How do I get all the mainframes in Control Center?

  1. Its one of the objectives

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Accepted Answer

  1. Use the mines (one per each) or grenades that some soldiers drop. For the two by where you meet Boris, it's best to look down at the ground and plant the mines at the second parallel line away from the mainframes so you don't accidently blow up the glass surrounding the computer room where you protect Natalya. That's two of the six Mainframes. Go up the stairs to the next floor (set off the mines before you go up if you want, to take out the two guards on the upper floor, and take out the Mainframe on either side of the floor, then go upstairs to the third floor and grab the body armor, then return to the first floor. Turn left and enter the door straight ahead of you then quickly retreat several steps to avoid the auto-gun and soldiers. After you take them out (may take several openings of the door to do so), RUN into the room and DON'T STOP until you get past the auto guns that are in the first bays on both sides of the room. There's a Mainframe in the last bay on the RIGHT. Take it out and RUN past the auto-guns back out of the room. That's five of the six. The last one won't be accesible until AFTER you successfully protect Natalya while she reprograms the GoldenEye satellite. Once she's done and runs out of the room (most likely one or two guards have broken the glass on either side of the enclosed room) run out of the room to the door next to the room with the auto-guns and open the door straight ahead of you (not the one on your right) and chuck a mine onto the glass surrounding the Mainframe and CLOSE THE DOOR! Set off the mine and that SHOULD be all 6 Mainframes. Turn LEFT and head to the other side of the hallway and enter the door on your right and cross to the other side (there's another body armor kit to the right of the far door if you need it, and most likely you will!) and enter the door and take the elevator on the left side of the room, making sure that you completed Objective A (Protect Natalya) BEFORE you enter the elevator!

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