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    FAQ/Walkthrough by AHartley

    Version: 1.4 | Updated: 03/02/99 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    _________________________ 03/02/1999 7:26 PM ______________________________
    ____________________ Castlevania (64/3D) FAQ/Walkthru _____________________
    ____________________________ Version 1.4__________________________________
     _____  _____    __  _____  _      ____ __      _  _____  _    _  _  _____
    |  ___||     |  / _||_   _|| |    |  __|\ \    / /|     ||  \ | || ||     |
    | |    | |\  | / /    | |  | |    | |__  \ \  / / | |\  ||   \| || || |\  |
    | |    |  _  | \ \    | |  | |    |  __|  \ \/ /  |  _  || |\   || ||  _  |
    | |___ | | | | _\ \   | |  | |___ | |__    \  /   | | | || | \  || || | | |
    |_____||_| |_||___|   |_|  |_____||____|    \/    |_| |_||_|  \_||_||_| |_|
    _______________________ Only For The Nintendo 64 __________________________
    "This Place Swarms With Demons! You Have Entered The Castle Of Hell !!"
                                                           - Villager 
                    Written By Anthony Hartley (Antookis)
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    SYSTEM: Nintendo 64
    TITLE: Castlevania
    GENRE: Action/Adventure/RPG
    DEVELOPER: KCEK (Konami Computer Entertainment Kobe)
    AVAILABILITY: Japan & North America
    ESRB Rating: Teen
    MSRP: $49.95
     )))))))))))))))) Table Of Contents (((((((((((((((((((
    (1).  Introduction
    (2).  Version Updates
    (3).  Official History
    (4).  Cast Of Castlevania
    (5).  Options
    (6).  Location Guide
    (7).  Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)
    (8).  Getting Started
    (9).  Beginning: Forest Of Silence
    (10). Castle Wall
    (11). Villa
    (12). Garden Maze
    (13). Tunnels
    (14). Underground Waterway
    (15). Castle Center
    (16). Duel Towers
    (17). Tower Of Science
    (18). Tower Of Execution
    (19). Tower Of Scorcery
    (20). Room Of Clocks
    (21). Clock Tower
    (22). Castle Keep
    (23). Normal Items
    (24). Special Weapons
    (25). GameShark / Pro Action Replay Codes
    (26). Enemy Glossary
    (27). Multimedia
    (28). Disclaimer / Thanx
    [1] )))))))))))))))) Introduction (((((((((((((((((((
     First off I would like to thank anyone who reads this walkthru and uses 
    it to the fullest. Second, this walkthru is NOT 100% complete, nor will 
    it EVER be. However, it does cover almost everything that is in the 
     Second, as with many FAQs you find in this format, this document should 
    be viewed in Courier New (Baltic) or (Western) at size 10 or this 
    document will be well out of whack.
     Third, let me make this very clear from the start. This is a 
    FAQ/Walkthru for the NEW Castlevania game for the Nintendo 64, not the 
    classic NES version. Konami has simply named it Castlevania instead of 
    Castlevania 64 or 3D just to confuse people and plus the 64 and 3D 
    endings just plain sound bad. After writing my first walkthru for 
    MegaMan Legends I discovered two things about writing a FAQ.
    1) If you devote enough time to it, it can be a breeze.
    2) You become the center of attention on that one game. Any and Every 
    question goes to you.
     After getting well over 300 e-mails and having a 90 plus contact list 
    for ICQ, I decided it was time to move on. I checked some games out, but 
    they just went bad. Tenchu: Stealth Assassins had too little to write 
    about and Zelda: Ocarina of Time had too much to write about, not to 
    mention it was done by around thirty other people. Castlevania is 
    another matter. It involves everything I like. Death, Role Playing, More 
    Death and Big Bosses. Being the 17th in it's series, Castlevania has 
    plenty to live up to, especially Castlevania Symphony of the Night, one 
    of the PSX's best games. Castlevania is a straight out action game at 
    most moments, but exploring and moving back to previous areas is most 
    common. Dracula has once again risen from his one hundred year sleep and 
    now it is up to two vampire killers to manage the evil that is his 
    castle and then finish off the dark lord himself. Castlevania 
    incorperates multiple endings, new cast members through every play and 
    plenty to keep you coming back for just one more time. It is also the 
    first Castlevania to be in the third dimension, which some welcome, 
    others have scorned (however, most of those have not played the entire 
    game). Well on with the guide! 
    [2] )))))))))))))))) Version Updates (((((((((((((((((((
    Version 1.4  3/2/99
    - Fifth edition of FAQ/Walkthru.
    - More info of Game in Introduction.
    - Six more sections added to actual Walkthru.
    - More Gameshark / Pro Action Replay Codes added.
    - Slight changes and editions made to Enemy Glossary and Cast Guide.
    Version 1.3  2/12/99
    - Fourth edition of FAQ/Walkthru.
    - Changed Main ACSII Art Title.
    - More levels added for Walkthru.
    - Cast section updated with better look, more characters and more info.
    - Enemy Glossary IMPROVED
    Version 1.2  2/1/99
    - Third edition of FAQ/Walkthru.
    - Added Endings and Replay features.
    - Enemy list section added.
    - GameShark Codes section added.
    - Minor changes made to Walkthru, Thanx, History and Multimedia.
    Version 1.1  1/27/99
    - Second edition of FAQ/Walkthru. 
    - Early version of Walkthru included.
    - More Background info on the cast.
    - Info of multimedia such as Box Art and Television airing and Contents.
    Version 1.0  1/19/99
    - First edition of FAQ/Walkthru. Walkthru Not Available.
    - Contains Two cast members with full background.
    - Full History of EVERY Castlevania game included with info, plot, title       
    and release.
    - All Special Weapons listed and explained.
    - All Normal Items listed and explained.
    - Also includes the sly Disclaimer and Thanx section.
    [3] )))))))))))))))) Official History ((((((((((((((((((
    [ Haunted Castle (1986) | Arcade Only ]
    [INFO]________________________ [PLOT]________________________
    |                              |                             |
    | The first in the series, it  | Simon just got married, but |
    | was not released on any      | Drac comes and ,of course,  |
    | console but only in the      | takes the bride away. Simon |
    | arcades. For a decade old    | now goes after Drac to      |
    | game, this one holds up      | secure the Belmont family   |
    | with excellent hand drawn    | and save his wife!          |
    | art and original gameplay.   |                             |
    [ Vampire Killer (1986) | MSX Home PC ]
    [INFO]________________________ [PLOT]________________________
    |                              |                             |
    | Boy, do I wish I had a MSX.  | Simon Belmont is out to     |
    | With the cooler version  of  | kill the Count. Why?        |
    | Solid Snake, Snatcher and    | Probley because he has      |
    | now this. Pretty much an     | nothing better to do!       |
    | early version of the NES     |                             |
    | Castlevania.                 |					 |
    [ Castlevania (1987) | Nintendo Entertainment System ]
    [                    |   IBM PC                      ]
    [                    |   Amiga Home Computer         ]
    [                    |   Commodore 64                ]
    [INFO]________________________ [PLOT]________________________
    |                              |                             |
    | The first one every released | Dracula now rises every 100 |
    | in the United States. Very   | years so it is still up to  |
    | classic gameplay and old the | Simon to take him down      |
    | good stuff you know so well. | hard!                       |
    [Castlevania 2 Simon's Quest (1988) | Nintendo Entertainment System]
    [INFO]________________________ [PLOT]________________________
    |                              |                             |
    | Quest offered much different | It turns out that Drac put  |
    | gameplay, allowing Simon to  | a curse on poor Simon.      |
    | venture from town to town    | Now Simon must find all of  |
    | while dusk and dawn came     | Dracs body parts and burn   |
    | often. Good music and        | them. Good 'ol family fun!  |
    | improved look for the NES.   |                             |
    [ Konami World (1988) | Nintendo Famicom ]
    [INFO]________________________ [PLOT]________________________
    |                              |                             |
    | By heart, this is not really | Konami Man and Konami Girl  |
    | a Castlevania game at all.   | warp from Konami game to    |
    | It is a collection of Konami | Konami game trying to set   |
    | games that you get to play   | things right. Very odd      |
    | each level of a Konami game  | stuff.                      |
    | with a hero or heroine.      |                             |
    | Castlevania is one of those  |                             |
    | levels.                      |                             |
    [ Castlevania Adventure (1989) | Nintendo GameBoy ]
    [INFO]________________________ [PLOT]________________________
    |                              |                             |
    | Castlevania for the GameBoy  | Take the plot description   |
    | Long, slow, boring and HARD. | from the first Castlevania  |                          
    |                              | and replace the name Simon  |
    |                              | with Christopher. Easy.      |
    [Castlevania 3 Dracula's Curse (1990) | Nintendo Entertainment System]
    [INFO]________________________ [PLOT]________________________
    |                              |                             |
    | Very cool stuff here. Not    |  Trevor Belmont is Simon's  |
    | do you get to play as Trevor | Great Grandfather and he has|
    | but also three other players | a bone to pick with Drac.   |
    | more layers, music and all   | Alucard and the rest are    |
    | classic gameplay returns!    | here!                       |
    [ Super Castlevania 4 (1991) | Super NES ]
    [INFO]________________________ [PLOT]________________________
    |                              |                             |
    | Castlevania 16 bit style.    | Simon is back once again    |
    | Lots of new whip styles and  | and this is simply seen by  |
    | very cool levels plus the    | some as a 16 bit remake of  |
    | great bosses and well        | the original.               |
    | rounded play.                |                             |
    [ Castlevania 2 Belmont's Revenge (1991) | Nintendo GameBoy ]
    [INFO]________________________ [PLOT]________________________
    |                              |                             |
    | All around better GameBoy    | Solieyu Belmont , the son   |
    | conversion. Better jumping   | of Christopher is kidnapped |
    | and sound as well as better  | by Dracula before the turn  |
    | graphics.                    | of adulthood so now         |
    |                              | Christopher is on the hunt  |
    |                              | once again.                 |
    [ Vampire Killer Dracula X   | PC Engine Super CD-ROM 2]
    [ The Circle Of Blood (1993) |                         ]         
    [INFO]________________________ [PLOT]________________________
    |                              |                             |
    | My favorite of them all!     | Richter's girlfriend, Anette|
    | Anime cut-scenes, the best   | and her sister Maria were   |
    | bosses and the better        | kidnapped so it's off for   |
    | version of Richter!          | everyone's favorite vampire |
    |                              | Dracula.                    |
    [ Kid Dracula (1993) | Nintendo Entertainment System]
    [                    | Nintendo GameBoy             ]
    [INFO]________________________ [PLOT]________________________
    |                              |                             |
    | Big characters and whacky    | Alucard wants to be a good  |
    | gameplay, but too off and    | guy so he goes off as a kid |
    | too simplistic to actually   | and beats up ugly looking   |
    | be called a Castlevania      | monsters.                   |
    | game.                        |                             |
    [ Castlevania: Bloodlines (1994)  | Sega Genesis ]
    [ Castlevania: The Next Generation|              ]
    [INFO]________________________ [PLOT]________________________
    |                              |                            |
    | Back to old school           | Countess Bartley (Drac's   |
    | (I love saying that) action  | niece) has arisen and now  |
    | and nice boss design.        | the new vampire slayers,   |
    | Nice to see the Castlevania  | John and Eric are off to   |
    | series expand onto other     | stop here from bringing    |
    | systems.                     | Drac back.                 |
    [ Castlevania: Dracula X (1995) | Super Nintendo Entertainment System ]
    [ Castlevania: Vampire's Kiss   |                                     ]
    [INFO]________________________ [PLOT]________________________
    |                              |                            |
    | Dracula X is a chopped up    | Follows the same storyline |
    | version of the PC Engine     | as the PC Engine version.  |
    | game. It is not as detailed  |                            |
    | but does offer good gameplay.|                            |
    [ Castlevania: Symphony Of The Night (1997) | Sony Playstation ]
    [                                             Sega Saturn      ]
    [INFO]________________________ [PLOT]________________________
    |                              |                            |
    | Possibly the best Castlevania| Richter is gone, Maria is  |
    | game ever. With RPG elements,| on the hunt and Alucard    |
    | good storyline, great 2D     | has awakened to finish the |
    | effects and plenty of classic| bloodline. Plenty to go    |
    | gameplay, this one tops many | around here.               |
    | others.                      |                            |
    [ Castlevania Legends (1998) | Nintendo Gameboy ]
    [INFO]________________________ [PLOT]________________________
    |                              |                            |
    | The third installment for    | An interesting twist here, |
    | the Gameboy. Not half bad    | it starts with the mother  |
    | but nothing really new to    | of Trevor, Sonia Belmont.  |
    | offer.                       | She begins it all here.    |
    |                              | Time for Drac to experience|
    |                              | something new... Death.    |
    [4] )))))))))))) The Cast Of Castlevania ((((((((((((((
    |                       REINHARDT SCHNEIDER                            |
    Occupation:       Vampire Killer
    Age:              25
    Height:           183 cm
    Weight:           78 kg
    Likes:            Whip-Dagger-Axe-Holy~Water-Cross Training......
    Dislikes:         Vampires, Zombies, Vampire~Zombies
    Main Weapon:      Whip
    Second Weapon:    Dagger
     Say this one seven times fast. The male role of the game goes to 
    Schneider, a fur wearing, whip cracking, knife slashing all around 
    vampire hunter. Schneider himself is actually a calm fellow, taking time 
    to understand problems but something else resides within him. 
    The most recent in line from the long line of Belmonts who have devoted 
    their lives to be vampire killer. However, the memories of these heroes, 
    Ralph, Simon and Richter, who have helped these blighted lands has faded 
    with time. He receives a warning from his father,
    "Some day, you may have no choice except to fight."
    After Reihnhardt's father, Michael passes away, Reihnhardt accepts his 
    destiny to be a vampire hunter, and trains daily in the mountains of his 
    homeland of Vallakia
    As the 10th year in the mountains approaches the end, incidents of 
    monsters attacking children lost in the woods increase. Reihnhardt 
    senses the increased activity in a sign of the return of the dark lord 
    and emerges from the mountain. He seeks out Priest Samuel, the only one 
    that remembers the past, to undo the seal on the symbol of the Vampire 
    Killer, the holy whip, heirloom of the Belmont clan.
    With weapon in hand, he is a figure of justice from the Belmont family. 
    Many find this individual to be dark and unapproachable, however the 
    reality of the man is a individual of deep responsibility, silent and 
    cool, where underneath a heart burns with fighting spirit. 
    |                         CARRIE FERNANDEZ                             |
    Occupation:       Magican
    Age:              12
    Height:           142 cm
    Weight:           35 kg
    Likes:            Cool Costumes, Speaking Spanish
    Dislikes:         The undead, Dracula, Bad Doggies
    Main Weapon:      Energy Blast
    Second Weapon:    Razor Rings
    Carrie Fernandez is one of the last known descendants from a Spanish 
    family travelling throughout Europe. The family was rumored to have 
    great magic in the form of a magic orb, however this could never be 
    proven. Though, there were stories of a travelling group that had great 
    success in repelling marauding of their wagon train, human and 
    This success was not to last however, when the Patriarchal figurehead of 
    the Fernadez family came under the curse of Dracula and virtually 
    obliterated the family. The survivors fled and were thought to have 
    Years later, an orphaned child was found to have a talent for magic. She 
    was a gentle, fragile looking child. Her adopted mother traced her 
    origin back to a travelling band that had thought to have been 
    destroyed. Along with tracing Carrie's heritage, it was discovered that 
    her real parents were condemned as evil by villagers frightened by 
    anything that they could not understand. These memories of her mother 
    being burned by the villagers haunt her to the point that she suspends 
    her belief in a god that did not seem to care and also mistrusting of 
    Tragedy strikes again in Carrie's life when a demonic forces come to 
    ravage their village. Her foster mother is killed while diving to save 
    her. Her grief and terror unlock a greater power within Carrie, a power 
    to create an orb, which she unleashes at the demon that bears down upon 
    her. The orb strikes the beast the writhes in agony as it is banished 
    back to the pit. She vows to stop the terror and heads to the castle.
    |                     COUNT VLAD "Dracula" TEPES                       |
    Occupation:       BloodSucker
    Likes:            Blood, His Pal Death
    Dislikes:         Belmonts, Wannabe Vampire Killers
    Main Weapon:      Teleport
    Second Weapon:    Homing Flames
     Ruler of Transylvania and all vampires, he rises again every one 
    hundred years, only to be killed by a member of the Belmont line of 
    vampire hunters.  The only exception to this was when he arose without 
    warning in the late 1800s by the dark priest Shaft, only to be put back 
    down by his own son, Adrian Fahrenheit "Alucard" Tepes  
    |                          MICHEAL GELHART                             |
     The father of Reinhart, he also practiced and trained in the art of 
    vampire killing (sounds kinda fun, huh?). While not much is known of his 
    past, Gelhart raised his son to understand what he would become. Gelhart 
    is no longer, but he has left the legacy of the Belmont to Schneider.
    |                           PRIEST SAMUEL                              |
     The only one who knows of the lands past. He is the only one who can 
    reveal the symbol of the vampire hunter, unleashing the holy whip.
    |                          CHARLIE VINCENT                             |
    Occupation:       Vampire Killer/Hunter
    Likes:            Crosses, Telling How Great He Is
    Dislikes:         Other Vampire Hunters
    Main Weapon:      Holy Water
    Second Weapon:    Large Cross
     A very cocky vampire hunter who thinks he can take Dracula on all by 
    himself. He may be very surprised in the end... Vincent is an older 
    vampire killer, who often calls others by the name of "youth". He 
    carries around every anti-vampire weapon in the book, even a giant cross 
    is strapped to his back.
    |                               MALUS                                  |
    Occupation:       Villager
    Likes:            Playing The Violin 
    Dislikes:         Most Dangerous Elements
     A young boy who became lost in the castle after his parents were 
    killed. Malus is skilled with the violin but during the time of events, 
    seems to turn into more of a for then friend. 
    |                               RENON                                  |
    Occupation:       Businessman
    Likes:            Profit, profit, profit!!!
    Dislikes:         Cheapskates
     A businessman who sets up shop wherever death and destruction are 
    prevalent. He often is gentle and kind, but his prices say otherwise. 
    Did we mention that he's a demon?
    |                                ROSA                                  |
    Occupation:       Flourist
    Likes:            Tending To The Rose Garden
    Dislikes:         Careless Visitors
     A young woman tainted by the curse of the vampire.  She is employed by 
    Dracula to water his roses. Schneider and her pick up quickly, but that 
    may not last for long because of her cursed blood.
    |                              ACTRISE                                 |
    Occupation:       Witch
    Likes:            Turning People To Vampires, Doing off with Children
    Dislikes:         Anything More Powerful Then Her
     An evil servent of Dracula, she seeks to find a better way of making 
    Dracula use his FULL power. She often holds meetings with Carrie, all of 
    which turn sour. In her past, she actually killed her own child, hoping 
    to reach her goal of killing one hundred children.
    |                                DEATH                                |
    Occupation:       ....um.... well....
    Likes:            Rosa, Sharpening His Blades
    Dislikes:         Any And All Belmonts
     The Grim Reaper himself. Death often appears in Castlevania games, and 
    this is no exception. He holds Rosa agains't her will to be a vampire 
    and stay with her curse.
    [5] ))))))))))))))))))) Options (((((((((((((((((((((((
    Here are the options Castlevania offers from the start screen. Nothing 
    much to tell the truth, but it is the standard fair. To choose the 
    button Config. or Sound Mode, Just hit A and the scroll up or down for 
    more options. Some directions taken from the manual.
    /////\\\\\ Button Config. /////\\\\\
    Type A (Default)
    Control Stick ------- Move, Walk, Run, Turn
    Press the Control Stick in the direction you want to go to walk. Press 
    it further down to run. Press it quickly in the opposite direction when 
    walking to turn around.
    Z ------------------- Crouch
    Your normal duck motion.
    Z + Control Stick --- Lower Walk
    This is your duck position movement.
    Control Stick + Z --- Slide
    While running hit Z, some enemies can be injured this way.
    A -------------------- Vertical Jump
    Control Stick + A --- Moving Jump
    While moving, press A and the character will perform a jump in the 
    direction they were facing.
    B --------------------- Main Attack
    The use of the whip or energy balls.
    Upward C ------------- Camera Position Change
    This makes the camera change it's angle. This action is not available at 
    all times.
                 Normal View = Basic behind character position
                 Battle View = Focuses more on enemies
                 Action View = Best used for hard jumps
    Upward C + Control Stick -- 1st Person
    This moves the camera into 1st person view, use the control stick to 
    look around.
    Right C --------------- Talk, Pick up, Unlock, Open Door
    Your basic all around action button.
    Left C ---------------- Short Range Weapon
    This will use Schneider's Dagger or Carrie's Ring for attack.
    Down C ---------------- Special Item Use
    To use Crosses, Knives, Holy Water and Axes.
    R --------------------- Lock-On
    This will lock-on to your nearest enemy.
    L --------------------- No Use
    Start ----------------- Menu
    This allows you to pause the game, the game clock, you can use your 
    items, Change the Options or even Quit.
    Type B
    Control Stick --------- Run, Walk, Turn, Stop
    Z --------------------- Crouch
    Z + Control Stick ----- Lower Walk
    A --------------------- Vertical Jump
    Control Stick + A ----- Moving Jump
    Control Stick + Z ----  Slide
    Right C --------------- Action
    Start ----------------- Menu
    R --------------------- Lock-On
    B --------------------- Main Attack
    Left C ---------------- 2nd Attack
    Downward C ------------ Special Item
    Type C
    Control Stick --------- Run, Walk, Turn, Stop
    R --------------------- Crouch
    R + Control Stick ----- Lower Walk
    A --------------------- Vertical Jump
    Control Stick + A ----- Moving Jump
    Control Stick + R ----- Slide
    Right C --------------- Action
    Start ----------------- Menu
    Downward C ------------ Lock-On
    z --------------------- Main Attack
    B --------------------- 2nd Attack
    Left C ---------------- Special Item
    /////\\\\\ Sound Mode /////\\\\\
    Stereo (Default)
    Most Television sets support Stereo (2 channel sound) well, and I even 
    believe that Castlevania supports the sub-woofer!
    A few sets (like mine at the moment) only support mono, which only uses 
    on channel of sound. A few Capcom games actually did sound better on 
    Mono in my opinion.
    /////\\\\ Default /////\\\\\
    Takes all changes back to the original positions.
    [6] )))))))))))))))) Location Guide (((((((((((((((((((
    |                                     |Carrie | Schneider|
    |Forest Of Silence -------------------  Yes  ---  Yes  ---|
    |Castle Wall -------------------------  Yes  ---  Yes  ---|
    |Villa -------------------------------  Yes  ---  Yes  ---|
    |Garden ------------------------------  Yes  ---  Yes  ---|
    |Caves -------------------------------   No  ---  Yes  ---|
    |Underground Waterway ----------------  Yes  ---   No  ---|
    |Castle Main -------------------------  Yes  ---  Yes  ---|
    |Duel Tower --------------------------   No  ---  Yes  ---|
    |Tower Of Science --------------------  Yes  ---   No  ---|
    |Tower Of Execution ------------------   No  ---  Yes  ---|
    |Tower Of Sorcery --------------------  Yes  ---   No  ---|
    |Room Of Clocks ----------------------  Yes  ---  Yes  ---|
    |Clock Tower -------------------------  Yes  ---  Yes  ---|
    |Castle Keep -------------------------  Yes  ---  Yes  ---|
    [7])))))))) Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) ((((((((((((
    Q. Where is Reinhardt's Second Costume?
    A. During the Tower of Execution, in one of the iron maidens on the 
    third level for the Execution key. Go back down to level two and open 
    the iron gate. Look over the ledge to see a floating platform. Inside 
    the iron maiden is the Purple Jewel which will give you access to his 
    second costume after finishing the game.
    Q. What is Reinhardt's Second Costume?
    A. The second costume is mostly made of the traditional Belmont outfit, 
    with more armor but no pants *shudder*. It really does make Reinhardt 
    look different in almost every aspect.
    Q. Where is Carrie's Second Costume?
    A. At the very top of the Tower of Sorcery, right before the exit, look 
    outward and in the distance is a torch. Use Holy Water to guide your way 
    on the invisible walkway. Once across you can obtain the Purple Jewel, 
    which after finishing the game, allows Carrie 2nd Outfit to be used.
    Q. What is Carrie's Second Costume?
    A. It is like a pink Sunday school outfit, I like it much better then 
    the original but it doesn't look like something someone would use to go 
    kill vampires with =)
    Q. How can I get to the HARD Difficulty?
    A. Before the werewolf, there is a floating platform and a flame. Walk 
    across to get the Green Jewel. After beating the game with any 
    character, watching the ending, credits and save game option you can now 
    play in HARD mode.
    Q. Why can't I get gold in EASY mode?
    A. You have unlimited gold in EASY mode.
    Q. How do I get a Good/Bad ending?
    A. If you use to many Sun/Moon cards, Charlie Vincent will have tried to 
    reach Dracula before you. He this happens he will be bitten and then 
    become a vampire himself. You will have to fight Charlie and then end up 
    seeing the bad ending. Move fast enough and the good ending is yours.
    Q. Does Renon really fight you?
    A. Yes, if you spend over 30,000 in gold then Renon will fight you.
    Q. Can I hold more then one special weapon?
    A. No, you must use the last one you picked up.
    Q. Was this game released in Japan before?
    A. No, it was released in North America well before the Japanese 
    release. Changes between the two versions such as more characters and 
    expansion pak support are unknown at this time.
    Q. What happened to the other cast members?
    A. Due to time restraints, Konami booted both Cornel and Coller, who 
    were to also be playable vampire hunters. Cornel used his fists and 
    kicks to kill and also could turn into a werewolf. Coller was to carry 
    either a chainsaw or powerful shotgun. Why they dumped either one of 
    these characters for Carrie is well beyond me.
    Q. What is the code for the Goddess Statues?
    A. The code to align the Goddesses in the Castle Center is 2, 4 and 8 in 
    that order.
    Q. What does the Engagement Ring do?
    A. No purpose of this item has yet been found. Sorry.
    [8] )))))))))))))))) Getting Started (((((((((((((((((((
     From the very start you will get one of two messages. The first reads 
    that you don't have a Controller Pak inserted and gives you the option 
    to proceed without the save feature or the chance to re-connect your 
    Controller Pak. A normal Pak carries 123 pages of memory, Castlevania 
    takes up 9 pages for each save, a small amount compared to Turok 2's 70 
    pages and Mario Kart's insane amount of 121 pages.
     The Second message will read that you have a Controller Pak. Choose the 
    option to make a Castlevania file. Once this out of the way, the Konami 
    and KCEK logs will appear. Then on with the game...
     It begins with a sweeping shot of the forbidden castle (with so-so 
    keyboard music) and then the blood red moon appears along with Malus 
    playing the violin (EXCELLENT music here). You then get the chance to 
    start the game or go to the options menu. Just start the game, you can 
    change the options later.
     At the Data screen select Game Start. The four slots available should 
    be empty at the moment, unless you have saved a previous time. Pick a 
    slot and then choose your difficulty (Normal is HIGHLY recommended). 
     *********************** WARNING WARNING **************************
    official, stating that the game with end on level five for if the game 
    is set on EASY mode. I suggest not even trying it unless you are not 
    getting a long amount of time to play this game, and if you aren't then 
    why are you even reading this FAQ?
     *********************** WARNING WARNING **************************
     After the this you can choose for either Reinhardt or Carrie. The pages 
    begin to turn and reveals it to be the Necronomicon, the book of the 
    dead (hey, The Evil Dead was educational you know). Then the narration 
    (N64 audio is getting much better, no?) begins. The camera then centers 
    on Schneider or Carrie in an open area. Schneider makes a sign of the 
    cross over his heart and speaks "Courage... Don't leave me..." and 
    Carrie makes a quick vow "Whatever awaits.. I have no regrets..". Now 
    the game truly begins....
    [9] ))))))))))))))) Forest Of Silence ((((((((((((((((((
     You begin with no special weapons but you do have your trusty 
    Dagger/Rings more than enough for now. Forge ahead a bit and get ready 
    for some cool effects (which can hurt you if you are not careful). Head 
    past the trees (don't go to the right yet) and hit the two classic 
    candles. You will get the knife and a large Red Jewel. If you jump upon 
    the left pillar, hang on, pull yourself up and then look to the right 
    pillar, you will see another candle. Time your jump and go for the 
    candle for a Roast beef. Now go towards the right path and past the 
    skeleton lying on the ground.
     Cut Scene Time! When investigating the corpse you are soon interrupted 
    as three rotting bone dudes get up on their own!!  Wow, these buggers 
    are fast! A good two hits at the right places should finish them, just 
    back up a little and get a cracking! Pick up any items on the ground 
    with right C. Go upward to the gate and you will find that a seal is 
    over it. If you want, you can walk back and see the trees once again 
    burn down, but the candles will not hold anything new. Now jump and use 
    your secondary weapon to hit the blue seal on the large gate till it 
    breaks off.
    BOSS: Silverback Skeleton
     Once the seal breaks MOVE BACK! Didn't expect this so soon, huh? The 
    boss carries a large club that when hit on the ground will resurrect 
    other demon skeleton warriors. Take out some of the pests and then go in 
    under the legs of the beast and hit it from behind. After a few hits it 
    will retreat back behind the gate. Don't worry the Club often has a low 
    chance of hitting you, but the boss with often move around hurting you 
    and killing the other skeletons! Don't use you knives yet. Once you get 
    the boss retreats for a second time one of the skeletons should leave 
    behind a axe. Pick up the axe and go up to the boss once more. After 
    enough hits, it will roar into the air and jump off the back cliff. Two 
    platforms will raise and the boss will fall to the depths below, maybe 
    to return later (if you look to the right and down, try to look for a 
    small white object, it's the bosses head! He didn't go anywhere!).
     Jump across the broken "bridge". Hopefully the fight provided you with 
    a power up so all the baddies should only take one hit to kill. At the 
    intersection, take the left way to the gate. Check the white crystal to 
    save. If you check the sign, I'm sure you will get a good idea of how 
    well checking every item will help you along your quest =) Now take the 
    right path to the small housings. Destroy the flames in both for the Sun 
    and Moon card. To the left of the housings is a small platform, you can 
    jump onto the housings from here and continue on the roofs to get a red 
    jewel and a roast chicken. This place is crawling with baddies so hurry 
    to the next broken bridge and make some heavy jumps.
     On the other side, take out the bats with your dagger/rings. Now hit 
    the switch to open the gate where the save point was. 
    Mini-BOSS: WereTiger
     The bridge is out and there is a big stripped baddie! This guy does his 
    best Terminator parody by walking slowly around and then hitting you 
    swiftly. Just hit him from a distance and use the middle pillar as 
    defense. After about two fully charged blasts or seven cracks from the 
    whip, he should burn to death.
     Now go back and through the gate. Notice if you stay in the middle of 
    the bridge, the skeletons will jump over to get you! On the way you will 
    encounter explosive skeletons and bone throwing skeletons, but they go 
    down quickly too. To the right of the now open gate is a torch with a 
    helpful power up. Now jump atop the pillar in the center and hit the 
    torch for the cross, a powerful special weapon. Check around the bottom 
    of the pillar for a roast. In the back you can see a large ravine, just 
    before the cliff is a odd stone. Duck and hit it with your dagger/rings 
    to reveal 2500 gold! Beyond is another save point and a tomb. Don't 
    bother trying tomb, it only offers minimal items and leaves you open to 
    attacks, plus it can be hard to jump up on.
     To the far right is another out bridge. Jump over and hit the torch for 
    a roast beef, then hit the switch for the other gate to open. No mini-
    boss this time, but HURRY and jump onto the lowering bridge and then 
    jump over to the cliff. It is very difficult to climb from the very 
    bottom. Yes, the water can and will drown you. Now pass through the gate 
    and if you wish, the torch to the right has the axe, but the cross is 
    actually a bit better. Check the three tombs for some more health.
     Beyond, try to kill the bone boy from afar, jump over and the look to 
    the left. Here you can see a floating platform and a torch. Simply walk 
    over to it, the walkway is invisible. Here you get the Green Jewel 
    (Special1) which is used to get HARD mode. Jump across once more to the 
    other side. Now prepare for a group of vampire bats to fly out. Once 
    they have been swatted down, hit the rock to the left of the entrance to 
    get a power-up, Roast Chicken and some money. Onward you will face a 
    werewolf and the bone heads. Use your crosses on the wolf, jump above 
    his dashes, remember to have the camera in battle view, stay in the 
    clearing not the center and try to use the save point to the right just 
    in case. Check around the statue in the middle for a roast and the tomb 
    holds a sun card. Continue on and once at the corpse-on-a-stick stand, 
    use the narrow steps to go down to the lever. The gate by the three 
    tombs is now open so return. 
     This part is TRICKY, getting the hang on method is a matter of skill. 
    Just keep practicing with the other ledges before you go down. Once back 
    at the gate, hit the red torch to get a roast and hit the last lever. 
    Now go back to the werewolf area and through the final gate.
    BOSS: Silverback Skeleton
    Round 2 !! This time, expect a fight to the death. The beginning is the 
    hardest. He will lure you into a ring of motorcycle riding skeletons 
    (.......) and then make some very long sweep attacks. Going under him is 
    not as easy, and more skeletons rise all the time. Special weapons are 
    near to worthless here so just stick to the whip/blasts. Make sure to be 
    carrying some extra supplies to revive your health. The boss will 
    retreat, so head up to him, let him swing will you are running around 
    him in circles and jump when the club comes close. Then he is all yours, 
    the arm comes of then the bottom half and the he will crawl almost 
    helplessly on the ground, finish him off and exit. Now you face the 
    massive drawbridge as it folds down, after entering, it rises back up, 
    trapping you inside...
    [10] ))))))))))))))) Castle Wall ((((((((((((((((((
    First off I just want to say this is one of my least favorite levels. 
    With that out of the way, lets move on. After the gate closes behind 
    you, save at the white crystal and open the door to the right (the other 
    is locked at the moment). Here you must trek up the winding staircase of 
    death. Begin upward and jump across the gap. Now you will face the 
    dreaded Bone Pillar. Do your best to use special weapons here and don't 
    get too close, you don't want to end up like a roasted marshmallow. Jump 
    on the moving platform and onto the next set or jump down to the lower 
    ledge for a sun card. Defeat the pillar and time your jump to the 
    platform, staying clear of the edge and the bloody guillotines. A bat or 
    Medusa head often comes out of no where and knocks you out of the sky, 
    so try to stay to the right here. At the next jump, get on the platform 
    and make a leap to the other side. The guillotine should not be able to 
    hit you since you will probley come up short.
     After another set of the blades and jumps, swat down the four bats and 
    then you will come upon and door. Enter and prepare for
    Mini-BOSS: White Dragon Twins
     The twins can be difficult, so try to have some reserve energy in hand. 
    Try to run to the outside of the wall and lure one away from the other, 
    make sure both are not facing you. Once it spits the flame out, move and 
    then stop and then swat away, if you get the chance to pick up any holy 
    water here is the place to use it. Sooner or later one will burn to a 
    black crisp form. Once in black form, it will fire a long stream of blue 
    flames that is often hard to miss. Repeat this process and if needed, 
    use the stone entrance for cover.
     Later, jump up on the side (not the small broken part) of the entrance 
    to grab on and pull yourself up to the torch with the roast inside. Now 
    go to the center of the room and pull the switch. After the gate is 
    lowered, look down and check for the platform with the save crystal. 
    Fall down and save as you see fit, but beware the skeletons, they come 
    back sooner then normal. Whack the small pillar in the middle for a 
    powerup and many red jewels.
     On the lower platform is a waiting bone pillar and a slew of skeletons. 
    Hit the torch for the moon card and drop down to the final level. Go 
    back by the shelf, jump up and grab the powerup. In one of the corners 
    is a crack, fall down it and you will be back at the very beginning. Go 
    inside the new place and hit the center torch for the Red Left Tower 
     This tower is worse then the first! make the first jumps then climb the 
    staircase. Careful around the solid walkway, it will soon break in two 
    so move back or jump forward quickly. Next beware of incoming bats and 
    try to go just beyond the blade so your jump can be pulled off at the 
    desired time. The rotating spikes mean serious damage and often death.
    The next set involves a pillar, and 4 rotating spikes. When the 2nd and 
    4th spikes are safe, that is the time to go, careful of the blade at the 
    end. Make the steep jump on the stairs and whip back the pillar and it's 
    flames. Things are getting complicated but you are almost done here. 
    Time your jumps on the next spikes and RUN when on the next set of 
    "stairs". Make a few short jumps and try to take out the pillar early so 
    it will not interfere.
     At the top is a moon crested door. If needed, you may use a moon card 
    at your will. For all your hard work you will receive an excellent cut 
    scene with the big man himself DRACULA. I must say, the voice acting is 
    suited well for this game. After the taunting, go back to the brick 
    entrance and hit the pillar in the back with your dagger/rings for 2500 
    gold again! Jump upon the entrance (you will hang on and climb up) to 
    save and get a roast. Now carefully make your way back down to the very 
    beginning and enter through the now opened gate.
    [11] ))))))))))))))))))) Villa (((((((((((((((((((((((
    This music is starting to grow on me. After the quick cut scene it is 
    back to business with the hell hounds. The cross works wonders here and 
    holy water is also effective. Once the three dogs are slain the first 
    gate will open, two other doggies will jump out and freely use the fire 
    attack. After the slaying of these comes the final blood hound. Nice 
    effects here, eh? Move toward the gate and pick up the roast, then 
    carefully slay the dog, making sure it is always in your site. If you 
    wish, return to the beginning and jump around the right torch for more 
    red jewels on an invisible ledge.
    In the next area, be aware of the time. At midnight the platform in the 
    fountain will rise and allow access to the items above. Save with the 
    crystal to the right and beware the Lost Souls and Lost Specters. To the 
    right of the gate is a grave cross, whack it for a powerup. Beyond the 
    save crystal is also a cross, hit it for a roast. Once you are done 
    here, move on into the Mansion.
     Once inside, your might be thinking "Haven't I been here before?" Well 
    if you ever played the original Resident Evil, you have, this almost a 
    replica of sorts of the mansion. Continue onto the stairway and prepare 
    to meet the infamous zombie vampire! Head up onto the stairs, turn 
    around and kill! This narrows the vampires ability to run around 
    circles. After it's death (if you were bitten, a cure is coming up) go 
    and break the upstairs and downstairs candles and vases for red jewels. 
    Check the first upstairs sofa for a purifying which cures the vamp 
    status. Take the door on the upstairs to the outdoor hallway (I almost 
    expected some killer ravens at this point) and onto the Rose Garden.
     Check the time. If it is near 3:00 AM, then STAY in the room. If you 
    have to some time to kill, continue on and come back just before 3:00 
    AM. Once it does turn to 3:00 AM, Rosa comes out sprays some blood on 
    the flowers tells you not to die too soon and then vanishes.... Creepy. 
    Anyhow, now is the time to continue on. Through the other door leads to 
    a stair way. Climb it and take the axe or knife if needed. Enter the 
    first door to the left, check the chairs for a purifying then open the 
    next door in the room.
     You will meet Vincent (who looks a bit like a certin Metal Gear Solid 
    character) another vampire killer. He pretty much takes you as a nobody 
    and then walks around a bit. Talk to him after the cut scene to get the 
    key to the archives. Examine the room beyond for the cross weapon and 
    some gold. Leave and open the 3rd door to enter a long room filled with 
    specters and souls. To the left, jump up on the chimney and check the 
    lion head for a roast. In the main room, hit the vases for the store 
    room key and another roast. Check the painting above the chimney for a 
    purifying. Jump up and hit the red chandler for another purifying.
     Exit through the double doors and go down the stairs to meet Renon, the 
    Demon Salesman. You can now pick up the contract lying on the floor and 
    purchase items. Buy what you need and check the golden knight for a 
       ---- Price List ----
      | Roast Chicken 1500 |
      | Roast Beef    2000 |
      | Healing Kit   3000 |
      | Purifying      500 |
      | Cure Ampoule   200 |
      | Sun Card       500 |
      | Moon Card      500 |
     Return upstairs and check the storage room for two roasts and a save 
    crystal. Onward to the last door you will see a interesting cut scene 
    with a villager. Where did the table go? Do you best to avoid him, he 
    has the advantage here. Afterwards check the roses for a purifying and 
    move onto the other door in the room. Here you can us the archives key. 
    Check the table for a purifying and go to the end corner for the Garden 
    Key. Saving once more is well worth it. Return to where you met Renon 
    and exit through the double doors to the garden.
    [12] )))))))))))))))) Garden Maze ((((((((((((((((((((((
     Open the gate (those statue dogs don't look helpful) and continue on 
    until the first left, then go on past the bridge. Here you will meet 
    Malus, who *sniff* lost his *sob* parents earlier... What the?? OH NO 
    STONE!! Exit the dead end and follow Malus, open the door to the left 
    and then take a left, right, right, left... THE DOGS ARE BACK AND THEY 
    THEM! AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! Now is a good time to take a 
    reality check or just enjoy the insanity. Run left, right, right, left, 
    left, left, right, right and then enter the gate. Whew, time for a quick 
    rest here. Check the torches for some red jewels and a roast. When the 
    coast is clear, exit, make a right, left, right, left, left, right and 
    meet Malus at the door. After you let Malus go free turn around and walk 
    down the long walk stopping at the torch to get the copper key. 
    Open the gate and go inside the door to get a save point and a roast in 
    the candle. Unlock the door beyond and you will be back in the mansion 
    entrance. Make your way ALL THE WAY back to where you first met Renon, 
    and go back to the garden entrance. Run directly toward the lookout 
    tower area and make a right and open the door with the copper key. Run 
    down the stream, jump on the bridge and take a left. Hit the torch for a 
    purify and save if you like at the white crystal.
    Now enter the door next to the crystal. Walk down the steps and walk up 
    to the Casket.
    BOSS: Vampire Duo
    The casket is empty but soon a body falls from the ceiling, it seems a 
    vampire was feasting on woman the entire time. This vampire is a bit 
    different then before. This time he takes many more hits and remains in 
    the air more often. When he is chasing you, stop and then move out of 
    the way before he attacks, after he hits air turn and use a special 
    weapon. Once you send him to his grave, the woman comes alive as a vamp 
    (Evil Dead Style)! She crawls on the floor and often spits bats at you. 
    A few times she may turn into fog, but she is really just a pushover. 
    After the fight walk up to the coffin and jump in.
    [13] )))))))))) Tunnels (Schneider Only) (((((((((((((((
     Once in the caverns, you may just go forward hitting bats and timing 
    your jumps from the double rock crushers. At the end is a orange lift, 
    take it down and walk toward the poison river for a surprising cut 
    scene, make 100% sure you do not stay in front of the spiderwomen or you 
    are bound to be poisoned. Jump over to the left rocks and cross to the 
    other side with the save crystal. Forward and to the right is another 
    rock hop over to two torches that contain holy water and a roast. Back 
    at the intersection, go on toward the signs and take a right. Hit the 
    stone with the dagger to reveal cures, purifyies and roasts. Back on the 
    left path, take he lift up and at the intersection. If you go to far 
    left, there will be a moon crest door, inside is the contract and the 
    knife. Clear to the right of the intersection is a ledge with burning 
     Make your way across the odd stone and poison water to the other side 
    with a torch directly to the left. At the intersection, if you take a 
    right you will come upon a sun door and inside is the cross and two 
    roasts. The left way takes you to more rock crushers. Before the 
    crushers is a torch containing a powerup. After the caskets, rock 
    crushers and treadmills is another save crystal. Toward the end is a 
    slew of bats and a red gondola. Hop on and prepare for some bone pillars 
    on the ride, crosses work all too well here. Once you get the chance to 
    get off, look back from where you came, those yellow bars that you saw 
    moving past you earlier can come and knock you off, so when you so one, 
    just jump over it. Wait of the platform and fend yourself from the 
    specters until a blue gondola arrives and get on, making sure not to 
    fall onto the bloody spikes below. Bone pillars and lost souls will 
    distract you and try to push you off so do your best to see ahead. At 
    the end of the ride, walk off and use the save crystal to the right. 
     Go up the orange lift and once at the top take out the bats. Manage 
    your way across the poison, making sure to kill all bats before jumping. 
    More spiderwomen await you on the other side. To the left of the 
    intersection is a moon crest door with holy water and a sun card. To the 
    right of the intersection and straight ahead is the sun door, the exit 
    to the level.
     In the following room, Rosa tries to kill herself. Schneider stops her, 
    and then is left in the room with the silence of the fans. Leave.
    [14] )))))))) Underground Waterway (Carrie Only) ((((((((
     TAKE CAUTION RIGHT AWAY!!! When you fall down into this level, look to 
    the left hallway but do not enter, move up a little and jump back as the 
    floor crumbles away underneath you. If you fall and die here, you will 
    have to face the vampires once again clear back at the Garden Maze. Now 
    you must jump across and hang onto the ledge barely sticking out of the 
    wall, DO NOT climb up because there is no footing left for you to walk 
    on meaning you will fall off almost instantly. Instead, while hanging on 
    move over to the right, it's slow but safe. After the cut scene (you 
    didn't expect clean water did you?), take the right path and onward to 
    the next bridge.
    Mini-BOSS: Poison Lizard Men
    Three lizard men will climb out from the scum and attack. The blue 
    lizards are weak and can be knock down with special weapons. After they 
    are out of the way, move onward to the left to see a darkened lizard 
    guarding a floor switch. Kill from a distance and slide out of the 
    poison spews way. Now walk onto the switch to deativate the flowing 
    waterfall earlier. You now have three choices, you can go back to the 
    left path and jump on the wall ledges to obtain a cure ampoule from the 
    lantern at the end, or go on and save at the crystal beyond the 
    waterfall OR go on to the corridor leading to the next area. The 
    corridor has two trick floors, some before entering the brick floor 
    area, wait for the camera to get a good overhead view of the floor, you 
    can see now where the floor will crumble away at.
     A fun thing to do hear is to go into first person mode and watch the 
    lizard men beyond crumble the second floor and fall to their death! 
    Bucket full of laughs I tell you. Up the stairs lies the arch way you 
    saw from below, cross this and once on the other side, attempt the 
    ledges to the left for a prize. Back at the archway, make your way 
    carefullly into the next corridor, more trick floors await. Down the 
    stairs lies flame lizards and normal grunt lizards. Once to the bottem 
    take a left and continue to look at the left wall to see a under pass 
    that you can slide under. Make the jump to the small middle platform, 
    then on the bottem brick platform jump to the next to hang on and pull 
    yourself up. To the first left hallway is a moon card and to the second 
    is a roast. Now go back and continue on until the next hallway to the 
    left. In here the lizards will try to trap you but continue on to the 
    dead end, grap the powerup and then save. Kill your way back out and 
    down the stairs and the then onto the small walkway across the poisoned 
     Take a left and carefully make your way across the five brick 
    platforms, making sure not to attempt any knid of shortcuts. After the 
    brick platforms is a switch, time you jumps on the wall ledges, hit the 
    switch and return to the main bridge (once again having to use the brick 
    platforms again) on the poison water. I suggest you attempt to save at 
    this point and after go on to the stairway and once over the archway 
    (the one with the spiked cielings falling at the end) you can hang on to 
    the left ledge sticking out of the wall to get a roast. Skeletons will 
    drop down endlessly so make it quick. Now wait till the spikes have 
    fully landed then jump over them and the next for another switch. This 
    has turned off the waterfall you could see in the distance from the 
    brick platfroms. Return and go onward to open the Sun sealed door and 
    exit the level.
     Carrie know meets Actrise, a strange witch who looks to fully power 
    Dracula. After the scene, leave the fan room to enter the Castle Center.
    [15] )))))))))))))))) Castle Center ((((((((((((((((((((
     At the beginning, go forward and use the save crystal. Now take the 
    right path (while hitting the moto skeletons) and then take the door to 
    the right which leads to a cage and vent room full vampires. Long range 
    weapons do wonders because sometimes the vampires will not even move, 
    and just take the hits! Now climb up the stairs and open up the caged 
    doorway, and continue upward. Check the angelic statue to the left of 
    the room for a cut scene involving much blood. Kill the Bloodborn and 
    then move on to the next set of stairs and trek upward.
     When in the upper hallway, check the knight and take the door to the 
    north. Check the knight here as well for a good item and try to to kill 
    two to four sword lizards in order to exit the room. The torch at the 
    end of the room holds a helpful moon card. In the following room check 
    the knight for a roast and then jump up to the save crystal. Continue on 
    to the room with glass knights and many red jewels. Beyond that room is 
    the dreaded butler vampire room, which contains many things that get in 
    your way and make it hard to see the vamps. Do your best to get out of 
    the submissions and kill'em to exit, make sure to search the torch for a 
     The next section holds many fire walls, but many can just be avoided by 
    jumping through. Take the left way to get the cure ampoule and then take 
    a right and another right for a roast. Past the door is friendly lizard 
    man, talk to him to get the torture room key, then open the door to the 
    left of the room. Here you will see a cut scene with... MALUS?? I tell 
    ya, that boy just ain't right. Pick up the nitro on the shelf here, but 
    do not jump or get hit in any way, the result is instant death.  Go to 
    the lion fire spitting hallway and check around for a cracked wall. 
    Place the nitro here and continue on. The broken stairs below prevent 
    you from taking the nitro elsewhere. Now return to the very beginning of 
    the level and after the cage and vent room, take a left then a right to 
    the torture room. Defeat the vampires (use that control stick!!) and get 
    the Mandragora in the jar on the shelf in the back.
     Go back to the moto skeleton area and continue far down the hall and 
    enter through the large double doors. Here you will find a large 
    sleeping bull and a large crack in the back of the arena. Go all the way 
    up to the crack and search it. Place the Mandragora down, hit the box to 
    the right for 2500 in gold and now return back to the torture room for 
    MORE Mandragora. Return to the crack in the wall by the friendly lizard 
    man and set the Mandragora on the wall. Watch the cut scene and then 
    when the sparks and smoke settle whip the torch for the roast. Enter 
    through the right door and use the contract if needed. Beyond is the 
    library, climb one of the shelves and crab the sun card, then on the 
    second level jump up on the box mechanism to open the ceiling right 
    above you, jump up to the third level and hit the box again on this 
    level to open the ceiling above you again. 
     Once in the observatory, go over to the machine near the middle and 
    enter 2,4,8 to activate the amazing cut scene. The seal is now broken on 
    the arena wall, allowing you to blow it up now. You should now save at 
    the save crystal on the other side of the observatory. Return to the red 
    carpeted hallway with the gold knight and take the eastern door this 
    time to enter the clockwork room. Make your way to the across the gears 
    and then past the "bridge" to the stairs and upward. A guardian knight 
    to the right will come alive and challanage you, dispose of him from a 
    distance and enter the next door. Careful not to rush into this cafe, 
    two maid vampires await. If you have any distance weapons, use them. The 
    vampires will not move and take the hits without putting up a fight. 
    Check the tables for a cure and purify. Beyond this room is the 
    invention area, jump upon the small model of the three towers and then 
    on the blimp hanging from the center of the room for a roast. Check the 
    torch near the exit for a sun card. In the next room you will face a 
    ceiling of spikes. Wait till the ones in front of you rise and time the 
    next one after it to see if it rises slightly after the ones directly in 
    front of you. Here lies another fire spitter hallway, if you brave the 
    fires you can get a roast. In the final room lies the other side where 
    Malus was earlier. Save at the crystal and then pick up the nitro.
     Ok, now for one of the most difficult parts of the game. You have to 
    get back to the arena and place the nitro without jumping or getting hit 
    once. Cute. Brave the spiked ceiling and then beware of the two 
    guardians knights that come alive in the invention area. Beyond, make 
    careful steps and make your way across the small bridge and don't slow 
    down to much at the corners, many of them fall below. The fire spitters 
    often miss so try not to freak out if you here a fireball being 
    launched. Onward is the gears, move into the first one and then at the 
    junction of the two gears, wait till one of the gears goes into the 
    socket of the first gear and then walk closely to get out. The only real 
    danger after this are the motor skeletons, so use the pillars for 
    defense. Now plant the nitro at the crack in the wall in the arena and 
    after the explosion go into the next room and SAVE. Use the crystals 
    magic power and use the contract in the other corner if needed. Walk 
    back out into the arena and encounter a predictable surprise.
    BOSS: Bull Of Fury
     When the bull stands on it's hind legs LOOK OUT! He will fire a yellow 
    beam and make a massive gun blade style explosion. The bull will also 
    try to thrust and ram you, but if you remain jumping to the left and 
    right or even in circles, he often will miss. The blue beam is a danger 
    because of the range so make sure to jump when you see the blue 
    extending. Long range weapons are your salvation here since the bull 
    often runs far away into the arena and then back. Try to concentrate on 
    the head area, the bull will die much quicker this way and leave roasts 
    behind as well. After the battle save and head back to the vent room. 
    Here if you are playing with Schneider, Rosa introduces Death (who 
    appears in many Castlevania games before this) and then begins a battle.
    BOSS: Rosa (Schneider)
     You knew it would happen sooner or later, at the beginning jump back 
    and out of the middle to avoid the shockwave attack. Move close to avoid 
    the flaming arrows by moving FAR back. Keep moving during the entire 
    fight. Thankfully Rosa does not have a high hit rate, so taking here 
    down with few hits is common. If you are far away enough, the sword 
    attack can be seen a mile away, so move to Rosa side to avoid a 
    slashing. After the fight, Death will intervene and take Rosa away.
    BOSS: Fernandez Warrior (Carrie)
     If you are fighting with Carrie, then you meet one of her "cousins" an 
    older woman who has fully become a vampire, which was earlier part of 
    the Fernandez bloodline. Actrise will leave you two to finish each other 
    off. The woman only has two main attacks, but they are effective. One is 
    a three way blast that homes in and usually draws you closer to her. The 
    other attack is a wide freeze wave, Carrie will be trapped and has no 
    way of getting out until hit. Keep your distance at all times and used 
    powered blasts. Some damge will be taken, so make sure to have some 
    health supplies ready.
     Head upstairs and hit the red switch in the middle to activate the 
    elevator in the center. Climb on and at the top use the save crystal. 
    Now use the only available bridge left and enter the next stage, fending 
    off the Medusa Heads/Lost Specters just before.
    [16] ))))))))) Dual Towers (Schneider Only) ((((((((((((
    From the beginning it starts out as beautiful, river flowing below, 
    candles burning in the distance and colors changing nicely. Move to the 
    center of the area and prepare to get jumped by a Dark Cheetah.
    Mid-BOSS: Dark Cheetah
     The Cheetah moves much like a werewolf, but this time you have no were 
    to run because of the caged area. Try to get close to him, and move to 
    the side when he rears up for an attack. Take whatever opening you can 
    get on him. The ceiling is dropping during the fight so kill as quick as 
    possible and run to the right side and jump onto the emerging platforms. 
    Make your way upward and jump onto the roof. Make a far jump and then 
    another to the spinning saws. Duck when needed and quickly move to the 
    next bout.
    Mid-BOSS: Werewolf
     One odd tactic I used was to smack it with crosses close to it and it 
    would just make a sweep kick which always missed. Hurry along on this 
    fight as well and when it is over move to the left side and jump on the 
    new platforms. Once on the top platform, make sure you are high above 
    the earlier arena and that you can see torches in the distance. Make a 
    leap of faith forward to grab onto an invisible walkway to the side. 
    Walk over to the torches for a roast and a powerup. Look over the edge 
    and check out where the platforms to the die of one of the towers leads 
    down to the river. Take this way down, or try your luck making it in a 
    complete square. If you take the lower path, you will come across 
    platforms that lower into the river but make easy jumps. On the other 
    side make your way up the tower and if you decide to, you can go back 
    and fight a green minotaur mini boss or go on through the next platforms 
    and fight a WereTiger.
    Mid-BOSS: Aqua Minotaur
     This mini-boss is a bit slow compared to the others and often charges 
    up his attacks. Take advantage of this and never stand in his way. Not a 
    difficult fight.
    Mid-BOSS: WereTiger
     Back from the dead comes the first mid-boss, the WereTiger. Avoid 
    running in circles, like the camera wants you to, and use your whip on 
    the beast. If you get to close, he will pick you up and throw you across 
    the arena. After the battle jump onto the platforms and onto the roof. 
    Make the jumps onward and time them so you are not caught in the saws.
    Now make one last jump and head to the left for the (apply applause 
    here) EXIT !!! Good riddance you non-saving-insane-jumping-son-of-a-gun 
    [17] )))))))) Tower Of Science (Carrie Only) (((((((((((
     From the beginning, just look up and around to see what you are up 
    again'st. Begin by jumping the right ledge, of course timing your jumps 
    so the bio squares that shoot out from the holes do not knock you clear 
    off. Now continue on to the lasers, these are actually little worry 
    about, jump and duck or slide or time it all out. Onward you will come 
    upon spiked cubes and conveyor belts. When the belts change, make sure 
    to jump over the gap inbetween. The spiked cubes will even slide down 
    stairs, so beware and when turning coners, take caution. At the end lies 
    a high lift, board it. At the top, save if you wish and then enter the 
    center column.
     Once inside you can take the right side for a quick prize then continue 
    through the double doors. I think you will get the idea of how THIS 
    tower got it's name by now. Quickly hit the moving cylinders, they carry 
    heavy machine guns that have a high range. Also look out for the mounted 
    guns on the ceiling. The camera does an awful change in the middle, 
    making the doors and steps hard to see beyond the green casings. Use the 
    upward C button to look around for the first door to the right. Enter 
    and to the left corner is a torch which hold the Science Key1. Now go 
    back out and continue onto the steps and upward. You now have a clean 
    shot of two of the mounted guns. Take them out at all costs and then 
    head toward the small platforms, making small jumps. You can jump from 
    the second platfrom onto the floor below for more safety. The door here 
    is for the second key so go up the steps and take out the remaining 
    guns. Over the ledge is a few more guns and a single door. Jump down, do 
    your business and proceed.
     Here run around and whack the gun into srapnel. Now on the other side 
    open the MIDDLE door (the others are bare rooms filled with guns). Here 
    hit the torch for the Science Key 2. Return back to the main room and 
    brave the small platforms and the other set of platforms on the other 
    side to reach the door that uses the second key. After the first set of 
    small platforms, going back out to save is a good idea. Now once through 
    the second key door you can save again at the crystal to the far left. 
    Now head outside and start climbing the platforms. When you get a 
    chance, jump off one of the higher platforms to the torch in the 
    distance, you will land on an invisible path. This leads to lots of gold 
    and roasts in the torch and box. Careful when heading back, the 
    beginning/end of the pathway does not connect to the viewalbe platform. 
    Now head to the top and enter then enter again through the next door. 
     The door across the way can only be opened with the Science Key3, so go 
    on and jump across the spikes conveyor belt then on to the next set. 
    Make sure to destroy all the guns, you can use the passing blocks as 
    cover or blow them away yourself. The next set goes fast and is narrow 
    inbetween each belt, but still offers little challenge. You may save at 
    the crystal past these and then enter through the single door. To the 
    far right is a torch which contains the Science Key3. You now have two 
    choices, go back and unlock the third key door for a cross and a little 
    bit of gold or continue on through the door and into the darkness to the 
    next level, the Tower of Sorcery.
    [18] )))))) Tower Of Execution (Schneider Only) ((((((((
     Look a save crystal! Haven't seen one of those for awhile! From the 
    very start you can probley see how this level got it's name. Walk 
    forward and clear the blades, and beware of the blades that drop down by 
    the bloody slits in floor in the center. Take the right side and jump on 
    past through the platforms. Kill the bone pillars and then time your 
    jumps on the moving platforms, staying at the end and fending off the 
    flying creatures.
     At the end, get on what look to be a lift and jump up to the next 
    level. Move on and kill the bats and bone pillar to get back to the 
    center. Take the right path and avoid the blades. After the simple 
    jumping on the moving platforms, you will come up to a save crystal.
    In the back of the save crystal are some more "lifts" that you can jump 
    up from to get to a higher level and see the locked gate. Move to the 
    center avoiding the blades, go around and hit the blood skeleton and the 
    take a right. Now here are some challenging moving platforms, so stay at 
    the ends and keep jumping non-stop, taking time to kill the bone pillar. 
    Once at the next blood skeleton, continue on to the iron maiden and 
    whack it to get the Execution Key. Making your way back down to the gate 
    is not an easy task, but if you want the second costume, you must 
    attempt it. Once you unlock the gate, go down and hit both iron maidens 
    for a roast and cross. Jump down to the right on the ledge below to get 
    to the iron maiden containing the second special jewel. Now just walk 
    off to the left of the platform on the invisible pathway. Make your way 
    clear to the top and up the stairs to the Room Of Clocks.
    [19] )))))))) Tower Of Sorcery (Carrie Only) ((((((((((
     Besides the jumps, this is what a Ice/Crystal level should look like. 
    The beginning is very linear, carefully jog onto the turn, face the 
    Hydroborns and then make some jumping onto the floating crystals. You 
    may want to wait till they are fully at the top, which is hard to tell 
    because they don't move much or often. You come to a central tower, the 
    jumps can be made is you just jump from the closest ends of the 
    platforms to the other platforms. Once at the top, hit the center green 
    crystal for a prize and then look upward. This gives you a chance to see 
    what you will soon face. 
     Now jump across to the green platforms, waiting for the purple ones to 
    reappear, if a purple one begins to turn red, and you are still on it, 
    GET OFF at all costs. At the last green platform you will see you need 
    to time your jumps on the entire set of purple shards. Take the right 
    path of shards, which begins to the one closest to the green plaform. 
    This path only consist of three shards, all which require quick hanging 
    tactics, but the jumps are more forgiving then the left path. Once on 
    the next green shard, make 100% sure that you SAVE. Now just cross the 
    next four shards, which timing doesn't really matter on and then drop 
    down to the glowing green platform. You will now see a floating yellow 
    orb, hit it until it breaks. Then jump over to the center yellow 
    platform just ahead, it will raise, allowing you to jump to the two 
    purple shards to the left and onto the remote green platform. Time this 
    so that when you bust the blue orb, you will also have enough time to 
    get across onto the last platform. If you miss your chance, quickly head 
    back to the yellow orb, bust it open, then run onto the center yellow 
    platform. It will raise and allow you to reach the last yellow platform 
    and the green platfrom above it.
     Now you may see a few purple shards to the right, but that way is 
    worthless. Even though it may seem far away, the small blude platforms 
    are actually close enough to jump up to. Make your way up, keeping in 
    mind you should be well lined up with the platform before you jump, the 
    ledge is small so STOP right when you get on and that not all jumps 
    involve hanging. Now at the top of the green platfrom you can see a far 
    off platform in the distance. DO NOT try to get to it from here. The 
    invisbile bridge is further down. Cross the two Purple shards, kill off 
    the hydroborn and then take the invisible bridge from that side, to 
    reach the crystal that holds Special2. Now head back across the bridge 
    and exit the level.
    [20] )))))))))))) Room Of Clocks  ((((((((((((((((
    This level is not really a level, just a nice fighting stage. From the 
    beginning room, whack all the candles for special items and roasts, buy 
    what you need from Renon and save at the crystal. Go through the hallway 
    and up the lift. After the dramatic cut scene, you will begin the fight.
    BOSS: Death (Schneider)
     From the beginning use your whip and not your special items, the whip 
    can hit death and his flying sickles. If you continue to move out of 
    pattern and do not stopo the blades have a low chance of hitting you. 
    When Death takes a certin amount of damage he will go clear to the end 
    of the tower and then make a charge attack. This leads to three seperate 
    attacks. He may use his scythe as a boomerang, which if close is almost 
    guaranuteed to hit, but leaves death open. Another is a blind attack 
    which takes away some health, keep those chickens in handy. The last 
    attack (and one of the best in the game) is an odd Fianl Fantasy like 
    summon spell where a giant putrid looking fish will jump up from the 
    ground or the wide open air. Continue to move and JUMP out of the way 
    when this happens. When you see Death going for a charge, use a long 
    range weapon.
    The fight should not take long if you do not let up on Death for a 
    moment. Once Death returns to the 900th level of hell, return to the 
    middle lift and go down, save if you wish and then enter through the new 
    BOSS: Actrise (Carrie)
     Actrise has two main attacks, the first is an easy to avoid but 
    annoying ground crystal attack, where shards of huge crystal erupt right 
    from the ground and damage Carrie. They can be avoided just by jumping 
    around in circles. The second attack is a crystal matrix which protects 
    the evil witch. Most special weapons can crack and then smash into 
    Actrise herself, unlike power blasts, which don't often work in this 
    case. The fight lasts for awhile because it takes time to avoid the 
    crystals and trying to break away the defense Actrise continues to 
    setup. Thankfully she stays in one spot, unlike Death who often backs 
    away and attacks with charges. Once Actrise shows her true form *barf* 
    return to the middle lift and go down, save if you wish and then enter 
    through the new gate.
    [21] )))))))))))))))) Clock Tower (((((((((((((((((((
    At the start, looking upward is nice thing to do, just to see what you 
    will be facing. This is one of the last stages so keep that in mind if 
    you feel like giving up at this point. Now jump onto one of the 
    platforms sticking out and jump up on the ledge to the right of the 
    tower. By now you should get the idea of what to expect. Now jump on the 
    gears and move over to the last. You have two choices, you can take the 
    easy way up, with the gears, or you can try to use the rusty platforms 
    to go upward, here is the way to use the gears to go upward. SLOWLY walk 
    over to the other side, whipping the medusa heads in the way. Once on 
    the other side, jump up on the large gear and then time your jump onto 
    the moving platform. Some simple jumps over later, whip the torch to get 
    the clock tower key1. Now continue on to the top and use the key on the 
    green marked door. Inside you will get a chance to save and onward is 
    room filled with Bone pillars. Most are in easy range of the cross, so 
    taking them all out is very helpful toward the end of the room. 
     To the right at the end, kill the bone pillar and move into the small 
    aclove to pick up the clock tower key2. Jump back over and hang onto the 
    nearest gear, then exit to the grey marked door using the key. Onward 
    through the rusty hallway to the next tower area. At the start, whack 
    the metallic pillar to your left for 1000 in gold. Now take the right 
    gears and fall down to the ground, if you jump or do this to soon you 
    could get hurt. A few bone pillars line-up on the floor, but offer no 
    real challange.
     Jump up onto one of the vertical gears to the right of the room, then 
    onto the spinning platform just above it. You must make you way through 
    the left side on the gears avoiding the spikes to your best and making 
    odd landings to hit the torch which reveals the clock tower key3, the 
    last of it's kind. Now return to the spinning platforms and carefully 
    make your way up. Once through the first set, things begin to heat up. 
    Make you way to the second set, slowly walking agains't the gears 
     When past the second installment of spinning platforms, jump onto the 
    nearest ledge and then turn around and jump onto the ledge behind you. 
    The contract is now visible. The exit and the save point are in the 
    other direction. Do what you need, the contract is in a hard place to 
    reach but may be needed at this point. Save at the crystal and exit to 
    the Final Level. 
    [22] )))))))))))))))) Castle Keep (((((((((((((((((((
     ...And what an odd castle it has been. This is it, the after effects of 
    what you did earlier such as how long you took to reach this point and 
    how much you spent with Renon (30,000 and over means trouble) will be 
    placed here. Go up the stairs and enter the first set of doors. Walk 
    toward the next set of doors and have a quick meeting with Renon.
    Mini-BOSS: Renon
     It seems that the contract was written in demon script, impossible to 
    read for any human. If you spent over thirty thousand in gold, then your 
    soul is to go to the devil himself. Renon is here to enforce this, he 
    will soon transform into a hovering demon complete with pitchfork, 
    leather wings and horns. You will be transported to a castle top and 
    then the fight begins. Renon will start off with a quad flame attack. It 
    is hard to avoid and Renon will stay FAR away from the fight. Do your 
    best to hit him, any projectile will work. After awhile, Renon turns 
    into a cheap copy of Death. Just wear him down and destroy him while the 
    red fish is being made. 
     Onward through the next set of doors. Climb even more stairs and 
    continue on through the doors. If you had taken to long to get to the 
    keep, then you will fight Vincent and later receive a bad ending.
    Mini-BOSS: Vincent Ex Mortus
     Well it seems that our old boy has been bitten and now it is time for 
    you to take him out. Vincent holds two attacks, the regualr bloodsucker 
    attack, which you can free yourself of 90% of the time, and a poison 
    water attack. This is a long range attack, so stay around him, trying 
    not to get poisoned. Vincent is slow so keep behind him and hitting him 
    should be of no trouble. After the battle, continue up the stairs, now 
    you will see these doors are much different. You can hop over to the 
    right flame, hug the wall and go to the back of the doors, then walk 
    across an invisible bridge to the powerup in the torch. Now go back and 
    prepare for the final battle(s).
     Enter the lair and save for the last time. The Dark Lord himself 
     Watch that lid fly! Dracula first appears in his mist form, but gives 
    that up soon. Make everything ready, battle view, plenty of health items 
    and keep your hand on the Lock-on button because he will be darting all 
    over the room! Drac has plenty of moves to keep you busy, most of the 
    time starting with the classic fireball/firebat attack from his cape, 
    strafe out of the way and keep holding the lock-on. The only way to kill 
    Drac is to jump up and hit his head, which can be hard for Schneider 
    since Drac is pretty durn tall. At any moment he may attempt a shockwave 
    attack, one low, another at waist level, make sure to back up and do 
    what you can to take advantage of this opening. The worst attack Drac 
    holds is his bloodsucker attack. He will try to draw you in, pick you 
    up, bite and suck suck suck away at your neck then throw you as his 
    health returns! When he does this, keep jumping away and if you have 
    enough distance, go back and hit him in the face! Drac teleports like a 
    madman, and if seen will go away (much like a boss in Zelda TOoT). This 
    fight can be mastered and then the count will go down for the... 
     If you fought Vincent, you will now see the "bad" ending (Actually I 
    found all the endings to be VERY cool and easy to watch). If not, the 
    Castle will begin to crumble away. Run down the stairs, jump to gain 
    speed. Once through the doors another cut scene will come in.. If you 
    did not see this one coming...Well... Anyways head toward the end where 
    you entered the level and now jump on the lift to the left at the end to 
    raise to the top of the Castle. Here you once again fight "another" 
     Now that is the kind of Dracula I expect. This one can actually be made 
    easier then the last if you just concentrate on projectiles. He will use 
    double teleports, so use the lock-on to track him. The flames can be 
    swatted away, then leaving Drac fully open for an all out attack. Making 
    sure it is daytime makes many of these fights easier by all means. His 
    second attack is a more powerful shockwave, nothing to be afraid of. 
    After swatting down this version, all should be over... Correct? Not by 
    a long shot. Prepare to meet oner of coolest and most insane end bosses 
    of all video game history.
    BOSS: D R A C U L A  Form Type True
     Where is a dragon slayer when you need one?!!?!?  This boss lives up to 
    it's looks, turning a simple battle into an all out WAR! Running away is 
    just a bad mistake since it can shoot mini H-Bombs from any distance, 
    and trying to head back just makes it hard to find it again. Getting 
    close never turns out good, since the boss has the power to send a 
    tremor through the ground, throwing your character back a mile or so. 
    The key tactic here is to never stop and always attack with whatever 
    else you have. Spare no expense, this is the last battle! Once you 
    inflict a good amount of damage into him, two fire dragons will be 
    summoned and make this fight more of a pain then it was before. The 
    dragons often come out of nowhere and knock your person down for a long 
    while. Jumping and moving in circles confuses the boss and sometimes the 
    dragons. Good Luck!!!
     Once the battle is over, it is time to watch the true ending. Great 
    job, you have finished Castlevania! Bragging rights, those reserved 
    parking spaces, new costumes and plenty of replay is now all yours!
    [23] ))))))))))))))))) Normal Items (((((((((((((((((((((
    Sun and Moon Cards
    Much like the Sun song for Zelda, the Moon and Sun cards can change the 
    game from dusk to dawn at your own will.
    Roast Chicken
    It's rotten, it's diseased, it's your dinner. The Roast Chicken 
    replenishes over 50% of your health. Hey, it's better than KFC!
    Roast Beef
    Where this came from, we just don't want to know. Roast Beef replenishes 
    over 80% of your health. Hey, it's better than Arby's!
    Med Kit
    Good luck finding one of these. If do stumble upon one, however, expect 
    your health to be fully recovered.
    Cure Ampules
    These cure any poison effects that your character runs into. Expect 
    yourself to be poisoned often.
    Purify Crystal
    Say a vampire BITES you. Your doomed to wonder the earth, roaming around 
    looking for blood, right? Not with these. After being bit, and then 
    using one of these, the curse is lifted!
    Red Jewels
    Unless your working on easy mode, red jewels are used for the use of 
    Special weapons. Make sure to always have a good supply handy.
    White Jewels
    While you would think it is just a bigger version of the red jewel, the 
    white jewel actually lets you save your game on the controller pak.
    Green Jewel (Special1)
    Used to access HARD mode.
    Left Tower Key
    Found in the middle torch in the newly opened section of the Castle 
    Wall. To be used on the locked door at the entrance to the Castle Wall.
    Archive Key
    Obtained from talking to Vincent twice after meeting Rosa. Used to open 
    the archives behind a dining room in the Mansion.
    Storage Room Key
    Obtained from a vase in the hunters room in the Mansion. Used to open 
    the Storage Room down the hall.
    Garden Key
    Obtained from the Archives. Used to open the gate to the hedge maze.
    Copper Key
    Obtained at the end of the Garden Maze. Use it on the door near the 
    first look-out in the Garden Maze.
    Chamber Key
    Obtained from lizard man in Castle Center. Used to open door near 
    entrance to torture room.
    Mandragora Root
    Found in the Torture Chamber, the Mandragora when matched with Nitro, 
    will cause an explosive reaction.
    Explosive Nitro
    Found in the back of the Castle Center, the Nitro when matched with 
    Mandragora, will cause an explosive reaction.
    Science Key1
    Found in a torch near the Gun packed lab.
    Science Key2
    Found in the middle room of the three door hallway. Used to proceed up 
    the tower.
    Science Key3
    Found near the exit of the tower, used to obtain gold and a cross.
    Execution Key
    Found on the highest level of the Exectution Tower to open the gate on 
    the third level.
    Clock Tower Key1
    This allows you to proceed through the door at the top of the first area 
    in the Clock Tower.
    Clock Tower Key2
    Used to open the door next to the space where it is found.
    Clock Tower Key3
    The final key, used to exit the level to the Castle Keep.
    [24] ))))))))))))))) Special Weapons (((((((((((((((((((
    Special Weapons work in the way of Red Jewels. The number of jewels you 
    have, the more you can use the special weapons. 
    =================  Knife  ====================
    ========== Cost 1 Red Jewel Per Use ==========
    The Knife can actually be thrown farther than the whip can reach, but of 
    course is not as powerful. 
    =================   Axe   ====================
    ========== Cost 2 Red Jewel Per Use ==========
    Also a good projectile weapon, it can be more well controlled than the 
    knife, being able to be thrown far and short.
    ================ Holy Water ==================
    ========== Cost 3 Red Jewel Per Use ==========
    More of a close range attack, where is a super soaker when you need it?
    ================   Cross   ===================
    ========== Cost 5 Red Jewel Per Use ==========
    While it is a VERY powerful weapon, the cross sucks up a good 5 Jewels 
    every time per use. Ouch. It mostly functions as a boomerang type 
    [25] )))))) GameShark / Pro Action Replay Codes ((((((((
    Codes made and tested on GameShark Version 2.2
     | NAME                                    |  CODE           |
     | Infinite Health                         |  81389C3E 0064  | 
     | Infinite Special Weapons                |  81389C48 000A  |
     | Character Switch Schneider To Carrie    |  81389C3C 0001  |
     | Character Switch Carrie To Schneider    |  81389C3C 0000  |  
     |                                         |                 |
     | Weapon Modifier                         |  81389C42 000x  |
     |                                         |                 |
     | #'s with Modifier                       |                 |
     |                                         |                 |
     |  1 - Knives                             |                 |
     |  2 - Holy Water                         |                 |
     |  3 - Crosses                            |                 |
     |  4 - Axes                               |                 |
     |                                         |                 |
     | Item Modifier                           |                 |
     |                                         |                 |
     | Cure Ampule                             |  81389C50 00xx* |
     | Purifying                               |  81389C50 xx00  |
     | Always have 1 Mandragora                |  81389C5C 0001  |
     | Edits Money                             |  81389C44 0001  |
     | Special1                                |  81389C4A 0001  |
     | Special2                                |  81389C4C 0100  |
     | Roast Chicken                           |  81389C4C 00xx  | 
     | Roast Beef                              |  81389C4E xx00  |
     | Healing Kit                             |  81389C4E 00xx  |
     | Sun Card                                |  81389C5E xx00  |
     | Moon Card                               |  81389C5E 00xx  |
     | Engagement Ring                         |  81389c5A 0001  |
    *Input the amount you want for the xx. 
    [26] ))))))))))))))) Enemy Glossary ((((((((((((((((((((
    Castlevania incorporates many of it's classic enemies with all new 
    baddies. Heads roll, blood flies and seeing someone on fire is common. 
    Here is some descriptions of a few of the horrors so far.
    Rating System:
    Peon - The weakest and easiest of the enemies.
    Grunt - The norm for the common enemy.
    Ogre - It is Godzilla! We must flee the city!
    || Skeleton ||
    Level:  Peon
    The classic bone man. 
    The skeletons come in a few more forms for this installment, alone they 
    are easy as pie, in numbers they can become a problem.
    Common Death: Top torso is ripped in half, ashes to ashes.
    || Explosive Skeleton ||
    Level:  Grunt
    A blue version of the common skeleton that hisses with a fuse. 
    This ones for the Alamo! These bone heads often just run into you 
    causing a massive explosion and serious damage. Keep your distance and 
    Common Death: Look at the purdy fireworks!
    || Vampire Bats  ||
    Level: Peon
    Small Black and red bats that go down in one hit.
    These little ones are simple to take out with the dagger (and sorta fun) 
    but they maneuver fast and come in numbers at times.
    Common Death: A large spray of blood will fill the air.
    || Werewolf ||
    Level: Ogre
    One Bad@$$ mother. Has blue pants and bandanna.
    This one is tricky. The werewolf can unleash multiple combo from the air 
    and ground, avoid a fight with this one is often wise. Still it is 
    Common Death: Howls and turns into a purple fire.
    || Motorcycle Skeletons ||
    Level: Grunt
    Name says it all, born to be wild baby.
    Well this confuses many people but it almost makes since to me... At 
    least it was closer a time then in, say, the 14th century. Anyhow, these 
    skeletons move swiftly and often come at your at odd angles.
    Common Death: Lets just say wearing his helmet wouldn't have helped 
    || Bone Pillar ||
    Level: Grunt
    A dragons bone head on a stick.... What more could you want?
    The pillar has two attacks. The first is the long range flame attack, 
    the other is the close range toasting. Long range attacks are your best 
    bet here, hopefully you are also somewhat powered up. It is worth 
    killing them at most areas.
    Common Death: Turns a DARK red and is engulfed in flames.
    || Hell Hound ||
    Level: Grunt
    A large K-9 with three heads.
    The Hell Hound often moves in packs, not a good thing. Most just pounce 
    you but a few use a fire attack similar to around three holy waters 
    combined. the Cross is the ideal weapon here.
    Common Death: Roll over! Speak! Stay! PLAY DEAD! Good Boy!
    || Lost Souls ||
    Level: Peon
    Small blue flaming floating skulls, every game should have them.
    Not much to mention of these except that they often have the ability to 
    sneak up on you. If you played the clock tower in the PSX Castlevania, 
    you will have noticed they were MUCH bigger.
    Common Death: The normal fade away death...
    || Lost Specters ||
    Level: Peon
    Mindless ghosts that float high above.
    Mostly these are harmless but they mostly come in big numbers. Try to 
    keep the camera focused on them, they often run and disappear.
    Common Death: Also another fade away death...
    || Vampires ||
    Level: Ogre
    The crazy zombies vampires from mars. The bloodsucking stops here!
    "LET GO OF MMMMMEEEE!!!" Vampires come in many forms from villagers to 
    servants, they all are blood suckers in the end. If you are caught in a 
    suck grip, move the control stick around and hope you get out. You can 
    cure your status with Purifying.
    Common Death: Burns and turns into a bat to fly away. Love that scream!
    || Glass Knights ||
    Level: Grunt
    Stain glass creations, flat and sneaky.
    While the glass knights are not powerful, they are silent. They may rise 
    from the ground and attack you from behind. Not a difficult task to 
    Common Death: Glass + Whip/Blast = shards everywhere!
    || Stone Hounds ||
    Level: Ogre ++
    Think the evil dogs from the original ghostbusters.
    Well these guys are just no fun. Defeating them is impossible and if 
    they catch up to you (which they will) they can turn your legs to stone. 
    Jump often to avoid them and move faster, then if stoned use your dagger 
    or rings to swipe them away.
    Common Death: N/A
    || Chainsaw Franky ||
    Level Orge +++
    Frankenstein is back, and now he has a chainsaw!
    It just does not get get any worse then this. Frank cannot be killed, so 
    trying to hit him is not a good idea unless you are just trying to 
    escape. Holy water is your best bet here. Run, Vampire Killer, Run!
    Common Death: N/A
    || Spiderwomen ||
    Level: Grunt
    Half top woman body, lower legs of a spider.
    Some spit out acid and poison, other swipe with a spear. No matter how 
    many you kill, they mostly will keep coming. Running away is often the 
    best choice since no award is given.
    Common Death: Chokes on own poison and then the lower body turns red.
    || Bloodborn ||
    Level: Peon
    A T-1000 blood edition.
    The bloodborn rises from a puddle of blood and unleashes acid, you 
    guessed it, blood. Nothing hard at all since it carries a low hit rate.
    Common Death: Soaks back into darkened pool of blood.
    || Sword Lizards ||
    Level: Grunt
    A grey/green lizard that carries a small sword.
    The lizard man comes in separate forms, this one involves shields and 
    swords. It also tends to spit acid out of it's mouth so try to stay 
    close, not provoking the spit attack.
    Common Death: Is thrown onto it's back and squeals it's last breath.
    || Fire Lizards ||
    Level: Grunt +
    A deep red lizard man that spits fire and carries a sword.
    In the Castle Center these lizard men often stay in one place, but spit 
    out fire in ALL directions so beware if taking any chances while holding 
    nitro. They cannot be killed so dropping down to kill them is worthless.
    However, in the underground waterway, they can be defeated, keep your 
    distance the fire is quick.
    Common Death: Lands on it's back screaming to get up.
    || Poison Lizards ||
    Level: Grunt
    A red and green mixture lizard man that spits heavy poison.
    These often come from the depths of the poisoned water. They are fast 
    but don't use the poison attack that much.
    Common Death: If near poison, will fall directly back into it making a 
    large splash.
    || Guardian Knight ||
    Level: Grunt
    Large gold, grey or reddish knights that come alive.
    Often most guardian knights will not come alive but when they do, stay 
    back because they hold a powerful reach.
    Common Death: Head flies back as body turns to ashes.
    || Medusa Head ||
    Level: Peon
    Small dumb looking floating heads of the snake haired Medusa.
    Easy foe but often comes out fast and from the fog. Use the cross to hit 
    multiple targets.
    Common Death: Turns into small pieces and vanishes.
    || Blood Skeleton ||
    Level: Peon +
    A deep red skeleton who hurls bones toward you.
    This one mostly stays in it's place and hurls bone after bone toward 
    you. Hit it twice or so and run past it, it cannot be defeated since it 
    will get back up after a short time.
    Common Death: N/A
    || D-60 Auto Gun ||
    Level: Grunt
    A metallic cylinder with a powerful gun attached.
    The thing to worry about the D-60 is the range. Some are mounted on 
    ceilings, others are rotated on the floor, but they go off in your 
    direction if found. It is wise to be powered up or to use special 
    weapons to take out the majority of these, and take another route from 
    them if possible.
    Common Death: Gun explodes almost as good as a Gasoline Barrel...
    || HydroBorn ||
    Level: Peon
    A lite blue version of the BloodBorn.
    Mostly the only threat that it holds is pushing you off the side into 
    the levels giant pit. Running past them may be risky, but it is not 
    worth the effort to put up a fight.
    Common Death: Water + Smack Down = slip n' slide
    || PussBorn ||
    Level: Peon
    A dark green version of the BloodBorn
    This enemy is RARE but does appear mostly with a helper. The same 
    tactics can mostly be used here, wait till they come up and break in to 
    the attack before they can pull it off.
    Common Death: Reminds me of that old 16-bit game.... Boogerman....
    [27] ))))))))))))))))) Multimedia ((((((((((((((((((((((
    ++++++++ Castlevania Commercial ++++++++
    Running Time: 14 Seconds
    Aired On: MTV & FOX
    The spot begins with a gritty shot of someone sharpening a crude stake. 
    The Stake is then slid into the belt of a man in a long trench coat. A 
    quick shot of a Vail of Holy water appears and is also slid into the 
    belt. Without warning a metal cross (I love the sound it makes) is 
    flipped and slid into the side of the belt. Then we get a quick shot of 
    Schneider (the actors face is in the shadows) and then the womans 
    narration begins "Killer Outfit..." The Metal cross shines and moves the 
    shot to an actual gameplay shot of a coffin lid blowing off and then 
    Schneider meeting a zombie/vampire "too bad the night life sucks..." 
    Shot of the first skeleton boss "Castlevania..." Shot of dying dragon 
    "for the Nintendo 64, from Konami." Shot of the Castlevania title and 
    Schneider taking a nice whiff *spew* of a bag of garlic.
    ++++++++ Castlevania Poster ++++++++
    Available At: Most Video Game Outlets
    The poster mostly goes over the speech the woman made in the commercial 
    spot. It has a few good screenshots posted to it and uses an old looking 
    font for the lettering. You do actually get to see the actors face (he 
    almost looks like Dennis Quaid!!) but he looks nothing like Schneider.
    ++++++++ North American Box Art ++++++++
    The very front features the Castlevania Logo, The Blood Red moon, 
    Dracula's Castle and Schneider wielding a whip. 
    \\Bottom (Green Side)//
    A shot of the Castle and Carrie
    \\Right Side (Red Side)// 
    A shot of a single skeleton. His skull is cracked open.
    \\Left Side (Yellow Side)//
    A non-rendered picture of Schneider and the castle.
    \\Top Side (Blue Side)//
    A Merman just showing off his six-pack and the castle.
    Shots of a vampire, Schneider, Carrie, Giant Goat Boss, Silverback 
    Skeleton Boss, some death knights and a pendulum pathway.
    Take control of Reinhardt Schneider, a whip toting Vampire killer who 
    has waited his whole life to meet the ultimate destiny, or Carrie 
    Fernandez, a young girl with strong magical presence who is mysteriously 
    drawn to Dracula's evil Castlevania. It is their duty to seek out 
    Castlevania and put an end to the residents plans. Whats your destiny?
    * The first fully 3D Castlevania adventure.
    * 2 characters with different routes through the game, different boss    
    encounters and different endings! 
    * Amazing graphic effects! Transparency, dynamic lighting, and awesome    
    special effects!
    * Huge Bosses! Giant ape skeletons, Death, and the dreaded Behimos!
    * Over 10 stages ranging from the Transylvania forest to the soaring   
    turrets of Castlevania.
    * Atmosphere music and sound.
    * 3-D cinematics.
    ++ Included North American Contents ++
    - Castlevania 96 Megabit Cartridge
    - Konami Question Card
    - N64 Consumer Information Booklet
    - Castlevania Instruction Booklet
    [28] )))))))))))))) Disclaimer/Thanx (((((((((((((((((((
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