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Move List and Guide by Buddaysh

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 07/21/1999

Date: Wed, 21 Jul 1999 22:14:27 EDT

Title: Fighting Force 64 FAQ/Movelist
Author: R. K. Raja
E-mail: rkraja@yahoo.com, rkraja2000@aol.com
Name of Game: Fighting Force 64
System: N64

***The Fighting Force 64 FAQ/Movelist***
Version 1.0
Author: R. K. Raja (rkraja@yahoo.com)

Revision History

1.0 - Started the guide!


1) Introduction
2) Game Review
3) Character Bios
4) Move List
5) Codes
6) Legal Stuff
7) Ending


                       1. INTRODUCTION

Hey everyone! This is my 2nd FAQ. I know this is real late, but there weren't 
any other FAQs for this game, so I decided to make one.
Besides, I'm bored.

I'd just like to mention this is a short FAQ.

Now, on to the stuff!!


                         2. GAME REVIEW

This review can be found at GameFAQs.

• Eidos Interactive
• 128 Megabits
• 1 to 2 players simultaneously
• Controller Pak compatible
• Rumble Pak Compatible
• 25 Stages
• 5 Bosses
• 4 Characters

I used to love those old 2-d brawlers, but I've been waiting for them in 
3-d. And here's Fighting Force 64, the first 3-d brawler for the N64. 
One of the best things about this game, is the cooperative Multiplayer mode. 
The One-player mode is isn't very challenging. Each level in Fighting Force 64 
is packed with objects, items, weapons, and tons of baddies. Action and fighting 
fans will love this game. Fighting Force 64 is a good addition to the N64 
This game makes excellent use of the Rumble Pak. 

Graphics- 8/10

Awesome 3-d graphics, and fighting animations makes this game a real winner. 
The special effects, especially the explosions, are really cool. 


Sound- 9/10

Cool music and awesome sound effects -- one of the best game soundtracks! 


Play Control- 7/10

Each character has several special moves. But Fighting Force 64 is an 
easy game to learn. Although picking up objects may seem a bit awkward. 


Fun Factor- 9/10

How does blowing up each other sound?


Overall- 8/10

I just adore this game. It doesn't have much strategy, but it's a 
fun game to play when a friend's over. This game reminds me of 
Streets of Rage for SEGA Genesis, but better. I'd say to go out 
and get this game if you're a fan of this genre. If you're not, 
well... rent it first.

Reviewer's Score: 8 / 10 


                               3. CHARACTER BIOS

These character bios are from Nintendo.

Mace Daniels -

Mace is a Private Investigator who does not always stand on the right 
side of the law. She is a master of the Martial Arts, and possesses 
a wide variety of weaponry skill. She has joined the fight against 
Dr. Zeng to find fame and fortune, and also for the thrill of flirting 
with danger. Mace is well aware of her sensual appearance, and uses 
it freely to distract her foes.

Hawk Manson -

Hawk spent his younger years as a vigilante fighting to free the world of 
social injustice. Seeing no end to this nation's inequalities, he quickly 
became disillusioned and lost his belief that he could make a difference. 
Hawk views the threat of Dr. Zeng not only as an opportunity to bust heads, 
but also as a chance to return to the fight against oppression. Perhaps 
hidden feelings for Mace may have influenced his decision to join the battle.

Alana -

Alana is the youngest member of the Fighting Force crew. She goes to 
school during the day, and spends her nights dancing at raves in the 
warehouse district. She is the illegitimate daughter of Dr. Zeng, 
who used her to test his experimental drugs when she was only a child. 
Obviously, Alana is a bit upset at dear old Dad. She is not pursuing 
Dr. Zeng out of vengeance, but out of a sense of responsibility

Ben Jackson (Smasher) -

Smasher is serving multiple life sentences at one of the worst prisons 
in the country. To make some extra money under the table, the prison 
officials allow Smasher to be hired as a mercenary to anyone who is 
willing to pay. Hawk is Smasher's #1 customer, and has decided to use 
him in the fight against Dr. Zeng. Smasher's monstrous size and amazing 
strength have led to rumors that he is not human. Whether or not these 
stories are true, it's always better to have a bruiser like Smasher 
fighting with you instead of against you. 


                              4. MOVE LIST

Mace -

Leg Sweep: A+Z
Double Scissor Kick: B+Z
Dope Slap x3: Down C, A
Big Knee/Face Slam: Down C, B
Grab n' Flip: Down C, Down C
Leg Throw/Face Slam: Down C, Left C 

Hawk -

360 Spin Kick: A+Z
Knee Blast: B+Z
Head-Butt Set Up: Down C, A
Viscious Knee Combo: Down C, B
Shoulder Throw: Down C, Down C
Suplex: Down C, Left C

Alana -

Helicopter Handstand: A+Z
Scissor Jump: B+Z
Jump & Pummel: Down C, A
Super Upper-cut: Down C, B
Back Slam: Down C, Down C
Double-Barrel Chest Kick: Down C, Left C

Smasher -

Ground Pound: A+Z
Knee Finish: B+Z
Headlock Smash: Down C, A
Haymaker: Down C, B
Ragdoll Toss: Down C, Down C
Pick Up: Down C, Left C 


                               5. CODES

These codes and many other codes can be found at http://zone64.8m.com (my site).

Secret Weapons in the Lift
By: W0LfPacWcW@aol.com 
Have you ever run out of weapons to use in the Lift? If so my friend and I found 
a cool trick to get more. With any character go by the side of the lift, where 
the handle bars are, and simply press "A". If you don't have a weapon at hand 
your character will instantly pull the handle bar off and use it is the "steel 
rod" weapon. The best part about this trick is that you can use it for granted, 
because there are four, two on each side of the lift! 


Flare Gun
By: Airboarder10 

On the hovercraft stage there are two black structures on either side. Destroy 
those and a flare gun will drop out of each structure. 


More Ammo
By: Brian Penner 

To get a weapon that holds 10 shots instead of 4 or 5 shots in your weapon, do 
the following. When you are at the character screen, push C-Down, C-Up, L, C-
Right, C-Down, and then press R. When you do this code you will hear a voice say 


Big Weapons
By: Randy Kitchens 

Car Engine - If you completely destroy a car(ex. a bazooka shot), you can grab 
the car's engine. This only works with Smasher. 

Airplane Gun - On the Air Base stage, go inside the hanger and destroy the 
plane. After it is destroyed you will be able to use its gun. 


Easy Money
By: Kyle B. 

You can get easy money but rolling on the walls. Walk up to the wall and just 
start rolling to get fast cash! 


Special Moves
By: Kevin Underhill 

Each character lists a special move at the end of their character bio. Each of 
these button configurations work for all charcters giving each chracter 4 
special moves. 


Start a Stage With Weapons
By: Kyle B. 

When you about to finsh a stage pick up any weapons from the ground and take 
them with you to the next stage. 


Weapons on the First Stage
By: Kyle B. 

As soon as you start the level, there is a police car to your left. Destroy it 
and a weapon will come out the trunk. After that you go through the gate and you 
should see a black car. Destroy it and another weapon will come out of the 


Cheat Mode
By: gradian@hotmail.com 

At the title screen, hold L + Z + C-Up + C-Down. If you entered the code 
correctly, the game will automatically go to the character selection screen. 
Press C-Up or C-Down to select a level. You will automatically begin with 99% 


                            6. LEGAL STUFF

This is just some stuff you should read before doing anything with this guide.

You cannot:

Use this FAQ for profit
E-mail me with hate mail
Take this FAQ and put it on your site without my name on it
Replace my name with your name (i. e. stealing)

You can :
Put this FAQ on your site as long as everything is there (You can turn it into 
E-mail me with comments

That's about it.


                           7. ENDING

And that's it! Please e-mail me with corrections on this. Please DO NOT
e-mail me resquesting me for help, because I never finsihed the game.

Please vist my site at http://zone64.8m.com and support it by buying stuff from 
the store
and clicking on the bottom-of-the-page sponsors.

If you are an AOL member, my AOL Screen Name is RKRaja2000.


                     -- R. K. Raja (rkraja@yahoo.com)



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