Review by Arbuthnaut

Reviewed: 10/02/03

Not Nearly as Fun as it May or May Not Seem

Introduction – Chameleon Twist is simply put, a bad platformer that requires some tedious tasks, but does have a little bit of creativity to it. You are a Chameleon, using your tongue to grab enemies, swing from poles, catapult yourself, and trip various creatures, However, it looks a lot better on paper than it actually is.

Gameplay – This game is fun for the first few levels, I must admit. The classic platform element is fun, and using the chameleon’s tongue to grab on poles that pull you across pits adds a bit of spice. Your tongue can also use the Yoshi Element, and grab enemies in your mouth to spit at foes. Collecting a Certain number of crowns decides whether you unlock 1 or 2 variations of the next level, which does add a bit of motivation. The game is pretty easy, with only a few challenging parts. Most boss battles which include a gorilla and a giant ant require you to either run around and spit random enemies at them, and run around a hit them from behind with your tongue

Control – The controls take a tiny bit of time for the game to read, which brings this game down a lot. Sometimes when you are swinging is a circle with your tongue, and holding left, you go right, or just let go.

Story – Chameleon Twist is one of those rare games, and not in a good way. What I mean is that it has no real story. You feel no real desire to complete levels, as there is no text, dialogue, or cut scenes.

Graphics/Sound – The Graphics consist of your chameleon, and oval with a circle on top, and the environments…Bocks that you jump on. The bosses are nothing more than giant triangles and oval stacked on top of each other.

Play Time and Replayability – My first and only time through took me about 3 hours, for 100% completion, offering little or no replayability. The only thing that you may want to go back and do is beat your times for different challenges, or do a poorly created battle with up to 3 friends.

Final Recommendation – Don’t Rent this game, save your $6 and get some soda or something. Don’t buy it either, unless you have an extra $2 and find someone who is selling it for that cheap, as it is good for about 2 hours when you are bored.

Score – 3/10

Rating:   1.5 - Bad

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