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    FAQ/Walkthrough by BobDaMunky

    Version: 1.3 | Updated: 06/06/99 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    From: BobDaMunky@aol.com
    Date: Sun, 6 Jun 1999 19:33:58 EDT
     ______           _____ _                             _
    / _____|         |_   _| |                           (_)
    | |      ____  ____| | | |     ___ __  __ ____  _____ _ ____
    | |     / __ \/ ___| | | |    / _ \\ \/ // __ \| __  | / __ \
    | |_____|    |\__ \| | | |___   __/ \  / |    || | | | |    |
    \_______|_||_||___/|_| |_____|\___|  \/  |_||_||_| |_|_|_||_|
        __ _   _
       / /| | | |
      / / | |_| |_
     / /_ |___   _|
       _ \    | |
     \___/    |_|
    Well, I rented Castlevania with high hopes, and I must say I was rather let 
    down. I thought it would be as good as the previous ones, but no chance in 
    that. It's an alright game, but it doesn't have that same feel. Also, it's 
    rather simplistic, with all these save points. Anyways, I beat it within the 
    5-day rental, 3 days, and spent the other two getting the Walkthrough 
    started. I have most of the rest of it saved somewhere, but it isn't 
    complete. It'll be here soon, just chill.
    Update History
    Version 1.3: Um...June maybe? That's what the weather indicates- Added the 
    Tower Of Science and Duel Tower Walkthroughs.
    Version 1.2: I don't really know- Added the dreaded Castle Center Walkthrough.
    Version 1.1: March 10, 1999- I added the Waterway and Tunnels Walkthroughs. I 
    hate the Castle Center. I wonder if anyone would notice if I skipped it.
    Version 1.0: March 8, 1999- I added everything just about. DUH!
    Table Of Contents
    1. Introduction
    3. Table Of Contents
    4. Characters
    5. Items
    6. Sub-Weapons
    7. Enemies
    8. Walkthrough
    i. Forest Of Silence
    ii. Castle Wall
    iii. Villa
    iv. Tunnels
    v. Waterway
    vi. Castle Center
    vii. Duel Tower
    vii. Tower Of Science
    9. Special Thanks
    In Castlevania 64, like in most Castlevanias, there are two characters which 
    you can play as. Reinhardt Schneider, the latest in the Belmont Family, and 
    Carrie Fernandez fills the "other character" gap for this Castlevania.
    Reinhardt Schneider- Because of his blood, he is forced to go and square off 
    against the all powerful Count Dracula. He has been preparing for this day 
    for a while. His main weapon is the holy whip, which has been used by all 
    Belmonts. His short-range attack is the dagger, which is moderately poweful.
    His main advantages are the fact that he can take more hits than Carrie, and 
    his whip is faster than Carrie's energy balls are.
    Carrie Fernandez- Carrie's parent's were burnt in her village due to the fact 
    that they were witches. She came to the castle because she sensed the return 
    of Dracula was near. She has magical powers which allow her to shoot homing
    energy balls which can be powered up to take out several enemies at a time. 
    For close combat, she has the ring smash, which isn't very powerful, but is 
    the weapon of choice if fighting in a small area. Her main advantage is being
    faster and more agile than Reinhardt, which helps in the Garden Maze. 
    There are quite a few items in this game, and here is where I discuss all of 
    them. Read on.
    Sun Card: Use this item to make it six in the morning. All enemies are weaker 
    during the morning hours, especially vampires. Also, you need it to be day to 
    open a door with a sun on it.
    Moon Card: Well, this is the exact opposite of the Sun Card. It fast forwards 
    to six at night. I would suggest only using this if faced with a door that 
    has a moon on it. But, if you wanna be adventurous...
    Roast Chicken: This can be found in many places, or bought at Renon's Shop 
    for a modest 1500 gold. It gives you back half of your HP, and is suprisingly 
    more useful than you would probably think.
    Roast Beef: With a little searching, and a little buying, you should have 10 
    of these by the time you finish the Villa. Very easy to find if you take the 
    time to look. 2000 if bought from Renon, it restores 80% of your HP.
    Healing Kit: Yes, the ultimate Healing Item. Restores 99% of your health (it 
    can't restore 100%, right?) and returns your status to good if you are in 
    POISON or VAMP, or even the dreaded V+P. 3000 gold from Renon, and this is 
    sadly almost the only way to get these. There's only 1 or 2 scattered in the 
    Purifying Crystal: Often found by reaching into furniture or items that 
    appear useless. This will cure you if you have been bitten by a Vampire of 
    any type and your status now reads VAMP.
    Poison Cure Ampoule: None are found before the fourth level, where you will 
    probably be poisoned at least one, regardless of which character you use. 
    Only 200 gold from Renon though. This cures you of an acid breath attack from 
    the Lizard Men or Spider Women.
    Contract: Cannot be "picked up" if you try to pick it up, you will be brought 
    to Renon's Shop, where you can purchase many useful things. Beware, 
    purchasing over 30000 gold total in the game results in a fight with Renon 
    near the end.
    Red Lewel: Gives you jewels to use to fire sub-weapons. Found in either small 
    jewel packages (5) or large jewel packages (10). Picked up almost everywhere.
    White Jewel: If you have a Controller Pak, you can pick these up to save your 
    game at that point. If you do not have a Controller Pak, learn how to play 
    the game REALLY FAST if you want to see the ending, LoL.
    Gold: Used to purchase items from Renon's Contract Shop. Found in red 
    packages worth 100 gold apiece, green packages worth 300 gold each, or the 
    not so elusive brownish-yellow packages worth 500 gold for every one.
    Special 1: Found in the Forest of Silence, this allows you to access the Hard 
    difficulty setting once you've beaten the game and saved data. When jumping 
    across one of those gaps (the third one?), look to your left. There's the 
    torch. Walk to it, there's an invisible path. You can use Holy Water to
    temporarily see it.
    Special 2: Found in the Tower of Execution, this allows you to access 
    Reinhardt's second costume by pressing up on the analog stick when selecting 
    him as a character. Of course, you must have beaten the game and saved it. 
    Get this by getting the Execution Key and using it. Look right and leap on 
    the casket. Jump up enough and you'll grab an invisible bridge. Walk to the 
    Special 3: Found in the Tower of Sorcery, this allows you to get Carrie's 
    Second Costume by the same way you get Reinhardt's second. Get towards the 
    end, and look around for a crystal just sorta sitting on a platform. walk 
    across the invisible bridge to get to it, Holy Water is again useful.
    Ah yes, the old Castlevania sub-weapons. Unfortunately, the third dimension 
    spoiled the Axe and Holy Water. We don't get to see the traditional Axe 
    throw, and the Holy Water is very avoidable.
    Knife- The knife costs only one jewel per throw, but that's probably just 
    because it's so weak. Useful against skeletons, and the two-headed dragon in 
    the Castle Wall though. Goes in a straight line towards its target.
    Axe- The axe cost two jewels per throw, and is of average power. However, it 
    takes out most early enemies in one hit. Great early weapon, useless later.
    Holy Water- Used to be the best Castlevania weapon, now it's not much use. 
    Still costs three jewels. Obviously, you break a bottle of Holy Water on the 
    ground, which hits enemies who step into the blue flame. Man, this weapon was 
    Cross- Cost 5 lewels, but you probably won't need to use it much. If it 
    doesn't kill an enemy, it'll spin around and hit them again. Very effective.
    Here is a brief key, so you know what I'm doing here.
    Enemy Name
    Enemy Appearance
    Enemy Attacks
    Way to Kill It With Reinhardt
    Way to Kill It With Carrie
    Death Scene
    Difficulty (1-5)
    Normal Skeleton
    A skeleton that comes up out of the ground.
    Charges at you, and proceeds to hit club you with a bone.
    When it first rises, whip it a few times. If it gets up close, simply slash it
    up with the dagger.
    Always keep a powered up energy ball. Fire when you see it pop up. If they 
    close in, a ring smash works.
    They sort of rip apart, and disintegrate
    Exploding Skeleton
    Blue skeletons with fuses on their head.
    Charge at you. If they hit you, KABOOM!
    Hit them with the whip, or just run until they explode.
    Use an energy ball on them, or subweapon, or run.
    They explode, how pretty
    Bone-Throwing Skeletons
    Normal Skeletons that stay in one spot
    Uh, they throw bones, duh!
    Use a subweapon besides Holy Water, or charge and slash
    Use a powered-up energy ball
    Same as normal skeletons
    Motorcycle Skeletons
    Skeletons that are cruisin' around on their cycles
    They run into you, obviously
    Whip, run. Whip, run. Or use sub-weapons
    Big, powered-up homing energy ball
    They fall off and the bikes go away. If they hit a wall, they crash better.
    2 with Schneider, 1.5 with Carrie
    Blood Skeleton
    Skeletons that rise out of puddles of blood. They're red.
    They toss like automatic bone guns.
    Just hit a few times until it goes down, then run. They don't die, ever.
    Same as Reinhardt.
    They don't die, HELLO!
    Vampire Bats
    Bats that have vampire teeth(they can't change status though)
    They fly down from high spots and bite you
    Whip them with reckless abandon
    Run, while powering up an energy ball. Then turn and release.
    Nothing really, they just fall to the ground
    1 with Schneider, 1.5 with Carrie
    It's a werewolf, need I say more. He's got a bandana on.
    Many different air-to-surface combo attacks
    Attack, and avoid the counter. Repeat.
    Charge up that energy ball and keep releasing, while running circles around
    He burns up into a purple fire, cool!
    2.5 with Schneider, 2 with Carrie
    Pillar O' Bones
    Three skulls stacked on top of each other, that shoot out or breath large
    amounts of fire
    Use sub-weapons, or get close and slash/whip, avoiding flames
    Once again, rely on a powered-up energy ball
    Turns deep red and burns up
    Glass Knights
    Found in the Villa, they are stealthy, see-through knights.
    They charge you and smack with, I believe that's a sword
    Just turn around and whip it, or slash it, or use sub-weapons
    Use whatever you feel like using, alright?
    Shatters into tiny bits and pieces
    Ghosts I
    Normal bluish ghosts that float around
    No real attack, unless you run into them
    Use the whip to kill
    Use the energy ball to kill
    Fades on away
    Ghosts II
    Like ghosts I, but different
    Again, harmless for the most part, these do try to swoop down on you and
    attack. They also disappear.
    Use the whip to smash it
    Use that powered-up energy ball AGAIN
    Also fades on away
    Ceberus Guard Dogs
    The three-headed dogs from greek mythology
    They spit fireballs from afar, and they bite and slash up close.
    Keep it at bay with Holy Water and whip it to death.
    Keep on using Holy Water and power up an energy ball when you have the chance.
    Heh heh heh, it plays dead, just like a good doggie.
    2.5 as Schneider, 3 as Carrie
    Hellhounds/Stone Hounds
    They appear as statues at the beginning of the Garden Maze, but soon you'll
    see them in their true form,
    They charge you and grab your leg, turning it to stone. Not much pain, but
    Chainsaw Franky is near!!!!!
    Run, while tossing Holy Water. If caught, use the dagger.
    Just run and keep jumping, you're almost as fast as them. If caught, use the
    Ring Smash.
    Chainsaw Franky
    A psychopathic, chainsaw-weilding, invulnerable Frankenstein!
    He uses his monstrously big chainsaw slash, and he blocks up the whole passage
    way in the Garden Maze,
    RUN MAN, RUN LIKE HELL! If cornered, throw a subweapon and jump him, then RUN
    Just run. Schneider can't stand up to him, and neither can Carrie. Jump him
    when needed.
    Medusa Heads
    Um... they're Medusa heads, floating in the air. Geez.
    They don't attack, just take up room over gaps you have to jump. Very hard to
    avoid once you've jumped :)
    Ignore, since they keep reappearing. If you must, whip it.
    Ignore, like I said before (rhyme) or use an energy ball.
    Disappears. Not much of a death, is it
    Lizard Men
    Lizards with sword and shields.
    They use their swords up close, and spit acid from afar.
    Have a swordfight with it
    Use (suprise) homing energy balls on it, while strafing to avoid the acid
    Falls on back, kicking and screaming. 
    The body of a spider, the head of a woman!
    They spit acid if you're not in their face. If you are, they knock you away.
    Run. No award is ever given. If they hunt you down, or have you cornered, use
    a sub-weapon while strafing
    Carrie never encounters the Spiderwomen
    Choke on own acidic breath, and turn red and die
    Guardian Knight
    BIG knights that carry large swords. Come in many colors.
    They swing and you, and boy does it hurt.
    Get up and slash it, since it's sword is ineffective that close up.
    Homing energy balls, or go in close and use the Ring Smash
    They get decapitated. Finally, a good decapitation death!
    Blood Monster
    Appears only once, when the Virgin Mary statue in the Castle Center begins
    crying blood. It's all red.
    It shoots out acidic blood. Beware of that, why don'tcha.
    Hit it a few times. VERY EASY.
    Hit it, like described above.
    Sinks back down, like a blood skeleton. But this one doesn't get back up.
    They look like humans, sort of. You've seen these things before, so I don't
    need to explain them to you!
    Basic Vampire- Jumps around and flails his limbs all about. Sometimes flips
    near you, giving him an easy bite. You should use homing energy balls as
    Carrie, and subweapons or even the whip as Reinhardt.
    Female Vampire- Crawls around on the floor. When she stands up, she releases
    bats. Also, she occasionally turns into a mist, at which you can't hit her.
    Just use the long-range attacks.
    Butler Vampire- Fires energy bolts and flips around alot. Just strafe and use
    sub-weapons, or homing energy balls if Carrie.
    Maid Vampire- Sort of like the butler, except with moer energy bolts and less
    acrobatics. She also charges in for the bite. Gains and takes a lot of energy
    from said bite. Fight like you would the butler.
    Stage One- The Forest of Silence
    Ah, your long mission starts off in the forest just outside of the castle 
    gates. Step forward a few steps after listening to Reinhardt or Carrie's 
    words, and lightning will strike a tree. Walk around it, and another tree is 
    struck by lightning. Walk around this one and keep going forward. You'll see 
    three torches. Get the bottm two, then get the top one. To get the top one, 
    jump on the right platform, then cross over to the left. Easier with Carrie. 
    It contains a Roast Beef, which you will probably need sometime in the game. 
    Now, go back to where the second tree fell and take a left. Keep going until 
    you are stopped by a cut-scene. After examining the dead villager's body, you 
    face off against three skeletons. Kill them, and head off towards the big
    gate. If you try to open it, a message tells you that it is firmly sealed by 
    the central crest. Jump and hit the crest three times and it pops off. The 
    gate automatically opens, revealing...
    Sub-Boss: Giant Ape Skeleton of Doom!!!
    Heh, this guy has a bullet hole through his head. If you wanna kill him 
    quickly, follow him where he runs. Let him spawn his skeletons, and when he 
    starts to swing his club at you, nail him with the whip or an energy ball. 
    Kill his little skeletons and then follow him to where he ran off to. 
    Continue this process, and he will jump into the poisonous river.
    Now, jump across the platforms revealed. If you look down while on them, you 
    can see Mr. Skeleton staring back up at you. Hehe! OK, now go forward and 
    take out the skeletons that are rising from the ground. This is easier with 
    Carrie, since she can take out up to 5 at once with a powered-up homing 
    missile. Follow the arrow you will soon run into, and you'll find a white 
    crystal and a gate. Save at the white crystal, and go backwards. Follow the 
    other path and go under the little arch. Head straight and to the left and 
    switch to action view. Look for a tiny platform. In front of it is a big 
    building structure with a lantern on top. Jump to it and get the lewel in the 
    lantern. Jump to the next structure and get the Roast Chicken. Jump down, and 
    inside these structures you can find a Sun Card and a Moon Card. Now, go past 
    the second structure until you find a big gap with platforms across. Jump 
    them and dispatch of the bats on the other side. 500 gold inside that 
    lantern. Pull the switch, which opens that last gate you saw. It also lowers 
    the platforms that you came here on and causes a sub-boss to appear.
    Sub-Boss: The Weretiger of Mild Irritation!
    Man, this guy is EASY. When he first jumps down, run up and blast him with a 
    long range attack. Now, run circles while he chases you. When you have the 
    opportunity, turn around and smack him. It should only take about four hits 
    if your weapon is powered up. Holy Water works wonders against this guy. Oh,
    and if he catches you, he grabs and tosses you, hurting rather badly.
    Now that your platforms have come back of, dispose of the skeletons that came 
    with the Weretiger and cross back. Go back through the area where you got the 
    Sun and Moon Cards, and back to where the locked gate was. It's open, but 
    there's a bone-throwing skeleton there. Use sub-weapons or an energy ball on 
    him, and then save your game. Go forward towards the torch on the pillar. If 
    Carrie, charge up an energy bolt and let it fly, it'll take out a few  of the 
    exploding skeletons around. Reach into the pillar to pick up a Roast 
    Chicken.A Cross is in the torch on top. Go into the biulding you see, which 
    is a crypt. Destroy the coffins and pick up their contents. Now, exit the 
    crypt, and look around for an arrow. When you find it, go where it points and 
    save your game at the white crystal you find there. Unfortunately, there is 
    another locked gate. Now go back to the arrow and take the opposite path. It 
    leads to a cliff. Bust open the torch near the ledge. Jump across both of the 
    platforms like usual, then break open the torch on the other side. Roast 
    Beef, anyone?
    Operate the mechanism. Whip up on the Normal Skeletons that attack. Now, 
    steps up to the edge until the camera angle changes. Walk down on those 
    platforms until you reach the bottom. I suggest going real slow, tiptoing and 
    never, EVER jumping. Anyways, don't fear death if you saved at that last 
    white crystal. When you get to the bottom, jump onto the big platform there. 
    If Carrie, you may over jump, so stop yourself near the end. Hop on over to 
    the other platform, and make a HARD jump from the corner of this platform to 
    corner of the tiny white one. VERY hard as Reinhardt. Go up, jumping and 
    grabbing the edges. Not nearly as difficult as going down. Now, go back to 
    where we saw that last gate. Dispose of the bone-throwing skeleton who's 
    gotten in your way just like I taught ya. Oh, and it couldn't hurt to SAVE
    YOUR GAME!!!!! You'll probably notice the three crypt areas. One of these 
    contains a Roast Chicken. In case you don't wanna search, the layout of the 
    one containing the Chicken is like so. 
    |O         |
    |          |
    |O         |
    |         X|
    O- Empty Coffin, on top shelf
    X- Coffin with Roast Chicken, on bottom shelf
    E- Entrance
    Now, run on over to the cliff area, fending off Skeletons all the while. See 
    the Bone-Throwing Skeleton up there? Use the Cross, if you have it. Now, jump 
    across the platforms. Wait, On the first one, look left! See that platform 
    with the torch? Walk to it, there is an invisible floor. Holy Water will make 
    it briefly visible if you need to see it. Now, continue on to the other side 
    of the gap. You'll see yourself going through a structure. 4 bats come down. 
    If you run away as Carrie, then turn and release a powered-up energy ball,
    they will all die at once, hehehe. Keep on going straight, and take a right. 
    Follow the arrow to yet another save point. Use it wisely, grasshopper. Now, 
    get back on the main path and keep going. You'll run into a Werewolf, who is 
    pretty tough for Reinhardt. Carrie can just run around, using energy balls, 
    run Reinhardt has a harder time. Refer to my Enemies Section for the details. 
    Go towards that statue and reach into it. Once again, you come up with a 
    Roast Chicken. Go you! Now, head down the rest of the path. Many torches are 
    here, but so are a lot of Skeletons, including a Bone-Thrower, so look out. 
    When you get to the end, you have to do that slow, walk down the platforms 
    thing. Well, when you're at the bottom, jump onto the island. Activate the 
    switch, then stay there for a minute. A skeleton will jump from above. He 
    usually lands in the poisonous river and dies. Sometimes he lands on the 
    island and dies. Once he even landed on ME and died. Go back up, and you can 
    rest easy knowing you never have to go through that pain again. Well, except 
    for maybe Level 4, but it's not as bad. OK, now go save your game at the 
    gate. Hey, it's STILL locked! No worry, go backwards to where you got Special 
    One on the floating
    torch. Jump across the platforms, and look arond in that area. An open gate 
    leads to a small area with the last gate-opening device of the level. Also in 
    here, a torch with a Roast Beef. OK, now go back to that locked gate that you
    whined about earlier. Save your game there. It's now open, for anyone who 
    didn't notice. Walk forward, and HOLY CRAP!
    Boss of Level 1- The Giant Ape Skeleton Who's Back and Pissed Off and Looking 
    For Revenge!!!!!
    Um... First of all, I would suggest taking out those stupid Motorcycle 
    Skeletons. Hey, how did they get motorcycles way back then? Oh well, this is 
    tough with Reinhardt, but he can take more damage anyways. After they are 
    dead, just fight him like you did the last time. He can take more though. Body
    parts will start falling off, and when he's almost dead his lower torso comes 
    off. He on the ground crawling. All little skeletons can now be dispatched of 
    in one shot. Do so, then use whatever sub-weapon you have repeatedly to kill 
    him. It hurts most when he's raising his club, but I don't suggest that in 
    case he swings first. Well, go towards the far end and you'll see a sequence. 
    Is there anyone else who thinks that Reinhardt has the ugliest boots known to 
    man? Well, this sets up...
    Level 2- The Castle Wall
    Well, first of all, I'd advise you to save your game. Next, you see there are 
    strong iron fences on two sides of you, and a locked door on another side. Go 
    through the unlocked door and find yourself in a large room. Go to the right 
    and you'll see a staircase. Go up it and you'll find a gap once you reach the 
    top of the first flight. Jump it and keep moving. Going up the second flight 
    of stairs, kill the Pillar O' Bones you find at the top. Watch out, that fire 
    can knock you off to your death. Jump off the edge of this, making sure to
    MISS the moving green platform. You should hit a ledge with a torch on it. 
    Inside the torch in the coveted (well, not really) Sun Card. Good, now make 
    your way back up there. This time, jump on the moving platform when it's near 
    the first ledge, and off again when it gets near the second ledge. Use the 
    jump and grab when necessary. Going up the third flight of stairs is another 
    Pillar O' Bones (I'm sticking with that name). Take it out as is customary in 
    these parts, and walk up to the ledge. Don't go too far, or the guillotine 
    will cut you up. See the green platform? Well, it doesn't come very close, so 
    you're in for a toughie. Also, Medusa Heads come out of the wall every couple 
    of seconds. Try and time it so that the blade starts going up, you kill a 
    Medusa Head, and the green platform is at its closest all at the same time.
    Or, you could always just make a leap of faith like I do ;). Make another 
    jump over to theother side, and be happy that you're almost done with this 
    side. Odds are you're sick of pulling yourself up, but remember: It only gets 
    Go up the fourth flight of stairs, and step onto the moving platform when it 
    touches your side. Now, jump to the other side, but watch out, there's a 
    falling blade. As Reinhardt, just jump and grab the ledge, and wait for the 
    blade to up before pulling yourself. As Carrie, you can try Reinhardt's 
    style, but that requires a short jump. Or, you can just do this at full speed 
    and hope for success. OK, continue up flight #5, and avoid the blade at the 
    end. Jump across this gap with the moving platform like you always have and 
    will. Now, go up flight #6, but stop near the end. If Carrie, deliver some 
    powered-up energy balls. The three bats die. If Reinhardt, use the whip when 
    they come down, then go in through the door, and the bad leads to worse my 
    Sub-Boss: The Two Headed White Dragon of Death and Despair!
    No, not really! There are a few tactics to facing this guy, but I prefer this 
    one. Just run around, whipping the one closest to you while avoiding his blue 
    flame shots. Also, during his first form, you can avoid damage by hiding 
    behind the door you came in, but that won't help much in his second form. 
    When he goes into his second form, stand right in front of him and use the 
    long- range to destroy him. You'll lose about 1/3 to 1/2 of your life doing 
    this, but it doesn't matter. Repeat the process with number two. They leave 
    TONS of goodies, be sure to collect, and revive yourself with a Roast Chicken 
    if necessary. Note: Don't use a Roast Beef, the only hits you'll take is if 
    you fall, and life doesn't matter then. 
    Now, operate the mechanism, and enjoy the cinema if you wish. On top of the 
    door you came in is a Roast Chicken torch and a save point. Get both, eh? 
    Now, go through the newly opened gate and drop down. Drop down again, and 
    collect the powerup in the room you're now in. Reach in the sandbags to 
    collect 500 Gold. Drop in the tiny hole in the corner, and you're in the main 
    room now. Go through one of the gates, which is open, and crack open the 
    middle torch, right in front of the door. You got the Left Tower Key! 
    Go in the door that was once locked, and you'll see that it looks suprisingly 
    like the OTHER door that you went in. Go the where the staricase was last 
    time, and jump the small gap. Press on, and make a jump to the next area. Keep
    going and you'll soon enough be on the first flight of stairs. Look out once 
    you get off the stairs, because the floor will crumble. It's best to run at 
    full speed, and jump right when the floor starts to crumble. Any way you 
    choose, you'll end up at the other side sooner or later. Now, mush I say! 
    MUSH! Oh, but slow down at the top because of that durned guillotine. Go past 
    it and you'll see a gap, and a small gray area are at the other side. Jump 
    onto the small gray area. This is hard, so I suggest jumping when the green 
    platform's spikes are up, since they'll be down by the
    time you make it there, and a miss won't be fatal. Anyway, get on the green 
    platform and jump to the other side. Again, watch out for the guillotine, 
    it's at the start of the stairs. Going up the third flight, you'll see a 
    Pillar O'
    Bones. You'll probably kill it as well. Now, there's four rotating green 
    platforms. Wait until the second and fourth ones closest to you turn to 
    spikes, then turn back. Run across, and jump if you want to. Turn while on the
    platforms and you can jump to a Roast Beef. I don't recommend this, unless 
    you have the game saved and found the jumping relatively easy up to this 
    point. Run up the next flight of stairs, again watching out for Mr. 
    Guillotine. Make a BIG running jump up the gap in the stairs. Tough as 
    Reinhardt. Quickly get in the face of the Pillar O' Bone and maneuver around 
    it while slashing close range. A hit CAN knock you off. Alright, there is a 
    guillotine right in front of a gap. In the gap are two spinning green 
    platforms. One of them goes fast, one goes slow. There is a moment hwere they 
    both turn to there good side at the same time. If the guillotine blade is up, 
    jump acroos the gap. You can jump from the first one to the other side, 
    without using the second one. This is no easy task for Reinhardt though. See 
    the green staircase, don't stop while you're on it. It's really those 
    spinning green platforms is disguise. They flip to their spike side when 
    touched. I don't know why I feel the need to point this out to you, but THEY 
    DO NOT FALL. OK, that's better. A LOOOOOOOOONG ways away, at the right side 
    of your screen, a Pillar O' Bones take the attack. If you're Carrie, use the 
    powered-up energy bolts (the small ones collide with the fire, causing 
    double-knockout). If Reinhardt, use sub-weapons. If you're Reinhardt with the 
    Holy Water, you're screwed. Try jumping into position to whip him, while 
    moving horizontally (well, it looks vertical on the screen, but it's 
    Reinhardt's left and right). Anyway, jump onto the first
    small platform, then the second, and get to the other side. YEAH, no more 
    insane jumps! Look, up in the sky, it's a bird, it's a plane, no, it's... a 
    moon door? If it's night, open it, if it's day, wait until night or use a 
    Moon Card. This leads to...
    Boss of Level 2- The Amazing Cut-Scene!!!!!
    Battle your way through the cut-scene ferociously. I suggest pushing start to 
    make this battle go a lot faster. Well, during this TOUGH fight, you operate 
    a level, opening a fence, and speak to Dracula. He says if you proceed, you 
    meet some guy named Your Doom. Who is he, and what does he want? Well, 
    regardless, hop on the door you came in for another Roast Chicken and save 
    point. Go outside, and drop down like you did before. Drop down the little 
    hole in that one room, and you're back in the main room. Just go through both 
    opened gates to complete the level. Wahoo!
    Stage Three- Villa
    Now you get a cut scene of your character coming out of the castle and into 
    the Villa. This is a tough level. How tough is it, you ask? Man, this level 
    even STARTS OUT tough. Immdeiately after the cut scene, two Cereberus dogs 
    jump the fence and charge at you. I might as well just say it right now, turn 
    right, and look at the unreachable torch. Underneath it is a hidden platform. 
    If you're feeling lucky, get on that platform and destroy the dogs from 
    there. If not, just start whipping away as Reinhardt. As Carrie. Throw 
    sub-weapons while running backwards, and toss an energy bolt every now and 
    then. Probably before they are destroyed, out pops a third one. Destroy all 
    of them, and soon a gate opens. Stand at the entrance, while preparing some 
    sort of powerful
    long-distance weapon. Kill the Cereberus that jumps out at you. Now, the sky 
    darkens, and you had better stay in place. The last Cereberus comes out, and 
    it's REAL late right now, so he's tough. Once this guy's been polished off, 
    run and grab the Roast Chicken near the next gate, which just opened. Inside 
    this next area, you can save your game, and break opne one of the headstones 
    for a Roast somethingorother Go to the fountain, and wait there, fending off 
    ghosts until midnight. At midnight, a platform raises in the fountain, 
    allowing you access to the items up top. This is a Roast Beef (wouldn't it 
    get spoiled, all that water?), 1000 gold, a purifying crystal, and probably 
    something else too. Look around the area for a save crystal, and then proceed 
    to walk into the house past the fountain.
    Alright, now you're in an area with red carpet and a bunch of candles. If you 
    need jewels, all of the candles contain large ones. Now, make your way up the 
    stair, and the game cuts to a scene of a vampire jumping down. Agile little 
    guy, isn't he? Man, if I could run on the wall like that, I'd like to be a
    vampire too. Double backflip, and he sticks the landing! 9.5, subtraction of 
    .5 for the blood. Oh yeah, I forgot, I'm not funny. Kill him. I already 
    described HOW to kill him in the enemies section, so just go there. The 
    purifying crystal you HOPEFULLY picked up helps a great deal here as well. 
    After he dies, try and nail the bat he turns into. This is hard, since it's a 
    large room, and the sucker flies straight up. After you do what you can, go 
    up the stairs and take a right. Crack open the vase, and then reach into the 
    sofa for a purifying crystal. Once you do that, go the other way and bust the 
    other vase. Now, go through the door. You're in a tiny, enclosed hallway. Now 
    this is tricky. Walk to the other door and open it. I know it sounds tough, 
    but hold the analog stick forward and you should make it. Maybe. If you open 
    next door between 3:00 and 4:00 in the morning, when you walk to the center 
    you'll meet Rosa. God, doesn't she have anything better to do than water the
    roses at 3 AM? Heh, they're white  roses, get it? Get it!?! Jeez. She talks 
    about the Archives Key, and other various topics, like monkeys and pink 
    lemonade. You'll get control back soon. Hey wait a second, isn't she a 
    VAMPIRE? Oh boy,something tells me we'll have to put up with her for the rest 
    of the game, and I'm not usually wrong about this kind of stuff.
    Now, just keep on going. There's a torch right before the stairs in the next 
    room. Break it, obviously, and get your extras. Now, head into the first door 
    on your left. Do a little of this, a little of that. Search for a while in
    this room, you'll get a purifying crystal, and a jewel near some couches. 
    Now, walk through the next door, and you get a rather musically bad 
    cinematic. Apparently, this Vincent dude wants to go after Dracula by 
    himself. Heh, Carrie backtalks, but Reinhardt just stands there like a loser. 
    He also thinks
    you're a visitor. Yeah, ALL the villagers carry around daggers, whips, and 
    razor-sharp rings, don't they Charlie? My god, everyone in this game is 
    retarded. When you get back control, talk to Charlie Vincent again, and if 
    you've already talked to Rosa, he gives you the Archives Key. His "intuition" 
    tells him that it is worthless, thus furthering my theory that Vincent is 
    indeed a retard. OK, enough babbling, head on into the room he was in, and 
    grab the Cross in the corner. Also, searching the desk earns you a handy
    Now, go back out into the main hallway, and go into the door after the next 
    door. Shatter the glass Knights in the hallway if necessary. In this room, 
    you may not see them, but there are about 5 Ghosts floating around. Kill them 
    somehow, since you have to do a little jumping in this room. Go to where the
    paintings and boar head are (at least, I think that's a boar head) and get a 
    Roast from the boar, and Purifying Crystal from the painting. Yippee? Now, 
    bust the pots inbetween the couches, and you should get the Storage Room Key. 
    Any time you want to, go back into the main hallway, and enter the door you 
    skipped. Inside, there's a Roast Beef, and Roast Chicken, and a White 
    Crystal. In case you haven't figured it out by now, you've used up the 
    Storage Room Key (and why don't you have them anymore? It's not like you just 
    leave the key in the door or anything!). OK, go back into the big hallway, 
    and go all the way down. There's a pair of Glass Knights which should only be 
    killed if you need Jewels. Now, go into the far door. Alright, now you get 
    another cut scene.
    Man, I wish these were either shorter, better, or less frequent. Yeah, 
    anyway, a "villager" opens the door behind your player, who damn near has a 
    heart attack, I'm willing to bet. The villager wants help, and warns you that 
    is the castle of hell, and you should leave if you value your life. Is there 
    ANYONE who hasn't figured it out by now? Well, your player doesn't, until 
    looking into the mirror and noticing the Vampire's lack of reflection. The 
    Vampire notices your smell (did they have deodorant back then? Eeeew!) and 
    attacks you. Sweet moves by your player to avoid the lunge, and you get back 
    control. I suggest killing him, but maybe you don't feel like it. The bat he 
    turns into can't go anywhere, so whip it if you're Reinhardt. Flog it with
    sub-weapons if Carrie, because it'll disappear too fast for enough energy 
    balls to hit it. It drops mucho gold. Now, enter the other door, and you're 
    in a small hallway. The door at the end requires the Archives Key, which you 
    (right?). Walk through the Archives, making sure to get the Holy Water (save 
    this!) and I think I see a White Crystal. Get the Garden Maze Key at the end, 
    and then retrace your steps. Don't worry, the Vampire doesn't reappear, but
    wouldn't that be COOL?
    Now, you're back in the main hallway again, and I'd suggest killing the Glass 
    Knights and making a run for the room you got the Storage Room Key in. Now, 
    you can at last go through the orange double doors (well, they were never 
    locked, but you haven't been there if you followed this exactly). Man, this 
    room looks like a comic book in the sketch stage. Going near the Contract 
    triggers a cut scene with some weird demon named Renon. Apparently, he's a 
    salesman, and ashamed to be working, since he's a demon. Geez, shouldn't the 
    Drac kick this guy's ass for selling items to travelers? Yet another example 
    in Bob The Monkey's Everybody In Castlevania Is A Retard Theory. I'm 
    beginning to think I have a point here. Oh yeah, he tells you just to pick up 
    the Contract if you need to summon him. Damn, can't we keep it? Oh well. 
    Before buying anything, go to the knight statue in this room and get a 
    Purifying Crystal. Now, pick up the Contract to enter Renon's shop.
    Now, here's my strategy for Renon's shop. If you have anywhere from 6000 to 
    6999 gold, but Poison Cure Ampoules until you're down to 6000, then buy 4 
    Roast Chickens. If you've got about 7000 to 7199 gold, buy 3 Roast Chickens,
    and 2 Roast Beef, then buy some Ampoules. If you've got 7200 to 7699 gold, 
    but the Ampoules until you're down to 7000, then get 5 Roast Chickens, and 
    spend the extra 1000 only if you really need Purifying Crystals. If you're 
    over 7700, just buy 5 Ampoules, and all Roast Chickens. One time, I was at 10 
    Ampoules, and at 10 Chicken, so I bought Purifyings. And never waste money on 
    healing kits, because they're 3000. A Roast Beef and an Ampoule and Purifying 
    (2500 gold altogether)can get you full health and good status. Man, that
    strategy was hella good. Oh, one last thing, if you're out of Cards, get one 
    of each, maybe.
    Um... head to the nearest White Crystal (Storage Room?) if you're into that 
    sort of thing. Then, come back here, and head out the door. See those statues 
    of dogs? Oh, they aren't gonna be there for long. Use the Garden Maze Key to 
    open the door up, and take the first available left. If you keep on heading 
    straight on this path, you meet Malus. Boring cinematic, just because this 
    kid looks like a girl. Oh yeah, here's Chiansaw Freddy and the Hell Hounds 
    (is that a band or something?). They're not happy, so jump the dogs, and slide
    under the chainsaw slice. Oh, I almost forgot. Malus's parents are dead, if 
    anyone gives a rat's ass. Sorry about being so cynical, but good God people! 
    Well, now you're stuck following him. Get out of that dead end, and toss some 
    Holy Water at the point where you turn left. That would be the first left. 
    Well, you now get to open the door that Malus somehow unlock. If anyone 
    checked earlier, it was locked from the INSIDE. This game just keeps on 
    getting stupider, doesn't it? There's Malus again. "Help me!" my a$$. Now, 
    take a right, and keep running. I bet you run into Frankenstein and the 
    hounds agan, so do something to momentarily dispatch of them. Take the next 
    four available rights, regardless of the fact that Malus took a left. When 
    the Hell Hounds catch you, and I do mean when, use the secondary weapon on 
    them. I
    always seem to knock out the one NOT biting me when I do that, even if he's 
    five feet away. One more right, and hey there's a torch. Snag it if your life 
    meter is full, then keep moving. Hey, it's Malus, and with him comes the first
    left in a while. One more left, and then a right. Oh hallaleuia (not spelled 
    right, I'm sure), it's the end of this hellish maze. Well, you show the 
    little booger the exit, but don't leave yourself. Man, just RUN! Well, OK. 
    The Hell
    Hounds growling can still be hard, but don't worry. They're on the other side 
    of the bush. Go through this long hallway type thing, and you'll see an empty 
    aclove on your right. Keep going, and the one on your left has a torch. Inside
    is the Copper Key. Good, now open this next gate ahead of you, and reenter 
    the Castle Of Heck. Get the Roast Chicken (use one if you already have 10, 
    which is likely) and save your game using the White Crystal.
    Now, go back to where you found Renon's Contract, and on the off chance that 
    you got any new gold since you last saw him, buy some crap from him. Now, go 
    back into the Garden. Take one step forward, toss Holy Water, and run 
    straight ahead. When you get to the lookout tower, take a right and use your 
    Copper Key on the door. At last, no more Hell Hounds, and no more 
    Frankenstein. Follow the stream you see to the right end to get a Roast Beef 
    (I usually have 8 or 9 right about now) and then backtrack. To the left you 
    will eventually make it
    to a door, with a torch in front of it. Inside the torch is a Purifying 
    Crystal. Now enter the door and collect 500 gold and a Roast Chicken from the 
    candles. Walk forward towards the coffin and prepare for a fight.
    Sub-Boss of The Villa: Angry Vampire Who Was Just Enjoying A Nice, Peacful 
    Meal, And Minding His Own Business Until You Had To Come Along And Try To 
    Kill Him For No Good Reason!
    That name sounded SO good in my head, but I can't bear to delete it now. 
    Anyways, he screams at you for ruining his dinner, then thinks of you as the 
    main course. Well, if it's night, pop a Sun Card in. Just fight him like you 
    would a normal Vampire. His only different attacks are jumping up to the 
    ceiling, hanging, and pouncing on you, and throwing bolts. Both of these 
    attacks are easily avoided by running around. Just whip him or use energy 
    bolts until he's dead. Now, the not-so hard part begins.
    Boss of The Villa: Victim of The Sub-Boss Who's Now A Female Vampire
    Well, what odd timing, eh? Anyways, she crawls around on the floor alot, 
    which means you should use sub-weapons or energy bolts. When you've got her a 
    little over halfway beat, she throws bats and turns into mist. When this 
    happens, kill the bats, and smack her a few times when she reappears. How 
    easy was that? Now, the coffin opens, and I suggest dropping into it. 
    Strange, the same coffin, in the same place, leads to two totally different 
    areas, depending on
    who you are. Carrie gets the Waterway, and ol' Reinhardt gets the 
    spider-infested Tunnels.
    Reinhardt's Level Four- The Tunnels
    Starting the level off, I believe there is a save point near the start. A 
    word to the wise: USE IT! Now, when you go forward you will pass through an 
    overpass, and some bats will fly down. This is pretty easy to deal with. Walk 
    near the blades and they come down. Jump over them while they're down, or run 
    over them while they're up, whatever you wanna do. Now, keep on going forward 
    and you see a little orange platform on the ground. That, my friends, is an 
    elevator. Get on it and ride it down. Once you step off of it and forward a
    few steps, you'll see a cut scene. Bascially, there is a woman in that 
    poisonous water. WTF? Oh wait, it's really a Spiderwoman, and there's 
    another. Dispatch of these two nuisances like a good little demon killer.
    Now, continue on your way, and jump onto some platforms, making your way 
    across the poisonous water. Left is the proper way to go, but there is also 
    another path, which leads to a Roast Beef. Mmmm...BEEFY! Now, when you 
    finally take the correct path, you'll get to the other side (hopefully) and 
    there's a save crystal there. Save of course. Now, continue on going 
    straight, and keeping the Spiderwomen at bay. I suggest just running by them, 
    since fighting leaves no reward and will result in repeated poisoning. 
    NOTE:The Spiderwomen's poisoning is stonger than the Lizardmen's poison. 
    Spiderwomen's poison continues to suck life away, no matter what. Now, you'll 
    come to a fork in the road. If you need something (ie. You're poisoned and 
    lack a CuremAmpoule) then just head left to Renon's Contract Shop. It's 
    guarded by a Moon Door, so a card would be helpful. Anyways, just take the 
    right when you're ready to proceed. Damn, these Spiderwomen are FAST! Another 
    right leads you to a platform-jumping area over some poison water. Man, 
    you're in TROUBLE if there are Spiderwomen behind you. Don't bother killing 
    them, just try to run fast. Get down the vertical platforms and land on the 
    rocks below. Make your way up the other side, and you're now safe from any 
    Spiderwomen on the other side. 
    Now, there is a left turn here. If you wanna just get the hell outta here, 
    use that. However, going straight gets you two (yes, TWO) Roast Beefs. Of 
    course, there's a tricky Sun Door blocking the way. When making the left, 
    you'll meet
    up with some Spiderwomen no doubt. There are some bats and blades on the way 
    over there, so be on your heels. Jump onto the moving (well, stationary at 
    the time) platform. Ride it around the passageway, fending off the Ghosts 
    that come along. See the things on the other side of the tracK? Ignore them, 
    they'll only get you killed. There was a save point before you got on this, I 
    hope you used it. Now, when you get to a suitable area, jump off. You can 
    board the second moving platform, but sometimes it won't be there. If that's 
    the case, wait for it, making sure to jump over the, uh, yellow things coming 
    at you. What the hell are those? Ah well, use sub-weapons while riding the 
    second platform, since it's a little trickier than the first one. When you 
    get off, you'll be near an elevator. If Spiderwomen land, you basically have 
    to fight, since they'll nail you while you ride the elevator up. Anyway, when 
    you get up it, you have to make some HARD jumps. You know the kind. 
    Medium-sized jumps onto tiny platforms. Oh, you might want to know about the 
    bats overhead. Just inch across the platforms until they drop, then let 'em 
    have it. Now, take a right and you have the choice of going rihgt or left. I 
    suggest going left for a Sun Door and a Moon Door. Going right then leads to 
    the exit.
    When you enter the Sun Door, the game cuts to a cinematic of Rosa attempting 
    to commit suicide. Ah come on, no bosses AT ALL for this level? Cheesy, just 
    plain cheesy. Well, she disappears. God I hate you, Konami.
    Carrie's Level Four- The Waterway
    Well, let me just first off state that if you don't like jumping, just forget 
    this and go play as Reinhardt.
    Alright, run forward to start, and the floor will start to collapse. Just 
    jump over the collapsing parts to safe ground. Now, you'll see a pit in front 
    of you and a ledge. There are two choices here. One is to jump and hang on 
    the edge of it, going hand over hand across the pit. The other is just to 
    jump across the pit at an angle. If you ever try to climb ON TOP of the 
    ledge, you'll fall back down. Walking forward a wee bit will earn you a cut 
    scene. Carrie rushes forward to inspect the water, and oh my god! It's 
    poisoned! Gee, I never saw THAT ONE coming.
    Now look over to your left. There's a narrow bridge over there somewhere. Of 
    course, going to the right can lead to some powerups I BELIEVE. Now, try to 
    cross that narrow bridge. Ah, at last, here's a sub-boss for me to talk 
    Sub-Bosses Of The Waterway- The Lizardmen: Larry, Mo, and Curly
    Um... this isn't really a Boss, but the meter appears anyway. Get off that 
    bridge, or you'll no doubt be knocked in. Take out the two of them with 
    energy bolts and sub-weapons. You'll notice that the third one is nowhere to 
    be seen.
    Go back across the bridge, take a short left, and he's just around the 
    corner. Just use a big energy ball or two to defeat him. 
    Now, go touch the button that he was standing on. Now, backtrack, and you'll 
    notice a waterfall that was once there is now gone. If you never saw it, just 
    look for the big drop in the concrete. Keep on going, and walk around to get 
    to some stairs. Now, take a cutoff from this path, and you can save. Go back 
    and take the other way on this path. Now, you'll see a small hole in the wall 
    to the left. Slide into it and crawl through. There's some tough jumps, but a 
    Roast Beef awaits the daring. Go back out and continue along this path. Keep 
    going, and eventually you'll find some stairs. Oh, near these stairs is a 
    powerup and a save point. Now, continue along like this, wiping out all the 
    Lizardmen along the way. I suggest using the Ampoules. NOTE: The Lizardmen's
    poison works like so. When you get hit, extra damage is done, but as long as 
    you don't get hit, you're safe. You'll eventually be at a narrow, winding 
    bridge. When you begin on it, Lizardmen pop up. Don't worry, it's so narrow 
    most just jump up one side and fall down the other. Finally, you'll see a big 
    platform that you can jump to. Then down to a little one. Up to another big 
    one, and back down again. Tough part now. Jump across the two ledges hanging 
    out from the right wall and press the switch. Umm... save point, where are 
    you??? Dammit. Go back across these ledges. Now, retrace your steps to the 
    start of the bridge and hang a left through a hallway. Oh crap, a pack of 
    FIRE-BREATHING Lizardmen. You've only encountered two before, I believe. Take 
    them out, then jump across the up and down spike things to get to the switch. 
    By up and down spike things, I am refering to the big gray things with spikes 
    on the bottom that go slowly up, then swiftly down via a chain. Jump on top 
    of them while they're down. Now, go back to the narrow bridge, saving 
    anywhere you can possibly think of. Instead of jumping to the big platform, 
    continue along the narrow bridge. You'll see a waterfall gap, like the last 
    one. Well, just run at full speed towards that sun door. If it's day, go in, 
    if it's
    night, use a Sun Card. If it's night and you don't HAVE a Sun Card, shoot 
    your little brother and/or sister.
    Hey look, a paragraph break. Ain't seen one of THOSE in a while. Alright, a 
    cut scene, and ONCE AGAIN we are deprived of a Boss. F*** YOU KONAMI! Sorry 
    'bout that. Anyway, Actrise the witch despises the Fernandez's. She wants you 
    to help her do something with/to/for/concerning Dracula. Unfortunately, you 
    are not given the option to say yes. Oh well. Hey, anybody remember the old 
    Genesis Streets of Rage game where when you got to the boss, you could say 
    yes to join his side? And if it was two player, and your partner said no, you 
    fought to the death? Oh, you don't? Too bad, it rocked. Of course, you got 
    sent back to Level 6 if you won. Uh.... end of level? Yeah, thought so. 
    Castle Center Walkthrough should be here Saturday, but no one ever reads my 
    FAQs, boo
    Level Five- The Castle Center
    Well my friends, get ready for one hella tough level! The one cool thing is 
    that damn near every inanimate object has a prize inside if you search it.
    Oh, another thing. Somewhere in this level, you MIGHT encounter Malus. He 
    acts pretty weird, and calls this the Castle Of Hell (remember that 
    "villager" who said that?)
    Mosey on down the hall you start off in, and take the right you see. Now, 
    take the first available right to enter a room with a Maid Vampire and a 
    Butler Vampire. I don't like these guys. If you stay at the door, they don't 
    notice you, and you can use energy balls or sub-weapons to kill them both. 
    Anyways, once you dispatch of these little goonies, open up the iron gate and 
    proceed onward. Now, go look at the statue over on the left. You'll get a 
    cut-scene and have to face a Blood Man. Beat him, if you feel like it. You 
    don't have to
    Now, go up stairs, and go straight through this room. There are now a few 
    rooms with only two ways out: The way you came in, and another way. Get 
    through these rooms until you reach a White Crystal atop some stairs. Now, go 
    through the door (I think) and you'll be in some sort of science lab. Wipe out
    those pesky Lizard Men and proceed on into the next room. Hey look, some 
    Butler Vampires. I suggest killing these guys, right? Hey look, in this next 
    room is a candle. Break it and get a Roast Chicken. Get through this room by 
    waiting for the heads to shoot flames and then running by them. In the next
    room is a Lizard Man pacing around. 
    Talk to the Lizard Man to get a sad story and the Torture Chamber Key. 
    Continue on, and you'll find the Magical Nitro in the next room. NOTE: 
    Jumping or getting hit will cause the Nitro to explode. When and if it does, 
    just come back here to get more. Backtrack to the room with the 
    fire-breathing animal heads and place the Nitro near the large crack in the 
    wall. Oh crap, now you've gotta backtrack way back to the start of the level. 
    When you get there, go straight instead of taking that first right I 
    suggested. You can use the
    Torture Chamber Key on the door up there. Inside this room are some Ghosts, a 
    Butler Vampire, and a Maid Vampire. Kill all of them and get the (not-so) 
    amazing Mandragora Root. Jump on the fireplace and to the rafters to get a 
    Roast Beef if you need it. The Mandragora is the key to blowing the Nitro, in 
    case you were wondering.
    Exit this room, and hang a quick left. Walk all the way down this hall and 
    open up the doors at the end. Heh, for some reason I like this next room's 
    look. Nothing special, just...I dunno. I must point one thing out... A box in 
    this room contains 5 500 Gold bags! Anyway, see that crack in the wall? Put 
    the Mandragora over there. Go all the way back to the beginning (Again, Bob? 
    Why you gotta be so mean to us?) and into the Torture Chamber. Restock on the 
    Mandragora, and make your way back to where you planted the Magical Nitro.
    Once you get there, set the Mandragora next to the Nitro to create a BIG 
    BOOM! Bust that candle open, it's cool!
    Alright, now open the door in this section and it appears to be a library of 
    some sorts. Climb on top of some of the shelves to reach higher ground. From 
    there, jump onto a little platform. Hey, look what you stepped on! It made the
    ceiling open! Go up to the next floor and find another one of those thangs. 
    Look, the ceiling, it's not open anymore! Uh, it's the lookout 
    tower/observatory. Well, I guess this is a logical place to put it. Search 
    the machine and you get to play the Line Up The Goddesses Game. Line them up 
    the the order of...no, I'm not gonna say. Figure it out for yourself. 
    Anyway....oh come on, I wouldn't leave ya hanging like that! 2, 4, and 8 
    respectably. Use the White Crystal nearby.
    Remember that one room that had red carpet in it, and there was another way 
    out of it that I hadn't said to do yet? You don't? Well, look for a red 
    carpet room. Take a LEFT turn in this room. Are we in a ventilation duct or 
    something? Uh, Okaaaaaay. Anyways, once you get through THIS area, you 
    (don't) have to fight a Hell Knight. Man, can't you just be still and let me 
    search you, like a good Hell Knight? Keep going, and you'll see some of those 
    annoying falling spike mechanisms. I do NOT like those guys. Get by that 
    obstactle and you're faced with those damned animal heads again. Run by the 
    fire as is the norm. Oh look mommy, Magical Nitro.
    Well, this might sound scary, but bring this Nitro back to where you put the 
    Mandragora alone earlier. Remember, NO JUMPING OR GETTING HIT! It's really 
    not as hard as it sounds. No, seriously. Actually, yes it is. Alright, now 
    you've done that, the wall has been exploded, no worries. No more Nitro or 
    Mandragora (what the HELL is up with that name anyways?). Look, what a pretty 
    crystal. No, I won't explain what to do with it, but I will say to buy from 
    Renon. You should be LOADED right about now, so get a load of stuff. Go back 
    into the arena.....
    Sub-Boss Of The Castle Center- UnDead Bull Who Is Really Angry That Nobody 
    Cared He Was Dead, Not Even Animal Control
    Yikes, what a long name! Well, first thing is not to stand in front of him or 
    you'll be speared through. Try running circles around him, and jumping a lot. 
    He can breath a strange blue substance, but if you're near enough, it'll go
    right over his head. He has a fire-breathing attack, which can hurt a lot. 
    Just jump quarter-circles around him when he tries this. Go in for hits when 
    you can. Sub-Weapons are very useful here, including Holy Water (for ONCE). 
    Hehe. His skin melts off, and he turns into a skeleton soon. Hit the skeleton 
    enough, and he does the skeleton falling-apart trick. I suggest taking out 
    the head pice with sub-weapons, so he dies faster. Yes, Roast Chickens and a 
    OK, there's a White Crystal around here somewhere, and I'd suggest using it. 
    Make your way back to getting more Nitro, but you'll be stopped by.....
    Boss of The Castle Center- The Thing That Varies Depending On Who Your 
    Character Is!
    Both bosses are ugly, BTW. As Reinhardt, this guy has three weapons. The 
    arrow for long-range, the sword for close-range, and the energy wave for 
    whenever. I suggest using lots of Sub-Weapons because close combat will 
    result in a sword
    up your a$$. The arrows can be easily avoided by a well timed slide, and the 
    energy wave, do what you whenever ANYBODY throws an energy wave at you: jump! 
    DIE, DIE, DIE!!!
    Well, Carrie gets an equally annoying Boss. Hey now that's not fair! Using 
    energy bolts like Carrie! Gosh! Oh, if one of those comes your way, just run! 
    The famous Freezy Spell Of Death is also in this guy's arsenal. Whack with the
    staff comin' atcha! For the grand finale, some red bolts. Just built up 
    energy bolts the whole time and continually release them. For both players, 
    Chicken is the thing to use because it's cheaper from Renon than Beef, and 
    easier to
    Bye-bye Bossie! Go up to the next floor, and activate the elevator that you 
    couldn't before (the magic isn't working? WTF was that?). Ride it on up, 
    retard! Here's a White Crystal, and a broken bridge. Luckily, there's also a 
    fully-operational bridge as well. One leads to the Tower of Science (Carrie) 
    and the other to the Duel Tower (Reinhardt).
    Reinhardt's Level 6, the Duel Tower
    --------------------------------------------------------------Oh, not a fun 
    level at all. Well, at least Dracula finally wised up to the fact that 
    scattering white crystals about was a stupid idea, as there isn't ONE F***ING 
    CRYSTAL IN THIS WHOLE LEVEL!!! Sorry about that. You start off with a fight 
    Sub-Boss of the Duel Tower: Were-Cheetah? I don't _know_ where the Cheetah 
    is, shut up about it!
    As if it wasn't enough, you fight this guy in a cage. Yes, like Marsh said, 
    just like wrestling (hey, wrestling is cool man!). Basically, pull out the 
    whip and go toe-to-toe with this guy. You'll lose some life, but a) The sky 
    is falling, the sky is falling! And b) You'll have to get used to losing life 
    in this level.
    When this guy finally goes down for the count, a way to the top of the cage 
    will be opened for you. Take it, my friend. Now, do some fancy platform 
    jumping, featuring the return of the Spinny Spike Platforms of Mild 
    Irritation! Still, you'll make it, and be rewarded with...
    Second Sub-Boss of the Duel Tower: Were Wolf? For crying out loud, if I don't 
    know where the _Cheetah_ is, how do yuo expect me to know where the _Wolf_ is?
    Basically, it's a normal Were Wolf (I don't know, quit asking!) on steroids. 
    Go in for the kill, sidestep the counter-attack, and repeat. He'll die, and 
    you'll have a way to continue on. 
    Go to the ledges on the RIGHT, and you'll see a candle. Yes, there's an 
    invisible platform between you and it. If you have Holy Water, you can leap 
    and throw it to test where it is. Either way, get there because the candle 
    has Special #2. A pair of choices there are. I choose #1, since it's quicker. 
    Anyways, 1) Continue along, and avoid all the crap around you. You'll have to 
    make the jump of a lifetime near the end, but you CAN make it. If you do, 
    you'll fight...
    Sub-Boss #3 of the Duel Tower: Aquatic Minotaur. Hey, these guys took like 
    two hits in the original ones. I loved those dudes, they jump out of the 
    water, and I Axe them to death! YAY!!!
    Unfortunately, the Axe sucks in this one and this guy takes more than two 
    hits. He will _slaughter_ you if you let him connect with his attacks, but 
    you've got a great advantage. He takes a while to charge up his attacks, so 
    just flog him or whip him while he's doing it. Lay the smack down, Marsh? 
    He'll glow red when he's fully charged, so run! He dies, just like everything 
    The other path is longer, but you don't have to fight the big bad Minotaur. 
    Look down once you've gotten the Special, and make a leap of faith towards 
    the platforms down there. Death if you miss, amazement if you nail it. Oh, 
    and Reinhardt sticks the landing! Let's see, 8.3, 8.5, 9.0, 8.7, and a 4.0 
    from the Russian judge! There are platforms across the poisonous water, so 
    jump across those. It's pretty simple to get to the other side. Either path 
    leads to.....
    Boss? Of the Duel Tower: Were-Tiger? (BobDaMunky pulls out his Shotgun and 
    wastes whoever kept asking those damn questions) FOR THE LOVE OF GOD MAN, I 
    Just kill him, alright. I'm sick and tired of explainging these simple 
    things. If you can't kill this guy, please, find someone who is willing to 
    hit you over the head many times with your Nintendo.
    After that, the path to the exit is simple. Some spikes to avoid, but other 
    than that, it's all good brother G-Funk Homeslice (ghetto mode: off).
    Carrie's Level 6, Tower Of Science
    This level isn't too bad, but the first part is pretty tough. First, make 
    your way around the column and dodge the electricity blasts. It's an age old 
    video game strategy, just make your move right after the blast goes away. Be 
    sure to avoid those boxes shooting out of the floor (Blow up the spiked ones 
    with energy bolts). You'll go through three floors of this, getting steadily 
    worse each time. Then, you'll find an elevator, which leads to a White 
    Crystal. Joy!
    Now, go into the lab, and charge up a few energy bolts to deal with those 
    pesky Machine Guns. Go throuhg the doors, and search the torches in the next 
    room for Key 1. Damn people, couldn't you think of a better name than Key 1? 
    Alas, go up the stairs ahead with your horribly named Key, and take out the 
    Machine Guns there. Nasty jumps ahead, because you have to use basically a 
    3/4 jump onto some skinny platforms. Go up the stairs at the end and fall 
    down to reach a door you can use your Key on. Open it. 
    Ooooh, a game of chance! Door Number One, Door Number Two, or Door Number 
    Three? In this case, doors 1 and 3 lead to Machine Guns, but Door Number 2 
    leads to Key 2 (again with the lame names?). Now, go make death-defying leaps 
    across platforms on the side you entered on, and destroy EVERY MACHINE GUN IN 
    SIGHT!!! They'll be the death of you if not. At the end, it gets _real_ 
    tricky. Just focus, and remember to go insane on the analog stick if it looks 
    like you're gonna miss :) You'll find some double doors, which can be opened 
    because you have Key 2! There's a tunnel here with a White Crystal, and 
    unless you wanna make those jumps again, use it. 
    We're in the home stretch here kiddos, so go into the next room. If you want 
    some cool stuff, listen up. Stand on the stripe inhere and look out into the 
    nothingness. See that torch? Take a running leap at it and you'll land on an 
    invisible bridge. The notable stuff here would be the Roast Beefs. Anyway, on 
    the main path, proceed until you jump up on some ledges and you'll find a 
    locked door. It's locked nimrod, you need Key 3! So go the other way, so the 
    spiked conveyor belts, as well as machine guns and spiked boxes. May the 
    force be with yo ass! You'll need it.If you're at full life, close your eyes 
    and haul ass through it! Don't worry, be happy. Lookie, a White Crystal. 
    Throw all your sub-weapons at it, then throw energy balls at it for a half 
    hour like the retard you are if you don't know what to do with it.
    Through the door is the Left Path, or the Right Path. Left leads to a door, 
    which is the exit, right leads to Key 3. If you get Key 3, you can unlock 
    that door a while back. It's got 1000 gold behind it. Anyway, level 
    Special Thanks
    I would like to thank myself, without whom there would be no FAQ right here. 
    Also, let's go ahead and thank Shaft just for the hell of it, and because 
    there was no way I could possibly remember the step-by-step on the Castle 
    Center. I didn't reproduce any of the info, but it jogged my memory. Also, 
    I'd like to thank the Academy for this wonderful award, and my producers, my 
    fellow actors, and everybody else who helped me along the way. Thank you!

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