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FAQ/Move List by theraven2d9

Updated: 07/21/09

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By: theraven2d9

Hello everyone.  I don't really have much to say except that I
finally decided to create a guide for Dual Heroes.  This is my first
time doing one of these, so I hope it turns out well and I hope you
find it useful.

------Table of Contents------
1. Story (@1*)
2. Character Profiles (@2)
3. Basic Controls (@3)
4. Character Specific Move List (@4)
5. 2 Player Mode (@5)
6. Virtual Arcade Profiles (@6) 
7. Robot Mode (@7)
8. Medal Mode (@8)
9. Brief Strategy Guide (@9)
10. Game Ending (@10)
11. Questions/Comments (@11)
12. Copyright Stuff (@12)

Please use the Ctrl + F Function by copying what's in the parenthesis
to jump to that section.  Most of this stuff is taken straight from
the game or the instruction booklet.  The stuff contained in
brackets is from me, and the rest is from the game or the manual.


120 years ago, in preparation for the coming doom, mankind began an
exodus to the manmade satellites in outer space.  But the "Day of
Judgment" arrived even before half the population had escaped to
space.  The shift in the tectonic plate caused the shape of the
Pacific Ocean to change and a new continent was created.

After a 100 years, the only inhabitable area were limited to the area
around the new Pacific Ocean and the new continent.  New nations were
founded on this continent and mankind began rebuilding their lives.
In the midst of rebuilding, "Gaiathyst" a mineral which releases an
energy similar to gravity was discovered as a new source of endless

The nations began to war with each other for domination, but
conventional weapons were found useless due to the influence of the
Gaiathyst.  To fight under these conditions, the power suits used to
mine Gaiathyst were improved for combat.  But the "Gaiathyst War"
came to an abrupt end by the invading forces of the Zodgierra Empire
from outer space.

After conquering the nations, Emperor ZORR creates the "SAP", a
super gravity producing device.  Orbiting over the new continent,
the super gravity of the device, prohibits beings not wearing a
power suit to exist under it.  Protected by the super gravity, ZORR
commands his empire from a tower under the SAP.

A few brave make a stand to defeat ZORR.  They are the true Heroes!

------Character Profiles------@2

---Fire Hero GAI---

Height: 186 cm
Weight: 80 kg
Country: Neo-Tokio
Birthday: January 1st
Age: 25
Sex: Male
Occupation: Space Pilot
Blood Type: A
Suit: NT-SPACY T-709 Mars custom RII
Backstory: GAI was born on colony E and at the age of 10 moves to
Neo-Tokio on Earth.  Born in space and having received a special
education, GAI's intellectual and physical abilities far surpasses
that of any person born on Earth.  Because of his special abilities,
he becomes a member of the Mars exploration team.

During the exploration, the Zodgierra Empire attacks earth and GAI
and his team looses communication with earth.  Trying to return to
earth on their own, the team encounters difficulty and GAI is the
only survivor.  On returning to earth, what GAI finds is his home
destroyed and his people suffering under the tyranny of ZORR.

To free his people and to revenge the death of his colleagues, GAI
makes his way to the Tower of Zodgierra.

---Military Soldier GUN---

Height: 205 cm
Weight: 120 kg
Country: Guinbach
Birthday: October 10th
Age: 35
Sex: Male
Occupation: Spacy Soldier
Blood Type: O
Suit: DB-SPACY G-808 Commander custom RIV
Backstory: Guinbach Empire was the most powerful military empire
until it was conquered by Zodgierra.

GUN and his military colleagues had to fight as a part of the
Zodgierra military because their families had been take hostage.
While in a military mission on the central continent, ZORR suddenly
activated the SAP and the Guinbach military along with the enemy
forces was crushed under the super gravity.  GUN who was in the
Gaiathyst mine at the time escaped with his life, but swore revenge
on ZORR.

---Cutie Chaser HANA---

Height: 167 cm
Weight: 49 kg
Country: South Austreiria [Engrish for Australia?]
Birthday: March 3rd
Age: 18
Sex: Female
Occupation: Botanist
Blood Type: B
Suit: Dyson P-303 HANA special T-1
Backstory: HANA was a botanist living in South Austreiria.  This
land was unaffected by the "Gaiathyst War" and was full of plant
and animal life.  But when this land was conquered by Zodgierra,
ZORR removed all the beautiful plant life and had them replanted in
his personal garden.  HANA heads for the tower of Zodgierra to
defeat ZORR and to return her homeland to the beautiful land it once

---Dragon Kung-Fu HOE---

Height: 182 cm (191 cm)
Weight: 70 kg
Country: Pong Kong
Birthday: May 5th
Age: 30
Sex: Male
Occupation: Millionaire
Blood Type: B
Suit: Hoe Industry H-703R-XXXX
Backstory: The island nation of Pong Kong was the first to find the
use of Gaiathyst after the "Day of Judgment".  When the "Gaiathyst
War" began, HOE a peace loving millionaire who owns this island,
refused to get involved.  But like all other nations Pong Kong fell
to the invading forces of Zodgierra.  HOE escaped to a nearby
island and awaits his chance to reclaim his island.

---Bionic Beast JUIE---

Height: 177 cm (181 cm)
Weight: 69 kg
Country: Floating Continent
Birthday: Unknown
Age: Unknown
Sex: Unknown
Occupation: Unknown
Blood Type: Unknown
Suit: Unknown
Backstory: Alien species had lived on the floating continent created
on the "Day of Judgment". A space liner had crash landed on the
continent and the passengers were all killed except for an infant.
This infant was raised and named JIUE by the aliens.  All the aliens
except JIUE were massacred by the Zodgierra forces.  With revenge
in his heart, JIUE heads for the tower of Zodgierra.

---Super Ninja RETSU---

Height: 187 cm
Weight: 77 kg
Country: Neo-Tokio
Birthday: July 7th
Age: 2
Sex: Male
Occupation: Cyborg Assasinator
Blood Type: AB
Suit: Hattori FS-019 (HIEN)R-sp
Backstory: IGANO GENHACHIRO, a descendant of the Iga Ninja and a
power suit maker from Neo-Tokio had his son RETSU killed by the
invading Zodgierra forces.  GENHACHIRO created a clone of RETSU and
had it wear his masterpiece suit the "HIEN".  While programming the
clone, the experiment went awry killing GENHACHIRO.  Only leaving
the clone with the command "KILL ZORR".

---Dancing Lady KUMO---

Height: 177 cm
Weight: 53 kg
Country: Espariwood
Birthday: November 1st
Age: 21
Sex: Female
Occupation: Dancer
Blood Type: A
Suit: Dyson Q-606 KUMO Special t-3
Backstory: KUMO was a popular dancer of the "Mercury Theatre" in
Espariwood, a nation of show business founded on the west coast of
what was once America.  After being conquered by Zodgierra, show
business was banned and the theatre was shut down.  To return her
country to it's former glory, KUMO dances for the minions of
Zodgierra and awaits her chance to defeat ZORR.

---Dirty Fighter ZEN---

Height: 194 cm
Weight: 79 kg
Country: Zodgierra Empire
Birthday: Unknown
Age: Unknown
Sex: Unknown
Occupation: Commander
Blood Type: Unknown
Suit: ZG-SPACY M-101 t-ZIV
Backstory: ZEN was one of the generals of the Zodgierra military.
All the soldiers of the Zodgierra military were created from DNA
samples of ZORR except for ZEN, who was actually created from human
DNA by ZORR in the preparation for the invation of Earth.  After
questioning ZORR's tactics on using the SAP, ZEN is told of his
true origins and exiled from Zodgierra.

In search of his identity and a place to call home, ZEN makes his
way to the tower of Zodgierra to confront ZORR.

---Killer Sergeant GYN---
Height: 199 cm
Weight: 85 kg
Country: Zodgierra
Birthday: February
Age: 27
Sex: Male
Occupation: Sergeant
Blood Type: B
Suit: ZG-SPACY P-44 j-WV
Backstory: None

---Evil Fascinator RAY---
Height: 177 cm
Weight: 56 kg
Country: Zodgierra
Birthday: June 6th
Age: 21
Sex: Female
Occupation: Doctor
Blood Type: B
Suit: ZG-SPACY P-44 j-WV RAY special t-2
Backstory: None

------Basic Controls------@3

[Movement: Tilt the control stick either left or right to move and
down to crouch.  Tilting the stick twice either left or right causes
the character to hop in that direction.

Punch: A button.

Kick: C-Down button.

Guard: B or R button.  If the enemy strikes you while you are
guarding, you gain a slight amount of your health back.

Grab: Press B + A next to an opponent.  Two basic types of grabs can
be done depending whether the opponent is facing away from you or
towards you.

Free movement: This is done by holding down the Z button and moving
the control stick.

Running: Tap the Z button twice and hold on the 2nd time to run in
the direction you tilt the control stick.  If no direction is
indicated, the character will run towards the direction he is

Enter Lethal Change Mode: Press Guard 3 times and hold on the third
time until the transformation is complete.  You can only transform
once per match.

Jump: Hold B then tilt the control stick up.

Front Flip: Hold B then tilt the control stick towards the

Back Flip: Hold B then tilt the control stick away from the

Pause: To pause the game just press Start.  You can then choose to
exit to the main menu or resume play.

Taunt: The computer sure knows how to do this, but I don't.  The
character poses and then blinks his Lethal Change color.  Does
anyone know how to do this?  Please e-mail me if you do.

Camera Change: To change the camera angle between the two available
angles, front view and top down view, press the L button.

Stomp on an opponent: When an opponent is on the ground, the player
may press B + A or A + C-Down to stomp on them.

Staying on your feet: If you get knocked into the air just press
Punch + Kick for your character to do a flip and land on their feet.
The ability to do this depends on how high you were knocked into
the air.

Getting Off the Ground: Keep pressing B to get off the ground.  The
direction you press while pressing B makes the character roll in
that direction then get up.Attacking While Getting Up: Hold either
down or up and press C-Down to attack low or high while getting up.

*Note: Every character except for Gun can do this.]

------Move List------@4

[Guide: Some of the moves listed here are taken from the instruction
booklet.  The others that I found out myself are enclosed in
brackets.  Please excuse the simple and/or corny names for the
different moves (the ones I found as well as the ones listed in the
instruction booklet).  Keep in mind that out of all the moves I've
listed here, there might be some I don't know about.  Even the
instruction booklet says, "There are millions of moves and Combos
not shown in the Instruction Manual.  Please experiment with the
different Heroes."  Also, keep in mind that what I consider a "basic
combo" are the moves a character can do before briefly pausing or
stopping (i.e. "Punch, Punch, pause, Kick, Kick" is not a basic
combo in my opinion).  The moves I have listed here consist of BASIC
moves and combos.  Some combos can be strung together, but for
simplicity's sake, I only listed basic moves and combos in
this move list.

Also, all the moves listed here are assuming the player is standing
on the left facing an opponent to his/her right.

U = Up
R = Right
D = Down
L = Left
UL = Up Left
UR = Up Right
DL = Down Left
DR = Down Right
HU = Hold Up
HL = Hold Left
HR = Hold Right
HD = Hold Down
HUL = Hold Up Left
HUR = Hold Up Right
HDL = Hold Down Left
HDR = Hold Down Right
+ = press those buttons together at the same time

Now, on to the move list...]


Gai: D, HU Punch
Bomber: HD Punch + Kick
Dragon: Guard + Punch
Upper: D, HU Kick
Mars: D, R, U, UL, Punch
Bomb: HL, Guard + Punch
[Haymaker: HL Punch
Bomb Kick: HU Punch + Kick
Sweep Punch: HDL Punch
Hook: HR Punch
Slam: HL Guard + Punch (while behind an opponent)
Clothesline: Running Punch]

Lethal Change Special Moves
Burning: Guard, Guard, Punch
Punch: Guard, Guard, Kick

Space Shuttle: HR Punch, Punch, Punch, Kick, Kick
Mars Attack: Punch, Punch, Kick, Punch
[Sidekick Combo: Punch, Punch, Kick
Backfist Combo: Punch, Kick, Punch
Kick Combo: Kick, Kick
Punch Combo: Punch, Punch, Punch
Punch Kick Combo: Punch, Punch, Punch, Kick
Sweep Punch Combo: HDL Punch, Punch
Sweep String Combo: HDL Punch, HDL Punch, Punch, Punch, Punch]

Lethal Change Effect: Though the opponent is guarding, the attack
gives 1/2 the normal damage.


Body: HR Punch
Upper: HR Guard + Punch
Body: Starting with UL do a clockwise circle Guard + Punch
Hanger: U, UL, Punch
Merry-: HR Punch + Kick
Go-Round: HL Guard + Kick
Ax: U, UL, Guard + Punch
Bomber: L, HR Kick
[Backfist: Punch + Kick
Grab: HL Guard + Punch
Haymaker: L, HR Punch
Spinning Backfist: R, HL Punch
Sweep: HDL Kick
High Kick: HR Kick
Hammer Punch: HU Punch
Swift Hammer Punch: R, HUL Punch
Fist Sweep: HDR Punch
Sidekick: HL Kick
Body Blow: HR Punch
Knee: R, DR, D, DL, L Kick
High Knee: Running Kick
Running Backfist: Running Punch + Kick]

Lethal Change Special Moves
Power: Guard, Guard, Punch

Iron Muscle: HR Kick, Kick, Punch, Punch
Berg Leopard: HR Punch, Kick, Kick
[Double Backfist Combo: Punch, Kick, Punch
Charge: HR Punch, HL Punch
Kick Combo: Kick, Kick
Punch Combo: Punch, Punch, Punch
Punch Kick Combo: Punch, Punch, Kick
Spinning Backfist Combo: R, HL Punch, R, HL Punch (Note: this can
be repeated until the opponent gets knocked down)]

Lethal Change Effect: Will not be knocked down by the attack
of an opponent.


Punch High: HR Punch
Throw: Guard + Punch
Scissors: HR Guard + Punch
Throw: L, UL, U, UR, Punch
Fake Punch: HL Kick
Back Kick: Guard, Punch
Back Kick: D, DR, R, UR, U, UL, Guard + Punch
Pull Arm: HR Guard
[Backfist: Punch + Kick
Sweep Kick: R, DR, D, DL, L, Kick
Running Backfist: Running Punch + Kick
Elbow: Running Punch]

Lethal Change Special Move
Hana: Guard, Guard, Punch

Fake Punch, Kick & Punch: Punch, HD Kick, Punch
Punch, Kick Combo: Punch, Kick, Kick, Punch, Kick
[Back-kick Combo: HL Kick, Kick, Kick
"Hadouken" Combo: Punch, Kick, Punch]

Lethal Change Effect: Guarding an opponents attack will cause the
opponent to falter and become defenseless for a short period of time.


Punch: HL Punch
High: HU Kick
Heel Kick: Guard + Punch
High: HL Guard + Punch
Pile Drive: D, HU Kick
Throw: Punch + Kick
Throw: UL, L, DL, D, DR, Guard + Punch
With Legs: Starting with L do a Counter-clockwise full
circle Guard + Punch
[HOE Kick: D HU Kick

Backflip Kick: Punch + Kick
High Crescent Kick: HU Kick
Jump/Hop Kick: R L HR Kick
Running Kick: Running Kick]

Lethal Change Special Moves
Throw: Guard, Guard, Punch
[Slide Kick: Guard, Guard, Kick]

Left Guard, Kick Combo: Punch, Kick, HR Kick, Kick
Punch Kick Combo: Punch, Kick, Punch, Kick
[Kick Punch Combo: Kick, Punch, Kick
HOE Kick Combo: D, HU Kick, Kick
Backflip Kick Combo: Punch + Kick, Kick
Punch Combo: Punch, Punch, Punch]

Lethal Change Effect: The speed of the movement increases and
becomes easier to connect Combos.


Jump Punch: HD Punch + Kick
Flog Kick: HDL Punch + Kick
Kick: HD Guard + Punch
Throw: HR Guard + Punch
Throw: Running Punch
Scratch: Punch + Kick
Run & Punch: HL Guard + Punch
[Hammer Punch: HU Punch
Front Flip Kick: HU Kick
Sweep Kick: DL Kick
Jump Kick: Running Kick]

Lethal Change Special Moves
Throw Lite: Guard, Guard, Guard, Punch
Throw Lite: Guard, Guard, Kick
[Lightning Bolt: Guard, Guard, Guard, Kick
Slash: Guard, Guard, Punch]

Jungle Squall: Punch, Kick, Kick
Desert Hurricane: HR Punch, Punch, Kick, Punch
[Dive Kick Combo 1: Kick, Kick
Punch Combo: Punch, Punch, Punch
Hammer Combo: HU Punch, Punch, Punch
Uppercut Combo: Punch, Kick, Punch
Front Flip Kick Combo: HU Kick, Kick
Dive Kick Combo 2: Kick, Punch, Kick]

Lethal Change Effect: Will not be knocked down by the attack of an
opponent.[Note: JUIE will not flinch from his enemies' attacks while
in Lethal Change Mode.]


Punch: HU Punch
Punch Kick: HD Punch + Kick
Kick High: HD Guard + Punch
Kick Side: HR Guard
Throw: Punch + Kick
Big Jump: HL Punch + Kick
Flip &: HR Guard + Punch
Kick: Back, Starting with DR do a counter-clockwise full circle,
[Swordless Strike: HU Punch
Twirl Punch: U, HD Punch
Flip Kick: Punch + Kick]

Lethal Change Special Move
Guard: Guard, Guard, Punch

Elbow Punch Kick Combo: HL Punch, Punch, Kick, Punch
Kick Punch Combo: Kick, Punch, Punch, Kick, Punch
[Kick Combo: Kick, Kick*
Punch Combo: Punch, Punch, Punch*
Flip Kick Combo: Punch + Kick, Kick
Punch Kick Combo: Punch, Kick, Punch
Kick Punch COmbo: Kick, Punch, Kick

*Note: These combos can be repeated until the opponent gets
knocked down]

Lethal Change Effect:  Disappears, but will reappear when attacking
or when receiving damage.


Come On: HU Punch
Baby: HR Kick
Tail Beat: HR Guard + Punch
Concord: Starting with U do a full Counter-clockwise circle,
Guard + Punch
Tango: D, HU Kick
Noir: Guard + Punch
Back Fire: R, DR, D, DL, L, Guard + Punch
[Windmill: D, U, Punch
Elbow: R, HR Punch
High Kick: HL Kick
Double Kick: Punch + Kick
Low Punch: HDL Punch]

Lethal Change Special Moves
Flash: Guard, Guard, Punch
Dance: L, DL, D, DR, R, Guard
[Low Flash: Guard, Guard, Kick]

Un Due Trois: Punch, Kick, Kick
Love is Over: HR Punch, HR Punch, HR Punch, HR Punch
[Punch Combo: Punch, Punch, Punch
Kick Combo: Kick, Kick (Note: this can be repeated until the
opponent gets knocked down)
Ballet Twirl Combo 1: Punch, Punch, Kick
Ballet Twirl Combo 2: Kick, Punch, Kick
Windmill Combo: Punch, Kick, Punch]

Lethal Change Effect: Guarding an opponents attack will cause the
opponent to falter and become defenseless for a short period of time.
[In other words, if your opponent blocks, they will falter
from your attack.]


Piston: HR Punch
Speed: HR Kick
Kick: HR Guard + Punch
Tomahaw: UL, U, UR, R, Kick
K Whip: HD Punch + Kick
Face: UR, U, UL, L, Kick
Crush: UL, U, UR, R, Guard + Punch
Freeze: Back, HL Guard + Punch
[Hammer Punch: HU Punch]

Lethal Change Special Moves
Blizzard: Guard, Guard, Kick
[Hard Punch: Guard, Guard, Punch]

Blue Impulse: Punch, Kick, Punch, HL Punch
Speed Circuit: Punch, HL Kick, Kick, Kick
[Punch Combo: Punch, Punch, Punch
Kick Combo: Kick, Kick, Kick
Sweep Combo: Punch, Kick, Kick
Jump Kick Combo: HU Kick, Kick]

Lethal Change Effect: Though the opponent is guarding, the attack
gives 1/2 of normal damage.


[Punch High: HL Punch
Low Backfist: HDL Punch
Sidekick: HR Kick
Face Kick: HL Kick
Sweep: HDL Kick
Back-kick: D, U, Kick
Knee: R, HL Kick
High Knee: L, HR Kick
Jump Kick: Punch + Kick
Running Jump Kick: Running Kick

Elbow Combo: Punch, Punch, Punch
Kick Combo: Kick, Kick
Twirl Kick Combo: Kick, Punch, Kick
Punch Kick Combo: Punch, Kick, Kick
Kick Punch Combo: Kick, Punch

Lethal Change Special Moves
[Flash: Guard, Guard, Punch
Low Flash: Guard, Guard, Kick

Lethal Change Effect: Guarding an opponents attack will cause the
opponent to falter and become defenseless for a short period
of time.  In other words, if your opponent blocks, they will falter
from your attack.]


[Hammer Punch: HU Punch
Haymaker: HL Punch
Elbow: R, HR Punch
Low Kick: HL Kick
Sidekick: HR Kick
High Kick: HU Kick
Double Air Kick: D, U, Kick
Jump Kick: R, L, HR Kick
Backflip Kick: Punch + Kick
Jumping Headbutt: HU Punch + Kick
Uppercut: HD Punch + Kick
Slide Kick: Running Kick

Lethal Change Special Move
Rising Earth: Guard, Guard, Kick

Punch Combo: Punch, Punch, Punch
Kick Combo: Kick, Kick
Elbow Combo: Punch, Kick, Punch
Elbow/Jump Kick Combo: Kick, Punch, Kick
Jump Kick Combo: Punch, Punch, Kick

Lethal Change Effect: Though the opponent is guarding, the attack
gives 1/2 the normal damage.]

------2 Player Mode------@5

[By choosing this mode you can play against a friend.  Depending if
your friend has a controller pack or not, you can bet medals and
display both your profiles next to the life bars of the characters
you'll be controlling.]

---Character Select---

-Control the Character Yourself-
The Heroes on the top are the ones Player 1 may play and the bottom
are the ones Player 2 may play.  Use the Control Sick to select and
press the A button to decide.  When the same Hero is chosen the
Player who chooses last will play with the extra color Hero.
[By pressing the Z button and selecting a character, you can choose
their extra color (This is also listed here on the cheats section on
gamefaqs.  By pressing down on the Control Stick, you lower the
character's defense.  If you put it all the way down it only takes
about 2 hits to beat the character.  Also, one major bummer about
this game is that if Player 2 wants to control the hidden
characters, Player 2 needs to have a controller pak with those
characters unlocked.]

-Have the Robot Control the Character-
Press the R Button to have the Robot control your character.  The
word "Robot" will appear under the Player icon.  Both Players may
have the Robot control the characters.

*To save the data from the game, a Controller Pak is needed in both

---Stage Select---
[You can select from one of the 9 stages used in Story Mode.
Stages 1-3 are on the top, stages 4-6 are in the middle, and
stages 7-9 are on the bottom.]

---Select the Type of Wall---
The type of wall which surrounds the fighting arena can be chosen.

Wall Off - There are no walls around the arena and there are
Ring Outs.

Wall On - There are walls around the arena and there are no
Ring Outs.

Damage Wall - When the character touches the wall they will receive
damage. [My personal favorite choice.]

---Bet A Medal---
When you clear the game, you will receive a Dual Heroes Medal.  You
may bet this Medal against another player.  Press the Control Stick
left or right to select the Medal you wish to bet (When you do not
have a Medal the betting screen will not appear).  Press the A
Button to decide and the B Button to Cancel.  When you do not wish
to bet your Medal press the Control Stick until "NO" is displayed
and press the A Button to decide.  When only one Player is betting,
then the game will be considered a No bet match.

--Rank Up and Getting A Medal--

-When betting medals with different ranks-
Higher the rank wins the match: The winner wil receive the loser's

Lower rank wins the match: The winner's Medal rank will increase by
1 and the loser's will decrease by 1.

-When betting medals with a same rank-
The winner's Medal will increase by 1 and the winner will receive
the loser's Medal.

-When the medal rank becomes 20 and over, the medal will become a
gold medal-

------Virtual Arcade Mode------@6

[Before the days of online multiplayer, we had games like Dual
Heroes that tried to compensate for that.  Here's how the
instruction booklet describes it.]

---Virtual Gamers---
In the year 20XX a group of Gamers are playing the fighting game
"HEROES" in an arcade in Tokio.  You will join the Gamers in a match
of the game "HEROES".  As with live Gamers these AI characters have
different fighting styles and personalities.  They are the
Virtual Gamers.

---Virtual Gamer Selection---
Press the Control Stick left or right to select the Gamer and press
the A Button to decide.  A profile screen including a graph which
shows the fighting style of the Gamer will appear.
AT: Attack
DF: Defense
TH: Throw
MV: 3D movement
CB: Combo
SP: Special attacks
The higher the peak of the graph the stronger the Gamer is in that
ability.  Press the A Button to fight the Gamer or press the B
Button to cancel.  [After selecting a Gamer, the options for
fighting them will be exactly the same as in the 2 Player Mode.]

---Virtual Gamer Profiles---

Birthday: July 7th
Age: 19
Height: 158 cm
Weight: 42 kg
Blood Type: B
Occupation: Pop Singer
Backstory: She's a multi-media popular singer who can sing, dance
and is a great game player.  All her CD's become mega hits and she's
the fashion leader of the young.  She waits for her opponent to
attack and then counter-attacks.

---ALAN & MILAN---
Birthday: October 10th
Age 9
Blood Type: AB
Height: 145 cm
Weight: 30 kg
Occupation: nothing
Height: 149 cm
Weight: 32 kg
Occupation: Magician
Backstory: Though they are twins, ALAN was raised in the jungle and
MILAN was raised by a magician's family.  Though ALAN has returned
to civilization, he still has his animal instincts.  He hasn't been
playing video games for a long time but uses his animal instincts
to fight.

Birthday: November 11th
Age: 27
Height: 165 cm
Weight: 49 kg
Blood Type: AB
Occupation: Secretary for CEO
Backstory: During the day she is a quiet secretary for a major
corporation, but at night she lets down her hair and allows her
sadistic personality to come through.  Wearing a sexy costume, she
releases the stress of the day by playing games at arcades.  Much
like her costume, her fighting style is full of flash.

Birthday: June 8th
Age: 30
Height: 185 cm
Weight: 75 kg
Blood Type: AB
Occupation: Master of Martial Arts
Backstory: He is a master of the martial arts and a doctor of both
oriental and western medicine.  He himself is a powerful fighter,
but believes a fighting game is better suited to train his mental
skills and often visits a video arcade.

Birthday: August 8th
Age: 20
Height: 180 cm
Weight: 69 kg
Blood Type: A
Occupation: Concert Pianist
Backstory: A talented pianist who has recieved special education
since he was an infant.  He taps the controls as if playing a piano
and his fighting style is agressive but at times subtle, like a
classical symphony.  He is a well balanced player in both attack
and defense.

Birthday: September 9th
Age: 27
Height: 172 cm
Weight: 56 kg
Blood Type: B
Occupation: Race Car Driver
Backstory: A Formula 1 racer with great reflexes, he claims the
characters in the game move in slow motion for him and he can void
their attacks.  His attacks lack flash but are damaging to his

Birthday: May 5th
Age: 30
Height: 200 cm
Weight: 100 kg
Blood Type: O
Occupation: Professional Mechanicball Player
Backstory: A star player of Mechanic Ball, a futuristic game which
is a cross between American Football and Roller-Derby, Bill uses his
strength by continuously attacking his opponents relentlessly.

Birthday: February 3rd
Age: 45
Height: 165 cm
Weight: 65 kg
Blood Type: A
Occupation: Professional Gamer
Backstory: A game maniac who's well versed in all genre of video
games.  He is a dirty fighter who will analyze his opponent at the
beginning of the fight, and then towards the end he will
deliberately attack his opponent's weaknesses.

Backstory: A training robot developed to train the fighters.  It has
a special AI chip which gives it the capability to mimic and learn
the moves of the one who fights against it.  But it still needs
to be trained.

------Robot Mode------@7

[Selecting this mode lets you train the Robot.]

---Training Rate---
This shows which Hero the Robot can play with.  THe graph will be
longer for the Heroes which the Robot can better control.  The
better the Robot is with a particular Hero the color of the graph
will also change from Yellow to Orange to Green [Yellow being the
worst and Green being the best].

---Fighting Style Bar---
The bar shows the fighting style of the Robot in 6 different colors.
The wider the bar, the more the Robot uses that style.

---How to Train the Robot---
The Robot will control the same Hero the Player chooses.  When the
Player makes a move, the Robot will learn that move.  If the Player
defends, the Robot will learn to defend and if the Player throws,
the Robot will learn to throw.  What the Robot learned will be
displayed in 6 different colors in the Fighting Style Bar in the
middle of the screen.  Let's teach the Robot all sorts of different
moves.  Even if the Robot learns to punch using the Hero GAI, the
Robot will not learn to punch using the Hero GUN.  In order to teach
the Robot to punch using the Hero GUN, you must train it with the
Hero GUN and same for any other Hero.  How well the Robot is
trained for each Hero will be displayed in the Training Rate graph.

------Medal Mode------@8

---See the Medals---
Up to 6 Medals can be displayed in 1 screen.  There are a total of
5 Medal display pages and a total of 30 Medals can be recorded.
When you receive over 30 Medals, follow the instructions displayed
on the screen and delete an unwanted Medal.

---Gold Medal---
When The Medal rank becomes 20 and over, the Medal will become a
Gold Medal.  When both Medals which were bet in VS 2P MODE are rank
19, the winners Medal will become a Gold Medal.

---Deleting Medals---
When the A Button is pressed while in the MEDAL MODE a [] will
appear around a Medal.  Move the [] to the Medal you wish to delete
and press the A Button to decide.  Select "Yes" and press the A
Button and the Medal will be deleted.

[Medal Mode, to me, seems like an early attempt at the
"Achievements" games have nowadays.  They don't really do anything,
but I guess it's nice to have them so you can bet them against your
friends when you play them.  I don't have any "Gold Medals", so I
don't really know if they do anything that the normal medals don't
do, but I'm pretty sure they're just there for show as well.]

------Brief Strategy Guide------@9

[Here's a brief strategy guide I came up with while playing story
mode on hard.  Here are some tips on how to beat each of
the fighters:

GAI: GAI is no cakewalk.  He combos you very often and defends when
you try to retaliate.  Press your attack and eventually you'll find
an opening.  Just be careful not to leave yourself open or else GAI
will kick your butt.

GUN: GUN is pretty strong so try to avoid getting hit by him.  He
doesn't defend too much, but he does attack a lot.  Fortunately he
is slow so you can use this to your advantage by finding an opening
and exploiting it.

HANA: HANA is very fast.  She likes to keep attacking you, leaving
you with no room to breathe.  Defend well, keep your distance if
possible, and wait for a chance to start punishing her.

HOE: HOE's combos can be deadly.  Defend yourself and don't get
cornered.  Attack him when he's open and, if possible, use the stage
to your advantage.

JUIE: JUIE is fast and he attacks a lot.  His defense is pretty good
too, but if you just keep pressing your attack you should
overwhelm him.

RETSU: RETSU likes to move around a lot.  Keep attacking him and he
shouldn't do much to defend himself.  Don't let him start combo-ing
you since he can do some pretty nasty 9-10 hit combos if you let him.

KUMO: KUMO defends by keeping a slight distance from you, and then
combo-ing when she gets the chance.  Try to keep up your attack and
you should do fine against her.

ZEN: ZEN will keep a slight distance away from you and block until
there is a break in your attacks.  Then he will come in with some
combos of his own.  Try to press your attack as much as possible
and defend when necessary.

RAY: RAY's stage is quite maneuverable, so the falling off the edge
shouldn't be too much of a problem.  RAY blocks quite a bit and
combos you pretty well when you are open which makes her pretty
challenging.  Try to knock her off the edge for an easier KO.

GYN: GYN's stage is the same as RAY's so the same strategies apply.
GYN is pretty well balanced.  He'll try to go into Lethal Change
Mode if you get too far from him so use this as an opportunity to
use your character's running attack.  Knocking him off the edge is
the easiest way to defeat him since he is pretty tough.

ZORR: ZORR's stage is big and it has a wall.  This leaves no room
for cheap KO's or deaths which is good for you yet bad for you since
ZORR is very strong.  His attacks pack a punch - especially his grab
moves.  Your best bet is to stay away and let him try to go into
Lethal Change Mode.  You can then do a running attack and back away.
Just repeat this as many times as you can and you should win the
fight fairly easily.

GEZORR: GEZORR blocks A LOT so finding an opening won't be easy.
But, like ZORR, he does try to go into Lethal Change Mode when
you're far away.  Do the same thing you did with ZORR and he
shouldn't be too much of a problem.  However, should he happen to
enter Lethal Change Mode, watch out!  Like RETSU, he becomes
invisible, and, since he attacks and blocks a lot, things could get
ugly for you.  Try to rely on your character to tell you where he
is.  If you think he's close, it might be best to try to get away.
If you're not sure where he is, press Z to get your character to
face him.  If you can, retaliate by going into Lethal Change Mode
yourself and using your Special Moves.]

------Game Ending------@10

At last ZORR and the Zodgierra Empire is defeated.  But what caused
ZORR to transform into GEZORR?  Was it some evil power instilled
within the Gaiathyst?  If so, what will happen to me?  I must find
the answer.  Until then, my battle is not truly over.

[Yeah, I admit, the ending is pretty lame.  What's worse is that's
the SAME ending for all of the characters.  It'd be nice if they'd
have put a little more effort into that and at least had some
different text.  Ah well.  I still think the game is awesome - in
some weird way.  I know it's received a lot of criticism and not
many people like it, but there's just something about it that I
find fun.  I really think it's a good game.  Anyway, that's it.]


[As for codes on how to get the secret characters and extra Virtual
Arcade personalities, the tips found in the cheat section here on
gamefaqs work just fine so I won't reiterate them here.  I will,
however, say that I don't think you can unlock ZORR in this game.
I did what it said in the cheat section and nothing happened.
Anyway, I'm pretty sure you can't unlock him because when you look
in the Robot Mode, there isn't any space for his name among the
list of Heroes.  I'd just thought I'd mention that here.

Well there you have it.  After over 10 years there is finally a
guide up for Dual Heroes.  I never thought I'D be the one to create
it though.  I wouldn't be surprised if nobody ever read this thing,
but oh well.  I know there are a few fans of this game out there.
I hope all 3 of you will appreciate this guide.  Anyway, if any of
you 3 have any questions or comments about this FAQ you can go ahead
and e-mail me.  I don't know if I plan to update this FAQ at all,
but you can still go ahead and share some of the things I left out
with me.  If I decide to add what you told me I'll be sure to give
you credit for it of course.  Ok, well, my e-mail address is teague
kidd at hotmail dot com.  All of that together of course.]

------Copyright Stuff------@12

[Everything from the instruction booklet and the game belong to
Electro Brain, Electro Source, and/or Hudson Soft.  Licensed by

I do not take credit for anything that I said I got from the game
or the instruction booklet.  Everything belongs to the companies
listed above.

I do not take credit for designing that cool ASCII banner I put at
the top and the bottom either.  That was done by an ASCII art
generator located at this website:


Ok I hope I covered all the legal stuff I needed to cover.]

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