Review by A.o.D.

Reviewed: 02/25/00 | Updated: 02/25/00

Similar to Attitude with a few decent additions

ECW Hardcore Revolution is a game that has some decent improvements from attitude. I admit I'm not much of a fan of ECW yet this game was still pretty cool to play.

Gameplay 8- At first, I thought the game kind of sucked but after playing it for a while it became kind of fun. If you played attitude the controls are basically the same thing and in my opinion the controls are not that bad. I do find it is easier to pull off Aerial moves off the ropes then attitude, it seemed everytime you wanted to do an elbow off the rope the opponent would be back up by then in Attitude. The computer is not much of a challenge on the easier modes and will reverse more in the harders; It doesn't seem the computer has changed AT ALL from Attitude.

Graphics 8- Good, nothing really bad here, although I agree with other reviews on the collision detection problems but it's not that big of a deal.

Sound 2- Sucks, only 10 wrestlers have their theme songs and three of those are the same. The background music sucks and the commentary sucks, though I personnely hate commentary in games and see no point in it.

Replayability 9- Same as attitude, with the new mode of barbed wire which I think sucks but there is a lot of other cool things you do in this game.

To buy or to rent? - Rent it first, if you're a hardcore ECW fan then you'll problaby like this game, even if you aren't though you might like it anyways.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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