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Secrets FAQ by Diabloexclamationpt

 Diddy Kong racing Secrets Faq

 Hi I am Dylan. I will tell you  where secrets are in Diddy Kong racing are.

 Note. This is  a spoiler. and not a very long faq because this my first faq. 
But I've owned  DKR for 1 year and know its secrets.

 Wizpig amulet: This amulet Gives access to wizpig himself. To get it you will 
need to enter a level and pick one of its races. win that stage to win a 
balloon. win all the balloons in the races(one from each race!) and you will 
race the boss of that level. Beat the Boss and He will challenge you to the 
silver coin challenge. go to won of the race find all the silver coins and get 
them by running through them and get in first place to get all the Balloons you 
will race the Boss again. This time he's quicker and there are more obstacles. 
Beat him and win 1 quarter of the wizpig amulet.

 Trophy race: When you get a piece of the amulet the trophy race for that level 
opens up. Gold wizpig. Silver taj and bronze T.T trophies are awarded. Come in 
1st  in a race to get 9 points. 2nd to get 7.3rd to get 5. 4th to get 3. 5th to 
get 1. and the rest zero.

 T.T Keys. To open up the T.T  challenge door you must find Keys. The location's 
of these keys are:

 Ancient lake: Keep Driving look to the Right you will see it. If you don't Too 

 Snowball valley: as soon as you start turn left in to a  path in the mountain 
then look right and you will see it.

 Crescent island:  as soon as you start turn in to the left path, when you see 
the Zipper near a magnet balloon turn into the water and go toward a big rock or 
something and look right you will see the key.(It's better to use the hover for 
this one.

 Boulder canyon: Go to Boulder canyon and drive until you  see a bell keep 
driving until you see a bell. drive pass turn a round and go through it, the 
bridge will raise up, You must have a boost to go up the bridge at the top is  
the key, press r to hop around and stay up on a ledge.     

                             (when you get a key you don't finish the race press 
pause to go back to the main lobby and it's yours.

T.T challenges: 

Fire mountain: You must get egg's and bring them  to your nest. press Z to drop 
them in your nest. Hatch three eggs and you win 1 quarter of the T.T amulet.

 Icicle pyramid: Simple kill all the people and you win.

 Darkwater beach: See icicle pyramid.

 Smokey castle you must get ten bananas. Find 1or 2 and bring them to your 
treasure chest. Get ten and you win.

T.T amulet: Win the T.T challenges to get the T.T amulet. Win whole it gives you 
access to the T.T door.

Future fun land: To get to Future fun land you must have all the gold trophy's. 
and have beaten wizpig. Now go to the light house and honk at the sign showing 
Gold trophies you will now go to future fun land.

 T.T door.: The T.T door is in future fun land.

 Play as drumstick: Get the wizpig and T.T amulets whole Then go to the area 
where frogs are and look for one with feather's on his head. run over him.

 Play as T.T: You must go to time trial and beat a race under a certain amount 
of time then try again. If T.T's ghost is there you must beat the ghost. Do this 
in all race's to play as T.T.   

 My E-mail address is johndefi@enoreo.on.ca. Feel free to email me.


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