• Enable Features menu and start new game with Everything

    Press Start to pause the game, select Options to bring up the Options menu, select Password, and enter one of these passwords.
    Each password enables the Features menu (cheat-options menu), and gives the player 200% health, 200% armor, a backpack,
    maximum weapons and ammo, and all 3 Demon Artifacts.

    Start with Everything at "BE GENTLE!" Skill?QDM 7HYC BB4X FJVB
    Start with Everything at "BRING IT ON!" Skill?LD4 7HYB BB4D CJVB
    Start with Everything at "I OWN DOOM!" Skill?GFM 7HYT BB9X KHVB
    Start with Everything at "WATCH ME DIE!" Skill?BF4 7HYS BB9D HHVB

    Contributed By: Ledmeister.

    17    16

  • Level Codes

    On the Title Screen, click on the Options and from the Options, choose Password and then enter these codes:

    Level 10 - The BleedingD7F7 HDZT LFTD FR9B
    Level 11 - Terror CoreNQ1K 691F ??CR PGGB
    Level 12 - Altar of PainM99G HJY1 3FDN YRQB
    Level 13 - Dark Citadel4SNQ W3GW PPXY T9VB
    Level 14 - Eye of the Storm383S WGCS RC2P TLLB
    Level 15 - Dark Entries3RNL 4CC5 CVYP ?GLB
    Level 16 - Blood Keep29HC 4HH1 Y1TR PV3B
    Level 17 - Watch Your Step2QK4 6HMQ F7GR 42BB
    Level 18 - Spawned Fear1748 HSWL NC9? F4BB
    Level 19 - The Spiral1QFP Mb2N KZHM F73B
    Level 2 - The TerraformerCQXK QBXT SY1? DSK7
    Level 20 - Breakdown07VL HDX1 BCQR YDLB
    Level 21 - PitfallsORT? 4RD7 T4P9 K?BB
    Level 22 - Burnt OfferingsZ9MG ?W79 64X4 873B
    Level 23 - Unholy TempleZR67 ?H8G M1?Q ZPBB
    Level 24 - No EscapeY7Z3 071G CT74 JGVB
    Level 25 - Cat And Mouse (Under "Features")?TJL BDFW BFGV JVVB
    Level 26 - Hardcore (Under "Features)?TJL BDFW BFGV JVVB
    Level 27 - Playground (Under "Features")?TJL BDFW BFGV JVVB
    Level 28 - The AbsolutionW7JM OLX1 FRKR KMLB
    Level 29 - Outpost OmegaRQ81 HNX6 7FOH 5??B
    Level 3 - Main EngineeringB9MG 2H9P 4KNH ZZ2Z
    Level 30 - The LairV8C6 W3HL KPP4 1HBB
    Level 31 - Into the VoidVRL5 6WQV H?WP LTVB
    Level 32 - HecticT8BL GD2H BCR3 X1VB
    Level 4 - Holding AreaC?LB 6MN2 WTGF WJKB
    Level 5 - Tech CenterCSP2 6NWZ ?8PF 6TKB
    Level 6 - Alpha QuadrantB96Z HSWT 3CTD FC?B
    Level 7 - Research LabB5JD 4WB6 048W 2DKB
    Level 8 - Final OutpostF90C H111 XC4T XV9B
    Level 9 - Even SimplerFSSX H1WB ZDF? 6B1B

    Contributed By: YSF, Nomad Z 2000, Majic 2002, and ironyisntdead.

    7    5

  • Play Hectic Demo

    At the password prompt, enter this password. Then, return to the title screen and wait for the game's introduction screen to show (just wait for about 30 seconds, and the screen will change). Now wait for the 3 demos. After the 3rd demo, there will be a 4th demo, showing how to beat Level 32: Hectic.

    In the 3-demo cylce, a fourth demo will appear showing how to beat Level 32: HecticRVNH 3CT1 CD3M 0???

    Contributed By: peach freak.

    0    1

  • Skip levels on I own doom! difficulty

    Enter these at the password screen to skip to that level.

    Level 02CNN8 9BJ0 680T NVK?
    Level 03C5L8 9BJW 682T DVK?
    Level 04DNJ8 9BJR 684S 5VK?
    Level 05D5G8 9BJM 686S XVK?
    Level 06FND8 9BJH 688S NVK?
    Level 07F5B8 9BJC 68?S DVK?
    Level 08GN98 9BC8 69CR 6BK?
    Level 09G578 9BC4 69FR YBK?
    Level 10HN58 9BC0 69HR PBK?
    Level 11H538 9BCW 69KR FBK?
    Level 12JN18 9BCR 69MQ 6BK?
    Level 13J5Z8 9BCM 69PQ YBK?
    Level 14KNX8 9BCH 69RQ PBK?
    Level 15K5V8 9BCC 69TQ FBK?
    Level 16LPS8 9BB8 69WP 6VK?
    Level 17L6Q8 9BB4 69YP YVK?
    Level 18MPN8 9BB0 690P PVK?
    Level 19M6L8 9BBW 692P FVK?
    Level 20NPJ8 9BBR 694N 6VK?
    Level 21N6G8 9BBM 696N YVK?
    Level 22PPD8 9BBH 698N PVK?
    Level 23P6B8 9BBC 69?N FVK?
    Level 24QP98 9BF8 6?CM 6BK?
    Level 25Q678 9BF4 6?FM YBK?
    Level 26RP58 9BF0 6?HM PBK?
    Level 27R638 9BFW 6?KM FBK?
    Level 28SP18 9BFR 6?ML 6BK?
    Level 29S6Z8 9BFM 6?PL YBK?
    Level 30TPX8 9BFH 6?RL PBK?
    Level 31T6V8 9BFC 6?TL FBK?
    Level 32VLS8 9BD8 6?WK 5VK?

    Contributed By: bigboss233 and ironyisntdead.

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  • Skip levels on Watch me die! difficulty:

    Level 02csnr 9bjz 680? lvk?
    Level 03c9lr 9bjv 683? bvk?
    Level 04dsjr 9bjq 6849 3vk?
    Level 05d9gr 9bjl 6869 vvk?
    Level 06fsdr 9bjg 6889 lvk?
    Level 07f9br 9bjb 68?9 bvk?
    Level 08gs9r 9bc7 69c8 4bk?
    Level 09g97r 9bc3 69f8 wbk?
    Level 10hs5r 9bcz 69h8 mbk?
    Level 11h93r 9bcv 69k8 cbk?
    Level 12JS1R 9BCQ 69M7 4BK?
    Level 13J9ZR 9BCL 69P7 WBK?
    Level 14KSXR 9BCG 69R7 MBK?
    Level 15K9VR 9BCB 69T7 CBK?
    Level 16LTSR 9BB7 69W6 4VK?
    Level 17L?QR 9BB3 69Y6 WVK?
    Level 18MTNR 9BBZ 6906 MVK?
    Level 19M?LR 9BBV 6926 CVK?
    Level 20NTJR 9BBQ 6945 4VK?
    Level 21N?GR 9BBL 6965 WVK?
    Level 22PTDR 9BBG 6985 MVK?
    Level 23P?BR 9BBB 69?5 CVK?
    Level 24QT9R 9BF7 6?C4 4BK?
    Level 25Q?7R 9BF3 6?F4 WBK?
    Level 26RT5R 9BFZ 6?H4 MBK?
    Level 27R?3R 9BFV 6?K4 CBK?
    Level 28ST1R 9BFQ 6?M3 4BK?
    Level 29S?ZR 9BFL 6?P3 WBK?
    Level 30TTXR 9BFG 6?R3 MBK?
    Level 31T?VR 9BFB 6?T3 CBK?
    Level 32VQSR 9BD7 6?W2 3VK?

    Contributed By: Anonymous and ironyisntdead.

    0    0

  • Skip some levels on Skill Level: Be Gentle

    Go to the Password screen and enter the following:

    Skip Level 02 on Skill Level Be Gentlecdp8 9bj2 68zt svk?
    Skip Level 03 on Skill Level Be Gentlecxm8 9bjy 681t jvk?
    Skip Level 04 on Skill Level Be Gentleddk8 9bjt 683s 9vk?
    Skip Level 05 on Skill Level Be Gentledxh8 9bjp 685s 1vk?
    Skip Level 06 on Skill Level Be Gentlefdf8 9bjk 687s svk?
    Skip Level 07 on Skill Level Be Gentlefxc8 9bjf 689s jvk?
    Skip Level 08 on Skill Level Be Gentlegd?8 9bc? 69br ?bk?
    Skip Level 09 on Skill Level Be Gentlegx88 9bc6 69dr 2bk?
    Skip Level 10 on Skill Level Be Gentlehd68 9bc2 69gr tbk?
    Skip Level 11 on Skill Level Be Gentlehx48 9bcy 69jr kbk?
    Skip Level 12 on Skill Level Be Gentlejd28 9bct 69lq ?bk?
    Skip Level 13 on Skill Level Be Gentlejx08 9bcp 69nq 2bk?
    Skip Level 14 on Skill Level Be Gentlekdy8 9bck 69qq tbk?
    Skip Level 15 on Skill Level Be Gentlekxw8 9bcf 69sq kbk?
    Skip Level 16 on Skill Level Be Gentlelft8 9bb? 69vp ?vk?
    Skip Level 17 on Skill Level Be Gentlelyr8 9bb6 69xp 2vk?
    Skip Level 18 on Skill Level Be Gentlemfp8 9bb2 69zp tvk?
    Skip Level 19 on Skill Level Be Gentlemym8 9bby 691p kvk?
    Skip Level 20 on Skill Level Be Gentlenfk8 9bbt 693n ?vk?
    Skip Level 21 on Skill Level Be Gentlenyh8 9bbp 695n 2vk?
    Skip Level 22 on Skill Level Be Gentlepff8 9bbk 697n tvk?
    Skip Level 23 on Skill Level Be Gentlepyc89bbf699n kvk?
    Skip Level 24 on Skill Level Be Gentleqf?8 9bf?6?bm ?bk?
    Skip Level 25 on Skill Level Be Gentleqy88 9bf66?dm 2bk?
    Skip Level 26 on Skill Level Be Gentlerf68 9bf2 6?gm tbk?
    Skip Level 27 on Skill Level Be Gentlery48 9bfy 6?jm kbk?
    Skip Level 28 on Skill Level Be Gentlesf28 9bft 6?ll ?bk?
    Skip Level 29 on Skill Level Be Gentlesy08 9bfp 6?nl 2bk?
    Skip Level 30 on Skill Level Be Gentletfy8 9bfk 6?ql tbk?
    Skip Level 31 on Skill Level Be Gentletyw8 9bff 6?sl kbk?
    Skip Level 32 on Skill Level Be Gentlevbt8 9bd? 6?vk 9vk?

    Contributed By: surferdude509.

    0    2

  • Skip to some levels in Skill level: Bring it on

    Go to the Password screen and enter the following codes:

    Skip to level 02 on skill level: Bring it oncjpr 9bj1 68z? qvk?
    Skip to level 03 on skill level: Bring it onc1mr 9bjx 681? gvk?
    Skip to level 04 on skill level: Bring it ondjkr 9bjs 6839 7vk?
    Skip to level 05 on skill level: Bring it ond1hr 9bjn 6859 zvk?
    Skip to level 06 on skill level: Bring it onfjfr 9bjj 6879 qvk?
    Skip to level 07 on skill level: Bring it onf1cr 9bjd 6899 gvk?
    Skip to level 08 on skill level: Bring it ongj?r 9bc9 69b8 8bk?
    Skip to level 09 on skill level: Bring it ong18r 9bc5 69d8 0bk?
    Skip to level 10 on skill level: Bring it onhj6r 9bc1 69g8 rbk?
    Skip to level 11 on skill level: Bring it onh14r 9bcx 69j8 hbk?
    Skip to level 12 on skill level: Bring it onjj2r 9bcs 6917 8bk?
    Skip to level 13 on skill level: Bring it onj10r 9bcn 69n7 0bk?
    Skip to level 14 on skill level: Bring it onkjyr 9bcj 69q7 rbk?
    Skip to level 15 on skill level: Bring it onk1wr 9bcd 69s7 hbk?
    Skip to level 16 on skill level: Bring it on1ktr 9bb9 69v6 8vk?
    Skip to level 17 on skill level: Bring it on12rr 9bb5 69x6 0vk?
    Skip to level 18 on skill level: Bring it onmkpr 9bb1 69z6 rvk?
    Skip to level 19 on skill level: Bring it onm2mr 9bbx 6916 hvk?
    Skip to level 20 on skill level: Bring it onnkkr 9bbs 6935 8vk?
    Skip to level 21 on skill level: Bring it onn2hr 9bbn 6955 0vk?
    Skip to level 22 on skill level: Bring it onpkfr 9bbj 6975 rvk?
    Skip to level 23 on skill level: Bring it onp2cr 9bbd6995 hvk?
    Skip to level 24 on skill level: Bring it onqk?r 9bf9 6?b4 8bk?
    Skip to level 25 on skill level: Bring it onq28r 9bf5 6?d4 0bk?
    Skip to level 26 on skill level: Bring it onrk6r 9bf1 6?g4 rbk?
    Skip to level 27 on skill level: Bring it onr24r 9bfx 6?j4 hbk?
    Skip to level 28 on skill level: Bring it onsk2r 9bfs6?13 8bk?
    Skip to level 29 on skill level: Bring it ons20r 9bfn 6?n3 obk?
    Skip to level 30 on skill level: Bring it ontkyr 9bfj 6?q3 rbk?
    Skip to level 31 on skill level: Bring it ont2wr 9bfd 6?s3 hbk?
    Skip to level 32 on skill level: Bring it onvgtr 9bd9 6?v2 7vk?

    Contributed By: surferdude509.

    0    1


  • Super Duper Speed

    You can exploit the N64 controller's "Neutral position reset"; feature easily in this game. What you do is hold down on the control stick, then simultaneously press L+R+Start. What this does is set the "down" position on the joystick to neutral. So what happens when you press up? You go REALLY FAST! Problem with this is that the neutral position is now "Down." To fix it, just let the joystick go neutral, then press the button combination again.

    This works GREAT in the first hidden level, "Outpost Omega" when trying to do the switch puzzle to get the artifact.

    Contributed By: Sol_Sadguy.

    1    4


  • Features Menu (the alternate way)

    On any skill level, beat Level 32: Hectic using the exit where you need each key. Then, for the rest of the game, there will be a Features menu when you press Pause (it will disappear if you shut off your Nintendo 64 or you exit the game).

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Features MenuBeat Level 32: Hectic (using the exit where you need each key)

    Contributed By: peach freak.

    4    2

  • Ultimate Cheat Code

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    ?TJL BDFW BFGV JVVBEnter code then start game. Press pause and go to 'features'. You can now access all levels, all maps, all weapons/ammo, max health and invincibility.

    Contributed By: 0_zerocool_0.

    13    9


  • Hectic - Map 32

    To unlock Hectic, you need to go to the first level, and shoot EVERY explosive barrel in the level, EXCEPT for the first one you see when on the staging platform. After you shoot the other 9 barrels, use the teleporter (Hidden in one of the walls in the main corridor) to return to the start of the level. Then, shoot the barrel you left and turn directly behind you, and go into the room with the berzerk pack. There will be an open teleporter- a blood stain marks the entrance. Be sure to hurry- it doesn't stay open long!

    Once you get here, good luck- some consider this one of the hardest Doom levels ever made! Once you beat this level, you unlock the Features menu.

    Contributed By: Sol_Sadguy.

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