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Guide and Walkthrough by GaidinBDJ

Version: 1.42 | Updated: 10/23/2004

Gauntlet Legends Guide
Nintendo 64
By GaidinBDJ at GameFAQs
v1.42 (12/23/2004)





To go to a particular section, copy the number and name of the section, 
and use Find, or Search.  Example: to get the Items section, search for 
“5.  Items”, or the Castle Level “11B. Castle”

1.  Intro/.plan/News
2.  Game
3.  Characters
4.  Controls
5.  Items
6.  Tips/Tricks
7.  Enemies
8.  Experience
9.  Cheap Tricks
10. Gameshark Codes
11. Level Guide
     11A. Mountain    - COMPLETED
     11B. Castle      - COMPLETED
     11C. Town        - COMPLETED
     11D. Ice         - UNFINISHED
     11E. Cathedral   - UNFINISHED
     11F. Battlefield - UNFINISHED
     11G. Underworld  - UNFINISHED
12. FAQ
13. Misc
14. Credits
15. Contact Info
16. History
17. Legal Info

== 1.  Intro/.plan/News ==
*** Intro ***
Welcome to my Gauntlet Legends guide for Nintendo 64.  I'm writing this  
guide because, when I bought the game, I bought it used (no manual), and 
it was very difficult to find good information for the N64 version.  
This is  not a complete step-by-step walkthrough yet, but it will be 

*** News ***
Alright, this document is officially copylefted.  Anybody who would like
to can take it, change it, update it, whatever.  I just ask that you keep
it open, and continue to credit myself, and whoever else contributes to it.

Anybody who has the time, or at least a bit of spare initiative, I would 
like to get more of the experience levels filled in.  I would do it, but 
it takes time to play through all the levels, and I'd rather spend the 
time writing the actual walkthroughs.  So, if you're playing, and happen 
to level up, just jot down the amount of experience you have.  Check the 
list, if I don't have it, drop me an email using the information from 
the contact info.  You will, of course, be properly credited, so make 
sure you tell me how you'll be credited.

*** .plan ***
-I'm looking for a ASCII banner for the top, if you're willing to donate 
one, let me know.

-Anybody who want’s to contribute sections of the walkthrough (or 
anything else, for that matter) is more than welcome.  Check out the 
instructions at the bottom.

-More Gameshark Codes

-More Walkthrough levels

-I scrapped the "What They're Saying" idea.  It would just add 
unnecessary size to the FAQ, and I would take forever to get every 
little thing.

== 2.  Game ==
Title:          Gauntlet Legends (Midway)
Platform:       Nintendo 64
Genre:          Action/RPG
Released:       9/22/99
Players:        1-4
Expansion Pak:  Required for multiplayer game.
Memory Pak:     Required to save games/characters (4 pages each)

Gauntlet Legends is a 3D Action/RPG game based on the original arcade 
game that everybody played in the late 80's/early 90's.  You have a 
choice between 4 basic characters; Warrior, Valkyrie, Archer(read “Elf”) 
and Wizard.  There are bonus characters attainable in the game.  You 
save your games and characters on the Memory Pak.  The game supports up 
to 4 people, but the it is completely playable by 1 player.  The game is 
broken up into 5 "worlds" with several levels in each world.  Your goal 
is to find obelisks and rune stone use to restore the power of Sumner, 
so he can defeat the evil demon Skone.  You gain levels by killing 
things, and with each level your stats improve.

== 3.  Characters ==
*** Warrior ***
Name:          Koric
Basic Weapon:  Axe
Familiar:      Dragonfly
Prime Stat:    Strength

The Warrior hits hard, and can take the same punishment back.  It’s a 
very forgiving character for the beginning player.  His magic is weak, 
so don’t expect potions to save you every time.  If you get him in a 
crowd of baddies, he swings his axe with double strokes, and mows stuff 
down pretty darn quick.

Starting Stats
   Strength:  150
   Speed:     115
   Armor:     120
   Magic:      90

*** Valkyrie ***
Name:          Freya
Basic Weapon:  Sword
Familiar:      Eagle
Prime Stat:    Armor

The Valkyrie is the female counterpart to the Warrior.  Her emphasis is 
more on taking damage, rather than dealing it.  Average speed and magic 
abilities make her a balanced character, another good choice for a 

Starting Stats
   Strength:  130
   Speed:     130
   Armor:     130
   Magic:     100

*** Archer ***
Name:          Aeowyn
Basic Weapon:  Bow
Familiar:      Butterfly
Prime Stat:    Speed

The Archer (I still think she should be the Elf) is the fastest 
7character.  Her bow can be shot at a very fast rate, but in a toe-to-toe 
fight, she’s going down.  The Archer is a difficult character to start 
out with, because one big rush, and it’s over.  The Archer does make an 
excellent backup for the Warrior or Valkyrie in a multiplayer game.

Starting Stats
   Strength:  100
   Speed:     145
   Armor:      80
   Magic:     100

*** Wizard ***
Name:          Siris
Basic Weapon:  Staff
Familiar:      Dragon
Prime Stat:    Magic

The Wizard is your typical scholar.  His distance attacks are the best, 
and his magic is above all the rest.  A little easier for a novice 
player, because of the good damage from a distance, and the better 
effect of potions in a jam.  The wizard will get his mystical butt 
kicked in close quarters though, so beware.

Starting Stats
   Strength:   80
   Speed:     120
   Armor:      90
   Magic:     160

*** Bonus Characters ***
     The bonus characters are attainable through the game in bonus 
worlds, located in certain levels.  You access the level by standing on 
the door with the skull and crossbones on it.  You must gather 50 of the 
coins in those levels to unlock those characters.  They're basically all 
skins for the base classes.  You really don’t need a guide for each 
bonus levels.  If you walk on two legs you’re overqualified to figure 
them out.
     The only catch with them is once you switch to a bonus character, 
you’re stuck with the bonus characters.  If you’re playing a wizard, 
then switch to the Minotaur, you’re gonna have to earn the Jackal to 
play as a wizard again.  Your stats themselves don’t change, but you 
have to remember to take on the fighting aspects of your new class.
     The up side is that once you have the “basic” 4 bonus characters, 
you can essentially switch your class any time you’re not in a level.  
Going into a close quarter melee level?  Grab your Minotaur.  Expecting 
more distanced combat?  Tigress to the rescue.
     I’ve been asked, so I’ll address it.  Each player must collect 50 
coins to switch to the bonus characters.  Just because one person has 
access to them doesn’t mean that anybody who plays with them will have 
access to them, but since the newer player will have access to all the 
levels the older player has, the older player can take them to the bonus 
worlds and let them collect the coins.  Simple as that.

Minotaur (Warrior)
   How to get:  Mountain Cliff

Tigress (Archer)
   How to get:  Town Fields

Falconess (Valkyrie)
   How to get:  Castle Treasury

Jackal (Wizard)
   How to get:  Ice Camp

Sumner (Wizard)
   How to get:  Battlefield Trenches (Not Fortress like I said before, 
      Thanks to MATT223344@aol.com for pointing out my mistake.)

== 4.  Controls ==
The basic controls are just that, basic.

Control Stick:  Move/Aim
A Button:       Attack
B Button:       Magic
Z Trigger:      Turbo
C Buttons:      Move through inventory
R Button:       Activate/Use

There is one other pre set control style, Crossbow.  It basically 
switches Turbo and Attack.  You can also customize the buttons to any 
configuration you like.  My personal favorite is the Crossbow config, 
because then I can easily play 2 characters at the same time.

== 5.  Items ==
There are many items collectible throughout the game.  Most of the time 
I don't keep them, instead I sell them back to Sumner to buy stats.  The 
only ones I keep around are keys and potions.

*** Powerup Items ***
   You start the game with the compass, you can toggle it, and it’s 
   infinite.  It’s good to help you navigate.
   The keys are used to unlock gates with locks and treasure chests.
   Any key works in any gate/chest.  Keys can be carried between levels,
   so if you find yourself short, you can always go back to a previous 
   level and pick up more (or even buy them from Sumner).
   The potions are the magic attack.  They come in different "flavors"
   (Light, Fire, Ice, Electric), but they're all basically the same.
   There are several different methods of using them; MAGIC starts a
   blast centered around the character, ATTACK+MAGIC throws it like a
   grenade, TURBO+MAGIC activates it like a shield, and shooting them
   before picking them up has the same effect as just pressing MAGIC,
   just centered over the potion, and much weaker.  The strength of the
   potions depends on the characters magic rating.
Acid/Electric/Fire Breath
   These give you a limited number of breath attacks.  You basically
   exhale the element of choice from your mouth for several seconds 
   while sweeping your head back and forth.
Light/Acid/Electric/Fire Amulet
   Applies the element to your primary weapon, increasing damage.
Electric/Fire Shield
   Give you a shield, similar to the potion shield, that harms enemies
   and protects the character
   Makes the character invisible to enemies.  It’s only partial, because 
   I still get attacked with it on.
   Pretty useless, but it lets you float over ground based traps.
Speed Boots
   Give you a surge of speed, great for making getaways.
3/5 Way Shot
   Give you X projectiles for each shot you take.  All shoot to toward 
   he direction you're facing, just spread out.
Rapid Fire
   Increases your rate of fire.
Reflect Shot
   Your projectile attacks bounce off the walls
Reflect Shield
   Bounces attacks at the character back at the attacker
Super Shot
   Give you  a limited number of attacks simulating a L3 turbo.
   Pauses enemies, generators, traps, and the like.  Incredible
   potential for abuse (See Cheap Tricks below)
Phoenix Familiar
   Gives you a limited Phoenix familiar, that acts like an extra weapon
   (plus, it looks cool)
Player Growth
   Makes a player the size of a golem/elemental
Shrink Enemies
   Reduces the size of all enemies
Thunder Hammer
   A large hammer with limited shots that you swing overhead down onto
   enemies (Flying Circus anybody?)
Anti-Death Halo
   Rare item that makes Death flee from you.  If you can corner him, you
   can drain life from him.  After you beat the game, you get a
   permanent halo.
   There are two levels of invulnerability.  Silver blocks damage to you, 
   and gold has you gain health instead of losing it.
Treasure Chests
   Open with a key and can contain virtually every powerup item, along
   with a few other things, including Gold, Death, and scrolls
   Breaking barrels with your weapons will reveal the same variety of
   items as treasure chests do, or nothing at all.  There are also green
   barrels which, when hit, release a small poison cloud, and red
   barrels which explode when they’re shot.
Red Switches
   Red switches control the environment (raise platforms, open doors, 
   etc.)  There are three types, the first is a standard switch.  Step 
   on it, and it lowers a gate, or whatever.  The second type only are 
   active when you’re standing on them, as soon as you get off, whatever 
   changed reverts to what it was.  These are usually associated with 
   bridges.  The third works like an elevator call button, and brings an 
   elevator to your level.
   You pick up gold from the ground, barrels or chests, and can use it
   to buy stats and powerup items from Sumner.
   Found on the ground and in barrels/chests.  Fruit restores 50 health 
   and meat restores 100 points.
   Scrolls are notes from Sumner(?) that give you tips along the way.  
   They will often give you a cryptic hint about how to proceed, or 
   where to find items/runes/etc.

== 6.  Tip/Tricks ==
*** General ***
1.  USE YOUR TURBOS!!!  I can’t stress this enough.  Many, many people 
only use their turbos when they’re overwhelmed.  You have as many as you 
want, all you have to do is let them recharge.  Looking up a blind ramp?  
Fire off a L3.  The L3’s penetrate walls for quite a distance, so you 
can clear out areas behind gates _before_ you unlock them.  (If you want 
an idea how far they reach, fire one at the beginning of a level, toward 
where you know the rest of the level is, and listen as it destroys 

2.  Shoot relentlessly.  It never hurts to fire a couple blind shots 
every now and then.  Also, if you see enemies keep popping up from a 
particular spot off the screen: unleash on that spot.  There’s probably 
a generator just out of sight, and you can pick it off before it’s a 
problem.  Also, shooting up a ramp as you’re ascending can take care of 
any pesky suicide bombers that may be coming down to “greet” you.

3.  Pressing the ATTACK button repeatedly will result in faster attacks 
than holding down the button (from David(Hurkyl@msn.com) for this one)

3.  Fight according to your character.  If you’re the Wizard or the 
Archer, keep your distance, take them out from across the screen.  If 
you’re the Valkyrie or Warrior, run right into the middle of things 
swinging like mad.  Remember to adopt the correct fighting style if you 
switch to a bonus character.

4.  Don’t forget your potions.  If you’re being swarmed use TURBO+MAGIC 
to create a shield out of a potion.  Then just walk out, the shield will 
take care of the enemies.  This tactic also works if you want to run in 
and strike at a generator or two.  Also, using ATTACK+MAGIC if you have 
to clear out a distant group and are out of Turbos.  The Shields also
work the same way, except more plow-shaped.

5.  A little trick that works will for those bridges that only appear 
when you’re on the switch:  Usually you’d use Turbo, or the speed boost, 
but sometimes it’s still tough.  All you need to do is lure an enemy 
onto the bridge while you’re standing on the switch.  Then you can get 
off the switch, and the bridge will stay as long as there’s something on 

*** Leveling Up ***
1.  For easy level ups, find a spot where the enemies bottleneck, and 
are forces to come through a small gate/portal.  Also, it helps if 
there's a couple of generators nearby.  Then just keep shooting from a 
distance, picking them off.  When the flood dies down, just run to where 
the generators are, hit them once, and run back out.  This will restart 
the stream of enemies, and you can keep going.

2.  You can always go back.  If you think you’re a bit soft for a new 
level, head back to an easy one you’ve already beat.  You can grab more 
experience, and even stock up on goodies.

*** Stats ***
1.  The stats are:
     Strength = better melee damage
     Speed = faster movement
     Magic = increased potion strength, radius and ranged attack damage
     Armor = decreased damage from attacks
     Health = more health (duh!)
     (Thanks to David (Hurkyl@msn.com) for pointing out the oversight in 
       the damages)

2.  Go back through easy levels, or use Cheap Trick #1 below, to collect 
a whole bunch of item (Mountain Cavern is good), then sell the to Sumner 
and buy stats.

3.  Leveling up increases your stats.

*** Bosses ***
1.  HAVE THE LEGEND WEAPON, it makes things a whole lot easier
     Mountain Dragon = Ice Axe from Castle Treasury
     Castle Chimera = Scimitar from Mountain Cavern
     Ice Yeti = Fire Scroll from Town Spire
     Town Plague = Javelin from Ice Fissure
     Skorne = Soul Saver from Battlefield Fortress

2.  Multishots, Reflect Shields, Speed Boots, and Rapid Fire make them 
almost simple.

== 7.  Enemies ==
-Generators:  Generators produce a finite number of enemies.  The 
enemies produced by generators are all melee fighters.  The larger the 
generator, the more powerful the enemies are that it produces.  As you 
attack generators, they get weaker, and produce weaker enemies.  If a 
generator stops producing enemies, one hit will start it on a new set.

-Death:  Death appears as a shrouded Reaperesque figure that drains life 
out of you with a beam resembling green fire when he gets close.  The 
easy way to kill Death is with a potion, and if you do it before they 
come out of the chest/barrel, they will appear as food instead.  If you 
happen to have an Anti-Death Halo, they will try to avoid you.  You can 
try and catch them, and drain some life from them, if you would like.

-Golems/Elementals:  These creatures are large, approximately the size 
of the giant player.  They generally sit dormant on the ground until 
they are approached, at that point they begin attacking you.  Their 
attacks hurt, a lot, and will knock you to the ground.  The best method 
is to pull back and unleash some Turbo attacks on them.

-Archers/Bombers:  These enemies are not spawned from generators, and 
are in place when you start the level.  They either shoot arrows, or 
hurl bombs at you from a distance, usually in a location where there are 
melee attackers all around you.  Either rush them (they will retreat) or 
back out of range, wait for the coast to clear, then head in.

-Suicide Bombers:  The bombers charge at your carrying either a poison 
or explosive barrel.  When they run into you they blow up.  The trick is 
to listen for the yell, then start shooting blindly ahead of you.  
Sometimes you’ll hit them before they even show up.  They’re fast, but 
not too fast, you can shoot them down if you see them coming.  Beware, 
if you shoot them too close, you’ll still get part of the explosion.

== 8.  Experience ==
This is a general list of the experience required to gain each level.  
The number may not be exact, but will give the general neighborhood of 
each level.

.===================. .==================.
| Lev |  Experience | | Lev | Experience |
:===================: :==================:
|  1  | 0           | | 51  | 200000     |
|  2  | 1000        | | 52  | 207250     |
|  3  | 2000        | | 53  | 214500     |
|  4  | 3250        | | 54  | 229500     |
|  5  | 4500        | | 55  | 237250     |
|  6  | 6000        | | 56  | 245000     |
|  7  | 7500        | | 57  | 253000     |
|  8  |             | | 58  | 261000     |
|  9  | 11000       | | 59  | 269000     |
| 10  | 13000       | | 60  |            |
| 11  |             | | 61  | 277500     |
| 12  |             | | 62  | 285000     |
| 13  |             | | 63  | 294500     |
| 14  |             | | 64  | 303250     |
| 15  |             | | 65  | 312000     |
| 16  |             | | 66  | 321000     |
| 17  |             | | 67  |            |
| 18  |             | | 68  | 339250     |
| 19  |             | | 69  |            |
| 20  |             | | 70  |            |
| 21  | 42500       | | 71  |            |
| 22  | 45000       | | 72  |            |
| 23  | 49500       | | 73  | 387000     |
| 24  | 53250       | | 74  | 397000     |
| 25  | 57000       | | 75  | 407000     |
| 26  | 61000       | | 76  | 417250     |
| 27  | 65000       | | 77  | 427500     |
| 28  | 69250       | | 78  | 438000     |
| 29  | 73500       | | 79  | 448500     |
| 30  | 78000       | | 80  | 459250     |
| 31  |             | | 81  | 470000     |
| 32  |             | | 82  |            |
| 33  |             | | 83  | 492250     |
| 34  |             | | 84  | 503250     |
| 35  |             | | 85  | 514500     |
| 36  |             | | 86  | 526000     |
| 37  |             | | 87  | 537500     |
| 38  | 118000      | | 88  | 549250     |
| 39  | 123500      | | 89  | 561000     |
| 40  | 129250      | | 90  | 573000     |
| 41  | 135250      | | 91  | 585000     |
| 42  | 141000      | | 92  | 597250     |
| 43  | 147000      | | 93  | 609500     |
| 44  | 153250      | | 94  | 622000     |
| 45  | 165000      | | 95  | 634750     |
| 46  |             | | 96  |            |
| 47  | 172500      | | 97  |            |
| 48  | 129250      | | 98  | 675000     |
| 49  | 185000      | | 99  | 686000     |
| 50  | 198000      | |     |            |
'===================’ '==================’
[Note] The blank ones I don’t have, either because they didn’t look
right, or I couldn’t find where I wrote them down.  They’ll be there in 
future revisions.

For those of you who care about such things, the equation of the 
trendline was:
  y = 61.285x^2 + 869.16x - 2016.6
I’m sure there’s actually a smoother line, but I only used the data 
points I had for sure.

== 9.  Cheap Tricks ==
1.   Ok, the cheapest of the cheap to be sure.  Make sure you have 10-20 
seconds of Freeze Time or Shrink Enemies, then go into a boss fight.  
When you're almost dead, activate it, then let the boss kill you.  
Select "Continue" after you're dead.  When you restart, any level you go 
into will have either no enemies (Freeze Time), or shrunken 
enemies(Shrink Enemies).  This is a good way to go through levels and 
collect missed rune stone, and collect items to sell for stats.  The 
frozen time/shrunken enemies will last until you use the corresponding 
item, or quit and restart.

2.  Enemies perceive item as barriers, and will not walk past them.  You 
can trap them on the far side of an item, and just pick them off, 
they’ll never get close enough. (I’m reminded of the sandbag trick from 
Command & Conquer)

== 10. GameShark Codes ==
So far all the codes here were found by me (except the Enable Code, I 
found that on GameShark.com).  If I can find other codes that work I’ll 
add them in the future.  See submission info at the bottom if you have 

[Enable code - Must be on!]
EE00 0000 0000

[P1 - Infinite L3 Turbo]
810F D30E FF64

[P1 - Infinite L2 Turbo]
810F D30E 0043

[P1 - Infinite L1 Turbo]
810F D30E 0022

[Super Exp Gain]
800C 5C86 FFFF
8013 6326 FFFF
8013 6326 FFFF

Note: The Super Exp Gain code will multiply the experience you gain.  It 
basically boils down to 1 level per enemy killed.  You can be level 99 
before the end of the first level.  Also, this code is a bit buggy, and 
can cause freezes for some reason.  Best thing to do is turn it on, save 
the game, then turn it off and continue without it.

== 11A. Mountain ==

     This walkthrough does not contain locations of 
enemies/generators/etc, because that changes depending on your level.  
The higher your level, the more enemies, barrels, chests, and so on 
there are.  The first few levels are spoon fed to you, but after that 
you should have gotten the hang of how stuff works, and can get by with 
less directions.  I’m also not gonna tell you to pick up 
keys/treasure/etc. You can figure that out yourself, I hope.  If not, 
odds are you couldn’t read this anyways.  Anyways, if you have a 
specific question, and just can’t figure it out, drop me a line, and 
I’ll see what I can do.

*** Mountain Valley ***
     You start on a grassy area.  Find and cross the bridge to the east.  
On the north side of the plateau you just arrived at is a red switch.  
Step on it, and the obelisk will raise to the west.  Walk up to it and 
it will change colors and you’ll hear Sumner praising you.
     Then climb the stairs to the north and follow the path as it curves 
to the west.  You’ll arrive on another small platform.  The staircase to 
the southwest takes you back to where you started.  You want to continue 
up the staircase to the northeast.
     On your way up, stay alert for a suicide guy, you’ll hear him 
scream (it sounds like two TIE fighters flying by).  At the top is 
another platform with a staircase in the northeast corner.  Take it up, 
and at the top, follow the path west until you reach a staircase with a 
locked gate at the bottom.  Head on up the stairs.
     On the east side of this area is a barrel.  When you smash it 
reveals a scroll explaining the switches (not a tough concept, but 
remember they point in the direction of what they affect, it helps 
later), and a switch.  Step on it and the gate to the north will lower, 
revealing another staircase. Up you go again.
     At the top is a landing and a second staircase leading up to the 
west.  Climb that one, and you’re at the exit, just stand on the yellow 

*** Mountain Peak ***
     You start on another platform.  Take the route to the east, not the 
ramp leading up, until you get to another little plateau.  On the north 
end of this area is a mound of dirt (maybe between two generators?).  
Hit the mound of dirt to reveal a red switch, step on it and head to the 
     The next plateau had a locked gate in the southwest corner, 
leading back to your starting point, and two paths leading out in the 
northeast and northwest.  Start with the route to the east, after a bit 
it will make a hairpin turn, continue up until you arrive at a fork.
     Take the lower route, watching out for a few archers that are 
coming up.  When you get to the “F” intersection, head straight south.  
You’ll get to another tight curve and once you get around it there’s a 
ramp leading up, it’s very wide.  My advice here is to slowly work your 
way up, aiming for generators.  When you get to the plateau on the top, 
in the northwest corner is another obelisk.  Touch it and get your 
message from Sumner.
     Continue to the west, skipping the locked gate, and taking the 
path that angles upward.  If your way at the top of the ramp is blocked, 
you missed a switch.  Go back and get it.  If it’s open, continue out 
onto the platform.  Ignore the locked gate, and go to the east.  The 
platform turns into a steep ramp leading off to the northwest.  
     At the top of that ramp is another small platform.  Skip the gate 
on the north edge (you can’t open it yet anyways), and keep on going to 
the west.  The ramp should cut back toward the southwest, and downward 
until you reach an intersection.
     Head up the wide ramp to the northwest, and stay awake.  Your 
first golem is on the ramp at the top.  He isn’t that tough as long as 
you stay away from him.  Once he’s dead, go to the west edge of the 
plateau he was on and hit the dirt pile there.  It will reveal another 
switch, step on it and head to the east.  Taking the lower path.  You’ll 
pass that gate we skipped earlier, it’s open now, but don’t worry about 
it.  Continue past it until you spot an area of the wall that’s lighter 
than the rest.  Smash it open, and grab the rune, and listen to Sumner 
again.  Continue up the east, there’s another small platform with a 
locked gate to the north.
     Through the gate and up over the “hump”, and down the other side.  
Another small plateau.  Head up the ramp on the northeast.  At the top 
is the yellow pad signifying the end of the level.

*** Mountain Cliff ***
     Ok, another level starting an a little plateau.   To the northeast 
is a locked gate, and to the east there is a trail.  Take the trail 
east.  You will come to a point where there is a ramp leading down.  
Take that, and you end up in a little area.
     There is a locked gate keeping you out of the west half.  There’s 
not much over there except a key and a barrel.  Sometimes I get a 
limited invulnerability out of it, so it might be worth the trip.  Back 
to the east there is a ramp leading back up next another locked gate.  
Go through the locked gate, and step on the red switch.  Then return to 
the (now un)locked gate all the way to the west of the plateau and head 
     This area is usually swarming with enemies, so watch it.  After the 
area is clear, cross the area heading east.  Clear out up to the gate 
that you lowered with the switch, then head back west.  You’ll quickly 
come to a ramp to the northeast, leading up.
     Carefully climb up; There’s a mess of enemies and a golem hiding up 
there.  Once it’s clear continue across the platform to the west, and 
back down the ramp.  Keep heading straight, and you’ll come across 
another ramp heading up.  There are two locked gates with enemies 
behind.  I’d suggest picking them off _before_ opening the gates, as 
there’s a golem in the westernmost one, as well as a chest with an 
Anti-Death Halo in it.  Collect the stuff, if you want, and head into 
the eastern one and touch the obelisk.  There’s that voice again.  All 
right, back out of the pen and head all the way back to the gate you 
turned around at (All east).
     Through the gate, you’ll come to a lava bridge.  Head across it and 
you’ll come to a ramp leading down.  Head on down the ramp.  Head up 
here too, there’s a golem sitting right at the bottom.  Once he’s out of 
the way, open the locked gate on the west end.  Clean up in here, 
there’s another red switch in the middle.  Yup, you guessed it, step on 
     There may be a floating gold ball here.  That’s the tag ball.  If 
it touches you you’ll hear the voice say that you are "IT”.  It 
means the enemies will pursue you over any other 
players.  Doesn’t make any difference in single player though, but I 
      All right, back out to the plateau.  In the north half, you’ll see 
a discolored part of the wall.  Hit it to expose another red switch.  
Back up the ramp you came down on.
     At the top there may or may not be a gray rock there.  If there 
isn’t, it just means you’ve hit it accidentally already.  If there is, 
hit it, and fight your way through this area.  Head through the now-open 
gate, follow the path, and you’ll come to a wooden bridge.
     While you’re heading across it, you’ll hear a rumbling.  That’s the 
gate you just passed closing behind you.  There’s places where it does 
that, forcing you into a one-way trip, but don’t worry about it now.  
Continue across the bridge.  As soon as your feet hit solid ground, 
fight your way through the crowd.  Stay on the platform, don’t take the 
ramp down until you’ve cleared everything out.
     After all that’s clear, head down the short ramp, and turn around 
and head west.  You’ll come across a ramp heading down, head down it, 
and continue east.  You’ll eventually come across a wooden bridge.  At 
the far end of the bridge, there will be a bunch of enemies waiting, 
clear them out.  Once it’s cleared (I make it sound so easy, don’t I?), 
make sure you head all the way to the east, and grab some goodies,  Then 
go down the ramp.  The normal level exit is down there, and you’ll also 
notice a door with a skull and crossbones on it.  Standing on that door 
will take you to the Minotaur bonus level.  Just grab 50 coins (there’s 
plenty there, it should be a piece of cake), then you can switch to the 
Minotaur, if you’d like.  I’d suggest reading the CHARACTERS section 
above _before_ switching.  After that, you’re halfway done with the 
mountain, and can start the Castle, if you’ve gotten all there obelisks.

*** Mountain Cave ***

For the next two levels, the instructions are going to have to be a 
little more vague.  The levels aren’t laid out in an orderly fashion, 
and the view constantly rotates.  Keep your eye on the compass, and I’ll 
try to help you as much as I can.

Ok, you start in one bit “area”, explore it, but don’t hit any switches 
in the process.  Kill all the enemies, gather all the stuff, etc., just 
don’t hit a switch yet!  Make sure you explore it completely, you should 
encounter one lava gate, but don’t worry about it yet.  Once the area is 
clear head to the east “corner,” there’s two red switches in this area.  
Step on _only_ the one that is out in the open, leave the one in the 
little “room” alone for now.
     Now go back to the northern part of the area you started in.  The 
lava wall should have lowered by now.  Clear out this new area.  In the 
process you’ll hit another lava wall that is blocking your progress, but 
that’s fine, ignore it.  You should also see a Rune on a lowered 
platform.  Right near it is a mound of light colored rock covering a red 
switch.  Destroy the pile, and hit the switch, the rune should raise.  
When this is all clear, head back to that “east” corner of the area you 
started in, and hit the switch that was in the little “room.”  Then come 
back to the gate you took out of the first area.  After you go through 
it, take your first right, then go until you can take a left.  You’ll 
end up next to a newly lowered gate.
     Go through this gate, and you’ll end up in another area.  Same 
deal, clear it out, _don’t_ touch any switches here and _don’t_ pass 
back through the lowered gate.  It’s okay to destroy any breakable walls  
you come across.  While you’re clearing it, you should come across a 
scroll mentioning the “Ice Axe”, and nearby is a raised gate.  Try to 
make a mental note of this location.  Now, there was one switch in the 
southeastern tip of this area.  Hit it, then follow the direction the 
arrow points.  You need to get back to where the scroll I mentioned 
earlier was.  (It’s NW of the gate you entered this area through).  Near 
where the scroll was the gate should be lowered now.
     Go through the gate, and grab the Rune.  In this area now you 
should find the yellow pad for the exit.  It’s in the north, near a 
closed gate (Don’t worry about it, it was another route).  *Whew*  I 
know that was a bit confusing, but you’re probably now starting to 
understand the difficulty of mapping this place.

*** Mountain Cavern ***
     Ok, when you start, you won’t have much of a choice on where to go 
until you reach the 4th platform (counting the one you start on).  It 
will look like you do, but all your options collapse when you near them.  
On the 4th platform you can go NW or SW.  The NW bridge leads to a dead 
end for now.  The SW one is the way forward, so take that one.
     Follow it around until you see a dirt mound, blast it, and step on 
the red switch, then head back to platform 4.  Now take the NW route, 
you’ll see a bridge has appeared.  Cross over it, and on the platform 
you arrive on, there’s a red switch under a barrel.
     Follow the only exit off this platform, and again you don’t have a 
choice for a while.  At the 5th platform you come to (counting the one 
you just pressed the red switch on), you encounter another choice, 
southwest or northeast.
	Head southwest first, and on the 1st platform you come to find the 
red switch, and step on it.  Then backtrack and take the northeast 
option.  Again, on the first platform is a red switch, step on it and it 
will raise a piece of rock right next to it.  Step on the rock, and ride 
it down, cross the little lava river and grab the Scimitar  (This will 
come in handy in the Castle level).  Then take the rock back up, and 
continue to the southeast.
	At the first platform you come to, there is a weak point of the 
east wall.  Shoot it, and step on the red switch.  Continue along that 
route, and you’ll come to another red switch.  Hit this one, and the 
ramp that is now in front will be completed.  Another Rune, grab it, 
listen to Sumner gab, and head back up the ramp.  Remember that platform 
where you had the NE/SW choice?  (It’s the 4th one back, counting the 
rune platform).  Now it’s time for the southwest.  Head along it, you 
won’t have any choices, and will eventually reach a dead end.  One the 
dead end platform is another weak wall, almost directly across from 
where you came on.  In it is a red switch, step on it, and go back one 
	There’s a newly raised bridge leading to the northeast now.  Cross 
it and there’s the exit.  You have now completed all the regular levels 
in the Mountain area, only the boss remains, but I suggest waiting until 
you have the Ice Axe.

*** Mountain Dragon ***
  The dragon isn’t that bad, even if you don’t have the Legend Weapon 
for him (Ice Axe).  The only advice I really have is make sure you 
don’t try and hide behind the rocks.  He usually blows them up, and 
you’ll get caught in the blast.  I would suggest waiting until you do 
have the Axe, but it’s your choice.  If you want to be compulsive about 
it, stock up on all your powerups.  Go in with the Ice Amulet, Reflect 
Shield, Speed Boost, Phoenix Familiar, 5 Way shot, and everything else 
you can think of.  You shouldn’t have a problem taking him down with or 
without powerups.  Once he’s defeated, you’ll get a shard of the stained 
glass window that’s in Sumner “lobby”.

== 11B. Castle ==

# I will be using the room convention for most of this area.  Room will 
# mean pretty much the same thing it does IRL.

*** Castle Courtyard ***
     Ok, you start on one room, clear it out, and grab the stuff that’s 
there.  Head up the wooden ramp to the south.  At the top is a red 
switch that lowers the barrier right in front of you.  Now you’re in a 
room that runs long east to west.  In the eastern end of it is a little 
“alcove” in the wall, walk in there and hit the red switch.  While 
you’re here you may want to pick off any generators that you can see on 
the other side of the wall.  After that’s done, head west to a locked 
     Head through into small room.  At the north end is a breakable 
wall, break it (duh!), and head through once again.  Right across from 
where you came in is a spike trap with a breakable wall behind it.  Skip 
this for now and head to the south, following the room until you come to 
a large rock.  Right across from a nearby staircase should be a open 
part of the “fence.”  Head through, whack the rock, and grab another rune 
     Now head back to that trap with the breakable wall behind it.  
Break the wall and go up the stairs.  You should come across another red 
switch right before you turn the corner, hit that one, and continue 
along.  At the end of the room you’ll see a trap with a staircase on the 
other side.  Head up there.
     In the first corner you encounter there is a dirt mound covering a 
red switch.  You know the drill.  Continue past that point, and then 
down a small flight of stairs.  Head to the east in this room.  You’ll 
eventually come to a narrow passage with another trap in front of a 
staircase.  Up ya go.
     When you get on top of the wall, turn to the west, break the wall 
near the chest, and grab a lightning shield, then head back east.  
You’ll come to yet another trap and a short staircase, head up and 
you’ll eventually come to a parapet with a locked gate in front of it.  
Here is a perfect place to clean it out with a L3 Turbo before entering.  
Either way, unlock it and go through.  Inside is another red switch.  
Step on it, head out of the parapet and continue along the wall.
     You’ll come to your first “quick switch” as I call them, and a 
staircase leading down to the west.  When you step on the switch, a 
section of wood appears that allows you to cross.  You either have to be 
quick, or have a friend playing.  Or, if there’s an enemy over there, 
lure him onto the bridge, because it won’t disappear when something’s on 
it.  There are two different paths you can take here.  If you cross this 
bridge use PATH #1, if you don’t use PATH #2.
### PATH #1 ###
     Cross the bridge, then head down the staircase to the west.  Just 
north of the bottom of the staircase is a rock, break it, and hit the 
red switch that it was hiding.  Head north in this room, and you’ll come 
to a mini hedge maze.  The carved stones on the hedge are traps, so stay 
sharp.  Go through the silly little maze.  You’ll come to the end where 
there is a red switch, and a gate you can’t pass through (Don’t worry 
about it, that’s part of the other path).  Hit the switch, and head back 
to the staircase and continue along the wall.
### PATH #2 ###
     Alright, down the staircase to the west.  In the room at the bottom 
there is a locked gate on the south hedge wall.  Head through into the 
next room.  in the next room is a red square on the ground.  Now that 
I’m thinking about it, this is probably the first teleport pad you’ve 
seen so far.  All they do is port you to a matching pad nearby in the 
case, on the other side of the wall, so step on it, and there’s another 
in this little room, step on that one too.
     In the southwest corner of this room is another discolored patch 
of wall (it’s kind of tough to see).  Break it, and hit the red switch 
inside.  Then head out and through the locked gate to the north.  You’ll 
pass a green patch of water with tentacles coming out (Garbage masher 
creature from A New Hope?), and a small bridge leading to a red switch 
in the center of the pool.  Run out, hit it, head back to land, and 
continue to the north.  You’ll pass through a gate into a little 
hedge-maze.  Hit the red switch and follow the maze.  Watch out for the 
carved stones, they’re traps.  After you’re through all of it, find the 
bottom of the staircase here.  To the north of it is a rock that is 
hiding a red switch.  Hit the switch, and head up the staircase and 
continue along the wall
### END OF PATHS ###
     You’ll reach another locked parapet, inside is a golem and a red 
switch.  Kill the switch, and step on the golem, or something like that.  
Head back out and continue along the wall.
     Go down a short staircase and keep heading west.  You’ll come to 
another trap in front of a long staircase heading up and to the north.  
Climb it, and at the top, turn west, and head along some more castle 
     In the next corner you reach, there’s a discolored patch of wall 
that hide a red switch.  Dust it and hit the switch.  Head down the 
stairs leading from this corner, and at the bottom you’ll make another 
turn to the west.  Cross a shaky looking wooden bridge, and continue 
until you come across yet another locked parapet.  Inside is another red 
switch, hit it and head back out along the wall.
     Another little staircase leading up, so climb it, and you’ll 
quickly come across another parapet.  Inside is a golem, and an obelisk.  
Kill the golem, then go in and touch the obelisk.
     Back out, and again, along the wall to the east.  Climb a short 
staircase with traps at both ends, you’ll then come to corner where you 
can turn to the north.  Follow this little path and you’ll come to your 
favorite glowing yellow pad.  Step on and you’re out of here.

*** Castle Dungeon ***
     You start the level at the top of a staircase.  Head down the 
staircase until you reach a platform.  On the platform will be short 
staircases to the north and south.  (I will refer to this platform as 
the “Rune Platform” because there’s a rune nearby)  Shoot the wall at 
the top of the south staircase, and step on the switch that is revealed.  
Now, head down the north staircase.
     On this platform there is a red switch hidden in the wall in the 
northeast corner (it’s tough to see).  Hit the switch, then follow the 
arrow on it, and you’ll come across a treasure chest.  Open the chest, 
and when you collect what was in it, you’ll step on another red switch.
     Head back up to the Rune Platform, and now take the south stairs.  
Step on the red switch on the west end of this platform.  Now head back 
up to the Rune Platform, and take the north stairwell.  Head to the 
southwest corner of this platform, and cross the narrow bridge.
     Step on the switch in the center of this platform, and head down 
the short ramp on the south side.  On this platform step on the switch 
in the center, then, on the east end is a red switch under a barrel.  
Destroy the barrel and step on the switch.  Now go through the opened 
gate that’s south of the switch you just hit.
     When you get to the new platform make a hard left, to find a rusty 
metal bridge.  Halfway across is a little island with a red switch.  Hit 
the switch, and continue across to the north.  Climb the stairwell 
there, and you’re back on the Rune Platform.  Where the breakaway wall 
was, you should now see a Rune (There was a grate in the way before), 
grab the Rune.
     Head back down the south staircase, cross back over the rusted 
metal bridge and head up the stairwell in the southwest corner of this 
platform.  (In case I lost ya, the stairwell in on a platform with a big 
drain in the center).
     At the top of the stairs, cross a wood plank serving as a bridge.  
After the bridge you’ll come to a place where there is a bridge going 
down to the north, and one going up to the west.  Go down to the north, 
there’s usually some goodies on this platform.  Climb back up the stairs 
and take the stair up to the west.
     On this platform is a red switch, hit that then continue down the 
wood plank bridge to the north.  Cross the platform to another rusty 
metal bridge, and cross that.  In the northwest corner of this platform 
is another obelisk.  Touch it then head up the staircase starting on the 
west side.  On the second landing is a red switch, after you hit it, 
head back down the stairs, to the metal bridge.
     Now there is a platform lowered halfway across with a red switch on 
it.  Hit it, and head in the direction of the arrow.  On the newly 
raised platform, shoot the wall, it will expose a red switch.  Step on 
this one, and go back to the long staircase to the west.  Follow it all 
the way to the top, and there is the exit.  You’re now halfway done with 
the castle!
*** Castle Armoury ***
     Alright, this levels a tough one to get guided through.  There’s 
backtracking, hidden switches and traps everywhere, so just bear with 
     You start in a room with a locked gate to the west.   Go through 
the gate, and hit the red switch that’s northeast of the cauldron.  Then 
go back to the start room and into the room to the south.  Hit the red 
switch here.  Head back to the cauldron room, and hit the red switch 
that’s southeast of the cauldron.  Return to the starting room, and hit 
the red switch here, now head down the stairs to the west.
     At the bottom of the stairs, turn south, and follow this 
passageway.  When you come across a slanted stone wall, shoot it and 
step on the red switch hidden there.  Go to the west of the switch, and 
take your first south turn, then head to the west.  You’ll come across a 
golem, kill it and find the red switch that he was near.  Before you hit 
the switch, shoot the wall to the south of it to reveal a treasure 
chest.  Then hit the switch.
     Take the first north passage out of this room, and keep going north 
until you hit a wall.  There should be a passage to the west of where 
you ran into the wall.  Follow it around and take the first passage where 
you can go north.  You should come across a flight of steps leading 
down.  Take these.  Follow this room until you come across a staircase 
leading up to the south.  It will be blocked at the top.  To the 
northeast of the bottom of the staircase is a little room with a red 
switch in it.  Also, in the northwest corner is a switch hidden in the 
wall.  Shoot the wall, then hit the switch.
     Now, stand on the switch, facing the direction it points.  Do the 
left hand on the wall thing, and follow it.  (Pretend your characters 
left hand is touching the wall the whole time, and walk, never taking 
the hand off)  You'll come back to the room you started in, and in the 
east end of the room, you'll see another Rune Stone.  Backtrack by doing 
an about-face, and return by doing the same thing, but using your right 
hand.  Stop when you get to the big staircase leading down into the 
basement (It should be the second staircase you come across)
     When you get back to the stairs, go south, turn west at the first 
intersection.  Follow it around the corner and head straight.  (If that 
was confusing try this:  When you get to the top of the stairs, stop, 
and make sure you’re facing south.  Then imagine your character putting 
their right hand on the wall, and travel without taking the hand off 
until the floor changes.)  You should come into an area with a gray 
diamond floor.
     In the north end is a locked gate, and on the other side is a room 
with a red switch, hit it, then head back to the room with the long 
blocked staircase.  (If you forgot how to get there, stand on the 
switch, face south, and imagine putting your left hand on the wall.  
Then travel without taking your hand off, you’ll reach the staircase 
     When you get to the top, just follow the passage, dodge some traps, 
and you’ll come to a room with a staircase leading up to the south.  
Head on up, and follow it to the top.  The exit is on this platform.  

*** Castle Treasury ***
     Almost finished, this is the last level, and it’s not that bad.  
You start on a platform with a leaf-like floor.  Smash the wall on the 
west end, and walk through, stepping on the switch as you go.  Head 
straight north and follow that hallway.  After a few turns you’ll come 
to a stairway leading down.  Take this, at the bottom is a mound of dirt 
in the corner, shoot is, and step on the switch, and do the same for a 
dirt outcropping just south of the stairs.  Now the exposed switch in 
the south.  Head through the portal that just opened in front of you, 
and proceed south until you see the stairs, climb them, and you’ll be on 
the same platform you started on.  Ignore this sentence 
     Head back through the wall you destroyed earlier, and turn east.  
At the “T” intersection, turn south, and follow until you get to a 
locked gate.  Unlock the gate (NB: You may want to pick off this golem 
if he’s already active, it’s pretty close quarters in there), and head 
in.  The wall across from the gate holds a switch, bust it down and hit 
it, you should see the throne above you raise.  Now head to the room to 
the north, and hit the switch.  Leave his area and go back to the “T” 
intersection, and this time go north.
     Step on the teleporter, and follow the hallway you end up in to 
another teleporter.  On the other side of this one is the throne room.  
Step on the switch on the seat of the throne.  Now leave the throne room 
via the stairwell on the north wall.
     In this room, in the southeast corner is a red switch.  Hitting it 
will bring down a platform that will give you access to an Anti-Death 
Halo.  Grab it, there’s a few Deaths floating around here.
     Head up the staircase on the east wall.  Ok, in this room is a 
whole bunch of switches.  Start with the one right next to the entrance.  
Then head up onto the platform, and hit the switch up here.  Now, go to 
the south wall, and hit the switch that’s pointing to the south.  In the 
newly opened area, throw pizza at the duck....er, hit the switch again.  
Exit the little nook, and hit another red switch right outside, pointing 
toward the platform in the middle.  Head across to the north wall, and 
press the switch on the stone slab, which lowers another of the side 
     Another switch, hit it, now go to the east end of the room, and 
step on the switch pointing at the pillar.  The pillar will lower, step 
on it, and ride it to the top.  Shoot the black pillar at the top, and 
step on the switch under it.  Now, hit the three switches in this little 
room, and take the elevator back down.  Southeast corner, hit it.  It 
will lower a pane of glass nearby.  Grab some stuff, then head to the 
northeast corner.  Open the treasure chest, and hit the switch 
underneath.  Another glass pane will lower, grab some more treasure.
     Now head to the northwest corner, and out onto the platform with 
two red switches.  Hit them both, and there will be some treasure for 
you on the pillars surrounding the raised platform of the many-switch 
     Go down the stairs on the west wall, and then to the northwest 
corner of this room.  Head down the passage, turn to the north, and step 
on the ‘porter pad.  Follow this room until you come across a teleport 
pad, with a barrel nearby (the barrel may be already broken), under it 
is a red switch.  There’s also a scroll telling you that Untar’s Ice Axe 
is within reach.  Step on the red switch and make your way back to the 
room with all those switches.
     When you get back, go up onto the raised platform and grab the Ice 
Axe.  Now you can go back and kill the Mountain Dragon, if you skipped 
it before.
     Now that this is done, go back to where you hit the switch with the 
scroll about the Ice Axe, next to the red teleport pad (if you forgot 
how, go back to the paragraph that starts “Go down the stairs...”)  When 
you get there, step on the pad.  Head west through this room, watching 
out for the golem.  At the other end is a raised gate, and a locked 
gate.  Go through the locked gate first, and hit the red switch in here.  
Now exit, and just east of the formerly locked gate is another red 
switch.  Hit this one, now go through the now-lowered gate (the 
northernmost one).
     Head up the stairs in this room, and if you want to pick up the 
Falconess, head north and stand on the skull and crossbones door.  
Otherwise go to the south, and follow the staircase until you reach the 
platform at the top with the teleport pad.

*** Castle Chimera ***
     Again, the Chimera (pronounced “kai-mara”, not “shim-ara”) isn’t a 
tough boss.  If you have the Scimitar from the Mountain Cavern you start 
out with a head automatically missing (I’d suggest it for this one, it 
helps quite a bit).  Again, just move and shoot at each head.  Each one 
had an individual health bar at the top corresponding to the color of 
each head.  Just whittle it down, and you’ll gain another piece of the 
NOTE:  You don't have to actually touch the mirror.  Once you defeat the
Chimera it will return to the staned glass window.

== 11C. Town ==

*** Town Fields ***
     Turn to the east, destroy the stump just before the bridge, and hit 
the switch underneath.  This will lower a gate allowing you to cross a 
log bridge.  At the far end is a locked gate.  On the other side of the 
gate is an area with a bunch of ruined foundations.  In the southeast 
corner is another obelisk.
     Head north from here, and you'll encounter a stone wall, with only 
one opening (you're in the right place if there's a flame on one side of 
the opening.  Head through into the next field.  Keep heading north and 
there's another switch at the northernmost point in the fenced in area.  
Hit it then return back to where you started (on the other side of the 
log bridge)
     Head to the western part of the field and you'll find a locked 
gate.  Head through into a stone "pen".  Cross the pen and exit in the 
northeast corner.  You'll be in a field with lots of brownish underbrush 
(which you can walk right through)  Head north through the brush, and 
make sure you walk through it, there's generators and keys hidden in hit 
(and possibly a golem, depending on your level).
     After passing through the field, you'll come to a house on fire.  
There is a locked gate, you can skip this if you want to save the key 
(there's some food, and a scroll in there, but I'm about to tell you 
what the scroll says).  On the front of the east wing of the house is a 
door, which you can shoot and destroy.  Hit the switch inside, then 
swing around back of the house, and clean up the treasure back there, if 
you want.
     After you're done with the house, head east and follow the river 
south until you come down onto a bridge that looks partially sunk into 
the river.  You can still cross it, so do that.  On the far shore is a 
switch, hit it, then cross back to the western bank.  Continue to the 
south staying with the river.  It will turn to the east, keep following 
is, and right after the bend you'll come to a locked gate.  West of the 
gate is the entrance to another stone pen.
     In the center is another burned out house, with a red switch.  Hit 
that one and a wall in the northwest corner will lower.  Collect all the 
goodies, then head back to the locked gate by the river.
     Unlock the gate and start across the bridge.  Halfway across, on 
the south side, is a discolored part of the railing.  Shoot it and go 
stand on the switch it reveals.  A stone pillar from the river will rise 
up, hop on and let it carry you down.  At the bottom is two switches, 
the one pointing southeast is the button for the stone pillar, hit the 
other one, and grab the halo from the chest, then ride the pillar back 
up to the bridge.
     Finish crossing to the east and you'll come to another field.  
Cross the field going east until you come to the wall.  Then head north 
until you're on a ramp leading up.  There's a locked gate not to far up, 
and another one just past that.  Then you'll come down the ramp.  Head 
westish from the base of the ramp, and you'll come across a hill, at the 
top is a gallows with a red switch.  
     Follow the direction of the arrow (northeast) until you come to a 
lowered gate (it should be against the east wall, with a flame on one of 
the poles.  Climb up this ramp and follow it to the end.  There will be 
another Door in the ground, stand on it to be taken to the bonus level 
for the Tigress (which is quite interesting), collect your 50 coins.
    If you didn't want to go into the bonus level, from the gallows go 
straight north, and you'll come to the regular exit.

*** Town Cemetery ***
     You start off in a small fenced-in area.  Under a barrel is a red 
switch, hit it, then exit through the gate to the north.  In this area, 
the switch you need to proceed is north of the gate you entered through, 
just north of a tree.  There are other switches hidden under stumps and 
such so you can pick up some goodies if you want.  After you're done, 
hit the switch by the tree and head through the north gate.
     Follow the path until you come to another section of cemetery (You 
should be facing east when you get to it).  Again, there's a bunch of 
switches that raise treasures, One under a stump where you enter, one in 
the building to the south (shoot the wall with the door).  The switch 
you need to proceed is in the east side, south of a tree.  It will lower 
a gate to the north.  On the other side of the gate is another red 
switch that will lead you to treasure (hit it, then the other that 
raises from the grave to the southeast, then head east).
     After all that's done, head through the entrance to the north.  
Follow the bridge until you come to a half-wall blocking your progress.  
To the south is a barrel, inside is Death, and under him is a red 
switch.  Kill him (or let him die) turn around and head north up the 
hill.  In the plateau at the top, you'll find a red switch under a 
barrel, and a scroll with a rune hint.  Hit the switch, and head back 
down the hill
     At the bottom, turn west.  The first little guardhouse to the north 
has a Death inside, standing on a red switch.  Kill him, and hit the 
switch.  Climb back up the hill you just came down, and hit the 
now-lowered switch.  Go back down the hill, and in the hut south of the 
one Death was in there's a Rune stone.  After collecting the Stone head 
west until you come to the fountain thingy.
     Turn south and cross the bridge to another area.  After you step 
off the bridge, you'll hear a gate, that's the path closing behind you.  
Head all the way to the south, and you'll come to a building.  Inside is 
a key (shoot the wall), and on the west side of the building is the 
obelisk for this area (which will now unlock the Ice area).  Head north 
from where the obelisk is.  Head north, weaving through the areas, in 
one is a stump hiding a key.
     Ok, this one is tough to describe, keep heading north, and bear to 
the east, you should come across a wooden bridge leading east.  Cross 
the bridge, and unlock the gate.  Behind the treasure chest is a red 
switch, hit that and cross back over the bridge, heading north when you 
get to the other side.  At the end of a rather windy land bridge is the 

*** Town Spire ***
     To start head south then west, circling around until you come to a 
tower with door.  Shoot the door, and hit the red switch inside.  Now, 
exit and circle back around until you come back to where you started the 
level.  Unlock the gate to the west and proceed through.  Cross this 
area, and go to the northwest corner.  Head up the ramp to the east.  
Head north across the wooden bridge (you'll hear the path close behind 
you).  At the end of the bridge, turn west, and you'll see a path 
leading south from the parapet.  Head down the path.  
     Sweep the area, hitting the red switch hidden under a dirt mound.  
Then climb up the ramp opposite the one you came down from.  (Heading up 
to the east.)  At the top head turn north, and hit the red switch, then 
head back down the ramp, to the south wall of the area at the bottom.  
Head through the now-open gate and head to the west.  Then the area will 
curve north, follow it.  It then curves east,  and at the end is another 
parapet that you can shoot the door.  Inside is Death standing on a red 
switch.  Kill Death, and hit the switch.  Exit the parapet again, and 
head back to the gate that you used to come into this area.  (You should 
be back in the courtyard with the two ramps).
     Climb the east ramp, turn south, then east across the wooden 
bridge.  Follow it until you come down into another courtyard.  After 
you get off the ramp, turn and head into the western part of the 
courtyard.  Hit the switch, which raises another Rune Stone, but you 
can't quite get to it yet.  Exit the courtyard to the southeast corner, 
where there will be a ramp up and to the east.  Follow the ramp until 
you come up onto the wall.  Turn north, and hit the switch in the 
parapet.  Climb back down into the courtyard you just came from, and in 
the middle should be a switch on the grating.  Hit that, climb back up 
the ramp, and turn south.
     When you get to the corner, hit the red switch on the wooden 
platform.  Go back down to the courtyard yet again, and you can now get 
the rune stone you uncovered before.  Alright, finally done with this 
courtyard, head back up the ramp, turn south again, and unlock the gate 
(you only have to unlock one, the southern one doesn't have a trap on 
the other side.)  After unlocking the gate, head to the west atop the 
wall.  When you get to a turn in the wall, shoot the corner to reveal a 
red switch.  Hit it and head south.  This will begin the climb up the 
     Go all the way to the top, and at the end of the climb is a red 
switch, hit it and head back down the spire.  You'll eventually come to 
a wooden platform with a red switch, hit that switch, and the wall will 
lower.  Enter, shoot the mounds in the corner, one will reveal a red 
switch (and if you hit the back will, it will go to, but you can't get 
the scroll yet), hit the red switch you exposed, and head a little bit 
further down the spire, you'll come across another wooden platform.  
Under one of the barrels is another red switch.  Hit it and head back to 
the alcove with the scroll.  Hit the newly exposed red switch, and 
collect the Flame of Tarkanna.  Head all the way to the top of the 
     On the top, near the end of the ramp, is a green barrel hiding a 
red switch.  Blow it up, and hit the red switch.  Follow the arrow, and 
hit a few more switches like this, eventually the exit will appear.  
Step on and you're done.

*** Town Airship ***
     Ouch, this is gonna be tough to walk you through, but here we go.  
I'll try to remember to put plenty of markers in this one, so if you get 
lost, you can try to find yourself again from landmarks.
     Alright, you start on a platform.  Head down, shoot the discolored 
boxes and proceed.  Climb up the cargo net to hit the red switch, then 
back down and take the gate to the west.
     On this platform, there is a stack of boxes.  One of them you can 
destroy to reveal a red switch.  Hit the switch, and continue to the 
west.  On the next platform, there is a destroyable box in the northwest 
corner, then unlock the gate to the west and proceed.
     On the next platform, grab the key in the barrel, and keep going 
west.  You should now be on a corner platform.  Turn north, and you come 
to another corner platform with a gate to the east.  Unlock the gate, 
and head up.  Another locked gate at the top, and now you're on a 
platform with a cargo net to the south.  Climb the cargo net for a 
really cool spot, and a scroll telling you about the Rune Stone.  Head 
back down to the platform, then down the ramp to the east, hitting the 
switch as you go by.  At the bottom, step on the elevator, and let it 
take you to the next area.
     After getting off the elevator, there's another box you can 
destroy, then take the ramp down to the east.  Keep heading east until 
you come to a place where's there's a set of stair leading up, and one 
leading down.  Take the up set first, and climb the cargo net.  There's 
a switch in the first crow's nest, hit it, and continue east to the 
second crow's nest where there's another switch.  Now head all the way 
back down, until you get back to the two sets of stair.
     Take the down set now, and head east.  You'll see a hole in the 
deck, just south of that is a gangplank leading off the ship to the 
south.  When you get to the platform, take the cargo net back up, and 
you'll end up on a row of crates.  Shot the crate that's blocking your 
path, hit the red switch under it, and continue north and west until you 
come to another crate blocking your path.  Destroy this one, and it will 
reveal a small niche with the last Town Rune Stone.  Grab it, and 
backtrack down the cargo net to the platform.  Now, take the easternmost 
ramp back up.  On the way up, you'll hear another gate.  It's alright.
     At the top, you're back on the deck.  Circle around the machinery 
and on the north side of the ship is another ramp leading up.  Hit the 
red switch on the platform at the top, and follow the arrow down another 
ramp to the south.  At the bottom is another crate that leads down to a 
treasure chest.  Head west, and when you get to the staircase, shoot the 
crate beside it, and hit the red switch.  Climb the staircase and 
continue west until you leave the shop, and hit a corner with a stack of 
3 green crates.
     Turn north and head up the ramp.  On your way up, you'll hear 
another gate closing behind you.  When you get to the platform at the 
top, head west, which will bring you to a platform with a bunch of 
crates.  You can tell the breakable ones, so shoot them all, including a 
green breakable north of where the ramp lands, which covers a red 
switch.  After you hit the switch, continue west up the ramp, unlock the 
door on the platform you come to, and keep heading west and up.
     Turn north at the next platform, and destroy the barrel hiding the 
red switch here.  Hit the switch, and continue up the ramp to the north.  
On the platform at the top may be a golem, after killing it continue 
north down the ramp.  The rest of the level is a straight path to the 
exit, so you should be able to get there just fine.
     Last level of the Town done.  Let's get the Plague and get out of there.

*** Town Plague ***
     Again, having the Legend weapon helps, but it's easy enough without 
it.  He's got fairly standard attacks, except on where he causes green 
slime to shoot out of the barrels you're hiding behind.  Just grab some 
items, and it's a pretty straightforward battle.  Grab your shard, and 
let get the hell out of Dodge.

== 11D. Ice ==

### Coming Soon, or see contrib info at the bottom ###

*** Ice Docks ***

*** Ice Camp ***

*** Ice Mine ***

*** Ice Fissure ***

*** Ice Yeti ***

== 11E. Cathedral ==

 ### Coming Soon, or see contrib info at the bottom ###

*** Cathedral ***

*** Skone ***

== 11F. Battlefield ==

 ### Coming Soon, or see contrib info at the bottom ###

*** Battlefield Trenches ***

*** Battlefield Tower ***

*** Battlefield Fortress ***

== 11G. Underworld ==

Underworld information submitted by Yos (jrpolishak@yahoo.com).

Main Underworld Area- The Underworld is, for the most part, several 
"islands" that you must make your way across by finding and pressing 
several buttons that are found under very obvious rocks. It is not 
very hard to get lost in this level. However, it is easy to get over
run by enemies since each "island" have two, three or more purple 
ground generators. Once you reach the "island" with the golem, you 
are right at Skone's front door (finally). Once you kill the enemies 
and press the switches on the "island" It is time to face Skone for 
the final time. 
Final battle with Skone- Some of his attacks are different this time. 
He shoots fireballs from both hands, breaths fire, shoots a very powerful 
beam of what looks like a golden light from his chest, shoots spikes 
from his chest and creats a round beam to knock you over. The best 
strategy Would be to run around avoiding his attacks untill he takes a 
short break or he shoots his flame breath or chest beam. If you decide 
to attack during his breath and chest attacks, you have very little time 
to get out of the way, position and fire. If you continue avoid his attacks 
and striking him with your own he will fall.
Aftermath- When you do make Skone fall, You will return to the main area 
of the game and Sumner will give you a very special reward

== 12. FAQ ==
Q:  Can I e-mail you with a question?
A:  Sure, I'll get to you as soon as I can.

Q:  What does "Outed" mean?
A:  Outed is actually how I heard "is it."  After consulting somebody 
with better hearing than me, I changed it.  It means all the enemies 
will go after your first.  Useless in 1 player, but can be used as a 
strategy device in multi (make everything attack the warrior instead of 
the archer)

Q:  Can I print out this guide?
A:  No!  You can't!  And I'll know if you do, and I'll send the
     copyright police to your door!  They’ll arrest you and put you in a 
     cell with a guy named Queenie who looks like Yoni and offers 
     prayers to John Tesh while he’s doing his Tae Bo workout.  Ok, ok, 
     I’m kidding, sure you can print it out, just don’t sell it.

Q:  Can I put this guide on my site?
A:  See Contact Info.

Q:  You got someting wrong.  Do you want to know about it?
A:  Of course, as long as it's something that works against the guide.
     Just don’t send me e-mail with little typos where you know what I
     meant.  It’s probably been fixed already.  For example, don’t write
     me an e-mail about how I forgot the “h” in something above.

Q:  Can I contribute something?
A:  Sure, just keep it the same format, and make sure you consult the 
     contact info at the bottom.

Q:  The GameShark code for XXXXXXXX doesn’t work.  What give?
A:  First of all, make sure you entered it correctly.  If it still
     doesn’t work, there’s probably not much I can do.  You have to keep
     in mind the GameSharks are modifying values that weren’t meant to
     be changed from outside the game, so it’s touch and go most of the
     time.  If all else fails, figure them out yourself using the Code 
     Generator.  It’s actually not that tough.

Q:  Can I contact you through AIM/Yahoo Messenger/MSN Messenger?
A:  No, not anymore.  I didn’t say anything the first time, but I got 
     swamped with IM’s, and most of the stuff was in the guide, so from 
     now on, anybody who asks me a game-related question via AIM will be 
     ignored.  If you persist, I will warn you.  If you have a game 
     question (It will probably start “How do I...”) e-mail it to me. 
     [See Contact Info]

A:  I’ll tell you to look in the guide.  I don’t have time to answer 
    questions that I already have answered somewhere here.

Q:  What’s your favorite character?
A:  I use different characters depending on the level; Warrior/Minotaur 
     or Valkyrie/Falconess for close quarters levels, Archer/Tigress or 
     Wizard/Jackal for more open levels.  I started with the Wizard.

Q:  I have a level 100 (Red/Blue/Green/Yellow) (Warrior/Valkyrie/Archer/ 
     Wizard/Jackal/Minotaur/Tigress/Falconess), (he/she)’s the best!
A:  Good for you.  Have a cookie.  Now go away.

Q:  How do I get the nude Valkyrie/Archer?
A:  To the extent of my knowledge, you can’t.  I’ve seen many codes for 
     this, but none of them seem to work, so for now I’m saying it isn’t 
     possible.  (I’ve also looked through the code for the game, and I 
     can’t find anything that gives you access to any other skins aside 
     from the publicly known playable characters.)

Q:  What’s with all the subject line stuff in the Contact Info?
A:  Do you have any idea mindboggling the amount of junk mail you get 
     with a hotmail account.  So, I have a filter, anything that
     doesn’t contain specific subject lines is discarded.  

Q:  Why has it been over a year since the last update?
A:  “Life is what happens to us when we are making other plans.”
      -Thomas La Mance

== 13. Misc ==
*** Star Wars Sighting ***
 It occurred to me as I was playing the game, there was a large number 
of Star Wars references.  Here’s the list so far:
 -The tentacle things from the Castle Courtyard remind me of the 
   creature from the garbage compactor on the Death Star.
 -The Ricochet noise sounds like the blasters.
 -The Ice Yeti looks alot like the Hoth Ice Creature
 -The scream of the suicide sounds like the Tie Fighter fly-by, lowered 
   in pitch.

*** The Elf ***
 If you’re noticed, I have a very strong attachment to the original Elf.  
I always played him.  Always.  I miss him.

   |                          |
   |           RIP            |
   |                          |
   |         The Elf          |
   |                          |
   |  “Elf needs food badly”  |
   |                          |

== 14. Credits ==
-Midway: For a great game
-Nintendo: For a great system
-Pepsi: For Mountain Dew, half of the real force behind this guide.
-Labatt Blue: The other half of the real force behind this guide.
-Vinny, the guy downstairs:  He lent me the game for the first time.
-Elf: What happened to the Elf?  (Don't say, he became the Archer. 
-Mr. Big Cheese Pizza:  It ain’t Papa John’s, but it’s still decent.

== 15. Contact Info ==
Contact info has been removed.  Guide no longer supported.

== 16. History ==
First edition. Got all the basic stuff in it, looks like a glorified 
instruction manual

Did alot of clean up work.  Fixed a whole pile of spelling mistakes, and 
fixed the formatting a bit.  Added Experience Guide, Tip/Tricks and 
Cheap Tricks section.  Also stuck a few things in the item list I forgot 
the first time around

v1.2 (1st published version)
I hereby dub this guide a (partial) walkthrough.  Got the Mountain 
section done.  More spelling and formatting.  Revised the Table of 
Contents, added a few Tips/Tricks, the Fun Stuff section, and other 
minor stuff.  Also stuck in a few GameShark Codes.

Added Castle Walkthrough, and made the spacing uniform.  Also fixed a 
few typos, and rephrased some stuff.  Somebody caught the mistake with 
the location of Sumner, that’s been fixed too.

-Minor Editing Version
-Rewrote Legal Info
-Changed Contact Info
-Yet more minor spelling and formatting changes
-New areas will (should) be added within a week

-Added Walkthrough for Town
-Changed some wording in the Legal Info
NOTE:  For any other FAQ writers out there, a laywer friend informed me 
that humor should not be included in legal-type disclaimers.  It makes 
it difficult because somebody could always claim that the whole thing 
was all a joke.  She also helped me with the wording, so it should make 
a decent general legal notice.

-Added a contrib for the Underworld
-Added a notation about the Chimera shard.

-Copylefted the FAQ

== 17. Legal Info ===

This FAQ is Copylefted.  All rights are freely given to any who desire them.

I ask, personally, that any contributions be credited and this section kept
intact, excepting additions of new credits.

Guide originally created by Barry D. Johnson (GaidinBDJ on GameFAQs)

All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by 
their respective trademark and copyright holders.


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