• No Enemies!

    Get the item that stops time, there is one on the second level, first stage. Once you get the item, do not quit, but finish the level. Choose the item menu. Go to the Boss, but turn on your time-freezing item right before it kills you. Be sure to continue, not quit. Now, when you come back, and go to a level, everything will be frozen; no damage from anything. This works anywhere except on bosses. This code works until you turn off your console.

    Contributed By: deadlyshadow87.

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  • Unlimited Shrink Glitch

    Have one player go buy or pick up a shrinking potion. Enter any normal stage(no bosses), and let enemies attack you. Do not activate the shrink yet. Make sure the player holding the shrink is the last one alive, and when he/she is at about 30 health, activate the shrink and keep it on until that player dies. Then, exit the level, sell the shrinking potion, go to any stage, and the enemies should be permanently shrunken. If another shrinking potion is activated at any time during the glitch, the glitch will be deactivated.

    Contributed By: glassjaw5000.

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  • Permanent Anti-Death

    Beat the game to recieve Permanent Anti-Death, which allows you to steal health from Death.

    Contributed By: KasketDarkfyre.

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  • Play As Minotaur

    To play as The Minotaur, go to the Cliff level in the Mountian Kingdom. Find all switches, and then go to the area with the exit portal. DO NOT step on the portal. Instead, go down until you see a trapdoor with a skull and crossbone on it. Step on it. You will then be transported to a room with any coins. Collect 50 coins to unlock MinoTaur ant the Character Selection Screen.

    Contributed By: Tricia.

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  • Play as the Tigress and Sumner the Wizard

    On the First level of the town world, step on a switch in a barrel on the top of a small hill. The switch will open a door to the upper ledge, near the end of the level. Stand on the trap door for a few seconds. This will still allow you to complete the level, as well as go to the psychedelic stun chamber. In the chamber you must collect 50 of the green coins to play as the Tigress.

    To play As sumner do the same thing with the trap door in the Trenches level of the Battle Field World. Collect 50 of the Yellow Coins to play as Sumner the Wizard.

    Contributed By: Jared_Harris.

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  • Secret Characters

    Play as the Falconess:
    To gain the secret character ''The Falconess'', who uses the same turbo attacks as the valkyrie, go to the Bonus Stage in the Castle World. Get 50 of the coins there. This will nake ''The Falconess'' avalibale for you to use at any time!

    Play as the Jackal:
    You will have to go to the first town level of the Ice World. At the end on top of the pile of crates, there is a trapdoor at a dead end. The trapdoor is found by climbing the slanted crates to the top, then circle around until you get a chance to go back down. From there, climb the other set of slanted crates, located before the exit, and standing atop of the trapdoor. Inside the door collect 50 coins, before your precious time runs out and you will gain ''The Jackal.''

    Contributed By: Boz.

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  • Instant/Unlimited gold

    Simply name yourself 10000k and no matter what everytime you spawn in the tower (including after visiting the store) you will have 10000 gold on your person.

    Contributed By: ULTIMA2010.

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