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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Shaft / Magus747

    Version: 1.25 | Updated: 02/24/99 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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                            FOR THE NINTENDO 64
                                v. 1.25
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    Table Of Contents
    1.  Introduction
    2.  Characters
    3.  Sub Weapons
    4.  Items
    5.  Enemies
    6.  Reinhardt Schneider (Carrie common stage) Walkthrough
    7.  Carrie Fernandez Walkthrough
    8.  Fun Stuff / Glitches / Secrets
    9.  Frequently Asked Questions
    10. How To E-Mail Shaft
    11. Updates Of This FAQ
    12. Credits
    13. Copyrights and Legal Stuff
    1.  Introduction
       When I first heard about a Castevania game coming out for the N64, I 
    was the first person to start writing a faq on it.  I was trying to find
    out anything and everything I could about the game because I wanted to
    release it to all the readers out there.  Finally the game came out and 
    I could not wait to run to the video game store and pick up my long 
    reserved copy of the game.  I went into the store and gladly forked over
    the $54.95 for it.  I got home and put the game in my now dusty N64 and
    turned on the power.  When I first started playing the game I was in 
    awe.  I thought the game was sweet, at first, then it got boring very 
    fast.  The pathetic lack of items and sub-weapons disipointed me and I 
    was disgusted by the boring levels.  This game is nothing more than a
    halloween episode of Mario 64 and Mario has been practicing with a whip.
       I trudged on through the 10 BORING levels with Reinhardt.  Let me 
    guess, right now your saying, "If he hated the game this much, then why 
    in the hell did he waste his time writing a FAQ on it?"  Well I can't 
    answer that question.  I just wanted to release a good faq.  Halfway 
    through the 3rd stage on the writing of Reinhardt's walkthrough I got 
    bored and decided not to waste my time writing a FAQ for such a lame 
    game.  Then, luckily for all of you stuck adventurers out there, came
    your savior, Magus.  He offered his help via e-mail and he finished the
    FAQ.  After he decided to help, it inspired me to work on the faq more.
    I cleaned it up a little bit and then released it.  And now this is what
    you see before you.  But don't worry, my FAQ days are not over yet.  
    When the next good game comes out, you may see a faq for it by Shaft.  
    And maybe, if your lucky, it will also be written by Magus.
    2.  Characters
       There are 2 playable characters in Castlevania, Reinhardt Schneider 
    and Carrie Fernandez.  Reinhardt is heir to the Belmont clan of Vampire 
    Hunters and because of his Bloodline is aware of the evil that is 
    Castlevania.  Reinhardt carries the holy whip and a finely crafted 
    dagger.  He is much stronger than Carrie.  Carrie Fernandez, the younger 
    warrior is weaker than Reinhardt but she posses magical powers.  She 
    has the ability to charge a ball of energy on her hand and then release 
    it at her enemies.  She also carries a circlet that she can slice her 
    enemies with at close range.  Both characters have different bosses and 
    different endings.   See below.
       Using Reinhardt - Reinhardt can take several hits.  His whip is 
    fairly long range and powerful.  Powered up, it rules.  He can gets 
    several lashes in a short amount of time.  However, his running speed 
    and jumping skills leave something to be desired.  Still, he's more of a 
    traditional Belmont, a good choice, but still no Ricther!  His close 
    range attack is on level with Carrie's and useful in certain situations.  
    While facing forward, tap back and sideways and A to side or back jump, 
    careful though, cause this can mess u up.  Make sure you are facing a 
    ledge then run and jump to it.  Otherwise, these half jumps may get u 
       Using Carrie - Carrie can jump way farther and higher than Schneider, 
    making it easier to reach ledges.  She runs faster as well.  Her magic 
    bolt can be powered up, and is stronger than Reinhardt's whip, but can 
    only be shot one at a time.  It, however, homes in on enemies, and when 
    powered up, can take out several in a row.  Her close up attack is about 
    the same.  With her, you want to keep more distance and avoid taking 
    much damage, cause she is a bit weaker.  Only one warning, she may 
    actually jump too far in a lot of places, so don't hold A as long or 
    hold back on the control stick.  See Reinhardt’s strategy with side and 
    back jumps.
    3.  Sub-Weapons  
       There are 4 different SUB-WEAPONS that the player can use 
    throughout his adventure.  Each uses a certain amount of JEWELS.  The 
    more jewels a player has the more times he is able to use that SUB-
    WEAPON.  JEWELS can be collected by killing monsters in and around 
    WEAPON                       DESCRIPTION                     JEWELS USED
    KNIFE         | The KNIFE is the weakest weapon           |      1
                  | in the game.  Once obtained, you          |
                  | throw them quickly and                    |
                  | straight right at your enemies.           |
    AXE           | The AXE flies in an arc at your           |      2
                  | enemy, cutting them and doing a           |
                  | little more damage than the knife.        |
    CROSS         | The CROSS is the best projectile          |      5
                  | weapon in the game, with the most         |
                  | damage that it dishes out.  It            |
                  | spins around and around in a              |
                  | vortex towards your opponent.             |
    HOLY WATER    | The HOLY WATER is the best weapon         |      3
                  | against ground enemies because it         |
                  | causes blue flames to surge up            |
                  | and burn them.  It's terrible             |
                  | against flying enemies though.            |
    4.  Items
       The items section is where I am going to post every single item in 
    the game.  If you are reading through the walkthrough and you see an 
    item that I mention, come check out this section and you can find out 
    what it does.
       Special 1 - Found in the Forest of Silence across an invisible 
    bridge, above the large gorge where a skeleton throws bones at you.  If 
    you beat the game with this, and save clear data, you can access hard 
       Special 2 - Found in the Tower of Execution.  Get the execution key 
    and open its corresponding gate.  You will see a casket to the right.  
    Leap to it then jump onto an invisible bridge to escape.  This will 
    allow you to get Reinhardt's second costume by holding up on the control 
    stick while selecting him, once you have beaten the game and saved clear 
    data.  A cool traditional outfit: armor, headband, boots, kinda like 
    Simon Belmont.
       Special 3 - Found in Tower of Sorcery near the exit.  You will see a 
    lone crystal on a platform.  Just walk across the invisible bridge or 
    use holy water to reveal its location.  This will allow you to get 
    Carrie's second costume, a pink dress, after you finish the game and save 
    clear data.     
       Roast Beef - The roast beef restores most of your HP, about 80%.
       Roast Chicken - The roast chicken restores less than the roast beef,    
    about 50%.
       Purifying Crystal - This item cures you if you are bitten by a 
    vampire.  Use it immediately after you are bitten.
       Poison Cure Ampoule - This item will cure you of poison, make sure to 
    use quickly so as not to lose health.
       White Jewel - This Jewel will allow you to save your game if you use 
    the action button.  Make sure to save often.
       Contract - This white piece of paper will summon a mysterious 
    salesman named Renon.  From this you can buy items.
       Red Jewel - Increases your Jewel points.  The more points you have, 
    the more times you can use sub-weapons.
       Gold - Use these bags of gold coins to purchase things.
       Key - The key automatically opens the door that corresponds to what’s 
    written on it.
       Healing Kit - This fully restores both your HP and your status.
       Sun Card - Fast forward directly to sunrise (6:00A.M.)
       Moon Card - Fast forward directly to sunset (6:00P.M.)
    5.  Enemies
       The Enemies section is the section where I will posting all the 
    enemies that you send to me, or that I have encountered in the game.  If 
    you know of an enemy that I have not mentioned, please send it to me.  
    Also, if you know a better way to kill the monster than I have mentioned, 
    please send that too.  Please refer to section 9 for e-mail and 
    contacting information.
       Yellow Skeletons - These are the first enemies that you encounter in 
    the game.  They usually take 1, 2, or 3 shots from a whip and one energy 
    ball to kill.  They’re simple to destroy but can be a bit harder in 
    groups so beware.
       Blue Skeletons - These skeletons are really annoying.  They generate 
    out of the ground and start to run at you.  If they hit you, or you 
    destroy them too close to you, they explode and do some damage to you.  
    Just try and notice them early and send 1 whip shot their way, or one 
    energy ball.  If they get close try to jump back or sideways, and they 
    will explode without hurting you.
       Motorcycle Skeleton - Run in a circle to where they can't hit you, 
    then hit them a few times.  Often drop red jewels.
       Bone Tosser - Comes in three varities.  You will see some regular
    ones that just toss bones at you.  Annoying.  Then you have the 
    exploding kind, take them out from a distance (hard mode only).  Then 
    you have the red kind.  VERY annoying.  You can knock them down with 
    several shots, but they will come back.
       Bats - You can’t have a Castlevania game without bats in it, and this 
    game is no exception.  But the bats can be a little hard.  If one just 
    attacks you you’re fine, but it’s when they attack in foursomes, that’s 
    what makes them hard.  Don’t even think about using Holy Water on these 
    guys, cause the flames aren’t high enough to reach them.  Just wait 
    until they are very close to you, and then slice with your dagger a 
    couple of times.  Even if they are behind you they should go down, or 
    Just send one fully charged power ball and that should eliminate them 
       Half Werewolf - You fight this guy at the beginning of the Duel 
    Tower.  He's not too tough, just keep hitting him at a distance and 
    sidestep his attacks.  May drop roast chicken and powerups.
       Werewolf - This guy is pretty tough but you only face him a few times 
    in the game.  He’s a grey wolf in blue pants.  He has a ferocious double 
    claw swipe and a spin kick.  Avoid those and you should do fine.  Just 
    send a few whip attacks and some AXE's.  If you are Carrie, a few energy 
    balls and a couple of AXE's.  After you beat him, he disappears into a 
    blue cloud of smoke.  Just jump over his sweeps and counter with an 
    energy ball or whip strikes.  May drop roast chicken and powerups.
       Bone Dragon Statue - These statues in Dracula's castle shoot flaming 
    balls at you when you are far away from them, and it they will make a 
    huge ball of fire around their selves when you get close.  Just run up 
    to them and fire a couple of shots at it, and then retreat down the 
    stairs.  Then after they fire a couple of times, dodge the fire balls 
    and whack them a couple of more times.  After about 4 or 5 shots they'll 
    burn up and die.  Also, you can get up close and run around him while 
    using the close range weapon, if you keep moving he can't hit you.  
    Drops $500 and red jewels mostly.
       Spider Women - Attack with spears in close and acid breath from afar.
    Not too hard, just keep hitting them and keep distance while dodging 
       Tiger Man - Get up close and he usually can't hit you.  He can't take
    many hits.  May drop powerups.
       Minotaur - Can't take many hits, but packs a punch.  You can fight 
    him in the Duel Tower, but it is optional.  May drop a powerup.  Just 
    stay at a distance.
       3 Headed Dog (Cerberus) - These 3 headed dogs are pretty ferocious 
    unless you know how to deal with them.  They can throw fireballs at you, 
    and they can viciously bite you.  First off, never try and run away from 
    them.  They will hurl fire balls at you.  The best thing that 
    you can do is stand head on with them and keep giving them whip shots, 
    and any sub weapon you have.  Also, if you can back them into a corner, 
    keep slicing them with your dagger over and over and they should die.  
    Close range attacks while running around them are also effective.
       Hell Hounds - Only in garden maze.  Indestructible.  Stun them with 
    an attack and run like heck.  Jump to avoid them catching your heel.  If 
    they do catch it, use your close range attack (dagger or rings) to break 
       Frankenstein - Packs a hell of a chainsaw.  Try to avoid him.  
    Appears with the hounds in the garden maze.  Use holy water to stun him 
    and run past.  Possible to knock him down, but he can't be defeated.  
    Jump over his chainsaw and run!
       Medusa Heads - More annoying than bats, they pop up in places where 
    they can knock you off ledges.  Whip them before they do and try to leap 
    between their appearances.  Timing is everything.
       Bubbles - A few of these in the Tower of Sorcery.  They will change 
    the levels of the yellow crystals.  They will knock you off the green 
    crystals if you don't destroy them, but they can't hurt you otherwise.
       Blue Skulls - These flying skulls are rather simple to destroy.  They
    are blue skulls that fly toward you and have blue flames protecting 
    them.  You don’t want them to touch you, so just give them two shots and 
    they should die easily.
       Spooks - Spooks are white flying ghosts that wander around.  They 
    aren’t much of a threat so when they come near you just knock them 
    down with a couple of quick shots.  If you kill their red leader, they 
    will all disappear and drop items.  May drop powerups.
       Vampires - These guys pack a punch, so be careful.  If you have 
    holy-water, it can be your best friend against these guys.  Target them 
    and then break some of them at their feet.  A couple of those should 
    kill it.  If you don’t have holy water give him a couple of shots and 
    make sure you avoid him getting close enough to you to bite you.  If he 
    bites you your status will go to VAMP and if you do not cure your self 
    soon enough you will turn into a vampire.  Wiggle the control stick 
    quickly and usually you can escape without vamp status or the vampire 
    gaining too much energy.  They'll take more shots if they bite you.  
    Cure yourself with a purifying crystal.  After you have killed him, he 
    will turn into a bat and start to fly away.  Try whipping him as many 
    times as you can, because every time you do, he will drop something that 
    you can pick up.
       ----4 types----
       Basic Guy Vampire - Jumps around a lot.  Flails arms and tries to 
    bite.  Doesn't gain much energy from the bite.  Just stay at a distance 
    and flog him.
       Basic Female Vampire - Crawls around on the floor, throws bats at 
    you.  Just try to beat her at a distance and don't let her sneak up on 
    you with crawling.  She doesn't gain much energy from a bite.
       Butler Vampire - The butler did it!  This guy will use magic bolts 
    and lots of acrobatics and flailing styles up close.  Rarely will he 
    bite you, but gains a lot of strength when he does.  Already strong, so 
    just keep distance and nail him.
       Maid Vampire - Perhaps the toughest.  She will use bolts at a 
    distance, but charge to get in close.  If she bites, she takes and gains 
    a butt load of energy, so be sure to keep clear and kill her with 
    several strikes.  If she closes in, jump around and on tables to avoid 
    getting bit.
       Machine Guns - Found in the Tower of Science, in the middle and 
    higher reaches.  Just keep your distance and let them have magic bolts.
       Crystal Men - Found in the Tower of Sorcery.  Use you ring attack up 
    close and avoid their acid breath.
       Blood Man - Only one in the game by the Venus statue in Castle 
    Center.  Keep distance, avoid acid breath, and hit him a few times.
       Lizard Men - Keep your distance, avoid their acid or fire breath, and 
    hit them between blocks.  Avoid them if carrying Nitro.
       Hell Knights - These guys are like a tank.  If you keep your distance
    and hit them from there,  you should be able to avoid their powerful 
    short range attacks.  They take several hits.  Try to avoid them if 
    carrying Nitro.
       Stain Glass Men - These men lay on the floors in the castle, and when
    you come up to them, they stand up and start coming after you.  They are
    VERY easy to deal with.  Just give them two accurate shots, and they 
    will go down.  A good enemy to earn red jewels from.
    6.  Walkthrough
    GOOD ENDING.  If you are on schedule u should arrive near the
    fountain in stage 3 at or a little before midnight and in the rose 
    garden at 3 a.m. without having to use cards.  You can also still get 
    the special items to work and save a clear game even with the bad 
    ending.  Conserve chicken and beef:  you should have about 5 chicken, 10 
    beef, and 4 medkits if u want to fight the real final bosses.  They will 
    drain a lot.  At that point also u can waste time, so fight them during 
    the day, when they take more damage and do less.  (use a sun card!)
       The first three stages are the same, no matter who you pick, just 
    substitute Carrie's strategy where we talk about Reinhardt.  
       This section covers the Reinhardt Schneider character game.  It also 
    covers the same ground for Carrie,  and talks about her boss strategies.
       When I wrote this, I was playing through on the normal difficulty and 
    I suggest you do too, because you can not totally complete the game 
    unless you play normal difficulty.  Remember, this walkthrough does not 
    say what sub-weapon you should be using through your adventure, unless 
    it makes a boss a lot easier or something like that, so choose which one 
    you like and use that one.  Also it does not say when to pick up Jewels 
    and money when enemies drop them.  I will however tell you how to get to 
    a place where you can get a Chicken or some Beef.  Well with that said, 
    let’s begin the walkthrough.
    Stage 1 - Forest Of Silence
       The game starts you off in the Forest of Silence.  Reinhardt or 
    Carrie give themselves a few reinforcing words and your adventure 
    begins.  Start by traveling straight forward.  When you walk forward 
    enough, lightning will strike down two trees in front of you.  Avoid 
    them and keep trekking forward.  You should see two torches on the 
    ground and one on top of a tower.  Slice the two on the ground with your 
    dagger.  Collect the items that they drop.  Now, to get to the torch on 
    the tower you will have to do a jump.  Jump onto the lower of the two 
    towers then do a running jump on to the higher tower with the torch on 
    it for the reward of Roast Beef.  Go straight back towards the trees and 
    take a left at them.  Continue forward until you see a skeleton on the 
    ground.  Examine it with your action button.  Keep heading forward until 
    the game goes into a cinematic of the rising of the dead skeletons.  
    You’ll find yourself surrounded by three skeletons when the game gives 
    you control back.  Deal with them with your whip.  Examine the dead 
    villager after you have taken care of the skeletons.  Head forward again 
    until you get to a big wooden door.  You should see a big blue plate 
    holding the door shut.  Hit it with your whip about 3 times and it 
    should break off, and the door should slowly open.  Say hello to the 
    first boss of the game, a skeleton with a serious problem.  
       He’s really not that tough.  The trick is to run up to him, jump and 
    hit him in the face.  Or as close to the face as you can get.  Then back 
    away.  He will hit the ground with the bone he’s carrying, causing some 
    of his skeleton buddies to pop out of the ground and start coming after 
    you.  Just keep dealing with the little skeletons and when you get a 
    clean shot,  hit him in the face.  If you see a powerup on the ground be 
    sure and grab it because it will help you out alot.  The boss will keep 
    running, but just keep chasing after him.  Hit him in the face and back 
    away.  Over and over.  After enough times of him running and you 
    hitting him in the face he should jump off a cliff.  But is he dead???
    If you look off the bridge at this point you can see him looking back at 
    you (neat huh?).
       After the skeleton boss takes his long fall, two platforms should 
    come from where he fell.  Jump across the platforms to the other side.  
    Go forward and kill the skeletons that keep popping out of the ground.  
    Go forward and follow the arrow on the sign.  It should point right to a 
    white crystal on the floor.  In case you didn’t already know, that white
    crystal is a save point.  Save your game and head back to the sign.  Go 
    left at the sign and continue forward.  You should walk under a brick 
    overpass and enter an open area with 2 brick building with a torch in 
    them and a torch on top of them.  First lets get the torch's on top of 
    them.  Go to the closest building to where you entered this area.  Stand 
    on the higher dirt on the side of the building a few feet away from the 
    wall.  Do a running jump and you should be able to grab the top of the 
    building and pull yourself up.  Break the torch up there and collect 
    what’s in it.  To get to the other top of the other building, do a 
    running jump towards it and you’ll be able to pull yourself up.  Break 
    that torch and collect the Roast Chicken.  Now, go in each of the 
    buildings and break the torches.  You should get a sun card and a moon 
    card.  Go down the path near the building that had the Roast Chicken on 
    its roof and jump across the platforms to a mechanism.  Activate the 
    mechanism with the action button and it will open up the blue gate next 
    to that last save point.  I guess when you activated that switch you 
    made someone mad, cause now you get to fight the second boss, the tiger 
       This boss is VERY easy.  Don’t even think of him as a boss, I only do 
    because when he shows up, so does the boss health meter.  Just avoid his 
    punches and whip him a few times.  If you have enough powerups, then you 
    should kill him in 3 or 4 shots.  When he burns up, jump back across the 
    platforms.  Now head straight, pass the closest building and then go 
    left down the path that you used to come into this area, back to the 
    sign.  Follow the arrow on the sign again and save your game.  Go 
    through the now open gate and head straight toward the torch on the tiny 
    pillar.  You may see, during all of this, some blue skeletons, these 
    guys can be a little annoying so refer to section 5 to learn how to take 
    them out before they can get to you.  Break the torch if you want to 
    collect the cross.  Turn directly back to where you entered and you’ll 
    see a torch to the left of the opening.  Go there and destroy that 
    torch.  To the left, right next to that torch is a cement building.  Its 
    a crypt.  Run around it until you see the opening and go in.  Destroy 
    both coffins in there and collect whatever is in them.  Exit the crypt 
    and go straight towards another sign with an arrow on it.  Look to where 
    the arrow is pointing.  There is a save point directly where it points.  
    Go to the save point and SAVE YOUR GAME!!!  
       Go back to the sign and head down the path opposite of where the 
    arrow points.  There should be a torch sort of near the sign.  Break it 
    and keep heading down the path.  Make sure you collect the roast chicken
    from the base of where the torch containing the cross was.  You’ll come 
    to a cliff with a torch next to it.  Break the torch and collect what’s 
       Now jump across the platforms carefully to the other side with the 
    mechanism on it.  Break the torch there and pick up the Roast Beef.  
    Activate the mechanism that opens the gate near the last save point.  
    This switch also lowered that platform that you needed to use to get 
    back to the other side.  Go to the edge of the cliff and you should see 
    a piece of cement sticking out on the left side of the cliff that you 
    are on.  Walk out onto it and keep jumping from platform to platform 
    down.  Don’t try and be impatient and skip one because you are likely to 
    miss.  Just take it slow.  If you do happen to miss before you reach the 
    bottom don’t worry.  We saved before we came here.  You can just load 
    your saved game and try again.  Then you get to the bottom.  Jump across 
    the platform to the other pieces sticking out of the cliff wall on the 
    other side.  This time, it’s the exact same thing, but you’re going up.  
    Just take it slow and make sure you line up your jumps before you take 
    them.  When you get to the top, pat yourself on the back for making it 
    here and then retrace your steps back to the sign with the arrow on it.  
    Follow the arrow to the save point and save, then head through the now 
    opened fence.  
       You’ll come to an area with a bunch of those crypts with the coffins 
    in them like before.  Enter all of the crypts and destroy the coffins.  
    There’s not really good stuff in those.  The only thing worth getting is 
    the Roast Chicken.  After you’ve gone in all of the crypts and gotten 
    the chicken, go to the cliff that is in the area.  You’ll see a skeleton 
    standing by himself on a platform.  He looks harmless enough, but when 
    you try jumping to that ledge he throws a bone at you and it makes you 
    fall down the cliff.  So make sure you have a projectile sub-weapon.  If 
    you don’t, there’s an AXE in a torch by the gate that we just opened.  
    Throw some of them at him to kill him.  Then make the jump onto the 
    platform.  Once on the platform, look left and you’ll see a lone torch 
    on another platform that looks like it’s out of jumping distance.  Make 
    a running jump towards it and you’ll grab onto the side.  Break the 
    torch to get Special1.  Jump back to the platform with the skeleton who 
    throws the bones and then jump to the side of the cliff that we haven’t 
    been to yet.  Head through the over pass on the other side and some bats 
    will fly down at you.  Take care of them and keep on heading straight 
    through the overpass.  Take a right as soon as you pass through the 
    stone overpass and follow the arrow.  It will point to a save point 
    where you should save.  Then go back to the sign and you will see a 
    statue of a woman, head toward it.  A werewolf will attack you.  
       This guy is pretty tough.  He’s actually harder than the last boss 
    you fought.  Take care of him with some whip attacks and some AXE's if 
    you have them.  Avoid his sweep kick and his double claw, and you should 
    take care of him easily.  Head toward the statue of the woman near there 
    and read the plaque on the base of it.  You should get a roast chicken.  
    Now head down the path that is on the side of the statue with the plaque 
    on it.  Keep running down it, breaking all of the torches you see and 
    collecting their items.  You should reach a cliff at the end of this 
    path with ledges sticking out of the face of it.  Start jumping down one 
    by one until you reach the bottom.  Do it just as you did before.  One 
    jump at a time.  When you reach the bottom throw the lever that is down 
    there.  Then start jumping back up the ledges.  Take your time and line 
    up the jumps before you take them.  
       When you reach the top, take a sigh of relief because that’s the last 
    time you’ll have to do that in this stage.  Now head back down the path.  
    Back past the statue of the woman to the save point.  Save your game 
    again.  Now turn around and run towards the sign with the arrow on it.  
    Go the direction opposite of where the arrow points and head down this 
    path.  You’ll come to the platform that you came across earlier.  Jump 
    across to the other side.  Go straight through the three crypts and 
    you’ll see a fence that is now open on your left.  Go through it and 
    break the torch in there.  Get the roast beef that it drops and activate 
    the mechanism in there.  Go out the fence and go right.  Jump across the 
    platform again to the other side.  Go straight and when you reach the 
    sign with the arrow on it, follow the arrow to the save point.  Save 
    your game.  And then go through the now opened blue fence.  Keep running 
    straight forward and the game will cut to a cinematic.  
       LOOK WHO’S BACK!!!  Remember this guy? Well anyway, he’s a little 
    tougher this time.  First things first, take care of his little 
    motorcycle buddies--the best way to do this is when they come 
    near you give them a good direct whip shot, or you can plant 
    some holy water right in front of them, and that will knock them off 
    their bikes.  After the motorcycle guys are gone, Boss Skeleton starts 
    generating guys with that big club of his.  Kill them and then start 
    whippin on him.  If you see a power up be sure and grab it so your whip 
    is more powerful.  After a couple of hits he'll start losing limbs.  
    Eventually you’ll knock off his legs, but don’t start celebrating yet, 
    because he'll start crawling after you and takin swings at you.  Now’s 
    the time to start throwing holy water or whatever subweapon you have at 
    him.  After a couple of shots like that he'll die, this time for real, 
    and the castle gate will come down.  Reinhardt enters the castle and 
    when he tries to open the gate in the wall, the drawbridge raises and 
    Reinhardt is now trapped in the castle wall.  Congratulations on beating 
    Stage 1.
    Stage 2 - Castle Wall
       You start stage 2 trapped between two gigantic iron fences.  There’s 
    only one way you can go right now, and that is through the door closest 
    to the save crystal.  The other door is locked so don’t try and open it.
    Before you go through the door, save your game.  Then head through the 
    door.  You’ll enter a big donut shaped room with stairs going up round
    the circumference of the room.  Start heading up the first flight of 
    stairs.  You’ll come to a break in the cement.  Jump over it and keep 
    heading up.  At the top of the second flight of stairs, you’ll see a 
    flame skull statue.  It will shoot flaming balls at you when you are far 
    away from it, and it will make a huge ball of fire around itself when 
    you get close.  Just run up to it and fire a couple of whip shots at it 
    and then retreat down the stairs.  Then, after he fires a couple of 
    times, dodge the fire balls and whack him a couple of more times.  After 
    about 4 or 5 shots he'll burn up and die.  After the skull statue is 
    taken care of you’ll see a big hole in the cement.  There is a green 
    moving piece going back and forth between both sides of the gap.  When 
    it gets close to you jump onto it and ride to the other side.  When you 
    get to the other side, fall back down into the hole you just went 
    across, and you’ll fall onto a ledge with a torch on it.  Break the 
    torch for a quick sun card.
       Jump back down to the floor and head on back up the stairs.  When 
    you get back to the moving platform ride across and then, this time, 
    continue heading up the stairs.  You’ll come to another skull statue, 
    deal with it, and then walk slowly to where it used to be.  A blade will
    fall down nearly hitting you.  After the blade starts rising back up,
    run under it and stop at the ledge.  This gap is even longer than the
    last one.  First off, look at the moving piece going back and forth.  
    You will notice that it doesn’t come all the way to the ledge that you 
    are on.  You should also notice a little medusa head slowly 
    forming and then slowly coming towards you.  This enemy regenerates so
    don’t keep on destroying it over and over.  The only reason it is there
    is to make this difficult jump even harder.  Line up your jump and 
    kill the little medusa head that is coming toward you.  Then when
    the moving piece gets as close to you as possible, do a running jump 
    and continue holding down the jump button and you should be able to 
    grab onto the piece.  Pull yourself up and then jump onto the other 
    side of the gap.  Continue heading up the stairs.  
       You’ll come to yet another gap.  This time the moving piece comes 
    close to you but it doesn’t carry you all the way to the other side.  
    Line up your jump, and when it gets as close to the other side as 
    possible, do a running jump.  Continue holding the jump button when 
    you reach the other side, and you will grab onto the side.  Wait for 
    the blade to fall, and when it starts to go up pull yourself up from 
    the ledge and run under it.  Continue again up the stairs but beware 
    the blade that’s at the top of them.  Run under the blade and you’ll 
    come up to the last of the gaps.  Do a running jump onto the moving 
    platform and then another run onto the opposite side, avoid the blade 
    there and run up the stairs.  When you reach the top of the stairs, 4 
    bats will come down on you.  Kill them with whatever you see fit.  
    Then enter the door that’s there.  The door leads into a big open room
    with another boss.  
       This boss is pretty tough.  First off, jump on top of the little 
    building sticking out with the door on it that you just came out of.  
    Break the torch that’s up there and get the Roast Chicken.  Now jump 
    back down and back as far away from the snakes as possible.  Avoid 
    the blue flames that they shoot at you and when you see an opening 
    run in and whip one of them a few times.  Do that over and over.  Make 
    sure your keep hitting the same one.  After about 7 or 8 hits, the 
    snake will burn its first layer and now get a new much more powerful 
    attack.  He will breath blue fire at you, and when it hits you takes 
    off some major HP.  To avoid being burnt, back as far as you can
    to the wall.  If you are in the proper place he can't get you.  Make 
    sure that you are avoiding the fire balls that the other head of the 
    snake is firing at you.  When the more powerful of the two snakes
    finishes breathing fire, run up to it and launch a couple of whip 
    attacks at him.  Then back into the corner again.  When he stops, 
    run up to him and give him a couple of more whips.  After the first
    of the two snakes dies, start going after the other one.  Do it just
    as you killed the first one.  After they both are dead, pull the lever 
    that is there and collect any goodies that might be laying around.
       When you pull the lever, the whole right wall comes down revealing
    a new area.  Walk to the ledge and jump down towards the save crystal.
    Save your game.  There will be some skeletons and some flame skull 
    statues down here so be careful.  Jump down to the lower ledge with the
    flame skull guy on it.  Take him out and then turn around and break the 
    torch that is on this platform.  Collect what’s inside and then jump 
    down ever farther, to the floor.  Down here break the torch and collect 
    what’s inside.  Then go to the back corner of this room, and you’ll see 
    a wooden shelf with sand bags on it.  Jump up there and collect the 
    powerup and $500 from a sandbag.  In one of the other corners of this 
    room you should see a hole in the ground.  Jump down it.  Save your game 
    and head through the now open fence.  Break the torch that’s in the 
    center of this room and collect the left tower key.  After you have the 
    key, exit this room and again save your game.  Then head to the room 
    opposite of the save crystal.  You will use your key and enter a new 
    room.  Be careful when entering this room because there is a huge hole 
    in the center of it.  Stay against the left wall and go on forward.  
    Jump the small gap and then do a running jump onto the suspended 
    platform.  Jump forward again and then head on up the first flight of 
    stairs.  The next section of floor looks solid, but walk slowly up to it 
    and it will break apart and a big hole will form.  Do a running jump 
    over this gap and head up another flight of stairs.  At the top beware 
    the falling blade and when it rises, run under it.  
       Now you’ll be at another gap.  Jump it and make sure you land on the 
    gray part of the cement.  You will see a green piece in front of you 
    flipping over and revealing its deadly spikes.  Time it, and when you 
    can, run across the green platform.  Beware the falling blade at the 
    foot of the staircase and then run up the stairs.  At the top of the 
    stairs there will be a flame skull statue so deal with it.  You’ll come 
    to 4 more of those rotating spike pieces.  Wait till you see an opening 
    then run and jump across.  Directly across from these four platforms is 
    a Roast Beef.  Grab it then jump back on these platforms, tricky but 
    well worth it.  There is a falling blade at the end of the green pieces 
    so watch out.  Head up the next staircase, making sure that you do a 
    running jump over the hole in the stairs.  You’ll grab onto the other 
    side, so pull yourself up, and then take care of the skull statue.  
    Watch out for the blade behind the statue and then run under it.  
    Another 2 green spike pieces waits for you on the other side of the 
    blade, so just time them and then do a jump onto the first, and then 
    onto the other and hopefully you’ll clear it.  Then STOP before you go 
    up the next staircase.  This staircase starts to fall apart when you 
    start to run up it, so make sure you do not stop running when you are 
    going up.  Run up the stairs and, then, when you get to the top look way 
    over to the end of the platform that you are on.  You’ll see a skull 
    statue blowing fire balls at you.  Make sure you kill him with a knife, 
    or axe, or whatever you have, and then start jumping, one ledge at a 
    time, the little ledges in front of you.  Make sure you take your time 
    because if you fall, you’ll have to start all the way back at the 
    beginning.  Once over both of the ledges and you are safely to the other 
    side, run up the final staircase and enter the door with the moon on it 
    (use a moon card if not night).  
       There is no boss this time, so the game automatically goes into a 
    cinematic.  You’ll see Reinhardt go and automatically pull the lever to 
    open the fence at the bottom of the last long staircase.  Then he'll 
    here a noise and Dracula will come up and tell you not to come any 
    further.  When you get contol of the game run back to where you came in, 
    but don’t go in the door.  Instead, jump on top of the door and save 
    your game and break the torch that’s up there.  Then jump back down and 
    go out onto the ledge that’s near there.  Hurry through this area, as 
    you will want to reach the fountain in the next stage at midnight.  Jump 
    down and break any torches that are down there.  Then fall down to 
    another ledge and you’ll end up back in the room with the small hole in 
    the corner--go and fall down that hole and save your game.  Then walk 
    into the room where you got that key before, and then walk through the 
    now open fence.  You’ll see a cinematic of Reinhardt entering a 
    courtyard.  Congratulations on beating Stage 2.  
    Stage 3 - Villa
       I guess this stage doesn’t mess around, because as soon as you get 
    control of the game, it throws 3 monsters at you.  These 3 headed dogs 
    can do some serious damage if you aren’t careful.  First off, never try
    to run away from them.  They will hurl fireballs at you.  The
    best thing that you can do is stand head on with them and keep giving 
    them whip shots and any sub weapon you have.  Also, if you can back them
    into a corner, keep slicing them with your dagger over and over, and 
    they should be killed.  There is also a hidden platform to the right
    of the entrance that u can use to attack them from above while avoiding 
    damage.  It works better with Reinhardt though. After you defeat the 
    first three, the blue gates in front of you should slowly creak open.  
    But then, just when you think you are safe, another three come at you.  
    Deal with them just as you did the other three, and then another big one 
    will show up.  This time he will be red and all he does is throw 
    fireballs at you, and he can turn invisible.  Avoid his fireballs and 
    whip him until he’s dead.  After all of those dogs are dead, the final 
    gate that is blocking your path will creak open.  Before going through 
    it, grab the Roast Beef that is there and head back to the start of this 
       Check both sides of this little area and you should find two torches.  
    One on one side and one on the other.  Break them.  Then look above one 
    of the two torches.  You’ll see a high ledge with a torch on it.  This
    torch looks too high and out of reach, so here’s how to get to it.  
    Stand on the side closest to the gate that you entered this stage 
    through.  Stand right next to the wall facing the platform with the 
    torch on it.  Get about 5 steps back away from the platform and do a 
    standing jump.  You should grab onto an invisible ledge.  From there you
    can do a jump onto the ledge with the torch on it.  After breaking the 
    torch and collecting what’s inside, jump down and go back up through the 
    two gates that you opened by killing those dogs.  
       You’ll come into a large open courtyard with a fountain in the middle
    of it.  Jump into the water of the fountain.  In the water there should 
    be an odd colored piece of cement on the floor.  Go stand on it and use
    a moon card that you have in inventory.  Wait until midnight (24:00), 
    and a platform should raise you up to a whole bunch of goodies at the 
    top of the fountain.  Collect all of them and then jump back down to the 
    grass.  There is a save point on the side of the fountain, so go to it 
    and save your game.  Head up, past the fountain, toward a new building 
    that you see, but don’t go in it yet.  Instead go to the left corner of 
    the area you are in and break the gravemarker.  You should get a roast 
    beef.  Now go into the new building.  
       You’ll come to a glamorous foyeour that has 6 torches in it.  Break 
    all of the torches in this room, then head up the staircase.  When you 
    touch the stairs this triggers the attack of a Vampire.  This guy 
    scurries across the wall then does a backflip down to the floor to do 
    battle with you.  These guys pack a punch so be careful.  If you have 
    holy water, it can be your best friend against these guys.  Target him 
    and then break some of them at his feet.  A couple of those should kill 
    it.  If you don’t have holy water, give him a couple of shots and make 
    sure you avoid him getting close enough to you to bite you.  If he bites 
    you your status will go to VAMP (unless u wiggle the control stick fast 
    enough to break out), and if you do not cure your self soon enough, you
    will turn into a vampire.  Cure yourself with a purifying crystal.  
    After you have killed him, he will turn into a bat and start to fly 
    away.  Try whipping him as many times as you can, because every time you 
    do, he will drop something that you can pick up.  After he is gone, head 
    up the stairs.  Go left at the landing and then head around the hall 
    until you get to a door.  Go through the door.  Go down the short 
    corridor, but do not go through the double doors at the end.  Instead, 
    wait for the clock to say 3:00.  When it is 3A.M. (and she must be 
    lonely, ha) go through the door.  You will enter a room with alot of red 
    roses all over and another door.  The game will cut to a cinematic and 
    you will meet Rosa.  She tells you that she is tending the "WHITE" 
    roses.  She also tells you that you need to enter the archives, and to 
    get the archives key you’ll have to talk to a previous adventurer.  
    After she disappears, head through the door.  
       Break the torch at the foot of the stairs and collect what’s inside.  
    Head up the stairs.  At the top you will come to a long hallway.  Go in 
    to the first door on your left.  You will enter a bedroom.  Check around
    for a purifying and a large red jewel.  Go through the door by the bed.  
    When you open the door the game will cut to a cinematic.  You will meet 
    Vincent, the overly nervous adventurer.  He will suspect you to be a 
    villager lost in the woods and advises you to leave this place.  After 
    you are done talking, and you get control back of the game, talk again 
    with Vincent.  You will ask him of the archives key, and, according to 
    his intuition, he finds the key to be worthless, and he gives it to you.  
    (His intuition also tells him to wonder aimlessly around the same room 
    for days on end)  Go into the bedroom where Vincent was and search the 
    desk for $500.  After you have the key, exit the room back in to the 
    main hallway.  Enter the door two doors down from the door you just 
    exited.  You’ll come into a ballroom with three chandeliers hanging from 
    the ceiling.  You’ll notice that the middle of the three is red and the 
    other two or gold.  Jump up and slice the red one with your dagger and 
    it should break (only with Reinhardt).  You should also notice that 
    along the wall with the doors there are chairs, and in between those 
    chairs are blue pots.  Break them all and you should find a storage room 
    key.  Check the paintings and lions head for a roast chicken and a 
       Exit this room through the door you came in.  Now go to the door one 
    left of this room.  It is locked but your storage room key will open it.  
    Once inside, collect all the items laying around and save your game.  
       Exit this room and head down the hallway.  Kill the stain glass men 
    with 2 straight whip shots and head all the way down the hall to the 
    last door.  Enter this door and the game will cut to a cinematic.  
    Reinhardt looks around and then looks into the mirror.  He hears the 
    door opening behind him, so he turns around.  It looks to be a local 
    villager.  He is very scared and keeps asking for help.  He warns that 
    you have entered the castle of hell and that if you value your life you 
    should leave.  Reinhardt glances over into the mirror and notices that 
    the villager has no reflection.  When Reinhardt realizes that something 
    is wrong, the villager, who is actually a vampire, attacks you.  Take 
    care of this vampire just as you did the other one, then enter the door 
    opposite the one that you came in through.  Go down this short hall and 
    then unlock the door there with the archives key.  You will now enter 
    the archives.  Go forward and grab the holy water that’s on the floor 
    there.  Then go into the back corner of this room and grab the garden 
    key.  Exit this room and then go back down the short hallway.  Go 
    through the door and back into the room with the vampire.  Then exit 
    this room.  
       When you are back in the main hallway, head down it and enter the 
    first door on your right.  You will end up back in the ballroom.  Go 
    through the double doors in this room.  Now, head down the staircase and 
    at the bottom, the game will cut into a cinematic.  Reinhardt will 
    notice a scroll laying at the bottom of the stairs.  When he goes to it 
    a man named Renon will come down the stairs and explain how to summon 
    him if you need to purchase anything.  After you get control back, 
    examine the scroll with the action button and you will be able to 
    purchase items from Renon.  When you scroll over the different items 
    that he has for sale it will say something like "3 of those" or "none of 
    those"  That is telling you how many of that specific item you have, not 
    how many he has for sale.  With that in mind, buy every item until you 
    have 3 of each in inventory.  (Buy 5 cure ampoules, a healing kit, and a 
    roast chicken or two, don't waste money on roast beef or cards.)  DO NOT 
    buy three healing kits.  Just buy one of them because they are too 
    expensive to buy more than one.  After you have made all of your 
    purchases, exit this room at the top of the stairs and go back up to the 
    save point that is in the main hallway.  SAVE YOUR GAME and then go back 
    to the contract.  Grab a purifying from the gold armor statue.  Go 
    through the doors at the bottom of the stairs.  You will come into a 
    garden with two gargoyle statues, on either side of a fence.  Use your 
    key on the fence and enter the garden maze.  
      Once in, walk forward a bit and take the first left.  Go all the way 
    to the end of this walk.  You'll meet a young kid named Malus and hear a 
    tear jerking story about what happened to him.  The hell hounds will 
    show up, and he will scream and run off.  Follow that kid.  Stun the two 
    dogs, then run like heck through the stone archway, and take the first 
    left.  Open this door (how did Malus unlock it?) and sprint ahead.  Take 
    the next right.  Go through the stone archway.  When you get to the 
    corner, stun the hounds, then take out frank with holy water while 
    running.  If the hounds catch your heel, hit them with your close range 
    weapon twice.  Avoid frank's chainsaw and try to conserve chicken.  
    Continue and hit the next right.  Jump to avoid being caught by the 
    hounds, and it's faster than running.  Take three more rights, you 
    should pass some vines b4 the last right.  Continue and take the next 
    right, and you should see a torch way up.  Avoid trying to get it.  Take 
    a left now, you might see Malus when you are heading that way.  Take 
    another left then the next right.  You will meet Malus at a door and 
    help him escape.  You will hear the hounds growling, but you are safe 
    for now.  Head down a LONG passage, and take a left to find the copper 
    key.  Exit the gate, and enter the villa.  Grab the roast chicken and 
    save.  Re-enter the villa and make your way into the garden again.  Run 
    like heck and take the second right near the torch in the tower.  Stun 
    the hounds and frank and run to the door, using the copper key.  Safe 
    again.  Follow this stream to it's end to find a roast beef on the 
    right.  Then head back to the bridge, grab the purifying, and save.  Go 
    down the stairs to the crypt, grab $500, some red jewels, and a roast 
    chicken from the candles, then approach the coffin.
       A vampire will talk to you.  Generally, it will be night, so this 
    battle won't be easy.
       Keep your distance (not too much, cause he throws bolts), and hit the 
    Vampire when you can.  If he leaps up, just avoid his shadow on his way 
    back down.  If you are Carrie, you can let a magic ball go just as he 
    leaps, and it will hurt him in the air and cancel that attack.  After 
    you defeat him, prepare for his female victim.  She's easier cause you 
    can get her more with holy water.  Avoid her getting in close, swat the 
    bats.  When she gets weak, she'll turn into mist.  Just swat the bats 
    and wait it out.  She'll turn back in a little time. Keep getting her 
    and she'll die.
       Approach the coffin, and find a secret passage.  Reinhardt will head 
    to the tunnels now.  Carrie will head to the Waterway.  Leap in the 
    Stage 4a - Underground Tunnel
       Reinhardt only.
       Throughout the stage you will have to fend off some spider women.  
    Just keep them at a distance with the whip until they die.
       Go straight and avoid the rock crushing mechanisms by jumping over 
    them.  You will arrive at an elevator.  Go ahead and ride it down.  
    Follow the path around and take a right.  Fight the spider women and 
    leap across the stones to some roast beef and holy water.  Come back 
    around, go straight, and take a left for another elevator.
       In the next room, go straight.  Then you can go left to a moon door 
    for a contract (Renon shop) or right.  Go on to the right, and make 
    another right to cross some poisoned water on a narrow bridge.  Continue 
    straight to get to a sun door for two roast beefs and a boomerang.  Turn 
    around and go right to reach the first gondola (avoid more rock crushers 
    on the way).  Ride it all the way around, fighting enemies, get off at 
    the station, fend off the ghosts, jump the iron beam, and board lift 2.  
    Ride it all the way around, fighting more enemies (you might want to use 
    the cross on the blue skulls).  Take the elevator up.  You'll have to 
    make some tricky jumps in the next room, but you should have that down 
    by now.  Just listen for the sound of the bat's wings, so you can smack 
    him.  Then take the next right and next left to get to the sun door with 
    the exit.  Optionally, you can go right across some more poisoned water 
    and nab some items behind the sun and moon doors, but it's not 
    Stage 5 - Castle Center
       If you are Reinhardt, you will meet Rosa again and speak to her.  If 
    you are Carrie, you will speak with the evil Actrise.
       This stage is long and difficult, with a lot of precarious mission 
    objectives.  Make sure to check all the statues that don't come to life, 
    and the tables and objects in the lab room (the one with the blimp) for 
    items ranging from $500 to roast beef.
       First, go straight down the hall and take a right.  Take the next 
    door on your right.  Fight the vampires in this room.  Try to avoid 
    taking much damage, cause this stage could drain all your supplies.  
    Their are different vampires in here depending on day time, but just 
    follow the strategies above for whichever types.  Leave the room through 
    the iron sliding gate and go up.  Look at the Venus statue and fight the 
    blood man that comes out.  Continue upstairs to the next room.  This 
    room will have red carpet.  Take the door straight ahead.  Keep going 
    through rooms.  Go up the stairs and save.  Check the statue for roast 
    beef.  Battle the lizard men in the bio lab.  Continue into the next 
    room and battle the butler vampires.  Then the next room, check around 
    for a candle with roast chicken, avoid the flames spewed by the lion 
    heads.  Go to the next room and talk to the lizard man to get the key to 
    the torture chamber.  In the next room, pick up the magical nitro (don't 
    jump or get hit!!!!!!), and take it back to the room with the lion 
    heads, and place it near the cracked wall.  Make your way to the 
    beginning from here, fighting the lizard men, butler vampires, and 
    assorted vampires again.  Remember where you turned right at the 
    beginning?  Go straight this time and unlock the torture chamber room.  
    Grab the Mandragora root, and roast beef on the rafters if you can slip 
    past the ghosts (stand on the fireplace).  There is a butler and maid 
    vampire in here, so be careful.  Exit the room and take the first left.  
    Go all the way to the end of this hall and enter the double doors into 
    the arena.  
       You will spot a dead bull.  Red jewels and money are in the candles, 
    and a box on the right hand side hides 5 bags of $500!  Place the 
    Mandragora at the cracked wall.  Then exit and go back to the torture 
    chamber, fending off the vampires again for some more Mandragora root.  
    (Lather, rinse, repeat).  Remember the cracked wall way up there, where 
    you had set the magical nitro?  Make your way back to it and blow the 
    wall up.  Grab a roast beef in the candle in the newly opened area.  
    Open the brown door and you will be in the library.  Climb on the 
    shelves, on the second floor, and on top of a pedestal.  The ceiling 
    will open.  Step on another tile in this 3rd floor to make the ceiling 
    pop open again.  You will be in the observatory.  Hit right C at the 
    machine and line up the goddesses in the order of 2, 4, 8 (this undoes 
    the seal on the one wall so you can blast it).  Save with the nearby 
       Return down to the room with red carpet and take the door on you left
    (about the halfway point, u'll have to yet again fight the lizard men 
    and more vampires).  Make your way through the air duct room and up.  
    Fight the gold statue if u wish and check the other ones.  Enter the lab 
    room.  Grab $500 from the safe, and a roast beef on top of the blimp if 
    you want.  Then enter another room with spikes coming down.  Avoid them.  
    Avoid the lions heads that spit flame and pick up another roast chicken 
    in the next room.  Then grab another bottle of nitro.  Make a hell of a 
    journey avoiding obstacles all the way down to the arena.  At one point 
    in the air duct room, you will have to cross narrow platforms and then 
    walk your way slowly between two gears to make it.  Avoid the skeleton 
    biker in the front hall.  When you finally make it, blow up the wall and 
    activate the crystal behind it. 
       Save and buy from Renon as needed.  Prepare for a tough encounter.  
    The bull comes back to life.  Try to jump to where you stay behind and
    beside him.  You should be able to avoid his ramming this way.  Avoid 
    his standing firestorm by jumping several times quickly out of the way.  
    Avoid his blue breath by staying close to him or jumping.  When you get 
    the chance, hit him with holy water or the cross and your main weapon.  
    Parts of him will begin melting off.  If you persist, he will become 
    completely a skeleton.  An added danger then is if you whip his heart 
    poison will come out.  If you concentrate on his tail section, he will 
    collapse and crawl and you will have to finish the other parts.  If you 
    concentrate on the front or head section, he will explode with about 1/4 
    energy and leave roast chickens and a roast beef.  Save after this 
       Start back like you were going to get more nitro.  In the first room 
    you will fight one of two difficult opponents, depending on who you 
    have.  For Reinhardt, try to keep a distance and flog away and use 
    boomerangs.  Use chicken, try to conserve roast beef.  When this boss 
    throws arrows in the air, try to avoid it with a few slides.  If the 
    boss gets close, sidestep to avoid a sword.  If the boss uses an energy 
    wave, hope you are out of it's range.  Just concentrate on hitting and 
    defeating the boss, and use some roast chicken.
       If you have Carrie, this boss will use blue homing bolts similar to 
    Carrie's.  It will also fire straight red bolts and use an ice spell to 
    freeze you, then nail you with it's staff.  Try to keep a distance to 
    avoid the ice, cause though you can break out of it by wiggling the 
    control stick, rarely do you before you are smacked out of it by the 
    bosses' staff.  Just charge your bolts, dodge the bosses', and nail her.  
    Use chicken and conserve beef.
       After defeating the boss, go to the next floor, activate the elevator 
    and ride it up to the save point.  Reinhardt will head to the Duel 
    Tower, and Carrie for the Tower of Science.  Cross whichever bridge is 
    up and prepare for some tough stages.
    Stage 6a - Duel Tower
       Reinhardt only.
       This stage is a real pain.  Make your way into the first shelter and
    fight the half werewolf (see strategy above).  Mind you, the ceiling 
    collapses as you fight minibosses in this stage, so don't tarry too 
    long.  After you defeat him, climb the platforms that will appear from 
    the wall and climb to the top of the shelter.  Make some difficult leaps 
    across and avoid the rotating spikes.  Look for platforms sticking out 
    of the sides of the towers to make your jumps easier.  You will find 
    your way to a werewolf.  Use basically the jump, turn, and smack 
    strategy along with a little holy water to get rid of him before the 
    ceiling collapses.  Again, climb more platforms that pop out of the wall 
    to the top of the shelter you were just in.  Make your way across a 
    couple of more towers until you see an impossible jump.  Near here, you 
    will see some torches up and to the left.  According to a reader, there 
    should be a platform leading up to the from the tower on the other side.  
    Basically, follow the instructions ahead and then on top of the 
    Minotaur's (I think, one of the towers, u'll figure it out) tower, leap 
    for an invisible platform to lead to it.  Head down some platforms on 
    the side of one tower, grab the chicken in the candle, and jump across 
    several sinking islands in the middle of the acid (getting fun isn't 
    it?).  Climb up a really tall tower.  Then you can choose to go forward, 
    fight a minotaur, and grab roast beef at the top of his shelter, or more 
    preferably get out of here by turning around.  Make your way across more 
    of the same towers to another shelter.  Fight the tiger man against the 
    walls of the cage up close so he can't hit you.  Again, climb up 
    platforms that pop out of the wall and onto the top of the shelter.  
    Make some nasty jumps, carefully watching the timing so you don't get 
    nailed by spikes into the acid.  If you can make it past this, then 
    things get easier.  Finally you should see a door.  Enter it already!
    Stage 7a - Tower of Execution
       Reinhardt only.
       This stage is marginally easier, and at least has save points.  Make 
    your way across the gaps to the center platform.  Then make your way 
    around the right side of the tower, jumping more gaps, swatting a few 
    fire breathing bats and medusa heads, and across some retracting brick 
    platforms.  You will avoid swinging pendulums and have to destroy bone 
    dragon heads from in between them a lot.  Continue to about the 2nd 
    floor's end.  Go behind the save jewel and jump over rows of spikes for 
    the roast chicken in a coffin.  You will save again, then climb and see 
    a gate locked with the Tower of Execution key.  Make your way on up the 
    tower, it's pretty easy to understand, and avoid the large guillotines 
    when on the central column.  Continue to go around the tower and back to
    the central column on every floor to make your way up.
       After making some hectic leaps on the fourth floor, you will arrive 
    where a red bone tosser is guarding a bridge, keep going on past him 
    straight, not on the bridge, to get to a coffin with the key.  Drop back 
    down to the third floor and make your way backwards to open the gate the 
    key fits to.  Get some roast beef from one of the coffins, and make a 
    leap to the lone coffin above the lava.  Get the Special2 from it.  
    Then make a leap of faith in front of u to land on an invisible bridge 
    and take it back to land.  It is also possible to make this jump to the 
    invisible bridge from the other side, saving you the task of getting the 
    Tower of Execution key and some time, but you have to know where the 
    bridge is, you'll have to look for the lone coffin and make a large jump 
    towards it from (I think) a place on the second floor.  Good luck if you 
    choose to try it this way.  Make your way up the tower yet again and 
    avoid the electric gate on the top floor by crossing through the middle 
    column again.  Finally, make your way up some stairs to exit this stage. 
    Stage 8 - Room of Clocks
       This is a short boss battle stage.  Grab the roast beef before or 
    after the battle as needed.  It will be in a candle in the clock room.  
    Buy what you need from Renon, make sure you have around 4 healing kits, 
    10 roast beefs, and 5 roast chickens before you leave this stage, so
    you will be well stocked for the impending final battle.  You will find 
    a long tunnel out to the right.  Follow it and take the platform up.  If 
    you are Reinhardt you will fight Death, if you are Carrie, you will 
    fight Actrise.
       With Reinhardt, leap after Death and smack him with your whip.  He's 
    not terribly accurate with his scythes, but some marginal dodging won't 
    hurt.  Now and the Death will back off and charge you.  Perfect time to 
    smack him with a boomerang.  After this, he will do one of three things 
    - swing his scythe in the air, swing it around glowing and summon a 
    wicked fish, or throw his scythe at you like a boomerang.  The last one 
    there is hard to avoid, but I suppose you can dodge the scythe but he 
    doesn't use it much anyways.  When he summons the fish, try to dodge it 
    as much as possible and get a few hits on Death.  Death doesn't take too 
    many hits before he gives up the ghost.
       With Carrie, rotate around Actrise avoiding her crystal cage cause it 
    will ensure a hit on you.  Dodge the crystals that explode from the 
    ground.  Break some of the crystals, preferably a short one, around 
    Actrise with your magic, then nail her with a fully powered shot or
    a boomerang through the gap.  Boomerangs also help clear out some 
    crystals away from Actrise when things get desperate.  She will start 
    firing a couple of crystals from her staff when she gets weaker, try to 
    dodge these though it's tough.
       Advice for both--try to use roast chicken and conserve red jewels.  
    Save roast beef and medkits for upcoming.
       Once you finish them, you will look at the clock tower after speaking 
    with them.  Take the red platform back down, save again, and go through 
    the newly opened gate.
    Stage 9 - Clock Tower
       The final challenge in terms of a long stage.  Make your way up 
    through the right hand side and cross over a bar between gears to the 
    left side.  Make your way up and nab the key from one of the torches.  
    If you are on hard mode, take out the bone tossing skeletons carefully 
    as you make your way up.  Cross back over to the right hand side and 
    climb a while.  Look for the door, enter it, and save.  In the next 
    room, you will be surrounded by bone dragons in alcoves, guarding 
    various treasures, and a few on the gears suspended above a deadly drop.  
    If you have Reinhardt, make your way to the Alcove on the far right with 
    the key, make a tough jump grabbing the last gear, and open the door, 
    making sure you killed the bone dragonson the gears on the way there.  
    If you are Carrie, collect the treasure from the alcoves, fry all the 
    bone dragons with your homing magic, and make your way to the door with 
    the key.
       The next section is pretty hard, but you are almost to the end of the 
    game.  Climb down the first sets of gears and leap to the rotating 
    platforms, dropping to the floor so you ensure that you don't get hurt 
    from falling.  Next, take out all the bone dragons on the floor.  Climb 
    on one of the rotating platforms on the right side of the room, and leap 
    to the long bar connecting gears.  Leap to the left side of the room on 
    gears, and head towards the torch for the final key.  Cross back to the 
    right, and make a LONG ascent climbing from rotating platform to 
    platform, and on top of the vertical gears.  After climbing two sets of 
    these, look behind you....a door and a save point, in front, a contract.  
    Go to the save point first, then come back to the contract if u need any 
    last minute supplies.  Exit the door after saving.
    Stage 10 - Castle Keep
       At last! The final stage.  Climb straight up.  If you spent more than 
    30,000 gold on purchases with Renon you will have to fight him.  I never 
    have, so if anyone has strategies on him, please email it to 
    shaft85@ameritech.net.  It's rumored that you use a battle strategy
    similar to the one when fighting death, he may have the same attacks, 
    but this is unconfirmed.  Climb to the next tower.  Depending how much 
    game time in days it took you to get here, you may have to fight a boss, 
    if you do, u will get the bad ending, if not you will get the good 
    ending.  If you fight this boss, keep a distance and just mercilessly 
    let him have it with all you got (not in terms of red jewels though).  
    You shouldn't take a hit.  Next, climb to the final tower, but don't 
    enter it yet.  Go around the side of it carefully to get a red jewel, 
    and across and invisible bridge for a free medkit.  According to rumor, 
    you can also check the large orange torches near the door to the final 
    bosses' room for another two free medkits.  Go back around the tower.  
    Enter, save.  Prepare for the Count himself.  The count will turn into 
    mist and warp randomly around the room.  Kick it into battle view.  The 
    count will raise his hand to shoot fire straight out.  The count will 
    draw his cape to unleash fireballs (sometimes these drop a roast chicken 
    or even a combo roast beef/powerup!!!! if destroyed).  If he crosses his 
    arms across his chest, he will let out a low power ring, then a mid one, 
    jump and duck respectively.  Finally, he may open his cape and pull you 
    towards him to bite you.  If he does this, jump away and set urself up 
    to hit him.  The count will cancel an attack if hit priorly.  With 
    either Carrie or Reinhardt, make sure you jump when you attack, so it 
    will hit his head.  Charge up with Carrie.  Always try to keep him in 
    view.  If you are good, you should only use one or two roast chicken, 
    maybe not even that.  Think of this guy as practice though.  The main 
    trouble spot is when he does the power rings, cause he can block if you 
    don't time your shot right.  
       Finish him and listen to his speech.  You may go on and get the bad 
    ending now.  Or if you qualified, you get the grand prize, two more boss 
    fights (UGH).  
       If you qualified for the good ending, run down the collapsing stairs 
    and towers.  A brief cinema scene will come in on the way down.  Make 
    your way onto an elevator.  Surprised at who the bad guy is at the top 
    of this tower?  This boss is tough, but not too bad.  He will randomly 
    warp around and shoot fireballs at a distance (which can also be 
    destroyed for roast chicken and combo roast beef/powerup!!!!).  With 
    Reinhardt, get in close to whip him, but be warned, at random times this 
    boss with throw a high power ring and a DELAYED low one, throwing your 
    timing off.  When you wear this boss down about half way, he may throw 
    his hand up.  A ring of fire will appear around him, then an outer one 
    where you are, followed by one that will appear at your feet.  If you 
    run around in between the outer and inner rings, you may avoid damage.  
    Make sure you hit him in his head, you will have to leap with Reinhardt 
    but not always with Carrie.  Just charge up with Carrie.  Use a sun card 
    to make this guy easier.  Then when he's finally finished, batten down 
    the hatches, cause all hell is going to break loose.
       The final boss really kicks butt.  I use on average 8 roast beefs or 
    so to keep energy full.  This guy has a myriad of powerful attacks.  The 
    first thing you will notice is probably when he sends a shockwave at you 
    with his claws, knocking you across the screen!  Try to keep in close 
    with Reinhardt, and flail away.  Return to him when you get knocked 
    away.  Charge up your energy when it slips below half to ensure that you 
    live.  This boss will also send glowing fireballs after you.  If you hit 
    these, they will drop and explode like an atomic bomb.  If you manage to 
    hit the boss with it, it will damage him.  But if he hits you with it, 
    it may knock about 50% energy or more off.  The boss in close will 
    breathe fire and occasionally summon a ring of energy and send a 
    circular shockwave through the sand.  Jump that to the best of your 
    ability, and stay close to avoid the fire breath.  After you wear him 
    down some, fire dragons will begin flying around, trying to hit you.  
    Dodge them and stay close, hitting away.  If you have Carrie, stay just 
    out of range of the circular shockwave attack and keep those energy 
    bolts coming.  Make sure it is daytime so this guy won't slaughter you!
       If you persist, you will finally win, and be a true Castlevania 
    master.  Thanks to Konami for creating a challenging (maybe too much) 
    and awesome game.
    7.  Carrie Fernandez Walkthrough
    Stage 4b - Waterway
       Carrie only.
       This stage starts out bad and gets worse.  Avoid the crumbling floors 
    at the first part, then climb hand over hand sideways on a ledge to 
    reach the main waterway.  Do NOT climb on top of this ledge or u'll fall 
    to your death.  Carrie will inspect the waterway and *Gee to our 
    surprise it's poisoned*.  Go to the left, and cut a right across a 
    narrow bridge.  Fight the mini boss lizards, and find the switch and 
    step on it.  Turn around and notice the waterfall is gone now.  Make 
    your way across where it was, and around.  Take some stairs up and a 
    long hike back around to a corridor with a save point, or don't.  
    Continue on a bit further and notice a part in the bottom of the wall 
    you could get into.  Slide into it and crawl the rest.  Make a few 
    difficult leaps for some roast beef, then come back out.  Continue on a 
    little further and cut a left with a save point next to a powerup.  Save 
    b4 collecting it, as it will come back if u die that way.  Head back out 
    into the main board, taking the left route.  Go across a narrow bridge, 
    then another one, and make some hectic leaps across four brick columns.  
    Hit a switch across a gap, then come back over the stones (argh).  Go 
    back across the narrow bridge you came from and go down a long corridor 
    to the left.  Defeat the fire breathing lizard man and continue this way 
    to get to the last switch.  Hit it and return to the narrow bridges, 
    this time don't leap across the stones, but head towards where the 
    waterfall was.  Continue down this corridor to the sun door exit.
    Stage 6b - Tower of Science
       Carrie only.
       This stage isn't as hard as the Duel Tower, but the first part is 
       Make your way around a central column, jumping when the electricity 
    has just shut off and avoiding the waste packages rifled from the holes.  
    After three floors of this, you will deal with spiked boxes on conveyor 
    belts.  The spiked boxes can be destroyed.  Finally, you will arrive at 
    a platform going up.  Save, then go into the main lab area.  Take out 
    the machine guns, and go in the doors.  In one of the torches will be 
    the key1.  Head up some stairs ahead.  Take out the guns on the central 
    column now, and make some dangerous leaps onto platforms (don't use a 
    full force jump).  Fall on the side of the next platform that doesn't 
    have stairs, and make your way forward to reach a door and a hall with a 
    machine gun.  Make your way to the three doors in the back, and open the 
    middle one to get the key2.  Now go back out, make some dangerous leaps 
    across platforms to the side you entered on, taking out the machine guns 
    first, and then make your way over the other set of small platforms and 
    to the double door.  Save in the next room.  Climb a long set of 
    platforms, and if you want, leap to the invisible bridge over the 
    rotating wheels to get to the lone torch and box.  The box has several 
    roast chickens and a couple of $500 bags.  After, climb to the top of 
    this area.
       Now you will be in a room with spiked conveyor belts with spiked 
    boxes going across.  You can just basically follow the main route here 
    and not enter any doors till the end of it.  In the room at the end you 
    will find the key3--you now have the option of going all the way back to 
    the start of this area to pick up $1000 and a cross, or just continue, 
    save, and exit.
    Stage 7b - Tower of Sorcery
       Carrie only.
       This stage is beautiful in terms of graphics, but also deadly in 
    terms of amount of space you can walk on.
       Make your way across the crystal bridges, fighting the crystal men if 
    necessary.  Soon you will have to leap from small crystal to small 
    crystal.  You should be getting used to all this leaping by now though, 
    so have at it.  Eventually, you will leap around a tower, and the leaps 
    are tricky, even in action view, so it may take a few tries.  You will 
    now get to purple crystals that turn red and disappear.  Time your leaps 
    and make it across 3 or so to the save point.  Plan your routes before 
    you take them.  Continue a bit further across more purple crystals to a 
    green one.  Hit the yellow bubble here, and notice the three yellow 
    crystals change positions.  
       Cross over to the yellow crystals and take out the green crystal men.  
    Then hop across two purple crystals to a green one with a blue bubble.
    Time the destruction of the blue bubble so you can make you way 
    comfortably back across the two purple crystals to the yellow one.  
    Climb the yellow ones to get to the big blue one.  You will be able to 
    make it now that the yellow crystal closest to the blue one has risen.  
    Make your way up more dangerous small crystal platforms, and up to the 
    top.  Leap across a few more purple crystals, and take out the crystal 
    men.  You will now notice the exit across a bridge.  Look around though.  
    You should see a lone large blue crystal with an item baring crystal.  
    There is a hidden bridge here (use holy water to reveal it)-walk across 
    to get the Special3.  Then come back and exit this stage.
    8.  Fun Stuff / Glitches / Secrets
       In this section I will be posting all of the cool glitches or really
    secret secrets that I find.
       In the villa, in the first courtyard that you enter, go to fountain
    that’s in the center of the courtyard.  Jump in the water and you should
    see a little piece of cement sticking up out of the floor just a little
    bit.  Stand on it and then wait till midnight.  At midnight, the cement
    will raise you up to the top of the fountain where you can collect lots 
    of goodies.
    9.  Frequently Asked Questions
       Q: How do I get to the blue gondola tracks on stage 4?
       A: You have to ride the train until it stops at its first stop, then 
    jump off and wait about 30 seconds.  A blue gondola will come by and you
    can jump on it and ride to a new area.
       Q: Where do I set the Nitro in Stage 5?
       A: At the wall right outside of the door with the crack on it.
       Q: Where do I got the detenator for the Nitro in Stage 5?
       A: In the torture chamber at the entrace of the stage.  Need Key.
    10.  How to e-mail Shaft
       I, Shaft, am the owner and creator of this Walkthrough/FAQ.  If you 
    would like to e-mail me to give strategy's, secrets, ask a question, or 
    report someone using the faq without authorization. (SEE BELOW) Send it
    to shaft85@ameritech.net.  Please report any typos or mistakes in the 
    faq as well.  If you send in any advice you will be listed in the 
    credits section of the FAQ.  Please, before sending questions, read 
    through the stage walkthrough that you are on.  Also check the 
    Frequently Asked Questions that are in section 9.  If you still cant 
    find your answer, e-mail it to me and I will try to respond as quickly 
    as possible.  Use an appropriate subject for your e-mail like "Stage 5 
    question" or "Tip on Killing Bats."  DO NOT just put "FAQ" or "HELP" 
    because then I will not read it.  You can aslo talk to me through ICQ.
    My # is 11445446 and this is probably the best way to get in touch with
    me.  Thanks.
    11. Updates Of This FAQ
       0.1 - Released January 29, 1999 : 8:22P.M. EST - This is the first 
    release of the walkthrough.  I am gonna start doing the actual 
    walkthrough tomorrow, it will probably be on Reinhardt considering 
    that’s who I am playing with right now.
       0.2 - January 29, 1999 : 11:39P.M. EST - Okay, stage 1 is completed 
    for Reinhardt and expect to see Stage 2 done by tomorrow.  I also 
    changed some minor things in the other sections.  Well that’s all. 
       0.3 - February 1, 1999 : 6:23P.M. EST - Finally, stage 2 is 
    completed, sorry it took so long.  I was gonna do it yesterday but I was 
    watching the Super Bowl.  Well, look for stage 3 tomorrow.
       0.35 - February 10, 1999 : 4:32P.M. EST - OK, sorry, sorry, sorry for 
    not updating for so long.  I should be dressed like a school and get my
    a** spanked.  But I PROMISE that I will update this weekend.  I’ve been
    busy with homework.  Well I updated the 3rd stage and I put in a FAQ of
    all the most popular e-mail questions I’ve gotten.  So check there 
    before you e-mail me.
       1.0 - February 18, 1999 : 2:14A.M. EST - The walkthrough is finished,
    me and the new co-creator of this faq, Magus, finished it along with 
    all the monsters and items.  HUGEEEE THANKS to Magus for contributing
    so much to this faq.
       1.1 - February 20, 1999 : 9:44A.M. EST - Finished grammar and 
    spelling corrections with help of Magus747.
       1.2 - February 22, 1999 : 7:55P.M. EST - Finished a few more grammar
    and spelling connections and added tips on the Duel Tower stage about
    the "impossible" torches, an alternate route to Special2 on the Tower
    of Execution, and two free medkits from the orange torches outside
    Dracula's tower.
       1.25 - Febuary 23, 1999 : 9:23P.M. EST - Updated margins through the
    whole faq, also stated my opinion about C64 in the Introduction.
    12. Credits
       This is the section in which I am going to post all of the people's 
    names who sent me tips, tricks, or strategies.  If you want your name to 
    be here, be sure and send me your tips.
       Mark Mitchell (Magus747) - Tons of walkthrough, more monsters, 
       strategies, etc.  Biggest contributor to this faq.  THANK YOU MAGUS.
       Kyle Sumner(UNIONFLIP) - Helped with layout and structure. 
       Logan Somervell - Tip on killing bats with dagger
       Micheal - A reader that submitted the tips mentioned in what we
       added in version 1.2.  Thanks Micheal and keep it coming!
    13. Copyrights and Legal Stuff - Disclaimer
       This WALKTHROUGH/FAQ was created and is owned by Justin Day aka SHAFT 
    with help from Mark Mitchell aka Magus747.
    You may NOT use this FAQ on your page if you do not get the official 
    permission from me.  You may not use sections of it on your page.  
    Castlevania is copyright 1999 Konami Computer Entertainment Kobe Inc.  
    Information in this FAQ is proprietary to the creators of this FAQ and
    all copies of this have to have expressed permission.  Lately, video 
    game magazines have been copying these FAQs off the internet.  
    Plagiarism is a serious offense, and in case of profit, which video game 
    magazines would make off of this information, it is a prosecutable 
    offense.  We have the right to sue if a company makes money off of this 
    without our permission, regardless of their disclaimers.  It is 
    understood that you have read and understood this disclaimer when you 
    brought this FAQ up to view on your browser, whether you read it or not.  
    Upon uploading this FAQ, you have waived all rights and disclaimers of 
    your company and of yourself to copy directly from this FAQ.  So 
    violations are prosecutable.

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