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FAQ/Walkthrough by BJ

Version: 1.1 | Updated: 06/28/99

BJ proudly presents his FAQ for…
|               ____  ___       ___                   ___        64
|          /\  |____   |  |    |    \    / /\   |\  |  |    /\
|         /__\      |  |  |    |__   \  / /__\  | \ |  |   /__\
|_______ /    \ ____|  |  |___ |___   \/ /    \ |  \| _|_ /    \
   for the Nintendo 64

Castlevania 64 is property of Nintendo of America, Inc. and Konami and 
cannot be re-copied nor re-published in any without permisson
Castlevania was made in January 1999 c by Konami and Kobe Entertainment 
Group, Inc

Copyright c 1999 BJ
All rights reserved.  This FAQ is not published or in any article of a 
magazine, but still should not be republished nor revised without 
permission.  All that not obey the rules of republishing will have a 
total amount of five (5) days to get this FAQ off the page.  If you are 
just going to read and/or print this out, that is fine and enjoy the 
FAQ.  For those of you who are going to Copy and Paste this, you may, 
but don't change anything and don't put on a web page.  Make sure to 
NEVER EDIT!!  Thank you {=^)

Game Copyright Info
FAQ Copyright Info
Game Data
Revision of Versions
The Story
Control Buttons
Characters & Enemies
Items & Weapons
E-Mail Note
FAQ List

Title: Castlevania 64
ESRB Rating: Teen (Animated Violence, Animated Blood)
No. of Players: 1
Battery-Backed Memory: No
Controller Pak: Yes
Rumble Pak: No
Company: Konami/Kobe
Genre: Action/Adventure

Hello!  My name is Brian.  I have turned a new leaf—welcome to the new 
FAQ maker.  In the past two FAQs I have made, I found out that 
Microsoft Word's special advantages will not work on GameFAQs.  That's 
why Super Mario 64 FAQ looks so weird!  Anyway, I will try to make my 
FAQs easier to read and will not post game FAQs that were made in the 
past.  They will all be made in 1999 or at least very late 1998.  Sorry 
this came so late, but I just rented this game, and now taken back!  I 
found out that you have to be in Normal mode to defeat the whole game.  
Strange.  The new versions of my last FAQs will look like this.  Whew!  
I'll be typing for the rest of my life!  This will be known as my third 

Version 1.1: Revised whole FAQ
             Changed directions into "words"
             Walkthrough remains the same
Version 1.0: Started this FAQ

I have made this story in my personal view.  It is not like the same at 
all as the instruction books nor the games view.

	It's the 18th Century.  The world is peaceful.  Everyone was 
having a great time, boys working outside and girls working outside.  
Reinhardt Schneider and Carrie Fernandez were like that.  They weren't 
married, but were true friends.  They were both working hard at the 
house until Reinhardt ran out of wood.  "Drat!" shouted Reinhardt.  "I 
ran out of wood.  I guess I'll have to head out to the woods and get 
some more."
	Reinhardt went inside to wash his hands from all the wood chips 
stabbed in him from his axe.  He asked Carrie, who was washing clothes, 
if she wanted to come with him to help, since they actually ran out of 
wood.  She decided to go out until she was done with the clothes.  
Reinhardt sighed and went out on the small porch.  He leaned on the 
stairs as he saw to kids running around, playing some game of tag.  
That reminded Reinhardt of what he did as a child.  He smiled with that 
thought.  It was nice being a kid, but now he was a vampire hunter 
since he was 20.  He always did hunt for vampires in his life, and 
probably always will.  Carrie then stepped out of the house, and said 
that she was ready.  She handed an axe to Reinhardt and then they both 
stepped out and into the forest.  

	While they were in the forest chopping wood, they heard a wind 
noise.  Suddenly, the sky grew dark and gray.  Reinhardt and Carrie 
looked at each other, surprised.  Then, a big clash of lighting came 
from the sky and then it started to pour.  Just then, a pop-up of 
Dracula came out.  The picture said: "HAHAHA!  I AM NOW FREED FROM MY 
	"Oh yeah!" exclaimed Reinhardt with his fists up.  "First we'll 
knock out all the blood that you have in your dumb weirdos!"
	Reinhardt gave a yell.  Carrie ran to him and told him to calm 
down, but he just shook her away. He will show Count Dracula once again 
what he is made out of—pure human!

These buttons are the default buttons:

B=Weapon 1 (Whip/Magic Flare)
C-UP=Look around (hold)
C-LEFT=Weapon 2 (Sword/Rings)
C-DOWN=Weapon 3
C-RIGHT=Pick up item/open door
R=Lock in
L=Not used
CONTROL STICK=Move character

Here is the list of all the characters and enemies that I have 
encountered.  If there is any that I have missed, please tell me, and I 
will give you credit if you help.  My e-mail address is at the top.

Reinhardt Schneider:
He is the male leader of the game.  He holds a whip and a sword for 
destroying his foes.  He is very talented at using his strong whip 
since he has encountered the King of Vampires many times.  He thinks he 
can do this job again—but can you?

Carrie Fernandez:
She is the female leader of the game.  You may think how can she save 
the world and defeat the Count, but she does have a talent and using 
magic powers and martial arts.  With her, she could be helpful on your 

Skull Bones:
These are the skeletons that pop out of nowhere, and they can get 
annoying fast!

Big Skeleton:
He's the first boss in the game.  He can be a pest if you don't know 
how to defeat him.  To defeat him, just hit him in the stomach or the 

Massive Rocker:
The second boss.  Just hit it with your whip/magic flare until he dies.

Not a boss, but he is a strange enemy.  He's fit for a boss, though!  
Just hit him with your whip/magic flare until he is finished.

Skull Riders:
These skeletons are the same as the Skull Bones enemies, but they now 
ride on bikes!  Hit them until they break off the bike and it crashes.

Master Skeleton:
Third boss.  Defeat the same way you did with Big Skeleton, but expect 
him to be a lot harder than the earlier one.

Stone Dragon:
These are just heads on sticks that blow out fire.  All you have to do 
is hit them until they blow up.

Flying Medusa:
Destroy these with one hit of your whip/magic flare before you jump 
onto the next platform.  These are only found in Stage 2.

These bats are really annoying.  Shoot them/whip them down to end their 

Fourth boss.  The best weapon is to use the cross which is the Weapon 3 
button.  You can only find this in Stage 1 so far.

Demon Hounds:
These hounds will stop at nothing to shred you apart.  They are very 
hard to defeat, especially without the Power-Ups.

These guys are vampires and can turn your status to "VAMP."  Keep on 
hitting these guys before they even get a chance to suck your blood!

He's a character from the Villa.  At first, he will think that you are 
a vampire, but then after a while, he'll notice that you are a human.  
He suggests that you should leave, but don't pay any attention to him!

Ghosts pop out everywhere from the Courtyard and the Ballroom.  The 
usually take only one hit to defeat if you have your weapon powered-up.

Glass Knights:
You'll find these at the Villa, the Castle Center, and other places.  
They're mostly one hit each in the Villa, but two hits in the Castle 

He's the only demon that loves to get ahold of your gold!  He sells a 
lot of goods, but at a stiff price!  Every time you find the Contract, 
you'll be able to buy stuff from him.  Here is the list of stuff you 
can buy:
Item			Gold
Roast Chicken	5000
Roast Beef		10000
Healing Kit		20000
Purifying		1000
Cure Ampule		200
Sun Card		2000
Moon Card		2000

Rosa has a garden full of white flowers, but turns them all red because 
she waters her flowers with human blood.  She will be a boss later in 
the game if you are playing Reinhardt.

A boy that is lost in the Garden Maze which is by the Villa.  You'll 
also find him at the Castle Center, and other places.  At first, he 
will tell you the tale of Dracula's raid.  In the end, Malus won't be 
what you think he is.  The best thing is that the first time you'll 
meet him, he will lead you out of the maze—only if you keep up with 

He has a chainsaw and he will chase you around the Garden Maze.  Be 
careful because one slice of his chainsaw will really wake you up!

These monsters are tranchulas, but they shoot out poison and some of 
them may suck your blood.  It may take a while to defeat these guys.

These are only found in the Waterway.  They can shoot out fire and 
poison, but they are easy to defeat if you power-up your magic.

Is this Carrie's mom or something?  For this gal, I am totally 
clueless.  Or, is it Carrie's sister?

Venus, Mars, and Neptune Angels:
They are actually angel statues.  The first one you see will spread the 
tears of blood.  The other ones, well, hold some kind of codes.  They 
are found in the Castle Center only.

Blood Brothers:
This will take form after the tears of blood from one of the angel 
statues.  They are very easy to defeat!

A cursed being from Dracula.  He will not hurt you.  He will give you a 
key when you first try to catch him and talk to him.

Demon Bull:
Fifth boss.  After you hit him for a while, he will lose its skin and 
turn bony.  Becareful of his fire and ice spit.  It can hurt you bad!  
Also becareful of his buking at you.  Just circle around him to stay 
away from trouble.

Rosa –BOSS-:
For Reinhardt, it's the sixth boss.  She uses a fire ring and bullet 
shots at you.  Use your axe for close encounters and the cross for 
further encounters.

Fernandez –BOSS-:
For Carrie, it's the sixth boss.  This is Carrie's cousin, but I forgot 
her name!  She uses very strong magic attacks, including her Triple 
Flares.  Defeat her with all the powered-up shots you have.  If you are 
further away, use the cross or the axe.

Only found in the Tower of Sorcery.  Defeat these with your magic 

One of the four bosses in the Duel Towel.  He is the seventh for 
Reinhardt.  Continuosly use your whip at him.  He won't have a chance 
to defeat you!

One of the four bosses in the Duel Tower.  He is the eigth for 
Reinhardt.  Again, continuosly use your whip at him, or else you your 
cross or axe.

One of the four bosses in the Duel Tower.  He is the ninth for 
Reinhardt.  Use your axe for further distance and the sword for closer 
distance.  The whip is hard to do since the boss goes flying in all 
directions quickly.

One of the four bosses in the Duel Tower.  He is the tenth for 
Reinhardt.  Use your cross or axe to defeat this guy.  The sword or 
whip do little damage.

Actrise –BOSS-:
From the sewers, you will now have to battle her, but she is no match 
for you!  Watch for the crystal spikes—you will lose a lot of life if 
you get hit by them.  The only time that she is vulnerable is to 
shatter the blue crystals.  Becareful of Actrise's magic flares—they 
are a lot stronger than the last battle with her.  She is the seventh 
boss for Carrie.

The dude that took away Rosa.  After Rosa frees herself from the curse 
of Dracula, he will come and attack you for letting her do so.  This 
guy is very, very difficult to defeat.  Becareful of his scythe and 
bony fish that comes.  Just keep jumping and hit him with your cross or 
whip.  It may take a while to defeat, but it's worth it!  He is the 
eleventh boss for Reinhardt.

Renon –BOSS-:
If you bought way too many things from Renon, you will have to fight 
him.  He won't be very hard to defeat—just continuosly use your 
whip/magic flares at him.

Vincent –BOSS-:
From the Villa, you will have to fight him if you have used the sun or 
moon card at least four times.  To defeat him, use your axe or cross.  
The whip/magic flares won't harm as much.

If you have Carrie, use her magic flares (make sure they are all 
powered-up).  If you have Reinhardt, use the cross.  You will now have 
to travel down the crumbling stairs to exit the tower, but then you 
have to beat…

Count Malus:
Malus now turns into a younger, but more stronger Dracula!  Only use 
the cross for this battle—Carrie's magic flares are not as strong this 
time.  After you beat him, you will see a false ending, and now have to 
beat the real…

This is the real piece o' the cake, and boy is he hard to defeat!  
Becareful of his firey breath and his powerful earthquakes.  The cross 
will be only weapon to beat him.  After you drain half of his life, 
he'll use a strong powerfire attack.  Circle around it to avoid getting 
hit.  If you do get hit by it, you will lose all your life.  Good Luck!

Here are the items and weapons that I have found in the game.  If I 
have missed any, please e-mail me.

Sun Cards:
Turns night into sunrise (6am).

Moon Cards:
Turns day into sunset (6pm).

Gold Bags:
Need these to get gold.  Why do you need this?  This is for buying 
those items from Renon, the merchandise demon.

These will power-up your whip/magic flares.  You can only use it two 
times to get really powered-up

It cures disgusting vampire breath that's inside of you.  If your 
status in "VAMP," then use one of these right away!

Red Jewel:
These are your ammo for the 3rd Hand Weapon.  (S) means a small amount 
of red jewels which is five of them, while (L) means a large amount of 
red jewels which is ten of them.

White Jewel:
These are your save points.  Note that you must have a Controller Pak 
inserted in the controller or you can't save at all.

Roast Chicken:
Gobling these down will retreive your life meter by 50%.

Roast Beef:
Gobling these down will retreive your life meter by 80%.

Cure Ampules:
It cures poison.  If your status says "POISON," then use one of these 
right away!

Healing Kit:
This kit will retreive all your life and will cure your status back to 
"NORMAL."  It is really expensive if you are buying it at Renon's 

Pick up these to go to Renon's Store.  The list of the stuff that you 
can buy and the price is located in the "Characters & Enemies" section.

Magic Nitro and Mandragora:
Mix these two together by a cracked wall and they will go KABOOM!  
These are only at the Castle Center.

Here is the list of all the keys in the game:
-Tower Key
-Storeroom Key
-Archives Key
-Garden Key
-Copper Door Key
-Torture Key
-Science Keys (4)
-Execution Key
-Tower Keys (3)

Whip (Reinhardt):
Reinhardt has one of the best and most popular whip that is found in 
all the Castlevania games.  Before playing Carrie, make sure to 
practice the first few levels with Reinhardt and the whip.

Magic Flares (Carrie):
These are pretty neat since they lock-on to enemies.  The bad thing 
about these is that you have to charge each shot to get as powerful as 
the whip.  If you can take patience and handle her well, you'll do just 

Sword (Reinhardt):
Press C-left to use this weapon.  It is very useful for those close 
encounters with the enemies.

Rings (Carrie):
It's as strong as the sword, and is used the same way as it.  It just 
that you do a martial arts attack with them.

Knife		Red Jewels: 1
This will be the first alternate weapon you'll get.  Not strong, but if 
you use enough of these, it could just beat a boss!

Axe		Red Jewels: 2
A lot stronger than the knife, this could kill a boss 10 times faster, 
but takes one more jewel than the knife.

Holy Water	Red Jewels: 3
This is for destroying those enemies all around you.  It cannot defeat 
a boss.  It will not harm you, but it can destroy an enemy right away!

Cross		Red Jewels: 5
Strongest weapon there is, but it takes a lot of jewels.  Crosses will 
be used as a boomberang and could kill a boss in four hits and could 
kill a couple enemies in one it.  You won't get your red jewels back if 
you catch it.

Welcome to the Walkthrough!  Next will be a list of where Reinhardt and 
Carrie will go, since they go through totally different routes!  Well, 
some of them go to the same level, though.  Then, I'll post all the 
levels in the game.  Hopefully you can understand what I type!

Forest of Silence				Yes		Yes		    
Castle Wall					Yes		Yes
Villa						Yes		Yes
Tunnel					Yes		No
Waterway					No		Yes
Castle Center				Yes		Yes
Duel Tower					Yes		No
Tower of Execution			Yes		No
Tower of Science				No		Yes
Tower of Sorcery				No		Yes
Clock Tower					Yes		Yes
Castle Keep					Yes		Yes

Once you start, you'll see a starting cinema sceen.  After the cinema 
sceen, walk a couple feet and you'll find that the big storm will cause 
two trees to be knocked over by the lightning.  Jump over them and get 
the treasures, which contain Roast Beef, Knife, and a Red Jewel.  Get 
them by pressing C-right.  Follow the gravel road until you get into a 
cinema sceen with skeletons popping out of the ground.  Defeat them 
afterwards and then go to the gate.  Destroy the block that is holding 
it and the gate will open to your first boss, Big Skeleton.
BOSS: BIG SKELETON				Difficulty: Easy
							Rewards: None
{Defeating Method}
To defeat this skeleton, hit him in the stomach until you go under his 
legs, then hit him in the rear end.
Whenever you go under his legs, make sure that he won't be moving, 
because if he does, you will trampled over.  He also uses that bat in 
his hand for pounding out skeletons.  Make sure he doesn't pound you 
with it!
After defeating the boss, he will fall down the gorge and two pedestals 
will pop up.  Jump those and then turn a little towards the left.  
Follow that route to find a White Jewel which are the save points.  
Note that you must have a Controller Pak in the controller or you 
cannot save.  Now, turn back, head straight, then at the pedestals, 
turn left and continue on the path until you find two gazebos.  In one 
of them, it contains a Moon Card, while the other one contains a Sun 
Card.  Now, go on top of the gazebos.  The first one will have a Red 
Jewel while the next one has Roast Chicken.  Now, jump off of the 
gazebo and then continue forward until you find two pedestals.  Jump on 
them and then you will find a switch.  Nab the money bag and then hit 
the switch.  The gate will open while your second boss comes out.
BOSS: MASSIVE ROCKER				Difficulty: Easy
							Rewards: Power-Up
{Defeating Method}
To defeat the dude, just hit him with your whip/magic flares until he 
dies.  You can also use the knife, but it does less damage than Weapon 
Becareful that he doesn't pound you!  It can really hurt.  He also does 
a rag doll throw and pounds you do the ground that does even more 
After you defeat the boss, go back to the first pedestals you went on.  
Now, turn right and go to the save point.  Save your game and then 
you'll find out that the gate is open.  Go across the gate and then 
you'll see mausoleums and the torch on a statue.  Destroy the torch to 
get an item or weapon (like always—well, sometimes).  You will find the 
strongest 3rd Hand Weapon—the cross.  Now, go into the mausoleums and 
destroy the coffins to receive prizes in most of them, such as a rd 
jewel, a power-up, and a money bag.  After you get them, you'll find a 
save point.  Save your game and then turn around.  Go left and then 
you'll find two pedestals.  Cross them and then hit the switch.  Make 
sure to get the roast beef that is behind you.  But after you hit the 
switch, the pedestals will go down.  Now, you will have to go down and 
then up on those white platforms.  Then, go back to the recent save 
point that you saved at.  Save your game and then go through the gates 
that are now open.  After you cross the gates, you will meet a 
werewolf.  Defeat him by repeatedly using the whip/magic flares until 
he dies.  From the statue's description plate, turn around and then go 
forward.  Cross the pedestal and then turn left.  While your going on 
the route, you'll find another werewolf.  Defeat it and then you'll 
find yourself by a cliff.  Go down the white platforms and then you'll 
find a switch.  Hit the switch, go up the white platforms, cross the 
pedestal, and then go forward from the statue's description plate.  You 
will now have to hit the switch.  After you do, the roast beef.  After 
you nab it, cross the pedestal and then turn right.  You will see that 
the boss gate is open.  Go through it and then you will battle your 
real boss, Master Skeleton.
BOSS: MASTER SKELETON				Difficulty: Normal
							Rewards: None
{Defeating Method}
This boss is exactly like the earlier skeleton, except that you will 
have to fight the Skull Riders first.  Then, once you defeat them, 
defeat the skeleton the same way you did with the earlier one, but it 
will take trifle longer.
Expect the same warnings as the earlier skeleton, but he will hurt you 
more than before, but not much more.
After you defeat the boss, you will get into a cinema sceen showing 
that the boss's body parts will be falling everywhere and the castle 
drawbridge is lowering.  You will cross it and then a gate will close, 
making that you cannot enter the Forest of Silence again.  Now, you 
will be at…

				      CASTLE WALL
First, save your game at the White Jewel.  No, enter the door with the 
guy picture above it.  Then, you'll have to go up the tower going in 
circles.  Climb up it until you reach the top.  Make sure you watch out 
for the Falling Blades, the Stone Dragons, and the Flying Medusas.  
Make sure to defeat the Medusas before jumping to a platform.  Remember 
that if you fall down, you will die.  After you reach the top, defeat 
the three bats and then enter the door.  You will see your first boss 
of the level, Multi-Head.
BOSS: MULTI-HEAD					Difficulty: Normal
							Rewards: Plenty
{Defeating Method}
The best way to defeat this boss is by using the cross.  If you do it 
that way, you'll hit all the heads at once!  After you defeat the 
bosses, you'll get so many rewards from each of them, I don't know all 
of them.  I think there is one red jewel, three money bags (of each 
kind), and one or two Power-Ups.
Their icy breath can really hurt you if you don't watch out.
After you defeat them, hit the switch, and then you will go into a 
cinema sceen with Dracula talking to you.  Afterwards, jump over the 
window (I think that's what you do) and then you should see a Save 
Point.  Save your game there.  Now, you will find Stone Dragons and 
Skeletons popping out everywhere.  Search around until you find a black 
hole in the ground.  Don't be afraid to go down in it!  Once you go 
down it, you see that the first gate is open.  Look around the room 
until you find the Tower Key.  Nab it and then enter the door that goes 
to the other tower (it is the door with the girl picture on top of it).  
This tower is just a little bit more tricker and a lot more dangerous!  
It has all those other same things as the other tower, but now it has 
platforms that have spikes on the bottom of them and they turn around 
so they can hurt you!  After you pass this tower, you will have to hit 
another switch.  After you do, you will find out that this room is just 
the same as the other one in the other tower!  Well, make sure your 
time is at nigh to open the seal of the door.  There is also a roast 
beef hidden around in a torch!  Find your way out like you did before 
and then you will find out that the second gate is opened.  Enter it to 
reach the next level which is the…

Considered one of the longest levels in the game!  Have decided to put 
this in parts.
Once you begin the level, you will have to attack two demon dogs.  
After you defeat them, a gate door will open.  Enter it and then you 
will be attacked by these hounds once again!  After you defeat these, 
another gate will open, letting you enter the courtyard.  You will find 
a fountain with a lot of goodies at the top, such as two money bags, a 
sun and moon card, and a purifying crystal.  After you get the items, 
save at the Save Point.  Then, get the roast beef at the top-left and 
the power-up at the bottom-right.  Then, enter the villa.
Enter the villa.  Once you have entered, destroy all the candleabras on 
the first floor.  Once you are, you will meet a vampire.  Defeat him 
and he will turn into a bat.  Now, hit him to get some goodies!  After 
he flies away, go up the staircase and then turn left at the top.  
Enter the door.  Now cross the balcony and go through the garden room.  
Now go up the stairs.  At the top, turn right to choose between the 
knife and the axe.  Choose the axe and then turn around.  Go forward 
until you find the first door.  Enter the room.  Now, go to the other 
door and open it.  Once you open it, another vampire hunter, named 
Vincent, will come out and show a cross to you, thinking that you are a 
vampire.  Once you reason with him that you are not a vampire, he'll 
put the cross away and tell you to leave the castle.  Ignore him and 
then leave the room.  Continue down the hallway until you meet the 
second room.  It's a locked door that says "Storeroom" on it.  Go 
through the third or fourth door to enter the ballroom.  Destroy the 
two pots.  One contains roast chicken while the other holds the 
Storeroom Key.  Once you have it, go back to the door that says 
"Storeroom."  Enter the door and you will find roast chicken, roast 
beef, and a Save Point.  Save your game and then enter the ballroom 
once again.  Defeat the ghosts and enter the gold doors.  Go down or 
jump down the stairs.  You will meet Renon, a demon.  But, he is not 
here to fight you.  He is here to sell you stuff.  After he is done 
talking, pick up the contract to buy the things that are in it.  If you 
are in Easy Mode, make sure to buy 10 sets of everything, while if you 
are in Normal Mode, buy as much as you can!
Roast Chicken	05000
Roast Beef		10000
Healing Kit		20000
Purifying		01000
Cure Ampule		00200
Sun Card		02000
Moon Card		02000
After you buy your stuff, go back up the stairs.  Get out of the 
ballroom and then turn left and enter the fifth and final door.  Go to 
the mirror and then you will find a villager—or is it?  No, it's the 
vampire you had to beat earlier.  Defeat it and finish it off for good!  
Now, you might have seen a garden room earlier.  Go back to it when the 
time is daylight.  You will meet a girl that is under a vampire curse.  
Her name is Rosa.  She has a garden of white roses, but waters them 
with blood, and that's why they're red.  She tells you to leave 
immediatley, but you won't.  After she is done talking, she'll tell you 
that you'll regret and will disappear into thin air.  Now, go back to 
Vincent.  He will give you the key to the Archives.  Go back to the 
room with the big mirror.  You will find another door there that says 
"Archives."  Enter the room.  Get the holy water and the key to the 
Garden Maze.  Now, go to the Storeroom and save your game.  Go back to 
where you have met Renon.  Enter the doors and you will be once again 
outside.  Use the key to enter the maze.
Once you are in the maze, turn left at the first turn and go forward 
all the way until you cross an arch.  Once you do, you will go into a 
cinema sceen, meeting Malus.  He will tell you a sad tale, and then two 
hounds will pop out.  Malus will cry "Help me!" and then run away.  You 
will meet your first boss: Frankenstien and the Hounds.
							Rewards: Red Jewels
{Defeating Method}
You cannot defeat these bosses.  Just follow Malus out of the maze, and 
when they come close, swipe them with your sword/rings.  Whenever you 
make the hounds faint, you will receive red jewels.  You will get 
nothing if you knock out Frankenstien.
Watch out for Frankenstien's chainsaw.  It can hurt and put down your 
life meter very quickly.  Also becareful of the hounds biting you.  Not 
only they bite you and lose life, but if you don't escape, Frankenstien 
will hit you with the chainsaw.  Prevent that by hitting the hounds 
with your sword/rings.
Here's the route that Malus goes from the first door you enter: left, 
right, right, left, left, right, right, left, right, left, right, 
right, left, right, left, left, right.  If this route is wrong, please 
e-mail me the right one.  Otherwise, at the end enter the door.  You 
will get into a cinema sceen showing Malus leaving the Garden Maze.  
Now for you, turn around and go forward.  On the long route, you'll 
find the Copper Key.  Grab it and then enter the door to the villa.  
Get the roast chicken and then save at the Save Point.  Enter the door 
and you'll be at the main floor of the villa.  Now, get ready to travel 
back into the Garden Maze!  But this time, you won't have to go through 
the maze.  Once you enter, just go forward until you meet stairs.  
Then, go right until you meet the Copper Door.  Open it.  Go through 
the water until you meet a bridge.  Go on it and go through the left 
door.  You will find a purifying crystal and a Save Point.  Get the 
crystal and save your game.  Enter the door to your final boss.
BOSS: VAMPIRE FAMILY				Difficulty: Normal
							Rewards: None
{Defeating Method}
You will have to battle two vampires: A man and a woman vampire.  Just 
use the axe or cross repeatedly to defeat them.
Whenever they suck your blood, your status may turn to "VAMP."  Cure 
that by using one of those purifying crystals.  They may also poison 
you and your status will turn to "POISON."  Use a cure ampule to cure 
After they are dead, you will find a hidden path in the coffin.  If you 
are Reinhardt, you will be heading to the Tunnel while if you are 
Carrie, you will be heading to the Waterway.

This is Stage 4 if you are Reinhardt.  Reinhardt can only enter this 
level.  Follow the route to the blades.  Jump or run under them to 
refrain from getting hit by them.  God, this level is very confusing to 
talk about, and there are no bosses.  From the first blade place, go 
forward.  At the "fork in the road," go left until you reach a door 
with a moon seal on it.  If it is nighttime, go inside it.  You will 
find a knife and a contract.  Open the contract to buy stuff from Renon 
if you need to.  After you are done, go out and go forward until you 
reach a sort-of bridge.  Cross it and then follow the route.  When you 
reach a turn, don't turn yet.  Go forward until you reach a door with a 
sun seal on it.  If it is daylight, go inside.  You will find a cross, 
roast beef, and roast chicken.  Now leave and then turn right once you 
find the first turn.  Get the power-up, cross the blades, and save your 
game.  Now continue forward until you find a red gondola.  Ride on it 
until you meet a platform that you can jump on (it has a sign that says 
to wait for a blue gondola and it has a money bag).  Wait until you see 
the blue gondola.  Jump over the pushing hook and then jump on the blue 
gondola.  Ride it until you reach its end.  Jump off it and then you 
will be at the bottom floor of the tunnels!  Now, you have a choice to 
make: Exit or explore the tunnels that are filled with treasure.  The 
treasure includes holy water, two sun cards, six red jewels, a 
contract, an axe, roast chicken, moon card, and a cross.  Now, if it is 
daylight, go through the first sun door you see and exit.  Or, you can 
explore, but I won't talk about that!  It's your choice—make it good.

This is Stage 4 if you are Carrie.  Only Carrie can enter this level.  
When you enter, you will already be in trouble.  You might fall into a 
trap door if you don't be careful.  Jump over them utnil you reach a 
big pond of poisonus water and a Save Point to the right.  Save your 
game and then you will be attacked by Trogs.  These will try to push 
you in the poisonus water.  Just turn around and go forward until the 
first turn.  Turn and then when you reach the wall, you will have a 
choice to go left or right.  First go left and hit the switch, then go 
right.  Now, jump over the waterfall and then you find that you have to 
jump on the platforms.  Get the roast chicken and then cross the 
platforms until you reach stairs.  Go up it and then jump right and hit 
the switch.  Now, it's time to save once again.  Go down the stairs and 
then go ?, ?, ?, ?.  Go up the stairs and then get the power-up and 
then save.  Now go back into the room where you found the second 
switch.  Enter the door and then cross the platforms. Go down the 
stairs and go left until the first turn.  Turn there and then go on the 
platforms that are to the left until you reach your final switch.  Now, 
you can cross the platforms and follow the way to exit, or else you can 
follow the route before the platforms and buy stuff from the contract.

Both Reinhardt and Carrie will be in this stage.  This is also a long 
and confusing level if you don't know what you are doing.  When you 
start, you will meet Skull Riders.  Destroy them.  Now, enter the door 
to the right.  You will meet a vampire family, including a maid, a 
husband, and a wife.  Defeat them and then go up the stairs.  Now, 
continue until you meet a statue.  You will be in a cinema sceen 
showing the angel crying out the tears of blood.  After the statue is 
done crying, a bloodish enemy will come out.  Defeat it and then go up 
the next stairs.  Now, don't go through the right door yet—go through 
the door the is forward.  Enter the door and then go around getting the 
moon card, sun card, roast chicken, and axe.  Then, enter the door and 
grab the roast beef and the red jewel.  Go up the stairs.   Then, go up 
the stairs once again, save your game, and then enter the door.  Get 
the two red jewels and enter the door.  Now watch out for those things 
that breathe out fire.  Go forward all the way to get the roast 
chicken, and then turn around and enter the door you saw earlier.  You 
will have to chase Lizardman.  Once you get close to him, press the A 
button and then he will give you the key to the Torture Chamber.  Now 
get the Magic Nitro in the next room.  You can run with this, but if 
you make uneasy balance (like jumping or getting hit by an enemy) then 
the game's over.  Now, save your game by the crate and exit the room.  
Make it safely through Lizardman's room and then you will see a cracked 
wall to the left.  Put the Magic Nitro there.  But it won't blow up.  
Now what?  Ahh, you need Mandragora!  Now, head back to the beginning.  
Save your game there and then go straight all the way to the Torture 
Chamber room.  Defeat the vampires and then get the Mandragora from the 
bookshelf.  Now head back to the cracked wall.  Put the Mandragora down 
by the Magic Nitro and watch it explode!  Now, enter the hole in the 
wall.  Get the roast beef in the room and then go into the next room.  
That holds once another contract.  Why are there so many contracts?  
Well, if you need anything in it, buy stuff in it.  Otherwise, enter 
the next door and you will find the Neptune Angel.  Next, go up the 
bookcases and then go up those two riding platforms until you reach the 
place where you can erase the Great Seal in the battle arena.  The 
combination to brake it is: 2, 4, 8.  After the Great Seal is gone, you 
will see a big crack in the wall.  Now you have to fetch the Magical 
Nitro and Mandragora once again.  But now, go back to where you had to 
chose between the right and forward door.  Choose the right door this 
time and then cross the gears and do all that stuff until you reach 
stairs.  Go up them and then make your way through until you find the 
room with again more Magical Nitro.  Grab one.  Now it follows the same 
rules as before.  Cross the falling spikes, defeat the door guards that 
now turn alive, pass the dining room, pass the guard with the big axe, 
and go down the stairs.  Oh no!  Now you have to pass this level 
without falling.  Go forward and down the stairs.  Carefully cross the 
very skinny platform and then cross the "bridge."  Now, follow the 
route to the gears.  Now, wait until there is a gap in the gears.  Now, 
go in it and try to stay in the middle as best as you can.  If you hit 
one of the moving part of the gears, than the story's over.  Remember, 
you can't make uneven balance happen.  Switching from the first gear to 
second is VERY difficult.  You have to stay in the small space and then 
at the end, run out of it and go up the small stairs and then enter the 
door.  Follow the route all the way to the arena.  Don't worry about 
the room of the vampires.  They shouldn't be there.  Anyway, after you 
enter the next door, destroy the two Skull Riders before they hit you.  
Now turn right and enter the Bull's Arena.  Put the Magic Nitro down by 
the crack.  Now, get the Mandragora from the very same spot you got it 
from, and then put it by the Magic Nitro in the arena.  Now, watch the 
wall explode and then you will find the Magic Crystal.  Activate it by 
touching the crystal.  Now, go to the contract if you need to buy 
stuff.  Otherwise, go to the Save Point.  Make sure you have at least 5 
roast chicken and 3 roast beefs because now the dead bull will turn 
into a living nightmare!  Here's your first long-time boss.
BOSS: DEMON BULL					Difficulty: Normal
							Reward: Roast Beef
{Defeating Method}
Just hit it anywhere in the body.  Eventually he will lose its skin.  
It will then turn bony and then it will get weak and easier to defeat.  
The cross is best used for long range.
It's icy breath and fire blasts don't help much, as it could put your 
life down by half.  Becareful as it runs to you because it will buck at 
you and then use a fire attack.  When you are close to him, he will use 
his icy breath so whenever you are behind or by the side of him, hit 
him with your whip/magic flare.
After you defet the boss, you can now escape on the elevator.  Save 
your game once again and then exit the arena.  Defeat the Skull Riders 
and enter the room where you found the vampire family.  Instead, it 
will turn into a cinema sceen.  This will differ by your character.
If you are Reinhardt, you will meet Rosa.  You will now have to battle 
her after the cinema sceen.
BOSS: ROSA						Difficulty: Normal
							Reward: Nothing
{Defeating Method}
The cross does not work as fast as the axe does.  If you have the axe, 
get a full amount and keep on hitting her with it.  It really "kills" 
Becareful of the fire balls and the firequake that she makes.
After you defeat her, Death will take her away.
If you are Carrie, you will meet Carrie's cousin.  You will now have to 
battle her after the cinema sceen.
BOSS: FERNANDEZ					Difficulty: Normal
							Reward: Nothing
{Defeating Method}
Defeat the same way as you would with Rosa.
Becareful of her magic flares.  They hurt as bad as Carrie's magic 
After you defeat her, she will leave.
Once you defeat either boss depending on who you are, go up the stairs 
and look for an orange switch.  Press C-left on it and it will open up 
the elevator.  Go into it and now you will be in another level!

Sorry, but I haven't gotten further than this.  I only rented this game 
for seven days.  I played it on "Easy Mode" and once I got here, I 
couldn't go on.  I started to play on "Normal Mode" in the last two 
days, but I only made it to the Villa.  Once I rent it again, I will 
finish it in my next version.  Sorry for the inconvenience.

All the "Frequently Asked Questions" that I have found over the 

A. Well, you can look at my Walkthrough.  If that is confusing, I 
suggest that you look at the map in Nintendo Power (Jan 99_Vol_116) or 
else go on the Internet and try to find a map.

A. Get it from Vincent.

A. It's all a matter of polygon vs. pixles.  Konami probably tried to 
fix that problem, but couldn't.  There is no reason at all—that's not 

A. Look in my directions that Malus goes in the Walkthrough section.

A. Yes, there is a key.  You will find it in the ballroom.  Between the 
sofas, you will find vases.  To break them, just crouch down and use 
your whip/magic flare.  One of those hold a Storeroom Key.  In the 
Storeroom, there is a roast chicken, roast beef, and a save point.

A. Look in my Walkthrough section.  Hopefully you find it in there.

A. I got many questions from this.  You see, I transferred the 
directions in real directions, like I put two hyphens and one of those 
sided triangles on the keyboard.  This caused some problems, but oh 
well.  I transferred them back to words.

Well, there is not many FAQs that I have found, but I need help from 
you!  If you find any FAQs, I will put it on here, and I will give you 

Here are the secrets that I have collected over the Internet.  Don't 
worry—the places that I have found these will get credit.

At the very top of the Tower of Sorcery, just before the exit, look 
around and you will see a torch on a floating platform.  Now, how do 
you get it?  Make sure you have the holy water and throw it toward it.  
You will see the path to it.  Destroy the torch and then you will find 
Secret 2, the purple crystal.  You will receive Carrie's secret outfit 
once you beat the game on NORMAL mode.

In the Castle Center, defeat the Big Bull.  Then, go back to where you 
found the big crystal and then you will find a crate to the left.  
Whack it until you get 2000G.  Save and repeat until you have as many 
as you want.

Press C-right whenever you are next to a statue.  You might find beef, 
chicken, or a red jewel.

You don't need the Execution Key to get this.  Instead, find a Skull 
Cannon and the ledge behind it that has an Iron Maiden.  Now use the 
hidden ledges to pull yourself up to the crystal.

You won't be able to have Hard Difficulty right away, but here's how to 
get it.  Go to the Forest of Silence and get it on a floating platform.  
That is Secret #1.  Now, beat the game in NORMAL mode.  After the 
credits, save your game and select a new, previously unaccessible Hard 

Before you enter Dracula's Lair, you will go through three towers.  At 
the final tower, jump onto either of the two torches and go around the 
ledge on the other side.  There you fill find a breakable torch with a 
red jewel and a platform that is floating.  You can walk to the 
platform on this air by walking straight toward it from the torch with 
the red jewel.  On the platform you will find a healing kit.

These are all the secrets that I thought were sort of neat.  I will 
find more on the Internet some time, but until then, adios from this 
for now.


Game Designer 			KONAMI
Developer 				KOBE
Frequently Asked Questions	MONLIA'S FAQS
Secrets 				GAME SAGES
        				X CHEATER
Walkthrough Help 			NINTENDO POWER
Items/Weapons 			MANUAL
Characters/Enemies 		IN THE GAME
FAQ Founded				GAME FAQS

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-If you want to ask me a question for the FAQ section of this, please 
put on the Subject line: CASTLEVANIA 64 – Q

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please put on the Subject line: CASTLEVANIA 64 – PQ

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the Subject line: CASTLEVANIA 64 – O

If you don't follow these rules, I will simply delete your e-mail.  
When you e-mail me, I will put your name on the Credits list.  If you 
don't want your name on the Credits list, please put that on your e-

Here are all the FAQs I plan to make in the future.

*Star Fox 64		Final Fantasy VIII
*Super Mario 64
Super Smash Bros.		Final Fantasy Legend III
Extreme-G 2			Zelda: Link's Awakening DX

* - completed

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Thank you for reading my FAQ.  Hopefully you liked it.

(((the end)))
   1999 BJ

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