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FAQ Part 2/2 by Jdude84

Version: 2.5 | Updated: 11/12/99

* Diddy Kong Racing FAQ Part 2 *
Author: Jdude84
E-Mail: Jdude84@Hotmail.com
Version: 2.5

Version History


August 18, 1999
First Version!

October 26, 1999-November 12, 1999
Plenty of updating, and some much needed re-formatting.
Note that i skipped 3 worlds, and finished the last one
since it's the only world people actually might need help

------------------- Table OfContents -------------------

9. Items
10. Secret Balloons
11. Silver Coin Challenge(s)
12. Snowflake Mountain
13. Sherbert Island
14. Dragon Forest\Wizpig I
15. Future Fun Land\Wizpig II
16. Credits
17. Legal Junk
18. End

9. Items

Found in a course (one in a world). It opens up the bonus game for that world.

T.T. Amulet
You get 1/4 of this for beating the bonus game in a world, you of course, need 
the Key to get that world's piece of the amulet. Use the complete amulet to help 
open the T.T. door.

Wizpig Amulet
You get 1/4 of this in every world after you beat every course, the boss, the 
silver coin challenge, then the boss again. Collect the whole amulet to open up 
wizpig's statue

You get these for beating the Trophy Race in a world, Gold Wizpig for 1st, 
Silver Taj for 2nd, and bronze T.T. for 3rd. Get all 4 Gold Wizpig Trophy's to 
open up future fun land!

You can find these on any course in a world, they make your vehicle go faster, 
but not much.

Go over this to get an extra boost of speed!

Zipper Circle
Same as a Zipper, only you must go THROUGH it to recieve the boost.

Gold Balloons
You get these for getting first in a race, silver coin challenge, or Taj 
challenge. Use these to open up doors and worlds.

Silver Balloons
Same as gold balloons, only they are found in Adventure 2

Blue Balloons
1. Boost
2. Super Boost
3. Super-Sonic Boost!

Red Balloons
1. 1 Standard Missle
2. 1 Homing Missle
3. 10 Standard Missles

Purple Balloons
1. Small, Short Shield
2. Stronger, Blue shield.
3. 30 Second ultra-strong shield!

Green Balloons
1. Oil Slick
2. Green Mine
3. Bubble...ouch!

Rainbow Balloons
1. Magnet, pulls you toards racer
2. Same as 1, but longer range
3. even longer range, pull enemy BACK to where you are!

10. Secret Balloons

#1 Right on the ramp that is the entrance to dino domain

#2 To the left of the wizpig statue, on a ledge.

#3 Driving from snoflake mountain, to the right of the giant log, in a batch of 

#4 Past the log mentioned in #3, to the far left in the water.

#5,6,7 Taj will challenge you occasionly in a car, hovercraft, and plane. Each 
time you beat him you get a balloon.

11. Silver Coin Challenge(s)

Dino Domain:

-Ancient Lake-

One word: Easy

1. Right where you start
2. After the first set of balloons
3. Right after #2
4. Right after #3
5. On the area with the shortcut, and curvy road, on the curve
6. Near the dinosaur
7. Right UNDERNEATH the dinosaur
8. Before the finish line

-Fossil Canyon-

Two Words: Really Easy

1. Right where you start
2. On the first turn
3. Near a booster, after #2
4. On the side of the pond, use the booster arrow\shortcut to get it
5. On a booster arrow...
6. Outside of the tunnel
7. Right before the fork in the...road
8. Left fork, underneath a log

-Jungle Falls-

Fun, and easy!

1. Where you start
2. On the first turn
3. On the bridge 
4. On the water...oh no!
5. Out of the water...oh yes!
6. After you exit the cave
7. Inside the dino-skeleton
8. A few paces behind the starting line

-Hot Top Volcano-

1. Behind the pillar at the start
2. First fork - go left
3. Another left...
4. Over the hill
5. Over a bridge, kinda hard :)
6. Entrance to the 2nd to last tunnel
7. Inside the 2nd to last booster
8. Inside the last booster

Go beat the boss, trophy race, easy, head to Snowflake...

Snowflake Mountain:

-Everfrost Peak-

I hate this level!

1. Near the starting line
2. Near the first zipper
3. Near a tree, on a island
4. Ditto
5. Above a rock arc
6. After the tunnel
7. On the ground
8. On the next lap, above #7

-Walrus Cove-

I love this level!

1. Before the loop-de-loop
2. In the first tunnel
3. After the 2nd zipper, left
4. Exiting a cave (third one i think)
5. Near some balloons
6. Kinda hard, to the right in a grove of trees on the icy lake.
7. And again
8. In the skinny shortcut with the rainbow balloon

-Snowball Valley-

Pretty easy.

1. At the start
2. Left fork
3. Right fork
4. After the tunnel to the left, to the right
5. In some balloons near a zipper
6. In the valley, left side...
7. ...right side
8. Behind the starting line

-Frosty Village-

Fun, Exciting, Easy.

1. Starting line, far left
2. Take the right route
3. Left route, next lap
4. Right by a house in the cozy village
5. In the cave
6. Take the path to the left in the forest
7. Take the path to the right
8. Right before the starting line

Onto the boss, easy! Then beat the trophy race...onto...

Sherbert Island:

-Whale Bay-

1. Near the starting line, in a zipper.
2. In the first turn.
3. In the first turn - again.
4. In a zipper.
5. Near the whale ramp.
6. On a rock, to the side of the ship.
7. In yet another zipper.
8. Before the finishing line, easy.

-Crescent Island-
1. Left route at the start.
2. Right route at the start.
3. Right after #1
4. Near the wall.
5. Right before the ship, somewhat hard.
6. Up the ramp on the ship, and down the hole, very hard to get without slowing 
7. Before the tunnel, hard location.
8. In the shortcut in the turn before the finish line!

-Pirate Lagoon-
1. Near a zipper.
2. On a small sand island after #1
3. In the first curve.
4. After #3, on a wall.
5. After the tunnel, left wall-thing.
6. After some balloons.
7. Forget the shortcut, get the coin.
8. Right before the finish.

-Treasure Caves-

Side note: This is *****_EASY_*****, TOO easy!

1. Right where you start
2. First zipper..
3. After the rock tunnel, near some palm trees.
4. Near a zipper before the cave.
5. Inside the cave
6. Inside the cave
7. Inside the cave
8. Guess...

Beat the boss and the trophy race, onto Dragon forest!

Dragon Forest:

-Greenwood Village-

Ahh...i love this level.

1. After the first zipper, on the left
2. Right on top of the hole in the well
3. In the tunnel
4. After the rainbow ballon\bump
5. End of the forest tunnel
6. Take the easy way to the right
7. Take the shorter way to the left
8. After the tunnel, in one of the turns

That was fun...wasn't it? 

-Windmill Plains-


1. ...First Windmill...
2. ...Second Winmill
3. Near the entrance to the tunnel, low.
4. In the tunnel, near the arrow signs.
5. In the windmill...
6. This one can be hard without hitting anything. In the waterfall to the LEFT, 
VERY hard to do without running into the cliff\wall.
7. In the small dirt area ahead, near a balloon
8. Skip the booster in the next area, and go to the left to find the coin!

-Boulder Canyon-

Really fun and somewhat challenging!

1. By a blue balloon
2. By the waterfall
3. Behind a log (ouch)
4. On a zipper
5. To the left of the slimy river
6. In the left fork
7. Ditto
8. Near the exit, by a tree

-Haunted Woods-

WOW! For the last regular stage this is EASY.

1. In the Right Turn
2. Same area...
3. Left Turn...
4. In the tunnel
5. right before the woods
6. In the sharp curve in the huanted woods
7. Try that again!
8. On a bridge!

Now get the golden wizpig trophy after you beat the boss and it's onto WIZPIG!

Future Fun Land:

-Stardust Alley-


1. First zipper circle...
2. ...second zipper circle
3. First tunnel
4. Near the UFO, on the right side
5. Same thing, only on the left
6. In the shortcut
7. Skip the shortcut, get the coin near the electric machine
8. Last cave, easy

-Darkmoon Caverns-

My favorite level...mmm.

1. First turn...
2. Where the first UFO is, in a turn.
3. After a zipper in the 2nd colorful tunnel
4. Exiting the above tunnel, you'll find it
5. In between two craters 'outside'
6. Exactly the same as #2 - except you are now in a later section
7. Woo-Hoo.....Weeee.....oh yes, first loop-de-loop!
8. Before the second loop-de-loop, in a sharp turn. Awkward postioning though, 
can be hard to get.

-Spaceport Alpha-

Star Wars anyone?

1. In front of the starting line, as usual.
2. Second turn, on the wall.
3. In that nasty vertical tunnel
4. After the tunnel, mentioned above.
5. In the turret filled hallway
6. Ditto.
7. Up high after the turret room.
8. After #7...easy enough to find.

-Star City-

This is the easiest level in the game! Not to mention the last!

1. On the bridge without a railing
2. Same thing.
3. Exiting the tunnel
4. In a corner in the city
5. In a corner in the city
6. And again...
7. ...Ditto
8. Entering the last tunnel\exiting the city

Now it's time to battle the final boss - wizpig!

12. Snowflake Mountain

13. Sherbert Island

14. Dragon Forest\Wizpig I

15. Future Fun Land\Wizpig II

Note: To get here you must first beat the first wizpig, have 39 balloons, all 4 
gold wizpig trophies, and run into the beach sign.

Spacedust Alley:
This is easy, dodge the UFO's, and the electricity and that's about it. To make 
this even easier, after UFO #1, there is a major shortcut, to your right!

Darkmoon Caverns:
This can be hard at first. First you need to remember the locations of the 
zippers, easy. The turns can be hard to see in the tunnels however, but are easy 
to get used to. Also make sure to be the first one on the loop-de-loop, as you 
go MUCH quicker. Getting blue balloons helps, as well.

Spaceport Alpha:
This level is simple, except for two areas, so i'll outline them only. First up, 
there is a twisted air tunnel where you must dive down, and then IMMEDIATLY up 
and out of the tunnel. To do so, use the R button, but it's still hard. 
Secondly, there is an area filled with laser turrets which reminds me of star 
wars. Oh come on...just a little bit...anyway, you'll need to duck down, fly 
over, and spin around the dozen or so turrets before exiting. Master these areas 
and this is a piece of cake!

Star City:
This is REALLY easy, just hit all the zippers, and collect blue balloons in the 
city. Make sure not to fall off the edge however at the start!

Now it's time for the final boss, wizpig!

W I Z P I G - T H E  F I N A L  C O N F R O N T A T I O N

Note: You need 47 balloons, and all of the T.T. Amulet to play him.

Here you FLY against wizpig on his asteroid-filled turf. This is almost easier 
than the first race, but wizpig has the edge. Here you will find MAINLY blue 
balloons and red balloons. Simply collect 3 blue balloons, boost, repeat. Now 
for the obstacles. In the first area, there are asteroids which you must dodge, 
then you go out in the open. Then it's back into the cave where you must dodge 
pillars, and electric bolts. Finally, there is a huge laser filled room. To get 
past it, use the purple balloon just before it. Then it's the finish! I'm not 
going to provide any strategy for beating these areas, as it is pure skill, all 
i can do is tell you what to expect. Good luck!

| C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S ! ! !|                                                   

If you can overtake wizpig you get to watch the credits, plus enjoy the 
satisfaction of beating a game that is of average difficulty. Plus you get to 
open up ADVENTURE TWO mode. The courses are mirrored, the AI is tougher, and 
yes, the coins are in DIFFERENT places. Haha, you want a walkthrough for THAT? 
No thanks... :)

16. Credits

Me - I wrote it!

Rare - They made it!

GameFAQs - They published it!

Gamesages.com - copied secrets from their site!

17. Legal Junk

You may not reproduce this faq in any way, shape, or form. Reproduction of this 
FAQ without my consent is prohibited, this document is copyright 1999, all 
rights reserved. The most updated version can ALWAYS be found at 
http://www.gamefaqs.com if you are reading this FAQ from another site, and have 
a question be SURE to check the one out at GameFAQs first before you ask. For 
you site owners out there wondering if you can use my FAQ just e-mail me with 
your name, e-mail, web URL, and where you found this FAQ. I'll probably give you 
permission to use it, so don't hesitate to mail me.

18. End

Ok, that's it, the end to the guide...you can stop reading now...If you have any 
questions, comments, explosives, etc. Mail them to me at jdude84@hotmail.com

©1999 Jdude84

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