Difference between the N64 games?

  1. I'm going back and checking out games I've missed out on. one of those games, or two, would be the castlevania games on the n64. what I want to know is, does legacy of Darkness have the same adventure that the first game did?

    i don't want to buy the first one if the sequel has all of the same stuff.

    User Info: xAnimatedx

    xAnimatedx - 10 years ago

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  1. Castlevania (aka Castlevania 64) has 2 playable characters, 12 stages (6 of which are character exclusive), 3 difficulty settings (Hard being unlockable), a beautiful soundtrack and one unlockable costume per character.

    Now, While Legacy of Darkness contains all of the above, thre are some differences: botha characters from CV64 have now to be unlocked. Two of the stages that were avialable for all players,as well as all 6 exclusive ones have been re-disigned (some as far as including bosses), the soundtrack has been expanded and the alternate outfits differ from version to version, as in, you can't use CV64's alternate outfits in LoD, only the originals and LoD's new designs.

    Differences aside, LoD increases the game values with a number of features. First, and perhaps most notably, it increases the character count by 2. The first character, Cornell, is the only one avaliable i the beginning, and upon completion of his quest, you'll gain acces to the second, Henry. Henry's quest is different from that ofthe other 3 characters, and it's mostly a way to unlock extras such as the other 2 players, hard setting and alternate outfits. It also adds a new introducrory level ,3 new Cornell exclusive stages and redisigns Level 3 (Villa) in Cornell's story.

    The controls from CV64 have been refined (For example, you have total control of the camera via the Pad, there's no battle view, locking on an enemy no longer stops you in place, among other things), and the Expansion Pack support allows for hi-definiton grapphics.

    I think that's it... both are great games, however if you can bear the absence of Reindhart's alternate Simon outfit, and the very little voice acting CV64 had, I'd go for Legacy of Darkness, it's just a more complete experience.

    User Info: Sagat_Kane

    Sagat_Kane - 9 years ago 3   1


  1. LoD contains the first N64's quests with Reinhardt and Carrie, as well as adding another completely different quest with Cornell. When you beat Cornell's quest, you get access to Henry, whose portion of the game is fairly small but at least entertaining.

    I only own LoD so I can't tell you if it's worth it to buy it just for Cornell and Henry.

    User Info: Ganonguy

    Ganonguy - 10 years ago 0   0
  2. I just played LoD for the first time and found it unsatisfying compared to the original. Cornell is a lame re-skin of Reinhardt. The extras are nice, sure, but they're just extras, and if you've never played the game, play the original. You probably won't love either version enough to play LoD 4 times, and the locked original characters are what make the game.

    I've been a big fan since the cartridge. Legacy of Darkness will wear out your patience before you get to experience the best parts of the game; Carrie, Reinhardt, Malus, Rosa, the castle center, the original villa, etc.

    User Info: pokevania

    pokevania - 1 week ago 0   0

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