agent, 10:00, all modes)
     This will fill your reserve ammo up to its maximum.  However, with it on, 
you cannot pick up boxes of explosives, although picking up a thrown grenade will 
instantly give you, the player, a limitless supply of the balloon-shaped bomb.
DONKEY KONG MODE (Runway, Agent, 5:00, all modes)
     Turns everyone into what looks like Donkey Kong.  No doubt about it, it's 
the easiest cheat to get, AND it's fun!  Hey, I think seeing oversized heads on 
miniaturized bodies is fun.
TINY BOND (Surface 2, 00 Agent, 4:15, 1P only)
     Makes 007 a waist-high version of himself.  "Hey, buddy!  Nice ass!"
PAINTBALL MODE (Dam, Secret Agent, 2:40, all modes)
     Instead of seeing bullet holes left when you fire a gun, you get to see a 
nice variety of colors.  And you might wonder, "I never thought Bond was a 
MAGNUM (Finish the Cradle on Agent, 1P only)
     You're given the Cougar Magnum.
LASER (Finish the Aztec level on Secret Agent, 1P only)
     You'll start a mission with a single Moonraker Laser.
GOLDEN GUN (Finish Egypt on 00 Agent, 1P only)
     You'll start a mission with the godly Golden Gun.
SILVER PP7 (Train, 00 Agent, 5:25, 1P only)
     You'll start a mission with a silver-cast version of Bond's PP7, it also has 
the penetration power of the Cougar Magnum, but this one's much faster.
GOLD PP7 (Cradle, Agent, 2:15, 1P only)
     You'll start a mission with a gold-cast version of Bond's PP7, but this one 
has close to the power of the Golden Gun, but has a 7-bullet clip.
NO RADAR (Frigate, Secret Agent, 4:30, Multiplayer only)
     Turns the radar in multiplayer off.  For some strange reason, even though it 
works only on Multiplayer, the menu will say "Cheat Mission Select".
TURBO MODE (Silo, Agent, 3:00, all modes)
     Make the game faster.  Best used with three or four players in the 
multiplayer mode, as that slowdown can be a bear.
FAST ANIMATION (Statue park, Secret Agent, 3:15, 1P only)
     Shows death, motion, and cinema animations at about double speed.  It's good 
for a laugh.  One word of warning:  If you are immediately under attack (like on 
the antenna cradle), you'll probably be down to 50% life before you get a chance 
to attack.
SLOW ANIMATION (Depot, Secret Agent, 1:35, 1P only)
     Shows death, motion, and cinema animations at about half the normal speed.  
If Fast Animation is also turned on, this takes advantage.  It's also good for a 
laugh.  Fire at the guards fast enough, it looks as if they're dancing-- you can 
hear the Bee Gees' "You Should be Dancing" in the background....
ENEMY ROCKETS (Streets, Agent, 1:45, 1P only)
     This should be considered an anti-cheat, since it doesn't give you any 
advantages over the enemy.  Instead, most of the enemy guards will carry rocket 
launchers.  It's good if you want a challenge... or have suicidal tendencies.
2x rocket launcher (Bunker 1, 00 Agent, 4:00, 1P only)
     You'll start a mission with twin rocket launchers.
2x grenade launcher (Surface 1, Secret Agent, 3:30, 1P only)
     You'll start a mission with twin grenade launchers.
2x RC-P90 (Caverns, 00 Agent, 9:30, 1P only)
     You'll start a mission with twin RC-P90's without having to pick them up.
2x throwing knives (Bunker 2, Agent, 1:30, 1P only)
     You'll start a mission with throwing knives, and will start with 10 of them.  
It's not worth the trouble... really!
2x hunting knives (Jungle, Agent, 3:45, 1P only)
     Difficult cheat that's not worth the trouble.  Perhaps the worst "cheat" in 
the game, hands down!
2x laser (Aztec, Secret Agent, 9:00, 1P only)
     You'll start a mission with twin lasers.
AHEM:  You can only get the Agent/Secret Agent cheats on those difficulty levels 
only.  You CANNOT earn an Agent-level cheat on Secret or 00 Agent ranks, and you 
CANNOT get a Secret Agent-level cheat on 00 Agent.
 _____/B.  PUSH-BUTTON CHEATS\_________________________________________________
During the first version of this document (which, if you remember, took nearly 
two years to write), I had crept onto Nintendo's official website on April 3, 
2000.  I had read that there had been push-button codes, but, since it was around 
that area, I had skepticism:  These codes were obviously April Fools' jokes.  I 
tried them once, but found them to be ineffective.  I looked up Game Sages and 
found the same thing.  This time, I had tried a code that was listed, and it 
worked!  My God!  I was skeptical only to find out I was WRONG!  WAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!  

While I'm still wallowing in self-doubt, here is the list of push-button cheats.  
The key:  ^v<> = Arrow pad; C^, Cv, C<, C> = C buttons; L/R = Left and Right 
shoulder buttons.  Note that each space means to release the buttons.
 __________/a.  Main game cheats\______________________________________________
You can enter these codes when you're in action.  Note that these codes must be
reset if you leave a stage.
     You can now act like Boris and shout, "I AM EENVEENCEEBLE!"
     All the main weapons are your for the using.
     You ammo will be maxed out, but not infinite.
     Turns everything into a wireframe mode.  Unfortunately, it's virtually 
unplayable, since that all that you see.
     You're invisible.  "Nuff said.
     Ladies and gentlemen, children of all ages... you can now use invincibility 
in the multiplayer game.  The bad news:  You have to re-enter the code when your 
character dies.  More good news:  You can enter the code when the game is paused.  
More bad news:  EACH PLAYER has to enter the code in order to have a REAL 
multiplayer hoot.
 __________/b.  Extra stage codes\_____________________________________________
You have to enter these codes on the main menu for a single file (where it says 
"Select Mission", "Multiplayer", and "Cheat Options".)  A beep confirms the code 
was entered correctly.  Now, go warp ahead to these levels, cheap ass.  If you 
are a REAL agent worthy of the rank 007, go beat them all without warping.

RUNWAY:               LR< R< LC^ L< RC^ RCv RC> R> Lv RC<
MISSILE SILO:         L^ RCv L< Rv LC< LRC> LC^ R> R> RC>
LA FAYETTE:           RC^ Lv RC> L< LR^ LRCv RC> R^ LRCv R^
STATUE PARK:          LRCv LRCv L> LR< R< RC> LR< RC^ RCv R>
GRU ARCHIVES:         R< LR^ LRCv R< LRC> L< LR> LRCv L^ RCv
MILITARY DEPOT:       Lv Lv RCv LC> LR> RC< Lv LC< LC> L^ 
CUBAN JUNGLE:         RCv R< LR^ R> Rv Rv R^ RC< RC^ LR<
WATER CAVERNS:        Lv RCv LR^ L> RC^ RC< R^ LC< L^ RC<
ANTENNA CRADLE:       LRC^ L< Rv Lv LC^ Lv R> RC^ LC< R>

About these codes, you must enter each code in sequence.  You can't automatically 
warp to the cradle if all you have available is the dam.
 __________/c.  Cheat options\_________________________________________________
Well, well.  This might be what separates the men from the others.  You can 
obviously earn these cheats and get some self-respect from yourself, or you can 
be a wussy man and enter these codes.  They will be saved to the cart, so don't 
use these unless you don't want to go through the torture of earning them.

INVINCIBLE:           R< Lv < ^ v RC< LC< LR< LR> LC<
ALL GUNS:             v < C^ > Lv L< L^ C< < Cv
INVISIBLE:            LRC< LRCv LC< RC< R> LR< L> < LRC< Lv
INFINITE AMMO:        LC< LR> C> C< R< LCv LR< LRCv L^ C>
TINY BOND:            LRv Rv LCv < RC< LRCv > v RCv R>
SILVER PP7:           L< LR^ L> LR^ LRC< LR< LRv Cv LR> LR<
GOLD PP7:             LR> LRv L^ LRv C^ R^ LR> L< v LCv
NO RADAR [MULTI]:     R^ Cv C< C^ Lv R^ C< > R< R>
TURBO MODE:           Lv LCv LR^ RCv < Rv LCv ^ Rv L>
FAST ANIMATION:       LCv LC< Cv C> < LR> C> LR^ RC< L<
ENEMY ROCKETS:        LRCv C< RCv Cv Cv LRCv LR^ Cv R^ L^
2X ROCKET LAUNCHER:   R> L^ v v RCv L< LC< R^ Rv RC<
2X GRENADE LAUNCHER:  Rv R^ > LRCv L> R< < v ^ RCv
2X RC-P90:            ^ > L< Rv L^ LC< L< C> C^ LRv
2X LASER:             L> LRC< Lv R< Rv L> C^ > R> LR^
 /16.  OTHER QUESTIONS\________________________________________________________
Here is a list of some questions you might (or might not) have about the game, 
and some that have been thrown in for a broader knowledge of the man who is James 
Bond, the license to kill, and the weapons that made Bond such a hot commodity.
 _____/A.  GENERAL QUESTIONS\__________________________________________________
Q:  How close to the film(s) is GoldenEye?
A:  There are some noticeable flubs in the translation from the film to the game.  
I can't point everything out, but I have found a site on the net that shows 
what's been tampered with.  <http://www.geocities.com/Athens/Styx/2130/>
Q:  Who created James Bond?
A:  Ian Fleming.  His first book was "Casino Royale"; David Niven and Peter 
Sellers played Bond in the film and Woody Allen played the bad guy.  The film was 
intended as a satire and not a serious spy movie.  Other famous people in the 
film include Orson Welles and Ursula Andress, the original Bond girl.  
Q:  How many actors have played James Bond in the movies?
A:  At least six.  The list of Bonds and their respective fields... {4}

1.  Sean Connery:    Dr. No (1962)
                     From Russia, with Love (1963)
                     Goldfinger (1964)
                     Thunderball (1965)
                     You Only Live Twice (1967)
                     Diamonds are Forever (1971)
                     Never Say Never Again (1983)
2.  David Niven:     Casino Royale (1967)
3.  George Lazenby:  On Her Majesty's Secret Service (1969)
4.  Roger Moore:     Live & Let Die (1973)
                     The Man With the Golden Gun (1974)
                     The Spy Who Loved Me (1977)
                     Moonraker (1979)
                     For Your Eyes Only (1981)
                     Octopussy (1983)
                     A View to a Kill (1985)
5.  Timothy Dalton:  The Living Daylights (1987)
                     License to Kill (1990)
6.  Pierce Brosnan:  GoldenEye (1995)
                     Tomorrow Never Dies (1997)
                     The World is Not Enough (1999)
Q:  Who's the author's favorite Bond character?
A:  Q, played by the late Desmond Llewelyn.  (Please read the end of this 
Q:  Who were the Lienz Cossacks?
A:  According to the film, the Lienz Cossacks were people who, in World War II, 
lived in Russia and betrayed said mother country by siding with Germany-- you 
know-- the country that futhermucking Nazi named Hitler ruled.  These guys were 
traitors against the Russian government... kinda like the British Torries against 
the Americans in the American Revolution.
     And we all know what happened to Hitler.  Right?  He didn't get his in the 
end, but... I guess you could say that his death was a real headbanger....
Q:  Moneypenny asks about "Quetzalcoatl ringing a bell".  What is Quetzalcoatl?
A:  Quetzalcoatl is a who, not a what.  So, would Quetzalcoatl be on first?
     Actually, Quetzalcoatl is a Central American figure.
     You can actually copy this link to your browser's `LOCATION` bar and get 
quite a plethora of pages on it (just be sure to remove any wasted spaces):


     Also, you can view a picture of Quetzalcoatl at 
<http://weber.ucsd.edu/~anthclub/quetzalcoatl/quet1.jpg> or <../quet2.jpg> (the 
former shows detail of the god). {8}
Q:  What, exactly, is Teotihuac·n?
A:  A valley in Mexico-- the stand out feature is the Pyramid of the Sun.  You 
thought pyramids existed only in Egypt, didn't you?  Well, so did I.  {5}
     Teotihuac·n was a very populace and influential metropolis-- 100,000 around 
600 AD.  Complete with temples, shopping centers, farms, among other features.  
Around 650 AD, the valley wound up a ghost town.  This is just the Readers Digest 
condensed version of the city's history.  You can pick up more information on the 
 _____/B.  GAME QUESTIONS\_____________________________________________________
Q:  Can I get into any of the vehicles in the game?
A:  Other than tanks, no.  (You will use the plane to escape from the runway, but 
you're never given any control of it.)
Q:  Is it possible to fail an objective I have already completed?
A:  Yes.  They are:
     1.  Trevelyan dies in the blast from your mines after rendezvous'ing with
          him.  This is in the facility level, obviously.
     2.  Shooting off the tracking bug after planting it on the Pirate on the La
          Fayette.  {7}
     3.  Firing at Mishkin's guards at the gates of the Statue Park
     4.  Accidentally killing Natalya after you find her in the archives.
Q:  But is it possible to succeed on a mission after initially failing it.
A:  Only with the Infinite Ammo on.  Wasting a tracking bug by throwing anywhere 
except the helicopter will fail the mission.  Since the Infinite Ammo cheat IS 
on, you can throw another one on the helicopter and, eventually, succeed in doing 
so.  {7}
Q:  If I have to neutralize the alarms on the dam, or destroy the cameras on the 
surface and bunker stages, is the mission a failure if the alarms are triggered 
or if the cameras spot me?
A:  No to both.  However, there WILL be a load of guards, wearing snappy black 
suits, going after you.  My best advice to you:  RUN!!!
Q:  How can I get to use two weapons at a time?
A:  You have to kill a guard who is holding two guns.  This is the only way I've 
been able to do it.
Q:  Does killing Boris in the first bunker stage alter anything about the Janus 
Control Center stage?
A:  No, but you won't be praised for it, either.  (You mission will be a failure 
if you kill him or allow him to escape in the first bunker stage.  This only 
applies to 00 Agents.)
Q:  Can I be spotted by a camera if a door is open, or through a window?
A:  Yes, you can be spotted through an open door.  And, yes, you can also be 
spotted through glass, but not the windows on those automatic doors.
Q:  If I am spotted in the Bunker levels, what happens?
A:  You'll be given all the guards you can handle.  They usually come in groups 
of three, but there will be lots more to replace the ones you mow down.
Q:  In the bunker missions, what's that Russian mumbo-jumbo translated in 
A:  I'm assuming that the programmers don't know a lick of Russian.  But with the 
help of a dictionary, I can give a rough translation.  That Cyrillics, when 
translated to English, read as follows:  "Felon armed"; "Severnaya"; "Location".
Q:  Are those scientists REALLY immune to that nerve gas in the facility?
A:  Yes, but they aren't scientists.  They're actually aliens from another
planet, which explains their immunity.
Q:  Why do the guards die if they even get warmed by an explosion?
A:  They're stereotypical.  Does that answer your question, people?
Q:  Is it possible to regain lost health?
A:  Nope.  You can get protection from body armor, but you cannot refill your 
life bar back up to 100%.  This is why you have to play defensively.
Q:  Why can't I pick up certain pieces of body armor?
A:  Either you don't need it, it'd provide less than what you have, or it could 
possibly be damaged beyond use.
Q:  Is there any way to pass off armor to Natalya?
A:  Nope.
Q:  Why the Hell do I even have to protect Natalya?
A:  Bond had to protect her in the movie.  So you have to protect her in the 
game, too.  Easy as that.
Q:  Why can't Bond fall?
A:  Programmed that way.  Until the cradle.  That's the only place you can fall 
to your death.
     The only other two places where Bond can fall are in the Aztec temple 
(within the second chamber) and in Egypt (after retrieving the Golden Gun).
 _____/C.  MULTIPLAYER QUESTIONS\______________________________________________
Q:  Is there any way to speed up multiplayer games?
A:  There are two.  Earn and use the Turbo Mode cheat, or set the Ratio option 
(in the 1P pause menu), and set it to 16:9.  I feel that the 16:9 ratio DOES help 
the game run at a smoother pace.
Q:  Why aren't all the arenas open in 3P and 4P games?
A:  I have no idea.  As a guess, the programmers might have thought that the 
detail in each would have bogged the game down too much.
Q:  Can I select specific weapons in multiplayer?
A:  Sadly, no.  If anything, I would've included "All Explosives", which would be 
nothing more than mines, grenades, rockets, and grenade launchers.
Q:  Why the heck does the invincible cheat work in multiplayer, but not 
A:  Don't really know.  A STUPID mistake on the cheat programmers' part, maybe?
Q:  Can I use other levels in multiplayer?
A:  Only with a Game Shark.  I haven't used one, so my answer is no.
Q:  What is the highest tally the kill count can reach?
A:  Don't ask, "cause I'm not even gonna try.  All I know is that it's at least 
in the triple-digit range.  (I've gotten the tally up to about 101, and that's as 
far as I am willing to go.)  I'm not even gonna try to see how high the count 
goes before looping back to zero.
Q:  What do all those classifications at the end of a match mean?
A:  Here, alphabetically... {2}
     AC -10 Award:  You're an armor hog.
     Double Kill:  You killed two players at one time.
     Lemming Award:  You're the suicide king/queen (a bad thing, indeed).
     Marksmanship Award:  You had a very high hit percentage.
     Most Cowardly:  The most cowardly award is when a guy is near your area,
     you run away from all enemies. (sic) {6}
     Most Dishonorable:  You're a backstabber... literally!
     Most Frantic:  You ran like there is no tomorrow.
     Most Honorable:  You fought with honor.
     Triple Kill:  You killed three players at one time.
     Quad Kill (Doh!):  Nice going.  You killed everyone at the same time.
     Quite appropriate, that "Doh!".  But you got two points out of the deal
     (that's three kills plus one suicide, pal.) 
 /17.  SUBMISSIONS & COMMENTS\_________________________________________________
If you have any submissions, strategies, comments, insults, or other stuff you 
have to offer, you can currently E-mail me at <qxz@as.net>.  Be aware that a 
response is never guaranteed.  Also, if you submit, I-- and I alone-- have the 
choice of what gets added or not, AND you are also agreeing to give me the right 
to edit the submission.
 /18.  CREDITS, RECOGNITIONS, & TEN Q's\_______________________________________
Where I thank the people who have helped and offered info.  Information gathered 
from outside sources will be listed in braces {xx}.

Nintendo & Rare:
          Making and releasing this game.
MGM/United Artists:
          For making the film.
KNBC (NBC4, Los Angeles):
          For airing the film on local TV (where I got quotes from the movie)
My brother James:
          For his help.
Everyone who has a Nintendo 64 and played/own this game:
          For making this game the smash hit it is today.
{1}  For the weapon names:
          The Predators <the_preadators_@hotmail.com> (Usenet post)
{2}  For multiplayer classifications:
          Countless others.
{3}  Galen Tatsuo Komatsu <gkomatsu@hawaii.edu>:
          Formatting information (suggesting the line containing .,;:'")
{4}  Internet Movie Database <http://www.imdb.com/>
          1.  James Bond filmography
          2.  Names of Bond girls used as controller options
{5}  New Grolier Multimedia Encyclopedia, 1994
     Information on Teotihuac·n
{6}  "Locke" <locke130@yahoo.com>
          "Most cowardly" classification.
{7}  Matthew Austin <austinmp@hotmail.com>
     For reminding me about the land mines in the Streets of St. Petersburg
     "Mad scientist" information.
     Failure<-->Success switch for the La Fayette.
{8}  "Quetzalcoatl:  The Man, the Myth, the Legend"
          Information on what Miss Moneypenny refers to in her words of wisdom
          to James in the Aztec level.
 /19.  IN MEMORIAM\____________________________________________________________
Well, in the time it took me to write the first public release of this FAQ (which 
should be close to the amount of time Rare used in making this game), sad news 
rocked the James Bond world.  Desmond Llewelyn, better known as Q among the James 
Bond crowd, was killed in a car accident on 1999.12.19.

This FAQ is written with condolences to his family, friends, and co-workers.

Desmond Llewelyn, 1914-1999.
(For more information on his filmography, visit 

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