3D Animator and Cutscene ArtistDeclan Doyle
3D Animator and Cutscene ArtistAisling Duddy
3D Animator and Cutscene ArtistLouise Ridgeway
Additional Game DesignMark Betteridge
Additional Game DesignGregg Mayles
Additional Game DesignDon Murphy
Additional Game DesignDavid Rose
Additional Game DesignTim Stamper
Additional GraphicsAndrew Betts
Additional GraphicsDon Murphy
Additional GraphicsChris Seavor
Additional Tasking SoftwareMichael Currington
Additional Tasking SoftwareChris Marlow
Additional Tasking SoftwareTony Wong
Audio Software EngineerMichael Currington
Background and Layout ArtistDavid Rose
Background and Layout ArtistChris Seavor
Background and Layout ArtistEdward Sludden
Background and Layout ArtistCarl Tilley
Character DesignDon Murphy
Cutscene ArtistAndrew Betts
Gameplay Software EngineerMark Betteridge
Lead ArtistDon Murphy
Lead DesignerChris Seavor
Multiplayer and Front End SoftwareRobert Harrison
MusicRobin Beanland
Project LeaderChris Seavor
Screenplay CutscenesRobin Beanland
Screenplay CutscenesChris Seavor
Sound Design and RecordingRobin Beanland
Task and Camera Software EngineerShawn Pile
Technical Software EngineerChris Marlow
Technical Software EngineerTony Wong
Visual Effects and Software EngineerAndrew Davies
Voice TalentChris Marlow
Voice TalentLouise Ridgeway
Voice TalentChris Seavor


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