• Unlock Hawaii track the easy way.

    Rename Driver WILLIAMS as Driver VACATION.

    The Hawaii track will then be available on the track select screen after the European Grand Prix.

    Contributed By: Tomos ANTIGUA Tomos.

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  • Select Exhibition from the main menu, and then Drivers. Highlight Driver Williams and press A. Next highlight Edit Name and press A twice to highlight the first initial of the name, and change it to one of the following:

    MUSEUM for the Gallery Option

    PYRITE for the Gold Driver

    You must press A when finished, pressing B will exit you out of the Edit Name function and the driver name will not be changed.

    Contributed By: KasketDarkfyre.

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  • View Credits

    Enter the following as your name.

    View creditsCREDITS

    Contributed By: freakunique.

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  • Infinite Speed

    Choose the Gold or Silver Driver, and go into an exhibition race. Select manual gears in the options. When the race starts stay in first gear and you will have infinite acceleration (NOTE: this won't work once you have taken serious damage.) On the Hockenheim circuit you can break 1,000kph!

    Contributed By: MisterN.

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  • Run on air

    In Grand Prix mode go to the paddock screen. Put your fuel down as far as it will go. Then in the Grand Prix after that you won't have to worry about fuel, as it won't go down!

    Contributed By: MisterN.

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  • Team Extreme Drivers

    Earn 100% skill level in Challenge Mode.

    Contributed By: freakunique.

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Easter Eggs

  • Ghost Car

    Beat a lap time of 1:23.000 at Imola and an old-style McLaren will start to drive beside you.

    Contributed By: MisterN.

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  • Seven Gears on Any Car

    Start Grandprix mode and choose either one of the Ferrais or Jordans. Choose manual and get up to 7th gear. When you top out Quit and then start a new grandprix. If Done correctly, every car should now have seven gears

    Contributed By: Brian..

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  • Shortcut at Silverstone Track

    While driving the at the Silverstone track , about halfway to the end of the track, you will notice several grandstands on the left side of the road. After the third or fourth in a row on the left, a hotel will come into view. If you continue towards the hotel, and don't make the turn, you will see a service road. Continue on that road, and it will lead you back onto the main track. You will advance several positions in the race if you do this correctly.

    Contributed By: Brian..

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  • Ultimate E Challenge

    To open up the secret Ultimate E challenge, complete three types of challenges and earn 60 points or more in Challenge Mode.

    Contributed By: ElementalKnight.

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  • Unlock All Challenges

    Select ''Driver Williams''. Using the control stick change his name so that it is now ''Driver Pandora''. Go into challenge mode and select file number 4. All the different events should now be unlocked.

    Contributed By: decription.

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  • Unlock Silver Driver

    An alternate way to unlock the Silver Driver is to first enter Exhibition mode. Select Driver Williams, and change his last name to Chrome. When you enter various modes, you'll notice the Silver Driver as a playable character.

    Contributed By: ElementalKnight.

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  • Unlocking secrets

    You can unlock the Gold and Silver drivers, the Gallery, the credits, and the bonus track without changing the Williams driver's name. If you meet these criteria, they will be saved to the game pak and can never be erased. Here's how:

    To unlock both the gallery and the credits, finish in first place in ''Grand Prix'' mode on Rookie difficulty. They will be accessible on the title screen below ''Start''.

    To unlock the Bonus Track (in Hawaii), finish in first place in ''Grand Prix'' mode on Professional difficulty. It can be raced in Exhibition, Time Trial, or 2 player mode.

    To unlock the Silver Driver and Gold Driver respectively, score 80% to unlock the Silver Driver and 90% to unlock the Gold Driver (eg after you score 90%, you will unlock Team Extreme). The drivers are only available in Exhibition, Time Trial, and 2 player mode once you unlock them. Warning: the speed is incredible (300+ MPH).

    Contributed By: GreenFlag.

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