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FAQ/Walkthrough by Clovershroom

Updated: 10/01/00


            ------  '    '   ------    -----   -----   -----    -----
           /        '    '  /      \  '     \ '     \ '        '     \
          (          ----  (        ) '-----/ '-----/ '-----   '-----/
           \        '    '  \      /  '       '       '        '    \
            ------  '    '   ------   '       '        -----   '     \ 

               /\   -------  -------      /\       ------   ' /
              /  \     '        '        /  \     /         '/
             /----\    '        '       /----\   (          '\
            /      \   '        '      /      \   \         ' \
           /        \  '        '     /        \   ------   '  \

                         The official walkthrough!
                     Author: Cedric Cooks/Oda (Cedoda)
                       E-mail address: cedoda@cs.com

Well, not that we REALLY need one, but not too many people have played 
this fun game, and every FAQ needs one, no matter how good or bad it is.  
The only other reason is because I'm bored, that and the fact that my 
guide collection needs to be larger, along with several reviews.  By the 
way, have anyone here noticed that I'm the only person to write a review 
and a FAQ for this game?

Table of contents

1. Weapons
2. Items
3. Walkthrough
4. Credits
5. Disclaimer


Expect a big update, folks!  Everything is included.  Nothing else.  
Well, except for the fact that I got certain parts wrong (Especially in 
the weapons area, but who cares?  Plus, I'm taking out the Helicopter 

2. Weapons 

Air to Air Homing Missiles: They take out airborne targets, obviously.

Price: $1000

Air and Ground Homing Missile: They go after both land and air targets.  

Price: $1800

Ground to Ground Homing Missile: Fires a missile towards the ground for 
tracking land targets.

Price: $1000

Dummies: Distracts Enemy homing missiles from targets.  

Price: $500

Cluster Bombs: Fires a cluster bomb, engulfing anything in hits in 
flames (Where's the mushroom cloud?).

Price: $2500

Homing Clusters: Ditto, but locks on (Again, where's the mushroom 

Price: $7500 

Line rockets: Fires ten rockets, one at a time.  Pretty useful for later 

Price $150

Secret weapon: It's a homing plasma blaster called the "Alien 
Disruptor".  It fires a green plasma blast which obviously locks on to 
alien ships.  This is only accessed AFTER you beat level 7 on expert 

Price: $10,000

3. Items

(All five boxes are by blowing up buildings.)

Blue Box: This holds bonus money.  Each time you collect this, it 
doubles, the bonus money, then triples it, and so forth, until you pick 
up a different box. 

Red Box: Increases firepower from your cannon.  The maximum firepower 
you can shoot is four shots at once.

Green Box: Regains some fuel.  Sadly, it only appears when you are low 
on fuel, and sometimes, it never appears when you need it.

White Box: Regains some health.  It suffers the same fate as the fuel, 
and you'll have a hard time trying to stay alive when grabbing it.

Black Box: It fires three shots at you, then explodes, stay away 

Prisoner of war (POW): Save these guys for more points.

5. Walkthrough

Mission 1: Destroy all radar installations.

Weapons of choice: None.

It's really a piece of cake.  If you see a satellite dish, shoot it.  
Also, be on the lookout for trucks with radar dishes also.  However, you 
can take your time to blow up almost everything first if you wish.  
Radar is being indicated in red dots.

Mission 2: Rescue all POW's.

Weapons of choice: None.
This one's a little trickier, first destroy those blockades on the 
heilpad, then destroy the green truck driving near the helipad (Or at 
least in an area near it). Fly away after you do this, because if any 
enemies are here, the POW may be killed, which is why you should 
eliminate any threats before/after that. Also, since it'll take a while 
to save them all, you can blow stuff up 'til the stage is over.  Rescue 
all 9 POW's to complete the mission.  Helipads are indicated as white 

Mission 3: Save the President's plane before it's too late.

Weapons of choice: Air to air homing missiles

Looks like El presidente flew into enemy territory, and now they are 
wailing on his plane!  Look at the path before you start the mission, 
then follow it, blowing up the planes attacking the ship with your 
homing missiles. Some will fire dummies to throw off your missiles, but 
just keep firing them, they'll eventually stop.  The problem?  Some will 
lose interest in the plane (For the moment) and concentrate on you.  A 
few vulcan shots will make them think twice, but then you'll lose track 
of where the President's plane is and it'll take forever to catch up.  

However, by following the red dots, you'll learn where they are. A 
tricky stage?  Yes.  But, you'll get it right after a few tries.  As 
long as you follow the path, it shouldn't be hard.  *Sarcasm* By the 
way, is that Air Force One?  */sarcasm*

Mission 4: Fight the battle of Agulara (I think I misspelled it)

Weapons of choice: Line rockets, dummies.

Okay, blast everything and anything that moves, take no prisoners, and 
blow up buildings for powerups, especailly since this stage is hard!  
Looking for health and fuel can be difficult, enemies will unload heavy 
firepower on you!  Dodging and having heavy weaponary is a must!  

But there is a trick.  Lure all the aircraft enemies (90% of them at 
least) and take them out.  About 15 or so enemies are left, and your 
fuel (And, if possible, health) should be low, so explore the other 
areas.  Usually, you'll get 100% destruction in this stage.

Mission 5: Destroy all underground weapons in the caves.

Weapons of choice: Line rockets, dummies

This stage isn't hard........until the end.  Here are ways to recognize 
the underground weapons.

1. Those giant green machines that fire rockets at you.

2. Buildings in the water.

3. At the end, when there is one underground weapon, go to the top right 
area showing on your radar.  A submarine will constantly fire homing 
missiles at you, and killing it will take while which is why I told you 
to use those homing clusters.  Dodge, shoot, and with some luck, you 
might come out in one piece.........

Plus, those turrets are a nuisance, so blow them away quickly.

Mission 6: Destroy the jumbo jets.

Weapons of choice: Line Rockets, dummies.

Okay, there are four jumbo jets, but there are several other jets 
guarding them.  Take out the guard jets first, because if a jumbo jet is 
destroyed, they will continually try to crash into you.  Once they are 
all gone, concentrate on the jumbo jets themselves.  Ingore all of the 
other aircraft here, they are trying to distract you.  

Mission 7: Destroy base to end the war.

Weapons of choice: Line rockets, dummies.

All the stops have been pulled out here.......eliminate every threat!  
Very hard, as you must have no surviors left, and no missiles should be 
still pointing toward the sky.  Again, use that trick back on Mission 4 
and you'll be fine, only more concern may come to you becuase there are 
51 enemies to deal with!

Mission 8 (Only after you beat stage 7 on expert: Save the world.

Weapons: Line rockets, Alien disruptor, dummies.

YIKES!!  Aliens!  Okay, if you have like a total of over $500,000, you 
should have 400 rockets, 40 Homing plasma shots, and at least 50 or so 
dummies.  This is a hard stage!  Here, using the rockets and your 
machine guns, shoot those blue spheres under the UFO, then a center one 
will appear after they're all gone.  Take out any remaining aircraft, 
then, using the alien disruptor, fire at the enemies, but unleash a 
dummy after each hit, because it'll fire some homing plasma your way.

When the enemy counter reaches 3, immediately search for any undestroyed 
buildings (75%-90% is a good sign), then shoot the another blast.  It'll 
(Somehow) take out the last two enemies in one shot.  Youll now fight a 
chopper which moves very quickly!  It fires lasers at you, tries to 
crash into you, and also locks on with homing plasma blasts.

To defeat, attack only when it's sheild is down.  Shoot the remaining 
plasma blasts and pray they hit before it puts its shield back on.  
Plus, each time it's hit, it'll use the shield less often and attack you 
more.  If you do run of of Alien Disruptor ammo, that's okay, because 
you can still it with other weapons.  And make sure lots of buildings 
are left, and don't give up!  Once it's in flames, (Almost dying), you 
should  put in your last shots in quickly!  

And now, Chopper Attack is beaten, and the ending.........*YAWN*

5. Credits

Nintendo, Midway, Seta:  For making the game.

Me: I'm the only person crazy enough to type up all of this.

CJayC: Creator of www.gamefaqs.com

Wow, these were the longest credits ever (/sarcasm)!

6. Disclaimer

1. This FAQ can be printed as long as you have my permission, and only 
my permission.

2. FAQ's like these can be posted on your site, but again, ask for my 

3. No stealing!  PERIOD! 
4. Don't make any money off of this!  I didn't create this to make some 

5. You update this when I update this.  Don't slip anytihng I don't know 
unless you tell me first!

6. No idiotic E-mail (Chain letters, working for your site, etc.)

7. www.gamefaqs.com is the latest place to find this FAQ.

Well, that about does it.  However, because that last stage was hard, I 
don't want to play it anymore.  Yes, I beat it, but it took so long that 
I felt it was too challenging than it shouid be.  E-mail me at 
cedoda@cs.com for all of this crazy stuff you'll send me.

Until the next guide, everyone..........

BE A WILD MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!

Copyright 2000 by Cedric Cooks/Oda 
All rights reserved

                    -"And that's the end of that chapter!"-

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