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Reviewed: 08/05/01 | Updated: 08/05/01

It is pretty Hardcore!!!

This game got bad reviews from all different websites like ANT. I still just bought it on sale for $20 and played it. I always give wrestling games a try, especially an ECW game because you'd expect it to be extreme but its from Acclaim so who knows? These are my thoughts.

Gameplay 5/10: This game has many match types but only a few unique ones like the stable match and barbwire match. It has a lot of moves but its hard to pull them off. The wrestlers dont stay down long and you do have to do a lot of button mashing. The career mode is a total copy of Attitude. It has one difference...It is much harder. The jobbers are even hard to beat on the hard level. But if you want a challenge this is your game. I just advise you to start on easy until you get the moves down. That's another thing the moves are hard to remember but the are realistic and that makes up for it.

Sound and Graphics 9/10: The sounds are great and all of the many weapons make nice sounds. The entrances are very good but there needed to be more theme songs added. The graphics are great with blood showing up many places besides face and chest and the barbwires make the back bleed. Besides the themes everything is firm and sound. Like I said before the moves are very realistic and at the beginning of the match they have each wrestler say there taunt there is many different ones for each wrestler. The best part of everything though is the crowd chanting at each wrestler as either insult of cheer. This game is good in the sounds and graphic department.

Play it again? 3/10: Since the career is hard you probably won't want to go through the hassle of playing it again. Unless you need secret wrestlers still, you probably wont play the career again if you are like me. The tournament is always fun though and they have many matches to try so that gives it a little replayability.

Story 6/10: Its ECW's only Nintendo 64 game and made by Acclaim. They copies Attitude except for wrestlers and a few matches. It's a good game and features all your favorites except the Dudley Boyz, and is Mature...meaning it has swears and blood. But that makes it unlike all the other wrestling games. It has a tournament as well as a career if you don't want to wrestle 50 matches and has a 2-4 player career where you and your friends all move up the ranks! Its cool but it needs Heyman.

Buy or rent...Buy it, it is worth the now low price of $15. You may want to rent it first to make sure its for you and make sure your mom wont yell at you for letting your little brother play it but besides that its worth it.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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