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Guide and Walkthrough by DTran

Version: 1.02 | Updated: 02/23/2003

"We have waited centuries for this moment.  The rivers will flow with the blood
of those who oppose us."
                   - Kane, suspected leader of the Brotherhood of Nod
                                 (Global Net Interpol, file #GEN4:16)


                               Command & Conquer
                                 By: Legomondo
                      Version: 1.02 (Last Updated: 02/23/03)
                           Game System: Nintendo 64


  1.  Version
  2.  Introduction
  3.  Basics
  4.  Units & Structures
  5.  Walkthrough
  6.  Special Ops Missions
  7.  Cheats
  8.  Legal Information
  9.  Thanks

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=[1. Version]-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

02/23/03 - 1.02: Changed the format a bit, and hopefully this will be the last
  version I'll have to send.

02/18/03 - 1.01: Sorry, but I noticed that I needed a line break.

02/18/03 - 1.00: Whew, it took me OVER 8 months just to complete this FAQ!
  Hope you like it though!

02/16/03 - 0.90: Only three more NOD Missions left before the walkthrough is
  FINALLY complete.

02/12/03 - 0.71: All of Nod Special Operations are completed.  Added a new site
  that is allowed to host my FAQs.

02/01/03 - 0.70: Boy, when I said updates would be slow, I wasn't joking.
  Well, this is the official re-updating of this FAQ, and with hope, I'll
  finish it.  Happy Chinese New Year to any of those who celebrate it!

08/02/02 - 0.52: Fixed the line breaks.  Nod Special Ops. 1 completed.

07/17/02 - 0.51: Finished the last mission for the GDI campaign.  Updates in
  the future will be slow.

06/27/02 - 0.50: Finished up to Mission 14 on GDI, and Mission 3 on Nod.  Also
  added all of Nod's units.

06/23/02 - 0.40: Got up to Mission 6 on the GDI, and to Mission 3 on Nod.

06/20/02 - 0.30: Deleted the Bonus Missions sections, due to the realization
  that they were actually Special Ops Missions, so they'll be found in the
  Special Ops section.  Did all of the bonus Special Ops, and all the regular
  ones for GDI.

06/19/02 - 0.20: Finished three more missions for GDI and their structures, the
  Cheats section and one Bonus Mission.

06/17/02 - 0.10: This FAQ is horribly incomplete right now, as I only have
  sections 1, 2, and 3 completed.  Walkthrough goes up to 2 missions for GDI
  but more will come very soon.

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-[2. Introduction]-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

Welcome to my Command & Conquer Walkthrough for the N64.  In this FAQ, you
should find how to beat the missions for both GDI and NOD, including their
Special Ops and the bonus missions you unlock with some cheat codes.  If you
have any questions, email me at Legomondo [at] yahoo [dot] com and I will try
to answer your questions as soon as possible.

This game, unlike the PC one, does not include a type of Multiplayer.  However,
to compensate this, Westwood has added Special Ops Missions exclusively for the
N64, two for each side.  Also in the N64 version as stated above, pressing a
combination of buttons at the main title screen will yield you to many more
missions, some which have glitches in them, like a gunboat traveling on land.
These missions will be covered later in the walkthrough.

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=[3. Basics]=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

The basics of the game are simple.  This is a RTS game and you direct your
units and lead them to victory/defeat by planning and directing your troops
into combat.  This section will go down through the basics.

  -=[Scrolling Around]=-

Use your Control Stick to move your cursor around.  You should scroll around to
direct your units to new locations, explore the terrain, or to get a view of
the map.


You should explore your surroundings for Tiberium and anything useful with some
infantry.  With the territory explored around you, you have an advanced warning
if an enemy attacks.  Build a Communications Tower to get radar to see a map of
the explored area around you.

  -=[Commanding Your Troops]=-

To order your troops, you must first select them.  To select your troops, bring
your cursor over the unit and select it with the A Button, or make a box around
the desired unit(s) by holding down the A Button and dragging it.  Once your
desired unit(s) is selected, use your cursor again to click on a location.  The
cursor appearance will differ between enemy units/structures, the terrain, and
your own units and structures.  Press the B Button at any time to cancel your
selected units.

  -=[Producing More Units & Structures]=-

To build more units and structures, you must have a certain requirement.
However, the very heart of building things begins with the MCV (Mobile
Construction Vehicle).  Some missions will start you out with one while others
will require you to deploy one.  Once you have one set up, you can start to
build your military buildings and use those to create more units.  Keep on
building if your budget can handle it to have a continuous supply of troops.

Once you build a structure, you have the option of putting it down on the map.
You cannot place the building anywhere though, instead, you must have another
structure nearby.  If all the grids are gray, than you can place the structure
down, usually right next to one.  If the grids are red, than you must move the
structure somewhere else.  The only exception to this is the MCV, which you can
deploy anywhere.


To build a successful base, you must expand.  Due to limits of placing your
structures however, you will have to continually build structures right next to
each other.  Sandbags do not work, so your best bet is build Tiberium Silos,
which are cheap and expensive.  You can also capture enemy buildings.


Weak, slow, and unarmored at first, they can be a very powerful unit in the
game, if you know how to use them.  When used correctly, they can capture key
enemy structures and render them helpless.  You can then sell them or use their
unique abilities to your own advantage.  The best way to transport them is in
an APC.

With Engineers, not only can you capture buildings, but the units inside of
them.  A prime example would be the Tiberium Refinery.  Make sure that the
Harvester is unloading and then send your Engineer into it.  Not only will the
building be yours, but the Harvester too.  You can use this trick for the
Repair Depot and maybe the Helipad.

  -=[Tiberium, Your Money]=-

Your lifeline, without Tiberium, or a Harvester with a Refinery, you are doomed
to lose the mission.  Tiberium is your money source, and your Harvester, your
collector.  It is extremely important to guard your Harvesters from enemy units
and make sure that they don't stumble into an enemy base.  Keep some units to
follow it around and guard it to ensure it makes it out alive.  Be sure to
build multiples of Harvesters and Refineries to ensure the money keeps on

The Refinery can only hold up to 2,000 credits so you'll need to make sure that
you can hold the excess Tiberium.  To do this, build Tiberium Silos which hold
1,500 credits.  If you don't, your new credits will be lost.


In the game, there are two different transport units you can control.  The APC
and the Chinook, both which belong to the GDI.  However, in some cases, Nod
also has these vehicles.

To load units (up to 5) into the transports, click on them and bring the cursor
over the transport.  It will change into three down arrows, similar to the
Engineers and Harvesters, and when you click, will order the unit to go inside.

  -=[Base Power]=-

Make sure you maintain enough power (check your bar) so that everything is
working smoothly.  If power is low, building units will slow to a crawl, and
some defenses may not operate, leaving your base helpless.

If you're attacking, make sure to target the Power Plants (Advanced over
regular) to ensure that they cannot build as fast as they normally would.

  -=[Capturing Enemy Buildings]=-

Capturing Enemy Buildings can cripple your enemy and provide extra income to
you.  You can either sell it, use it to produce more units, build around it,
and deny your enemy access to it.  Make sure that the building you capture is
worth more than your Engineer, as you will lose money when you sell it.

  -=[Repairing, Selling, and Guarding]=-

Repairing your structures will allow you to help them last longer.  To repair,
press the R Button once to bring up a wrench.  Click on a structure that has
been damaged to repair it.  It will take some time, but will thus return it to
full health.  However, it is not guaranteed to survive if it is under heavy
enemy fire.  You can also repair your vehicles by ordering them to a Repair
Depot.  It will cost money, but is much cheaper than building a new unit.

To sell your structures, press the R Button twice to turn it into a money sign.
Click on the desired structure to sell it, get money back, and some free men.
Selling your structure will give you back half the money you bought it for.
This is especially useful for selling something that is about to be destroyed,
and surprising your enemy with the units that emerge from it.  NOTE: You can
also sell your units, by placing them in a Repair Depot, than selling them when
the money sign is green.

Guarding units/structures will tell the selected unit to guard it until death.
The units will be highly aggressive, attacking anything it is supposed to
protect and any hostile forces around it.  It will continue to guard the unit
until it dies or you tell it to do something else.


When attacking, you should assign your units into groups, so they are quick and
easy to select, and to assign each group to different targets.  You can put
your units into four groups (R Button+C-Button).


When you think you have massed a large enough force, you should attack your
enemy.  Plan accordingly to his layout of his base, and use a variety of units,
mostly armored ones, as infantry can be easily taken out.  However, it is wise
to bring some of them to lure some enemy units out or to sacrifice themselves.
Try to attack in different groups, and maybe have one as a diversionary tactic.
Attack key structures and defense first, and even their Harvester.  Without a
money supply, they are doomed to fail.  When attacking buildings, try to take
out the Construction Yard so they will not be able to replace their buildings.

If you're attacking other units, focus all of your fire on one unit, to ensure
quick destruction and the prevention of it escaping.  Focus on weaker units
around you to eliminate the quantity of firepower directed at you, and then
finally on the stronger, more armored units.

Think ahead, plan out attack patterns, use waves.  For example, build an air
force and send them in to weaken the desired targets and follow it up with
ground units.  If they're destroyed, used your side's super weapon to finish
the desired target off.

Also remember to continuously build more units while you attack to ensure that
you can attack them as soon as your first wave fails.

  -=["The Best Defense, is a Strong Offense"]=-

The best defense, is a strong offense.  Seriously, if you attack your enemy in
waves and manage to cause some significant damage every time, your enemy will
be helpless and will attack you less often.  However, building defensive
structures that can support each other, followed by some units on guard, can
also help defend your base.  Don't forget about your Harvester too, and assign
it some guards to help protect it.  Never infantry, or else they will die.

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=[4. Units & Structures]=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

Learn about the statistics of each side's units and structures.

                             GDI Units & Structures

The good guys in this game, they try and keep peace and prevent world
domination.  GDI are almost always outnumbered, but their technological
advancement make up for its weakness.

  -=[Global Defense Initiative Background Information]=-

Commonly, GDI. Before 1990, known as Special Operations Group Echo, Black Ops

12 October 1995, in accordance with the United Nations Global Defense Act

To enforce the United Nations Global Defense Act and uphold the ideals outlined
in the United Nations Charter.

Brigadier General Mark Jamison Sheperd, Chief of Staff, United Nations Military

United Nations Military Command Center, location CLASSIFIED.

Within parameters of the UNGDA, Article V, Section 3A, Paragraph 12.

Funded by United Nations and various national governments, public
organizations, and private enterprise.

Not applicable: operates within parameters of the UNGDA and under the orders of
the United Nations Security Council.

United Nations

  -=[Global Defense Initiative Units]=-

Units for the GDI will vary from Nod, so a different strategy when playing with
the sides is a must.

Minigun Infantry
Cost: 100
Tech: 1
Range: Short
Armor: NONE
Weapon: M-16 Rifle
Key player in the GDI forces.  Large groups are vary effective against tanks,
but are easily killed by large tanks and flame-based weapons.  Use these guys
as bait and for exploring territory, but are also good for defending your base,
as they are cheap and easy to make.

Cost: 160
Tech: 1
Range: Short
Armor: NONE
Weapon: High Explosive Grenades
Faster and can see farther than normal infantry.  Can throw grenades over
walls.  However, due to their explosives, taking one out could cause a chain
reaction if put together with other Grenadiers.  This unit is for GDI only.
Also worth mentioning is their grenades have a "splash" damage, which means
that the impact site of their grenades also damage anything around it.

Cost: 300
Tech: 2
Range: Medium
Armor: NONE
Weapon: Light TOW Rocket
Quite slow, and weak, they pack a punch with their Rocket Launchers.  They can
tear through the armor of tanks and aircraft, but are nearly helpless against
infantry.  Put them into groups to decrease the destruction time of the
selected target.

Cost: 1000
Tech: 7
Range: Short/Long
Armor: NONE
Weapon: Sniper Rifle/C-4 Explosive
Can take out infantry from extreme range and level buildings in seconds with C-
4 explosives.  Only available in certain missions.  You can never build
Commandos.  However, they are useless against any armored vehicles.

Cost: 500
Tech: 3
Range: N/A
Armor: NONE
Weapon: NONE
Used to take over enemy structures.  Has no weapons, and no armor, but when
used correctly, can turn the odds of the battle.

Cost: 400
Tech: 2
Range: Short
Armor: Light
Weapon: M-60 Chain Gun
Commonly known as a Humvee, they are fast and very useful against infantry.
Can wipe out large numbers of Nod Buggies en masse.  You should also use these
to scout and use them as base defenses.

Armored Personnel Carrier (APC)
Cost: 700
Tech: 4
Range: Short
Armor: Heavy
Weapon: M-60 Chain Gun
Transports and protects up to five troops.  Ideal as a scouting unit and useful
for crushing infantry.  For such heavy armor, it is very fast and can crush
infantry before they move out of the way.

Medium Tank
Cost: 800
Tech: 3
Range: Medium
Armor: Heavy
Weapon: 105mm APDS
Fires armor-piercing shells.  One of the best all-around vehicles in the game,
as they have heavy armor, heavy firepower, a decent range, plus average speed.
Use these in groups.

Mobile Rocket Launch System (MRLS)
Cost: 800
Tech: 7
Range: Long
Armor: Light
Weapon: 227mm Missile
GDI's longest-range attacker.  Effective against almost everything, including
aerial attacks, but has no short-range fighting ability.  Try and position
these guys behind armored units.  Extremely effective against infantry, but has
a tendency to miss.

Mammoth Tank
Cost: 1,500
Tech: 5
Range: Med/Short
Armor: Heavy
Weapon: 120mm APDS/Missile
Lacks speed and mobility, but can slowly regenerate its health back up to 50%.
Can fire at aerial units when in guard mode.  Basically, this is the ultimate
weapon.  It's good at aerial, infantry, and armored assaults.  A must have for
any attack.

Orca VTOL Assault Craft
Cost: 1,200
Tech: 6
Range: Long
Armor: Light
Weapon: Dragon TOW Rocket
Vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) craft which can take out enemy armor such
as Harvesters.  Must return to base to reload missiles.  However, it has weak
armor and can be downed very easily by SAM sites.

Transport Helicopter
Cost: 1,500
Tech: 6
Range: NONE
Armor: Light
Weapon: NONE
Provides field transportation for all infantry.  Has no weapons.

Mobile Construction Vehicle (MCV)
Cost: 5,000
Tech: 7
Range: NONE
Armor: Medium
Weapon: NONE
Converts into a Construction Yard, then builds other structures.  Advised to
have at least one for backup in case your first is destroyed.

Cost: 1,400
Tech: 2
Range: NONE
Armor: Heavy
Weapon: NONE
Seeks out Tiberium and transports it to Refineries.  No weapon but heavily
armored and proficient at crushing infantry.  Unlike the other C&C games, the
Harvester does not regenerate its health.

Hover Craft
Cost: N/A
Tech: N/A
Range: N/A
Armor: Heavy
Weapon: N/A
Deploys men and vehicles during amphibious assault.  Not buildable in any

A-10 Ground Support Aircraft
Cost: N/A
Tech: N/A
Range: Long
Armor: Heavy
Weapon: Napalm Bombs
Highly maneuverable, ground-hugging craft which levels enemy units with Napalm
bombs.  Destroying all Nod SAM Sites gives access to A-10 airstrikes.  Not
always however and in bonus missions, Nod also has Aircraft strikes.

Cost: N/A
Tech: N/A
Range: Long
Armor: Heavy
Weapon: Tomahawk Missile
Surface-to-surface missiles.  Makes special appearances, but is normally
unavailable.  Sometimes, it doesn't even fire.

  -=[Global Defense Initiative Structures]=-

Structures are necessary for base development and the production of offensive

Construction Yard
Cost: N/A
Tech: 1
Power: 30
Armor: Light
Purpose: Expand
The foundation of a base, allows the construction of other buildings.
Construction Yards cannot be built, instead, they are deployed from MCVs.

Power Plant
Cost: 300
Tech: 1
Power: +100
Armor: Medium
Purpose: Provides Power
Provides power to the structures in our base.  If power is low, production of
everything decreases.  If power is high, production of everything increases.
Make sure to have extra power in case one is destroyed.

Advanced Power Plant
Cost: 700
Tech: 5
Power: +200
Armor: Light
Purpose: Provides Power
Generates double the amount of power as the Power Plant.  However, since it
costs more than two Power Plants and has weaker armor, your best bet is to buy
to separate ones.  If base space is tight though, than go with this one.

Infantry Barracks
Cost: 300
Tech: 1
Power: 20
Armor: Medium
Purpose: Train Infantry
Field training center for all available infantry units.  Build more of these
for faster infantry production.

Guard Tower
Cost: 500
Tech: 2
Power: 10
Armor: Light
Purpose: Base Defense
Manned defense against Nod ground attacks.  Fires a machine gun that is
effective against infantry.  Have a lot of these, usually nearby to support
each other.

Advanced Guard Tower
Cost: 1,000
Tech: 4
Power: 20
Armor: Medium
Purpose: Base Defense
Strong fortification against ground and air units.  However, it lacks a close
range attack and a Nod Flame Tank can easily destroy it without any support.

Cost: 2,000
Tech: 1
Power: 40
Armor: Medium
Purpose: Converts Tiberium to Credits
Processes Tiberium and stores 1,000 credits.

Cost: 150
Tech: 1
Power: 10
Armor: Light
Purpose: Stores an extra 1,500 Credits
Stores up to 1,500 credits of Tiberium.  Is also good for expanding your base
into the far reaches of the map without a lot of money.

Communications Center
Cost: 1,000
Tech: 2
Power: 40
Armor: Light
Purpose: Radar & Communications
Allows the use of radar screen as long as there is enough power.

Advanced Communications Center/Ion Cannon
Cost: 2,800
Tech: 7
Power: 200
Armor: Heavy
Purpose: Radar & Ion Cannon
Provides radar and is the uplink center for the Ion Cannon.  Sell your
Communications Center once you build one of these as it will only drain power.
NOTE: The Ion Cannon must recharge, but has unlimited uses.

Weapons Factory
Cost: 2,000
Tech: 2
Power: 30
Armor: Medium
Purpose: Builds Vehicles/Air Power
Builds GDI's vehicles.

Cost: 1,500
Tech: 6
Power: 10
Armor: Medium
Purpose: Helicopter landing/Rearming
Allows the use of ORCA attack aircraft.  If Nod captures a helipad, they will
build Attack Helicopters with machine guns instead.

Repair Facility
Cost: 1,200
Tech: 5
Power: 30
Armor: Light
Purpose: Repairs Vehicles
Repairs damaged units.  Repairing costs money.  Can be used to sell useless

Sandbag Barrier
Cost: 50
Tech: 2
Power: N/A
Armor: Light
Purpose: Base Defense
Deters the enemy from advancing and provides limited cover.  However, it can be
destroyed by explosives and run over by tanks.

Chain Link Barrier
Cost: 75
Tech: 5
Power: N/A
Armor: Medium
Purpose: Base Defense
Provides more defense than sandbags, but the same rules apply.

Concrete Barrier
Cost: 100
Tech: 7
Power: N/A
Armor: Heavy
Purpose: Base Defense
The most effective barrier, will take lots of tank shells to destroy and cannot
be run over.  It's a good idea to put these around important structures such as
your Construction Yard to prevent Engineer takeovers.

Ion Cannon
Cost: N/A
Tech: N/A
Power: N/A
Armor: N/A
Purpose: Offense
Once an Advanced Communications Center has been built, you will have access to
the powerful Ion Cannon.  Basically a concentrated beam of blue light, once
selected, bring the targeting cursor over your target.  Within moments of
confirmation, a satellite will deliver the blow against the desired target,
heavily damaging it if not destroying it.  While it takes time to recharge, you
have unlimited uses.  Just be sure not to let your power drop or your center

                              NOD Units & Structures

The Brotherhood of Nod, led by Kane, are out for world domination.  Their units
come cheap, and their strength relies on their sheer numbers.

  -=[Brotherhood of NOD Background Information]=-

Commonly, The Brotherhood, The Ways of Nod, ShaASeer among the tribes of Godan;
see INTERPOL File ARK936, Aliases of the Brotherhood, for more.

Date unknown; exaggerated reports place the Brotherhood's founding before 1,800

To unite third-world nations under a pseudo-religious political platform with
imperialist tendencies.  In actuality it is an aggressive and popular neo-
fascist, anti-West movement vying for total domination of the world's peoples
and resources.  Operates under the popular mantra, "Brotherhood, unity, peace."

Kane; also known as Caine, Jacob (INTERPOL, File TRX11-12Q); al-Quayym, Amir
(MI6 DR-416.52)

Global.  Command posts previously identified at Kuantan, Malaysia; somewhere in
Ar-Rub al-Khali, Saudi Arabia; Tokyo, Caen, France.

Previously believed only to be a smaller terrorist operation, a recent scandal
involving United States defense contractors confirms that the Brotherhood is
well-equipped and supports significant land, sea and air military operations.

Considerable operating assets believed to be in excess of US$255.2 billion,
based on audits of seized financial records (see CIA Docket 3231.54-776 FIA).

Believed to be the sole backers of the Fist of Allah party in Jordan (52%);
United We Stand America party in the United States (12%); Albion First! party
in the United Kingdom (25+%), among others.  (See Brookings Institution
publication A42962-94 for full disclosure.)

Irish Republican Party; Islamic Jihad; Khmer Rouge; others.  (See document
Brotherhood of Nod Splinter Groups.)

  -=[Brotherhood of NOD Units]=-

Listed below are the units that you use in the Brotherhood of Nod.  However,
you can build some of GDI's units if you capture their structures with an
Engineer, and vice versa.

Minigun Infantry
Cost: 100
Tech: 1
Range: Short
Armor: NONE
Weapon: M-16 Rifle
As with GDI, their attributes are entirely the same, except the different
colors.  However, these guys are easily massacred by vehicles and flame-based

Cost: 300
Tech: 2
Range: Medium
Armor: NONE
Weapon: Light TOW Rocket
Slow, and easily killed, but packs a rocket launcher to make up for these
losses.  Effective at taking out armored units, structures, and aircraft, but
poor against other infantry.  Use these in groups for the best effect.

Flamethrower Infantry
Cost: 200
Tech: 1
Range: Short
Armor: NONE
Weapon: Flamethrower
With its flamethrower, this unit is virtually indestructible against other
infantry.  It can kill them with one shot/flame and take out multiple groups
while sustaining no or little damage.  However, like GDI's Granadier, killing a
Flamethrower will cause him to explode into a ball of flames, and maybe even
take out nearby infantry.

Cost: 500
Tech: 3
Range: N/A
Armor: NONE
Weapon: NONE
With no weapons, the only purpose of this unit is to take over enemy
structures.  Use the newly captured structures to build their units and use
them against them, or sell the building and lose/make money off the building.
However, it cannot capture all buildings.

Cost: 1,000
Tech: 7
Range: Long
Armor: NONE
Weapon: Sniper Rifle/C-4 Explosive
Extremely accurate with its sniper rifle, and can kill infantry with one shot.
Levels buildings within seconds, but is useless against any vehicles.
Unfortunately, it has a slow firing rate.

Recon Bike
Cost: 500
Tech: 2
Range: Medium
Armor: Light
Weapon: Dragon TOW Rocket
Not extremely durable, and can be wiped out in seconds, not because of their
light armor, but because they CAN be run over.  It's rocket's packs some punch,
but is ineffective against infantry.  Use its range to stay out of a Guard
Tower's sight, and blast it from afar.

Nod Buggy
Cost: 300
Tech: 3
Range: Short
Armor: Light
Weapon: M-60 Machine Gun
Not exactly up to par against GDI's HMMWV, but it does take out infantry with
ease.  Poor against everything else, so you might want to consider this as a
support vehicle instead of an attack one.

Light Tank
Cost: 600
Tech: 3
Range: Medium
Armor: Medium
Weapon: 75mm APDS
This should be Nod's main attack unit, as it has decent firepower,
maneuverability, armor, and speed.  Use these in large forces, as going one-on-
one against a Medium Tank will result in the destruction of your tank.

Mobile Artillery
Cost: 450
Tech: 6
Range: Long
Armor: Medium
Weapon: 150mm Ballistic Charge
Best used as a support unit as it has light armor and will explode from a few
hits from a Medium Tank.  Its shells have a "splash" damage and is good against
infantry.  It does moderate damage against tanks.

Flame Tank
Cost: 800
Tech: 4
Range: Short
Armor: Medium
Weapon: Twin Flame Cannons
Mows through infantry with ease while sustaining little or no damage in return.
However, with the same cost of a Medium Tank, it will lose if going one-on-one.
Used best as a support unit and is great for taking out Guard Towers, advanced
or regular.

Stealth Tank
Cost: 900
Tech: 5
Range: Medium
Armor: Light
Weapon: Dragon TOW Rocket
Cloaks when on the move or doing nothing, but will uncloak when being fired
upon or attacking.  Used best to scout, but has a tendency to uncloak itself
when you need its stealth most.

Mobile Construction Vehicle (MCV)
Cost: 5,000
Tech: 7
Range: N/A
Armor: Medium
Weapon: N/A
Converts into a Construction Yard and then builds other buildings.

Cost: 1,400
Tech: 2
Range: N/A
Armor: Heavy
Weapon: N/A
Harvests Tiberium and brings it back to the Refinery to process.  Each load it
carries is worth 700 in credits.  Is defenseless, but can crush infantry and
Recon Bikes.

Hover Craft
Cost: N/A
Tech: N/A
Range: N/A
Armor: Heavy
Weapon: N/A
An amphibious vehicle, delivers and deploys units from the sea.  Not buildable.

Cargo Plane
Cost: N/A
Tech: N/A
Range: N/A
Armor: Heavy
Weapon: N/A
Deploys your built vehicles.  Always comes from the right-hand side of the map,
so building your base there will ensure faster vehicle delivery.

  -=[Brotherhood of NOD Structures]=-

Construction Yard
Cost: N/A
Tech: 1
Power: 30
Armor: Medium
Purpose: Produces Structures
Is required to produce any kind of structures.  If yours is destroyed or taken
over, most likely, the enemy has won the game.

Power Plant
Cost: 300
Tech: 1
Power: +100
Armor: Light
Purpose: Provides Power
Exactly like GDI's.

Advanced Power Plant
Cost: 700
Tech: 5
Power: +200
Armor: Light
Purpose: Provides Power
Exactly like GDI's.  Check the GDI Advanced Power Plant for information.

Hand of Nod
Cost: 300
Tech: 1
Power: 20
Armor: Light
Purpose: Produces Infantry
Produces Nod's infantry.  The more you have, the quicker it is to build them.

Cost: 600
Tech: 2
Power: 20
Armor: Heavy
Purpose: Base Defense
Excellent against tanks and other vehicles.  Poor against airborne units and
infantry.  Have SAMs and Obelisks nearby to make up for its weakness.

SAM Site
Cost: 750
Tech: 6
Power: 20
Armor: Heavy/Light
Purpose: Air Defense
Unlike Red Alert's SAM Sites, which has been well out now for over a few years
(check it out!), these are underground, and pop up when enemy aircraft has been
spotted.  They fire heat-seeking missiles and do moderate damage.  However,
they only shoot at aircraft, and serve no other purpose.

Cost: 2000
Tech: 1
Power: 40
Armor: Medium
Purpose: Converts Tiberium to Credits
Just like GDI's, this serves as a drop-off point where the Harvester can unload
its Tiberium to be converted into monetary credits.  Like the saying goes: "You
can't fire an arrow without the bow."  Keep it well guarded along with your

Cost: 150
Tech: 1
Power: 10
Armor: Light
Purpose: Holds 1500 Credits
Carries any extra credits that you may be collecting.  You should never really
want to build these, as you should always be spending your money on your attack
force and your base.

Communications Center
Cost: 1000
Tech: 2
Power: 40
Armor: Medium
Purpose: Radar & Communications
Provides a map of the battlefield, but must have sufficient power to support
the radar uplink.

Cost: 2000
Tech: 2
Power: 30
Armor: Heavy
Purpose: Weapons Receiving Area
Unlike GDI's War Factory, the Brotherhood receives its weapons via a cargo
plane.  Since the cargo plane travels from the right side of the map, it's
always smart to build your base on the right side of the map.  The cargo plane
can be fired upon by aerial weapons, but not destroyed.

Repair Facility
Cost: 1200
Tech: 5
Power: 30
Armor: Light
Purpose: Vehicle Repair
Same deal with the GDI.  Repairs vehicles a little bit at a time, at the
expense of your own money.  Eack little "pik" the depot makes means one buck
off of your cash total.  Repairing vehicle is always cheaper than building them
from new, so try to keep heavily damaged ones out of battles until they are

Obelisk of Light
Cost: 1500
Tech: 4
Power: 150
Armor: Medium
Purpose: Base Defense
The ultimate base defense against ground assaults.  The tower's main weapon is
a beam of concentrated laser against the target.  It can fry infantry with one
hit and take down larger heaver tanks with two or three.  However, the laser
takes a while to charge up and it has no defense against aerial attacks.

Temple of Nod
Cost: 3000
Tech: 7
Power: 150
Armor: Heavy
Purpose: Nuclear Missile
Once built, the temple gives the player access to its one-time use nuclear
missile.  While the missile takes forever to build up, once launched, nothing
can survive.  Once the missile has been used, sell the structure and build
another one.

Sandbag Barrier
Cost: 50
Tech: 2
Power: N/A
Armor: Light
Purpose: Base Defense
Deters the enemy from advancing and provides limited cover.  However, it can be
destroyed by explosives and run over by tanks.

Chain Link Barrier
Cost: 75
Tech: 5
Power: N/A
Armor: Medium
Purpose: Base Defense
Provides more defense than sandbags, but the same rules apply.

Concrete Barrier
Cost: 100
Tech: 7
Power: N/A
Armor: Heavy
Purpose: Base Defense
The most effective barrier, will take lots of tank shells to destroy and cannot
be run over.  It's a good idea to put these around important structures such as
your Construction Yard to prevent Engineer takeovers.

Nuclear Missile
Cost: N/A
Tech: N/A
Power: N/A
Armor: N/A
Purpose: Offensive
The Nuclear Missile is the most powerful weapon in the game.  It is only
accessible by building the Temple of Nod, and you only get one per single
player game.  It destroys everything in the impact site, which is quite large.
Use it against critical enemy structures.

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=[6. Walkthrough]-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

                     Global Defense Initiative Walkthrough

GDI Missions differ from Nod Missions, as they will most likely establish a
foothold in that area and destroy the surrounding Nod forces.  GDI also has
tougher armored units.  Like all games, the earlier missions will be easy, a
training one you could say.  The missions will be labeled by their official
names.  To decipher the differences between the variants, look at the last two
letters.  To decipher between missions, look at the fifth letter.


GDI Mission 1 [A]

Objective: Use the units provided to protect the Mobile Construction
  Vehicle.  You should then deploy the MCV by double clicking on it.  Then
  you can begin to build up a base.  Start with a Power Plant.  Finally, search
  out and destroy all enemy Nod units in the surrounding area.

As soon as the game begins, deploy your MCV.  The Gunboat should take care of
the turrets near the shore, but you can also order your Minigunners to take
them out.  Reinforcements arrive in more Minigunners and two Humvees.  Have
them spread out in a defensive position around your base and set them on guard.
Build a Power Plant, along with a Barracks and produce more Minigunners.  You
only have a limited supply of money, so try to mass produce them before you
attack.  When you have enough, preferably around 20 Minigunners along with your
two Humvees, send them north slowly at a time.  Nod Minigunners will be hiding
behind trees, and will surprise you if you run right by them.

Enemy resistance is light in this area, and you should take them all out with
ease.  However, if any Turret is left standing, or leftover Nod Minigunners are
left, proceed to wipe them out, all of them.  Thus, the mission should end in


GDI Mission 2 [A]

Objective: Defend your position, deploy the MCV, then build a sizable force
  to search out and destroy the Nod base in the area.  All Nod units and
  structures must be either destroyed or captured to complete objective.

You start the mission under enemy fire.  Your Power Plant should now be
destroyed and your units are NOT at full health.  Build a Power Plant and some
Minigunners while your remaining units take out the ones attacking your base.
When power is sufficient, continually build more Minigunners.

Nod has a small base in this mission, but can easily be taken over, thanks to
your three Engineer reinforcements.  Put them aside right now and focus on the
production of more units.  When you have a force of about 30 Minigunners, and
the rest of your Humvees, head up North.  There will be a concentration of
enemy Minigunners as you go up, along with some Nod Buggies.  Just concentrate
all your firepower on them and they should be destroyed with minimal
casualties.  Eliminate the Nod Minigunners on the outskirts of the base, than
park them outside the base's entrance and the rest come to you.  When you think
all is clear, bring your Engineers up.  Be warned however that more Nod
Minigunners come from the South, I think from the Tiberium Field.  Instead of
destroying the Harvester and the Refinery, have an Engineer take it them both
over.  Send the other two into the Hand of Nod and the Construction Yard and
then destroy the rest with your Minigunners.  The mission ends when all Nod
forces are gone from the area.


GDI Mission 3 [A]

Objective: Build up forces to destroy Nod base.  Once all Nod SAM sites are
  neutralized then air support will be provided to combat obstacles such as
  turrets.  Destroy all units and structures to complete the mission objective.

You start off with three HMMWVs and some Minigunners.  Deploy your MCV and
start to build a Power Plant, followed by a Barracks and Refinery.  Send the
Harvester north toward the Tiberium and focus on mass producing more
Minigunners.  Also build another Refinery and send the second Harvester to the
field on your right.  Send your initial force Northeast and park them in front
of an opening.  This will stop the Nod attacks coming from the North.  Build
about ten Minigunners and send them East.  Park them near some trees to stop
the Bazooka infantry from attacking your Harvester.  There is a town in the
bottom corner of the map, but yields no reward for securing it or destroying

Continue to build more Minigunners, and a Communications Center to have radar.
Once you have a force of about 30 Minigunners, send them North with your first
one, who were guarding the pass to your base.  Order them to fire on the
surrounding enemy infantry, out of the reaches of the Turrets.  Next, proceed
to destroy the SAM site near the pass.  When all threats near you have been
cleared, you can than attack one of the Turrets.  When it is destroyed, attack
the second one.  Build some Engineers (along with your Minigunners) and send
them into the important buildings, such as the Construction Yard and then sell
them.  Eliminate the rest of the enemy infantry, and head to your right.
Destroy the Turret there and any more buildings/units that stand in your way.
Send your HMMWVs if you have any left to attack the Harvester, or capture it
with an Engineer.  Take one group and send it South from the base and take out
that SAM site.  Take another and travel West from the base to another SAM site,
hidden behind some trees.  When all units/structures are destroyed, the mission
ends in success.


GDI Mission 4 [B]

Objective: Nod has captured classified GDI property.  You must find and
  retrieve the stolen equipment.  It is being transported in a shipping create.
  Use the new APC to strategically transport infantry through Nod forces.

You start off with four Minigunners, four Granadiers, two APCs, and one HMMWV.
Two Nod Buggies attack, send all of your units to attack them, hopefully
without any casualties.  When they're destroyed, put your infantry into he APCs
and send them West.  Cross the natural bridge and squash over any infantry.
Continue to travel West, squashing over the enemy infantry, and avoiding the
tanks.  Travel North when you cannot travel West any further, up into the Nod
base.  The crate will be surrounded by some fence, but just take one of your
units and run over it.  The mission ends as soon as you pick it up.


GDI Mission 5 [A]

Objective: A GDI field base is under attack.  They have fended off one attack
  but will not survive another.  Move to the base, repair the structures and
  then launch a strike force to destroy the Nod base in the area. Destroy all
  Nod units and structures.

Assign your units into a group, putting your two Medium Tanks into a separate
one.  It is IMPORTANT that you keep them alive, as you cannot build them and
are your units that do the highest rate of damage while taking it in return.
Put your infantry into the APC and travel East.  Cross a natural bridge and you
should end up in the GDI Field Base.  Repair your structures and send your APC
with the infantry North and park them there.  Some Nod Bazooka and Minigunner
infantry should attack there and you'll have a nice surprise there for them.
Continually build Minigunners, as much as your budget can allow.  You could
also build HUMMVs and APCs but they are expensive and are the main targets of
your enemies.  Plus, infantry have an advantage against armored units.

When you have a force of about fifty Minigunners, send them Northwest from your
base.  Take out any enemy infantry there and continue to go North.  Take out
the Light Tank there, but being careful that it doesn't squash your infantry.
When the target is gone, travel West from there to reach a SAM site.  Destroy
it, then proceed across the bridge and travel to your left.  Take out the
second Light Tank there, but this one seems to be more prone to squash your
infantry.  Take it out, and bring your Medium Tanks with you.  Travel West
until you reach a dead end, than use your Medium Tanks to blow up the SAM site
there.  You can also use them to blow up the Construction Yard, but doing so
will cause Nod to send their units at you.

Hopefully, you've been building more Minigunners while you were progressing,
and if you have at least fifteen, send them north, taking out the Nod Buggy
there, and then west across a bridge to a SAM site.  Order them to blow it up,
then have them meet up with the primary force, the one in a dead end.  Take all
your Minigunners and send them after the Turret, while your Medium Tanks are
behind them, blasting them away from afar.  Becareful as the Harvester may
squash them.  When all the Light Tanks are destroyed, send the Medium Tanks
after the Harvester.  Use the Minigunner to take out the two Turrets, then send
them into the base and take out the enemy infantry.  Try and have them take out
the Hand of Nod quickly, as they'll continual to produce more troubles.  Next,
destroy the SAM sites in the base to allow the A-10 Airstrikes.  They take a
while to regenerate, but cause extensive damage.  Send them after important
targets like the Airfield, and the Refinery, or send an Engineer into them and
sell them.  When all of the units/structures are gone, the mission is


GDI Mission 6 [A]

Objective: Use a GDI Commando to infiltrate the Nod base.  **** ** destroy
  the ******** so that the base is incapacitated.  Get in, hit it, and get the
  **** out.

You only have a Commando in this mission, so you can't charge recklessly into
battle.  Assign it to a button, and then have him travel North.  Take out the
units hiding behind trees near the bridge, and cross it.  Go up some and take
out any other infantry near the SAM site.  Blow it up by clicking on it, but be
careful as enemy Minigunners will sometimes come out.  Go West and take out any
other infantry (Bazookas and Minigunners).  Blow up the SAM site and a
Transport Helicopter arrives.  Have the Commando enter, and then have the
helicopter travel across the river.  Exit the helicopter.

Go West, up the ridge, and take out the two Flame Infantry there.  Take out the
SAM site and continue North.  Go East and take out the Minigunners and Flame
Infantry, and the other SAM site.  Go back to the town.  Go up until you see an
intersection, and wait until a Nod Buggy passes from the West, before you go
up.  Go up, taking out the two Minigunners, and the Bazooka guy up on a ridge.
Go left at that intersection and blow up the two Bazooka infantry up on that
ridge.  Have your helicopter land where they used to stand.  Travel East now,
as fast as you can, and enter the base, target the Hand of Nod and wait for him
to blow it up.  Ignore any enemy units, or they will swarm the Commando.  When
it blows, the mission is accomplished.


GDI Mission 7 [A]

Objective: Previous mission objective not complete.  Airfield was to be
  targeted.  New objective: Build up a base and Destroy remaining Nod
  structures and units.  Reinforcements will be provided.

Does this map seem familiar?  It's the same one the last mission was on, except
now it's larger.

Your infantry will get toasted and your HMMWV most likely destroyed.  You
receive two Medium Tanks as reinforcements, so use them to squash the infantry
first before taking on the enemy vehicles.  By the time the threats are
destroyed, one of your tanks should be down to almost zero health.  Deploy your
MCV, build a Barracks, Refinery, and a Weapons Factory.  Build a second
Refinery when the money starts rolling in.  Tiberium will be far away in this
mission, so you'll need to have lots of Harvesters.  Build Medium Tanks, and
three Granadiers with two Bazooka infantry.  Take those five, travel East, and
destroy the Turret atop a cliff.  Go back to the town, and head North, up to
the very top of the map, and then travel right.  Destroy the Turret up here.
By now, your infantry should be at very low health, so send them back to the
base.  When you have a force of about 10-12 Medium Tanks, send them North, then
East.  Go through the opening into the base before the Turret makes quick work
of your tanks, and blow up everything inside.  Take out the tanks first, then
the infantry, as they are constantly being built.  Next, destroy the Hand of
Nod, and their Refinery to stop the production of more units.  Try and destroy
all of the SAM sites so you can watch a spectacular explosion, a.k.a., an A-10
Airstrike.  When everything is destroyed, the mission will end.


GDI Mission 8 [A]
Objective: UN Sanction has cut funding to the Global Defense Initiative.
  Field Units are helpless.  Use the repair facility to keep your units in the
  field long enough to destroy the Nod base in this region.  All Nod units and
  structures must be destroyed.

Your units will be scattered at the very start of this mission, and you'll be
downgraded to just infantry.  First thing to do is to repair your damaged
structures, and telling the Harvester to mine to your left.  Repair the tanks
first, then the MRLSs, and then finally the APCs and the Humvees.  Your
infantry cannot be healed, so keep them inside the base.  Position your three
MRLSs at the very Northeastern corner of your base, on a ridge, so they can
target enemy units.  Have one Humvee guard the entrance to their ridge.  Start
to mass produce Minigunners, and some Granadiers.  For some extra money, have
your two APCs travel West, squash the Minigunners guarding the bridge, and pick
up the crate North of the town.

The trick to winning this mission is to form a blockade.  Before you do that
though, destroy every enemy unit North from your base, including the ones in
the Tiberium Field.  Next, take one Granadier, and have him blow up the two
Bazooka guys near some trees.  Next, take your two Medium Tanks, and park them
near the Tiberium Field that's close to the town.  Bring your machine gun-
mounted vehicles with you.  When the enemy Harvester starts to mine, open fire
on it with your two Medium Tanks, and form a blockade with your machine gun-
mounted vehicles North to stop the incoming infantry.  With their chain guns,
they should make quick work, sustaining very little damage.  However, enemy
tanks will come, so have them all retreat back to your base, where hopefully,
your MRLSs will take out the majority of them before they come into range.  If
you didn't destroy the Harvester, repair any damaged vehicles, and head back
up.  Destroy the Harvester, and form another blockade with the APCs and
Humvees.  The AI will send another wave to attack you, but this time, hold your
ground as it will be a light attack.  Inch them closer, and bring your MRLSs
along so they can help with the infantry.  Scoot them all closer, and form a
right angle, with the corner facing Southeast.  Have the MRLSs go behind them.
By now, you should have a big army of Minigunners, so bring them up with the
vehicles.  The enemy will now send its replacement Harvesters to mine East of
their base.  Have your Medium Tanks waiting for them, and use your blockade to
stop any infantry from coming at them.  Use your army of Minigunners if they
get past.  When they finally run out of money, use your Minigunners to take out
the Turrets.  Then, have them go inside, taking out any enemy resistance, and
destroy all Nod presence there.


GDI Mission 9 [A]

Objective: Take out Nod turrets along shore so Gunboats can move in safely
  on the Nod base.  The Nod base must be destroyed.  If gunboats can get in,
  they should be able to destroy the base with no difficulty.  Keep an eye out
  for the new weapon Nod is rumored to be working on.

Deploy your MCV and build the usual Power Plant, Barracks, etc.  Reinforcements
arrive in a Transport Helicopter, which lands on the beach head South of your
position.  Have them go left, taking out the two Turrets there.  Send all but
one back to the chopper, and have the lone one continue West to pick up a money
crate.  Send him to the chopper, and have them all travel to your base.

Your main defense from enemy attacks will be guard towers.  Build a wall of
them, defending the West side, accompanied by some Granadiers and Bazooka guys.
Build an army of 15-20 tanks, and split them into two groups.  Travel
Northwest, and have your Harvesters mine their, if your money supply is low.
Destroy the SAM site up there, and proceed down, until you see their Harvester.
Destroy it to trigger a ground wave coming at you.  Squash the infantry, and
destroy the armored vehicles with your tanks.  Park them there, and have them
destroy any more Harvesters that the AI creates.  When the enemy runs out of
money, destroy the Turrets outside, and then take out the Power Plants.  This
will cut the power to their new defense: The Obelisk of Light rendering it
harmless.  Destroy their Refinery and any more important structures, then,
destroy the last two Turrets along the beach to allow Gunboats to travel down
the river.  They "should" fire on the base and kick some Noddie (Noddy?) erhm,
butt, but they're more of a fluke.  Destroy the rest of the base to win.


GDI Mission 10 [A]

Objective: UN funding has been re-established.  You now have access to a new
  aircraft, the Orca.  This unit is to be used to scout out the immediate area.
  Destroy all Nod presence in this region.

Deploy your MCV and use your infantry to take out any nearby Turrets.  Build
the usual, and start to build more Medium Tanks.  Have your Harvesters mine to
the East, and build a defense of Guard Towers near the South entrance to your
base.  This will stop the attacks there.

There is a civilian town in the Southwest corner of the map, where the enemy
Harvester mines Tiberium.  Use your newfound Orcas to weaken it, or take it
out.  The choice is yours, but personally, I like to build a massive army with
them and send them over to turn it into a nice ball of flaming metal.  If you
have a different strategy, by all means, go ahead and do it.  When you have a
force of about 10-15 Medium Tanks, send them down, and have them destroy the
Harvester.  As always, they'll send some units to attack you, but just have
your units run over them and the problem solved.  Destroy the SAM site South of
the base, and try to take out the two Turrets without harming your tanks.  Use
infantry if you must.  Charge into the base, and you'll see the awesome power
of the Obelisk.  It takes a while to charge up, but will turn your tanks into
scrap metal if you're not fast.  Quickly take it out, along with any other
defense, then focus on the units and the SAM sites.  Taking all SAM sites out
will grant you an Airstrike, so use it well.  Take out any other critical
structures.  If the mission doesn't end when everything in the base is
destroyed, search the map some to find any leftover Turrets.


GDI Mission 11 [A]

Objective: Intelligence operative, code-name Delphi, has info on Kane and a
  new bio-research laboratory.  After landing on the beach here in Corinth move
  north to make contact with him.  Nod will attempt to stop you. You must reach

This mission takes you into the heart of Nod territory, so expect the beginning
to be difficult.

As soon as the mission begins, have your Granadiers take out the Eastern most
Turret, and have your MCV move along the coast, East to avoid their fire.  When
the Turret is destroyed, have them attack the Light Tank that is harassing your
MCV.  Take your MCV and go up, to your right and into a little niche.  Deploy,
build the usual, and send your Harvester East.

Instead of building a Weapons Factory next, build Guard Towers, and place them
around your Refinery.  Just in the nick of time too, as a variety of Nod
infantry will swarm.  Repair any damaged structures at this time.  Now, build a
Weapons Factory, and start to build Medium Tanks.  If Tiberium is scarce, check
Southeast and West of your base.  Travel up and to the right some to take out a
Flame Tank.  Use some Granadiers to take out the rest of the Turrets along the
beach head.

When you have a force of Medium Tanks of about 12-14, go North.  Destroy the
enemy Harvester and wait for the usual counter attack.  Destroy any other
Harvesters they build and position your tanks just out of the reaches of the
Turrets.  Send the calvary into the base, and wipe out the Obelisk first, then
the Turrets.  Quickly take out the Construction Yard, and their offensive
making capabilities.  Next, take out the Harvester.  Destroy everything in the
base, and travel East, destroying the Concrete wall to get as close to Agent
Delphi as possible.  A Transport Helicopter will come.  Load Delphi into it and
the mission is a success.


GDI Mission 12 [A]

Objective: A GDI base is under siege in this region.  Dr. Moebius is trapped
  in the base.  Move in, grab Moebius, and then a transport helicopter will be
  sent to you.  Get Moebius into the transport.  Make sure that there are no
  SAM sites in the area or else the transports will be useless.

To win the mission, you must destroy all SAM sites so that a Transport
Helicopter can pick Mobious up.

Repair your base and destroy the surrounding SAMs by your base.  Position your
MRLS in the very Northwestern part of your base, on the very edge, guarded by a
tree.  You will have to destroy a concrete wall to do this.  Build Medium Tanks
until you have under slightly 1,600 credits.  Take all of your Medium Tanks,
and leave the Mammoth Tank to help guard your base.  Using the Medium Tanks,
travel North, and then East to discover a nearby village.  Go down the village,
and squash the two enemy Minigunners, and pick up a money crate.  Build more
Medium Tanks until you have at least 1,600 credits left.  Head up, destroy the
Turret, and the SAM site.  Repair your tanks as needed, and then travel West,
hugging the top of the map as you go along.  You should end up in a dead end.
Target the Power Plants South of your position, and then the Construction Yard.
The AI will send units to attack you, so be prepared.  Some of your tanks will
be badly damaged, if not destroyed.  Repair any damaged tanks to full health,
and then proceed once again toward the Nod base.  This time, take your second
left across a bridge, and you should see another SAM guarded by an Obelisk.
The power is knocked out in the base, so destroy it without fear.  Destroy the
two Turrets guarding the entrance to the base, with your Granadiers, followed
by your tanks.  Enter, destroy any enemy units, and the Refinery.  Destroy the
last SAM site near the South entrance of the base and a Transport Helicopter
should arrive.  Load the Doctor in and watch the words 'Mission Accomplished'
flash on your screen.


GDI Mission 13 [A]

Objective: Delphi's info decoded and Kane has been found.  He is overseeing
  experiments at a Bio-research facility in this area.  Destroy facility while
  we have him cornered.  Build an Advanced Communications center to access the
  new Ion Cannon.  It will greatly assist you in your objective.

Deploy your MCV, and split your units into three groups.  The first consisting
of your armored units, the second consisting of your MRLSs, and the third with
everything else.  Build the usual, and expand your base West.  Harvest the
field there, and build lots of regular and advanced Guard Towers to defend your
base.  Using your MRLSs, take them West, as near to edge as possible, and fire
on the SAM sites in the base.  The AI should sell them.  Do the same onto the
second one.  Build an army of about 4-5 Mammoth Tanks and 5-6 Medium Tanks.
When you have the desired amount, send them West, North, and then East into
the enemy base.  Let the MRLSs destroy the Turrets guarding the entrance first.
Move in, capture the Refinery, and build another mini-base here, consisting of
a Repair Depot so you won't have to send your tanks back to your main one.
Build another Weapons Factory if desired.  Destroy the enemy Harvesters that
come and use your Ion Cannon (once you build your Advanced Communications
Center) and use it on the two Obelisks guarding the entrance.  When both are
destroyed, move in, taking out the Turrets, and destroy everything that attacks
you.  When everything in the base is destroyed, move North, and then East.  You
should see the Bio Center isolated with an Advanced Power Plant.  You can
either get near to it as possible, and destroy it with tank fire, or build some
Orcas, and have them fire on it.  When the Bio Center is destroyed, the mission


GDI Mission 14 [A]

Objective: We have learned the path of evacuating Nod forces.  They are
  moving through this valley.  Cut them off so that they can't rejoin the main
  force.  Attack and destroy all the vehicles in the Nod convoy.

Group your units into three divisions.  One with your armored units, two with
your machine-gun mounted vehicles and infantry, and three with your MRLSs.  Go
North, across a natural bridge, and then East.  Destroy the three Artillery
units there.  Go back down, and then to your right.  Positions of enemy units
are not exactly correct, as they will move to attack you.  The key to this
mission is to explore the map fully.  In the middle of the map though, in a big
clearing, they will ambush you, by surrounding you, and destroying most of your
lightly armored units.  The only ones who will probably survive are your tanks.
Use these to explore the rest of the map.  If you destroy every visible enemy
in the area, revisit some places, as Stealth Tanks will sometimes position
themselves there.


GDI Mission 15 [C]

Objective: The Temple of Nod has been located.  We are sure Kane is there.
  Destroy him, the temple, and any other remnant of Nod that exists there.  Nod
  has been rumored to have completed its own nuclear device so it's do or die
  time.  Let's do it!

Deploy your MCV as reinforcements arrive in the forms of a Medium Tank and an
APC full of Engineers and Granadiers.  Build the usual Power Plant, Barracks,
and a Refinery and have your Engineers take over the Communications Center and
Power Plant Northwest of your base.  Bring the rest of your units down and
protect the South end as the AI will try to take over your buildings with an
Engineer attack.  Build a Weapons Factory and another Refinery, and start to
sent them South to harvest.

Since this is the final mission for GDI, expect a tough beginning.  Build
Medium Tanks, and finish off any attackers.  If possible, build some concrete
walls, and some towers to help defend.  Position these towers everywhere in
your base, as Stealth Tanks will come in and blow up anything they can get
their.. well.. missiles on.  Build an Advanced Communications Center, and some
Helipads, about three, and start to build lots of Medium Tanks, around 10-12.
You could build Mammoth Tanks instead, but it's up to you.  Take out the Turret
across the bridge, and go down.  Be careful as it will sometimes be built back
again.  Take out the SAM site, and continue to go West.  Take out the two
Turrets on the bottom, with Orcas if possible, and then go up.  Try to have
knocked the Obelisk of Light out with an Ion Cannon blast or else you'll suffer
heavy casualties.  Squash the infantry first, then take out the enemy vehicles.
Try to take over the expensive buildings with Engineers, and then sell them so
that you can earn more money.  Take out the Hand of Nod, and the rest of the
Turrets in that base.

Go back to your base, and repair any damaged vehicles.  Now the trick the
finishing off Nod is to cut their money and power supply.  However, you may be
low on cash at this point so follow these directions.  Take a unit down,
preferably a cheap unit, and explore directly South of your base.  You will go
around ridges and into a nearby town, where he will be vaporized by an Obelisk.
Right next to the Obelisk is a Construction yard, and maybe a Hand of Nod.
Take an Engineer down, and put him just outside the reaches of the Obelisk.
Destroy it with Orcas, and then have him run into the Construction Yard.  Sell
it and you have 2,500 credits instantly.  The AI will repeatedly build it so
follow the trick again to earn more money.

When you have a force of about 12-14 Medium Tanks now, go down, back to the
previously destroyed Nod base, and travel South.  There is a Tiberium Path
here, where the enemy Harvester should be mining.  Destroy it.  Travel South,
and then East.  If power is still sufficient, an Obelisk will fire upon them.
Destroy the Power Plants on a unreachable ridge.  The Obelisk here will also
fire upon you if there is enough power.  Then, have your tanks lined up along
the edge, and have them fire on the Power Plants below.  Try to take out
anything they can reach, and vaporize any Obelisks with the Ion Cannon.  If you
have any nearby SAMs taken out, you can also send your Orcas to attack.  Just
watch out for nearby Bazooka guys.  When everything destroyable has been taken
out from the ridge, send your troops down and have them clean out the base.
Focus on the distractions first, and try to have your Ion Cannon take out as
many Obelisks as possible.  Resistance depends on how much money they have.
Proceed to the far corner of the base, take out the defenses, and the Temple of
Nod.  If the mission does not end, there are some leftover Turrets in the area.

Congratulations!  Nod is no longer a threat in the European countries.

                        Brotherhood of NOD Walkthrough

There are only thirteen Nod missions instead of the fifteen GDI missions.


Nod Mission 1 [A]

Objective: In order for the Brotherhood to gain a foothold, we must begin by
  eliminating certain elements.  Nikoomba, the nearby village's leader, is one
  such element.  His views and ours do not coincide, and he must be eliminated.

You start off with ten Minigunners and two Nod Buggies.  Reinforcements arrive
in eight Minigunners.  GDI Minigunners attack from your left, but your men
should have no problem eliminating them.  Travel down and you should run into
some resistance, consisting of a Humvee and some Grenadiers and Minigunners.
Take them out, focusing on the Minigunners first, and then continue left.
Cross the bridge while eliminating any resistance in your way.  You can destroy
the town, but is not necessary as eliminating Nikoomba on top of a hill will
end the mission.


Nod Mission 2 [A]

Objective: GDI has kept a stranglehold on Egypt for many years.  Set up a
  forward attack base in your area.  To do this you must double click on your
  Mobile Construction Vehicle.  From here you can begin to build a base.
  This area contains plenty of Tiberium, so establishing the base should be

Deploy your MCV and spread your units around it.  Attacks should come from the
North and Northwest, so place your units there.  Build a Power Plant, Hand of
Nod, and a Refinery, followed by another to keep the money flowing.
Continuously build Minigunners, and try to keep the Buggies alive.  Explore
left, and park a squad of Minigunners there, at the entrance to their base.
Let any nearby infantry come to you.  Send another squad, of about 15-20 to the
North end of their base and keep them there too, but be warned of the
Harvester.  When the Harvester is out in the fields, send your Buggies after it
to trigger the AI to defend it.  They should come running right into the two
squads, which should eliminate most of them.  If you suffer heavy casualties,
and some are slipping by, build more and strengthen your position.

If you choose to ignore the Harvester, take your squads and move them into the
base.  Park your lower group in front of the Barracks and have them set to
guard.  Take the northern one and destroy the Tiberium Refinery, and the
Construction Yard or have an Engineer take over them both.  When the AI runs
out of money, attack the Barracks and everything else to end the mission.


Nod Mission 3 [A]

Objective: GDI has established a prison camp, where they are e detaining
  some of the local political leaders.  Kane wishes to liberate these victims.
  Destroy the GDI forces and capture the prison, do not destroy it.

Deploy your Construction Yard and build the usual Power Plant, Hand of Nod, and
your Refinery.  Build another Refinery as always to increase your money supply.
Divide your starting units into two groups, one consisting of your infantry,
and the other of your vehicles.  Crank out Minigunners like there's no
tomorrow, and occasionally a Bazooka guy or two.  Build an army of about
twenty-five Minigunners and another one about the same.

There's a town North of your base which you can destroy, but is not necessary.
Travel Northwest until you reach the extremities of the base.  Bring your Nod
Attack Cycles just out of the reach of the Guard Tower, and have it destroy it.
Or you can travel North on a little path, destroy the sandbag walls, and march
in.  Bring your units together and focus on the productive buildings, a.k.a.,
the Barracks and Construction Yard and then focus on the Refinery.  Try to
destroy it with the Harvester inside to take them both out.  Or, you can as
always take it over with an Engineer.  Build an Engineer at this point, and at
the very left corner of the base will be the Technology Center which you should


Nod Mission 4 [A]

Objective: GDI is attempting to relocate a village of sympathetic civilians.
  Intercept the convoy and destroy it.  It is imperative that the villages be
  totally destroyed, as a lesson to any other natives who may oppose us.

Have all of your units go down, taking out the Humvees and the
infantry.  Head West, up a bridge, while taking out the two Humvees
that cross.  Resistance should be light in this mission, but you'll end
up losing most of your vehicles.  In the town, take out the lone APC,
than destroy everything that your cursor targets.


Nod Mission 5 [A]

Objective: Our brothers within GDI tell us of A-10 strike jets scheduled to
  be deployed here soon.  Our suppliers have delivered new Surface to Air
  Missiles to aid you.  Use the SAMs to defend your base, then seek out their
  base and destroy it.

Deploy your MCV and have your units, especially your Recon Bikes form a circle
around you base warding off air units, and most importantly, the A-10
Airstrikes.  Build up your base with at least two Refineries, and start to
produce lots of Light Tanks.  You may be attacked from the West, so keep an eye
out for that.  If you run out of Tiberium, go North to find a big field.

After you have about 10-12 Light Tanks, take them Northwest.  Have some Recon
Bikes use their range to destroy the Guard Towers without taking damage.  Then
send them in, and capture the Tech Center with an Engineer.


Nod Mission 6 [A]

Objective: GDI has imported a Nuclear Detonator in an attempt to sway a few
  local political leaders.  Penetrate the base and steal the detonator.  A
  chopper will be sent to meet you at a designated landing zone.  Look for the
  landing flare once you have stolen the device.

You have two groups to control.  The top group consists of fast moving vehicles
which are great for retrieving the parts.  However, they are also lightly
armored, which makes them the most easiest to die.  Both groups will eventually
meet at the base.  You can use the top group if you want, but I rarely do.
Sacrifice them, use them as bait, distraction, it's all up to you.

The lower group however consists of the infantry and tanks.  Send them south,
and they will run into various infantry and tanks.  You don't really have time
to battle them, and they'll overwhelm you with their forces, so run, run, run!!
The base is guarded by Guard Towers, so you'll need to get in and get out
quick.  Unfortunately, all of your infantry [that will make it there] won't
have the power to destroy the fence that's guarding the parts.  Do some damage
with them and capture some buildings before they're killed.

Once your two Light Tanks get there however, you can complete the mission.
Destroy the fence, and make a run South towards the flare with the chopper.
How a tank can fit into a chopper?  I'll never know.


Nod Mission 7 [A]

Objective: The Brotherhood has located a huge field of Tiberium in the area.
  The nearby village has laid claim to the field.  Eliminate the villagers, as
  to prevent any infection of our own workers.  GDI forces are reported to be
  minimal, so elimination of them is of secondary importance.

Your units start at the Eastern side of the map, and you have a base at the
Northeastern part.  Use your Flame Infantry to mow through any civilians and
any GDI Minigunners you should encounter.  There is only one path through this
part, which is great for them.

Follow the valley of sorts to another civilian village, this time, with GDI
defenses nearby.  It's actually their base too, but I didn't want to scare you.
:P Continue up to the bridge North, and then make a run for your base.

Immediately repair any damaged structures and deploy a Hand of Nod with and a
Refinery.  You're going to want to have three Harvesters in this map, so build
one more Refinery when you have the money and an extra Harvester.  Send them
South, while you build an Airfield for tanks.  Send your Rocket men and any
other infantry along the bottom of the ride North of your base.  Periodic tank
attacks come from there, firing on your Construction Yard, but they will be
able to handle them.

Once money is dry, send your Harvesters West, along with some Bazookas (at
least 5) to take out the Medium Tanks along the ridges.  The tanks are poor
against infantry, so they should make quick work.  However, if a Minigunner
pops out of the destroyed tank, have them retreat, or place a Flame Infantry to
guard them.  Send your tanks in after that, and have them stay there.

If you look at the bridges for a while, you'll see that the GDI money supply
comes from a single Harvester harvesting North, out of the base defenses.  Wait
until the Harvester collects the Tiberium, and then close off the opening[s].
Send some tanks to destroy it and have the other destroy any incoming infantry.
With their money supply cut off [for now], you can send in your task force.

Send any tanks you have at the bridge (hopefully at least 10) and destroy the
Guard Towers at the entrances.  The church has an obvious crate but you can
only access it by destroying it.  Use the cash to build more tanks and help
your assault.  Once all perimeter defences have been destroyed, squash the
infantry, and then the Barracks along with the War Factory.  Destroy the
Construction Yard along with them to prevent replacements.  Once all GDI
occupants are gone, you win!


Nod Mission 8[A]

Objective: Since we are low on troops, you will have to make use of all
  available resources.  Locate the abandoned GDI base in the area and restore
  it to operational status.  Once that is done, use GDI's own weapons against
  them.  Be sure that no GDI forces remain alive.

You start this mission with some Minigunners and Rocket Soldiers.  Your biggest
concern are the various Granadiers which can wipe out your whole group.  Use
the Rocket Soldier's longer view to expose more of the area, and use their
range to soften them up.  Then, come in with the Minigunners and mop them up.
You'll eventually come to a Medium Tank, so distract it with the Minigunners
while you wipe it out with the Rocket Infantry.  Proceed east, where you'll see
a Chinook land and your base.

Load the infantry in, and sell your Construction Yard.  Place one Engineer in
and send them off towards the flare.  Use the infantry to kill any local units
around and send the Engineer into the Refinery when the Harvester is INSIDE!
Build a second Engineer and send it into the Construction Yard.  Repair your
Power Plant on the previous island and then start to build a Barracks while you
sell the Hand of NOD.

Build another Refinery, and then a War Factory.  You will be attacked by tanks,
and you are in no condition to fight with them right now, so distract them with
the Harvesters.  Use your Rocket Infantry to destroy it.  Once you start to
crank out Medium Tanks however, you're in the safe zone.

The only threats (I'm not joking) are airstrikes and minor infantry attacks.
You can use the Guard Towers to destroy them.  Since Tiberium is far away,
you're going to want to have four Harvesters.  Scout around your base with some
infantry and tanks, and when they start to draw fire from ORCAs, have them
retreat.  Your only means of anti-aircraft defense are only Rocket Soldiers,
but they'll suffice.  The ORCAs will follow your men back to the Rocket
Soldiers, where they can destroy them.  Just to tell you, there are only two

Unlike in previous missions, the enemy does not have a money supply.  This
means no Harvester, and no other means of replacing their structures.  Woo-hoo!
You only need ten Medium Tanks to finish this mission.  The GDI base is in the
Northeast, so send your tanks there.  Destroy the three Guard Towers and the
single Advanced Guard Tower.  You won't have to combat them long, since the AI
will sell them once they receive too much damage.  Squash the infantry and the
factories, and you're all set.


Nod Mission 9 [A]

Objective: GDI is attempting to retake Egypt.  Use every available resource
  in your efforts to stop them.  The populace has once again swayed in support
  of GDI forces, so show no mercy in dealing with the villagers.

I hate missions that only give you a certain amount of troops to begin with and
then expect you to keep them alive, and this one is no exception.  If you
notice, your view is focused on the Commando, but you have two Engineers and
four Rocket Soldiers in the NW.  Don't move them or they'll draw enemy fire,
and we know how well they fare against enemy soldiers.

Move the Commando South, and then Northwest, towards the Rocket Soldiers.
You'll encounter various enemy infantry, consisting of Minigunners, Granadiers,
and Rocket Soldiers.  When you finally reach the Rocket Soldiers, move back
down and South.  Stop when you get to the middle of the map and travel directly
South.  You should find a Nod base with a GDI base.  Build a Power Plant, and
then a Hand of Nod.  Since you only have 1,000 credits, you're going to need to
capture that Refinery.  Sell your Power Plant, or else you'll only have 400
credits.  Capture the Refinery, and rebuild the Power Plant.

It's time to rescue the Engineers up North, as well as the crate.  Send your
Commmando and the Rocket Soldiers North.  They should encounter a Humvee, but
make sure you kill it with your Rocket Soldiers.  Rescue the Engineers, and
then the crate, and travel back to your base.  An A-10 Airstrike should've
happened and you'll probably lose the Engineers and Commando.  Anyways, bring
all your men back at your base, and set up two Turrets along the beachhead to
fire upon the Gunboat harrassing your Refinery.

Start to build up your Light Tanks now, and check for periodic attacks from
GDI.  They don't consist of much, so you can handle them.  Once you have five
or so tanks, send them back to where you picked up the Rocket Soldiers, and
have them attack the enemy Harvester there.  Naturally, expect the counter-
attack on your tanks, and make sure that you have some Flame Tanks and Rocket
Soldiers to help take care of the infantry.  Keep on destroying the Harvesters
they send out.

Inch your troops closer to the base East, and when you see the Guard Towers,
stop.  Use your Flame Tanks, as they excel at this job, and finish them off.
Expect the enemy to sell them due to the lack of money.  Enter the base, and
wipe out everything.


Nod Mission 10 [A]

Objective: GDI is developing an orbital weapon.  Our spies have told us of a
  large lake near the location of the R&D center.  Find the base, and use the
  sniper to eliminate their scientist.

Another limited number of men.  Bah!  Break your attack group into four
different groups, in the end, having two Flame Tanks in one group, Commando and
Nod Buggies in another, tanks and Minigunners in yet another, and finally, the
Artillery and Rocket Soldiers in the last group.  Send them East, and have the
Commando eliminate the troops.  Leave the two Flame Infantry behind, as they'll
injure your units if you bring them with you.  Have them guard the bridge,
after your units cross it.

An enemy Chinook should fly over and your Rocket Soldiers should be able to
destroy it.  If not, some troops come out but your Flame Infantry should be
able to take care of them.  Continue East, and take out the Medium Tank on the
ridge.  Go up, and use your Buggies to draw out enemy troops.  Watch out for
the Humvees and APCs however, as they will quickly eliminate your Commando.
Eventually, you'll make it up North, and then turn West.  Go down the small
inlet and travel down South.  You'll receive reinforcements, which is a
Chinook.  You don't need it, as the scientist is on an isolated island, near
your position.  Assemble your Artillery along the coastline, and open fire.


Nod Mission 11 [A]

Objective: GDI has captured one of our technology centers.  You must
  recapture the base and recover the stolen information.  Our forces in the
  area don't have time to find a way across the river, so you will have to
  control the two forces separately.

No Commando, unlike the C & C game for the PC, at least for what I read.  You
have some Rifle infantry, as well as Rocket Soldiers and Engineers with
Artillery.  Take your infantry, and draw out a Medium Tank.  Destroy it, and
travel West, making sure to avoid the Guard Towers.  Cross the bridge, and a
flare should light up.  Use the Artillery's range to pound them, but watch out
for hitting the Harvester.

Chances are that you hit it, so enemy tanks will mobilize.  Your Rocket
Infantry should be able to take care of them, but since you're limited to how
many troops you can expend right now, have them all go up and enter the base.
Use the Engineers to take over critical strucutres like the Refinery, Radar,
and anything else.

South from your base is a church with some money.  Very handy right now.  Build
up an Obelisk for the first time, as it will greatly help you in deterring
attacks.  Build a second one when you have the chance.

Deploy an Airfield, and start to amass some tanks.  There are Tiberium Fields
North and East of the base so you'll want to build lots of Harvesters to keep
money flowing.  Send a unit up North to draw out the enemy ORCA, and have him
lead it back to your base for it to be destroyed.  Make sure you have anti-
aircraft defenses first, duh!

When you're ready to attack, have two Flame Tanks eliminate the Guard Towers at
the entrance, and let your tanks come in.  Of course, it goes without saying
that you should have destroyed their Harvester first.  Once GDI is eliminated,
you move onto mission 12.


Nod Mission 12

Objective: Somewhere in this area there is a GDI Advanced Communications
  Center.  Inside this center are the firing codes for their orbiting Ion
  station.  The Brotherhood must have these codes.  Capture the center and
  retrieve the codes, do not destroy the center.

Expect a rough beginning.  Take your units (2 Recon Bikes, 2 Buggies, 1 Light
Tank) and head out West.  They should run into two Mammoth Tanks guarding the
only bridge.  Bring your MCV up and use it as bait to lure the Mammoth Tanks to
fire upon it.  While they're occupied, take all of your units, and open fire on
them from the back.  Just make sure your Bikes don't get squashed!

Cross the bridge, find the open field, and deploy the MCV.  Repair what damage
it's taken, and build a Power Plant, Hand of Nod, and a Refinery.  Build an
Airstrip after that and another Refinery and a Harvester.  Tiberium deposits
are in the East, North, and Northeast.  Send your Bikes to scout up ahead, and
they should run into a group of GDI troops destroying a civilian town.  Why, I
don't know.  You can easily destroy the MRLS, but the Mammoth Tanks will pose a
problem.  Draw them out one by one back to your base, where you should have
base defenses ready.  Light Tanks do the trick.  Head back to the village, and
notice the church.  Unfortunately, it doesn't have a money crate.  Head east
with your bikes, and they should find an enemy Harvester.  Once you destroy it,
retreat back, as ORCAs are probably on your trail right now.  Take care of the
ORCAs [2] so they don't further hinder your attacks.

However, the Harvesters have taken the hint and won't harvest at the Tiberium
Field.  Instead, they'll harvest at a deposit within the limits of their base.
Build up an attack force of 10-12 Light Tanks, and make sure they're at full
health.  Unfortunately, that'll take a while, as constant A-10 Airstrikes, Ion
Cannon Strikes, and mobile ground assaults will make that task impossible.
Send them Northeast, where they should cross a bridge.  Use Flame Tanks on the
Guard Towers, and position another one just outside the Barracks to prevent any
new infantry from attacking.  Destroy the Construction Yard, and underneath
will be a silver box.  You can pick it up, but I don't understand what it does.
Clear out the enemy troops, and then send an Engineer into the Advanced
Communications Center to win the mission.  In fact, you don't have to destroy
anything, just get an Engineer in there!


Nod Mission 13 [C]

Objective: Establish your base, then build and defend the Temple of Nod.  All
  GDI forces are to be destroyed.  Kane has ordered you to defend the Temple at
  all costs, even your own life.  Do not allow GDI forces to overrun you.

Deploy your MCV and use your infantry to deal with any threats.  Just to let
you know, you're on an isolated island, so you don't have to worry about
attacks just yet, because there are really no sea units.

Only build a Refinery [1] and leave it at that, since you can't bring any
vehicular units over.  Use your Engineer, and capture the Transport Helicopter
in the Southwest corner of your island.  Build a Communications Center, and the
Temple of Nod if you want, and place them on your island.  After a few minutes,
a Commando will arrive, so use him to destroy the church for a crate.

Around the thirteen minute mark, another MCV will deploy on the island South of
yours.  Deploy it and position an Obelisk of Light (don't worry, no Ion Cannon
strikes in this mission) to protect it.  Build up two Refineries on this
island, and sell the one on the other island once the Tiberium is gone.  Build
a Hand of Nod, and an Airstrip, and lay down another Obelisk near the southern
part of your base to stop any attacks.  Feel free to deploy any more if you

Tiberium lies to the Eastern corners of the maps, and if you're still running
low on cash, search the Southeastern corner for a lonely Construction Yard
guarded by only a single Advanced Guard Tower.  Seem familiar?  Take it over
and over again, and sell it for the 2,000 credits (after deducting the cost of
the Engineer).  You don't really have to attack, since the enemy will run out
of money, and their Harvesters will eventually come into the range of your
Obelisks.  However, if you want to attack, the GDI bases are at the Southwest,
and Northeast corners of the map.  Those two bases are guarded only by Advanced
Guard Towers [5], Guard Towers [4] and various other units.  Take over some
buildings and deploy an Obelisk to wreck havoc.

Once all GDI forces have been eliminated, you win the game!!

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-[8. Special Ops Missions]-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

Special Ops Missions are exclusively to the N64, so PC players, this won't be
in your game.

                  Global Defense Initiative Special Operations

As you can notice, GDI has a whole lot more Special Operations Missions than
the Brotherhood of Nod, due to the cheat codes.


GDI Special Operation 1
Objective: Clear the SAM sites so that you can launch an airstrike, allowing
  you to build up your base and eliminate all Nod forces

If you look at your bar, you'll see that you have 10,000 credits.  If you think
that's a lot of money, you're about to find out.

Take the Commando and head up the path to your very left.  Watch out for the
Obelisk of Light, as it could end your mission.  Proceed with caution, and take
out the two Flame Infantry there.  Take out the SAM site with some C-4, and
move on up ahead.  Continue to move slowly, until you take out the two
Minigunners, and another Flame Infantry.  Then, take out the SAM site.

You now have an airstrike, so use it on the Obelisk.  When it is destroyed, an
MCV comes as reinforcement.  Immediately deploy it, build a Power Plant,
Barracks, and a Tiberium Refinery.  At this point, you may or may not be
attacked by some Stealth Tanks, along with Light Tanks.  Build some Minigunners
and Granadiers and have them focus on the Stealth Tanks as they have lighter
armor.  Then, focus on the Light Tanks.  Be warned as they are very likely to
squash your infantry.

As soon as the Refinery is complete, set it down and build a Weapons Factory.
You should be facing heavy losses by now, and almost strapped of cash.  When
the Factory is complete, immediately set it down and start cranking out Medium
Tanks, as much as your budget allows.  When one is finished, order it to help
take out the remaining attackers, usually around two Light Tanks that have
their health around midway.  When you have built another for insurance, build a
Harvester.  Send it to the fields East of your base, but be warned of the
Turrets there.  Continue to expand your base, adding more Refineries, and
building more tanks.  Be sure to build a Communications Center for the radar.

It's time to explore.  Take a group of Medium Tanks, around five-seven, and
travel them Northeast of your base a little, close to the walls on your right.
If you explore the territory, you should find two SAM sites.  Order them to
destroy it, and the AI will sometimes sell them off when under attack.  Take
one Minigunner, and send it North, across a bridge.  Two Obelisks should open
fire on it, thus revealing their position and the four SAM sites around it.
Position your tanks as close to the SAM sites as possible without it being
fired upon, and take out the SAM site closest to the bridge.  By now, your
airstrike should be ready, so have it take out one of the Obelisks.  When it
comes, you will discover the location of more SAM sites, currently out of your
reach.  Return back to your base, and wait for another Airstrike, or build an
Advanced Communications Center and have an Ion Cannon Strike on the other.  It
doesn't really matter.  Build a Repair Depot if they're badly damaged for some
reason, and tell them to travel East, and follow the Tiberium Field.  You
should reach two Turrets, so order them to fire on them and destroy them so
they won't harass your Harvesters.  Proceed to eliminate everything in the
base, or take them over with an Engineer.  North of the base is another
Tiberium Field.

Start building Mammoth Tanks now, as you should have the requirements
fulfilled.  When you have about four, and your Medium Tanks, about eight, along
with your Airstrikes and Ion Cannon, you're ready to face off against Nod.
Hopefully, you've destroyed the first base East of yours, eliminated the two
Obelisks, and the four SAM sites, and all of your attacking units are up to
full health.  If you have both the Airstrikes and Ion Cannon ready, fire them
both on the Refinery next to the two SAM sites Northwest from your position.
Try to do it when the Harvester is inside to take them both out with one
strike.  With their money gone, the battle will be easier.

Start out with your forces taking out the two Turrets.  Proceed on ahead, and
eliminate the Obelisk first, before going after the enemy units.  When all
threats have been eliminated, take out their productive structures, and then
their power.  You can also free the civilians penned up, but your units will
attack them when they get into range.  Take out the Hand of Nod, and any other
remaining structures to end the mission.


GDI Special Operation 2
Objective: Get an Engineer into the Tech Center

Reinforcements arrive in one MCV, two MRLSs, two Medium Tanks, and two Mammoth
Tanks.  Group the Medium Tanks and the Mammoth Tanks into one group, and the
MRLSs into another.  Deploy the MCV, build the usual Power Plant, Barracks,
Refinery, and Weapons Factory.  Order your Harvester to harvest down South of
your base, and use your tanks to scout East.  They should encounter two Light
Tanks, but should have no trouble taking them out.  Next, explore South of your
base and you should find two more Light Tanks.  Destroy them also.  Continue to
build more Medium Tanks, and when you have the money, Mammoth Tanks.  When you
have a force of 6-8 Medium Tanks, and Mammoth Tanks, travel East toward a small
Nod base.  Destroy the two Turrets, the Hand of Nod and any infantry that are
coming at you.  Then, destroy the Refinery or take it over with an Engineer
while the Harvester is still in it.  Proceed to take out the Power Plants, SAM
site, and any other Nod things.

Return to your base and have your tanks repaired to full health.  By now, your
Tiberium supply should be running out and your Harvesters will start to wander
into enemy bases.  Take your tanks again, and have them travel Southeast from
your base, following the strip of land until you reach an intersection.  Travel
down now, and an Obelisk should open fire.  Quickly, have all of your tanks
fire on it, but be careful, as some of them will circle around the ridges and
into more Obelisks.  You will lose some of your tanks in the this process, but
will ensure the safety of your Harvester.  Return to your base and repair your
tanks.  Remember to continuously build more.  If you have the money, build an
Advanced Communications Center and once deployed, sell your regular one.  You
can use its Ion Cannon to take out the rest of the Obelisks, or other targets
of your choice.

With the rest of your remaining tanks, along with any new ones you've build,
around 8-10, have them travel South.  You should meet up with two Turrets, but
can easily destroy them.  Destroy/take over the Hand of Nod, the Refinery, and
the Airfield, then the SAMs and finally everything else in that base.  All of
your tanks should have survived, but their health may vary if you ran into any
problems.  Head back to your base and repair them.  Now, before your final
attack, make sure to have at least 8-10 Medium Tanks, and 4-6 Mammoth Tanks, at
the very least.

Travel East, then South.  If you haven't taken out all the Obelisks now, I
suggest you do so.  Continue South, target the Hand of Nod, and blow it up.
Have your Medium Tanks take out the enemy vehicles and the Mammoths to take out
the critical structures.  Destroy everything inside the base, then, build an
Engineer.  Transport him in an APC or just have him run into the Technology
Center to win the mission.


GDI Special Operation 71 [DYNAMIC]
Objective: Destroy all Nod forces

Not sure why this is called DYNAMIC, but it is the only one to have an ending
cutscene and actually seems like a normal mission.  You start off with two
HMMWVs, four Medium Tanks, four Mammoth Tanks, and two MRLS, along with two
Minigunners, two Granadiers, and two Orcas.  Send your Mammoth Tanks out to the
East and have them destroy the SAM site.  Stay out of the range of the Turrets,
while you travel North, taking out the enemy forces, and destroy another SAM
site.  This should open up an A-10 Airstrike which will continually recharge.
Your Ion Cannon will also recharge from time to time once you build an Advanced
Communications Center.

Build Medium Tanks, and another Harvester if to increase your money supply.
Build a Repair Depot and then alternations of Medium Tanks and Mammoth Tanks,
particularly Medium Tanks.  When you have about six Mammoth Tanks and ten
Medium Tanks, send them out to destroy the remaining SAM sites on the outskirts
of the base.  Target the Obelisk of Light and other important structures with
your A-10 Airstrikes while you take out Turrets with the Ion Cannon.  Use your
Mammoth Tanks to take out enemy vehicles and your Medium Tanks against
structures.  Also, send some of your units, maybe your ORCAs to take out the
Harvesters.  With your powerful force, and their loss of productive structures,
you should win the mission with the cutscene of the destruction of Nod, and

GDI Special Operation 73
Objective: Eliminate the surrounding Nod forces

When the mission starts, you find you have a HUGE base consisting of about
thirty Guard Towers, thirteen Orcas, one Harvester, one MCV (and one already
deployed one), and a few units, including Commandos.  The first thing to do is
to sell some of your Guard Towers so that the Harvester doesn't have to go
around them.  You should get some extra money, which you should use to build
another refinery.  Bring your MCV down and deploy it, build something around
it, and than you can sell it if you really want to.  Reinforcements
periodically arrive in Chinooks (Transport Helicopters) with one Minigunner.
They also arrive from the south in a Hover Craft with one Commando.  If you
take the Commando and travel West, you should find angry villagers who have
sided with Nod.  Your Commando will automatically shoot anyone whose shooting
at him, so you needn't worry.  The civilians carry 10-round pistols, which do
light damage.  Have him continue into the town and pick up a crate which is
worth 2,000 credits.

Back at your base, deploy the Refinery when finished, and start cranking out
Medium Tanks, and Mammoth Tanks.  Also, order the Gunboat at the top of the map
to take out any structures/units its missiles can reach.  If you send an
infantry to explore the map East of your positions, you'll come across the
enemy base, along with their compliments of Attack Choppers.  Start to mass
produce Mammoth Tanks, some Bazooka infantry, and maybe some MRLSs.  Group
them, and then position them so that the Helicopters come out flying toward
you.  With your combined firepower, they should go down, but be ready to
replace the destroyed ones.  Now, scout their base, but watch out for their
line of Turrets, with your vehicles, particularly something fast.  Use your
Orcas to blow away their Turrets, but beware of Bazooka infantry and SAMs.  If
you have a strong force, go around the Turrets, and clear out their base from
the North.  Now that you've eliminated their air force, you can also take your
Commandos (with vehicle backup) and take out the Turrets, as it will be much
easier with their C-4.  When all is leveled, you've successfully completed the
mission, even though 'Mission Accomplished' doesn't show.  To get that, use the
cheat to win the mission.


GDI Special Operation 74
Objective: Destroy all Nod forces.

If you notice, this is one weird mission as the Gunboat is going through land
and some of your units are on the water.  Tell your Medium Tank to go to the
left side, and your HMMWV, APC, and MRLS to stay on the other side.  You can
bring your Mammoth Tank down if you want, but the key unit will be the
Engineer.  Reinforcements arrive in one Orca.  Take your starting Engineer, and
have him capture the Nod Construction Yard.  Sell it, build another Engineer,
and have him take over the Refinery.  You can also deploy your second one and
sell it to get another Engineer.  Keep on taking over buildings that cost more
than your Engineer, such as the Repair Depot and the Airfield.  Sell everything
you take over, and build more troops if you want, but is advised to build an
Advanced Communications Center, then sell your regular one.  Take one
Minigunner, and have him travel South.  He should be eliminated by an enemy
Commando, and revealing the terrain around him.  Use your Airstrike and take
out as many of the vehicles that are clustered together as you can.  However,
some of the vehicles will move away.  If you don't finish them off, you can
wait for another Airstrike/Ion Cannon, or finish them off with your ground

If you choose to engage in direct combat, have your tanks attack first,
followed by the MRLS and the others from the south.  Build replacements if you
have to, and than, when all enemy units are finished, destroy the Nod


GDI Special Operation 72 [STATIC]
Objective: Destroy all Nod forces

This mission has no real strategy to it.  You start off with a ton of
Minigunners North, and an Advanced Communications Center with two Advanced
Power Plants.  If you've played this level before, than target the Temple of
Nod (or where you think it is) with your Ion Cannon and Airstrike and fire.  If
not, sell them, as Nod will launch a Nuclear Missile at your 'base' eliminating
everything.  Take your Minigunner army, and have them divide into two groups.
Send them Southeast and they should meet with a large army of Nod Minigunners.
You outnumber them, so kill them all, then destroy the Temple of Nod.

NOTE: Targeting the Temple of Nod with an Airstrike, then with the Ion Cannon
seems to stop it from launching its missile.  So you don't have to sell your

                     Brotherhood of NOD Special Operations

Nod Special Operation 1
Objective: Pick up Nuclear Parts

Send your Flame Infantry West, taking out any enemy infantry until they come to
the town.  Have them destroy the Humvee and send your other units except for
the Commando and one Flame Tank.  Use the Commando and travel up, taking out
the Minigunners until he comes to a Guard Tower.  Keep to the right to pass it,
and stop him when you spot a Mammoth Tank and a Medium Tank.

To get them to move, have your units in the town attack the Oil Pumps.  Wait
for the Medium Tank and the Mammoth Tank to pass your Flame Tank and have it go
past them.  Send both the Commando and Flame Tank North, until they spot two
Advanced Guard Towers.  Have the Flame Tank attack them, and send your Commando
to touch the crate in the fence near them.  The mission ends when he retrieves
the crate.


Nod Special Operation 2
Objective: Destroy the Surrounding GDI Forces

First thing that you'll notice is that in the Northeast corner of the map, some
of your men are penned up, but they're not able to escape.  They'll eventually
get slaughtered, although you may be able to inflict some damage with them once
the fence is destroyed...

You have two Flame Tanks, two Artilleries, and two Light Tanks.  Deploy your
MCV, and start to build, making sure that you have at least three Harvesters.
A preferred building would be the Hand of Nod, and then a Refiner, Airstrip,
another Refinery, tanks, and another Harvester.  To the Southeast corner of the
map, there will be a GDI Construction Yard, guarded by a single Mammoth Tank.
Take over the Construction Yard and sell it, or use it to gain GDI technology.

The key as always, is to wipe out the enemy's money supply.  Doing so will stop
the frequent Medium Tank, infantry and Commando attacks.  However, deploying an
Obelisk will make short work of them, until they are destroyed by the chronic
Ion Cannon attacks.  The enemy harvests the Tiberium in the East, and Northwest
sections of the maps.  Midway, you'll come across various Advanced Guard
Towers, which can easily be destroyed by a single Flame Tank.  Once all are
gone, you are free to attack.  Keep Flame Tanks nearby to take out any infantry
that they may send to guard their Harvester.

Once you can't find anymore (search the area around the main GDI bases), amass
two forces of Light Tanks, each with about 10.  Your main targets are the two
GDI bases, separated only by a single ridge [so they're really like one base].
Attack from the right side and then break off the attack when the Orca VTOL
aircraft start to attack.  Bring your tanks back to your base, and repair the
damaged ones.  The Orcas will continue to attack the tanks, but you should have
some air defenses to take care of them.  Once they're all gone, you should
resume your attacks.

The right base is guarded by three Guard Towers (two advanced ones) so put your
Flame Tanks to good use.  The Advanced Communications Center is also located
here, so take it out as well.  The left base houses the Barracks and War
Factory, as well as the Helipads.  Take everything out to win the mission.  If
the mission doesn't end, then you left some of the civilian buildings in the
Southeast region of the map still standing, which may house GDI soldiers.


Nod Special Operation 70
Objective: Destroy GDI forces in the area

You have a fully functional base and another MCV with more units in the far
Southern corner of the map.  Have those units try and meet up with your primary
base, but they will meet up with two Mammoth Tanks.  Launch your Airstrike
against them, than follow it up with everything you've got, targeting one at a
time.  Attack them from both sides and bring the damaged ones to the Repair
Depot.  Build another Refinery, and send the MCV up North until it reaches a
Tiberium Field.  Deploy it and set the Refinery right next to it.  Build up
your forces, and when you have 15-20 Light Tanks, it's time to attack.  Divide
them into two groups, all the while launching Airstrikes on your enemy.  You
will be harassed in this mission by the Ion Cannon which will continually
destroy your Obelisk, and then the SAM sites.  Just repair the SAM after each
strike to keep from it targeting your other structures.  Have your tanks travel
North until they come to some enemy tanks, near an enemy MCV and some infantry.
If you have your Airstrike ready, I would suggest you use it against them, or
your Nuke.  When they are destroyed, proceed on ahead, and don't forget to
continually build more Light Tanks.  Enter the base from the West, and take out
the Guard Tower.  You will be attacked by Orcas along the way, so try and
destroy them.  The first things you should target are their defenses, next the
Barracks, Refinery, and Weapons Factory.  Next, their Orcas and their Helipads.
When the enemy is helpless, you can then proceed to destroy their structures
and everything else.  You've suffer heavy casualties, which is why you need to
rebuild your force and bring them up.

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=[9. Cheats]=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

These cheat is to help you unlock all the missions, normal and the bonus ones
which have glitches in them and to win a mission or lose it.  Credit goes to
the "Codes & Secrets" from GameFAQs.com.  The URL is:

Unlock All Missions
At the title screen, press B,A,R,R,A,C-Right,Up,Down, and A.  Then, click on
Replay Missions and press the L Button.  All missions should now be unlocked
and be represented in their official form.  This will also unlock the bonus
ones.  NOTE: Up and Down will work with both the D-Pad and the Control Stick,
but it seems to be easier to do it with the D-Pad.

Lose/Win the Current Mission
At the title screen, press B,A,R,R,A,C-Right,Up,Down, and A.  Then, during a
mission, press L+R+Up to win the mission, press L+R+Down to lose the mission.

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